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  1. To be honest it's good that you want to tell people but do you think it's relevant? If people think that you don't show it I don't see why you really need to focus on that. Let them get to know you and if things are going well then mention casually it's no biggie.
  2. Wonder if they can keep Adams in the summer. That's going tk be huge for them. If they lose him.
  3. That's a devastating blow for Leeds. They are under enormous pressure. If its play offs for them their home game is going to realedgy for their fans.
  4. Thought he was very good today.
  5. Lucky for West brom they have lame Rotherham next week. Easy three points. We won't beat Leeds at Elland Road sadly so I think we have to settle for 5th
  6. We re two points behind albion. We won't win at Leeds so I don't think we will aim for 5th
  7. I think Derby will be so fired up for the Leeds games it wouldn't surprise me if they beat them
  8. Great win now we can relax for the last two.
  9. I still don't understand how Khan even got. Shot at crawford I mean seriously khans been shit for many many years. Crawfofd would have finished him off in that or next round or not. He quit simple as he could have taken the full five minutes and gave up after 45 seconds.
  10. Let's not over confident they are fighting for their lives and they played us off the park last season. Won't be easy.
  11. So it basically is on sky then
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