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  1. Ok bicks you are aware thats something from ian barnes and nesil caliskan the biggest liars going? Barnes blocks people on his twitter if they criticise him for the LTNS. Also the emergency services WERE NOT consulted. Thats another lie from them. They ahvent even been given keys to unlock the barricadez for certian LTNS that have barriers. There is videos on social media ill see if i can find and share. Also you are aware than when they say they spoke to residents they would speak to 100 people. 96 woumd be opposed to their plans and 4 might agree then they spin the data and wil
  2. I feel honoured. im not going to reply on the subject for nos as ive said enough about these
  3. I did think stoke would be up there this year but have flopped (great as their fans are very unlikeable)
  4. Hopefully our kids can get their revenge on liverpool for the fa cup
  5. I disagree. Luiz was fantastic after lock down. One of the main reasons stayed up. He was dominating in midfield in most matches for us.
  6. This wont be the last of this injury. It looks like a injury grealish will suffer with throughout his career. Thats why its absolutely critcial we learn to be able to play without him and not always be so relaint on him
  7. I do wonder if they will re do one like that one day as i think this one stands out most for retro fans
  8. More efforts from social media. The white actually isnt that bad but looks abit spursy
  9. Navy and gold away kit please
  10. As long as the away kit isnt white. We have had loads of those. Id love a navy away kit
  11. Its that time again when someone creates some ideas on social media. Not bad efforts to be fair
  12. Valid point. I think if it was at middleweight canelo wins. That might be a stretch for Mayweather. Would rather canelo dropped to welter than go up. Better fights there for him. Pac crawford spence porter
  13. This canelo would beat Mayweather no question. Mayweather is old now he wouldnt want this fight and you cant blame him. It wiuld bw a death wish for him. This canelo vs mayweather at his prime now that would be a fight. Even though mayweather is unbelievablely good boxer that rary get hit. I think canelos power now will be too much for mayweather. Also he is a smarter boxer now. He is more patient and smarter boxer. Saunders rarely gets hit and canelo hurt him bad. So God knows what he would do to mayweather if he hit him now.
  14. Cant believe how quiet its all gone. The PL and FA are absolute cowards for not punishing them
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