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  1. Just wanted to come back for one post only and say **** off jack you spineless rat and shove that PR stunt statement where the sun dont shine. Fake You turned your back on us. Enjoy being "just another player" at city instead of "the man" at villa. Cheerio
  2. You have taken my background to attack me and then use a slur against Cypriot people (this is bordeline offensive and racist) its absolutely disgusting and you took a debate too far. Your example is pathetic to try prove a point. I really have no desire to talk to you anymore after that comment.
  3. im actually disgusted at that example you provided i cant believe you would stoop so low to post that to prove a point. that is deeply offensive
  4. That's a really pathetic statement Bicks even as a joke you should be ashamed of yourself
  5. that's because they haven't 100% dismissed it have they? Even your link doesn't say that. It says they are investigating it. Until they can 1005 gurnatee no link thene is nothing wrong with that statement.
  6. I said A healthy Britain that was 39 with no underlying health issues has died in Cyprus from clotting from the AstraZeneca jab apparently. I did not say it was caused by the AZ jab, I said it was apparently caused BIG DIFFERENCE. Are we getting so petty these days we are taking one word and turning into a big drama?. Bicks this is utter nonsense, it isn't going to have a impact on anyone. Its not like the news hasn't been reporting clots has it? Its not exactly a Demitri C world exclusive that I have posted. Its widely known its been investigated !
  7. mate if i said a woman has died from the covid AZ jab then yes but the key word is "apparently" I did not say no one take it or implied nothing of the sort
  8. Show me where i said it was fact?
  9. Why are you sharing this? Its widely known its being investigated Show me where i said it causes blood clots?
  10. Huh?? You think not answering all my questions above are a "get out of jail card" for you?
  11. Bicks i am not sure what you chris are implying? Are you saying i said the jabs cause the clots? Are you saying i said not to take AstraZeneca? Are you saying im influencing others not to take it? I have said none of the three things above I even said apparently as it was just reported on various sources and no conclusive evidence.then chris for some reason is asking me to show evidence that the AZ causes clots when i didnt even say it does? All i said is if there is a link they need to determine it to protect everyone even the few that may get these side effects if proven
  12. I gotta admit i wasnt playing like i wss the last couple years. I dont even know where i finished
  13. I dont know why your getting your nickers in a twist
  14. I havent even said though people shouldnt take it. Im just stating whats been reporting in cyprus about a britian that they are linking the death too. All i said is if there is a link they need to find out what it is and correct to keep EVERYONE safe even the small majority that are linked to the clots.
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