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  1. Yes the main games are still over priced. Nintendo are unfortunately ripping us off for this console
  2. You have to respect fury for what he has overcome and bounced back. I respect him for being open and honest about his mental health issues. Hoping it encourages others to do the same so we have a new way of dealing with mental health showing what can be achieved. Hope he unifies the division.
  3. I have no doubt if Tammy was available and we were a premier league club we would go in for him. No shadow of a doubt. I personally think he will struggle at Chelsea as he has a lot to work on. So j can see him being put up for sale in next 12 months or so
  4. I am generally supriser no club has grabbed your scouting network. Id say its one of the best in the country.
  5. I meant in terms of when we had steer
  6. Yeah good shout but for them both it's a bad fight as loser will just fizzle out the title scene. I think fury might fight usyk or another up and coming fighter. Then wilder -fury. Fury is looking close to his best. If wilder found it hard the first fughtvto land on him the rematch he will find it even harder. Fury is going to give wilder a complete lesson in boxing.
  7. Complete and utter masterclass from fury. Enough bums now fury aj or wilder next
  8. Love kings he was collosal but as others have said if he doesn't come there are many great cbs out there in confident we will find one. I do think he will come though
  9. Kalinic just looks like one of the most pointless signings we have done now. We really are lucky we came up as sounding 7m on another shit in championship is dangerous with ffp
  10. I don’t think we have a interest in lolley right now. I think if we went down lolley would be first player we would go for.
  11. No thanks to Leeds forget that. Forest for me all day long. Best of luck forest
  12. Collymore suggestingvtaylr and Elmo won't be good enough for premier league. I agree. I'd shot Taylor off. Elmo as a squad player only for me.
  13. Is their any evidence he is a alcoholic or just a absolute plonker?
  14. Demitri_C


    He is aware wolves have won **** all in major honours for longer?

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