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  1. Scottish Independence

    Anyone seen the front page of that rag the daily mail
  2. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    Well I am sure the club would prefer that but if they are not good enough then we need to spend.
  3. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    Mitrovic 16m
  4. Germany v England/England v Lithuania

    You think Iceland are better than England? You can't be for real?
  5. New TV advice

    So is ULED considered overall better than OLED for picture quality?
  6. Sam Johnstone

    Have to say against Wigan it was down to DO. He was superb and I'm not a fan of Johnstone
  7. General Chat

  8. General Chat

    He should be arrested as cream pies are tastier
  9. *spoilers* The Walking Dead *spoilers*

    Great episode this week
  10. Neil Taylor

    I read that FIFA are now paying Coleman's wages. Did they do the same when amavi got injured?
  11. Germany v England/England v Lithuania

    Probably why we are so crap in the tournaments, we play such shit teams that when we play someone half decent they lose. Although Iceland was utter humiliation. They disgraced the nation.
  12. Germany v England/England v Lithuania

    Lamest game of football. Watching England hasn't been entertaining since venables
  13. Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    Watched the first episode of iron fist have to say I really enjoyed it was expecting worse
  14. Leandro Bacuna

    I think he has two games left
  15. Neil Taylor

    The way Taylor is being portrayed on social media. It wasn't deliberate like mings one was