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  1. Thats a interesting line up. Good to see JBP! Kesler should have started in my view
  2. Sheffield Wednesday are absolute dog shit. They are down
  3. Yep. I really dont like they treat us like fools when jack is injured. Just tell us the truth. Its not life or death ffs
  4. Rotherham have two games called off due to covid outbreak. How the hell they going to furfill these games? Even with games in hand going ti be very hard for them.
  5. Will have to give this a go this weekend with some friends. Might help with the hard levels at the end
  6. Cant rely on one player. Thats simply not good enough if you want to challenge the top boys. I have to say im starting to think we might need to start looking at better players than mcginn come the summer. He isnt showing the level we exepect consistently and the likes of mcginn should be able to provide goals and a creative force in jacks absence.
  7. The targett fron wednesday night wouldnt even get into west broms team he was that shit. Not sure if he is good enough for england. When he is bad he is really **** bad
  8. Havent tried with friends yet but definitely want to. Is it that more difficult?
  9. Thats the one thing thats annoying thw jumping esp as i play with luigi he has a annoyingly bad jump. Im half way through world 2 (could be further but im getting all stars and stamps before i move on) I have heard champions road is ridiculously difficult. Not aure ill even bother with that part!
  10. Anyone playing mario 3d world? I know its a port from wii u but first time im playing properly and its bloody good.
  11. I agree. The wii was very under rated. Wa certainly better than that disaster the wii u. It had skem really good games. Wii sports is still fun today I bought my wii quite early and a mate chipped it for like £20 and was selling me games for like fiver with a case
  12. Completely agree. We should not have to rely on one player mainly (grealish)
  13. So i take it with all this ice cream we are saying the royal family are melts?
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