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  1. Demitri_C

    Manchester United

    United is a step down nowdays. Would not be suprised if they went for Wenger until end of the season
  2. Demitri_C

    Manchester United

    What a strange time to sack him. My money is on giggs
  3. Demitri_C

    Villa Kit 2018-19

    The 5th one down polo is beautiful. Ffs villa making me spend more money
  4. I didn't miss it I just don't think it's that important. If they were that bothered about that they would have sanctioned the move in the summer when their were rumoured premier league clubs interested. You Also have to remember the JT factor he is loved there. He will be instrumental to what happens. Was a great move by the owners to being JT in.
  5. From some of my friends who are Chelsea that have ties with the club. They have absoluteky no intention of selling Abraham. One of the key reasons is because he is English and they need English players in their squad. Not many better 21 year olds than Tammy that are English are there? We have no chance of signing him even if we go up on that basis. I would be stunned of they sold him to palace or cardiff. Also both teams could be relegated this year will Tammy want to give up Chelsea for a permanent transfer to a potential championship club? I highly doubt it.
  6. Demitri_C

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    I agree. Also axels been bloody superb this year. This kids going to be very good. As crap as bruce was he knew how to find good players. Just he didn't know how to use them. I would say we just need to stop putting pressure on ourselves and just see where we are come jan 1st. I personally can't see Leeds and Norwich imploding to the level we need to catch them. We needed to take advantage of beating the likes of West Brom and stoke thats cost us . I knew when Tammy missed that sitter we would not go on to win that game. We have my ourselves to blame there
  7. It's pointless. Chelsea dont want to sell him. Why send him to Cardiff or palace which may hinder his game time? He is on unbeleivable form. It would be a stupid move for Chelsea to recall him to then loan to a premier league club. I think they will only recall if they want him in their own squad. I personally don't think Tammy is good enough for chelsea yet. He misses far too many chances. Morata is getting ruined by their fans so imagine if he had a game like West Brom for them?
  8. Demitri_C

    The "Witton Lane" Boxing Chat Thread

    Haha bloody auto correct! But yeah Charles Martin was as bad as fielding. Jesus he was bad.
  9. Demitri_C

    The "Witton Lane" Boxing Chat Thread

    Yep. Fielding wanted a pay day. God knows how this guy wa# a champion. I would put him on the same level as Chris Martin and audley harrison
  10. Demitri_C

    Nintendo Switch

    Some are you just running around and might feel a small area vibrate and there is a moon there. Unless you have about 1000 hours to spare I don’t see how you can get all the moons without YouTubing some of them. there are 999 moons I got about 740 I think the rest were just ridiculously hard so I gave up. You don’t need all of them to complete the game which is good. But I think the amount of moons means you stop playing after you hit around the 600 mark. It should have been like 64. Have like 6 or7 moons per level and just make more worlds.
  11. Demitri_C

    Yannick Bolasie

    He has more pace and trickery but I think creatively and set pieces snodders was much better than bolaise. I think snodders really would be amazing in this team. Bolaise for me I have huge doubts about his fitness. I’m not sure if he is worth 28m tbh. I like bolaise but so far I think snodders added more to us
  12. Demitri_C

    Jack Grealish

    Some good point but it's one game against a very organised solid stoke side. The real problem is the lack of options we had. No adomah to throw on. No bjarnason for whelan etc. I think mcginn has a lot of creative ability in him. El ghazi struggled against the physical stoke players. It's clear he is abit liteweight. I didn't think bolaise was any good either. Grealish could have added something extra but I don't think he was missed as much as people think. It was just the performance was flat. It happens. We can't play well every week.
  13. Demitri_C

    Yannick Bolasie

    So what's everyone's opinion on him in comparison to snodgrass? You would have to at snodders contributed more than bolaise has so far. Sure I appreciate bolaise needed time to get ready but snodders really did add a lot. Bolaise is very hit and miss from what I've seen so far.
  14. Demitri_C

    Nintendo Switch

    I can't comment on everyone else but I ended up selling the ps4 as I enjoy the switch so much more. 2019 is going to be a huge year for switch and I think it is going from strength to strength. The switch is doing far better Ethan that flop wii u
  15. Demitri_C

    Nintendo Switch

    It's a awesome game. But as you will find it will be impossible to find every moon without YouTube. But what a game.