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  1. Well grealish for me has shown what a absolute dick he is after this episode. I have no sympathy for this muppet
  2. What a absolute plonker. Disgracing the club and a utter hypocrite.
  3. If edge doesnt wrestle either the show will.be a utter flop. Be interesting what they do with roman out. Rumours are strowman will replace roman. I would have made it a triple threat with wyatt and cena
  4. Wrestlemania in crisis. Reigns has pulled out of his match with goldberg. Apparently a few superstars have had sickness. Just shows how stupid it was still to do a show
  5. Yes the words haha Finding it funny. Ridiculous
  6. I agree. For someone who is currently going through it. its disgraceful laughing that he has got it. You obviously havent had it yourself.
  7. God in cases like this moron, I hope she gets it
  8. One things for certain the Chinese need to bloody do a crack down on these food markets ffs. Can’t have this happening again.
  9. No I haven’t had any of those symptoms. Just my chest cold. But I’ll tell you two things that have helped mate for me as I am feeling a lot better today. 1. Hot water bottle. Put one on your chest two times a day. 2. Get lots of vitamin c down you. Supplements, orange juice, strawberries, grapes, sweet potatoes etc. all helped me
  10. I have numerous of these symptoms. Dry coughs practically gone thank god. But have loss of smell, the taste bud issue you mention, very lethargic in my legs (very weak when lying down) and not sleeping good at all. Its wierd my chest is more cold than hot dont get that. My appetite is like yours also but like you forcing it down.
  11. I’d recommend darksiders. What a brilliant game
  12. To be fair that is a brilliant gesture from them. Well done hope if we are same boat our players will do the same
  13. Thanks. My coughs practically gone now as has my headache. My legs are still weak and its mainly the loss of smell and taste that i have. No fever or headache. My main issue is sleep its not great and its bugging me !
  14. Can i ask anyone who feels they have it- is one of your symptoms sense of smell? Mines completely gone and i dont have a blocked nose. My taste buds are all over the place too
  15. They should not be allowed to be given treatment in my opinion. Serves them right clowns
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