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  1. They have had some really easy fixtures and failed to win any if them. Lost to wycombe Drew with sky blose Drew with Luton Drew with millwall 3 points out of that is a shocking return
  2. Another horror show from them look at the match stats
  3. Does this game still have the player worth 900k and they want 60m for the player? That was really irritating on fm202p
  4. Demitri_C

    John Terry

    Listen we all know JT has a shut side to him like most footballers. Like @Zatmansays mings would not work with him if he deemed him racist. Mings seems like a very strong chatchter that doesnt take shit. So thats good enough for me. The past is the past i am only interested in the job he is doing at villa
  5. Im sure a club the size of cambridge would take any form of revenue they can get at the moment
  6. Depends how they segregate the fans. Also some of the lower league clubs have have capacity of not much more than that The other thing is its unfair on lower leagie clubs as some twams can get revenue while others cant
  7. I dint see how this is fair tk allow slme fans in and some not? Even 2k fans is still abit of advantage
  8. Agree with this. Im not too upset about not getting a pay increase. But if they do it for 5 years then it will certainly be a kick in the teeth
  9. Although its abit annoying im not getting a pay increase im glad that at least have doctors, nurses and the low paid in the nhs a pay increase at least.
  10. Hahaha i demand a apology now for you sir Yes heavy d the big gooner fan who was on celebrity big brother
  11. Yep. I woukdnt bother mate its going to be shit. Just a sparring session
  12. Heavy D has also died today under mysterious circumstances
  13. Pay freeze for public services barring front line staff in NHS. But its ok they clapped for everyone
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