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  1. A perfect example scott parker. They kept him even with best squad he cant get in top two. I dont even think Smith would do what worker has.
  2. Im glad your not edens or sawiris then as you would probably bankrupt our club! Why would we sell grealish less than 40m? Why would sell mings less than we paid for him? Trez was 12m so we might get around 7-8m for him. He is still a Egyptian international and not very old either. The prices your suggesting at selling at is madness.
  3. Another major question i have is where does the parking money go? Its alleged that it goes to improving the parking area but i can honestly say in my local hospitals they have never improved it. In fact they have made less parking space for staff and patients. Their needs to be enquiries wherw thag money goes because i would not be suprised if someone is pocketing that
  4. Cant agree more its a absolute joke. If they are worried that people will just park there and are not actual patients all they need to do is give patients sonething they can stick on their dashboard proving their are visiting a hospital for a opa or visiting someone in the ward. Between boris and khan both complete and utter clowns
  5. In my opinion it would be silly to get rid of Heaton luiz and mcginn. We might as well accept being a pathetic championship club like blose. We dont need to sell them. If we get 100m for grealish mings and trez thats all we need for ffp and some money to adf some quality players to the existing squad. Get gayle and che adams. Along with davis and wesley we easily have the best attackers. Wed add a couple wingers a cm and a cb and we are ready. I really dont think we need more than 6 players
  6. Keeping heaton konsa luiz and mcginn is key for me. The new spine of the team Keep targett, keep along with wesley. Id keep jota as he has proven he can do it at Premier League level. El ghazi trez elmo taylor nyland samatta lansbury can all go
  7. Mcginn use to run for days on and on in a league that had more games. Now he looks like he would ne out of breath running to a kenab shop round the corner. Really poor since his return
  8. I think its perfectly fair. You dont see lazy disinterested defending like mings is consistently doing. He isnt even trying. Where is the mings from last season? Complete different player. As for grealish when we are losing and playing poorly i dont want to see our captain a so called villa fan smiling without a care in the world. Despite my feelings towards smith i can see he is hurting where we are. Grealish dont care. Like @OxfordVillan says more interested in his social media profile. Captain non fantastic
  9. Yep. Luiz for me has been a example of a true player i want at this club. Mings and grealish not ingerested so let them go. Villa is bigger than both of them. I wont cry for either one as the lack of effort just angers us
  10. VAR is dog shit as expected. One good thing about being relegated is no more of this crap next season
  11. Its not about loyalty. No one is questioning that. But if your gonna leave us in summer at least try. He has put so little effort in since the restart. He just doesn't give a shit. Where is the passion of mellberg? The fight of a lion trying to keep us up.screaming at his teammates for better?? Ive not seen none of that. A poor captain. Never a captain in a million years
  12. Samonogoal =( 2 goals another poor return
  13. Demitri_C

    Dean Smith

    Your last paragraph is why smith should go stevo. Cant agree with your last paragraph more. We have been a shambles for most of 2020.
  14. Demitri_C

    Dean Smith

    Id say its more suso than purslow. The sporting director made recommendations. I do think suso had a major role in the signings from abroad. But j think smith did too. Purslow is the chief exec he is accountable for hiring them both. I dont think purslow failed with appointing smith as he got us up. But his ultimate failure was guving hjm a new comtract when we wasnt even performing that well. What a stupid mistake that was. Now all that compensation we have to pay when we sack him.
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