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  1. Sigh I'm out of here this site is just not right . Standing up for someone who has accused me of being a liar for my mistake for is me unacceptable. Then comparing me to someone like trump?? Utterly disgusting I'm shocked you haven't stood up for this as a moderator. I made a mistake like so many others have in many posts yet they are not called liars and then defended for it. I'm leaving this place you can't have a opinion and this is straight up bullying I don't need it in my life. Goodbye villatalk it's been fun made some great friends here but I can't stay on this site while this continues to happen and people are belittled and bullied by some people for having a different opinion to them. I wish you all well even those who seem to have a problem with me and my views.
  2. Lying? Lying or making a false claim? Your post is utter pathetic accusing me of lying. You should be ashamed of yourself with bullying posts like this.
  3. I know the process but again I stress they won't be able to deliver this knwoing that so its a lie. Whether it needs to "pass legistlation" or not
  4. It's a lie stefan come on mate you really think he can deliver free internet/wifi to everyone in the UK? Whether it was said during the debate or the day before it's irrelevant. Its funny your concentrating on that part of my post but not answering the question I directed at you how he intends to pay for this when we all know it's utter garbage and a complete lie. But at the same time it's ok it's not a lie it's in the manfiesto but it's okay for anything written in a conservative manifesto is a lie. Funny that.
  5. Doesnt really make a difference as it was still said and promised by Corbyn
  6. Yes but what does that have to do with what Labour are promising?
  7. What are you lost about? As stated a few times above I believe the free broadband that Corbyn is preaching is a utter lie.
  8. Yeah it's like giving us free access to dial up when broadband first came out. Its a utter con. Even if they could do that I highly doubt they could deliver that due to the cost alone. If your gonna throw freebies around why not offer free child care to parents like lib dems are offering?
  9. Don't see the problem with that at all personally as they still giving us the option of a remain option if they lose.
  10. You really think he is capable of promising free broadband to every person here? I know people back Labour but come on this is utter bollocks from him and a lie that won't happen
  11. Yeah let's let brexit drag on for another two years and then on top of that give Scotland another referendum. That will be great for the economy all this uncertainty. Best case is your second scenario mate
  12. Just watched the debate two complete utter incompetent liars. Boris diving from privatizing the nhs and Corbyn with his lies about providing free broadband to all. Lib dems seem to offer the best policies and are middle ground than either of these parties. Revoke brexit, 35 hours free child care which is a huge problem, investing in mental health and legalise cannabis which will.provide extra tax for the economy. Lib dems all day for me.
  13. Demitri_C

    John Terry

    Either was mourinho but now most that I have spoken to are very happy with him. No word on backroom team yet. But with his Chelsea love I don't think he will risk it with Chelsea fans who love him so.much
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