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  1. Demitri_C

    John Terry

    Exactly why people believe nonsense likr this
  2. Demitri_C

    Robert Snodgrass

    Solid interview with snods with purutton talking about handling the pressure of this game
  3. Demitri_C

    Steve Bruce

    Bruce pin up jonkavics comments about us on the wall. If that isn't a team talk I don't know what is The arrogance of them. They really do think this is going to be a walk in the park for them
  4. Demitri_C

    Pre-match chat

    He used the word old whixh I think totally disrespectful to our players. If they didn't need motivating enough these words will hopefully bring out the best of the "oldies"
  5. Demitri_C


    Got mine today
  6. Demitri_C

    John Terry

    Who cares if we rest in two games vs Chelsea? Couldn’t care less. rather he wa# in background than seeing houllier as our manager touching the Liverpool logo on sky despite being our manager.
  7. Demitri_C


    If i was derby id go for monk
  8. Demitri_C

    Steve Bruce

    Mitrovic has a bad temper on him. When he is frustrated he could quite easily get sent off. Tbh its crucial fulham dont score first we end up losing and dropping our heads when that happens. I suspect thats what jonkavic will be instructing his side. Fulham showed they couldn't handle the pressure against the blosers. Let's hope for the same Saturday.
  9. Demitri_C

    The Film Thread

    Anyone seen deadpool 2 yet? Can't wiat to see it !
  10. Demitri_C

    Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    Have to say fear the walking dead has been shit this season. I think when they killed off a certain person early on has really harmed the show. Idiotic decision
  11. Demitri_C


    Rowett appointed on three year deal. Good appointment for them. Gary deserts the sinking ship at derby. They will be mid table at best next season
  12. Demitri_C

    Pre-match chat

    I see fulham seem to be boasting about the size of the Wembley pitch and how it wikl suit them and not us. Is it true the dimensions of the post between Wembley and villa park are really different?
  13. Demitri_C


    If they rehire Coleman that would be absolutely hilarous. Cant see it myself.
  14. Demitri_C

    The Manager thread

    Good appointment for both arsenal and Swansea I think
  15. Demitri_C