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  1. No point having politic discussions here you can't debate without shitty digs like wake the **** up. I'm out
  2. I've said various times I'm not a conservative. I am more middle group but I think the Labour party is a sham party. They are not for the people they are only for themselves. I think I don't communicate my points very well on writing I openly admit that I'm better verbally as my points seem to say something I wasn't trying to say. The mayor thing Khan is useless I've highlighted various reasons why I think he is crap not just spunking the money. But he gets a free pass because of the cuts which is just a poor excuse. Like I said earlier I'd give him a chance because in my opinion he did a good job as mayor compared to the existing fool we have in place. Like k said previously even if Corbyn came in I'd give him a chance.
  3. I think there is more to Boris than meets the eye. He is alot more intelligent then this silly bafoon that is being potrayed.
  4. There is no evidence to suggest kitchko was? Not sure where you heard that one?
  5. Demitri_C


    Wolves signing a couple high profile players. I think they will again be top 10.
  6. To be honest as much as he leached the club money wise at least it was genuine injury and not that he was such sitting there collecting money. Was a disaster for us.
  7. You know that was one of the first things I was talking to my friends about when Cameron said he was going to do a vote on this - how the he'll do you deal with Ireland if we went out. I can't see what the hell the solution is going to be if we were to leave. What would peoples reactions here be if there is a u-turn and we stayed in?
  8. Yep. That was perhaps the dumbest move I can remember. May was a terrible PM
  9. A compromise for me would be let the existing format for Ireland remain as it is. Britain pays the divorce bill as we call it whoever for that figure we should still.obtain some of the benefits we currently get without being tied in. I agree it is rubbish - we are better staying in without question. All these people I hear when talking to them saying let's leave with no deal will be better . I always ask how?? Then the usual response is we make our own.laws
  10. Not even about that though. No deal is shit for them not just UK. All parties need to come up with a compromise where the damage limitation is not pure carnage as no deal would be. None of these clowns knew how hard it would be taking the UK out. Now we are all doing what a utter shit show this whole episode has been. Both main parties failed the public and didn't explain the consequences in simple enough terms to people. I voted in because I just didn't trust enough of the two main parties to be capable of taking us out and make the UK better than it was outside the EU. The biggest winner out of all this will be farage. You see so many fools harping on about the brexit party but you never hear anything they plan to do once we come out.
  11. If the elite fit is tighter than the normal you have to be a real athlete to do it in. I'm not even that big and the top was way too big for me
  12. Where would we play though? Molineux? That be only option that's why I can't see that happening. I'd not step foot sharing sty Andrews or the hawthorns
  13. Yeah can't disagree with the part about the consequences. We have no one but ourselves to blame in that respect.
  14. Providing marvellous comes I think we need a striker more than a keeper
  15. Sent mine back hoping the large is more a 'medium'

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