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  1. Steve Bruce

    My main concern with this team bruce has created is the complete lack of pace, we are already slow at getting the ball forward so this is a concern for me
  2. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    I am sure you would as would most of us, barring amavi and elphick no one is stupid enough to sign the others
  3. Gary Gardner

    i rate him in the same category as bacuna. poor id definitely get rid if a reasonable bid came in. id take 3-4m for him. great idea offering a long term deal when he has shown the tiniest glimpses as much as i dislike the guy, craig showed more at his age
  4. Aaron Tshibola

    I reckon he will be off on loan
  5. Please tell me when to stop laughing at SHA

    I am only basing this on what I saw last year. We struggled for goals without Kodjia, these less talented teams seem to be able to score goals. We have a decent defence but our creativity is really really poor. If we continue like we have in pre season we won't be going up. like the man below said Bruces tactics seem to consist of clean sheet and winning 1-0. You need more than that to go up I feel They probably would have finished above us if they didn't stupidly sack Rowett. What a masterstroke decision that was from blose
  6. Please tell me when to stop laughing at SHA

    But sometimes doenst work like that ie Huddesfield Town. On paper their side is no better than ours but were much better than us.
  7. Chris Samba

    I think he will be our only remaining signing to be honest
  8. Glenn Whelan

    welcome glen 2 year deal good deal as at 35 he wouldnt offer much here
  9. Please tell me when to stop laughing at SHA

    Yeah i would agree with that. They will probably beat us at the sty esp if on sky. You cant rule out a play off spot push for them. they also have a very easy start so they will have momentum to start with but bruce has absolutely no excuse for not finishing above them
  10. Post-update gremlins

    Great job Limpid
  11. The Championship thread

    i think if we can get our arse in gear, will between us, derby, boro, wednesday and wolves for top 5
  12. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    i can only see this happening if mccormack leaves which i dont think is going to happen
  13. Jordan Veretout

    cant se eit myself, them two were a shambles in english football
  14. Glenn Whelan

    I agree with your 2nd paragraph. we are having to look at premier league players not deemed good enough for their current sides. the thing that gets me with this signing we signed jedinak at 32 and no-one was complaining then?
  15. Glenn Whelan

    You could argue Chester is good enough for the premier league though