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  1. He's going to save us a lot of points this season.
  2. No one's yet suggested Louie Louie as a basis for this guy's song? (well, unless I missed it - it's a long thread...) Douglas Luiz Whoah-oh baby This last line needs work
  3. Wow, that was an absolutely cracking game! RHM looked fantastic.
  4. I like the idea of this. He could really be the player to guide us up to the next level...
  5. Ok, I know the chances of it being real are pretty slim, but just looking at the fixture list has made me actually start to feel quite excited about the coming season. It was all so horrific last season I genuinely tried my best to forget football even existed. And now we're in a right horrorshow of a league that we'll likely struggle to get back out of. And seeing some of those games brings home how hard it will be to win consistently enough to challenge at the top. Not enough stand out as games I'd back us to win with great confidence or ease. And yet I still find mys
  6. But she's kind of young so we try not to sexualise her.
  7. Thanks. Still, only one line and I fluffed it. Should stick to the day job, I guess. Shame I suck at that too. Anyway, I know nothing about this Sane fella, but it's not like things could get any worse so I'm onboard with it
  8. Heard he's a bit of a geezer this one. Still, suppose it's fitting for this week that we're get a lad in Sane. (Sorry)
  9. Oman, is this still going on? It's really starting to test my Sana'aty.
  10. Srs? We signed a player for £7-10m on Friday. What sort of nonsense is this? Would you tell a drug addict, "srs? you had some drugs on Friday"? Would you tell a 40-a-day smoker, "come on, you had a cigarette last week?" If Tim didn't want us to get hooked on signings like this he shouldn't have been such an effective pusher. Now we need our next hit! I can't go cold turkey the whole rest of the transfer window...
  11. I'm glad I paid for internet access whilst away in France these past weeks. Imagining... logging onto VT after three weeks offline...
  12. I'm pronouncing it A-dah-ma. And no fracking toaster is going to tell me any different!
  13. No, no, no. I don't believe any more of this. I'm a Villa fan; I live in Birmingham; I have two children... things don't just go this well. There must be despondency, resignation, misery and drowning of sorrows. I'm not ready to reassess my entire life just because Tim Cockney Sherwood decides to revitalise the Villa. What next? He's gonna pop round on Friday evenings offering to babysit? Stuff and nonsense.
  14. Assuaged a lot of my doubts today. Although... now I think of it I only developed these doubts through reading the somehow convincing negative posts on here. Clearly, the moral is: never read.
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