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  1. Milfner

    NFL Fantasy Football 2018

    lol I hate fantasy
  2. Milfner


    Jags offense seems so much more balanced without Fournette
  3. Milfner

    NFL Fantasy Football 2018

    Forgot to change out the injured Devonta Freeman for Corey Clement. If I lose this matchup now...
  4. Milfner


    Big test for us. No Olsen, all-pro tackle out for the year, probowl guard probably out with a concussion too. That said, no Jones or Neal in the Falcons defense either so hopefully we can get something going on offense.
  5. Milfner

    Cricket: General Chat

    Yes because saying England shouldn't be batting even though the lead was past 400 with 3.5 sessions left is a totally ridiculous thing to say...
  6. Milfner

    Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    Same with mine except she won't go to sleep without me. I was up til 1 this morning watching the evening NFL games. She was obviously knackered, had worked yesterday too and was ready to sleep by 10. Forced herself to stay up for another three hours and complained this morning that she was tired. So **** stupid.
  7. Milfner

    Cricket: General Chat

    Absolutely no need for England to be batting here. Wasting our own time.
  8. Milfner

    Cricket: General Chat

    Excellent end to a great career. Good runs for Root too. Not a bad day for the Bears today!
  9. Milfner

    Week 1 Mack 'n' Cheeseheads.

    Doesn’t count if it’s against the Bills. Will be amazed if they’re not picking first next year.
  10. Milfner

    Week 1 Mack 'n' Cheeseheads.

    Doing our best to lose this. Totally in control all game and we’re only up one score. And now our all pro tackle goes down clutching the same knee that he injured in preseason. Yay.
  11. Milfner

    Week 1 Mack 'n' Cheeseheads.

    So Brownsy
  12. Milfner

    Week 1 Mack 'n' Cheeseheads.

    Murdered Dallas on that drive and then CMC fumbles inside the five. Ffs.
  13. Milfner

    Week 1 Mack 'n' Cheeseheads.

    Skybet offering 10/1 on Gronk, Diggs and Kamara to score any time TDs. Possibly the easiest NFL bet I’ve ever won.
  14. Milfner


    Never got round to posting this but three weeks ago we found three kittens behind our shed at the bottom of the garden. Mom was around too but had to fetch them inside because they were in such a bad way). They had absolutely awful conjunctivitis (so much so their eyes sealed shut if they went to sleep), really underweight, riddled with fleas and had a respiratory infection. First week was touch and go, had a few 3am alarms to feed them their antibiotics and clean their eyes and put in eye drops. Anyway, three weeks on, they’ve all put on 50% of their body weight from when we found them and in really good health!