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  1. Exacrly the same for me (including clearing cache, safari etc).
  2. *Cup Final Five of Twelve Same team, expecting a win.
  3. Daryl Williams makes a lot of sense then. Surprised he's not signed anywhere yet.
  4. I hated the second episode but thought the third - especially the segment about corporal punishment - was brilliant!
  5. Had £20 on Klassical Dream and City Island the last two days. Thanks SkyBet
  6. Love it. Great move, an upgraded on the retired Kalil and at a really good price. What is Gettleman up to at the Giants though. No clue what he's trying to achieve. Surely got to trade up for a QB now.
  7. Not been a sweeter three points in a long, long time. Easily my favourite away game, shins are in bits, shocking hangover. All worth it. Up the **** Villa
  8. Yesterday just confirmed what we already knew. Obviously not all like it, but they really do have absolute shit ton of scum. The reaction of the crowd was telling. Just made the winner even sweeter. Never been pelted by so many coins at a game before, you’d have thought they’d want to hold onto their dole money.
  9. England recover from 30 odd for four to 182/6. Currently a wicket from victory with the Windies 39/9. This team really is something. Chris Jordan has bowling figures of 2-0-6-4. Incredible
  10. I have to guess or scroll to the top of the page to see what the thread is. Seems a bit of a flaw in the update IMO. Can we have it back, please?
  11. Some freekick by one of your players yesterday! Hit it as if it was a goal kick!
  12. Wild Nothing last night at Mama Roux’s were great. Also got All Points East to look forward to in May
  13. New sporting director at Stuttgart! Also, whilst we're here. How was this 14 years ago...
  14. Rock Ya-Sin is my favourite (and is suuposedly pretty decent too). Still hoping Kobe Buffalomeat makes it to the NFL!
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