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  1. New series started on Sunday! Great soundtrack to it as well which always helps!
  2. Third season. Somehow stayed up after just 7 points from my first 16 games. I think the world cup winter break saved me. 50 days off and no games where I would've probably lost about eight games. Managed to get two players in during January and that saved my season! Ended up on 44 points in the end, 37 points in 22 games is practically European form!
  3. Yeah it’s not been nerfed at all. I played four games yesterday and turned it off. It I wasn’t getting rinsed by that is was those akimbo pistols up close. It’s just **** boring
  4. Yeah I'm off it until the DMR is nerfed. It's absolutely pointless playing currently.
  5. Agreed. It is annoying that we managed to win vs the Redskins two weeks back. Lose that and we're picking in the top 5 with a QB in play. Annoying.
  6. Daboll would be the perfect pick considering what he's done with Allen. Panthers in the market for a GM after Hurney (finally) got potted a few weeks back. I do think Rhule will have a big say in who is hire, but I think after his first season in charge I've been impressed with him despite only four wins.
  7. The Serpent definitely worth a watch. Absolutely flew through all eight episodes.
  8. I don’t think I’ll be as fortunate. Started the season with five defeats from five (although I did play Everton and United away and then Chelsea and Spurs at home to begin). The 1-0 defeat at home to Burnley stung though. I tried to go more defensive for the Burnley game but just created nothing, whereas I’d scored 6 in the previous 4. Think I’m just going to have to let them play, if we get hammered here and there so be it.
  9. So despite that horrible start, this somehow happened... I’ve never had a season like it, let alone with a team with the smallest budget in the league and their first season after promotion. The summer transfer window was a total grind, I have two maybe three borderline starters for the prem. Played my first two games and lost to Everton and Spurs. My next two are United and Chelsea. Gonna be a long season, don’t think I’ll be surviving. The summer transfer window was a total grind, I have two maybe three borderline starters for the prem. Played my first two g
  10. Managed to get Lincoln promoted to the Championship via the playoffs first season (lost 5 of my first 6 in the league and finished 1 point off autos). First two games were West Ham away (won 2-1) and then got absolutely pumped by Villa 6-1 at home. Neither teams have sold a player so I just got torn apart by Villa in particular, Grealish went off at half time and then still put another three past me in the second half! Gonna be a long season!
  11. It's the resurgence game mode. It's like a mini royale on a different map. Very fast paced.
  12. New map drops tomorrow/tonight with new weapons. Smaller than Verdansk and looks as if it'll be faster paced too.
  13. Temporarily move your xbox next to the router and plug it in with an ethernet cable and it'll be done in no time!
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