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  1. Milfner

    The VT "It's the weekend!" thread

    At a **** wedding tomorrow. Ceremony starts at half 1, straight in to a meal afterwards. Nailed on to miss the game. Never even met them ffs.
  2. Milfner

    World Cup : Round of 16

    This is absolutely incredible. How do you go through an entire half and not even attempt or complete a pass? Could maybe understand if it was a striker but a centre half?!?
  3. That’s not a pen. Right back has just thrown himself into the ground ffs.
  4. Milfner

    Media and punditry

    Lee Dixon. Another ex-defender turned co-commentator who’s a moaning shitebag.
  5. Guerriero has been destroyed all half here. Shame Morocco shat themselves in the second half versus Iran, actually been really impressed with their first halves so far.
  6. Milfner

    Media and punditry

    Sparks is fine I think. She is very literal with her commentary though, can tell she’s cut her teeth doing radio comms. Dare I say it, Keown has actually been alright during this game too.
  7. Hope I don’t have to see Poland play again this tournament. Absolutely disgusting performance.
  8. This France kit is **** awful. Not one redeeming feature.
  9. I know a bloke who works for Land Rover who was (and a still is) a staunch Brexit supporter. Was adamant that Brexit wouldn’t change a thing, absolutely no chance of job losses. You’ve gotta hope he’s first in line.
  10. Milfner

    Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    Was factoring in travel time, weekend business etc. But still, not worth my time going when I can pay someone a couple of quid to do it for me.
  11. Milfner

    Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    It has improved loads. They now do hour slots instead of two or three. Yeah, get the annoyance about the subs and missing stuff but if means you only have to pop in for one thing instead of 50...
  12. Milfner

    Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    Tesco do a delivery pass for £8 a month. If you do one shop per week you’re essentially paying them £2 to pick it and drop it to your house... Might get the occasional substitution and out of stock item but it saves you wasting two hours of your weekend in a supermarket.
  13. Milfner

    Battlefield 5

    Looks insanely good! Grand operations game mode sounds excellent too, definitely breaks up the repetitiveness of normal operations.
  14. Milfner

    You Wear It Well

    They’ve just launched something called Klarna too. You order what you want from the website, and then you send back what you don’t want (if there is anything) and they’ll email you a final bill when they receive your returns. So no need to miss the money from your account any more.