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  1. Way too many defensive players go for the strip rather than just cleaning out the runner, very frustrating. Had a free hit on Mahomes ffs!
  2. Think you’d expect both home teams to advance, but I just don’t see the KC run defense slowing down Tennessee. If they get off to another slow start I think the Titans advance.
  3. Kuechly’s retired. Absolutely gutted. One the best ever middle linebackers, if not the best. The Panthers are just totally unrecognisable from two years ago. No Kuechly, no Davis, Olsen looks like he’s leaving, potentially no Cam, Rivera and half the staff have left. Matt Rhule has got a huge job on his hands.
  4. Sounds like a positive hire for us. The Giants...not so much
  5. If only it was a four dayer instead...
  6. Main commentator is even worse. Hate his faux-enthusiasm What an opening drive!!!
  7. Head: Bills, Pats, Saints, Seahawks Heart: Bills, Titans, Vikings, Eagles
  8. Vivera and Oumph are definitely the best meat subs I’ve found although they are at the top of the price range. Not sure if they’re vegan though.
  9. Will Grier SZN! (Still hope we lose)
  10. Been awful since Grealish was moved out to the left. Need to play him through the middle again.
  11. Can’t believe neither of 9ers last two games haven’t been flexed, possibly the two biggest games of the regular season so far
  12. Watch us beat the Falcons now Rivera has gone. His record against them was awful
  13. Hurney next! Should’ve happened last year, time to clean house
  14. The Rivera shitshow is almost over. Hope we lose out from here.
  15. Sean McDermott is a very, very good coach. We've still not replaced him and he left three years ago ffs. He successfully took down Dallas in Thanksgiving again though, that Bills defense is nails. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=797EDkPLgvY
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