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  1. I went down for the FA Cup final the other year against Arsenal. They cleared everyone out the pub we were in (can't remember which one, but was definitely no more than a mile away from the ground) about half an hour before kick off and then let everyone in as soon as the game kicked off.
  2. Had a great time on the Saturday - went to Fruhlingsfest and just got absolutely hammered during the day. Not sure I'd recommend Munich for a stag do though, we got knocked back from a fair few places on the Friday even when we a) weren't that pissed and b) had split up into groups of three and four.
  3. Good timing! I'm going on Friday for a stag too. Any suggestions of something to do on the Saturday? Missed out on 1860 Munich tickets which I'm a bit disappointed about.
  4. Chiefs would’ve been better off keeping Dee Ford. No way is Clark worth all that.
  5. Think I preferred the Mike Tyson jokes if I’m honest
  6. Some beauties in here, but particularly like this one. The change in logo makes such a difference too. Just went down a bit of wikipedia rabbit hole and discovered that the above team (HFX Wanderers) have a midfielder called Elton John
  7. We really need to stop winning so many games, my liver has taken a pounding over the last month. Great win, great atmosphere, great away day. Up the **** Villa
  8. Enjoyed Deutschland 86. Not as good as the first session but hope we don’t have to wait as long for the next series. You’d imagine there’s only one more series left in it now though
  9. Shame. Thought it might be a bit different this time. The league is no threat to the NFL, they really should step in and really push it towards it being a proper developmental league.
  10. I work 7:30-17:30 four days a week (no set weekday off but I don’t particularly mind). I wouldn’t have it any other way to be honest.
  11. Correct. I’ve switched to chrome on iOS and not had a problem.
  12. Exacrly the same for me (including clearing cache, safari etc).
  13. *Cup Final Five of Twelve Same team, expecting a win.

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