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  1. Milfner

    Week 11 Mahomes On Fire In California.

    lol, **** Ron Rivera. Time for a new HC.
  2. Milfner

    Week 11 Mahomes On Fire In California.

    Painful first half. Offense stuttering again. We’re such a weird team
  3. Milfner

    Week 10 - #ThrowuptheX

    Just gonna pretend last night didn't happen. We were perfect on our first offensive drive. Less said about the rest of the game the better.
  4. Nah. You'll beat us twice. There's no way we'll be able to stop your offense. Won't be much punting when we play each other, let's put it that way
  5. This Panthers offense the last seven quarters has been absolutely incredible. Last 19 drives: 12 TD, 3 FG, 4 punts, 0 turnovers. That grab by Greg then!
  6. Milfner

    European City Stag Destinations

    I went to Budapest late March last year and was in shorts the whole time! I think Budapest is probably the best shout or Lisbon. Lisbon surprised me at how inexpensive it was and more than enough to do there. Hamburg another solid idea, but there's not much to do there.
  7. Just another 9 and a half years to run on Gruden's contract...
  8. Hue is finally fired. 3-36-1. A really incredible stat line. Be interesting to see who they appoint - I imagine they'll go interim until the end of the season.
  9. Milfner

    NFL Fantasy Football 2018

    Destroyed again by... *checks notes* 9ers D/ST, Lamar Miller and Eli Manning. Okay
  10. Milfner

    Week 8: Fashionably late

    Browns will do nothing without a change at head coach and I think that happens this off-season. Think Haley could be chopped too. Anyway, a great win for the Panthers. 36 points against the league’s number one defense and our defense really stepped it up. This Norv Turner and Cam Newton connection is really working!
  11. Milfner

    Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    On to the final episode of Trust (about the kidnapping of John Getty III). It’s been excellent throughout, Donald Sutherland is great in it.
  12. Milfner

    Week 8: Fashionably late

    That end to the first half was really **** weird! We’re not down by multiple scores for the first time in three weeks and we’re up 17 against the league’s number one defense. Be interesting to see how we make a mess of this!
  13. Milfner

    Joe Lolley

    Having a great season (think that’s his sixth so far?), scored another banger tonight!
  14. Milfner

    Week 7: Suck for the Duck?

    Jesus Christ, the Panthers are a weird team. Second straight week we’ve been absolutely disgusting for the first three quarters and then turned it on. We could so easily be 1-5 but we’re 4-2
  15. Milfner

    Football Manager 2019

    Similar to that Chindie article, I'm sure about 7 or 8 years ago Joe Lolley signed himself on one of his saves, mentioned it on here that he had a ridiculously high potential (like top league one player when he was playing 10th tier football) to Andy Clarke. Andy emailed off to the head researcged and had him nerfed