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  1. Yeah I he’s good, and will become very good. But he’s not the MVP candidate that some are making him out to be.
  2. I mean we're definitely a small market team but coming from a Chargers fan it's a bit rich
  3. 3&13 from their own 7. Incomplete pass, should be punting from the end zone but the refs throw a flag. Absolutely pathetic.
  4. Rodgers doing absolutely nothing last week means one thing: 22/26, 343 yards and 4 touchdowns.
  5. Please stop playing “Aston Villa, that’s who” after games. It’s absolutely shite. Thanks.
  6. This New England offense is disgusting. 20 points, 14 of which came on two 20 yard fields against a totally bang average Baltimore defense.
  7. Good bounce back win. CMC to be the first MVP RB since Peterson?
  8. Gase is an absolute cancer to any franchise he’s ever been involved with.
  9. Mitch Trubisky was drafted before Deshaun Watson. Lol
  10. We’re down thirty **** one points and CMC is still in the game. Rivera is just absolutely hell bent on destroying our great players. Pathetic
  11. 9ers run game is absolutely ridiculous. Kyle Allen is **** shit and should never play for us again.
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