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  1. Bitter about what? Think you’ll be hard pushed to find someone to want a divisional rival to win a playoff match... (BOF is literally doing the same in this thread)
  2. I don't think I've ever hated a player more than Taysom Hill. Saints got away with one there, offense still not firing fully. Next week set up very nicely anyway.
  3. CJ Anderson going off in a playoff game alongside Todd Gurley. Ron Rivera couldn’t fit him in to the Panthers offense and elected to run CMC into the ground all season. The man is so incompetent it’s unreal.
  4. Milfner

    Playoffs 2018-19: Wild Card Weekend

    Can see at least three of the four away teams winning here. Would fancy the Chargers to get it done at the Ravens.
  5. 56/57 yard kicks aren’t automatic...
  6. Panthers can’t even tank correctly. Cost us about 6 or 7 places in draft order that has. What a total waste of a season.
  7. Aaron Rodgers too. I'll wait for the all-pro first and second teams.
  8. Milfner

    Week 15 Berry Christmas

    Tough one to take. We **** had them. Rivera throwing Cam to the wolves again. Awful coach, and an absolute myth. Cam's shoulder is **** and he can barely throw - I've never seen him throw so many wobblers. And now we're out of the playoffs they're talking about sitting him. Three winning seasons out of eight. Pathetic.
  9. Milfner

    Week 15 Berry Christmas

    I’ll be amazed if the Panthers aren’t blown out by two or three scores tonight.
  10. Milfner

    Week 15 Berry Christmas

    Unbelievable win for the Chargers. Unbelievable game. Best I’ve seen this year I think. Had the right amount of offensive brilliance and good defensive play. Loved it.
  11. Milfner

    NFL Fantasy Football 2018

    Can we tweak the point scoring for next year please...
  12. Milfner

    Week 13 - In the air tonight

    Rivera’s got to go. Team not even playing for him anymore.
  13. Milfner

    Joe Lolley

    Unreal. Game of his life!