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  1. Missing some big players as well who are in pre-season like Parrott from Spurs
  2. I'm with Stefan here (obviously). I do play in leagues that have little tweaks here and there on the general point scoring rules which is fine. But the point per carry/completion just makes the RB and QB position too overpowered and you just end up with weird bloated scores. I'm not saying get rid of the PPC/C but I think halving the is the way forward. It also really diminishes the point of having a TE or WR imo. You could also make the argument about the DS/Ts too - sometimes they account for like 60-70 points but I think we'll save that argument for next year
  3. Needs to be more purple kits! Criminally underused colour.
  4. Romaine Sawyers to Albion for £3m. Not a bad pick up
  5. I’d like to change the hand off points for running backs (keep them for the WRs maybe) and QB completing passes.
  6. Two sixes in a row and neither fully cleared the rope. Never seen anything like it!
  7. **** sensational. What a game. What a knock from Stokes. Absolutely **** chuffed. It’s not been pretty at times this tournament but we’ve deserved that! Feel very sorry for New Zealand, 102 overs of cricket only to lose on boundaries hit. Very harsh.
  8. Absolutely sensational partnership. Come on!
  9. Riding our luck. They’ve been all over us since the Roy dismissal.
  10. Not one part of me enjoyed us seeing us hand out an absolute pasting to the Aussies there. Also very upsetting to see Steve Smith’s only over go for 21.
  11. Woakes and Archer sensational. Gonna be a close one I think, but Bairstow and Roy really could win it for us in the opening 10-15 overs.
  12. Seven down! Rashid’s got three and I don’t even think he’s bowled particularly well at all
  13. Two in an over for Rashid after the Aussies recovered pretty well. Just Smith and Maxwell to get now!
  14. Hummel have knocked out two absolute beauties for Coventry
  15. They could buy an oyster for themselves with a set amount on it. If you're only doing a return journey a fiver on it would suffice and the oyster doesn't expire so can use it the next time they go. Alternatively they could request a contactless card from their bank.

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