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  1. Absolute masterclass in the last two days from Fitterer and Rhule so far.
  2. Sensational night for the Panthers I reckon. WR, TE and OL all ticked off, plus traded back three times, rinsed the Texans and got back a lot from the Darnold trade.
  3. Rhule spoke last year that the one thing that impressed them about Teddy was his ability to extend plays with his legs, but his arm wasn’t winning us games. Seems a guy who does that falls into our lap but we’ve shit ourselves because we traded a second for Darnold who will likely only be here for two years. Seems pretty **** myopic to me.
  4. Played well in the back of the season tbf, not sure it's as bad as you think. Once Quinn got fired they averaged like 20 PPG
  5. Yeah I saw that. Another elite NFC South receiver to deal with ffs, the division is so tough. Think we'd have been in play for Fields had we not traded for Darnold. Fields just feels like we're all gonna be saying "they drafted him over Fields?!" just like we did with Mahomes and DeShaun. Sad.
  6. Can't say I'm to enamored with the Panthers pick. Looking forward to getting destroyed by Kyle Pitts for the next ten years anyway.
  7. I get the same on xbox, but I can just click B, and skip into the main menu and it doesn't make me download it. Dunno if it'll work the same for you!
  8. Milfner

    Dash Cams

    Did you end up choosing one? Must admit I am tempted by a wireless one (if they are any good/even exist). The thought of having wires dangling everywhere irks me.
  9. Lol, thank god he’s gone. 31m for one terrible year. Good shit.
  10. Had my second jab on Saturday and other than feeling a little tired (basically my symptoms when I had covid), I've had some proper lucid dreams. I spoke to a colleague and he said he had the same after his second jab too. Strange.
  11. Praying Pitts falls back to us, but don't see it happening. Think we trade back which is sad.
  12. Well, I think it looks good and am impressed with the refresh. Looking forward to getting stuck into it today.
  13. “New” map comes out today. Basically just a reskin of Verdansk by the looks of it. Happy they’ve freshened it up but really think they could’ve drop an entirely new map tbh, it’s been over a year now.
  14. Yeah, but they'll still be based in England/whichever club they're at now, they just have to travel once a fortnight to another country (which the majority of these clubs do anyway for European fixtures). I don't really think homesickness plays a part.
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