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  1. For sure. As close to .500 is the aim, we lost out in a lot of close games last year (something stupid like 8/11 defeats were by less than a score?) whilst playing with a defense that had a load of rookies. Youngest team in the league too, absolutely convinced we're trending upwards with Rhule, Fitterer, Snow & Brady. Nice to see us loaded at WR for once, OL is a huge worry though.
  2. Ay, there's two of us! I'm not sold on Darnold at all but his ceiling is much higher than Bridgewater so I think it was worth the gamble. Looking forward to this season, we're nowhere near as bad as the power rankings have us (average is like 26th).
  3. Great game, but blatant OPI on Godwin at the end there.
  4. Yep. Last four wickets for four runs, last 8 for 80. Shite.
  5. New series of A House Through Time started last night. Set in your neck of the woods @mjmooney
  6. Warwickshire with all ten wickets left and 220ish left to win. This is all very England, isn't it.
  7. From Andy Zaltzman on TMS: "England lost four wickets in seven overs. There had been 17 wickets in the previous 267 overs, and a rate of one every 16 overs. In terms of England collapses from two down to six down, for just six runs, it is the joint-second worst since 1902, when England crumbled at Bramall Lane." Really pathetic.
  8. Watched this last night, the guy was a total prick. Built it because he had nothing better to do, and had little to no interest in it until the work had ground to a halt. Looked like a shite modernist version of Stone Henge, and it was just totally soulless on the inside. £125k on a kitchen too. **** words removed.
  9. Don’t you just **** love Chris Woakes. Run out as I was typing. Lead of 99 and an hour to bowl at India. Will take that.
  10. Huge wicket from nothing. Pope didn't deserve to drag on there, great innings. Gotta hope we can edge this lead close to 100 now.
  11. Milfner


    Bit of a long shot - but does anyone (or know of anyone) who owns a small holding/farm that needs a couple of rat catchers? My partner & I have a few ferals in our garden that we look after (they're neutered and in good health). They're used to humans but will stay at arm's length so will only need a bowl of food a day and are pretty self-sufficient other than that. We've relocated a couple ferals before with good success. I can help with the relocation process of them too. PM me if you can help.
  12. Gotta think his vaccine stance plays into it, can't have a QB torpedoing your season before it really starts. What a fall from grace.
  13. Miserable batting all year, lucky to get this far anyway. We have two good batters and one of those has played about three games.
  14. I see the world's worst test cricketer has just taken an incredible catch on the stroke of lunch
  15. Jimmy India 60-5 just after lunch, looking forward to being all out for 17.
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