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  1. Could it also ‘explain’ his multiple convictions for drug possession, thuggery, fraud? He’s a shitty little criminal. That’s his doing.
  2. There have been many empires all around the globe that have relied on slavery and persecution of others. That have gained land to gain wealth, at the expense of others. That have driven others out, or absorbed them and snubbed out their cultures. The Aksumite Empire is a personal favourite. Much of their wealth and influence came from the trading of slaves. They were African and already trading in slaves for hundreds of years before the Norman French Duke of Normandy iimposed his will, his law and his religion on the Anglo Saxons. I will not apologise for selected historic slavery. I will not apologise for the Irish Famine. I will not expect an apology from Normandy, I will not expect an apology for King Edward’s reign of terror. Doodlebugs were not the responsibility of Germans born in 1985. I will do my very best to treat everyone fairly and equally, to understand privilege and to try and counter it. I will always be receptive to education.
  3. In the land of proportional representation, you could be on to something. In the UK, not so much. That ‘4’ for the SNP, that’s 45 seats. That ‘8’ for the Greens, that’s 1 seat. You’re asking Labour to get in the wrong bed. Anyway, it wouldn’t work, whether it’s SNP or Green, they’d be perceived as a bit too leftie for where Labour HQ want to pitch themselves.
  4. It’s one of those weird ones, you hear her live and you go away thinking wow this is the next massive massive thing… then the CD doesn’t quite translate. When she’s picked up a guitar and sung something live I’ve been bowled over. Listen to a recording and nope, not my thing at all. Which I guess brings us to: great live bands that do disappointing albums. She is typical of that whole trenche of people making a happy living out of the music industry, playing folk festivals, releasing albums, writing for others… and nobody has heard of them. I’d have to admit, when my mate said he’d lined up a few weekend sessions with Amy for the kids I didn’t know who that was and couldn’t quite work out why he was so excited. My first thought was that she can’t be that good if she volunteers on Saturdays!
  5. In your defence, you don’t really like music. She’s got a Grammy! Written songs for Ed Sheehan, James Blunt, Kylie Minogue, Boyzone, Mike. Collaborated with Seat’s already referenced Eg White. So a fairly connected industry person, that gives up weekends for free, to try and teach kids to write music and lyrics and play and enjoy music. I might be a fanboy!
  6. I had an argument with the test guy on my first test. The reverse around a corner bit was slightly up hill. When we got back to the centre he failed me for having ‘lost control and rolled backwards’. I suggested that would defy the laws of physics, to roll backwards up hill, he asked if I was trying to be funny. I told him I didn’t mind failing as long as he made up a reason that was actually possible. He said he wasn’t a liar, I said I couldn’t defy gravity. By then my instructor basically had his head in the window telling me to stop talking.
  7. My nipper was in a writing / song writing group or whatever you want to call it and borrowed one of Sheeran’s guitars for a little while. Actually borrowed it off Amy Wadge, just to add another level of name dropping. So I had the guitar knocking around the house for a little while until I returned it.
  8. One mis placed site boot, one stumble across the room, and that machine would have been kindling.
  9. Johnson was just bloody unlucky so many of the key covid events coincided with his holidays. The times he had to come back to take personal control of situations. It was crazy. I believe he’s away at the moment, and here we are, yet again, discussing it in his absence. The poor bugger.
  10. I’m not sure there’s any such thing as an over rated band. You can look at sales. You can look at awards. You can bring in personal taste. But there’s no such metric as over rated. Music is music.
  11. I’d get the wife’s Toyota Aygo serviced at a main dealer. £280 to service a car the size of a domestic fridge freezer, that’s done 4,800 miles? They can **** right off.
  12. Are we supposed to be grown up about climate change now? Or is it ok to put actors in to space for a bit, for a laugh? That’s a fair bit of paper recycling to compensate for sending a rocket up for some publicity. Go’s bless the billionaires.
  13. In one of those absent minded moments I was just sort of gazing in to space and thinking of Seat68 and whether he had found his copy of Blue Monday. My mind then drifted to the tale of how the packaging cost them money every time someone bought a copy. From there, I thought, what’s the most ‘complicated’ record I’ve got? Well there are probably a few contenders, such as the SFA box set, but then they added extra cost so you paid for the toys that came with the box set. But as a standard priced record, Guerilla by Super Furries takes some beating. A double album, because they decided it should be on 45rpm, gatefold sleeve, with a 3D pop out, a little insert sleeve, lyrics on the sleeves. Then the actual record includes the ‘hidden’ track ‘citizens band’. That track plays backwards. First few tracks play as normal you put the needle on the record and off you go. Last track doesn’t play, you have to put the needle to the end and it then plays on a reverse groove with the arm moving from centre to the outside. Yeah, complicated.
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