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  1. Yeah aunt Doreen worked as a below stairs maid in the big house on the estate. On her last day, the family gave her this silverware as a token of the esteem she’d been held in during 45 years of service. Stole it.
  2. I’m just amazed it wasn’t a shilling or a tuppence, with a poppy and a tank on it.
  3. chrisp65


    It’s purely down to culture whether people eat anything and everything, or stick to prime cuts of chicken and beef. We’ve had it easy enough to get squeamish and most won’t even try kidneys or liver, so we see someone else eating snake or locust or whatever and we think it’s outrageous. Though, strangely, it’s mostly the food squeamish that then happily eat Saturday night takeaway burgers. Hygene, when mass producing cheap street food, that’s another story altogether.
  4. ...and my brother would have my bath water topped up with some more warm and a splash of bubble bath.
  5. I believe the correct etiquette on a high score is to bracket the word for clarity (nineteen). I don’t think I’ll have 19 when we do the end of year top ten!
  6. Any Answers, on BBC R4. I’ll set the scene, they’re discussing funding of the NHS, a professor is talking about bed ratios and and how much we spend per capita compared with other similar nations and the cost of other health funding models... BBC radio host person:’yes, yes thanks I’ve got to stop you there we’ve got lots to get through. We’ve had a tweet from Melonhead 911 and they say...’ I shit you not, stop the professor talking we need to share this tweet from melonhead. Well, fingers crossed that melonhead tweets something favourable about funding of the BBC.
  7. We’ve had one of the four Directors of the small company I work for suddenly out of the loop. Taken in to hospital last Sunday evening, announced as retired and not coming back on Tuesday. He was in charge of our biggest Client account. The earth has kept spinning and others have stepped in, we’re all getting paid as per normal at the end of the month. I’ve stripped his desk of all his good shit.
  8. The business is set up wrong and at risk. They need to fix that. Or, you’ve fallen in to the classic trap of obsessing that someone else’s business is the centre of your world.
  9. Price sticker gun. Best £20 you’ll ever spend.
  10. A few years back I was coerced into being gig buddy for my old man to go and see Brian May. Worst night of my **** life, and I’ve been to a Beverly Craven concert. I still shiver when I see a bloke with a perm. I actually ended up in a gay pub with my dad, 24 years older than me and rocking the double denim.
  11. What’s the difference between Fopp and HMV then?
  12. I was in a fancy shop in the Bullring (was there a Harvey Nicks? I think it was Harvey Nicks) and there was a fancy paisley shirt I liked. It was £24 but whilst that’s quite pricey, it looked like value for money. So I picked it up and was marching to the counters, achieved eye contact with sales assistant, smiled... Then I had one more glance at the shirt .... £240. Just did a big arc of a walk around the shop and put it back.
  13. My Mrs was very taken with Foyles, that’s on her list of places on a London tour now.
  14. It’s in Cardiff all the time, parked on busy pedestrianised shopping streets. I suspect we were the test dummies. They were boasting they used it outside a gig a couple of nights ago and arrested someone. It’s difficult to argue against, in that they took someone with a knife out of a large crowd. But it’s one more slip down the slippery slope to Chinese style control and compliance.
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