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  1. Things you often Wonder

    I've definitely still got it, it's just **** sore.
  2. Things you often Wonder

    work in Cardiff, Bristol, Swindon, Barnstaple and London through the week gig Thursday night gig Friday night with me mixing it with the best of them for a good spot in a lively crowd strangely full of hells angels celebrating a 6:0 win local footy on Saturday, proper drinking session ibuprofen gel on my knees today, Sunday
  3. Feminism vs social justice

    I'm still confused by the title of the thread? Is this equality versus equality we're all here to take a stance on? If it is, I'm pitching for equality, the ones pitching for the other equality are just bastards.
  4. Feminism vs social justice

    If you know of boys being given medication because they are boisterous you need to report that to the police, now. Man up.
  5. General Election 2017

    I get the feeling that May won't take much stressing if there's a hint of a tightening in the polling. She reverts very very quickly to rudeness, poor none jokes and the simple little sound bites she's been coached in. Not a fast thinker, not a deep thinker. Thing is, if the polling does turn, then perhaps the media will grow a backbone and call her out on her voting record on human rights and equality. Perhaps they'll finally question her standing in Saudi Arabia, selling bombs, making pronouncements about the National Trust's moral compass. They might ask her if it's a sin to let the rich skip their inconvenient tax bill whilst there are people relying on food banks. They might ask if it is a sin to restrict access to maternity services and mental health services whilst giving the royal family a nice benefits rise to do up a few palaces.
  6. General Election 2017

    self assessment is a wonderful thing
  7. maths if we're going to have a red hard and leggy brexit, let's do it properly
  8. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    I'm usually there pretty early, so it tends to be bacon roll and a coffee when I'm there. There's a whole bunch of cafes by BBC Whiteladies that I've got to know fairly well. A few places by the river over by the Courts (Welsh Beck??). Plus they had foodie yurts over by the river last Christmas where I had a few of the most expensive drinks I've ever bought. I found the guy doing the grafitti purely by chance. Somewhere around Stokes Croft. I said hi, and asked if I could just watch for a while and take a couple of photos. He checked I wasn't 'council or social' and then was happy for me to hang around.
  9. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    Yes, I'd say Bristol is a good trip out. Lots of old architecture and hidden trendy gems. I treat myself to a bit of a psychogeography over there every now and again. Just set out on a random walk without a map, see what I can see.
  10. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    I've been there twice recently, once for a gig, once for a drink. Decidedly 'characterful' place. Sat in the town centre at 5:00pm watching a bunch of drugged up dossers fighting over a seagull that couldn't fly away the one time. Sat in a pub that was doing nothing about a beggar that had come in the next time I visited. Every town has good days and bad days, good bits and bad. I'm in no rush to go back to Gloucester. Oh yeah, and some scumbag tried to get the roof bars off my car whilst it was in the hotel car park overnight.
  11. The Concert/Gig Thread

    They played Cardiff in the week and people that know their shit said they were very good.
  12. I can resist everything except temptation

    Show your face in the old office a couple of days a month. Maybe send an e-mail or two. See how long you can keep the money coming.