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  1. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    Happily going through images looking for a comedy picture of a sperm bank and I've just remembered I'm on an office laptop and currently working on the office network.
  2. The title of the Legislation is: Council of Europe Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence. boring reading beyond newspaper headlines Newspapers are great, the Independent website is great. They offer a gateway to a subject. They are not the definitive font of all truth and knowledge.
  3. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    My neighbour has a car the sole function of which, is to reserve the spot outside his house, whilst his actual car is 'out'. It's a slick operation. Just before either of them go out, the black VW will arrive from the rear garage, their actual 'driving' car will vacate the spot and the VW will park outside their house. On return, one of them jumps out of the 'driving' car, gets in the VW and puts it back in the garage. Whilst the other parks in the freshly vacated spot. It is a sad reflection on my life that one of my absolute highlights, was back in the summer of 2012, I arrived at that parking spot in the seconds between car switches. One of them had taken their eye off the ball and I fluked it. Parking and getting to my house before the second car rolled up. I left my car in that spot for as long as I could. I got the **** train to work for two days! You could feel the silent rage from behind their net curtains.
  4. education - if you want to set up a state curriculum non-faith school you already can - I'm failing to see the lines of voters / parents / atheist altruists queuing to give it a crack. nationalised rail - 4 of us went to London on Tuesday. £50 of fuel and £8 to park. Rail would have been £226 per person. They just need to shave £850 off the bill and they'll be competitive. nuclear disarmament - best of luck In an ideal world all of the above are great ideas. Chuck something in about the NHS as well. Turns out Stoke and Copeland are not the places to begin the utopian ideal. In reality, 'the people' said they were fed up with slick PR machines, suits and focus groups. They wanted real people with real policies that would benefit the majority not the power behind the scenes that make 0.01 of a penny on billions of market fluctuations. They wanted someone that would share out the money a little more and expose the lies of perpetual austerity. Someone on the side of the NHS. Turns out 'the people' are a strange bunch. Tip for future Labour leader: Sharp suit. Minimal history and back story. Vaguely but enthusiastically promise a tax cut for hard workers and money for pensioners. Job done.
  5. As a few commentator types discussed on the tv last night, the absolute ideal result for the tory party was probably a gain for tories in one byelection with a Labour hold in the other. They have a mid parliament election gain in a northern seat. Almost unheard of. UKIP have been given a comedy slap down. Corbyn hasn't lost everything, so will probably stay at the helm of Labour for a while longer. The only way the night could have been better for May is if a petting a zoo full of orphans had burnt down. For all the media hype and for all the politics that has gone on around Stoke, the win was achieved by gaining (in very round numbers) 40% of the votes of the 40% of people that bothered to vote. Hardly a ringing endorsement. So it looks like one of the very few blocks of people disinterested in Stoke, were the people of Stoke.
  6. UKIP and their non-racist well informed supporters

    congratulations to Mr Nuttall, I see from his bio that he is now the MP for Stoke Central
  7. same old lib dems, lying for the tories
  8. What Album Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Top tip: just buy anything that says Pressure Sounds on it.
  9. The Concert/Gig Thread

    So, as I suspected the Hoxton show of 'Station Breaks' was very much not for me. As it happens, it wasn't for anyone. They didn't get out of Heathrow. Their instruments went missing and it appears they kicked off in such a big way about it that they were 'detained' overnight and put back on a plane to americaland the next morning. My missus spent an evening watching and listening to the support act filling in for 3 hours. Apparently he resorted to requests and half remembered Johnny Cash covers (set list: 'something about a train, and then another one about a train, and then that one you like'). Part of me wishes I'd witnessed it. But I had already made my excuses by 9 / 9:30pm and was sat in the cafe across the square with endless coffee and a ska CD playing on their epic sound system. obligatory gig photo:
  10. Things you often Wonder

    any opportunity...
  11. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    managed to boost their income with some Sun Betting sponsorship SunBets offered 8/1 on the fat pig reserve goalie eating a pie during the game FA should fine them their income from the game
  12. Irreverentad's Relationship Advice Thread

    does anyone know how she likes her doughnuts?
  13. Plusnet

    OT, but yes I'm on Virgin and it appears fine. just did a ping and got 53 which is slightly annoying as Xela had 54 tbh, it's biggest selling point is that it's not Sky