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  1. programme idea pitch: Tommy Robinson and Katie Hopkins, flat sharing above an authentic Sri Lankan takeaway in Edinburgh.
  2. Raab, only the detail identifies him from the rest of the stupid. He's the Brexit Secretary that hadn't realised quite a lot of our imports come from overseas.
  3. Register to vote anyway, on the off chance anyone hasn’t, that’s the link to register to vote you have until 26th Nov to register
  4. Just because a portion of the people are being wilfully dumb, the politicians shouldn’t just pander to that and pretend its as simple as Brexiteers pretend it is. If there’s a better deal, they should try and get it. Of course ‘better’ is quite abstract. I’m sure Mark Francois and Jacob Toff Mogg see nothing less than economic year zero and filling in the channel tunnel as acceptable. People are sick of it precisely because they’ve been lied to about how simple it was. It’s not Labour’s job to help Johnson appear to fix it.
  5. Or, they could keep to their promise of the last few years and try and negotiate a better deal. They have been stating on the english language version of their website that they are a leave party that will honour the referendum. They have steadfastly refused to abandon this. Except of course on their election broadcast in Wales, where they claimed to be a Remain party.
  6. They would have to be offering the Johnson deal as leave, and it’s shit.
  7. That 6% is basically every bloke that needed an alibi for that night and has gone for the Woking Pizza Express angle.
  8. This is going in the Public Relations textbooks, other than turning up just wearing leather shorts I’m struggling to see how he could have handled it worse. Looks like another royal horrible anus. But not a sweaty one.
  9. It’s kicking off and getting dirty in Ceredigion....we go live to the LibDem’s election HQ: Shoulda rented all three floors.
  10. Well that’s going to have to change if we intend invoicing people for using the NHS. It’s another route towards i.d. culture. That’s us taking back control, we showed ‘em.
  11. Whilst I’m perfectly fine with the window lickers celebrating Christmas all year if they want to, I was visibly distressed on Saturday when a shop assistant wished me a happy Christmas. Saturday the **** 16th of **** November. I can’t be having that for the next 6 weeks. My nipper just couldn’t stop laughing, kept on and on about the grimacing face I’d pulled as I walked away silently.
  12. In the nicest possible way, I think you’re kidding yourself. Years after the first one, we’ve picked it apart daily on here and Newsnight has discussed it relentlessly. But for Stoke Market Man, there’s been no review, no chance to study where this is heading, just a lack of getting it done. I’ve eavesdropped a conversation in the last week where someone wasn’t sure if Boris Johnson was ‘the conservative’. People adamant that in a referendum they will vote tory. I think a re run of the referendum would be just as random second time around. People voting that don’t realise Ireland is a different country, people that didn’t realise the EU means Europe. People who presume Brexit means we’ll re open the coal mines to fire up the furnaces to make Morris Oxfords. People that think VW are shitting themselves that we might not get a great deal. Feedback on R4 yesterday evening interviewed a politics undergrad. They were asked where they get their news from, they said Twitter Trending. The vast number of people that know every detail about the latest Jungle contestants, but don’t know whether Ireland is a different country and hang on to the fact we won the war and the empire wants us back so they can finally buy our jam again. Believe it or not, I’m trying not to let it get to me!
  13. Are you only worried about ex colonies, or is there a more world wide concern? Will Chile and Morocco be getting the same rights as India?
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