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  1. Yep, because there’s also the obvious risk that the equivalent of ‘boaty mcboatface’ could win. Turn out in the modern era is under 70%, you have the potential for all those compelled to vote to all vote for a protest or wrecking candidate. Which is fine, as long as everyone realises that can happen from the get go.
  2. Voting can be compulsory when / where something along the lines of ‘none of the above’ is on the ballot.
  3. From my experience, if you book one of the Accor group of hotels, they already have a policy of room service only. You can’t use the restaurants in Mercury / ibis / Novotel. You book in remotely, go to your room, order food via your own phone, it turns up wrapped and boxed. Tea, coffee, toiletries etc., are all in a plastic bag, you get a new bag full on arrival. What you don’t use or nick is then binned. The system is already there.
  4. ‘Revealed’ as in it was a **** secret? Times readers catching up with the real world now they’ve finished tugging themselves off over their great Brexit victory. The tory party here have been vetting candidates, you only get to stand for election in Wales now if you are against devolution and want power wound back towards Westminster. They’ve decided that if they can’t win the Senedd, they’ll scrap it. That’s how they plan to ‘strengthen’ British Nationalism. The Times has decided not to mention that. Meanwhile, the leader of the welsh tories has had to resign his post after it
  5. Please don’t. There’s nothing Qanon about pointing out this government has got lots wrong that has lead to more deaths whilst their friends and family have made profits from it. That’s fact, not conspiracy theory. They’ve busied themselves setting up PPE companies and awarding contracts to their mates. It’s a matter of public record.
  6. Stone cold classic joke, from Curse of the Were Rabbit. The cop announces he thinks it was arson. Someone arson around. Any time there’s a mini mystery in the house now, I blame arson.
  7. Turns out, it’s basically bleach and a torch. Who knew!
  8. Thing is, it only takes one lemon puff in a mixed selection of biscuits, and everything is lemon puff. I mean, if you like lemon puffs, I guess that’s a result. We currently have one unopened packet of Biscoff. Nothing else. As long as the pack is sealed, they’ll just sit there. Once opened they’ll be gone in a couple of days. We smashed through about 4 boxes of M&S chocolate biscuits at Christmas as part of my elaborate expenses scam, so we’re all biscuited out for a while. My current snack of choice, low fat yogurt with some sultanas and cinnamon mixed in. You can do thing
  9. Part of me, recently, has begun to dwell on my age and what that means when we have a year or 18 months of lockdowns and social restrictions. Being realistic, a year on hold is potentially between 5 or 10% of my fully fit enjoyable years that I have left. That is a huge chunk of time when looked at that way. I don’t presume that I’ll be fit, mobile and financially able to socialise all around the country or travel to Europe in 15 or 20 years time. So taking a year or 18 months off that is a big deal, a huge restriction. But as you say, what’s the alternative? To give up on the restri
  10. We love you @Xann Big hugs at some point.
  11. I’m sure we had someone on here recently saying that the problems with paperwork and lorries at borders was actually nothing more than transport and logistics companies making a quick profit by pretending there was more disruption than there really was.
  12. Ah yes, I remember the sudden flurry from him and I just checked back. Jan 6th he said, ‘if I’m wrong I’ll come back and admit it’..... hasn’t been seen since. I’d imagine there are a good few people over there that revealed their true colours knowing the rapture was coming, and then it didn’t.
  13. I stole a milk float when I was a kid. The milky got out of it, and I just thought, ooh I’ll have a go in that. Jumped in and drove off having never driven anything before. Just a steering wheel and a stop go pedal, very easy to instantly master. Got to the end of the street and drove it through someone’s garden wall. They’re like all fibre glass and windscreen so taking it through a wall completely totalled it. We had to make our own fun back in the day.
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