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  1. I think it could except it wouldn’t. I never said everything I just think that if we did write it down it would fix all of it.
  2. Yep, because writing all of a constitution in one document stops court cases as different people could no longer interpret different clauses in different ways. There’s never any grey area or dispute or new twist or exceptional circumstance once something has been written down, as every lawyer and politician will tell you. That’s that sorted. Next.
  3. They take it in and they remember the most random of things you’ve told them. Turns out a decade after that very question, my nipper took the answer on board as an absolute fact. That the clouds rain on the hills, it trickles down streams and river and out to sea and evaporates in to clouds that rain again on those hills and mountains again. Apparently, I’m now told, that answer confused her for years as she knew from her own experience that it rains on the beach.
  4. So Boris NO SURRENDER Johnson, the self described Incredible Hulk of British politics that has promised to give Brexit the OOMPH! that it needed, didn’t like the shouty people. The man that thinks Corbyn is frit and chicken? What an absolute shower of shit politics has become that so many people are confident he’s the man for the job. What an absolute international laughing stock we are making of ourselves.
  5. I’m sure nobody over in that Europe will have spotted this, so please keep it on the quiet. If Labour’s policy is to negotiate a version of leave, and then either campaign for or against depending on how good a deal it is.... doesn’t that encourage the EU to stubbornly give us the shittest deal possible? There is, unfortunately, a sort of logic to the leaving regardless side of the argument. Albeit the stupid self imposed deadline is stupid.
  6. Snap judgements of mental illness are always linked to a retarded use of grammar.
  7. Sticky. Everywhere. Like its been cleaned, but with marmalade. As always.
  8. chrisp65


    Apple crumble, apple muffins, apple cake
  9. I only pressed play because it was on Rocket and that made me curious, but that’s just lovely. I think that just went on the list for next weekend.
  10. The thing I love most about weekends is kicking back and relaxing after a week on the road. Oh, and getting up at 5:30am to be first in the bathroom so we can all go and have a look at Aberystwyth University with the nipper. **** love that.
  11. Tinariwen Genuinely a double album from the guys this time. The last one was three sides and a blank!
  12. chrisp65

    General Chat

    hate to break this to you...
  13. It’s nothing to do with when they first quoted costs (y’know, back when they were valuing London land they had to buy as being worth zero), it’s about reporting in July 2019 it was on budget when it had been billions over budget according to their own reports since 2016.

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