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  1. Paris, Belgium and the ISIS threat to Europe

    To be fair, my wife's a spy and that's why she's often away for weeks on end and I'm not to say anything if I ever see her out with her 'mark'.
  2. Paris, Belgium and the ISIS threat to Europe

    So you have a friend in MI5 and he tells you where he works and what he knows from his work. Would you say he was good at his job?
  3. Paris, Belgium and the ISIS threat to Europe

    it's almost as though it's more of a gang membership thing among offenders in under resourced prisons, rather than a profound conversion to a faith
  4. Paris, Belgium and the ISIS threat to Europe

    of course! the original 'other': welsh, from the old english word wealh (plural: wealas), meaning foreigner
  5. Paris, Belgium and the ISIS threat to Europe

    By some, yes. By others, no. Just like today. Anything bad done by anyone 'other' soon flushes out the scared, the opportunist and the ignorant. Blacks, Germans, Catholics, Jews, Japanese, Irish, Gays, Huguenots, Muslims and Romanians. All we've got to do is get rid of them and this would be a crime free land of free milk and honey.
  6. Paris, Belgium and the ISIS threat to Europe

    don't come here with your common sense and calmness @TrentVilla now is the time to piss our little pants about islam and ask to pay for more rights and freedoms to be taken away to help protect our rights and freedoms
  7. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    Agreed. It's definitely horses for courses. You don't really want crackle on 'classical', but it adds something to the Small Faces. To go back to @mjmooney's point about gaps in between contiguous tracks, it was driving me mad with the house cd player (something modern by Cambridge), so I upgraded to a 1990's cd player and it's solved it. Progress, eh.
  8. Paris, Belgium and the ISIS threat to Europe

    I was working in London today, Threadneedle Street. I'd just like to point out the obvious. During and after the event and the commuter hour tube trip to Paddington, the whole world of London's mixed bag of everyday arseholes just got on with their lives. They knew about it, those that spoke expressed sympathy for the victims. Then it was 'see you tomorrow' and get on a crowded tube. London can take it.
  9. What do you drive?

    plus PCH you can currently get a fairly good deal on killer diesel. if the arse does fall out of the diesel market sometime down the line, well that's not your problem
  10. What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?

    ooh, I don't think I've heard Wire before....off I go on the google... one more to sign off with, filmed where I buy about 75% of my shite that's 75% over about 30 or so years, so they've had a few quid off me
  11. What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?

    dial it up to 11 'cos 2 is better than 1
  12. Things you often Wonder

    says the man still not allowed within 200 metres of primary schools
  13. What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Aah see, being slightly older and very seriously up my own arse I wouldn't buy Snap! as they'd previously said they wouldn't issue a greatest hits album. Which left me with a dilemma. It had a 4 track EP with it. So I struck a deal with my mate's sister, I gave her money towards her buying the album on the condition I had the EP. What an EP! I've still got it, plus every other single they released. Still got the stripey paper gift bag the 12 inch version of The Gift came in. Got some Japanese import singles (often crediting the bass guitarist as Bluce Foxton). Got the yellow flexi disc of pop art poem. I went the full Jimmy Cooper meltdown when they split up. I met them when they were The Style Council. I took my Merton Parkas record covers for Mick Talbot to sign (which he did because he's a beautiful gentle human). But I didn't take any Jam ones as I didn't want to appear uncool. Dick.
  14. What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?

    absolutely worshipped these guys but then, that's because they had all the best tunes
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