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  1. On the potential for a second referendum, I've had a mini tour around Nottingham / Retford / Sheffield today. I've been offered, totally unsolicited, some pretty strong views on what's happened today and the prospect of not leaving or a soft leaving. Everyone I have met today that's expressed an opinion, and that's a good handful, have been 100% leave and angry it's still being debated. Apparently, this has all been planned and plotted by the French since the start? Fair to say I've been well out of my little bubble today. Totally unrelated (not), I've also had grief for my accent and been called taff by someone I met for the first time. It was pefectly understandable, the guy was clearly just a prick. Apparently, it's 'ridiculous' that I've got work in Nottingham. Just bloody glad now that I hadn't blacked up.
  2. I don't know about you guys, but I'm just starting to have the starts of some doubts about Theresa May.
  3. chrisp65

    Albums of the Year 2018

    I currently have to go out and find a biryani in the centre of Sheffield, then I'll get all youtubed up...
  4. Nanny has arrived and she's brought the wet nurse.
  5. chrisp65

    Albums of the Year 2018

    I've drawn up a Venn of the lists, looks like I need to check out Psychic Data - TVAM
  6. Yep, agreed. It's also a lot easier for everyone if the mood is expressed at the same time as the minor admin oversight. Rather than once they've spent a few billion on the project and it's a done deal. That particular twitter account and it's contributors don't look like something to bet the house on.
  7. Yep, it's a tiny thing. I'm not saying it's proof there's a secret EU army waiting to role out. I'm saying they exist, and it's a click along a long path. It's familiarisation, maybe deliberate, maybe lazy, maybe considered unimportant. We can tolerate this, I'm sure it's fine.
  8. They have their own badge. But chose to just have the EU flag on the vehicles instead, they also chose not to include their motto 'sometimes brutal, always loyal', their role is military restoration of civil order. With the EU flag on the side. If I lived in Kosovo and that roled by, I'd be perfectly happy that it was just an innocent piece of admin.. I'm not sure how else you can look at it?
  9. Of course EU flagged vehicles don't mean there's an EU army. It's clearly just a little flag on a Gendarmerie vehicle, nothing to get excited about. Just a tiny nudge along the way. A tiny nudge, we can tolerate this. The armoured gendarmerie have a proud history through world war 2, Kosovo, Afghanistan, the Central African Republic and the streets of Paris. Personally, I think armoured vehicles with EU flags suppressing French protestors is not a good look. But it's France so I'm not up to speed with the full context of what they find acceptable. If it happened over here, I'd be against it in quite a strong way.
  10. chrisp65

    Albums of the Year 2018

    OK, my list is, I guess, a slight cheat in that there's a good few on here that are old stuff, but released this year. No order going on here, other than the first one: 1.0 Super Furry Animals - Live at the BBC quadruple album 2.0 Colorama - Cookie Zoo 3.0 Colorama - Some Things Just Take Time 4.0 Gulp - All Good Wishes 5.0 Mr - Oesoedd 6.0 Boy Azooga - 1, 2, Kung Fu 7.0 Gwenifer Raymond - You Never Were Much Of A Dancer 8.0 Jah Marcus - Word In Dub 9.0 Lee Scratch Perry - The Black Album 10.0 Lovely Eggs - This Is Eggland 11.0 The Amorphous Androgynous - The Isness (Abbey Road) 12.0 Lay Llamas - Thuban 13.0 Les Big Byrd - Iran Iraq Ikea 14.0 Primal Scream - Give Out But Don't Give Up (Memphis) 15.0 Causa Sui - Vibraciones Doradas (red) (16.0 Wee - You Can Fly On My Aeroplane)* * original release 1977, clearly a re release I've bought this year, no date anywhere on it, discogs have it dated as 'unknown'. It's really very very good, so it's going on the list.
  11. chrisp65

    Albums of the Year 2018

    One of the shops I go to quite frequently has just changed it's display system. Previously all their vinyl albums were (more or less) simply alphabetical. Due to it currently being trendy they've expanded a little and decided to start filing by genre. I think that's a shame because I'm unlikely to go browsing through heavy metal, or hip hop or 'world' music. But when Causa Sui were close to Colorama and Can, when Goat was by Gulp and Lay Llamas by Lee Scratch Perry, then there was a chance I'd try something different. Now it's sort of like that Youtube / amazon / HMV algorithm thing 'hey, we've specially selected this for you, here's more of the same'. Which is why VT is still really handy.
  12. chrisp65

    Albums of the Year 2018

    The trick is, not to be the arse that genuinely thinks 'different taste to mine' actually means music snobbery. What 'different taste to mine' actually means is different taste to mine. Leading to different influences and a different direction. Not better, not worse, different. I went to see a band a few evenings ago that nobody else here would pay much attention to. But about a thousand people rocked up that did like them. We had a great time. It's just another sub set of the same thing. Music is music.
  13. chrisp65

    Albums of the Year 2018

    Oh mine defo do their own thing. They like a group called Station Breaks and they contribute to crowd funding the band's trips over to play gigs. I quite like that idea. They like a couple of vaguely sort of country guys called Jason Manns and Rob Benedict. They're also really in to their musicals, they've met Lin-Manuel Miranda, which they both thought was the best thing ever. We do have some cross over, but not that much. But I have faked up a birth certificate so one could get in to a gig in London on her own when she was 13. I'm a great parent.
  14. chrisp65

    The Boring Thread

    Other than a couple of kids films, I think the last film I saw in the cinema was Philadelphia.