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  1. yeah, similar thoughts, except I didn't bother cleaning it!
  2. Time flies like the wind. Fruit flies like bananas.
  3. It may be different where you are. There is no 'pro' gay agenda here. Just that there are variations on a theme and we all have to respect each other. It's the equality of feelings and treatment that is being objected to here, rather than the presumed bias toward straight nuclear families. It's easy short hand for the press that this is condensed in to a religious story, as these groups are usuallu organised, as opposed to just grumbling individuals who think it's ok to poke fun at queers or slap the missus IF she deserves it. Then it suits everyone's agenda to change the story and trash some muslims.
  4. I think some of them were running back around to the back according to Julia Hartley Brewer
  5. One of these people that gets media attention through being a right wing troll. Sort of Katie Hopkins lite, but without the absolute vitriol and hate and drug induced self harm.
  6. Ahh, Toby Young. If only being a rocket polisher was an olympic sport.
  7. it would be an excellent opportunity to move a step closer to being a grown up republic one less toff to be sucking up to that'd stick one to the elite and the establishment wouldn't it, a goodly monarch on a trusty steed coming to save the day
  8. It would not be 'rigged' after the voting, their won't be stuffed ballot boxes or selective counting. This government simply doesn't have the competence to organise that on any scale that wouldn't be widely reported within the hour. What they might try and do, is rig the question or rig the campaign. Just like last time.
  9. if there is a tory coup, would it be wrong of me to hope it's Grayling?
  10. 65 families yet to be housed and the urgent review still hasn't decided on a legal definition for what a combustible might mean, but hey, at least the bonuses are still flowing job well done ---- In other news, not directly related to the above bonuses issue - this week I've seen first hand a govt report in to GRP 'fire rated' front doors. It says they've tested doors marketed as 30 minute fire rated and they can't find one yet from any manufacturer that lasts 30 minutes. Research revealed that none of them had actually been fire tested to gain their original certification, all had passed 'in theory' based on being similar to other doors.
  11. chrisp65

    General Chat

    If the building is steel framed, has a lot of steel M&E and then they use foil liners on plasterboard or insulation then they may well have accidentally built a sort of Faraday cage. Easier to do in a small room, which coincidentally, a bog would be and would have more M&E to change the air and deal with plumbing.
  12. We've been sorting the attic and I found our photo folder for our old Beetle. Started life as a 1300, we had a new engine and they sent a 1600cc. We told them and they said it wasn't worth their while returning it, so we could keep it as an upgrade. We did, and it made braking much more exciting. There's a running joke in our house about my missus 'helping'. I was out on the street changing the exhaust, I was taking the old one off and I was under the car contemplating life. Next thing I know, she's stood in the road and asks if she can help. She stood on my hand which was on gravel. I yelped, jumped up and head butted the open end of the exhaust. I had a perfectly circle cut, like a cookie template, smack in the middle of my forehead for about a month.
  13. Yeah my parents have had a few different mazdas and at one point a few years ago when everything had turned to austerity shite I actually had an old Mazda 3 (or 323?) of my dad's to get me out of a financial hole. The car was free and was fine for a year to 18 months. When it did finally break, I was quietly pleased to go get something else. Personally, I'd get the FIAT because (subjectively) it looks better, and under the skin it is really a Mazda. FIAT skin and Mazda mechanics, what could possibly go wrong?

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