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  1. Whilst not labelling myself as a 100% remainer, I have given it serious thought and we have discussed it as a family. Age and finance is somewhat against me uprooting to another country, but we have genuinely discussed it in a level of detail beyond just a chatter. If things genuinely go bad, we would look to get out, yes. Though I’m not sure how. My nipper got the degree they were after today and has good friends and connections in Switzerland and Austria. We’re all hoping something concrete will eventually spring from that. My main feeling if they left, would be a tinge of envy. If Scotland were to manage to split, I have work and family connections and that would be a massive massive consideration.
  2. Way back in the day, in the death throws of being in school with everyone waiting to see if they would do anything, or go to sixth form, or maybe college, we had a typing lesson. A typing bloody lesson! I think maybe it was so we could type a CV? Anyway, they let us write whatever letter we wanted. It was basically a free day with typewriters and paper and stamps. A few wrote to page 3 models asking for photos, I wrote to Aston Villa asking for a photo but there were definitely a few that basically wrote to Leeds or Liverpool or whoever along the lines of ‘you’re shit and you know you are, aaaaahhhh!’. Stuck it in an envelope and posted it off at the expense of the school. I remember worrying at the time, what if somehow Liverpool FC could trace those letters back to this school? How long would it take? Would it take more than 3 weeks? I’ll be gone in 3 weeks, no way will they trace it before then...
  3. chrisp65

    Murdoch Scum

    We’ll have to agree to disagree.
  4. chrisp65

    Murdoch Scum

    I’d read it before your edit. Misquoting people in defence of Sun readers. Dial up the irony to 11. But even now, I didn’t say special. You’ve suggested your father in law might be special, your description, not mine. But I can’t get emotional about another anecdotal character I don’t know.
  5. chrisp65

    Murdoch Scum

    I’m struggling here. You hate Murdoch and you think everything he represents is pure and utter scum. Everything he does is funded by the people that pay for it, the sort of people that buy the Sun. If they stopped buying it on Monday, he wouldn’t bother printing it on Tuesday. That simple. It would be over 48 hours after they withdrew funding. Do you think they’ve been tricked in some way? Everyday? Or they don’t understand what they are reading? Or something else? What is it that gets them out of the blame for the Sun still existing?
  6. chrisp65

    Murdoch Scum

    Believe me, my brother does not read the Sun. I’m the middle ground reasonable one.
  7. chrisp65

    Murdoch Scum

    I know 238 people. Of those, the ones that I know well enough to call friends, none of them read the Sun. If they did, they wouldn’t be close friends, they’d be Sun reading tools. Do you think its consistent that you think the owner and his paper are pure and utter scum, but calling the people that fund him and buy the paper the same name, is a bit harsh?
  8. You still angry about the jam golly?
  9. chrisp65

    Murdoch Scum

    I don’t believe I know any scum readers. Anybody that I know that does read it must be keeping it secret. Which would mean even they know they’re a scumbag.
  10. We must all strive to be one homogenous mid Atlantic consumer unit.
  11. Happy Birthday Wilko Johnson, still not dead.
  12. chrisp65

    Murdoch Scum

    People that buy the sun or use it online are absolute filth. Nobody can be ignorant of what a bullying nasty little piece of shit it is, nobody can buy it for the horse racing results to the tv page or any of that shit. If you engage with The Sun, you’re just a scumbag.
  13. Why can’t geordies sound more Canadian?
  14. **** ‘em, one lorry in every brexit clearings in the woods garden.
  15. chrisp65

    U.S. Politics

    Ah, that bit you have to take in the context of the guy saying ‘generality’, he often has a more flowing poetic use of language than some others on here. I personally took it as meaning, for all his ability to be an anus, a douche and a thoroughly horrible person that persistently gives the impression of being as thick as shit (his general character, his generality), he actually knows how to drive home a simple message that taps in to the prejudices of other less enlightened less woke folk. But I’m speaking for others, I could be waaaaaaaaay off.
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