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  1. Y’know what, I don’t actually have any Faces records. I had a hang up about Rod Stewart. I’ve finally accepted that lots of their stuff was just brilliant.
  2. Generally accepted as the best mother **** concept album of all time.
  3. Possibly the thinnest a piece of vinyl can be without being a flexi disc
  4. A quick look at the data on the YouGov site, more people in Scotland, Wales, London and the Midlands thought it was a bad idea than a good idea. The result was skewed by South of England and North of England having more people thinking it was a good idea rather than a bad idea. Without reverting to stereotypes, probably could have called something close to that without even looking at the geographical breakdown.
  5. What is the need to spit? I don’t think I’ve ever in my life spat in the street or in to a urinal. Do some people have some sort of condition? Do they generate more spit than they can swallow? Or is it just a spitting habit? Or something I haven’t thought of? Genuinely curious as I’ve never done it so my default is that there’s no need.
  6. They’ll huff and they’ll puff and they’ll vote how they’re told to. Should’ve been furloughed.
  7. Cheers! I don’t have anything like Sky Sports (unless its a freebie buried deep down there between ITV4+1 and Babestation), nothing above the absolute minimum basic tv package for me. I just don’t watch enough tv to warrant paying more than minimum. Though I have discovered this season that I can get S4C / Sgorio on the i-pad. So that’s been handy a couple of times. I think I’ll just be spending 2 hours posting obscure ‘80’s mod bands in the Albums thread...
  8. I’m not usually one for posting in this thread, not really a negative vibes kinda guy. But. I got drawn out of the hat to go watch some football this evening, home game against Haverfordwest. So it should be a decent game, my first one of the season and potentially, given the literal luck of the draw, my only chance to watch some football for a long time. I declined the ticket because I’ve been out and about on site so much since the end of last week. I think I’m fine but there’s no point in taking too many chances, I’ve been up and down the country, I don’t want to be in the fr
  9. It’s the ‘proof’ of why companies that want the best candidates to get jobs take all the visual clues off the applications. People don’t actually listen to the words and the detail and the answers offered. The old part of the brain just registers this person is a bit like me and sounds Or looks like a leader. Tick. It’s part of why happy gregarious confident Johnson won hands down over quiet wonky glasses Corbyn.
  10. We are all brothers and sisters, made wholly of cosmic dust. We should remember that.
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