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  1. Ha ha! Well perhaps I just needed an easy listen. I’ve put Heavy Rain on now, and it’s a league above.
  2. Yeah it’s a long time since I played it and I can imagine it’ll be a long time before it gets another spin. It was ok, but I’d have expected more from a 1969 album, others were way ahead of this by then. The Creation issued an album 2 or 3 years earlier that sounds more advanced in a similar genre. Back in the box, back out the garage.
  3. a perfectly average album elevated by the inclusion of Makumba Rock
  4. Genuinely shocked the way some people think. I deleted lots of comments before pressing submit. Makes me **** despair.
  5. Those supermarket signs that tell you quickly what you need to know, you know the ones, at the turn in off the main road there will be a sign along the lines of: TESCO petrol clothing groceries or perhaps where you live it says ASDA 24/7 groceries garden centre well my favourite is the one in Worcester: WAITROSE Sushi Dry Cleaning Wine Bar
  6. Yeah, but ‘old ginger nuts crack’ is even better.
  7. We had Giles Brandreth circling town in a blimp with a loud hailer alternately shouting ‘mourn, mourn, mourn you peasants’, interspersed with amusing anecdotes about how he has met several royals and they all love his friendly quirky jumper based persona. I couldn’t get enough of it personally, I’m glad I kept the old VHS, I’ve almost finished rewatching BBC 1 and tomorrow I start on BBC 2.
  8. To be fair I’m only here to chat about holiday homes.
  9. We’d keep the girls teams away from this particular booking. 13 or over, one of ‘em will be sniffing around.
  10. They could do what we’ve done and treble the number of ball boys we’ve said we need. Another good one, one person in charge of the numbers board, a different person responsible for holding it up to announce 3 minutes extra time. If she wants to DM me I reckon I can turn 30 in to about 52 no problemo. They just mustn’t cheer if anyone scores.
  11. Cont and coc oen are pretty much all you need.
  12. I’m not sure of what number it is. It’s one of those bits of road where i know it when I’m on it but i couldn’t describe it (if that makes any sense). It’s not the one right on Heathrow, by the M4 turn off, it’s a junction or two south of that and if you choose the wrong one you’re buggered because its dedicated lane and you can’t do the cheat manoeuvre. I’d know it if I saw it!
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