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  1. He is poison yes. But he's a result of decades of crap politicians and crap journalism doing nothing very much for people at the same time as the BBC and the newspapers have treated him like a superstar. In some ways you can't blame him, it's easy pickings. Imagine if the Green party were given the same publicity he's been given over the last 10 years. I've mentioned it before but just one example, 2 rallies here, one is the Brexit Party where 700 turn up, one is a remain rally where about 2 or 3 thousand turn up. The Brexit rally was put on the tv news. The Green Party membership here is doubling and doubling again, packed out meeting. Someone throws a milkshake at Farage, he's all over the news again. He has been made in to the news. 'They' decided really early on that he is the story. His party was receiving wall to wall coverage before it was even registered with the electoral commission. They've received 100,000 anonymous donations of at least £25 each via a paypal account. They claim to have raised a million pound 11 days after forming the company, Brexit Party Limited has no members, Farage alone selects the candidates. They were leafleting here a month ago. To date, theirs are the only leaflets we've received and the election is less than 48 hours away. I'd have to say, the message he's selling is a little more clear than Labour's or the tory's. I mean, in its own way, it is impressive. But don't worry, a year or two after this election on Thursday, we can have a bit of an investigation in to it. Never forget Cameron and May the last two tory Prime Ministers have brought us here with their promisess of strength and stability.
  2. But, nobody takes it seriously as an actual musical contest do they? I mean, it's mostly junk, that's the fun of it. If anything, it's losing it's appeal because it's all getting a bit too smooth. Azerbaijan producing a perfectly decent piece of euro clubland pop is a typical low point. Years ago, we'd have had Yugoslavia signing bing bong ping pong our wheat harvest has broken all records. Which is what we all still want, really. I mean, we've got thousands of decent singers songwriters in every known genre. We bought in a song and got the winner of Bake Off or whatever to sing it. Perfectly relaxed about coming last. But. May I suggest this for next year...
  3. smart cookies your parents stick him in socks n sandals, everyone will look at the socks and sandals, they'll hate us for putting him in socks n sandals ...and nobody will see he's carrying the bag...
  4. McDonalds reveal new milkshake dispenser for Brexit rallies.
  5. Agreed. I'd decided to sit here quietly during Eurovision and let them all enjoy it. Equally, I do think that once you've decided you will do the Tel Aviv Eurovivion you should really just do it and not pull schoolboy stunts. But then, they only looked like school boys and I was young and dumb once. It's possibly a generational thing, but I enjoyed Bobbie Gillespie on Newsnight saying Madonna was a prostitute, then qualifying that with a quick 'no disrespect to prostitutes'. That made me laugh. Anyway, once the question was asked though, I gave them a couple of things to look up and genuinely tried to be balanced AND warned against it flipping in to being anti anybody. Not all Israeli's are bad, not all Paelstinians are good. Gave the full 'just be aware, get educated' speech.
  6. ouch, can't really give that a 'like' In a shout out to the Icelandic entry to Eurovision, my youngest had only the very vaguest idea there was something not quite square about Israel. But since that little Palestine flag wave, there's been a learning curve and we now have a nascent activist on our hands.
  7. that's mad, I've never seen anything like that before, what about you @Xann ?
  8. Must be some sort of record this. Bangor City FC got taken over by the VSM 'gang' that nearly killed a few clubs including Chester City. Sure enough 'financial irregularities' saw them fail the accountancy criteria and get relegated out of the Welsh Prem into the Cymru Alliance. VSM vowed to be out of the Cymru Alliance in a year. Good to their word, they finished 4th, but have just had a 42 point deduction which now relegates them to the third tier. The third tier in north wales essentially being office workers that fancy a game after work and all agree to wear the same colour. It has delighted the fans who hope it will potentially cause the owners to **** off.
  9. I'd wondered about the size of survey, they're usually around about a thousand people, this was nearer 10,000 so I had a little look at their website and they have graphs for all the UK. They all have that same disclaimer. So what I'd seen and posted was the bit of interest to me. Turned out there were more of them for each voting area - I didn't know that at the time. Having now found their website, here's West Mids 'if' you take Labour at their website's word, that's 67% leave in the West Mids Nationally, that would be 48 Leave MEP's, 24 Remain MEP's website here doesn't make happy reading, and it's a source that's pro remain
  10. So why can't the leader of the party just say that? When he's saying they want to remain and reform and honour the referendum result and form a customs union but waive our option to have a seat at the table and he'd like the option of a further vote but not the requirement of a referendum, it all feels a bit like I can't trust what they might actually do. As it happens. That feels to me like the least logical position possible. Leave but don't leave.
  11. I can help with the question. It's leave or remain. I know I'm coming over here as a tube. But he is really really annoying the hell out of me. Right now is not the time for clever political tightrope walking.It's not the time for wordplay. There is no point right now in claiming to be a little bit pregnant. He;s taken the tory policy of brexit means brexit and managed to make it even worse. Brexit may or may not mean brexit at a point in time yet to be defined depending on circumstances at that point. If they want to remain, just **** say it. If the answer is we want to leave, just say it, then there is a discussion to be had on what sort of leave. But he's fudging the very first stage to keep his vote up. When it's that very politicking that actually loses votes. It's lost mine. I was a Labour voter regardless of who or what they stuck the rosette on. I couldn't imagine voting anything but Labour, I was a union rep.. I engage with a good few Labour people, they've gone in to hiding because they don't know how to explain the party line. Their grassroots door to door support don't know what the **** is going on. Successive Labour leaders have opened my eyes somewhat to the fact the purpose of the Labour Party is to continue the Labour Party. So I'm utterly disillusioned by them to the point I've moved gradually over a few years from strong support, to best of a bad bunch, to don't say anything, to where I'm now at, taking the piss out of their piss poor performances nationally and locally. His waffle is losing the very votes he's trying to trick in to staying. Say leave, or say remain. How hard can that be for anyone with an actual opinion. I'd like to think the leader of the biggest political party in europe has an opinion and that party has a clear easy to grasp policy.
  12. Well, I know what their website says. It says Leave. But then Corbyn went on the Marr programme this morning and said stuff different to what was agreed at NEC, contradicting himself mid answer, that there may or may not be the option of a vote for an option of a possible referendum which he wouldn't say whether he would support, stating that Labour were both leave and remain and the problem was really with the media obsessed with trying to define everything by leave or remain. He was very clear on that. .
  13. yeah, I don't think any long term good can come of it

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