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  1. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    I knew what shipping was! It's basically writing a story where Dr Who gets rough rogered by Thor whilst R2D2 films it. But I only found out what a snes was 20 minutes ago. She's in to erotic fantasy fiction mate, there's gotta be an angle for you there?
  2. Paddy's "Things that cheer you up"

    Genuinely, I have previously heard and seen 'snes' but never knew what it was or what it stood for, until I saw that picture. So now I know.
  3. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    My own mother has two beliefs that drive me to absolute distraction, but as you say, properly tackling it just isn't worth the family based grief. Item one, horoscopes. Apparently, there must be 'something' in it, or they wouldn't still be doing it. Item two, a belief in whatever is printed in a newspaper. A bad base to be working from at the best of times, but she reads the Daily Mail. I've given up trying to tell her that muslamic death flu spiders are not getting here in french cheese and fiddling with celebrities' children. Her response, 'well they wouldn't just make it up'. What's particularly annoying with the belief in whatever has been written in a newspaper is that many years ago, she herself was the subject of an article in a local paper. She spoke directly to the journalist about all the facts. She stood there with a journalist asking questions and writing down answers in a little pad. When the story came out, every single point of 'fact' was changed. It was truly strange, I'd been there in the room myself and witnessed the conversation. It was a piece about a letter she'd sent, to a relative in Australia, that got returned 10 years later, having been held as evidence as it had been in a mail bag on a hi jacked plane that had been blown up on some dusty middle east runway (when that was the fashion). They got her name wrong, her age, where the letter was going, when it had been sent, where it got blown up. They had the whole story, but every single detail wrong. She knows that I myself was once wrongly named in a newspaper for being banned from football for hooliganism.* Having had those personal experiences, to this day, she reads something in the paper and thinks, 'must be true'. *I had been banned, but for non-attendance. The owner believed I was leading a boycott. He told me the ban would be lifted if I started attending games again. He had certain problems.
  4. Irreverentad's Relationship Advice Thread

    You don't constantly remind her that the school meeting is on Thursday and little Isabella is still shitting weird after that tummy upset. You don't chastise her for leaving a soup bowl in a kitchen you've spent all day cleaning up. You understand her work and what it's like to work there. You are a novelty, you haven't slipped in to shagging pretty much the same way for 20 years. A tale as old as time, slight twist with it being a house husband and you not being a secretary. Life is messy. Only you can decide. Could be real, could be the classic midlife crisis.
  5. Podcasts

    Yeah, a quick random dip in at 7 minutes 30 and that's right up my street, so I'll give that a proper listen later. Good man.
  6. Harvey Weinstein

    that was genuinely all my own work - though I admit I may have been the 5,382,114th person to think of it
  7. Harvey Weinstein

    Somebody must have been giving him a hand.
  8. What Album Are You Listening To Right Now?

    A special shout out to Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard. At lunchtime I was listening to the album Noeth Ac Anoeth on some big ol's speakers in a confined space, and it was very good. But that was then and this is now. Does this count as MOR? I don't know, but I love it. I was listening in the car earlier too. But the car has decided to only play albums in track alphabetical order rather than the proper running order.
  9. Drugs

    Trouble is, I guess, we're crap at being responsible. If people had a little toot on pay day then went back to being worker drones on Monday, it's not an issue. But a significant portion of people aren't wired up like that. The drain on productivity and the strain on public services now is like nothing, compared with if we fully legalised all drugs at zero tax. If we go a portion down that road and legalise some drugs in some quantities with some tax, guess what, we still have the black market and gangs. Vodka is legal, but there are still piss heads, there are still deaths, drunk drivers and terrible parents inflicting misery on families and there is still illegal black market vodka. That's not going to be different for cocaine is it? I'm not suggesting the current system works or is 'fair'. But what serious alternative is there? Limited access to limited stuff doesn't take away the gangsters and the abuse. Full access to anything and everything without control gives us more bodies in the street. You license a meth lab and get Environmental Health to make sure the vietnamese boys working there have regular comfort breaks and access to hand sanitizer, an illegal one will set up and undercut their prices. You say, ok we'll allow opium but not ket, guess what, some people just want ket and they'll get it. You allow people drugs at special venues, guess what, you'll sign the petition saying 'not in my street'. It's a tricky one and I'm not advocating any particular status here. I'm just kinda trying to even up the debate with some consequences. I couldn't care less if people want to stick aerosol cheese up their arse, or whatever this week's thing is. As long as I don't have to skip through their shit and vomit to get my kids to an under resourced school.
  10. I hear the place is full to bursting with arab types and health and safety has gone mad. Better off out of it.
  11. Police state or the state of policing

    I think we just need more optimistic statistics.
  12. The Film Thread

    Easy Rider Vanishing Point The Seven Ups American Grafitti There's definitely a common theme to many on my top movies list.
  13. What Album Are You Listening To Right Now?

    not really listening to this, it's actually 'in storage' now, up the garage it's a duffer whereas, as you say, the Ray McVay is great listening so yeah, middle of the road, it's a dangerous place to be