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  1. Oh yeah, and as good as ever!
  2. Absolutely storming double album of all the good stuff. No idea of the age but a good guess is that I’d have bought it around the very early 80’s so it’s 40 years old and on a dodgy cheapo label… but plays like it’s new! Right now I’m just listening to the drumming in Booker T & The M.G.’s Time Is Tight, damn, is that very very close to motorik?
  3. They had a tarmac beach. But it broke up due to tidal action. But don’t worry. The new one is sand coloured concrete. But seriously, its not somewhere I’ve been for a good few years so not much of an idea what’s hot and what’s not there to be honest, sorry. For just a nice beach, Rest Bay which is a long walk / short car trip west along the coast is really nice as an actually sandy beach when the tide is out. Invest £20 in a polystyrene body board for the nipper. We used to go there when the kids were doing surf competitions and we never really went in to the town. Just sat on the rocks for a day and watched 9 year olds have near death experiences fighting waves three times their size. To the east of Porthcawl (15 minute car drive) is a place called Southerndown, that’s worth a look. A smallish beach, but if you walk up through the walled garden there are some amazing cliff top views. Swansea seafront is surprisingly nice, get yourself up The Mumbles for a pizza or an icecream and a really long beach walk. The LC in Swansea is a swimming pool / water park that’s indoors. It’s also walking distance to the Marina and the beach.
  4. Donna Summer, I Feel Love, time stretched and slowed to last 45 minutes. That’s excellent, I play that every couple of months just as white out whilst I’m working if working involves thinking. Other than that, get outta here. Oh, the other exception to the rule, in that they never had any rules to begin with, Alabama 3 have recently put out another of their 4 hours of remixes of remixes. Here’s our country songs done dub, our techno stuff done country and our remixes of remixes of ideas that never made it as far as a CD. Keeps ‘em off the streets.
  5. I know I troll people from time to time about the current fascination with comic strip super hero films. But **** me, people over the age of 9 discussing Wrestling. That genuinely bewilders me. Absolute blind spot for me that. Anyway, I like painting my 1968 record player different colours from time to time.
  6. I think Johnson lies to be liked enough to get what he wants out of the next 5 minutes. I think its as basic as that, a life of crisis management by a selfish person that finds it easier on himself to be liked than not liked. I’m not sure there is any long term strategy. If he’s on track for what he wants at the end of any one day, it was a good day and we’ll face tomorrow, tomorrow. Cummings thinks he’s clever and wants to prove it. But isn’t as clever as he thinks he is because his world view doesn’t take in to account people pointing out where he has gone wrong. Hence the constant need for reinvention and literally re writing of the past. Which he thinks comes over as revealing layers of the strategy onion from an insider. But actually comes across as more bollocks poured over the original bollocks. The smiling bully and the sneering bully’s assistant are equally odious, just in very different ways. Tories 43 (+2)
  7. chrisp65


    If you thought they spent quite a lot on the Thames Barrier, CrossRail and HS2, you wait until they think London real estate is genuinely at risk. Then you’ll see what a real budget looks like.
  8. I have a lot of issues. Until that day, I hadn’t even realised microwaved coffee was one of them.
  9. It was a little more involved than I described. We booked tickets to go to the museum. When we got there it was a typical day, a couple of people around outside and some kiddies basketball hoops being set up in the park across the way for kids of various sizes to have a go at some hoops. All lovely, all typical of the area. Walked up the steps to the museum, checked in with the lady at the entrance, it took about 10 seconds and in we went. Saw the dinosaurs, including their new one that’s just gone on display. We did the Richard Burton exhibition. All good. When we were trying to leave, there was commotion outside, I didn’t know what. The one way system had broken down because some bloke filming himself was insisting on walking in via the exit. So that was trigger number 1, The reason there is an in and an out, is that the building has a narrow entrance, its 140 years old. It’s one of the things covid has improved, there is now an entrance and exit and it works, hopefully they keep it after covid. This retard is insisting on filming himself going in through the out door. Well he couldn’t, because I was coming the other way. So I made him back up, I didn’t know at this point it was a covid protest. But once I was outside, it was obvious. There was a family with kids trying to get in, there way was blocked. I very gently guided someone away from the door they were blocking to allow the family in. The family said thanks. The man I moved slightly to the side, suggested I take my mask off. I told him I was wearing it because he stank like a stupid idiot. From there it escalated and it all got a bit Death Wish meets Blazing Saddles. Nothing more than shouting and swearing, but all a bit un necessary. I surprised myself how quickly I got from 0 to 100mph, for some reason, I was ready to take them all on, I was on a rapid game of shout what you see as I worked through the crowd. The problem was, I was seeing idiots and retards. I have no idea why I told so many people they stank. Perhaps I’ll stay away from the football for a while until I’ve got that sorted.
  10. I was actually in Cardiff, having a bit of an exchange of views with some ‘Freedom Rally’ people. Had a proper lecture off my missus about how it could have gone very differently. She literally had to lead me away by the arm as cameras were beginning to turn on me! Spectacularly short fuse on me today. If you were verbally abused by a man in a blue tee shirt in Cardiff today and he called you a **** stupid thick as shit word removed and you stink… then I apologise. Lack of sleep.
  11. You’ll get about two thirds as much timber for your money now as you did in March. I have a job on stop currently because a national contractor can’t source doors or ironmongery. We are on warning there aren’t enough roofing panels in the UK for a job we have programmed for a new roof in September. I was in Watford earlier in the week trying to buy about £100,000 of windows and window repairs. Only one of the three invited contractors turned up If there are materials in that quote, I’d doubt he can easily do it for the original quote. I’d also suggest that in a month’s time, that £8,500 might be £10,000. It might not, it might all be fixed by then. But there’s a chance. Brickies and plasterers won’t commit to doing a full week for you, they will only go day by day because they might get a higher offer whilst driving home. Perfect storm of Brexit and Covid. Jobs I couldn’t win 12 months ago, I’m now putting in higher and higher prices and winning every time. Priced a job a week ago, gut feeling was that it was a £30k job, to win it would currently be a pain in the arse, so I went in at £55k AND on the tender I told them that if we won, I wouldn’t be able to start for at least a month. We won it. We won it, and they want to give me a second job that i didn’t bid on. At this point and specifically from a work perspective, I’d like to say a big thank you to anyone that voted Brexit and to anyone that won’t stick to basic pandemic protocols.
  12. Hmmm interesting, I’d spotted the Passat currently looks like good value. Is it due a model change or something? I’ve been on a couple of sites and there’s not much between a Golf and a Passat. The major downside for me would be lack of a hatchback. Not sure I could be doing with an old school boot, but the Passat is playing on my mind. 1.5 petrol does look like the pick.
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