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  1. I'd like the Queen to use her power. Then we'd realise what a piss poor system that one is and finally park them up somewhere in the history books.
  2. it'll be fine, seriously you guys with your negative vibes we just need a positive attitude and a can do spirit like when we defeated the nazi's and landed on the moon
  3. aaaaand Newnight have an interview with Tony Blair about Labour's anti semitism I'm on the phone to Paddy Power now, I've got a tenner on Blair saying positive things about Corbyn and then moving the story on to tackling privilege and people that own multiple properties.
  4. chrisp65


    We're not allowed trees on our allotment, council rules. Though we did inherit an established holly and a decent sized goosebury that's woven in and around it. Council guy 'allows' them as they were already there, but quickly jumps on any new trees he sees planted. We have an apple tree out the garden we grew from a pip one of the kids stuck in some soil in a cup in the greenhouse! I would never have believed a pip from a supermarket apple could possibly germinate. We now make apple cake from the apples grown from that pip (to return to your point about what food we can grow in small spaces).
  5. chrisp65


    you should see my plums We've had a plum tree a good few years, just one of those one's you can pick up in a supermarket every now and again. To date, after several years I've had a single plum from it. This year, I'm going to get dozens, if they ripen up in time. Right now, they're about the size of cherry toms and about as firm as walnuts. So fingers crossed they come to something in the next month or two...
  6. Boris has waved a pasty a flag and a kipper and he's PM. He's probably got his top people working on what to wave next to get the EU on side. I've got a tenner on fromage.
  7. chrisp65

    General Chat

    I have a long articulated sticky fly catching tongue one and a half times the length of my body. It's the one thing I have in common with the Queen.
  8. In my opinion, it's really difficult to have a sensible discussion on the subject. In a previous life many years ago I hung around with lots of the lefty end of the Labour Party, the sort of people that would now be in Momentum and supporting Corbyn. To my memory, not once over a number of years did I ever hear a single anti jewish sentiment. Lots of anti Israel sentiment though. But that was then. Also, if you have any mass organisation, they are going to have their weirdos and wrong uns. I kind of suspect racism is broadly equal in each of the parties. Likely worse in the Brexit Party. Likely a bit less in the LibDems. You'll get people in the SNP that are anti english, but you wouldn't define the SNP as racist. On BBC R4 on the way home, they've discussed it again. An Labour MP is quitting, at the head of the article they said she was quitting having cited intolerance. Then, live on air, she said intolerance wasn't the reasoning she was quitting. They said thanks for clearing that up, and proceeded to ask a bunch of questions about intolerance in the Labour Party. So there's another 10 minutes of proof there's no smoke without fire. You wouldn't discuss it for 10 minutes if it wasn't real, would you?
  9. not the first ever record I bought with my own money, but damn close, probably one of the first 3 or 4 that I bought
  10. I think we should strike some key Iranian targets. Water, power, bridges and airfields. Then, I believe that will encourage a popular internal secular and democratic uprising. That uprising will, with very limited support needed from us, quickly replace the current regime. The new regime will be west facing, will invite in our biggest companies to get them up to speed as a fully functioning major free democratic business partner. It's a tried and tested model.
  11. chrisp65

    Science Thread

    I think it was mentioned once in a segue between funny baby animals and teenage suicide.

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