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  1. Well, that was a strange 10 minutes. We just had a whole load of Domino’s pizza delivered. Trouble was, we didn’t order any. So I was trying to tell the guy we didn’t order any, but he was rightly concerned that I didn’t open the door to speak to him. So he put it all on the step and walked back down to the pavement, so I could open the door and explain we hadn’t ordered. Then close the door so he could come back and check the order then take it away again. Misreading of a door number by the looks of it. Meanwhile, the kids are going full postal that I’m rejecting free pizza! Personally, I’m not sure where boxes of pizza stand on the whole not touching stuff other people have touched sort of thing? I get that the food is hot and cooked and most likely prepped in a good environment? But delivery Dave in his Rat Honda Civic? Not so sure.
  2. I’ve found it surprisingly difficult of late to wank when you’ve got two bicycle cops shouting ‘disperse disperse’ at you.
  3. Funny thing is, that truncheon isn’t really telescopic, what you see is what you get.
  4. I paid £50 for a sexy police stripper outfit. I’m already a tenner up.
  5. I was talking to an old friend earlier today, she works on the counter at Morrisons. She said that those new perspex screens have gone up because 99% of people are much nicer and more polite and more appreciative than they’ve ever seen before. But unfortunately 1% are really struggling, and taking it out on them. I guess maybe with some there could be underlying violence and mental health issues and the current regime is turning the screw on people that were already struggling to hold it together in the outside world. In similar vein, burglary down, car theft down, shoplifting down. Domestic violence up.
  6. I generally take his suggestions on this site, wait a week, post them somewhere else and they think I’m some alt music guru. Which makes me wonder if that’s what he’s doing...
  7. I think over the years on here you get to filter out the nutters, the preppers, the drama queens and the people that believe ‘pass it on’ posts on facebook. I’ve got you in the ‘generally untrustworthy tory dickwad’ category. (obvs not really)
  8. Which kinda harks back to the conversation a few days ago about who was ‘to blame’ for a shortage of ppe stock. We had an article on the news here (can’t remember if it was local or national), that despite promises all was well and assurances there were military logistics solving problems, stocks still weren’t getting through. It mentioned that some hospitals had resorted to using their own budgets to source their own supplies. Which was potentially an interesting insight in to where any forward planning should have been happening. I accept it could also have been ropey journalism, I don’t know enough about NHS procurement in 2020. With similar timing it was announced that hospitals were buying up stocks of gloves from Screwfix and using school suppliers to source goggles and visors. It did slightly make me wonder what was going on centrally, when plan C was for the hospitals to sort it quicker for themselves. I suspect there was an element of central logistics looking for the correct spec and local logistics sending a car round the local Screwfix outlets to have something rather than nothing.
  9. It’s almost as though we’re doing it in a slightly half arsed way. I’m being told to attend a building site 2 days next week, it’s a government contract and they’ve declined the suggestion they should close it down. I’m kinda hoping I’m stopped en route by the police. Is your journey essential? No, I don’t think so, I’m going to look at some office windows. But a government ministry have said I still have to do it. There will be people there from 3 different cities. But I mustn’t walk along the beach I can see from my window, that’s too dangerous.
  10. Why do so many people on facebook dislike facebook?
  11. Where’s your evidence it was casually lying around? He could have got it out of his carefully hidden sleeper hitman pack.
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