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  1. The Premier League? Let in a group of insanely rich owners? Thats would never happen........
  2. I'd actually forgotten that you get in to the Europa League through the Caraboa (whatever that is) Cup. Blimey, that would be huge for us as a club especially for recruitment and imagine European football back at VP!
  3. He looks like the direct descendent of some secret German Second World War genetic program to create an Uber race!
  4. And Leicester getting about 8 minor injuries that will keep them out for Tuesday
  5. It baffles me that the only other non-imperial measurement they use is for when a woman is dilated during labor. I was pointing this out to my wife and the doctor when she was 9cm. They strangely weren't that interested.
  6. Still better than Jones He's also hardly played this season even when he has been fit.
  7. Matic looks like he's about 23 stone. Poor Tuanzebe. Can't get in ahead of Phil Jones.
  8. How much have Utd spent since Ferguson left? They are abysmal. Fred plays like he won a competition for teenagers.
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