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  1. Ice rink

    What on this great earth would posses anyone to tuft their kitchen? It's unconscionable.
  2. January transfer window 2018

    Maybe you're right. 10million for a 31 year old is a gamble with the potential for him to get injured but the money up there is absolutely insane these days and will only get worse. I hope Green is ready, not sure that O'Hare will be just yet. Maybe the season after next. But one thing is for sure, it's finally exciting to be a Villa fan again!
  3. Haha Liverplop beat City one week then lose to Swansea the next. Hahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahahahah
  4. January transfer window 2018

    I can see the arguments for signing him and I like him as a player and what he's doing for us this season. But spending big money on a player that will be 31 in September, well, we've been down that road too many times before. Although I agree that continuity is good I would say no if the asking price anything over 7million for Snoddy. He would have absolutely no resale value at the end of a 3/4 year contract which is the length of time I'm sure he'd be hoping for.
  5. Wolves

    Cheers and actually I hope you go* up for many reasons. One big reason is to see how the relationship with Mendes plays out - it's interesting experiment into how to run a club in modern day football. *In 2nd place ;-)
  6. Lessons in car buying

    Buying and new car is one of the worst financial decisions you can make especially when you are financing it. You are paying interest on a depreciating asset which make zero economic sense. A new car loses about 25% of it's value the moment you drive it off the lot. There are of course some circumstances where it can be advantageous - if you own a business it's a tax write-off and gives you as the business owner the perk of owning a brand new car. If you've come into a lot of cash again it can be a tax write-off. I'm not sure of your life/economic situation. You may be retiring so it's a gift to yourself or something like that. But it just makes so much more sense to buy a car that is 2/3 years old. Also heed what Darren said about all the options they will try and terrify you into purchasing after you have the car. Car salespeople are very good at what they do and I've had really smart friends who's car payment jumped 30%-40% after an hour in an office with those guys. Sorry if it's sounds like I don't want you to have a shiny new toy but I just care about your financial health man!!!!
  7. The Film Thread

    Only thing I've seen in your list is Shrek 1. I haven't seen or read any Harry Potter. Avatar is terribly boring and stupid. Unobtanium?! FFS give me a break.
  8. Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    I find it interesting that seasons 1 & 2 are fairly low budget and there is a change in production values for 3 & 4 once Netflix became involved. I wonder how or if that effected Broker's writing. It's definitely up and down and quality wise a little inconsistent, but most TV that comes from the mind of one writer tends to be like that. It's very different from a team of writers who develop a sort of group mind around the themes and tropes of a show and can debate and spin ideas off each other. I must add I'm not saying either is better or worse it just produces different results.
  9. The Championship thread

    Literally or figuratively?
  10. Watford

  11. Yeah I think you're right.
  12. Micah Richards

    Every time this flippin thread jumps to the top of page 1 I think "oooooh I wonder if he's left!" Only to open the thread to be left disappointed.
  13. Jack Grealish

    What's he lost? Or do you mean retain?
  14. I hate that really slow "Oh when the Saints" song from S'ton fans. So irritating.