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  1. I would add to that, obnoxious losers from New Jersey & New York who are so heinous that they can't fit in the in the North East. (Also career crooks, criminals of the Trump ilk.)
  2. Carrying an injury? They've been playing 2 games a week now for a while. McGinn is also obviously not fit let alone game sharp.
  3. When I first saw it I thought he’d blown for diving. Just gobsmacked that’s a pen. What a fat word removed.
  4. How have we ended up with two left footed English Center Half’s? I thought they were rarer than golden camel shit.
  5. Why are United players allowed to surround and badger the ref? Tosspots
  6. WTF 12 mins? What happened? (Just turned it on.)
  7. Still poncing about with it in the center circle doing back heels. It's injury time - GET IT IN THE BLOODY MIXER!
  8. This is a football forum where in-off topic one finds, for the most part, sensible reasonable debate and chat with friendly and open minded individuals. You however typically post with a holier than thou attitude with an air that you, and you alone, have a far greater understanding of international affairs than any of us other mere mortals who inhibit the space below your intellect. Invariably you start or end a post with a haughty comment such as the one I quoted above which comes across as the attitude akin to a 14 year girl who says "I'm right, so there. Humph." However when challenged you usually disappear, don't answer another posters rebuttal or revert to type and post some sort of patronizing slight which makes no sense and doesn't shed any light of what your actual point is. One of the rare times I've actually see you quote or post something to back up the superior knowledge that you claim to have was the video you put up yesterday. Again I say I'm shocked at it's paucity of information and even more shocked that this is the kind of internet drivel that you base your supercilious attitude. It's a weak video, with no sources cited full of conjecture and an Alex Jones-esque view that the world is run by some sort of shadowy unseen set of power-brokers that have ulterior motives for every decision ever made. In short, it's total boll*cks. Forgive me but , I thought you were better than that.
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