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  1. @HanoiVillan and other fans of Chernobyl. I just found that there is a companion podcast to the show. It's with the writer Craig Mazin and Peter Sagal. (Sagal is a writer, radio presenter/comedian - sorta like a US Stephen Fry but not at all up his own arse - just a funny interesting intellectual.) It's very interesting indeed and they spell out exactly what was fact what was fiction and how they made their judgements - they even talk about why the accents are not Russian. It's also been released on Youtube. You should listen episode 1 after watching ep 1 of the TV show and so on.
  2. Yeah me too. Then I thought it would be worse if everyone was doing fake Russian accents! I will check out the cellist for sure.
  3. Chernobyl is absolutely fantastic. The pacing, and the cinematography are magnificent and there’s some great acting. I was fortunate enough to go to Russia in the 90’s and although this happened a few years before, the set and costume design brings back the smells of my time there. Utterly brilliant TV.
  4. Just seen it. Terrible - how many times did Arya get almost killed and fall over? This season has been dreadful.
  5. Blessed be the fruit!* *Especially sweeter if it's a from a rapist or your brother.
  6. Oh well, enjoy your mini pack of peanuts then
  7. Who are you flying with and where will you be en-route when the game is taking place? Some airlines have live TV for at least part of the journey. A lot also have internet so at least you can follow the VT match thread - it's always positive in there
  8. This always happens to me with a post beetroot poo.

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