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  1. I'll keep saying it. The only hope we have to save ourselves lies with sterilization vans.
  2. TheAuthority

    The Film Thread

    Big Lebowski has a lot of references that you just have to know. e.g. His only ID is a "Ralph's Club Card" when he's signing checks and when he gets arrested. I admit I didn't even notice that when I watched it. 5 years later I pull into a Ralphs in Oregon and start laughing - it's a West Coast supermarket chain. Lots of little tropes and memes like that in the film. Bridges, Goodman & PS Hoffman are all fantastic in it.
  3. TheAuthority

    Are Dreams Significant ?

    Yep. I'm standing on stage in front of the orchestra waering my tux, instrument in hand. The orchestra begins playing and after a few bars of music I realize I've learnt the wrong concerto. Panicked terrible improvisation occurs before waking up in a cold sweat
  4. TheAuthority

    U.S. Politics

    The electoral college is BS introduced to appease the slave owners of the South. It's time that progressive Dems start really pushing for change. I read that Iowans Senate votes count something along the lines of 25 times more than someones vote in California because of the states relative populations. (can't find the article.)
  5. TheAuthority

    U.S. Politics

    I think people have been upset by the CJS in the US for a long time. Three strikes implemented by Clinton was appalling and it was nothing more than a shallow political ploy. People wanted the 'softy' Dems to be tough on crime and Bill obliged.
  6. TheAuthority

    Blose pre match

    Japan is overrated mate. She'll get over it
  7. TheAuthority

    Media and punditry

    Arlo White on NBC over here is just nauseating. "That's why everyone, across the whole wide world watches the English Premier League - The Passion, The Tradition" etc etc ad nauseum. It's pathetic - and screaming every time a "top, top player" gets near the box incase they score makes me want to punch him.
  8. TheAuthority

    U.S. Politics

    Yes - the democracy is very impure over here but I will raise you the House of Lords (and a Queen.)
  9. TheAuthority

    New York, New York

    Sorry if my post isn't clear - If it's on ESPN then yes it will probably be on at Legends but not if it is on AVTV
  10. TheAuthority

    New York, New York

    Depends I think - If they are on Sky or international broadcast then they are on ESPN. All other games are shown on AVTV - I'm not sure if NYVillans set that up at Legends because you will be competing with all the PL games and whatever else ESPN is showing. Probably best to reach out to NYVillans on Twitter
  11. TheAuthority

    U.S. Politics

    The whole criminal justice system here is set up to make money for municipalities. The District Attorneys, defense prosecutors, judges and politicians are all in on the scam. Unless you are rich enough to buy yourself out of trouble, once the system gets it's claws into you it's nigh on impossible to get out of it.
  12. TheAuthority

    The Championship thread

    No-one cares Leo
  13. TheAuthority

    Ratings & Reactions: Derby v Villa

    Not even when it's live!