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  1. These lot never give the ball back and just sit down crying if they get brushed. They are the most nauseating bunch of cheating tw@ts
  2. Bloody commentator talking about that bloody Oldham game in '93 W@n***
  3. Maybe I'm wrong. Didn't sell it him any way.
  4. I had about 4,000 opera and classical vinyl records (total number of actual discs probably 12,000?) - couldn't give them away even to musicians. There's an Argentinian entrepreneur who is buying up vinyl around the world and shipping it all to a warehouse down there. His rep offered me $750 for the lot
  5. Working with her is a bit of a stretch! (although of course it says that on my bio!) I was hired in the orchestra and she was in the booth. But I did run into her in the hallway and I told her how much I liked the Chernobyl soundtrack and we chatted for a few. Very cool girl!
  6. May have mentioned her before but Chernobyl composer Hildur Guðnadóttir is worth checking out.
  7. Always the same problem with TV shows people are invested in. How the heck to end them and satisfy the majority. Meh - ultimately they are vignettes / short stories that producers are happy to keep paying writers to squeeze life out of for as long as they make money or maintain peoples interest. Unless someone has a really clear idea of where a show is going to go and how long it has to get there it's never going to feel complete and satisfying. TV just isn't made that way.
  8. I don't think El Ghazi is much of a DM. Dougie is not much of a left winger for that matter.
  9. Pickford is absolutely a competition winner.
  10. 13 goals for Ollie this season in the PL. Fantastic return for his 1st season. Especially as we've been gash since December.
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