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  1. Not sure where to put this (religion thread, Israel thread) but the Secretary of State for the US (probably the 2nd most important office in the country) is claiming this: Are there enough facepalms or are we all living in some sort of weird drug induced dystopia?
  2. Their ‘football’ is mind numbing. Slow down everything, no ambition, defend the 18 yard box. Fans must hate it.
  3. Leeds lose. The title is still on boys
  4. More than @Stevo985 would have had though, so at least be thankful for that
  5. I'm not going to post it but a Blues fan on Twitter posted a picture of the grave of Jack's younger brother. The comment was something along the lines of "you may have won today but we have the last laugh because your brother is dead." There is seriously something wrong with some people. I told Mrs. A and she couldn't believe it. She said "a kid? a baby? Someone is using the death of someones baby?"
  6. I would love for us to continue this mini-revival since the return of Jack by turning over MON. Gotta keep Kryten quiet!
  7. The attack on Grealish has even made it onto the Premier League show over here in the USA.

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