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  1. TheAuthority


    Article with a very interesting idea, a Planetary Food Diet which may interest those who are interested in changing their diet based on what is ecologically sound. Surprised by the nuts to be honest as they need a lot of water to grow but the rest makes sense.
  2. If the government shutdown carries on over here there may not be any planes flying from the US. The Air traffic Controllers haven't been paid for a month already.
  3. Yeah me too. Southampton are a nothing team and Derby having more games to get knackered and injured is good for us. Plus Nathan Bluenose missed LOLLOLLOLLOL
  4. She's inviting all the party leaders to meet with her.
  5. Another waste of a day towards the Brexit date
  6. TheAuthority

    Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    Watched "Informer" on Amazon Prime. Might have been a Channel 4 or BBC thing over there, not sure. One of those good, slow British cop things that are much better paced than 99% of US police drama. 7.8/10 - kills a few hours.
  7. TheAuthority

    Chris Gaughran - AKA Villan4Life

    Awful news. Hope you get better soon and are back here talking about your career.
  8. TheAuthority

    U.S. Politics

    Mexico is gonna pay for it !
  9. TheAuthority

    U.S. Politics

    Irony on so many levels. He had to pay for the 'meal' himself because of the government shutdown. So he ordered elite student athletes shitty fast food.
  10. The irony of all of this is that May wanted to remain and Corbyn wanted to leave (despite campaigning for remain.) You couldn't make up this farce.
  11. Blimey I think the last two years have already gone way beyond that already !
  12. TheAuthority

    Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    "You" is a terrible teen, silly drama, with some weird twists - The dialogue is Beverley Hills 90210 level - absolutely awful. I was ill and just kept watching in a semi-lucid state and absolutely hated myself every episode. Awful.
  13. TheAuthority

    Manchester United

    Dea Gea having a stormer