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  1. I went into get our weeks supplies yesterday. Got 2 full fat normal milk for the baby, and an oat milk for me and Mrs A. to have in our coffee. I was told I was only allowed to get 2 milks. I tried to explain that one wasn't real milk. Young girl looked terrified so I relented and just took the two for the nipper. Who was right there?
  2. Incredible. That technique of 'bouncing' the bow is called ricochet and it's incredibly difficult. He's also doing ricochet on up bows and down bows. The harmonics are bang in tune and the section where he plays the same note on 4 different strings is fiendish. What a prodigy. (He'll be an alcoholic by the time he's 23 ) Only one thing missing is his concert attire. He needs some hints from...
  3. So you admit that your whole post is based on BS and worthless. Thanks for owning up.
  4. Jeez - dealing with a deadly worldwide pathogen without adequate equipment and they're "crying about it." - get some f*****ing perspective man.
  5. The great SGT hounded by Murdoch's scum and the rest of Fleet Street. Had more class in his little finger than them all combined.
  6. I was gutted Snowy didn't win to be honest.
  7. OMG that was the best race I've watched in decades. I need a lie down to catch my breath.
  8. That pisses me off. It should be "Ow am Ya?"
  9. Most of the time watching Villa is about as enjoyable as dragging your gonads over a cheese grater.
  10. This is absolutely fantastic and I had no idea that Yamaha would produce something like this. Don't get me started on equal temperament versus the harmonic series. That is a vast conversation. All I will say is that we are subjected to constant 'ear rape' pop songs because of equal temperament.
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