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  1. So therefore they have to believe that the US paper of record just "makes up stuff" to make Trump look bad? Anything (even if it is 169 years old) that contradicts our "dear leader" is fake news? Where are we? Who are we? His supporters are cultist morons.
  2. Yep - No empathy from me. His enablers are bad enough but the leading cult followers can all drown in a pit of shit as far as I'm concerned. Following Trump should mean immediate sectioning.
  3. Who seems to have a better grasp of the issue? The seemingly random posting guy in the sub section of an Aston Villa forum, or someone who has dedicated his life to the natural world?
  4. Anyone got a discount code for the official site?
  5. Seems Trump paid more for sex than tax. On another note this makes me more than livid. The IRS audited me for 2016 last year. 2016 was a bad year for me freelancing. I ended up paying thousands more than I should have just to get them to leave me alone - at least $7k once all was said and done. F*ck Trump and this shitty Capitalist bollocks.
  6. She has also quite a lot about 'precedent.' The idea that once a decision has been decided by a court that the decision stands and any re-litigation of the same case has to be carefully measured. Her view - if she disagrees with it she's quite happy to go back and change the verdict to fit her opinion. Especially when it's guided by her imaginary friend or the secret handmaiden society.
  7. What was on the T-shirt that Maddison held up?
  8. The BBC report is fairly well balanced. Includes interviews with some of her students from Notre Dame. Biden is Catholic but doesn't believe that life begins at conception or that woman shouldn't have the right to choose what happens to their bodies, or that sex should only happen between heterosexual married couples. Her views which are rooted in Catholicism are very puritanical hence why people are focussing on them. Wonder if she likes beer?
  9. I thought it would be obvious that I wasn't advocating for a dictatorship or have an "overlord desire." It was a comment about separating economically and politically from the US Federal government. But why am I not surprised that you decided to read it that way? The planet is suffering from climate change caused by human activities? Hyperbole? You obviously don't live in Western states like myself and @il_serpente Try reading some science and educate yourself. https://sciencebrief.org/uploads/reviews/ScienceBrief_Review_WILDFIRES_Jan2020.pdf https://sciencebrief.org/topics/cli
  10. She believes that sky fairies control the world and if you ask these imaginary friends hard enough with you eyes closed then your wishes come true. I'd say that was pretty nuts. In a country where there's supposedly a separation of church and state, all judges should be atheists in my opinion.
  11. Ted Lasso. Hated the previews. Hate the premise. But, right now, at this time, trying to ignore the US election and the climate catastrophe happening in front of our eyes.... it's very sweet and almost... poignant. It's a story about a man who's kindness melts everyone's hatred and cynicism. It's a show to I am glad to watch right now. Thanks to Jason Sudeikes and the folks that made it.
  12. I would say that Gabby was surrounded by quality in those days. Milner, Petrov, Young, & Downing (during Stuarts best ever season.) Gabby had a manager that played to his strengths. He was effective at that point, but quality? Nah, not for me.
  13. I bet the Boggies fans must be sick of the sight of Tammy
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