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  1. Gary Gardner

    Back to Forest ? They seemed to like him there. Maybe one of our "loan and buy next year" sales that we seem to love at the moment.
  2. Rushian Hepburn-Murphy

    I was surprised Davis got the nod. Didn't RHM make his debut much earlier (under Sherwood at Sunderland I believe.)
  3. U.S. Politics

    We have to be vigilant against being overwhelmed by the "fog" of the Trump clown show. Scary things are happening away from the spotlight that can severely alter the course of the US. The Sinclair media group is now on the verge of reaching THREE QUARTERS of the homes in America through it's purchasing of local tv outlets. It then forces them to air hyper right wing propaganda disguised as "news." Betsy (I bought my job in government so I can make more money by screwing poor people) Devos, is planning to tear up public education. Yes, we desperately need a less educated populous voting here. Robert Mercer didn't fund Trump for no reason. He and his cronies want a return on their investment plus interest. More than ever we need to be engaged citizens resisting everything that Citizens United (thanks scum bag Scalia,) is bringing us.
  4. Ratings & Reactions: Norwich v Villa

    I know, it used to happen all the time with Clarke.
  5. Ratings & Reactions: Norwich v Villa

    And plays Hutton. No surprise we looked far better going forward today without Agbonlahor in the team
  6. Ratings & Reactions: Norwich v Villa

    But we lost possession again 37% - 63% BRUCE OUT!

    Their Murphy fella is a good player in fairness
  8. Park Life: AVTV Live

    I have the stream on my Mac but where is the video in the app? Maybe I'm really dumb but I can't find it
  9. Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    It's up and down - good in parts & laughably bad in others. Like too many US shows - start with a great premise and it really works for about 6-8 episodes and then they get renewed for another season. Cue dragging out storylines and bringing in unnecessary characters/flashbacks/you name it just to keep everyone in a job.
  10. Gareth Barry

    I just can't stop thinking about your sweet little tits.
  11. Premier League Predictions 2017/18 - GW2

    Name Home Team Away Team Villa 1 1 Norwich Swansea 1 2 Man Utd Bournemouth 1 1 Watford Burnley 1 1 West Brom Leicester 2 1 Brighton Liverpool 3 1 Palace Southampton 2 1 West Ham Stoke 1 1 Arsenal Huddersfield 1 1 Newcastle Spurs 1 1 Chelsea Man City 2 1 Everton TheAuthority
  12. Other Transfers and Rumours Summer 2017

    Is that written in Yoda?
  13. Tony Xia

    That was how I read it too. It says to me he can't buy another different 25 players he needs the guy at the top to be able the lift the whole level. IMO he's looking for Brucey's replacement. That also makes sense of Bruce's comments in his presser. http://www.bbc.com/sport/football/40944405 I think he knows he's done.
  14. Next Aston Villa Manager

    People touting Karanka, just remember 3 of his signings were Gestede, Adama Traore & Guzan. 3 players most couldn't wait to get rid of from us. That transfer activity doesn't fill me with any confidence.