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  1. He wrote a piece for a group I used to play with. We went out for beers several times. It's surreal when VT life collides with your real life!
  2. Home debut in front of a full house, live on TV, young lad new to the country. But let's not give him the benefit of the doubt eh?
  3. 2 misplaced passes so far despite in the 90's% last game so he doesn't seem good at passing
  4. Hope Snoddy comes on with 2 mins to go when we are 5-0 up
  5. Love these videos. Especially the part when Terry is working with Mingels. Awesome stuff.
  6. Read this. Saw it's the poster's 11th post. Smiled wryly to myself. Welcome to VT
  7. Blimey International breaks are so boring that we're arguing about this clown
  8. My 2nd greatest desire in football is that Liverpool don't win the league.
  9. You had to Mooney Money? You are Billy Idol and I claim my £100
  10. Worth a read if you're interested in analysis of the current political lurch to the right by a leading figure and professor of Political Science & Psychological Science at UCI. Politico Mag (Could also post in the US Politics thread but I'm sure the visitors there will also be here

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