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  1. Hendrick Can you imagine who we would have signed if we'd got promoted under him and Xia?
  2. Should be "give a F anymore" as it's not a vowel.
  3. In fairness the Bruce (tin hat on) That probably includes Joelinton for 40 million who was bought before Bruce was appointed when they didn't have a manager.
  4. They just need to work out how to get the best out of his movement
  5. Hey we had to box a little bit clever back then
  6. Wow and Live Aid was only a couple of years before too
  7. The private planes they all have now, are you telling me the players aren't all hooked up to IV's traveling back and forth all over the place. They'd be stupid not to with so much money at stake.
  8. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-58910794 Another loner radicalized by the internet. Happens on both sides.
  9. Automated cars cannot come soon enough. Just tell the app on your phone where you want to be and when - a car shows up and picks you up. Read, look out window or go to sleep until you arrive - all without having to deal with other peoples egos/aggression/mental illness behind the wheel. I drive to work along back roads to avoid the motorways. Absolute cretin right up my arse all the way home tonight. I slowed down to about 15 miles an hour to annoy him - wish I had that Bond car with guns in the exhaust.
  10. Will we in the West ever fully recognize the crimes of colonialism and manage to build a more equitable society? There is more awareness than ever in my lifetime of systemic racism and how the legacy of slavery and colonization has scarred countries and economies, leaving an un-level playing field for so many. At the same time there is a counter movement of people who have always benefited from this inequitable system and are fighting back. The threat of white nationalist terrorism has never been higher in the US, and the attacks of Anders Breivik in Norway & Brenton Tarrant in New Zealand show that it is not limited to these shores. These terrorist have quoted each other and other racially motivated shootings in their 'manifestos.' Is it necessary to recognize our history so we can move forward? Should we just bumble along as we have been hoping for small incremental change along the way? How do we handle those on the right who believe we are already in a cold war between whites and muslims/people of color.
  11. He actually did an interview where he admits he's not playing as well as last season when he was with us. Completely contradicting what big-nosed said.
  12. Apologies in advance for the downer: A friend of mine died today. I wrote this actually thinking that I wouldn't post it here. There won't be a funeral and I don't do social media. So you lot have the pleasure of scrolling on past my ramblings. I just miss my friend and wanted to put it somewhere. Robert Hicks, Madman, lunatic and conflicted: yet capable of extreme generosity and warmth. He will always be the person that introduced me to the American West. The place where I am now proud to call home. But really he did it for my father who was dying of cancer. He arranged a trip and (ultimately paid the majority of it) solely to show my ailing father as much as was comfortable for him. My struggling father had a life long ambition (installed whilst growing up in a the shadow of the 2nd WW) to experience the majesty and drama of America’s great frontier. Robert gave him that gift and I will forever be grateful for what he gave me an and my family. I had struck up a friendship with Robert for a number of years as a member of an orchestra that Robert donated money too. I would stay in his house along with other musicians in the “club room” which looked out over the Gulf of Mexico. We talked and argued politics, but enjoyed the nature of the Florida West coast and classical music (which was my career.) We talked of family and in 2009 he visited England! I took him to an English Premier League Game vs Arsenal (Zak Knight scored in the last moment to tie the game.) His generosity to my father and friendship with my father blossomed on his 2009 UK visit. For our trip, Robert rented the largest SUV possible, and rented the nicest cabins. He planned a trip that was unforgettable and drove myself and my parents though Arizona, Utah & New Mexico and making every moment as comfortable as possible. My love and admiration for the what Robert did is that he had nothing to gain form this. He did it purely out of generosity. He just wanted to be a good guy for that period of time. The irony is that the same illness would ravage Robert 10 years later. But anyone who knows cancer knows that the time of death doesn’t tell the whole story. There are months, years and sometimes decades of doctors visits, diagnoses, fear, hope and eventually a sad slide into the inevitable end. The last few years of our friendship existed in a strained silence as he consumed the current Republican Party dogma (I refuse to mention the name of its instigator.) Robert was intelligent, very intelligent and had lived a lot of his life around the academia of the North East. He eventually renounced all of that, with a distain for “intelligent people who didn’t have the good will to salt their driveways for guests that they had over to their homes.” The place he chose was the West coast of Florida. Cape Coral, or Cape Coma as he and his wife called it - when they moved there it was anemic but the last 25-30 years of baby boomers generally grabbing all they can has meant that the service industry and population density of Cape Coral is unrecognizable from when he moved there. Florida allowed him his indulgences. Guns, and a rugged idea of self reliance form the government. It also brought him the realization that alcohol was killing him. As extreme as Robert was, this also meant that he indulged in AA to the point of obsession. But if he was able to save some others from death - and lets not beat around the bush and deny that alcohol causes death - then good for him. AA probably gave him 20 years extra life. Although the penchant he had for helping out other AA folks by bringing over the house to ‘fix’ things probably cost him a lot financially in the long run even if it did feed his soul. He liked to travel. He loved to talk about it even more. I spent hours taking to Robert about places to visit. He advised me on Arches National Park, Africa and more. His South Africa trip to Kreuger was one of his highlights and he loved nothing more than finding a solitary place in California or Utah where he could look at the view, go hiking - but the place always needed a piano so Carol could enjoy herself playing for no-one but Robert. His love of guns was weird to me. It baffled me that someone so intellectual could still be a racist. Why could he not understand systemic racism was the cause end issue of poverty within communities of color. This was his laziness which annoyed me and made me think less of him. Sadly, the last few years of his life gave him a President who allowed his ignorance and laziness to flourish. This was a sad ending to many things, but mostly, the fact that we didn’t talk as often as we once did. What a loss. The madman, the patron, the Robert Hicks. He lived his life his way - running around Manhattan in the 80’s with pop-starts and his dog, Fred. A Saint Bernard. Yes a Saint-Bernard at parties in Manhattan who would swing his head and leave stalactites hangin form the ceiling. Robert knew Fred was going to die when he went out to poop in a Nor-Easter but got stuck. “Man rescues St. Bernard from snow storm.” Generous, ridiculous, curious, infuriating, heavy metal fan and supporter of chamber music and the Symphony. Another cancer victim. Another dead person. Happens to us all in the end. I know this doesn't flow - it's not a eulogy or an obituary - but I just wanted to write something.
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