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  1. Jimmy Savile and the Wider Paedophile Debate

    Yup. Me too. Used to watch it on an old portable black & white TV. I actually thought Jonny Vaughan was quite funny then.
  2. Summer Footy. Confederations Cup & Euro U-21

    What about penalties that are given but the player dives and cons the ref?
  3. Other Transfers and Rumours Summer 2017

    Private school educated lad aye ee? Spakes with a plum in his mouth, not loike us thickies.
  4. John Terry

    Come on, get your eighties pop lyrics right.
  5. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    Bacuna is the absolute poster boy for the neglectful, disinterested owner Randy Lerner. He represents that entire era of Faulkner and cheap gambles in the transfer market that ultimately failed miserably. About one game in 20 he looks like he could be useful but the majority of his games are marked by sloppiness in passing, marking and positioning. In my life-time Aston Villa has had some great midfielders such as Cowans & Platt. We've also had some high quality and exciting players that were fantastic to watch e.g. Tony Daley, Kevin Richardson, Ray Houghton, Andy Townsend, Gareth Barry, & Ashley Young. Bacuna is an absolute joke compared to any of those players. It makes me livid that he acts like a spoilt brat/petulant child when he's not meant to take a free-kick and his other BS antics. He's so lucky he's even anywhere close to our great club and it's only testament to Lerner's abysmal ownership that he is. The sooner he's gone from Villa the better and I for one will be very thankful when that day comes.
  6. Southampton

    Nah mate, should av appointed Tim Sheeeerwood, why didn't het get shot? Faaancy forin managers coming over here takin our jobs.
  7. Southampton

    Ray Wilkins says hi
  8. World Cup 2022: Qatar

    What's process for this and public justification? I'm not familiar with this practice?
  9. Life After Death?

    Some have taken DMT (a chemical released in the brain when you die) and experienced a "knowledge of everything." Some report meeting alien like beings who communicate telepathically. That documentary is also Netflix for those who want higher quality.
  10. Life After Death?

    Dimethyltryptamine or DMT is a chemical which naturally occurs in many plants and animals. People have taken it and experienced similar hallucinations/visions to people who 'die' and are revived (near death experiences.) It's supposedly one of the strongest psychedelics on the planet and the theory is it's released into your bloodstream when you die. Also: They've remade 'Flatliners' with young sexy people.
  11. Other Transfers and Rumours Summer 2017

    One of the strongest current English midfielders Eric Dier grew up in Portugal and even stayed at Sporting Lisbon's academy after his family moved back to the UK.
  12. Other Transfers and Rumours Summer 2017

    Didn't Ian Rush say "it was like living in a foreign country" and he didn't like the food. About living in Italy. Didn't like the food. In Italy.
  13. Let's check in with Olof (Swedish Football)

    I am absolutely convinced he is going to come back and be our Simeone.
  14. All New Funny Pics Thread - Clean Edition

    Big Ron?