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  1. Want. @Villan4Life start sending some emails to Purslow or Lange! What would he cost?
  2. £100,000,000.00 Just wrote that out for the first time. Took me about 3 attempts. It’s a f**k of a lot of money.
  3. One thing is for sure, when he returns to VP the reception isn't going to be nice. I wonder if his family will come and watch the game. I know a lot of folks on here will be magnanimous, but the majority of the Holte won't be.
  4. I'm not so sure he'll like his football under Pep. Obvs it sounds like its life changing money for him and generations of his family to come, but, he's always been the center of it all at Villa. Picked out in the youth teams as the main man. Always been allowed to express himself. Now he will have to do exactly as he's told or he won't even make the bench. Henry has always said, it's Guardiola's way or the highway and it found it very hard to adapt. Only certain types of players/personalities can adapt to Pep's style of management. Is Grealish one of them? If his plan is to be a "Brummie Beckham" how is that going to sit with Pep? Probably worse than Beckham's fame sat with Ferguson.
  5. Love how the Gresford thread is dead now and falling down the home page!
  6. Jack's pic is still on the club store website
  7. Seems strange and goes against the ethos that Purslow has been spouting - old player - no sell on value. Wonder how much we paid.
  8. New song to the tune of the old one: Plastic, Plastic Jack Plastic, Plastic Jack Plastic, Plastic Jack, Plastic Jackie Grealish
  9. This week has been MENTAL. I don't know if I'll recover.
  10. I think his commercial earning potential is far greater at City just because of the exposure he'll get there.
  11. Well, football died back in 1992, or at least that was when Rupert Murdoch administered the lethal dose. Has any one man done more to destroy Western Civilization for the common man? From union busting, the general dumbing down of the populace, to climate science denial. When I was a kid I wanted to Sky so I could watch football. My dad (RIP) refused and said he'd never give Murdoch a pound of his money. He was right.
  12. Wow - very similar life to me. Born in Stourbridge, grew up Villa, 4 years in Manc land, 6 in London then moved to the US.
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