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  1. Tin hat on. Anyone think McGinn might like a bevy or three to many? I remember seeing a lot of of his Instagram posts with him drinking. Thats not real evidence at all, but it would explain his conditioning and his tiring towards the end of games. Maybe he's got away with his natural athleticism up until now but the PL is the elite of the elite. Also look at his physique compared to Jack. I may be completely wrong obviously and loved what he did and how he played for us last season. Would just love for him to push on to the next level and be even better.
  2. It's just gonna get worse and worse. Remember when Utd and Man City played in one off 'retro kits' I think for the anniversary of the Munich disaster. I'm sure that was a test run to see if people had the appetite for one off shirts. Over 10 years ago I remember the Dolphins playing in the NFL in an 'orange halloween' shirt. One game, with the replica available for only $99. It'll happen eventually all the time in the PL I'm sure. Villa even released a special limited edition shirt after the play off final.
  3. Always a shame when an exciting prospect doesn’t make the grade. But the PL is a bloody hard league in which to make it. He’d be best off getting to a League 2 or League 1 club while he’s still young and try to tear up those leagues and work his way up. I often think a lot of talented youngesters at big clubs have it far to easy and cushy. Takes the fight out of them.
  4. Poor guy doesn’t know where the bar is.
  5. Watched Anna yesterday on a flight. Essentially Jean Luc Besson's revisits a "La Femme Nikita" story. Enjoyable romp, well paced and the lead is well fit (also plenty of bewbage.) Story is told jumping back and forth in time which keeps you guessing and Helen Mirren's character is very tongue in cheek. One or two horrifying acting/dialogue scenes at random here and there which made it a bit weird. Although they may have been scenes which were presented one way and then retold another way later on in the film. I hadn't heard of it before I got on the plane and apparently the studio dumped it without much press because Besson has been accused of sexual misconduct. Worth just to see Sasha Luss though. Movie 7.5/10 WB. Sasha 11/10 WB
  6. Can you imagine the conspiracy 'Q' nuts theories if he was to die of a heart attack?
  7. Bloody Socialist. (Only joking, nice one.)
  8. Just scanned an article about Children in Need on the BBC website. I have to say I vaguely recognized one presenter and none of the other 'stars' who were involved. (Or 'well known non-entities' as my dad always called them.) Just made me realize I've been gone a long time from England now - over 20 years. Not sure how I feel about that.
  9. Just cannot see what Mount brings compared to Jack. Not in the same galaxy imo.
  10. Oops!! Obviously Palmer makes the starting 11 in that case Edited now!
  11. Good shout - I got busy but I was going to put Hoddle in mine. As I can't think of a great right back. I've gone for 3 - 5 - 2. Banks Butcher Moore Terry Robson Hoddle Gascoigne B.Charlton Barnes Shearer Keegan Subs: Shilton, Hurst, Greaves, McManamann, Owen, Cole, Campbell, Carlton Palmer (jk)
  12. Surely there has to be some addendums? For example, going to the furthest stall and it's blocked with shit and paper. The seat in the next one in covered in piss and you don't want to clean it off and risk "somebody else's piss hand." What happens if the only place left is next to a full trap?
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