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  1. Is anyone really surprised by that performance, never mind result? What separates good teams from average teams is consistency. And we are arguably the least consistent team in the league, being Champions League one week and barely Championship the next. It is a complete lottery as to our performance levels. So many bad performances from a host of players today; Luiz was World Class last week, this week he'd have been hauled off in League One clash.
  2. If, by the clubs own admission, Bailey, Buendia and Ings were brought in to replace Grealish's output, then we have not actually made any progress from last year if we don't buy further players. Today was abject, but even that aside it is clear we are weak in a few areas - especially midfield. We are very weak as a team, the centre backs lose a lot of battles and the midfield can't hold the ball up at all. We do get pushed aside by teams like Watford because they are physical and press - exactly the same as last year. If we're not going to invest in the squad further, then I'm not sure there is a real desire to improve rather than just stand still/consolidate our position.
  3. I share the rolled eyes that a number of people who see this thread appear every few months! Badge is fine, it's copyrighted, it's suitable for digital age, it looks fine monochrome occasionally. The whole circle thing annoys me as we've had a shield as a badge for about 90% of our history. Think we had 'prepared' on our badge longer than we ever had a circular badge. Rather just leave it alone than spend quarter of a million pounds or whatever the ridiculous amounts these firms charge for giving us a nominally changed badge.
  4. And that crypto company get slaughtered on Trust pilot where it's listed as a scam! Just wondered who they were... won't be using it!! Lots of sponsorship companies for shirts to shoelaces is great, but the big money comes from over-inflating other incomes. All a FFP illusion.
  5. I've suspected that might be the case before. If Jack wasn't 'one of us' it would be a legitimate question in my view. I think Grealish is an exceptional ENGLISH talent which gets him noticed... but Buendia looked just as skillful, more hard working and more tenacious (not grumpy!) in a much poorer Norwich team. I think come the end of the season people might genuinely wonder which one is better. Only issue is we're back to ONE player of that level, would have been amazing to see a couple in the midfield.
  6. My issue with Dean Smith is I've never seen him adequately deal with Plan A not working. And basically Plan A was get the ball to HWSNBN. This season is basically one big Plan B. So it's sink or swim time. Could Terry be back by Christmas?!
  7. I find it weird everyone saying he's here to effectively compete with Konsa. For me, it's Mings that is the weaker of the CBs and has more prolonged periods of lack of form. But Tuanzebe is miles better than Hause so it improves the squad for a nominal amount. Instead of Cash going off and being replaced by Elmo, we now have Young. Instead of a CB going off and being replaced by Hause, we now have Axel. Instead of our 2nd striker being Davis, we now have Ings. That's a much healthier squad! Just need a hard working midfielder now. Not sure Luiz, Nakamba or even McGinn are really good enough for where we want to be.
  8. I'm not sure exactly where this narrative comes from but it's rubbish. No, he's not a hard tackling midfielder but that was never his role. It's like complaining Martinez doesn't score enough goals. A few goals? 29 goals in 150 games. 1 in 5, for a midfielder. At PL level, 4 in 31 which still isn't shabby. Important goals? Well the semi-final leveller was pretty damn vital. And a load of assists at crucial times. Doesn't bust a gut for the team? Grealish punched in the head - Who is first there? Leeds debacle - Who is first there? Any rumours of off-field antics? No. Considered by most an absolute hard-working professional? Yes. Not ever been happy to sit back and take the cash and never kicked up a fuss or slagged the club off. He cost pennies and has been fantastic value. Not sure what some players have to do to be rated by fans and some become almost fashionable scapegoats for people's frustrations. He might not be at the standard we need any more, but he has done more than most to get us back in the PL and I'd struggle to think of many better midfielders we've had over the last 10 years odd. Conor will go with my utmost respect and appreciation.
  9. The only thing that ever so slightly worries me is that he implies that Buendia, Bailey and Ings have been brought in to replace Grealish's output and, whilst it's wise to reduce the reliance on one player, that would indicate we don't improve - we stand still. I'm hoping £100m is used on top of a healthy budget, not that it is the budget. Buendia £35m Bailey £30m and Ings £25m would mean we still have £10m of the fee left PLUS continued investment in trying to push us towards Europe. So another two top quality players are needed to progress in my opinion. Another midfielder and a defender.
  10. Ian Taylor posts 'calm before the storm' on his Instagram. I'm not one for reading crap in to nothing, but today that feels like a hint from a man who does know. He didn't stay for loyalty, he stayed until the offer was good enough for him personally. Now it is.
  11. Leave when we got relegated and I understand. Leave when we just survived our first season back and I understand. Leave with two weeks before new season, in which we made huge strides in the season before (tempered only by your injury) and when we've already shown ambition in the transfer market... no, don't understand. All that makes me think is it was never about Villa and about the best deal for him. Agent says wait til Euros, bigger contract etc. The project is more alive now then when he 'bought in to it' so to leave now shows it was rubbish PR talk. We're on verge or making a massive step and he leaves now and we're back a year or two. Buendia is around the same level in my opinion but one of those in a team can be nullified, two is scary. He stays and Europe is not a possibility, we'd be favourites. So no, no hero talk for me if he leaves.... and no retiring the shirt
  12. Thank you @rjw63 ! Maybe I am Jack Bauer and this is just my cover
  13. First time, and last time, I'll ever quote myself! This is now TOMORROW. I'm a Villa fan, raising money for the Aston Villa Foundation for mental health projects asking Villa fans who are talking about the importance of mental health for support. I couldn't be appealing to a more targeted audience! Please support if you can, every penny will help. Keep well everyone.
  14. Pre-ordered the training kit for July 14th release. Had email to state they apologised but it was now delayed to July 21st. Since had another email to say now delayed until August 4th. Good to see they've sorted out their stock and supply issues finally
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