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  1. We've got 1 point against Burnley this season. Hold that up when delusions of grandeur rears its head again. Ming is the worst culprit, he's been awful all season and we can't keep carrying him. They should never be getting a corner for the first goal, he's complacent and increasingly lazy. You can't keep a player in first XI because he shouts a bit. Could see this result coming a mile off, not clinical and trying to be too clever. We actually have good players who play well in spells but the complacency today was clear for all to see. Barkley clearly not fit either. Davis was embarr
  2. Villa basically freewheeled through that match, Newcastle are horrific based on that performance! Konsa (MOTM), Nakamba and Watkins all played really really well. Barkley looked shattered from about the 40th minute. Most other players strolled through the match. Weakest link, and even that might be slightly harsh, was Mings who lost the ball a few times and was helped out by Konsa a lot. Shows how far we've come quickly when Mings is now our worst player in the back four. Solid, easy three points. Almost like a preseason run out which is kinda what we need at the moment!!
  3. Two things to take from that video... 1) The second Norwich got relegated, we didn't need Conor anymore!! 2) The editor needs to step away from the 'effects' button!
  4. I love Conor, he goes down as one of those players I'll forever love because of him as a pro, what he's done for us and because I always have to stick up for those who are unfairly picked on, which in my view he has been. A favourite doesn't have to be a world beater, just someone you respect. He's worked his way up the divisions, scored in all of them, always worked hard and never kicked up a fuss. Selfishly, I'd rather he stay as I still think he's currently our best option from the bench. We also have no-one, even Jack, who can replace his set-piece abilities currently. I acknowledge,
  5. If that stat is accurate, surely he should be playing there now! That's averaging over a goal every two games...
  6. I can't confirm but I suspect this is the youngest average age starting XI in the FA Cup as well as the most first team debuts in one game? Would love some stats like that to be proven! Well played, Revan looked particularly impressive.
  7. Same at my school, gone from 20ish in first (warm) lockdown to around 80 this time... In the cold. Funny that. We ask but actually we haven't asked anyone to prove it as it's already quite a tense relationship with parents. A lot more people consider themselves keyworkers now and some seem very very suspect. They also seem to use one parent, even when we know the other is at home. What's even stranger is most of our parents are unemployed so nearly every one of the ones who do have jobs are keyworkers. Really?! The other thing that always winds me up is 'vulnerable children' - s
  8. As a teacher, I am just stopping for the night... we've prepared for most things to some degree but the ridiculous late nature of the announcement and the timescale in which to react to it, against a backdrop of us being told (threatened?!) with the absolute opposite scenario has resulted in an absolute mess where we can not possibly open to ANY children tomorrow. In summary we have been given 12 hours, assuming no sleep/dinner/family commitments, to; Prepare online resources for tomorrow (sketches were in place so can react ok to it - however, all planning/resources for onsite teach
  9. I keep hearing this idea of him going out on loan to the Championship... he's already had that with US! In 17/18 he played for 1500mins (best part of 17 full matches) in which he scored two goals in a team that was fighting for promotion. The following season, again in the Championship, he barely played despite being available for at least 17 matches (assuming unfit for all not in squad ones). So he wasn't trusted when we were in the Championship. Last season he actually had 538 minutes in the Premier League spread across 18 games... and no goals. He just doesn't score. He'
  10. Yeah I agree... I mean there was that game he scored 12 goals and ran the show... Actually there was that spell where he scored 8 goals in ten games...maybe I'm getting confused, there surely is evidence somewhere that he has this potential... Got it. Yep. It's lack of chances and playing at such a high level for a kid that has prevented him from showing us his very best; Premier League; 22 appearances no goals, no assists Championship; 40 appearances, 2 goals and one assist League Cup; 9 appearances, 2 goals and two assists (Burton Albion and Crewe Alexander) Total 71
  11. My issue with Mings vs Hause isn't just that Mings has walked straight back in to the team despite how well Hause played (which would be quite harsh in itself) but that actually Mings is one of the few (only?) players having a worse season than he had las year. Forget anything like team morale, this actually makes us weaker.
  12. As you named me... The guy I posted continues to post videos along much the same lines and continues to question the interpretation of data... This is his latest one from a quick check. Not watched any in ages as I've kind of switched off from it all. However, whilst I have no desire to get in to it too much, there is still this seemingly binary 'ideology' between armageddon and denial, there doesn't seem to be any scientific debate about actions and that is the main issue as far as I'm concerned. Covid response is being treated more like a religion than a science and that worri
  13. They will go level with Liverpool with a win after the same number of games. That could work for or against us!
  14. Whilst not directly relevant to this game... Do you 'hint' to McGinn, Grealish and Targett that if they were to pick up a yellow card in this game then they'd be banned for the cup game they probably won't play in anyway rather than a league game... Innocently and completely coincidentally of course... Unless cards are competition specific which I'm never 100% sure on. Tough run of games come up and can see us losing all three at some point before the cut off.
  15. Konsa has the ability to be a real top player; Cahill/JT quality. He's miles ahead of Mings already, England call ups can't be far away. I really think he has the potential to be as good a defender as we've had in decades. So impressed.
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