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  1. I miss the days when transfer windows consisted of me working out if a player was good by a) knowing their name b) having seen them play c) my mates telling me they were good or, more recently, d) watching a dodgy biased highlight reel. Nowadays it seems you need a first in degree level Mathematics, advanced Economics and some basic understanding of brain surgery. Is it just me who glazes over all these charts?! When did football get so... Boring?! Has he got a good haircut, does he wear flashy boots and what does his girlfriend look like?! That's what we really want to know. I'll also be back tomorrow night to complain about current music, the cost of petrol and how there's nothing good on TV anymore...
  2. You want to spend £55m on just over 25% of a Brentford team that didn't get promoted? I don't prescribe to the idea you need Premier League experience necessarily, but taking THREE players from a failed team from the division below is statistically unlikely to be what we need to move 5-10 places further up the league table. Either that or the rest of the Brentford team were absolutely horrific!
  3. I don't quite get the 'saves' against Watford. He makes a mess of the initial shot, palming it in to the middle then throws himself at the follow up (the only genuine 'save' part) and then lets the bounce drop about 50cm in front of him and he has to claw that away with a flap that the defender then clears. I saw that live and didn't think 'good save' I thought 'you're lucky you got away with that!'. It wasn't confident keeping, it was desperate. But that's a side point in the grand scheme. I still don't want him back for next season though, more negatives than positives for me. We need to move away from keeping players on because they're good for moral and get actually decent players we can rely on.
  4. I don't think it's the be all and end all by any means, but the number of truly good players coming from the Championship isn't great. Players are largely developed (loaned) by Premier League clubs or come from abroad. If we base our transfer strategy on getting the cream of the crop from the Championship then we'll more than likely struggle. I scanned the PFA team of the season for the Championship for the past 5-10 years and so very few made the step up to the Premier League. Most are squad players or back in the Championship. If we got Buendi (who I rate based purely on one YTvid!) Watkins, Eze, Benrahma and all the others from this level we've been interested in then, statistically speaking, we're likely to have more misses than hits. I'm not saying the solution is to buy loads of washed up Premier League players but I do think we need a few 'safer' bets and would suggest someone like Buendi who HAS performed at Premier League level is a far safer bet than Benrahma. Same applies to a striker, getting a shorter term Giroud (for example) is way less of a risk than Watkins. Not EVERY signing can be one to develop - we tried that before and got largely good players (Traore, Gueye, Veretout etc) too early in their careers and Aston Villa were the losers because of it. We need some safer bets for NOW mixed in with potential.
  5. True to a point. But pretty much all clubs will just bid the £18m and then offer different terms to the player. I highly doubt anyone will be paying over the release clause regardless of the number of bidders.
  6. I'm no scientist but won't the colour of the smoke prior to the blast, and the massive blast itself, give an indication of the likely contents of the warehouse/silo or whatever it was? The videos all show a fairly dark reddish/orange smoke.
  7. See, this is a prime example of YouTube videos - peel it back just a little and you have to question what you're seeing. A majority of the cuts in the video are at really odd points, either before he's released the ball (so probably lost possession) or before he's taken a shot (so he probably missed). If this is a highlights reel, I'm kind of thinking we should be seeing 4-5 minutes of absolutely amazing skill/passes/goals. Even that could cover up the fact he plays awfully for the rest of the time. But this video is all a bit 'meh', a bit 'nearly'. Compare that with Buendi video where there is an end product with nearly every clip. Not saying either play is represented accurately but one looks clearly much much better than the other based on this!
  8. 99% of names we get linked to I've never heard of, even if they're playing in the Premier League. I live in a micro- Aston Villa world and am largely oblivious to other teams/players. Then someone will put a YouTube video of x player and I'll still be unimpressed or underwhelmed. Then someone put Buendia's YouTube video up. All I now want is him, no other signing is acceptable. Even if we get a goalkeeper and it's not Buendia I won't be happy!
  9. I'm still not convinced Hourihane plays in a role/ way most Villa fans understand and/or appreciate. He's not a defensive midfielder, he's not the dribble and all out attack midfielder but what he is is a vital link with loads of short passes that retain possession and keep us in control. Some of the simplest little layoffs show such a great reading of the game but aren't showy so it doesn't get noticed. He scored the winner against Norwich in December but it's the little awereness of space and clever outside flick that starts that move off. People have a go because he might go backwards or sidewards with his passes but his role is about retention. Then throw in his deadball skills and general attitude and you have a very very solid professional at Premier League level. Another player who got slaughtered by Villa fans was Ashley Westwood. I think Conor is better still. And Westwood has been a mainstay in a Premier League team since we sold him. Neither are world beaters but they are both more than capable at this level. It's an underappreciated role. Hourihane is one of my FAVOURITE players even though I know he isn't one of our BEST players.
  10. Fair point! BUT, having seen goalkeeper kit, this isn't miles off that - could have been a genuine concept.
  11. That 'third kit' looks more like a training kit to me, be surprised if it was our real third kit. But there's no doubt they're both going to be part of our teamwear, we're not big enough to bother faking this stuff at the moment!
  12. There are no league badges on that shirt so it was probably taken before the last game(s) of the season and was the safe option.
  13. I said it in another thread, but Butland is my clear choice here. He's 7 years younger than Heaton, he can be genuine competition for Heaton when he's fit and he still is on the fringes of the England squad. It's just bad situation at Stoke and I suspect he'd return to the player he was. He's still young (especially for a keeper) but with plenty of experience and, with only a year left of his contract, would be relatively cheap. It feels like a no-brainer. He knows he'd be starting til Heaton's fit and would be fightings to keep the shirt. Heaton and Butland would be the first real competition for the position we've had in years. Reina did BRILLIANTLY then HORRIFICALLY in almost equal measure! His main attribute was experience but both Heaton and Butland will provide that with less mistakes. Reina is not building for the future at all. Nyland and Kalinic won't make it. Steer is the new Stuart Taylor I suspect!!
  14. I'm of an age now where transfer windows are all a little confusing. When I was younger I'd have loads of suggestions as to who we should or shouldn't buy from random continental leagues. Now my normal response is "who?" as unless they have played against Villa in the last season or two I have no idea who they are! Practically every suggestion I've never heard of - I only watch Villa! On saying that, and in mitigation both for and against, I do feel we need to sort out our mess of a goalkeeping department. Heaton unfit, Reina returned, Steer unfit, Nyland and Kalinic unlikely to make it here and Sarkic left... I suspect partially because he was so messed around over his loan. I'd be back in for Butland. His value will have dropped but I strongly believe he just needs to leave Stoke as that relationship is toxic now. He could create genuine competition for Heaton (especially during his return to fitness) and could well be a fairly unrisky purchase without using much budget. He only has a year left at Stoke so we are possibly talking well under £10m. He's also seven years younger than Heaton. Keep Steer (or loan when first two are fit) and sell Nyland and Kalinic. Two England fringe players fighting for No.1 at Villa would be great competition.
  15. I'm just hoping, in light of no big reveals being possible, that we just pay Jeremy Renner a fee to reveal the shirt on Zoom or something. Would be hilarious trolling AND get a load of PR!
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