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  1. Pre-ordered the training kit for July 14th release. Had email to state they apologised but it was now delayed to July 21st. Since had another email to say now delayed until August 4th. Good to see they've sorted out their stock and supply issues finally
  2. Approximately 16 months ago I was supposed to be taking part in a 24hr Football Match in aid of Mental Health projects with the Aston Villa Foundation. This has finally been rescheduled to 31st July, or little under two weeks away. I'm hoping one of the few pluses to come out of the past few months is that more people understand mental health issues, anxiety, depression, isolation etc. So, I would love to get a few more sponsors from Villa fans who understand Mental Health issues, for an Aston Villa Foundation project. It couldn't be more tailored for this thread!! Please, if you can, sponsor me/ the Aston Villa Foundation; https://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/RussellGoodman2021 All linked officially to the charity and online. Please tick gift aid so the government give us money too!
  3. I'll reiterate the kit/ training wear issues. It's constantly complained about from Macron, to Under Armour, through Luke, into Kappa. We are always one of the last, if not the last, to show our kit. We are always one of the last, if not the last, to get the home and away kits on sale. Training gear, and kits, both are woefully understocked in anything but extreme sizes. Kids kits arguably worse. Forget style of quality concerns of each brand, Nike were the last ones to adequately get stuff out in a reasonable timeframe with decent stock. It is a bit silly we're going into the next premier league season with the same manufacturer and same sponsor and still know our kits won't be available til after the season has started. Yet every meeting seems to report back that they're 'aware' but nothing ever changes... Rant...
  4. The question remains however. If the Delta variant, or any future variant, are less influenced by vaccines then is this life forever? There HAS to be a discussion at some point about what really needs to happen to end all restrictions for good. Or is this life forever more? There will always be variants and waves but, unless there is some level of accepted risk then it is right for the government to come out and say that they will be controlling your freedoms for the rest of your life. There will always be reasons for caution because of unknown risks... But how long can you shackle 70m because you're worried of risk? You also can't ignore, even if you are 100% on board with every decision made so far, that there are certain groups who benefit financially and politically from ongoing restrictions. Certain groups will always revel in the limelight and not want it to go, fear creates income. Preventing freedom because of 'what if' is not a good enough reason.
  5. Furthermore, he'll have spent probably the best part of £80,000-100k on rent he'll definitely never see again. In those ten years, the house price probably doubled too. There might be dips, crashes or negative equity in the future, but as a rule, given long enough, you're normally going to make/save/invest money in property. In renting it's guaranteed wasted cash. I doubt a crash that causes house prices to plummet to the same cost as they were ten years ago is that likely, stagnation or small drops are far more likely. If the last 18months with viruses and brexit hasn't hurt the market, what can?!
  6. Yep. The house I've just exchanged on has 'made' £31,200 a year since 2016. They've added a porch. There is no reason for me to think that my next house won't be much smaller and in a far cheaper area so, in 20 years, hopefully I'll be much better off. I've pushed the limits now to make the most of it when I'm downsize/change area in retirement. Hopefully any short term bubble burst after all this won't impact me too much as I plan to be in this new place for 20 years.
  7. The joy of statistics; 10,000 are positive in week one, 10,100 are positive in week two. A 1% increase. Everything is fine. 1 person tests positive in week one, 10 test positive in week two. A 1000% increase. The sky is falling down. There may be trends you can see from rises and falls, but at lower numbers percentages become useless.
  8. Taken off on a stretcher. Doesn't look good. Hope it's precautionary due to it being a head injury.
  9. Our first XI is top 6. Our second XI is bottom 6..., maybe even bottom 4. So it would depend on injuries and suspensions. Push a few of our current starting XI on to the bench and you have a stronger first XI and more depth. The likes of McGinn, El Ghazi, Luiz, Mings should be fighting for spots, not guaranteed it. If we could bring on an Abraham over a Davis, that would be progress. As it stands, 7-10th.
  10. I really really want this to be confirmed asap... But it's just struck me that it's bound to collapse due to administrative issues. To be sealed he needs to be pictured holding a Villa shirt, but the guys at Villa Village can only find this seasons kit in an XXXXL and a junior kit with half the Barkley lettering on before asking for a full refund... To get round this, the Villa bigwigs have gone directly to Kappa for next season's kit... But have been told the design won't be ready til August and that they're only making four standard sized shirts, due in around Xmas. It's a shame as he would have been amazing for us...
  11. Ridiculous guess... Personally I'd say it'll be £86,350,606.25 On five players (2 bigger signings, three smaller/bargains/loans)
  12. If we got JUST Buendia then I think that'd be pretty much enough to make the next leap and fight for European spots. With a fully fit squad we'd be a match for almost anyone like we were at the start of the season, but if we did lose Jack for a spell again, Buendia would ensure our creativity didn't dry up completely. Bring Back Guilbert for Cash cover, use the kids as needed and we're damn close with injury luck. Like Purslow says, a couple of clever signings and we could be set; another CB, a strong midfielder and another attacking option and I'd be confident we could progress even with an injury or two. We are a one man team at the moment. Buendia would stop that being the case.
  13. I've spoken to him and he's fine. He has been advised to stop posting on here and has decided to take a break for the foreseeable future. However, he really appreciated the fact so many of you missed his presence and says there are no hard feelings at all.
  14. This isn't aimed at you, it's what the article says... But who doesn't want to get their business done early?! These lazy statements are what journalism relies on these days. Every team in the country wants their business done early so they can settle in, gel etc. No one wants to leave it late, pay desperation premiums and miss pre-season. Unfortunately, that's not how business works.
  15. I know him and will see him Wednesday... I'd not heard this* but will check he's OK. Edit: *the whole not posting thing.
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