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  1. Please explain something to me... Tories say last nine years was actually Labours fault and they couldn't make it better in that time. They couldn't turn the country round, in fact by most barometers they've made it worse. But vote to keep them in power and they can actually fix all these problems in a few months? Pretty fortunate that. How do people fall for this crap?! Maybe don't trust politicians (inc opposition) but believe your own eyes and remember your own experiences.
  2. Just for the record; if anyone has two or three tickets I'll buy them off you and a pint or two thrown in!!
  3. We are in a new age of politics and power. Truth and law is largely irrelevant. The US got there first and the UK follows close behind. This whole process is almost certainly a waste of time, you're asking a corrupt group to self-police and that just won't happen regardless of any amount of evidence. The last hope is for the public to respond in elections... ...however, evidence suggests (certainly on this side of the pond) that even that is unlikely. People are now too easily swayed by 'fake news', spin by newspapers and snappy catch phrases rather than putting any effort in to researching often complex issues. It's depressing how easy it is to 'con' the masses with lies and then even more worrying that it is just as easy to convince that same public that those decisions weren't yours in the first place despite any evidence the contrary. Both in the US and here, the majority of people will get what they deserve. We're an ever decreasing step from returning to the politics of rotton boroughs.
  4. This is where Dean Smith earns his money. It's practically all gone right since he took over but now he needs to start making the hard calls. Everyone can see the stars of last year in McGinn and Mings clearly need a rest. He also needs to be thinking about how to deal with our strike situation.
  5. I know it was Chelsea but that was poor. 2-1 was an amazing result, could have been 7 or 8 other than Heaton and Abraham being very generous to us. Poor passing, poor set up, poor crossing, for fighting, poor decision making. For everything we did well against Man Utd, we were right back in novice land tonight. McGinn and Mings desperately need a rest. Elmo is nothing compared to Guilbert. Trezeguet offers very little (other than one of the scrappiest goals you'll see in a long time) and I've completely given up on Wesley. Been giving him benefit of doubt but he can't do anything but fall over a sulk. For a team playing one up front, we need someone far more dynamic. Delighted with result. Could/Should have been embarrassing.
  6. Slight tangent but this is a common thought I have. You look at some of the Tory/Brexit personalities and, regardless of politics, they are simply vile people that no one would (should) want to be associated with. Farage, Johnson, Trump, Hopkins, Jim Davidson and the late John McCririck. Bigots, racists and greedy self-serving liars. The more reasoned ones seem to have fallen to the side (Ken Clarke). In the Labour camp you get the likes Stephen Fry, the late Stephen Hawkings and about 95% of popular comedians. Yet the majority of the public seem to feel like the Tories are more 'their type of people'. This is terrifying to start with (and suggests it is clearly me that is so out of touch with what Britain 'needs') but also makes me instantly question why nationally respected figures (and experts!) are so readily ignored in politics and these people are voted for. Furthermore, why is the TV/digital media/social media so openly inclusive and welcoming if it's not what the majority of people want to see? Newspapers are openly hostile but TV in particular certainly advocates for equality, compassion and inclusiveness. All things Tories are largely against, especially those to the extreme right. And yet, nationally, they hold the majority. Where is the TV that caters for these people? Why isn't Roy Chubby Brown on TV if that's what the majority believe? To me there is a disconnect between what I see in people, in society, in 21st attitudes to race, nationality, gender and sexuality and what people vote for. We've come so far in even the last twenty years and yet we now seem to be going backwards. Small nation, walls and borders returning, racism running wild, them and us rhetoric and a general narrowing of acceptance of others/ care for others. We easily pity the drowning single migrant but dismiss as garbage the group of them. We laugh at Scotland wanting to leave a bigger nation but push for the UK to leave Europe. We mock Trump for wanting to build a wall but reinstate 'borders'in Ireland. We cut numbers across every public service and then act surprised when schools, police, hospitals and security begins to creak under the strain. We all see it, we all comment on it, many of us experience it directly. And yet MOST still want conservatives in power to continue what they've been doing. I just don't get it. Surely some right-wing media mogul controlling The Sun isn't enough to swing that many people?!
  7. Ok...talk me through baby steps as I have no idea about how Shield works! So plug in External HD and can watch like through Kodi but then there's also a feature that turns it into a cloud effectively?
  8. It seems incredible to me that anyone can look at the last ten years and think "do you know what, I'd call that a success" and vote for more of the same. More jaw-dropping is that it looks like being a healthy majority. Boris. Trump. The world is done.
  9. Just did a check. Get in quick if you want tickets, there's only 15,000 odd left... Well done Villa, pitched this one perfectly!
  10. If you assume (fairly) that most politicians are completely self serving and manifestos and pledges are largely lies that will be quickly ignored, you have to base your decision purely on what you experience. So, if you work in education, the NHS, for the police, as a fire fighter or in practically any public sector role, if you work under a zero hours contract, you require disability benefits or were a woman born in the 50s, whether you're a former or current graduate or feel you need access to mental health services or end-of-life care and you'd STILL like more of what you have EXPERIENCED, then by all means - vote Conservative. If, at this stage, practically any change is a gamble worth taking then just vote anyone else or spoil your ballot.
  11. Went on sale to ST Holders at 5pm, tickets available. Clicked button immediately it became available - 17 seats. Clicked select. Sold out. Impossible to have been any quicker. Absolutely gutted. My nephew has just started Uni in Sheffield and was desperate to go to this match. Oh, so for clarification, SOLD OUT.
  12. Thanks. But my plan isnt even streaming locally - it's plugging a External Harddrive in! Hear there can be issues with Kodi doing this?
  13. Revive an old thread... Been looking at replacing my Acer Mini PC that acts as a HTPC in my lounge. It isn't used for anything other that locally stored (4TB External HDD) video files through Kodi. It doesn't handle 1080p brilliantly and 4K would be impossible when I upgrade the TV. I'm very early in to the research stage but I'm under impression that Windows HTPCs are kind of defunct now (I was initially thinking of a NUC for the upgrade) Would the new Nvidia Shield Pro (2019) be a suitable replacement? Any extras, such as Netflix/ Prime Video, are great but the key is that I can still watch all my locally stored media (not streaming).
  14. Whilst I agree with you in principle (I want to remain) it's too simplistic a view. It's yet another quick fix rather than properly dealing with ths mess we're in. If it was just cancelled it would reappear again soon enough and the arguments would be so easy to spin as 'not listened to'. The Tories put a hole in the wall, I could quickly cover it with a picture but I'd rather sort the issue out properly and replaster. It might take a few months longer but this desire to 'just get it done' (on either side of the debate) is too simplistic to be effective.
  15. I can't say I agree or disagree strongly with the policy. However, I was truly shocked that you had such a passionate support of decriminalisation of it, looked at your name and location, nope.... nothing to give a clue to your views on this matter...
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