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  1. Gutted. Wanted to buy these as a last match with my brother before I leave to get married over the summer (he can't make it) Ah well, shouldn't have been 2hrs late!!
  2. The yearly complaint about the badge AGAIN. Every time the new kits are upon us, people whine about the badge. It's fine. And is a LOT more traditional than a round badge as far as Villa are concerned. In our history, we've had a circular badge for 19 years. We've had 'shields' for at least 110 years. TRADITION dictates it should be a shield. I have some slight preferences and tweaks I like the idea of but it's basically fine. The round badge calls are largely from 40-50 year olds clamouring for the past and the retro vibe that the world is currently gripped by. If we went round it'd be about a decade before the next generation wanted the shields back because they remind them of Villa in their youth. Also we can't 'reuse' old badges without major changes as we would have lost copyright.
  3. The window may be officially open but, by and large, this is the only real holiday footballers have so until preseason kicks in there will likely be relatively minimal movement. It either happens immediately (before they go on holiday) or will start rolling again in a few weeks/early next month building up to the normal panic the day before the season starts this year. Hoping deadwood is deadwood regardless of intended targets. The Bunn, Richards and McCormacks of our squad were never going to play. Only Whelen and Adomah really featured much towards end.
  4. Is it just me or is that showreel not that impressive?! Weak punches, no catching, looks like it's edited so many of the follow ups were goals and a majority of the saves either directly at him or off an arm rather than a solid hand on them.
  5. I'll be there... but having my delayed (UK) wedding reception in one of the suites!! Maybe I'll suggest it as cheap accommodation after the event... In all seriousness, it's a good cause and hope it goes well.
  6. Funny note...that's my fiancee...but not THAT Emma Willis. She's a season ticket holder too. Funnier still, I met Emma Willis before I met my Emma Willis and that greatly annoys her... In fact, I showed THAT Emma Willis around Villa Park but she was technically a Griffiths then.
  7. I agree. No parade. However, put the trophy in the shop, let people (especially kids who've not experienced silverwear) have some photos and keep the positive vibes up. Sell a little merchandise and at least acknowledge the success with a little nod...
  8. jackbauer24


    For when we all need it for the FA Cup Final next year... This place was perfect; quiet, easy to get to, cheap, going the opposite way to everyone else so the 5min tube ride was empty even at Wembley Park. Driving out simple too. Hope to use it again...
  9. jackbauer24


    Yeah that's the one. Fingers crossed it's all good.
  10. jackbauer24


    Well unless the fiancé has really messed up she's pulled a blinder with parking. Found 10am to 8pm at a gated parking place in Neasden for £3.50 and booked for Monday using Justpark! Happy with that - tube in takes 5mins, might even walk it back (45mins) to walk off disappointment/ dance in the streets (or simply avoid Wembley Park Station after a game...) Probably try to get to Neasden about 11/12 I'm guessing, takes 2ish hours.
  11. I saw the graffiti video hours ago, yet I've only just realised the design mirrors the Kappa logo! I must need sleep...
  12. jackbauer24


    I tried to book Stanmore for parking but it said it was full
  13. Limited Edition Playoff Home Shirt (photo) So tempted by this, but only in large and £75 seems excessive!
  14. jackbauer24


    BOOKED! Block 124, Row 8. Lovely stuff!! Just want a better final performance/result than last four!! (FA Cup, League Cup, FA Cup, Playoffs)

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