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  1. Well they've changed their mind. I'm not sure the stipulation was to get rid of a senior royal but I did just in case... In all seriousness, the vendors have decided to take my 'lower' offer as we can move quicker than the other people. Remember this lower offer is still 30k more than the list price (OIEO)! So now I've visited a house, put an offer in, rejected then accepted and signed all the initial paperwork... the real 'fun' starts I believe with mortgages, conveyancing and surveys... not to mention gazumping and all that stuff. I might be on here a lot asking wtf questions...
  2. Let's forget whether he was racist or whether the monarchy is an outdated and pointless institution or whether it was his paedophile son or his far too modern grandson whom pushed him over the edge or whether Covid had at least something to do with it... Most important thing is he's a very important man in this country and he's died... so do I get a day off work?!
  3. Mixture of things, some which are an unfair comparison to be honest! Firstly, my rent is dirt cheap. I live in a three bed semi from a private landlord I found on Gumtree over ten years ago... Very very cheap. Post 2000 build, garden, drive... Well under standard rent. So, based on value of this house and the mortgage calculator on RM, it's about £700 cheaper than buying it per month (obviously that's an investment blah blah blah lol). How he does it I don't know but not sure it's all legit taxes wise and no middle man EAs!! I suppose it was a lot cheaper when he bought it 15/20 years ago
  4. That is illegal as I understand it. I can see why people have started contacting the vendors directly as EAs have such a bad reputation and do little to try and change it. The system is completely broken, from the finances to the process and the paperwork. Don't know another industry it would be allowed in.
  5. Well I've offered £30k over and still rejected. Makes the whole thing a farce as the difference between our budget and what is REALLY available to us is two very different things. Using Rightmove and setting the budget is pointless as it's obviously far higher than they state. And this is Birmingham (South), not London, New York or Paris!! We've decided to stop looking. We simply can't afford to get what we want, or anything remotely close to it, in this area at this time. Not like my expectations are so ridiculous that I can't find houses I like in my price range... It's just they're not
  6. Latest; Found house we were interested in. Offered bang on price (although listed as OIEO) then, given first rejection, increased price by 10k. They got back to us and told us we were miles off other offers, so we've had to walk away. To be fair, given the amount of work needed on it, we were probably lucky they didn't accept our offer!! The dream of how it could look probably can only be achieved by someone with much deeper pockets. However, we've now found another house but again it's the bloomin' OIEO crap. If you want an auction, just put it in an auction and stop wasting everyon
  7. Latest update in the insane market... House goes live on Monday basically as I'm refreshing the Rightmove page. Phone estate agents and they say they've just put it on. As they have our details they quickly book us in for the first viewing on the first day viewings will take place, this Saturday. Log on to RM tonight... House is under offer?! So am I missing a step or are people just offering without seeing properties now? Estate Agents haven't told us a thing. Phoning them in the morning but so so bored of this now. People keep suggesting I just put in offers so I can VIEW the
  8. How insane is the market at the moment?! Is it always like this? I'm a late first time buyer but am now in a very healthy position and decided to finally get moving on this. Having a good budget, the deposit sorted and very stable jobs in no chain I thought we'd not find it too hard despite our quite particular requirements list. However, so far we're getting nowhere. Found a house... Did a drive by, phoned up Agents and price had risen by about 20%! A week later, find another house advertised on Saturday, phone Monday and it's Under Offer and no more viewings. Find another a few day
  9. I'd seriously question if we have strong first XI... We have Grealish, without him we're clearly not 'strong'. Are we one of the worst teams in the division without him? I'd say we have a strong keeper and defence... after that it gets shaky! A strong starting VII...!
  10. Every week we get worse. You lose your best player and the first few games you suffer. Then you adapt and use the tools you have to scrape out points. Or, you do what Smith does and just keep going at it the same way time and time again, exactly the way we did when we nearly got relegated. Doesn't matter who the opposition is, play the same way. Doesn't matter how the game is going, make the same subs at the same times. We are possibly the most 'one man' we've ever been. I can't think of a time in the last 30 odd years we've been so dependent on one player. That's a mix of poor recru
  11. Season is done, it's justa case of squeezing in top balf or not. Based on 2022, I'd say we'll end abiut 12th-14th. So, with that in mind, start planning for the future. Get Ramsey on even though he's not strong enough - still better than wasting minutes on Barkley. No more Trez, El Ghazi or possibly even Traore unless as a sub - two of them aren't good enough and Traore is good for maybe 5% of a game. Pack out the midfield and forget width as it's crap anyway and we can't cross. Really fallen flat and disappointing end to the season vindicating the early promise.
  12. I know he has MANY detractors on here but, having seen the last dozen matches, I really don't see how he wouldn't have been a good player to have available at the moment. If nothing else, his ability from free kicks and corners would have at least made us a threat from those positions. We are comically bad without him at set pieces. He might be a 7 in terms of ability but it's 7 every week. Barkley is probably capable of 10 but it's 10 one week and 2s and 3s for the other 14 games. Ramsey too young/lightweight, McGinn really struggling. Luiz could be used differently. I think le
  13. Losing faith. It's like the kid who has the best Top Trump card who just keeps winning. The second they lose that card you realise they don't even know how to play. You can't be THAT much of a one man team, especially after the summer spending spree. Line ups are poor, midfield is confused, tactics are none existent, substitutions are predictable and there seems to be no understanding of how the opposition play differs from team to team. Thank you but you, like Mings and McGinn, have reached your ceiling. We need some proper quality now. You cant just have plan A being "let Grea
  14. Didn't deserve anything anyway. Two awful teams playing error strewn horrific antifootball with an absolute dirth of any quality. Newcastle arrive awful and still shaded it, least theirs was a intentional goal! Watkins, worst game in a Villa shirt, couldn't hold a thing. ALL of the midfield horrific. Barkley just gets worse and worse, it's farscial. Defence, Konsa onky one any good. Mings made Newcastle look threatening from nothing. Elmo and Targett can't beat a man. Elmo can't defend either. Wrong team too. Just awful, awful, awful. Glad it was a Friday, can forget this and ha
  15. Yeah there's making a point and then there's ridiculous statements... Benteke rarely scores (these days), Davis will NEVER score! Benteke has five goals this season... Davis won't score that many in the Premier League in his entire career! He's only got two at Championship level so I wouldn't be confident he'll reach 5 in that league over is career either!! Of course, he just needs a loan then he'll come back world class...
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