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  1. It is ridiculously tight. If you'd asked fans in August whether they'd have taken being 5 points off Arsenal by January they'd have bitten your hand off (and probably died laughing!). BUT, there is a small gap forming from 15th downwards and I hope we either make a little leap forward in the next 4 or 5 games or just try to be better than at least two of the four teams around us (assuming Norwich are stuffed at point). We're in a mini league with Watford, Bournemouth, West Ham and Brighton. We've a point against Brighton, 3 against Watford and face Bournemouth next. Our last game of the season against West Ham could be interesting...
  2. Absolutely nothing story and the killer line in the whole piece is that the EFL themselves valued Derby's ground as worth £49m. So are we saying that a) Villa's ground (and the land it sits on) isn't worth £8m more? And b) that even if we were a couple of million short that the PL would dock us points?! It's nothing. No one is questioning the actual sale (although they're pissed it's a loop hole) so it's all about valuation and, if anything, Villa's was undervalued! If they're clever they could probably sell it again to another subsidiary for closer to market value and give us a bit more cash yet!!
  3. Whether we should be patient with him or not, did anyone actually bother going to watch him before we signed him on loan? Has he been playing reserve games or anything that some of our scouts could have been checking out? Otherwise it seems we have signed a player soley based on reputation from years ago. He's so so far off the pace I have to assume it is pure negligence from the powers that be that we've signed him on LOAN as the absolute best case scenario is he's finally up to speed by the time we're already relegated. Clearly nowhere near ready, I'd be playing every one of our midfielders ahead of him and I think most of those are limited at best. In fact, I'm trying to work out if McGinn would still be fitter as of today... Such a weird signing.
  4. Stole a point. Grealish goal excellent but performance stifled by Smith's tactics. Reina great save towards end. Drinkwater is awful, Nakamba is awful, Hause is awful, Konsa is mostly awful. All the rest, bar Mings, are players you'd be happy were squad players. We're effectively playing a reserve Premier League team against true first XIs every week, but held down by some really awful players on top of that. The quality isn't there. Unless there's a miracle in next two weeks in transfer window, we're going down. And I don't think Smith knows what to do at the moment. His indecisiveness is reflecting in our performances. Too many formations, too many changes, too few reactions to what's happening on the pitch.
  5. jackbauer24

    Pepe Reina

    Is he a keeper who likes to catch or punch? Highlight videos seem to suggest he likes punching more. That worries me, particularly with the speed/awareness/ability of our defensive players or when attempting to defend as a team. The second ball is always won by the opposition. Heaton served us well because he held the ball. We need a calming keeper, not a spectacular shot stopper if ball is coming back in withing seconds...
  6. Before the match would have snapped your hand off for a 2-1 loss! During the game I was delighted with the chance of keeping it as a draw! Thought I was dreaming when we were properly smash and grab ahead. At 90 minutes I'm fuming we threw away the chance to head to VP with a lead. After the match I'll just revert to being happy we're still in tie. That was tough. Defensively impressive. Nyland MOTM. Everything else was poor. Except Nakamba and Luiz who were absolutely atrocious. Nakamba gave one of the worst passing performances I have ever seen and we certainly don't need to worry about Man City recalling Luiz. Shockingly bad. We're in the tie which is a surprise. But can't see us matching that defensive performance again so we're going to have to hope for a striker before the 2nd leg. Delighted but frustrated.
  7. Going wildly off topic now but to conclude (and carry on in Hourihane thread if necessary!) you have done exactly what I requested (of another user!) and explained the apparent contradiction of rating Maupay and not Hourihane. That's not to say I agree but...! Interestingly, I actually find it more common that spectators have a negative opinion that can't be swayed than a positive one. Players fall off pedestals with relative ease (especially at this club!) but I see little of people reviewing their dislike of players. So rather than saying Maupay isn't good enough because of X, Y and Z it's more interesting as to how your (or any fans) view of Houihane is so negatively fixed. In my opinion, it's due to either a misunderstanding of his role, a lack of appreciation of that role or that he's not utilised properly by the management. Actually it's probably elements of all three. Conor isn't a dribbling midfielder and he isn't an enforcer. He's that always under recognised 'cog'. Stats back up his passing success is higher than anyones at Villa, his ball retention beats all our midfielders, his bad touches per match is lower than all our midfielders, his key passes is behind just the wonder pairing of Jack and John. I could go on... But, like you rightly point out, stats aren't everything and he loses ball less because he doesn't dribble for example. So really it comes down to whether you respect the role rather than the player. Or perhaps whether you think we need that role at all. Personally I do. I want a player who does the boring stuff, quietly and efficiently. Ticks over the midfield. But then look at his free kicks, look closely at the goal against Burnley (not the goal, the clever but ever so simple touch back to Grealish with the outside of his foot to then make space) look at the first time ball in the lead up to our first goal in the Playoffs. Look at the goal against Blues or the crucial goal against WBA in the Semis. This whole 'goes missing' thing is a bit of a red herring thing really. He's not as involved when we're up against it because of his role. In the same way Wesley won't get as many touches and Grealish won't go on as many runs. So he doesn't 'go missing' or be a coward, but shouldn't play in those games because we need a different tactical set up - we need an extra enforcer type. When we're on top of teams we don't have a go at the goalkeeper because he did nothing! It is the role. But really...way off topic, it's late and I've got work in morning and I'm rambling
  8. I'm not debating Hourihane as a midfielder... You're missing the point. I'm suggesting I don't see how someone can suggest Maupay as a Striker is Prem quality and Hourihane as a midfielder isn't based on those statistics. I'm asking for reasoning, not even suggesting they are wrong but I just want to know how they came up with that belief. But, for the record, I am a STH and it is weird how polar opposite views on Hourihane are on these boards compared to vast majority of the crowd, especially those I sit round! But, like I say, that isn't the point of my query.
  9. I am not comparing like with like. I am suggesting that when a midfielder is outperforming a striker in an attacking sense then to suggest it is the underperforming player that is better needs further explanation. Furthermore, Maupay does have a responsibility to score and can let down that obligation/ his team equally. I don't believe any position is not part of the TEAM. If a player such as Hourihane is out performing as an attacker and underperforming as a defender then the real analysis is that he is playing in the wrong position and/or be utilised incorrectly. But that's not the point of this debate...
  10. Yes and no. Numbers are not the be all and end all (well other than the results!) but they must be considered when talking about a players performance. Just because a statistic doesn't fit your view on a player doesn't mean it can be disregarded UNLESS you put an argument forward that counters the data. I can have a player I like as a striker but however hard he works or great he looks on the ball then unless he scores goals he will be judged on numbers. End product is relevant. It is a factor. In this case the data suggests a midfielder is outperforming a striker. So where is the counter argument? That is my point.
  11. Hourihane has played 775minutes in his first season in the Premier League and scored 3 goals and has two assists from midfield. Maupay has played 1541minutes in his first season in the Premier League and scored 7 goals and has one assist as a striker. You state Hourihane isn't Premier League quality but Maupay is? I don't get that...
  12. Who gave Kodjia MOTM?! Why so many of you?! He was his usual lazy, selfish, devoid of vision self. One cleverish lob over the keeper does not make a MOTM award, even if there was incredibly little quality throughout the squad. The minimum you require for MOTM is effort!!
  13. Whilst I agree wholeheartedly in theory, we're perhaps in a situation where beggars can't be choosers. I'd rather we got a loan only player that kept us up than stick too rigidly to our principles and get inferior players or, worse still, no-one. Yes, by all means try and build for the future and get options to buy included, but don't let it be a deal breaker if we can't. We can't afford that with no viable strikers sitting 17th in the table in January.
  14. jackbauer24

    Keinan Davis

    Harewood scored 5 goals in 29 appearances for Villa (17%) Allback scored 6 in 35 (17%) Baros scored 9 in 42 (21%) J Ayew scored 9 in 51 (18%) Hogan 10 in 61 (16%) Gestede scored 10 in 55 (18%) Heskey scored 14 in 110 (13%) L Moore scored 15 in 88 (17%) In a who's who of pretty awful strikers who, by and large, played in the Premier League Keinan Davis is still looking at them with envy. Keinan Davis has scored 4 in 53 appearances (8%). He is not an option. If he leaves this club having scored as many as Allback I'll be slightly surprised (but who knows with cup games) but I'd say Hogan is out of reach for him whatever happens... I'd love these words to be shoved down my throat, I want all Villa players to be world-beaters, but Keinan Davis is an absolutely awful finisher even at Championship level. Can anyone really see him scoring, especially with his feet, in the Premier League?! Some people may throw, legitimately, the minutes versus appearances argument in to the debate but I don't have time to research that! Needless to say, he's still not going to be covering himself in glory. If we go in to the remainder of this season relying on him in any way then we are relegated! He may be nice, he may be a hard worker, he may be physical and can control a ball but a striker must score. He is no striker. We took a punt on a non-league player in the Championship and it didn't pay off. No way is it getting better in the Premier League. * All stats taken from transfermarkt.co.uk
  15. I don't necessarily think this is the case, it's certainly not something we'd have experienced at Villa before, but this could be a clever bit of tactical gamesmanship in transfer negotiations or, at worst, a sensible back up if all else fails. We can show the clubs of keepers we're interested in that we aren't over a barrel in terms of needing their player which strengthens our negotiating stance. If successful then Sarkic goes back Livingston. Yes, it's a bit like using him like a pawn but it is a possible clever tactic. And of course if all falls through we're not left high and dry. Of course it's much more likely it's Nyland and Sarkic for the rest of the season!
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