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  1. Just tried 'plain text' That doesn't work either.
  2. After a slapped wrist I'm testing this by slowly following the instructions step by step. Using Brave on Android Tablet. Chose random tweet to attach. Clicked 'Copy link to tweet' Pasted in this box. Waited. 'Pasted as rich text' appears. Pressed enter. 'Your link has been automatically embedded' appears. Nothing shows. Exactly as my original attempt (which is why I selected 'Display as link instead') So where am I going wrong?!
  3. Was more interested in the cake, in fact I'd sent it to my sister as a joke about a wedding cake she's making me and it was her who noticed the 'celebrity' recepient;
  4. I'm genuinely really interested in reading people's views on this, it's a fascinating insight in to how the public view things, how attitudes have changed in society and where football fits in within that spectrum. Without knowing the ins and outs of this particular case it is interesting, and perhaps worthy of discussion, to question whether historic LEGAL behaviour can be viewed in the present fairly. What was once acceptable may no longer be, but does that mean people should be punished retrospectively? Again, I stress, this isn't to do with KMac's behaviour but judging past attitudes in modern situations. Whilst the previous paragraph may suggest some sympathy towards KM, it actually doesn't reflect my view at all. Football has always been the domain of the very worst traits in masculinity. It was what put me off playing from a very early stage; the bravado, the cockiness, the aggression, the lad culture. It's been mentioned to me that I may have even had a career in the game if I'd played/ been coached from an early age but it would have been people like KM which would have made me quit instantly. However, the nuances of this issue then swing the discussion in the other direction again; maybe I didn't have the mental fortitude to succeed as a professional footballer/sportsman. Where is the line between pushing a player and bullying them? And who decides? Whilst I can't agree with the poster saying (or even using) the term 'snowflakes' it would be naïve to suggest there isn't a link between lack of success and the inability to deal with criticism. Therefore, lots of failed sportsman would be more inclined to feel they were bullied than successful ones who view that criticism as character building. Criticism is vital element of growth but it's only relatively recently that the term 'constructive criticism' has been used. This isn't really a view, more of a musing on the multitude of issues that arrive in cases such as KM. I'm a strong advocate for positivity, equality and diversity. I can't wait for the day that we have openly gay players and that Kick It Out is viewed as a historic success like Women's Suffrage. Unfortunately, I doubt that will be in my life time as football seems to be the slowest to move with the times. How can the sport I love be so resistant to progress?
  5. Err, well, mmm... Lost in the post?! Least I might have had one person on 'my side' that way too!!
  6. I'm currently on my honeymoon... We flipped the budget, by effectively eloping and then going on a very long honeymoon. We were just discussing it this morning - we're away for 34 days or something and we've 9 left, but the worst day was the wedding day! Not bad, just not great! However, very early on we decided that it wasn't going to be flash and it was unrealistic to expect it was going to be perfect! We eloped to NYC but with an open invite to anyone who wanted to come (largely for holiday) but with no expectations. We thought maybe 2 or 3 might join us, in the end there were 20 but 75% were linked to the bride. Unfortunately it was the only day the weather was crap (outdoor wedding and photos!) but the meal at a fancy private room hotel overlooking the skyline was epic... Until brides mum said she didn't really like me in front of a few people! Everyone else really enjoyed it. There was no airs and graces, it was all low key, no speeches and the best man was my brother in-law. I simply could not have got married in the UK due to all the pressure and politics etc. If I was to change one thing it would have been to have eloped properly! Unfortunately, we have agreed to have a UK reception in October so that's when some politics might be coming in to it! For a start, my wife now wants to uninvite her parents! Interesting; if they didn't warm to me already, they'll bloody hate me after that conversation! Ultimately I wouldn't give too much weighting to one day. It really isn't that important and this comes from a newlywed. Guests, best men, maids of honor are all a distraction really. I have little time for people who have a view on how others should do there wedding, it's the couple's day not theirs and if that's what makes life easier for them, right or wrong, let them go for it with a smile. When I look back I'll be focusing on our honeymoon in NYC, Hawaii, San Fran, LA and now Cancun rather than thinking about how one day right at the start could have been slightly better. I've been a best man once. It was incredibly stressful but because I didn't want to let anyone down rather than any particular pressure or politics. I did feel perhaps that some of his older friends (pre Uni) might have been disappointed but they quickly forgot that when it just turns in to a good weekend on the stag do and best man has the responsibility and they have the fun and actually see the best man more! I also, sadly, haven't spoken to that groom in over 8 years due to my own mental health issues (for another thread) so one day doesn't give you any more guarantees or superiority in a friendship. It's such a silly day, especially in this day and age when most have been living together for years, that it's not worth getting in to financial or emotional debt over. If it's yiurs, enjoy it for you as a couple, if it's someone elses just do what they want or don't go! *This applies to every non-religious ceremony, can't imagine pressures from those or, even more complicated, cross-denomination ones!
  7. In Wesley we trust it seems. In Kodjia we have a wild card with international experience who may thrive given the opportunity. In Davis we have a big guy who can hold up a ball... Sorry, we have two strikers at this club and Davis. I hope/wish I was wrong but Davis will make Heskey look prolific. He's a striker who doesn't score and has never suggested he can even at Championship level. He'll eventually leave Villa having scored fewer than ten goals in his whole career with us.
  8. I don't think I want it but I wonder if there is something in the Sturridge rumours. We seem very light up front otherwise. An injury or difficulty settling to Wesley and we effectively have no striker. Or perhaps Julian Joachim is using Gibraltar as a stepping stone back to us...
  9. This is going to be the best deadline day ever. We don't NEED anything and as I'm currently on honeymoon in Hawaii, I'll sleep through most of the faux drama! Can wake up about 8am here and the window will be closed and I'll just be able to read the fallout!
  10. View/feelings based on nothing but pre-season, highlight videos and the way Villa generally play and our current standing in the league (survival vs title race) Gems; Guilbert*, Engels, Mings, Heaton Good season; El Ghazi (consistency), Trezeguet (settle) Average season; Wesley (chances), Jota (strength), Luiz (expectancy) Poor season; Targett (ability), Konsa (experience), Hause (ability) But all based on very little! Hope they're all gems even if that is highly unrealistic! I don't think Hause or Konsa are starters anyway and I hope I'm wrong about Targett. Think we're weak on our left in general. Also feel as though it's going to be easier to stand out as a defender this season as we'll be on the back foot a fair bit. Can't see Wesley having many opportunities for a while as the team get used to the league and playing together.
  11. I watched that highlights video and all I saw was Yellow and Red cards!! He's off the ground quite a lot, VAR could have a field day!! I like a little bit of tenacity, McGinn has it and we saw how many cards he got last season - this guy might be that little bit further over the line based on that video. Defensive midfielders should be breaking up play through positioning and controlled tackling, keeping it calm and quickly releasing the ball. Again, only based on that video, Nakamba seems to be diving in and going on little runs - he seems more direct competition to McGinn than a true DM.
  12. I am normally a medium in everything. Before last year every shirt was medium (38) Luke t-shirts I was a small. Kappa T-shirt is just about OK in a medium but probably be better as a large, it is a tighter fit than standard. Ridiculous really, can see why women get annoyed by nonstandard sizing...
  13. Might as well refer to my original post... So I get married in 12 days... But the really interesting point is the honeymoon! For logistical and financial reasons, the route is now; London to NYC (8 nights) - getting married towards end NYC to Hawaii (10 nights) Hawaii to San Fran (3 nights) San Fran to LA (5 nights) LA to Cancun (10 nights) Cancun home... So we've booked Kualoa Ranch (Hawaii), Alcatraz (San Fran) Universal and Warner Bros (LA) so far. NYC we've done a lot at Xmas but never in the heat of summer so that'll be interesting! Going to Yankees game night before wedding. Cancun we visited once before but just did luxury beach, probably should do Chitchen Itza or something and the cenotes look pretty cool too. Any last minute tips or advice about any of these destinations? Musts? Avoids?
  14. And who would win if between Team A and Team B tonight?

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