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  1. And that leads me to the simplified 'stupid' belief. Having any version of Leave that is desirable is absolutely impossible if it's looked at for more than two seconds; want to leave without impacting Ireland? Impossible. Want to leave with full trade and no freedom of movement? Impossible. Who really thinks any organisation would harm itself to help a departing member? There is no version of Leave that realistically could achieve the utopia that was promised (and conveniently forgotten) if people bothered to think. If a MAJORITY of people are still too racist, stupid or lazy to believe the Leave they want is possible then I stick by my statement that I'd have lost all hope. The last few years have got to have spelt it out by now surely?! It may not be perfect, nothing ever will be, but it's clearly a lot better than not being in the EU.
  2. I like to think that's the case and the reason why Leave won; the small group of racist bigots swelled by the, for want of a better term, the naïve who wanted the promised nirvana of a post EU United Kingdom. What I like to think is now the truth is more readily available and the lies have been revealed and the warnings have proven to be correct that, given the opportunity, the UK would vote very differently in a second referendum. The racist elements in our society being proven to be tiny. Should we STILL vote to leave through a second referendum (or basically a one issue General Election) then I'd really lose all hope for this country. You'd have to be a racist, unbelievably stupid (in my view) or just pig-headed to still want to Leave knowing all we do now. I can forgive being conned once, but not to learn from that...
  3. I am quite obviously remain based on my comments (essays!) on here but I have practically as much disdain for the 'Remain' parties as I do the Tories/ No deal factions. The Remain parties are weak, passive and unorganised. Labour bounce from fence to fence and the Lib Dems talk the talk but do nothing about it. It's ever so simple - call a VoNC, form a temporary government, negotiate the extension and then call the General Election. But both parties (I could include SNP in this) find working with anyone else to be a worse scenario than No Deal. Politics, once again, getting in the way of simple solution for the good of the country. I'd have Mickey Mouse as Prime Minister for two months if it secured the priority of a) No Deal being ruled out and b) A General Election immediately afterwards. Then all parties can split again and decide whatever manifesto they want without negotiating with another party. I can understand not wanting to form a long term coalition but this is two months. Get your priorities right. As for media/journalists/politicians on the Remain side of the argument, they tend (tend!) to be the quieter, more reasonable and law abiding which means it's more difficult to be heard. The shouty (Katie Hopkins), unreasonable (Rees-Mogg) law breaking (Johnson) type leavers will always make themselves heard in the face of facts or reasoned discussion. In fact, if you know nothing about politics just look at the prominent figures on either side; Leave; Boris, Farage, Rees-Mogg, Hopkins, Piers Morgan, Trump, Rupert Murdock Remain; Stephen Fry, (late) Stephen Hawking, Obama, David Attenborough, Brian Cox, Patrick Stewart, Martin Lewis Which side, on a human level, would you prefer to align to?! Admittedly I've slightly skewed choices to fit my argument BUT it's easy to do as finding respected Leave voters is practically impossible. I think the closest I could find was John Cleese! Much like voting patterns indisputably show, the greater your intelligence the more likely you were to vote Remain. But we've reached a tipping point now where laziness from the masses in their comfortable homes has meant they'll just listen to those who shout the loudest without question. So maybe I've finally done it, found a reason for Brexit; when they realise what they've lost they'll be forced to wake up. Unfortunately it'll be too late by then.
  4. But it also works on so many people it's scary. Terrifying. I hear educated people saying 'let's just get it done, I'm bored of it now' even if they were remainers. How can society have such a short attention span that they can't even be bothered to continually invest in such an important decision just because it's more complicated than anyone believed. How can people be so stupid to believe that a No-Deal Brexit means it's all over immediately? People listen only to soundbites and hashtags and catchy phrases without having the intelligence to question clear contradictions, to hold liars to account or to look at documented evidence/ reports/industry. No, we have politicians applauding lawbreakers as if it was some clever Eton tomfoolery worth a bit of a giggle... We have politicians copying the Trump guide to politics; admit nothing, question anyone more qualified than yourself, ignore laws, claim fake news/ conspiracy at every difficult revelation. And it works. It keeps working. This country largely deserves what's coming to it. I'll fight to remain however long it takes but strongly suspect I'll lose. But I won't give up because it's boring. It is boring to be still going on but that's because the simplest questions won't be answered; 1. Did all people leaving want EXACTLY the same thing? (no deal, trade, Norway etc etc) if not how do you know they are majority? 2. What gets better when we leave? 3. Why is voting again, with in fact more time than between last two GEs now, undemocratic? These aren't remain questions. If you voted Leave, answer them. Brexiteers (including Johnson) stopped Leave with May Deal as it wasn't 'their' leave - automatically proves there are at least two versions of leave which means, mathematically, Remain had biggest share unless someone can prove approximately 96% of Leavers wanted to leave at all cost even if they couldn't get their version. No one has said what gets better, just what might stay the same if we're lucky. And finally, that we can't have another vote in case Remain wins - openly ignoring any potential will of the people. Where is the 'threat' from a second referendum? If you're so sure No-Deal is what the people want you should happily put it to the people so you can show you understand the public. A Brexiteer should want this. Your deal is great? Put it to public. Boris could do that tomorrow and this would have the whole house in agreement and we'd know what's what the day after the referendum, one way or the other. I think Leave would still win. In my opinion because populism/sound bites/racism/xenophobia/laziness are some of the most common British traits. I find it thoroughly depressing. Leaver voters will not engage in questioning. I've tried. Calm conversation. The answer is a 'we won get over it' or 'leave means leave'. The ability to dig just a little bit deeper escapes them through 'boredom'.
  5. If we're debating referendums vs politicians, I have long argued that it should kind of be a mixture of the two - elected officials voting on many issues. My belief is the party system doesn't work. It creates a tribalism style voting pattern from generations who 'couldn't' vote for x party in their geographical areas, it creates situations were questioning authority is rewarded with banishment from the party and it creates 'career' politicians who act based on their job aspirations and not for their community or country. I would want 650 independent MPs. Elected based on the individual rather than the party. It would also force the electorate to understand their representative better. 650 MPs turn up at Parliament and vote for practically everything from the Prime Minister, to who runs which department to the laws of the land. To be in charge of, say Education, you need to know about Education. MPs should be qualified in the area they lead - to know that industry. It's only politics where the boss can one week be in charge of Nuclear Weapons and the next week be caring about whether 5 year old should know their phonics. It's ridiculous when you think about it. Would we not have a broader selection of society if we elected the individual rather than the same Eton cohorts pulled up by the big political parties too? The only thing I see parties providing is a simple, dumbed down version, of each person that makes them easy to vote for as, "if they're x party they must support x,y and z policies and I don't need to know them" which is false anyway as it takes away any individuality but is also proven to be a waste of time when politicians bounce from party to party anyway after being elected. 650 people, pulling in the same direction, directly responsible for areas they are qualified to talk about, working like a business run by shareholders (the public). I'm sure there is a lot more complexity to it than that but, on principle, I can't see why it doesn't work. Completely irrelevant as it'll never happen but... 650 politicians with a free vote on everything, working every day to understand an issue rather than be whipped one way or the other seems to make sense to me.
  6. Again, forget the blame game. Not interested in how we got here now, it's a lesson but it's not a solution to this situation. Even if we assume all Remainers are terrified of nothing and we'll be fine, it STILL does not explain what is going to be better. What do leavers think will get BETTER?! The focus seems to be on diminishing fear rather than highlighting a positive. All future is a BELIEF based on your view. Remainers believe bad things, Leavers seem to simply believe it won't be SO bad. Where is the upside? And treating this all as a game is why we're in a mess. Suggesting there is a parallel to a football match is ridiculous. Winning and losing should not be the outcome of any election. It gives an indication of the strongest feeling but is not about completely ignoring the 'losing' side. Otherwise we wouldn't have a parliament for five years, just the winners dictating policy without reproach. Furthermore, elections (and football matches!) are replayed every so often to ensure that everyone still agrees with the idea. Where this one time only thing came from I have no idea. Add in the fact it's openly accepted that lies were told, difficulties were discovered and the world has changed why wouldn't a normal person want to check just before shutting the door? I'm just waiting for a single leaver to engage in conversation other than "you lost, get over it". Engage in discussion, try to unite split families, friends and communities. Try to calm those you believe are overreacting. Even if you're 100% right, why would you not want to help rather than gloat? Unfortunately I suspect I know why this isn't possible, but I'd LOVE to be proven wrong. Engage.
  7. I promise I'm absolutely not looking to mock you, I'm genuinely interested in your view. What do you feel will be better after brexit? Even if it was all scaremongering and empty threats, what gets better once we leave?
  8. People don't trust politicians. That's hardly news. We now live in a world where there is no 'truth' - everything can be spun and completely stubborn denial of facts is seen as a legitimate response. You show a politician what they've said or done in the past in black and white and they'll simply deny it happened. There is no reasoning with that stance. The press are largely in the hands of the politically motivated and will choose to slant things in one direction or the other, or simply omit the story if it doesn't fit their agenda. A 'fact' is now a dirty word that is either conspiracy or scaremongering and expert opinion is dismissed as geeky, unreliable pomposity. It is a scary, scary time for the UK and the world. The masses largely wish to follow and will go down the path of least resistance which leads to populism and easy soundbites. Party politics is broken and takes away the idea of a person representing you. Brexit is the epitomy of all this. The only way I can see through this is to ask the people on the front line. Go speak to your doctor, your policeman, your teacher and your business owner. Go speak to the people in the factories and those working in retail. I have. Nearly all, to a varying degree, can see only bad times ahead if Brexit is to happen. Some got there immediately, others eyes have been opened whilst some still, shockingly, are ambivalent to the whole situation. However, not one has been able to suggest life will get BETTER for them or their industry should we leave. We seem to have universally accepted it's damage limitation. But, most surprisingly of all, this doesn't stop leavers wanting to leave. I'm not sure how it was achieved but 'Leave means Leave' seems to have become more embedded in society's psyche than any concept before it. It's almost been brainwashed. The belief that an idea, concept or even choice can't change is remarkable. I think, given another chance, the public would vote Leave again, purely because 'Leave means Leave' in the face of any concrete reasoning. That is a terrifying indictment of humanity. No-one is talking about what will IMPROVE at all and yet people still want to go through with it? Your freedom to travel will go. Your money will be worth less abroad. Costs will rise. Supplies will be hit. NHS will strain or even crumble. Jobs will go. Academia will suffer. Tensions will resurrect in Ireland. Funding for projects will plummet and workers protections will evaporate. This isn't a political stance, this is that scary reality that the government (pro brexit) acknowledge but they still want to do it. On the upside? Nothing. Not one thing is mentioned. How scary is it that NOW (not 2016) the choice should be so ridiculously obvious that there shouldn't even be a debate going on about carrying on from anyone other than those wishing for Britain's financial and societal destruction. So why the hell are we still here?! The best I've heard is we might, might, stand still. Hell of a gamble that. Please. One person, whatever your political stance, tell me why leaving could be seen as a good thing. What part of our world will get better? One thing, one light at the end of the tunnel, one shred of comfort for all this madness. I need something. Even a no-deal couldn't give me the relief of a quickly pulled plaster, negotiations would still be needed in multiple areas for a generation. I dispair. I really do.
  9. He was avoiding another car (Alesi I believe) and lost control, spinning in to the barrier.
  10. Stats aren't everything but it really is pretty obvious we've been scrappy also rans. Spurs vs Villa; Possession 70/30 Shots 31/7 (We defended brilliantly) Bournemouth; Possession 63/37 Shots 21/12 (We did play well bar start, but first game at home and forced to chase after first minute) Everton; Possession 35/65 Shots 7/12 (Very happy we won this against run of play) Palace; Possession 53/47 Shots 22/10 (Admittedly with ten men for too long) I have watched every game from start to finish and, perhaps Bournemouth aside, we've been pretty much outplayed for vast periods. Don't get me wrong, I don't expect us to be world beaters but we've generally offered very little other than effort. But this isn't an argument/view I want to carry on as I really, really hope I'm wrong and being overly negative in my appraisal!!
  11. Unfortunately, I just don't think we're good enough. We also are paper thin in regards cover in all areas other than central midfield. Our wings are all very weak and our striker options are incredibly weak. As it stands, we'd be looking at finishing 16th-19th. But throw in injuries, suspensions and 'settling', we look pretty much dead-certs for relegation. It's certainly not helped that practically every decision and rub of the green has gone against us but it'd be naïve not to suggest we've been by far second best in every match so far. Working hard, fighting and scraping for every ball and point with a strong team ethic is good but ultimately we're going to need quality. It's not going to be as horrific as our last relegation in terms of quality and points but I think we were forced to make massive changes in the summer and unfortunately it is always going to be a near impossible challenge to succeed. I think we've fallen just short of achieving what we needed to do to survive unless something really clicks over the international break or we have a change in tactics (for example flooding the midfield with our ambundant options and replacing wingers) I really hope I'm wrong.
  12. Tottenham have supplied 78 players Corinthians 76 players Liverpool 74 players Aston Villa 73 players As of 9th June 2019. I assume they need to be capped to count. So we go in to third place if both Heaton and Mings earn a cap as I understand it. No new Liverpool caps possible?
  13. I get not holding a grudge, I get letting things go and I get trying to get closure. But you've done all this in a message - you're obviously a more adjusted person than I am as I couldn't do it - but there is still zero reason to see him in person. He might be a changed man, have recovered from all his demons etc etc but he's not family and he's not a past lover (?!) so he's burnt that bridge completely with you. No, even in your replies I can see you're still raw from it, do not open that can of worms an inch more. Let someone else be this guys friend!
  14. What?! Why the hell would you meet up for a drink with this guy?! Jeez, I've stopped talking to people if they've beaten me at snooker before, never mind all that above
  15. I've left it five minutes after 'automatically embedded' and still nothing. So must not be able to quote tweets for some reason with this browser. I can see other people's quoted tweets but nothing I attempt to put up. Ah well, can't be bothered to work it out, just won't use it!
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