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  1. jackbauer24


    No birds around. Cat stops them coming near the garden, lack of trees in suburbia also means numbers are low. Thought about hiring some chickens... Are you insane?! I'm not touching them other than the bottom of my shoe! Flame thrower is my main thought at the moment (no, not really) There must be something that can destroy them. Game of Thrones wildfire-esque...
  2. jackbauer24


    I'm going to put this in the gardening thread because I couldn't find a 'how to kill billions of spiders' thread... So before anyone starts, yes every animal is special and yes every animal serves a purpose and yes it's wrong to kill them... but I hate them and I want them all dead. Fairly balanced argument me thinks. So, this isn't about one or two spiders. This is about hundreds of the things. There is a pebble/gravel border around my lawn and the ground literally moves with the sheer number of them if they are disturbed. The spiders are about a centimetre big and fast little buggers. What can I do to at least control the numbers?! I can't even see any obvious food source, there's only a largely unhealthy lawn and a few potted plants. How can I kill them all?! The garden is unusable at the moment as sitting down on the lawn results in a The Mummy/scarabs type scene! Please help me carry out mass pesticide!
  3. I know, I meant more in terms of the linesman should only raise the flag if he's sure it's offside. From that still picture I'd be amazed if he was 100% sure - it's incredibly tight. Maybe the video makes it clearer. But it's irrelevant, we won and there's no way we could say we didn't deserve to - O'Leary kept the score respectable.
  4. Surely that image suggests he's onside, if only for the 'benefit of doubt' rule?! Looking at the line in the grass, it seems to follow Elmo perfectly to Weimann and then Axel and then the planted foot of Jedi is arguably just beyond. I'd say we were very lucky to get away with that one!
  5. An EFL spokesperson has told BirminghamLive: "Bookings in the Play-Offs don’t count towards a suspension but bookings in League matches leading up to the Play-Offs do. Therefore if a player was to accumulate a 15th yellow card on the final day of the season they would then miss the entire Play-Off campaign (if their team was to make the Play-Off Final)." So play games as normal until he gets a single yellow card then his regular season is over and he's saved for playoffs where additional cards don't count.
  6. Max O'Leary. Ok, I've only seen him in yesterday's game but he was outstanding. Never seen such a good opposition performance from a keeper in 20 odd years. If that level can be maintained, he'll have an amazing future. He basically had a YouTube highlights reel in one game...
  7. There is no way that McGinn doesn't get 2 yellow cards in a potential 6 future games. That means he'd miss any final. Not worth the risk, pick up a yellow card in each of the next two matches please. Missing for Leeds, Norwich and First Leg. If he plays his part in next two games and basically assures us of Playoffs then we can forcibly rest him for the two dead games and hope someone else can hold the fort in the first leg. It might mean a petulant kick of the ball away or something but I hope we're clever about this. It'd be a disaster to lose him for any significant games.
  8. How many points do we need to be mathematically safely in the playoffs as it stands? Can't get my head round it - is it eight points? Assuming every result goes 'against' us would that be enough for 6th? Bristol could get a maximum of 80pts (affecting Derby total to max of 75) or Derby could get 78pts meaning Bristol get 77pts Draw means max of (BC) 78pts and (DC) 76pts. But we only need to be ahead of one of them so the highest total (for 6th) is the middle scenario. Middlesbrough can get 76pts. So the worst case scenario is Derby on 78pts (winning every game), Bristol on 77pts (winning every game bar DC), Boro 76pts (winning every game) So, as it stands, we need eight points from remaining four games. Is my maths correct?! We'd be tied on points but goal difference is much healthier. Would love to go into last two games needing nothing though!
  9. Big picture thinking; he was playing so well we had zero chance of keeping him in the summer. Now he's put in a few bad performances at least there's a chance it's put off a few suitors!
  10. Can't be dropped as we have no one else like him or able to play in a way that suits our setup. But, like many on here, I think he's playing very very poorly at the moment. He's not showing enough to suggest he could cut it at a higher level. The penalty was borderline unacceptable - confidence overstepped professionalism by a large amount. He needs too many chances to score and anytime he has to make a decision, rather than just react, he's bang average. His height and poaching is good but I think Villa's style of play is making him look better than he perhaps is. Not convinced he's all that.
  11. Leave means leave! Except when a brexiteer thinks it doesn't... If Leave Means Leave then I'd be MORE than happy to keep all the rules and regulations of the EU and just not field candidates for European Elections. See, we've left the EU. That's Leave. Oh, you don't like that one? OK, how about Leave Means Leave? We follow May's deal to the letter and Leave. You don't like that leave either? Right, got it. Leave means leave. So we leave but we stay in the customs union? No... Mmm, struggling here. Leave means leave.... OK, we Leave with no deal but actually have to start dealing immediately with EU? No? Leave Means Leave is the most moronic statement in this whole argument. The definition of Leave has never been defined by Brexiteers. If it hasn't been defined by Brexiteers it CAN'T have been voted on by the public. So decide what Leave f'ing means then ask the public if that's what they thought it meant and the whole thing is sorted much sooner for everyone. If you're so sure your opinion is the most popular then put it to the vote immediately.
  12. No, fifth ISN'T in our hands because if either Bristol or Derby were to win all their games then they would land above us. It's just they can't both do it! Fifth is just POSSIBLE in my ridiculous scenario where as sixth would be GUARANTEED. Also, if you start talking about just matching results, then you have to consider at least another three teams arguable.
  13. I think, think, mathematically it IS now completely in our hands to get 6th. Assuming we win every game and every permutation of a 'bad' result went against us I think we're still a minimum of 6th. So we win everything and our rivals win everything. The Derby/Bristol result means we'd jump above one of them at least; Derby win their game in hand and they are two points ahead of us. A loss means we jump above them. A win means Bristol behind us. Bristol win their game in hand so are four points ahead of us, but we play them and then a loss to Derby puts them behind us. A win means Derby behind us. A draw, I think means they could be both behind us... It's complicated but I used a predictor and that's what it seemed to show. But it's all SO mathematical as to be largely irrelevant at the moment! But it's nice to know that, technically, it is in our own hands now! Edit; CONFIRMED! We win every game we're on 81pts after 46 games. Bristol and Derby win every game they play against other opposition and after 45 games they are on 79 and 80pts respectively. No result in Bristol vs Derby can put them both above us.
  14. I am an incredibly strong remainer. However, even I don't want a unilateral revocation. It would cause massive problems, give such a strong argument to Brexiteers that they've been played for fools and increase likelihood it was just a pause in Brexit proceeding. The way to kill this, the only way to kill it truly and properly, is a second referendum. The hope being that the result is far more conclusive than the first in Remains favour. Yes there'd still be a bit of bitching and moaning from strong Brexiteers but the argument would be far less strong and they would be more easily sidelined as 'extremists' for want of a better word. Get May's Deal (or whatever the most popular Leave option is even if that's just on pure votes and less than a majority) up against Remain inna referendum and then let's get this done.
  15. All this talk of who we WANT to play in various legs of the playoffs seems a little premature to me but definitely a luxury we can't entertain... Beggars can't be choosers. We are still a hell of a long way off securing a Playoff spot so if we even get in I'll be delighted. As for who we play, if we deserve to go up it doesn't matter - at that point the form and how they've played this season will be irrelevant, it'll be who has the greater quality and who holdstheir nerve.

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