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  1. Jas10

    Match Thread: Wolves v Villa

    Sick of repeating mine and other’s thoughts, and this is nothing personal, but if we really want to get promoted anytime soon we need a more attack minded manager and coaching team. I can’t see how else we could go up anytime soon, Bruce has had more than enough time. We are falling further and further behind and “smaller clubs” just seem to be progressing beyond us. He’s not necessarily a poor/terrible manager etc. but simply not good enough or just not the man for AVFC.
  2. Jas10

    Match Thread: Wolves v Villa

    It’s so depressing when you realise how far we’ve fallen. Being or feeling inferior to Wolves...sad times indeed. Are we really a big club? We haven’t looked like one for ages... As a fan, the least I want is a side that actually entertains and tries to regularly play attacking football. It’s all very tiring.
  3. Jas10

    Match Thread: Wolves v Villa

    I mean look for/make the forward pass more regularly rather than knock it about and then just lose the ball like we usually do, not so much speed up the play but try and carve out some opportunities. Wolves break really well though so we have to be careful, they might have more luck if they bring Bonatini on and do look quite dangerous.
  4. Jas10

    Match Thread: Wolves v Villa

    Need to be more positive when we have possession, less passing sideways and backwards, other than that we are looking quite solid. I’m glad we have the basis of a settled side, I do think we lack quality/creativity in CM (not a fan of Whelan) and need to get the ball out quicker to our attackers. Snodgrass and Adomah are both quality players.
  5. Jas10

    Scott Hogan

    Is he not allowed to play with Davis? Even when he comes on as sub? Why haven’t we tried that out or given it a chance? Davis has made a huge difference...
  6. Jas10

    Robert Snodgrass

    Excellent signing, surprised we got him tbh. His influence will grow as he plays more games and builds up his fitness, absolute quality at this level.
  7. Jas10

    Albert Adomah

    Love this guy, has been excellent ever since he returned to the side and really seems to enjoy his football.
  8. Jas10

    Ratings & Reactions: Burton v Villa

    Loving that 2nd goal, we actually look like a team that is capable of attacking and scoring goals, very much hope we can continue in this vein. If so, there will be a lot less, if any, criticism of Bruce. I just would have liked him to realise or set the team up like this earlier but better late than never. Hope we can put Wolves and Leeds in their place, we should never feel inferior to those sides...
  9. Jas10

    Next Aston Villa Manager

    I'm curious as to why exactly Dr. Xia has followed Pep Clotet (would welcome him here) on Twitter (but worryingly so, Rene Meulensteen too) P.S. Why the **** are Bruce and co. still here ?
  10. Jas10

    Steve Bruce

    I am sick to death of this **** Being a supporter of this club has been utterly depressing and draining, we haven't looked like or demonstrated that we are a big club in any way, shape or form. We have a scared shitless manager who has instilled such a negative mentality into the club and that can't be allowed to continue. Why are we wasting time, why are we wasting another season? Does this club actually want to get promoted? We are going nowhere and just allowing the same old cycle of **** to continue! How many times have we got to go through and put up with this repetitive crap. It's beyond any "patience" or "stability", we shouldn't be having to continually tolerate these constant poor performances, lack of progress and negativity. We are continually being embarrassed by smaller teams and just look rudderless. Bruce has had ages and has made no progress and has continued to appear to be clueless - the job is clearly too much or too big for him. He and his coaching staff need to be removed and replaced with a new management team (a manager with a philosophy and set idea of how he wants his team to play with a team of coaches ready to go) that has an attacking mindset. We should be dominating and blowing teams away at this level, what the **** have we been doing? Why the hell is Bruce still here? Yet again! We have to make a change before it is too late. FFS How far have we fallen when we are envious of teams such as Leeds and Wolves??
  11. Jas10

    Micah Richards

    Let's just realise that we're never going to be rid of him (until his contract is up - what a truly disastrous signing and massive, ongoing, waste of money), it would take some kind of miracle for him to either leave or somehow become a useful squad member. No point holding onto hope... Maybe some dedicated coaching with Terry could somehow improve him and make him realise how to defend... or not...
  12. Jas10

    Ratings & Reactions: Bristol v Villa

    I hope that does it but Bruce needs to stop being weak minded, defensive and scared of the opposition. Stop messing with the formation and figure out his best side. Snodgrass should enhance us but we need to focus on becoming an attacking side and stop giving other side's too much respect or showing fear...