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  1. Leicester... dirty b******s...
  2. Oh well... on to Benrahma, Buendia, Sarr... A boy can dream...
  3. So... we signing Rashica in Jan then lads? We can continue the fun & games then...
  4. He’s not leaving, shopping in Harrods (London).
  5. So much to look forward to, “camaraderie” is another nice one We haven’t had such a togetherness and team spirit at the club in aaaaaaaaaages... Deano has done the business and continues...
  6. I liked the “band of brothers” line... it’s very much the case right now and great to see. What we all wanted, less burden on Jack and more of a threat throughout the team/attackers, I think we will deliver a fair few more spankings this season
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