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  1. Anyone seen much of Sinisalo? Was on loan at Ayr United. Could he be involved in the squad, become our 3rd choice? Onodi looks promising too…
  2. You guys have clearly swapped accounts…
  3. We should be all over this… someone needs to have a word with Lange and co. He’s ready for a move.
  4. Come on, let’s get him. Why the hell would he want to go to Spurs?
  5. I meant more in terms of talent than stats (impressive) but he’s clearly a good player… the kind of move we should make ahead of other teams… I would like it if we picked up potential stars and beat other clubs to the punch. Again, I hope we’re not restricting ourselves to the British market… would end up missing out on these kinds of players… Bringing in a popular Japanese player would help on the commercial front too… Wait, he score against Emi??? Get him in!
  6. Looks like someone’s prepping his gnashers again…
  7. Very solid performance from everyone, proud of this group
  8. Confident he will, plenty of time left and he’s away with Brazil for now.
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