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  1. Fairly limited player but essential to have him in that starting lineup whenever possible because he does contribute considerably to our (attacking) play and links quite well with Jack. Worried about his apparent proneness to injury... He’s young and will continue to develop with good coaching and match experience. I just really wish Dean would give up on and even discard Taylor and (if we don’t have the capacity/capability to sign a new/better LB, would love Amavi back though!) convert or focus on Hause as an alternative for that position. Don’t rate him too highly but another youngster who can only improve. Konsa is better imo and Kortney looked decent at LB last season... I liked the Engels and Mings partnership but injuries disrupted it and I’m not a big fan of 3 at the back tbh. Would like that restored if possible. Playing Taylor is a handicap, he limits us massively. I want him gone or to be, quite simply, a last resort. I honestly find It shocking that someone who was not good enough in the championship is getting games in the PL. It’s the case, to a lesser degree, for a few other players too... Also, Guilbert should be starting ahead of Elmo every time. The lack of depth and quality in our squad has been completely exposed...
  2. We could do with a decent set piece specialist other than Conor...
  3. Yep. I’m so sick of seeing this “PL experience” BS. The only players we could have signed that fit into that category would be over the hill, overpaid and just not good enough. Lescott & Richards anyone??? The only decent players with PL experience would command astronomically high fees & wages and they wouldn’t leave for a less successful and newly promoted team anyway... You just need good, quality players. You have to question the scouting and ability to find and integrate players properly. Look at Wolves for instance, how many players with Prem experience did they sign? Ok, they might have had some dodgy dealings but they got players of the necessary quality in (as well as a “compatible” manager). Unfortunately, they have been doing very well and we look poor next to them... We just have to find the right quality and integrate those players as well as possible. If we’re looking back, I don’t think it was Riley who was responsible for dross like Lescott, Richards, Gestede and others...
  4. Just wish he wasn’t so inconsistent but... he’s Vastly Superior to Trezeguet! We need a proper striker and winger in this window at least...
  5. I fear stop gaps will send us down and is a sign of past mentality... we need to improve our first team, not just fill gaps. Spending on quality to at least stay up is the better approach imo, I know FFP is an issue but relegation would be a massive blow.... got to keep the likes of Grealish, McGinn & Mings and build a strong side around them... Our big money striker is out for the rest of the season, we need a proper (if possible, better) replacement. That is the number 1 priority this window - we need a goalscorer more than anything. I know we’re struggling at the bottom of the league but we still have to show some ambition and not forget the calibre of owners that we have...
  6. Desperately need a quality striker, with half the season to go we would be stupid not to prioritise that position and throw some money at it. Still hopeful on Piatek (or similar), we need a goalscorer we can rely on rather than any stop gaps. If we fail to make such a signing, I fear we will really struggle. We can’t skimp on this (no over the hill, unreliable, low quality shite like Murray, Benteke etc.) especially as our PL survival depends on it! Relying on Kodjia, Davis, Hogan??? & a poor signing would be suicide. We need top quality. 2 good signings and offloading Kodjia & Hogan would be the dream... Plus, we also need to look at wingers at least.
  7. Just throwing these (already linked) names out there, no idea who we are actually after and who would want to sign for us: GK - Etheridge? Wingers/Forwards - Benrahma, Bowen Striker - Batshuayi (Loan to buy) Loans - Giroud & Pedro (I think they would get more attractive offers from abroad but maybe we could persuade them by assuring they’ll get a sustained run of games ahead of the Euros, provided they are performing and being professional. Can also put themselves in the shop window for the summer transfer window. Could help both parties. They would really strengthen our side in the short term which is what we really need right now.) Honestly can’t think of any/many others and forgive me for not trusting Suso but he hasn’t been much use to us so far. Hoping Deano has some specific targets in mind (much the same way he wanted Mings) that can boost the first team. Get these signings right and we could end the season on a high... Hope we can get rid of a few too, we haven’t quite completed the clean up job. Would love a better LB but much more important positions to fill/improve. Send Taylor on his way and Targett can be back up.
  8. Poor player, technically limited. Suso needs to show his worth or leave...
  9. Jas10

    Lovre Kalinić

    Suso hasn’t really helped us...
  10. I think we need a better LB for the first team but, unfortunately, that’s low on the list of priorities atm. Targett should be the backup. Will be glad when Taylor is released...
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