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  1. Never forget...never forget Alfonso Alves... Mitroglou? He was awesome in Championship Manager but compete shit in real life. Scoring a lot of goals in an inferior league is no guarantee...
  2. Off the bench, I’m sure he’s capable of making some kind of impact. And I think it’s possible he would be able to strike up a partnership with Wesley. A selfish striker paired with an unselfish striker sounds like it would be very effective
  3. Agreed and I actually think if had a better manager and better players around him in that first season then he would have been the catalyst in us getting promoted.
  4. Maybe he meant not being happy in a positive way, rather than causing trouble. You’d much rather have your players unhappy with not starting and desperate to play as long as it doesn’t reach a disruptive stage. The worst kind of players are those that are more than happy sitting on the bench as long as they’re picking up their wages... He comes across as a positive character n likes a laugh with the players. Doesn’t seem moody like Hogan is looking right now. No harm in keeping him around at all.
  5. Something worth considering: we won’t have to play him on the wing where he can’t be as effective due to the options we now have.
  6. Jas10

    John McGinn

    Yeah he’s looked depressed all preseason and knackered too, he’s been given a big opportunity and should be making the most of it. Get rid.
  7. I think there was one comment from someone earlier that said one day he could be as good as Delph or something like that, seemed ridiculous to me. He’s already miles better and better or more talented/skilled than any other English midfielder, imo at least. Not his fault that he hasn’t got abundant PL game time or experience, not his fault that we were shit. I’m just glad he has stayed loyal to us and he deserves our admiration & affection. He’s a unique talent, especially for a British player. He’s a gem.
  8. I kind of agree, esp with the bolded point. He didn’t kick up a fuss last season despite playing second fiddle to Tammy and I appreciate that. He clearly has talent and will score goals. I know there isn’t much room for sentimentality in football but it would be nice to give one or two of the players that have stuck with us and contributed, some kind of reward - namely game time in the PL which has always been the objective. Injuries have affected him but maybe he can get back to some decent form, he looked brilliant in his first season with us. I know he frustrates but he can make a difference unlike someone like Hogan.
  9. Jas10

    Henri Lansbury

    Biggest question over him is - can he stay injury free?
  10. Jas10

    Keinan Davis

    Do you think we could do with a “striker coach”, training the forwards, similarly to how Terry works with the defenders on the specifics?
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