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  1. Jas10

    Jack Grealish

    I think the criticism is quite harsh, we had no style of play and he is too heavily relied on. He is expected to do too much without any support.We would have been more than woeful without him. The case was pretty much, stop Jack & you stop Villa. You’re talking about the only player who turned up for the POF and pretty much ran the show for us, again all on his own. We haven’t played as a team but hopefully that all changes now!
  2. Jas10

    John Terry

    Good to have him back, was an important influence on the whole club. Will attract players to the club too, maybe get Cahill to return???
  3. Jas10

    Jack Grealish

    We could really see the best of Jack, and our other attacking players, now. If they can be encouraged and coached on playing together in an attacking style (instead of everyone just giving the ball to Jack all the time because they don’t know what do, what runs to make or what positions to get into) we could be a real force and score a lot of goals...Some proper cohesion and patterns of play would drastically improve us.
  4. Jas10

    Dean Smith

    Admittedly, not among my first choices but I’m glad we have finally got our man. Too much media BS surrounding the whole situation was not helpful at all. I still can’t forget how Brentford absolutely tore us to shreds, over and over again, on (I think) Bjarnason’s debut. I’m glad we can look forward to some proper football and the days of negative, boring and clueless “Bruceball” are behind us. To have a genuine fan of the club at the helm is great (I really enjoyed the JG days) and I’m looking forward to the future with optimism and excitement. Now is not the time for negativity.
  5. Jas10

    New Manager Speculation

    Anyway, as long as we make a fairly exciting/encouraging appointment (preferably young or not too old & foreign) who encourages attacking football, I will be happy and get behind him. I don’t really have a first choice but I want us to take advantage of this opportunity and really move on as a club. We really need refreshing and modernising, we’ve been stagnant for far too long. I just want to get excited and feel enthusiastic about supporting Villa for a change!!
  6. Jas10

    New Manager Speculation

    Hi. Not sure if I’ve been misunderstood or failed to convey my thoughts correctly. I’m not saying that Henry would definitely be a success here. The point I was trying to make is that when his name is brought up, it tends to be greeted with fear and pessimism rather than excitement. Whereas if Terry or even Mellberg are brought up, there seems to be more enthusiasm there. There is certainly an element of the unknown, and I really don’t want to repeat myself, but I see a lot of positives and feel he would be a better appointment than some of the other names that have been mentioned. I’m just a bit surprised at the reaction to the link and expected more excitement I suppose. Gerrard and Lampard don’t seem to have done badly so far and would/should have been seen as risks but they are inferior players imo and have played under lesser managers and do not have the wider variety of experiences as compared to Henry. He’s won so much in his career aswell and not just in one place/team/league. Again, I’m not saying it would work out but it doesn’t seem a bad shout to me. There are other options that are obviously more experienced and deemed less risky but no one can guarantee that Henry would or would not do a better job. It seems like a “risk” worth taking imo but I don’t expect others to see it the same way. Just, we don’t have to expect it to turn out badly when it could actually turn out well. Hope that makes some sense.
  7. Jas10

    Mark Bunn

    What happened to him? He seemed to doquite well for Norwich when they were in the Prem, covering for when Ruddy was injured. Saved a few pens too.
  8. Jas10

    New Manager Speculation

    Why, whenever Henry is mentioned, is it only ever seen as a risk and only the negative side of the debate/argument is brought up??? Based on literally nothing. What if appointing him turns out to be a masterstroke and he totally revolutionises the club??? I certainly can’t say how it would turn out but I’d rather greet such speculation with excitement rather than complete pessimism. Surely the board and whoever is employed to research and find our new manager has more of an idea than any of us?
  9. Jas10

    New Manager Speculation

    Obv there are no guarantees but he was a world class player who played under world class managers and coaches and has experience of different leagues and a high amount of knowledge. He has always been part of attacking sides too. I would think he would have some ability and he has done some coaching at Arsenal and with Belgium. I would definitely welcome him over Terry who I can see focussing on defending more than anything (can’t really see him bringing entertaining & attacking football), has only ever played in Prem & Champ and under defensive managers such as Mourinho (and Bruce!). Henry’s personal skills and experiences are a much stronger attraction to me. Again, just my opinion and he isn’t the only option I would consider or want. I just don’t see why there’s such a lack of enthusiasm toward appointing him compared to lesser options in my view.
  10. Jas10

    New Manager Speculation

    My point wasn’t that Terry would be a bad choice. It was, why are ppl eager to have someone like Terry (who has even less or almost 0 coaching or management experience) but apprehensive and concerned about appointing Henry? Henry would definitely be a better choice imo and would offer a lot more. Thats just my opinion, no problem with others. I just want a manager with a completely different approach and who would bring some entertaining and attacking football and to do that you need to go for a decent foreign manager or, if you have to go British, then a younger, more adventurous one. The old guard can sod off. Drab, dull and uninspiring. No thanks.
  11. Jas10

    New Manager Speculation

    F*** experience! I don’t understand the (amount of) apprehension toward appointing Henry in particular (compared to Terry or even Mellberg, for example), he could be so good for us in so many ways. I don’t think it’s quite as much of a risk as some people think but I think you have to be willing to take some form of risk in order to try and be successful. He would bring an element of confidence, style and swagger and would be a big draw for players to come to our club and he would be respected. He certainly has experience of working under top class managers and coaches and has actually done some coaching himself. Would certainly excite me and I’m sure he would implement an attacking style. I really don’t want another old fashioned British manager, that would be the absolute worst. Enough is enough. We need to move forward with fresh, energetic, attacking football and we should definitely go foreign. Henry, Fonseca, Flores all appeal. Just look at the dross we have had at the club, particularly the British managers. It’s high time we moved on and progressed rather than limiting ourselves and being stuck in the past. The whole club needs refreshing and this is a massive opportunity now to really move us forwards.
  12. Jas10

    Mile Jedinak

    Really hope the new manager brings a fresh approach and creates a more energetic and youthful side - enough of these aging, unreliable players well past their prime. We need to become a dynamic, attacking team. Sod experience, sick of the word and it really has no relevance...