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  1. Well put & exactly my thoughts. I’m so sick of seeing or hearing about the thought of Jack leaving (and resignation or encouragement of this, especially from some of our own “fans”). Why not see the season out and see where we are at that point? I definitely agree with the “destabilisation” point. We have been victims of it in the past e.g. when the likes of Yorke & Bosnich were tapped up (I’ve always despised Man U) and tempted away from us when we were looking like genuinely competing at the top end of the table & when we we managed to stay in 1st position (for about half a season?) under Gregory and so many were waiting for the “bubble to burst”. We’ve never had much backing or support outside of our dedicated & loyal fanbase. They can all f*** off for all I care, can’t wait to shove all the crap back down their throats. For that to happen though, we need to stay up and continue to build a side around Jack so that we can progress and at least become a mainstay in this division. Judging by his comments and interviews, I get the impression that he genuinely loves the club and would ideally like to stay here for his whole career if possible. But we need to be competitive and keep progressing so that we can retain him and attract a similar level of player to the club.
  2. Are they not off on warm weather training? I doubt they’ll be allowed to go “off the rails” then. Just hope they all come back reenergised and ready for the battle ahead.
  3. This man could be the difference... looked promising in his 2nd game and could fire us to safety. A regular goalscorer would help us massively. Just need to tighten up at the back & show a bit more strength & physicality in midfield. I think we need 3 rather than 2 in there. Hopefully the players will be refreshed and raring to go when they get back from their warm weather training trip. Don’t lose hope. UTV
  4. No probs Yeah, if he had better players behind/around him (or those that are here actually step up and show some confidence & belief instead of just relying on Jack), the kind that can pick him out with a decent pass or two and play him in, then he could focus on being more deadly in that attacking third. Atm he is having to do too much and dropping back too far to receive the ball... just shows how talented a player he is that he can manage all that and still get goals and assists for us. I agree on AEG & Trez too, they are just not good enough. AEG far too inconsistent despite possessing a fair amount of talent. Trez works hard but lacks technical skill/ability/co-ordination, just comes across as a headless chicken who tires easily. Luiz is our 2nd best player in terms of technical skill and ability but I don’t think we have established a position/role for him in the team. If he could link up & play with Grealish that might help us. Let Nakamba & Drinkwater focus on the defensive side of things, at least until McGinn returns... I just hope we manage to stay up and then we can strengthen this team further and really kick on & progress. No reason for Jack to leave then.
  5. ? We have one of the very best ball carriers or dribblers in the game in Jack... imo he’s better than all the players you mentioned (Gabby?! ) The problem is a lack of quality and support around him. We really miss McGinn in that sense... Plus we are too weak or lightweight in central midfield.
  6. Jas10

    Tyrone Mings

    Defensively, we rely too much on Mings (he needs a steady partner who is not too inferior to him, I think we need to re-establish his partnership with Engels) and we rely too much on Grealish for attacking & creativity. The load needs to be shared and others need to step up and be encouraged to do so. Nakamba battles to win back possession in midfield (can’t expect much more from an out and out DM) but can’t do that alone either. The only guy who seems to be able to hold onto the ball is Grealish but he needs help and support. Something needs to change. Maybe a return to a 4-3-3, 4-3-2-1 or 4-3-1-2. Since we changed to 5 defenders, we have become more cagey and overpowered more easily. We’ve managed to get a few results but I’m not sure whether it’s a long term solution. We don’t have the strength or physicality in midfield to just have the 2 in there. It’s a shame we have been so restricted and couldn’t add a strong, quality player in that department (like an N’zonzi) so we will have to make use of Drinkwater. He wasn’t bad against Watford and seemed to enable Nakamba to perform really well. Luiz can get forward and help create and link with Grealish if needed or continue with his cameos from the bench if we decide to stick Jack in CAM or SS. We looked decent at the start of the season but a run of tough games and losses knocked our confidence & belief plus the injuries to key players. We miss McGinn (as we have & would miss Mings & Grealish) badly. Samatta was one positive from the last game at least.
  7. Almost sad to say but we need him. We badly miss McGinn & his dynamism. A physical CM/DM would’ve helped us but the window is over now and we seemed restricted in what we could do (bloody FFP!). We’re too lightweight in the middle, I do admire Nakamba’s battling qualities but he can’t do it alone. Sooner we can get Drinkwater fit and in form, the better. Luiz & Nakamba need a stable, calming influence around them. Who else do we have?
  8. Seen this far too often... one player has a poor game then there are immediate demands for him to be dropped (even for an inferior player who also gets criticised e.g. Elmo). We have to make do with the players we have and realise that they will occasionally have an off day. He’s our best RB and we need a settled team. When the whole or majority of the team plays poorly, it doesn’t make sense to pick out and slate just one or two individuals too heavily either. Our squad isn’t great so we have to back the few decent players we have. Chopping and changing just disrupts the balance of the team. We need a settled side with the majority of players starting regularly. We are in a battle and are going to continue having ups and downs... I’m not sure that many of us expected us to beat Watford but we managed to do it. We then produced a decent performance and got a great result against Leicester (again, unexpected), it’s just a shame we couldn’t sustain or build on those levels. Maybe fatigue had a part to play but hopefully we’ll be up for the next game and we just seem to be a different beast at Villa Park. Keep the faith and back Deano & the players. He will be trying his hardest to succeed and sort out the issues. We can’t make changes to the squad now and must stick with the manager. It would be disastrous if we made a change now and I can’t see us being able to get anyone half as decent in. He genuinely cares and has proven capable (see last season)... which is more than can be said for many of the abysmal managers we’ve had in recent years.
  9. Jas10

    Douglas Luiz

    We need 3 in midfield, looking far too weak and outplayed & outfought with just the 2 in there - Luiz & Nakamba in particular. We lack strength & physicality.
  10. Jas10

    Dean Smith

    I’m curious about this set up: Reina Guilbert Engels Mings Targett Nakamba. Drinkwater Luiz Jota. Grealish Samatta El Ghazi & Hourihane to rotate or alternative to Jota. Engels is our 2nd best CB imo. Everyone else off the bench. E.g. bring on Trez near the end to run at tired legs. I know 3/5 at the back has “got us by” but I wonder if it’s time has passed and I’ve always seen playing essentially 5 defenders (inc LB & RB or even LWB & RWB) as quite negative unless you have major quality & physicality in Midfield - we don’t have that imo.
  11. Jas10

    Dean Smith

    Again, we overly rely on Jack and maybe he is taking on too much himself as well. We need to select the right system and players to give us more creative options or outlets. We really seem to be lacking in that regard. Out crossing was dreadful against Bournemouth too, maybe we should look to play more through balls and incisive passes through the centre. We can’t sign anymore players so need to make do with what we have. The creative burden needs to be shared and I think, after Jack, the only players we have with that kind of ability are Jota (I know he’s not the best, slow & lightweight, but he passes the ball really well), El Ghazi & possibly Luiz. There’s also Hourihane & maybe Lansbury too but I think they’ve shown that either they’re not good enough at this level and/or are out of favour. We should try and utilise Conor’s free kick ability when possible though, Jack is not that great at them... Jota has had his injury troubles but if we can get him in the side it might help. Maybe we should ditch or rest El Ghazi for a while. I don’t rate Trez at all, he’s good off the bench for snatching a goal and making an impact and his work rate is good, he always seems to tire easily though and is a bit “all over the place”. I wonder if Jack & Jota behind Samatta would be a solution. I think we have no choice but to try & make use of Drinkwater as he can be a stabilising influence on Nakamba & Luiz. We should utilise Luiz more as a box to box or creative/attacking midfielder, at least until McGinn returns...
  12. Jas10

    Dean Smith

    I agree with that and think the players are far too reliant on Jack to do everything. He needs some help and/or should try to encourage other players to start a move or play an incisive pass themselves. We really miss McGinn in that sense and the link up between Jack & Targett (a la Leicester) just wasn’t quite there this time. He shouldn’t be wandering around the whole pitch and picking up the ball from all over, it’s a bit embarrassing really that the others look to him so much, even if he is by far our best player. Watching the game today, it was clear that too many were tentative & nervous in possession, displaying a lack of ideas or creativity but it’s strange how different the performance was compared to the last 2 games. At times, we looked quite dynamic against Leicester (especially when Jack & Targett kept linking together) I guess we’re just a different beast at home and struggle to maintain or repeat performances. Have we had 2 or 3 consecutive poor performances & losses? It seems we have 1 good game but can’t sustain it for the next match & then “go again”. I just wish we could hold onto possession better instead of just, again, relying on Jack to do it. He can’t do it all on his own. Maybe the players were fatigued but we didn’t help ourselves. Hause really concerns me (ok, he’s good in the air but so poor with the ball at his feet) and I think we need to reintegrate Engels. Whether that means sticking to 3 at the back or going back to a 4-3-3 or 4-3-2-1 (maybe Jack & El Ghazi can support the striker together). At least Samatta showed signs (including a goal) that he can be a very good CF for us and Davis made an impact off the bench, he battles well and can hold onto the ball.
  13. Positives: Jack is amazing and getting better and better. Mings is a colossus & leader. Reina looks like a great signing and big influence. A really good replacement for Heaton. Targett is shining and enjoying playing with Jack. Guilbert looks great too. We have two promising young CBs in Konsa & Hause. Nyland has proved the doubters wrong and can produce some amazing saves and performances. A good deputy. Luiz & Nakamba are getting better and better. Massive result against Watford. Our prospects of staying up look a lot better. Massive result against Leicester taking us to to Wembley and a cup final. Trez got a big goal that should boost his confidence and performances hopefully. We finally have some options up front and the backing of a whole nation! Looking forward to the return of McGinn, will be like a new signing and really boost the team. Steer will provide further competition when he returns. If Samatta can get some goals we will be looking good...
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