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  1. Next Aston Villa Manager

    It's highly unlikely he would even consider coming here, atm at least, the suggestion is more of a desire/wish than anything. However, he is being restricted at Newcastle and not happy with the transfer strategy/restrictions there and has openly stated his frustrations at the lack of progress or success in making signings. Regardless, I personally feel we could attract a decent manager (even a "big name") if Xia and co. had the chance to sit with such a candidate and "sell" the club or project to them. If we get promoted, I believe Xia would back the manager really well...that looks like a distant dream now though but as fans we must remain ever hopeful... Personally, I feel like Bruce has done a terrible job here and it clearly hasn't worked out. Any half decent change of manager and coaching staff should make some kind of positive difference imo. I'm sick of the depressing, dull and downright embarrassing excuse for football, the embarrassing performances and shite results we've had to endure during Bruce's tenure...
  2. Next Aston Villa Manager

    1. Benitez (unlikely) 2. Rodgers (highly unlikely) 3. Jokanovic 4. Pardew others: Laudrup (Laursen as assistant?) our situation is desperate so I wouldn't be that opposed to almost any change tbh, if Allardyce (who I've never liked) could be tempted then I actually think he could get us up, I would welcome Smith, (initial) short term deals would be preferable. I think there are plenty out there who could do a much better job, some attacking football would be nice... I don't know enough about (young) foreign managers out there but I'm sure someone could do well here with this squad and a couple of additions. Btw - why the hell is Bruce still here?
  3. Next Aston Villa Manager

    Would love Mellberg & Laursen back at the club in some capacity, Terry can piss off (in comparison) For manager, I really think we should go for Jokanovic or similar - it's been way, way too long since we saw an attacking, adventurous form of play. It would be oh so refreshing to see some actual football and actually be excited as fans...
  4. Ratings & Reactions: Cardiff v Villa

    I don't see the point in waiting, why lose more games? Get him out
  5. Ratings & Reactions: Cardiff v Villa

    Bruce needs to go, he's been given too much time if anything and it's just going to get worse. We desperately need to replace the whole coaching & management team with the right people (someone ambitious, adventurous, determined and clued up, someone who actually knows what attacking football is!!). I think we should take advantage of certain situations now, act fast and go for Jokanovic. Or go all out for Benitez or even Rodgers. Before it's too late... It's about time we stopped being negative and restricted and show everyone what Aston Villa FC is all about, we should be going all out, all guns blazing and blow the majority of teams away at this level!! I am sick to the back teeth of the shit we have had to endure for far too long!
  6. Match Thread: Cardiff v Villa

    bloody autocorrect! Anyone would be better than Bruce though tbh!!!
  7. Match Thread: Cardiff v Villa

    Bruce just has to go before he can do any more damage, we simply cannot afford to miss out on promotion this season. I'm sick and tired of his shit and all the excuses, he's had more than enough time. Lets go grab Jokanovic or if we are being extra ambitious, nab Benitez or Rodgers. Whatever it takes to give us the best shot at promotion, I'm sick and tired of this turgid, depressing crapfest. Gabby & Hutton just need to piss off too...
  8. Jordan Amavi

  9. Leandro Bacuna

    Fairly big condemnation here but... I would rather have Westwood in our midfield and have sold Bacuna instead. Maybe we wouldn't have felt such a need to sign Whelan or that type of player either... Wish we could just get Lansbury and Hourihane firing on all cylinders together though...
  10. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    I'm hoping it doesn't take a change of manager (as much as I have been critical of and disappointed with Bruce, I am willing to be patient for at least 4-5 games in the hope that the team will settle and start producing strong performances for the full 90+ mins) to get us promoted this season but I would love our next managerial change (whenever that may be) or target to be Benitez or Rodgers. They don't quite seem attainable at this point (unless Benitez has a big fall out with Ashley e.g. over transfers - I think Xia would give him better backing, especially in the PL. I think Rodgers would be in high demand, if he appeared to be available , and prefer a top flight job but feel Xia could "sell" the club and demonstrate his ambitions to either). If we end up struggling fairly soon, another consideration would be Jokanovic (not quite happy with the transfer committee at Fulham but would be difficult to attract if they are competing at the top this season).
  11. Ross McCormack

    Or a different manager? On a serious note, I just hope we can get some wins together asap and show some decent form. I've found it difficult to have any confidence in Bruce at all but the priority is getting promoted, however it happens, just want the club to be successful.
  12. Ross McCormack

    Completely entitled to your thoughts and feelings on the matter. I personally fail to see how or when he could become prolific for us (or even be regularly involved in the first team) with Bruce at the helm. Don't really see Sunderland as promotion candidates, let alone rivals (we need to sort ourselves out for a start) either. It hasn't worked out and we have ended up wasting a huge amount of money on the player, if we can recoup a good amount of that I would be delighted - he's only going to devalue even further the longer he stays here and is not involved. Those funds could then be put to better use. Alternatively, maybe a different manager and approach could make use of him but that's a whole other matter
  13. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    Could Borg be decent cover for Taylor? Think he was involved during preseason, not sure how he got on. Would like a couple more signings tbh, some genuine quality would be more than welcome (would love to get more players out too). Maybe we need a LW, if we could get a player like Snodgrass in on loan too (someone to help improve our attacking play) that would be great. Not sure we need another striker (unless we can somehow shift McCormack) and would like to see RHM get a chance at times. Really hope we can get Hourihane involved too, he's got a lot to offer imo. Not a fan of Bruce but I'm just hoping we can string some wins together and gain some momentum. I'm really looking forward to Kodjia returning too, I love his enthusiasm and hunger for goals.
  14. Ross McCormack