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  1. Jas10

    Dean Smith

    Really enjoyed this interview, part 2 uploaded now. Honestly, I can’t understand how any Villa fan could not admire and respect our manager… he’s perfect for this club. He’s a genuinely progressive and attacking coach and bleeds claret and blue… a thoroughly decent human being too… Has brought the good times back to this club (madness to ignore or overlook that), has done so much good work and given us a positive identity and philosophy… and I hope he is here for the long term… He’s well and truly restored the pride… Podcast links: https://play.acast.com/s/thebiginterviewwithgrahamhunter Part 1 DEAN SMITH: HOW TO BUILD A £100M PLAYER Part 2 DEAN SMITH: VILLA 7 LIVERPOOL 2 AND OTHER EXTRAORDINARY STORIES
  2. Jas10

    Dean Smith

  3. Well, that’s a wrap. The fun and speculating is over… looking up players, watching vids n checking stats… Time to try and enjoy and support this team and set of players… hopefully we will surprise and entertain and even exceed expectations. Just need to get our best players out there on that pitch and hitting their rhythm… It was fun…
  4. There’s every chance we’ll finish higher this season, maybe aim for 8th? Who wouldn’t be happy with that? Our attack is way stronger, we will score plenty of goals… Crazy to demand or expect a European place when this is a season of transition for us, but who knows?
  5. Btw, I just flicked onto SSN for the first time in probably a couple of years… Kaveh praising the crap out of agents Merse claiming that Arsenal are well run, make loads of money and are in the black (clueless! ) Yeah, I won’t be tuning in again for the foreseeable
  6. Who do we think did better business than us in this window then? Particularly the teams around us… Just off the top of my head… Not Arsenal, not Leeds, not Everton, not Newcastle, not Wolves, not Palace, not Southampton…. Not…. so bad
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