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  1. Jonathan Kodjia

  2. Ugo Ehiogu

    Incredibly sad...
  3. Ugo Ehiogu

    Absolutely devastating news...so young too... Ugo was a fantastic player for us. What a CB partnership Ehiogu & Southgate were... gave us some wonderful times and memories, our defence was absolutely rock solid back then. Always came across as a genuinely nice, warm & humble guy...so sad RIP Ugo
  4. Steve Bruce

    You're fully entitled to your opinion and continuing to want Bruce out. I was calling for his head too during that wretched run, I just don't find that acceptable for our club, but 1) the board have fully backed him and 2) he has bought himself some time now with improved performances and some welcome wins (I hope that continues) Hopefully he is starting to get it right now, maybe he just needed this amount of time for that to happen or maybe certain things have just fallen into place - there's also no pressure in the sense that we have had to give up on challenging for promotion. The fact is, he is staying put until the board decide otherwise and, ultimately, if he continues to improve us and we look like a side that can consistently win games in this division and contend for promotion during the whole course of next season, then he will deserve that backing. I can't say whether that will happen, we'll just have to see how the start of next season will go. He will have had loads of time by then to integrate players, ideas, systems etc. and there can be no excuses by then. Hopefully we will make some sensible additions during the summer too and look a more complete side. If not, then yes, Bruce Out again
  5. Steve Bruce

    Where did you get the idea that I am blaming Bruce for the failures of the past? I didn't indicate that at all, maybe you are relating previous posts to mine... It's simply not the case, I've actually put the past to one side and don't see the need to draw on it at all really. As I stated, I fully appreciate the changes that have been made off the field involving the new boardroom and staff. I feel a lot of good work is being done, and is continuing, in that sense and am confident that we are in much better hands with Dr. Xia and Wyness. I've never said otherwise. On Bruce, I've only judged him on his time with us and, although I don't want to repeat all of the previous thoughts and sentiments yet again, there are undeniable factors that demonstrate that he has made some bad decisions and often given the impression that the job is too big for him or that he could not find solutions to "on the field" issues. Hopefully that is over now but we had a terrible run of poor results and bad performances too so I don't see how anyone can just let that slide. I'm giving him (some) credit for winning games now and, as I've said before, I don't have anything against him personally but if he's not doing well for us then I, and other fans, have every right to be critical and annoyed. Ultimately, if he keeps getting results and winning us games and that leads to promotion I will be completely happy. I just don't know if that will definitely happen though and I don't think it's an unreasonable stance. Again, I have yet to see true evidence that we will definitely be pushing for promotion next season. I am in the wait and see boat! I feel that my concerns are justified but I am hoping for the best anyway. I could say, "I hope I am proven wrong" but I am not definitively stating whether that will or will not happen just my current feeling and thoughts on the matter. I absolutely hope we will continue to improve, I realise that takes time and don't think there is anyone who doesn't realise that and needs that explaining to them, and I very much hope we get promoted next season - that is the priority. If that happens, Bruce will get the praise (don't worry about that) but if there aren't encouraging signs early on then I am afraid that swift action will need to be taken - we can't afford to spend another year in this league imo...the Doc has given all the support he can (and I believe that will continue, we're lucky to have him), it's up to the management and players to do the rest...
  6. Steve Bruce

    I was very upset and out of patience with Bruce but the current run of results and improvement in performances has abated that for now, along with the full realisation that this season has been pretty much a write-off (I guess I just don't care as much now either, it's just all left me so deflated tbh) and that's the most frustrating thing. I'm not at all sure of quite how much credit Bruce deserves for this run - maybe some of the injuries and forced team selections have actually helped, in a strange way, and enabled the right players to line up in the right positions, for example, rather than Bruce alone being able to identify and correct such issues. Or maybe he really is beginning to "crack it". However, the return of Jedinak has been a big factor in improving us too (as many had predicted it would), I would worry as soon as he is rested or picks up any niggles or injuries again though. A proper GK and cover for Jedi's position (whether a replacement or back up option) are absolutely essential for next season. For our sakes, it'd be good if he'd retire from internationals as that doesn't help us and he isn't getting any younger. So, from anticipating and looking forward to a promotion challenge, we've had to instead be more concerned with avoiding a relegation fight. At least that fear has been put to bed now. In reality, that, along with mainly trying to form a new team & getting all the new players settled in, is all this season has ended up being about. As long as we continue on this/an upward incline then I accept that Bruce deserves the chance to try and push us on next season. I'm just not personally convinced though and do not have the confidence to say we will definitely be challenging for promotion next season. I don't quite understand how anyone can clearly see or predict that, I don't know where that comes from. Obviously we all wish and hope for it but there are so many factors to consider, including the other teams that will be challenging too. My gut instinct is, and has long been, that Bruce is not the man for us, on a long term basis, but, as I originally saw things upon his appointment, he should at least give us a realistic shot at gaining promotion. If successful, then he would also deserve some time to prove himself in the PL (it would be quite cold and ruthless to just cut him loose after that achievement but if things aren't going well I don't think we should hang about either). I honestly don't know if promotion will indeed happen, nothing as yet has convinced me of that but I've accepted that all we can do is wait and see on that front plus the club has come out and completely backed Bruce so there has to be a certain level of acceptance in that respect too. For me, the overall frustration and irritation at the fact that the club has fallen so far and that we've had our expectations and enthusiasm dashed this season has been hard and quite difficult to accept or tolerate. I certainly think that a lot has been sorted out behind the scenes and that the club is being run drastically better though. I have little concern in that sense. Of course, as fans of the club, we want Villa back in the PL at the earliest opportunity and to be providing us with some enjoyment and enthusiasm via consistently thrilling, exciting and entertaining performances on the pitch. I sincerely hope that happens, the sooner the better...
  7. Steve Bruce

    Pretty much resigned to the board sticking with Bruce for at least a couple more games depending on results. I just hope we can grab a win and progress from there because that is the biggest priority atm, we can't afford a relegation scrap and desperately need a run of positive results. If we lose, again, tomorrow he really has to go. We have to get a result before the Rotherham game. Feels like it's going to take something drastic for him to be given the sack at this stage, seems like they want him to stay put at least until the end of the season (I can't see Wyness alluding to anything else). I don't agree but it's not in our hands unless there is major supporter unrest at Villa Park.
  8. Keith Wyness

    I assume everyone's probably already aware of this but thought I'd give a heads up just in case: Keith Wyness is going to be on BBC Radio WM - West Midlands Football Phone in from 5:30PM today and will be taking calls and questions from fans. Definitely worth a listen.
  9. Redevelopment of Villa Park

    I assume everyone's probably already aware of this but thought I'd give a heads up just in case: Keith Wyness is going to be on BBC Radio WM - West Midlands Football Phone in from 5:30PM today and will be taking calls and questions from fans. Definitely worth a listen.
  10. Steve Bruce

    I assume everyone's probably already aware of this but thought I'd give a heads up just in case: Keith Wyness is going to be on BBC Radio WM - West Midlands Football Phone in from 5:30PM today and will be taking calls and questions from fans. Definitely worth a listen.
  11. Steve Bruce

    I maintain, if we get the right management & coaching team into our club we will be ok and start moving forwards. It's up to those running the club to research and make these decisions and it's their responsibility to get it right. They need to get off their arses now!
  12. Steve Bruce

  13. Steve Bruce

    Well I hope for all our sakes that things pick up asap, doesn't feel like we've won a game for an age and doesn't look likely unless we part ways with Bruce. Good luck to you mate.
  14. Steve Bruce

    I'm sure most, if not all, of us don't think Bruce is intentionally doing so poorly or losing us games. Of course he's trying but he is continually failing. There is so much evidence that he doesn't know quite how to rectify the situation we are in and doesn't have a set idea or plan in place that has any likelihood of working or having a positive impact. He seems at a loss despite his efforts and is just leading us into a downward spiral that I want to see an end to. Ok he's not clueless but is certainly giving off that appearance here. By now, he should not be undergoing any trial and error, he should have decided on a set system and style of play but instead he is messing about and not allowing us any rhythm, cohesion or consistency - because he does not know how to achieve it. In that sense, arguably, maybe he is being a bit clueless. Maybe the players aren't doing "what he is saying" because he chops and changes so often, maybe they are just as lost as him at the moment and need someone else to give them the proper direction and some motivation (I'm shocked he's failed at that really, I thought he could at least do that). I don't think they are not trying, they are not blameless but Bruce is clearly not helping... I keep saying this but, again, it just hasn't worked out. He has proven not to be the right fit for our club. Maybe it's a case of right man at the wrong time (I don't think so personally, he does seem too old fashioned and not what we need) but when things don't go even half as well as planned then it is time to part ways. It's only natural for fans of any decent club to become angered and frustrated (it's not always directed to the manager either, often to players and board at times but Bruce is not blameless and the most likely at fault) when we don't see any progress, a lack of ideas and activity (I don't think wanting a pro active manager is an unreasonable demand, Bruce is certainly not looking like that, particularly on match day) and just such poor performances and no sign of a decent result. Maybe the job is too if for him and has weighed a heavy toll upon him. Fair enough but stop sticking around to make it even worse for us then! It would've been great if it had worked or, if he had at least got us winning games and working as a proper team, but that hasn't happened and it's time to part ways and say thanks but no thanks.
  15. Steve Bruce

    Completely entitled to your opinion & POV mate but why do you think he will turn this round (anytime soon) when we keep being let down week after week and having to endure this suffering? It really has been long enough and any reasoning or excuses just hold less and less value now. I don't intend any offence or anger toward anyone but we are going through a massively frustrating time and it's difficult not to appear enraged and fed up. Even if we managed to pick up a result from somewhere I do not trust this guy going forward, we need to change it.