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  1. Jas10

    Match Thread:West Brom v Villa

    Taylor off, Hutton at LB, Elmo at RB please. And get El Ghazi to help out and track back more. CMs need to get on the ball more and control the play, we have the better players.
  2. Jas10

    Match Thread:West Brom v Villa

    Taylor is so poor, after a GK we need a proper LB in Jan. Rest of the side looks good tbf. Some depth at CB would be welcome though.
  3. Jas10

    Match Thread: Villa v Bolton

    Totally agree. Desperately need a decent LB (unfortunately can’t do anything til Jan) but surely we have better RB options. As for GK...?
  4. Jas10

    Match Thread: Villa v Bolton

    Just can’t stand Taylor. Such a weak & nervous player, don’t see what he offers. We really should have better than Hutton on the other side too...
  5. Jas10

    Match Thread: Villa v Bolton

    WTF was Bruce thinking when he signed Nyland???!!!
  6. Jas10

    Match Thread: Villa v Bolton

    Weakest department imo, we need better fullbacks.
  7. Jas10

    Match Thread: QPR v Villa

    Taylor is abysmal, a bag of nerves with no talent whatsoever...
  8. Jas10

    Jack Grealish

    I think the criticism is quite harsh, we had no style of play and he is too heavily relied on. He is expected to do too much without any support.We would have been more than woeful without him. The case was pretty much, stop Jack & you stop Villa. You’re talking about the only player who turned up for the POF and pretty much ran the show for us, again all on his own. We haven’t played as a team but hopefully that all changes now!
  9. Jas10

    John Terry

    Good to have him back, was an important influence on the whole club. Will attract players to the club too, maybe get Cahill to return???
  10. Jas10

    Jack Grealish

    We could really see the best of Jack, and our other attacking players, now. If they can be encouraged and coached on playing together in an attacking style (instead of everyone just giving the ball to Jack all the time because they don’t know what do, what runs to make or what positions to get into) we could be a real force and score a lot of goals...Some proper cohesion and patterns of play would drastically improve us.
  11. Jas10

    Dean Smith

    Admittedly, not among my first choices but I’m glad we have finally got our man. Too much media BS surrounding the whole situation was not helpful at all. I still can’t forget how Brentford absolutely tore us to shreds, over and over again, on (I think) Bjarnason’s debut. I’m glad we can look forward to some proper football and the days of negative, boring and clueless “Bruceball” are behind us. To have a genuine fan of the club at the helm is great (I really enjoyed the JG days) and I’m looking forward to the future with optimism and excitement. Now is not the time for negativity.