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  1. Sorry mate, but your comment instantly reminded me of getting destroyed by Southampton in the league and Arsenal in the FA Cup final. Sherwood was an atrocious manager. I’ll admit, I started to like the guy when we got some good results and he kept us up with his “Pashun” but he proved how clueless he was after burdening us with trash like Richards, Lescott & Gestede. He has to take some responsibility for part of our decline and ultimate relegation. I think we handed long contracts to tripe like Gardner & Bacuna then too. As heavily criticised as they were, our “transfer committee” at the time actually brought some quality players in but we did not know how to utilise them. Garde was treated like crap and severely restricted - we never saw what he was capable of. At last, we have a decent manager after having put up with so much crap.
  2. I think Purslow pretty much covered it (our transfer strategy) in his interview, alongside Deano, stating that we have no interest in flirting with relegation and want to make sure we sign the right players and will be very busy identifying and pursuing targets. There’s also a FCG meeting tonight where we might get some more info/details... So I suppose we would all be better off sitting back and adopting a wait & see approach. It is difficult to be patient and not get caught up in the excitement though but I see no reason not to have faith and confidence in our management and owners. Now is the time for hope & positivity, we’ve put up with so much dross for so long, it’s refreshing to be able to actually look forward with genuine encouragement and enthusiasm. And what a relief to have discarded the cast offs and deadwood! Really feel we are building on a solid foundation now. Most of all, I really do think we have the right man in Deano who is essentially a head coach and works with the players and regularly works on improving them. Onward and upwards! UTV
  3. Too many rumours & speculation, have we actually made a bid for a player yet? We don’t know who we are targeting or what kind of player, hopefully we will get an idea from the first couple of signings (not really counting the Jota deal as we were essentially just getting rid of a useless player in Gardner, good deal for us). Whatever happens, I think we have to get our few decent youngsters out on loan into the Championship if possible (rather than L1, L2), they need to take that next step up. Namely,: O’Hare, Davis, Green, RHM, Doyle-Hayes, Revan. See if they can prove themselves and if they do well then give them a shot at getting into our squad, otherwise we would need to offload them. The jump up to PL is going to be huge and we just don’t have anywhere near enough quality left in our squad. We’re going to need a hell of a lot of decent signings but I trust Deano & co to get it right. Just finding it hard to be patient atm & aren’t the weekends so boring now without Villa playing?
  4. Cheer up mate, we just got promoted... Time to be positive, none of us has any idea what the actual transfer strategy is. If we manage to get the loanees in (who played a massive part in our success) we will still have a core of good players who know each other and work well together. None of the players we released would have made much of a contribution, clearly not good enough for PL level. Trust in Deano and our ownership.
  5. Wasn’t he almost a complete liability for Liverpool, always out of position and responsible for many conceded goals?
  6. On the team spirit & togetherness subject...if we sort permanent deals for the loan players (Mings, Hause, El Ghazi, Abraham) then that won’t be such an issue or concern as they were a massive part of our success and integrated so well - can’t really remember when there was such a strong bond and relationship between players and fans and it’s especially rare, or even unique, when we didn’t actually own some of these key figures. Grealish & McGinn are our own, most important players so if we could add the loanees to them then we would still have a good group, it might not have to be the complete overhaul that many are anticipating. We do need to strengthen in key positions though and try to get some squad depth. I just can’t help but feel impatient, would like to see these guys signed and sorted and then get other targets in. Would be good to have the “spine” of our team set in place. Have a lot of faith in our management team though, so far they’ve made the right decisions - releasing and offloading the right players, none of whom would’ve been up to the standard required and would not have contributed much at all. Just waiting for reinforcements now and we need a lot! Have to be patient (as difficult as that is!). UTV
  7. I know it’s cliche, but if we could “sell the project” to him it might be possible... The bigger issue may be the transfer fee. I’m probably just dreaming though Absolutely loved his goal against Wolves, he’s so talented.
  8. Totally agree with many of the comments here (and the thread title!) we need a load of quality signings and have to spend heavily... We don’t have a PL first XI let alone a squad, glad to see we aren’t wasting time releasing players. Get the loanees in fast (Mings & El Ghazi especially). I just hope we show some ambition and set our sights fairly high in terms of targets (as well as finding some gems). Such an exciting time...
  9. Probably unattainable but I would love us to go for Deulofeu, the lad is quality and would majorly strengthen us.
  10. Am I dreaming? Can’t quite believe we’ve finally achieved it! El Ghazi was the standout player for me today, don’t think we played well at all in the playoffs but who gives a s*** now? Thank you Dean Smith, you have transformed our club!

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