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  1. Too right, if we could get some business done by the end of the window it would help us to make the most from our progress so far. We look a strong and competitive team & fear no one (although how we can start getting some decisions going our way, I don’t know, bloody corrupt refs) so I would like us to try and push for the best possible finish in the league this season. We need cover, options and competition most of all - it brings the best out of the players. We definitely need a LB, Targett has been great but we suffer and lack a lot without him.
  2. Yeah I won’t be overly disappointed or critical if that happens but we have put ourselves in such a good position, I would love us to make the most of this opportunity and do/finish as well/high as possible. As Nassef said, the sky is the limit for this club. It will elevate us so much and attract a higher calibre of player, if we can get into Europe that would be massive! I’ve so enjoyed the way we have played and the results we have gotten so far this season, we love to attack and 1 or 2 goals is not enough for us! I love it! But we have to try and ensure we don’t fall
  3. Exactly, we can’t be giving these kinds of players significant game time (particularly Davis) in the Prem if we are looking to become an established top half or even top 6 team. They aren’t effective enough, we don’t have options upfront most of all - clinical finishing is what we lack most. We must do business in Jan and in every window tbh if we want to keep progressing and be a real force. Keep enhancing the team & not settle for a lower class of player.
  4. We need a deadly finisher and excellent striker of the ball, whether that be a CF, winger or wide forward. We create opportunities but are not clinical enough.
  5. Couldn’t agree more, we must spend and enhance the team from a position of strength in order to kick on and progress. We have to make the most of our success so far this season and carry the momentum forward, we could really achieve something special. Really hope we put ourselves in the best position to do so and not squander this opportunity (that the players and management have worked their socks off for).
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