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  1. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    I'm resigned to the fact that Bruce is going to be given more time and just hope it will be a very positive season (somehow) but when I look over the squad it doesn't exactly fill me with confidence. So much work yet to be done and plenty of wheeling & dealing to be sorted. (apologies for any errors, half asleep when typing this up) When I look over the team that we have (and could/would be starting the season, minus any incoming transfers), it just looks weak tbh and desperately in need of strengthening, if it is going to be a title/promotion contender: Johnstone Bree Chester Baker Taylor Jedinak/Bjarnason? Hourihane Lansbury Adomah Grealish/Green Hogan Reserves/Bench: Steer? De Laet Hutton Elphick/Richards Samba/Bedeau? Gardner Bacuna Tshibola? Lyden Gabby (how do we get rid?) RHM (should be involved) McCormack? Injured: Kodjia Presumed outgoings: All foreign, loaned players (Cissokho, Gil, Gollini, Sanchez, Veretout) Amavi Bunn Elphick/Richards? Tshibola? McCormack? Could get over £20m if all are shifted??? Plenty of fund for strengthening if they are generated in good time... Need to strengthen CB, DM, LW, RW ST? GK? AM? Ideal outgoings (imo): Bunn Cissokho Elphick Richards (how?) Hutton Bacuna (unlikely) Gardner (unlikely) Gabby (unlikely) McCormack
  2. Sam Johnstone

    I don't have any problem with another loan deal so long as we release Bunn and get an experienced, first choice keeper in. Johnstone as a 2nd option is not bad but I would certainly not be confident with him as first choice throughout the season, particularly as regards a genuine promotion push. Again, I don't like us developing other clubs' young players unless they are going to be sticking around here or at least make a massive contribution (get us promoted)... What are people's thoughts on Ruddy? Available on a free but not sure what kind of form he has been in. Would have been fine as a back up or rotation option but not if we're signing Johnstone again. Would he be a good enough first choice? He did have a good reputation but that was a while ago... I think Steer should get a chance to develop with us if he can overcome his injuries. So 3 keepers in the squad would be enough.
  3. Steve Bruce

    Tbh, I find the most enjoyable or interesting part of these threads to be speculating on potential transfers. It's always been quite fun to suggest and link players to the club that could be attainable and could enhance the team. Unfortunately, those that come off tend to perform quite miserably here but, given time, hopefully that will change. If the team improves then that will no longer be such a problem. There must be so much work and improvement to be done behind the scenes yet. It sounds quite simple really but, for anyone, the kind of environment and atmosphere you're entering makes such a difference. A good player coming into a shit side, poisonous atmosphere etc. is going to be adversely affected and unable to fulfil his potential or perform well. Even just a decent player, coming into a quality side with character, identity and unity, should thrive...I hope we can become such a team...
  4. Steve Bruce

    If true (need to sell before buying) it doesn't seem like a big deal really. We shouldn't be buying more than 4/5 players now really, hopefully we have the basis of a decent side that may challenge for promotion and it just needs a few key enhancements. We can make a few quality loan signings too, I just hope they're of a high enough standard and can make a significant impact - e.g. Abraham, PL players/subs. For me, priority number 1 this summer (in terms of transfers) is getting rid of the deadwood/underperformers/unwantedplayers at our club that have been lingering for too long and just stinking up the place! We need a proper clearout and need to complete the forming of a new side or squad, that process begun in January imo and needs to be completed. If ever a side needed uprooting and refreshing, it was ours, but we didn't manage to get all the weeds out or make the right adjustments/enhancements in time. Unfortunately, I'm quite sure that some of them will still remain, even after this window, but if we can shift the majority then that will only be a good thing. Seems like those on loan don't want to be here so they can go too. That should provide some decent funds, from which some quality, and actually useful, additions can be made. We shouldn't have an overly large squad imo, a close knit and "tight" team would be way more preferable. I've had my thoughts on Bruce (not been happy at all, angry, frustrated, disappointed, not my kind of manager etc. etc.) but constantly repeating the same thoughts (which goes for everyone really, those who adamantly defend him too) is really quite pointless. We know the board are backing him and will allow him to continue (I suppose they've been quite emphatic about that, openly stated) so what choice do we have other than to wait and see how things go after preseason? I'm just hoping that with a better side and more team unity and spirit, as well as more/better coaching (some changes there wouldn't go amiss either, must be more attacking in our play), it will make enough of a difference and we will start seeing a team we can be proud of and able to get excited about. We just need to get promoted, it's as simple as that. I don't have much confidence tbh but we'll see what the transfer activity is like and what kind of start we will make to the season...
  5. Players that you think are Good/Excellent

    Ahem!...(your profile pic)
  6. Leandro Bacuna

    It's as simple as that really. It would be great to have a team, even squad, with no sign of the worst players during our decline. Since January, I hope we have started to build a "new" side that will be enhanced during the summer. I think we need more outs than ins really and give the Jan signings the chance to prove themselves. I just hope we can build and form a new identity for AVFC with a team that can genuinely excite us fans and provide some optimism moving forwards. We simply have to be challenging, not just for promotion, but for the title next season.
  7. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    I wouldn't be against it mate, it's just my opinion that we should be looking elsewhere and have a different transfer strategy. Ultimately, the club will act as it wants and we will just have to judge whether they are doing the right things or not. I'm sure there are better options than Barry out there but it all depends on whether they would want to come here and how good our scouting is. I'd personally prefer a younger, more exciting/skilful midfielder who can stick with us and develop into a key member of the side for years to come. Again, I don't think the Barry signing is going to happen and it just seems like speculation from fans so it doesn't really matter much what our thoughts are on that. In in our current squad, no I don't think we've got anyone better than him in that position but we could sign someone who may well be. Barry is older than Jedinak (and we haven't been able to rely on him for the most of the season) and I wouldn't be comfortable with both of them, two aging MFs, in the side. We only need 1 DM in the starting 11 imo so what would happen to Jedinak?
  8. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    I hope we mainly move players out during the summer and get 3-4 signings in of genuine quality, that can go straight into and improve the first 11. Beyond that, some intelligent loan deals would be very welcome. I believe we have the basis of a decent side it just needs improving in some key areas. I have to be honest though - I am not at all optimistic in terms of gaining promotion next season but that's mainly due to our management and coaching staff (and obviously our miserable excuse for performances over this waste of a season). There's no point in continuing to say Bruce out etc. because we already know that the board are sticking with him. We'll just have to hope that it works out and he gets the job done, there can be no more excuses. I don't really care as long as we start being successful and challenge for the top two positions. For that to happen, a lot of work and changes still need to be carried out and I just hope that will be done. We've got to be right up there, forget the playoffs - there's no guarantee we would get through them. That should be the last resort. If we don't show early signs looking like title contenders, the management will have to be changed again - he will have had more than enough time.
  9. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    It's the new players, like Lansbury and Hourihane, who should get a chance to prove themselves and make a contribution. I just think the others need to be moved out and not have an effect on these newer, better players frankly.
  10. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    The thing to establish is whether he would even want to come here and under what circumstances e.g. wages he would want, what role etc. I wouldn't mind if the wages were reasonable and he wanted to stay with the club and be involved in coaching - we don't even know what his skills are in that sense though and what he would bring. Has he completed his "badges", does he have any reputation in that sense? I wouldn't be against it but I don't think it's realistic and not sure why he would want to come here. The truth is, he is at a much better club (at least for now) with better prospects and they would probably offer him a role if he showed some potential in that sense. I just don't know what the draw would be for him to come here, from his perspective. Maybe our thoughts on him are based on nostalgia and not really thinking of the effect and whether it would really be worthwhile. I don't think we should be taking too many risks tbh and I suppose would I kind of view it like that - I don't think it's going to happen anyway. As an outright player, he wouldn't contribute for long enough imo. We already have Jedinak as an overage player who won't last long. If we sign old players for a season or two, just as a kind of "stop gap", it probably prevents or stops other, younger, fitter and maybe more talented players with more potential and more to contribute in the long term. I'd rather us look at better signings as I outlined earlier, let's build a team that move forwards together and become a bit of a unit. Personally, I would like us to discard most, if not all, of the players that have been associated with our past and especially those that have been involved in our decline. Players like Gabby, Hutton, Bacuna and more should be moved on. January wasn't a bad window and I was hoping that we were beginning to build a "new" side which I think is exactly what we need. The only one of these players (other than youngsters, inc Grealish, who would benefit from better players and role models) that I think we should retain, and who deserves it, is Baker.
  11. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    Really think we need to move on from the past - namely past/old players. None of them are good or young enough to return and make a lasting impact, apart from unattainable players such as Benteke, Delph, Milner etc. No 30+ players who are long past their best and would just be looking for a big final payoff. We need to change... We need to look and move forwards as a club and our transfers should reflect that. Enough of paying exorbitant fees and wages for ineffectual signings. Only players of genuine quality and who could actually be effective, not just in the short term either, would be worth forking out for. I would love for us to be building some semblance of a side with lasting potential, that could progress and move forwards/evolve, rather than continue with patch ups, mass layoffs, inferior replacements etc. Having to constantly try to rework and restructure the side every window or season will not get us anywhere... I think it's important that the majority of players coming in to our club be of a good age and able to develop and stick with us for a while. I guess it goes back to trying to find an identity again, we haven't had much to be proud of for a while now and not enough to identify with the club. Some genuine excitement, enthusiasm and genuine cause for optimism would be more than welcome and long overdue...
  12. Jonathan Kodjia

  13. Ugo Ehiogu

    Incredibly sad...
  14. Ugo Ehiogu

    Absolutely devastating news...so young too... Ugo was a fantastic player for us. What a CB partnership Ehiogu & Southgate were... gave us some wonderful times and memories, our defence was absolutely rock solid back then. Always came across as a genuinely nice, warm & humble guy...so sad RIP Ugo