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  1. Midweek Football 20/24 February

    Debbie Alli is a great player, and I like it when he plays football, but he's such a chav he's got that "dickhead" bit of him which I hate.
  2. Irreverentad's Relationship Advice Thread

    I see a great comedy character whom switches that around. Her "everything is so complicated.. I don't know if I'm at that level of commitment.. I'm no.." (!) "Nah love, **** that. If you're not up for it then I'm going home to wank over rape porn and finish watching time team, they're in Bishop Auckland looking at brass nails and shit, see ya later".
  3. Irreverentad's Relationship Advice Thread

    Itz becuz u ave tiny diks lol Sho dem my monster an dey luv it up da bum lol
  4. Manchester United

    Luke Chadwick.
  5. General Chat

    19/f/Cali here. cyber?
  6. Manchester United

    Shame zlatan blatantly couldn't have given more than a shit though lol. Go to gave a few glimpses, but most of that game was Inter not caring. Still, as a part time Milan fan, glad we beat the Merde
  7. Rogues Gallery

    Oh I don't know, he looks more like a cat to me.. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA
  8. Steve Bruce

    Exactly. Now shut up and go and now the lawn or something
  9. Steve Bruce

    I see you're using my film review scoring system.. nice.
  10. Steve Bruce

    This horrible, terrible, annoying, shitty microanalysis of football makes me want to kill myself. People need to stop throwing 60 posts a week about every single aspect of the players, the club, the manager and the **** refreshment team - leave their computers and go outside - 90% of the posts in this thread are embarrassing. I understand this is a fans forum, but it seems like the same 20 posters, 10 from the for and 10 from the against club who just endlessly recycle their crap statistics (based on 11 frickin' games in a few posts above!) like they mean absolutely anything. They don't. It's a tiny, insignificant proportion of anything which loosely and meaninglessly gives weak arguments a bit of substance. STOP, PLZ JUST STOP. Let other people get involved or just don't comment for a few hours. I don't care about Steve Bruce either way - he's a football manager. He's previously got it right and wrong at a multitude of clubs and only time will tell if this current bad spell is the end for him or not. Regardless of that, he's probably only just started to get to Bodymoor Heath without the use of a **** satnav and people already want him to be fired, despite that we've changed the team more or less twice in 6 months. It should come as little surprise (especially given where we've come from and the crap years before) that with such an enormous personnel change that we're not playing like frickin' 1970's Brazil. YEA BUT WE LOST AGAINST BRENTFORD AND PRESTON AND THAT OTHER TEAM FROM UP NORTH - I don't give a cluck, any team can beat anyone. Get over it. This is football, not frickin' top trumps.
  11. The magical imaginarium

    I can see my house from here! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (plz like)
  12. The magical imaginarium

    I know for a fact that I was a twinkle in my daddies eye because that's what he told me.
  13. Family and childcare - a limit?

    I've never heard of it. Who the **** would enforce it? Tell her to look after the kid and stop being a shellfish #parentslivesmatter
  14. The magical imaginarium

    I thought that might be true. But I'm absolutely not interested in finding it. I suppose I am waiting the inevitable click-bait story to come onto my Facebook timeline. Shame really. I wonder why they chose to do it? Is it the "going viral" thing? Is it boredom? I know people like taking particular risks for rushes and stuff, but it's just insane to me!
  15. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    Go and see a Dr, today if possible. I'm not sure if you were joking or not about the last bit. Also, LOL at the bolded part.