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  1. Irreverentad's Relationship Advice Thread

    How? Modern life is busy busy busy. I don't have sex as much as I did pre-baby. That's with 1, never mind two. Myself and my wife get an hour on the sofa to watch tv before bed on week nights, and it's basically the same on the weekends because you know junior will wake up at 7 latest. At best, he has the fairy tale relationship, wrecking a marriage and upsetting kids that aren't his own, but becomes step dad. At worst she just calls time on her fling and he's wasted his own time and energy and has the unenviable tag of knowing adulterer. Sounds brilliant. There are so many available people who would go down a normal and non upsetting route. As I said, imagine sleeping with someone you know is already in a relationship happy enough that at some point wanted to spend their lives together.
  2. Irreverentad's Relationship Advice Thread

    Knowingly sleeping with a married woman who has two children? Classy. I don't care if he's the biggest asshole on the planet, he'll have his side of the story and have reasons why they're not doing great. I think you should be ashamed to be honest. You obviously don't know the potential damage you'll be doing to those kids, especially if they find out (when dad finds out, he'll use your relationship with his wife to turn his kids against her). I don't care if you're smitten with one another. I don't care if it's good sex ("finding ways to book fake meetings" - was a particularly distasteful line). Surely somewhere along the line you have asked yourself if it's ok to stick your turnip in a married womans garden and thought "it's fair game". Sorry mate, but that's just not ok with me. Horrible. I only hope the kids don't find out.
  3. I've said the same thing since about a week after it happened. When the absolute crunch comes into play, they'll give us the REAL options and it'll be an almost unanimous vote to "somehow" stay in, because people will realise just how **** over they've been, or are going to be, for a long time. We're part of a pretty big **** deal, but your nationalist "Britain will never die" people won't admit we (need to) rely on other countries to stay at the big boy table. We're a tiny island on the arse end of the behemoth of Europe (sorry Ireland), we should be thanking our stars that we're counted in. Team work makes the dream work after all. Oh yea, I went there.
  4. Steve Bruce

    It annoys me because those ideas/thought processes will be shared by not just a fan, but a player, or a member of staff, or someone with a vested interest. It's completely against sporting behaviour and ethics. You should always do your best, regardless of any outside opinion/action or whatever. As soon as you cross that line, enter that ring, step up to that tee - in professional sports - you must do your best. I know that the % chance of this being applied to anyone is very small - but it does happen. It's an ugly side of any sport.
  5. The Film Thread

    The thing that makes superhero films not funny, is that you know that everyone MUST have 1 funny joke, at the expense of someone else. So it's like a chain of events which become more unfunny, because you learn when they're coming and what they're going to be. The classic example is whenever the Avengers are stood in a room, usually with 1 missing from the scene. 1 will say something about someone else, he'll retaliate, someone else with mention something about someone else and then it goes and goes until the guy missing from the scene comes in and that's meant to be funny because he/she'll say something like "did I miss something??" LOLOLOL-**** off.
  6. Paddy's "Things that cheer you up"

    "s.sssometimes.. we like to bend.. erm.. corrugated.. erm.. plastic.. into to half...erm..circles.. and den...errmmm..errrrmmm.. put vegetables... underneath....and watch'em grow like.."
  7. Steve Bruce

    on who?
  8. Irreverentad's Relationship Advice Thread

    Well, firstly, you need to get your priorities straight, ok? It goes 1. PS4 with me on Fortnite - Last night, I was incredibly upset that I had to play BF1 instead. I mean.. after we came so close on Wednesday night? Why Ben, why? 2. I hope it went as smoothly as it could have done. I'm lucky that I've never had that chat. I remember my second girlfriend when I was about 15 and I just called her, said "umm" for literally 15 minutes and then just said "I think we should break up" and she just told me to **** off and put the phone down. Never heard from her again. So maybe there's something you can maybe take from that?? It should help I reckon. 3. There isn't really a point 3, but I'm going with it - STOP TAKING DRUGS BEN. I watched Gordon Ramsay last night, and don't think I don't know what you're up to when you sniff on PS4 headset. 4. Try not to cry too much, because having your eyes filled with tears will really not help me when I need your help on Fortnite, ok? THINK OF THE TEAM. 5. Get well soon - this too shall pass (Michelangelo, ninja turtle. [1993])
  9. Steve Bruce

    Wishing for a bad result for your own team, in order to get rid of someone is one of the most abhorrent things I can think of in sports.
  10. Drugs

    Yea I actually watched it (who watches normal TV anymore?!) because of this thread. On both of those occasions it was quite shocking how 1, they both lied about if they'd taken anything/when the last time they did it (when they can be tested there and then) and 2, how blasé they were about getting their kids in the car whilst high. Yes, it was a bit "scaremongering", but when you look at the whole picture (making it, the crime affiliated with it, the bad stories etc) - It's not a great thing is it? The money in those two Albianian lads was pretty scary! £135,000 in two gift bags lol.
  11. Star Wars Battlefront 2 (2017)

    It's good it's 'harder'. The problem with the last one was that there was 1 class that fits all - that's not how it should work really. The hero pick ups being placed was silly, they should be earned. The best players used to know how to get to them quicker anyway, so now at least everyone has a chance of earning the points required to be a hero. Classes are good because it breaks up the game play more. It becomes rock-paper-scissors which makes the game better and forces you to play differently with each class. It felt like a more grown up game than the first. The first was ok, but after 100 hours you'd done it all really. This will give the game longevity.
  12. Fortnite

    Am on @Stevo985 @villarule123
  13. Steve Bruce

    Thinking about it, he probably wanted to keep faith with the players who had won the last 4 games on the bounce (mostly convincingly). So whilst I suppose that's good man management ("why should I get dropped, when we've been winning well and belief is high?") it's bad game management. He really needed to change it around either at half time - or certainly as the 1st goal went in. He made it difficult for himself.
  14. Fortnite

    Cool. I hopefully be on. I was a stupid boy yesterday and stayed up to watch the CL highlights which finished at half past bastard 12, so I'm a bit tired. Will try to endeavour though!