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  1. Waiting for this baby to arrive.. midwife reckons it's close to kick off.. can't wait to meet the little blighter!
  2. Depending on what day of the week it is, I'd probably have a different opinion about restoration vs costs. But yea, it needs to be dumped and started over. Don't waste that much tax payer money on something which could be done for a fraction of the cost. If the world was perfect and we hadn't been living in austerity for the last 10 years, there are homeless people on the streets and people who use food banks - then unfortunately you have to save money somewhere, why not start with the people who are responsible for all this shit and the place they work? Is it iconic? Yep. Would it be a huge shame to have to do it? Yep, it certainly is. But then again.. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/galleries/iconic-buildings-demolished-what-replaced-them/ It's only a shame for the people who remember them, 2 generations down the line and all it is, is a picture in a history book. I've had the discussion before, but tear the whole lot down and improve infrastructure all over, it's shit and is getting worse. Smart motorways are already out-dated. Either challenge the source of the problem (stop selling cars or give people BETTER options to replace them), or improve the struggling networks (Electric, Gas, Travel all included). we don't need the England being like the Isle of White, we need it to be functional with nods to the past, don't be a slave to it.
  3. Yea but he failed a drugs test 20 years ago, so I wish he was dead.
  4. You put far too much emphasis on money. It doesn't really matter what the price or the contract of a player is, that's often not down to the manager. I mean, if man city come knocking, we know as well as anyone, you slap £20m on the valuation. Other teams do try and win at football too, and will try hard to do it. It's just 11 people playing football at the end of the day, money clouds peoples judgement. Admittedly, money does tend to get you better players, but I suppose that's only natural. You can't say he hasn't "trained" them well though, to get half-way through April and still be challenging for 4 trophies is a feat in itself.
  5. @Tegis throw one of the eggs at the human head a couple of desks in front, look busy immediately - make sure there are only the two of you in the room when you do it. Blame ghosts. This will scare the man.
  6. @kurtsimonw, meet @Chindie I wonder if maybe you two could help each other, if you are both feeling similarly down? Chindie, you have spoken to experts and made progress (no matter how miniscule), maybe some of your goals or experiences may benefit Kurt? Probably absolutely nothing in it, but it's always worth trying! That said, I'm really looking forward to the sitcom of you both living in the same apartment in downtown sparkhill, over a deserted curry house.
  7. The first paragraph shows me a different side to you, so that's all good information. The second? Well, to be honest, I have 2 true friends, but I don't see them that often due to them having their own lives and me having mine. I'm married with a kid and one due imminently - so that's what occupies my time mostly. But through that, I can see what you mean. It's a funny age in your early 30s because you have "stuff", but unless you're with a partner I can fully understand it might be a lonely place. Other friends have other friends, they probably have partners, who have their own friends who they socialise with which is obviously less time to spend with you. Do you play any games? I have a core group of "online" "mates" who I play with often and to be honest there have been times when I've thought, "I actually spend more time with these "people" than I do my actual friends - it's a very social thing - because whoever is playing that game is someone you instantly have something in common with. Maybe try that if you don't already. I find it difficult to bring new people into my own circle "a circle made up entirely in my own head" - I'm quite distrusting, and cocky with a particular sense of humour which often makes me look like a prick to new people. Friends of friends I tend not to have the time or patience for - although I try and be polite and ask questions etc.. depends what mood I'm in to be honest. What do you do for a living? Anyone at work you could go out with? Football, music, games, hobbies are always good talking points. Don't try and force a smile (or happiness) in general, as that's often quite exhausting, which will naturally lead you back down anyway, pretty vicious circle.
  8. I think out of all the things you have posted, the thing that really sticks out to me is just how little value you place on yourself. I think you must (try) and get out of that mindset. 90% of people out there lack self-awareness, and to be honest, it's quite a good thing to have, because they don't critically evaluate yourself, like you obviously do. I'll ask you what I asked Chindie - what do you see or perceive as "happiness" or "success"? What to you, do you think "value" is, in reference to a person? What is it about yourself that you find not good enough, or not valuable enough for other people to find attractive? Hardly anyone out there is a "looker", hardly anyone out there has enough material goods to offer complete dependency, so what are they offering that you aren't able to? Very little I imagine. You seem thoughtful, caring and very considerate - all very attractive qualities. Something that may not be perceived a attractive is just how little you value yourself. You're in a hole without a ladder, but it's very important you don't stop looking for the ladder to get yourself out. The hardest thing to do right now, is lifting that big heavy head up from the pillow, and planning something in the not so distance future to give yourself something to look forward to. Once you get out of the "getting out" stage, then you can begin to start thinking more broadly. Go to the Villa (it's great at the moment), go fishing, go for a walk, drive somewhere you wouldn't normally go, go see your parents, ask your friends to go out for a meal or the cinema - live a little. Life is great, beautiful and there's so much to do to see, feel and experience - don't lose your vitality! Don't do anything you don't want to do, focus on you and things you enjoy - you're allowed to be "selfish", you're allowed to feel shit, but by the same token, you're definitely allowed to try and be happy. Keep going bud, even Milan aren't looking too shitty these days! Forza Milan!
  9. Peoples increasingly narrow parameters of what is and isn't acceptable. "OOOHH LOOKS EVERYONE, A PERSON WITH AN OPINION! GATHER ROUND!!"
  10. lapal_fan

    Glenn Whelan

    A couple of times yesterday there was a chance of a break, one key one where he was jumping into a 50/50 header, the Bristol player didn't get off the ground and Whelan went over the top of him and slammed into the ground and got winded. Had he not done that, they'd have been straight through onto our defence, he absolutely took that bump for the benefit of the team. So brave. Couple of nice passes out wide when things were tight in the middle, he was passed about twice in the whole game and that was due to McGinn trying to get up to Tammy to help him out. Did exactly what was needed of him.
  11. I'd have loved to have seen him in a side with young, milner, solano and Carew.
  12. Look like don king upside down lol
  13. @Rob182 - am I going to this mate?
  14. **** hell, I just kicked every bastard ball with those lads. How I feel;
  15. Again, is it way more entertaining? Hanging on against Blackburn at home doesn't really strike me as entertaining.. I wasn't exactly loving the Wednesday game until the 92nd minute either! I think it's better, but it's not loads better. That said, we've already scored more goals than last season, we've let more in of course, but I think we look really nicely balanced at the minute, and we seem to be utilizing the squad really well.
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