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  1. I was on a root to football last knight and their was a van driver driving like a mad man. Mega close to the car in frunt, weeving like a person in the oldun daze that made close on a weeving machine. So I took a foto of his van which had phone numbers and logos.. and i called his companie this morning and grassed him up. I felt really good.
  2. lapal_fan

    General Chat

    I think that's something we can all drink to.
  3. I don't know what has happened, but I LOVE this new Ingram guy, he's funny. The old one was a proper prick. Keep up the good work, new ingram guy!
  4. lapal_fan

    General Chat

    say any more shit like that, and I'll go unlike all your posts that I liked. DON'T BE A LIKE WHORE!
  5. I must have been going lightly on yo' ass that night. It was usually in the 100s
  6. Physicist Neil DeGrass Tyson nailed it when he said "Scientists gave the world the internet, but didn't create the curriculum for it, which means it's hard to filter what's true from the bullshit. My job is not to preach what is true, but to teach how not to believe the bullshit". We'll get there, but as I've said before, the average joe (idiot) doesn't know how to act when given anonymity.
  7. I've been in a car with @Paddywhack hundreds of times, and I've only feared for my life in 47.6% of those journey's but it saves me petrol, so you know, swings and roundabouts innit.
  8. lapal_fan

    General Chat

    So you're saying I should become a murderer, become a crime lord - for the good of Birmingham?
  9. I don't mind weddings. They're usually a good place to see old faces and have a chat and a few beers with music and there's enough people to use as a shield from the people you're not bothered about. Plus my social circle is pretty small so I tend to really know and like the people who are getting married. I've been best man twice and usher twice. I've enjoyed it. I loved planning the stag do's (Berlin and Warsaw, although I'd say I did a better job at Berlin because I'd already been there) and I was "joint-best man", meaning the speeches were fun to write. I don't mind public speaking, but I think my speeches were pretty shit tbh, looking back. I'd have done them much different if I were to do them again I think. Ahh well!
  10. lapal_fan

    Dean Smith

    As someone who was not there, what was the atmosphere like at the final whistle? I'm of the opinion that you should never be disgruntled when you can see the team trying to do the right things.
  11. Same with a few players new to the squad, but this was his first 90 mins in English football, against a very fit and strong side. He made a mistake early doors, then improved. Like the others, we'll see the best of them in a few months - he'll have a couple of stinkers, but stick with him.
  12. "he...hehe... and this one time... it was last monday actually... Slavov swapped my A & E keys on my keyboard!!!... the bastard." *turns to other tables* "he...hehe.. und vis eins tiem... vas voss list Montag eck-suh-allov.. Slavov sVopped mein Av & Ev keeys on mein kevbored!!!... das bastardov." Stupid @StefanAVFC..

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