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  1. I like to go to public toilets and take any turds which haven't flushed.
  2. I work for WAHT, looking after Worcs, Kiddy and Alex (redditch). Half of me loves what PFI has done for the Trust, half of me hates it. I'm privy to a decent amount of financial information and it's not good news. That said, NHS Trusts across the country (PFI especially) have been advised to go after private finance they use as a way to "earn" money, because Government funding has been so poor. I've only worked here 18 months, but I know enough. If you go to Worcs, it's a nice hospital (the PFI part of it anyway), compared to Redditch it's lovely. Kidderminster is half and half - you go through one door and you're in the 1980s, another and you're in the 2010s.
  3. I understand the need to bring the incident to attention, but for it to go national? Really? Are there not more important messages that could go out in it's place? As has been said - it should not have happened - but if it's an isolated incident, you can't use it as a stick to bash anyone in particular with, because it doesn't happen often.
  4. Silly response. It's been acknowledged there is a problem, it's was acknowledged it shouldn't have happened. Everyone knows that waiting times are getting longer etc etc - that wasn't the point. The point was, it was a weird situation, but by all accounts a bit of a one off, which was dealt with by the good people working there - why the need for outcries and all the jazz that comes with it? It's self pitying.
  5. We should want the truth, whether it suits your preferred party or not. If the kid was put down on the floor, snapped, picked up and put on a bed again, then **** that person. I work in a hospital, and I'm pretty sure a kid lying on the floor with pneumonia wouldn't happen. If it has, and there may be circumstances where i could happen, then it's really awful, but you need to be sure before we all get outraged..
  6. I think it's very scary how little thought people give to having kids. Some people just bang without contraception and are somehow surprised when it happens to them. There is nothing more life changing than having children, and I find it amazing how lightly people take that decision. There's a 41 year old grandma at my work. She had her kid when she was 16 and then her daughter had her kid at 20. She's lovely, but some of the things her grandson comes out with, which she laughs about makes me cringe "Oh, he went up to his mom the other day and said "**** off mommy"". He's 4. I think its really sad, but then who am I to judge?
  7. You'd have understood the joke if you'd have actually been responsible.
  8. I was pretty gobsmacked when I read @KHV's post about getting rid of the NHS. I read the other poster's post about how they do it in Australia, with the heavily taxed rich etc.. And I've been told we can't really compare the UK to the USA (why not?). Then I read this article from CNBC about the cost of private medical insurance; https://www.cnbc.com/2017/06/23/heres-how-much-the-average-american-spends-on-health-care.html So, whilst £200 month sounds quite reasonable to people earning the UK national average wage of £25k - £27k per year, it's going to be pretty hellish for half the people NOT earning that salary. I earn quite a bit over the average salary (hard work and luck I guess), so £200 a month doesn't sound too bad. I could afford it. But when I look at that £200 a month, on top of my already expensive child care...hmmm... I have 2 kids, when the youngest who is 7 months joins nursery in 4 weeks, I'll be paying around £700 a month for him (4 days a week, not even full time). My wife works, so we'll have to pay for before and after school clubs for my 5 year old, that's £192 a month - so that's £900 a month just to look after the kiddies. Thankfully, I didn't stretch myself too far borrowing money on my mortgage, so that's a paltry £600 a month (I know people with a mortgage over £1k a month for a house in a "nicer" area than mine for the same kind of property). So that's £1300 a month for a mortgage and childcare. Doesn't take anything else into consideration. I'd rather not pay another £200 a month for insurance if I didn't have to. Then, if you read the article I've put, you'll see that that £200 a month will go up, because the pharma companies know you need the cover. So since 1960, medical insurance costs have gone up 9x (adjusting for inflation too), so that £200, will go up if everyone switches to medical insurance. The NHS kills that market in this country because the majority of people would say "why, when I have this free?". Poor and elderly people are already suffering as a result. I was in Las Vegas last month. I used the bus that travels the strip to get to places. Some of the sorry looking homeless people getting on that bus, one guy I remember had actual maggots infesting what I can only describe as a weeping lesion covering the back of his left hand. I don't know his circumstances, but he was in a very bad way physically, limp almost. He couldn't get that seen to i imagine. It looks incredibly uncomfortable too. We just don't know the half of it.
  9. I think if Smith had other options, then of course Wes would have been taken out of the firing line. As it is, he hasn't (I think Davies would have been a really decent option in some of the games) and it's been very detrimental to Wes. It's got to the point where I feel for him now. Nothing is working and I can't remember the last time he had a shot, never mind a shot on target. It can't be good for him mentally walking out onto that pitch at the moment. He needed easing into the league, not to be our only option. It's a shame as far as I'm concerned.
  10. I wish we had vardy, telimens and that Turkish guy in defence. Great players.
  11. This is definitely the worst I've seen us play this year. Not a good performance at all. The worrying thing is that optimism wears down and the squad accept this as the status quo. We've got to get something out of the next game.
  12. Freiheit, keeping the dream alive - has to be the long version though. Which is the normal version, but with 4 minutes of horns and drums at the end.
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