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  1. Snow Watch!

    That's the kind of thing that will stick with your kids long after the annoyance of your wife has disappeared. Great parenting papa Ruge.
  2. Steve Bruce

    Means absolutely nothing to anyone, other than yourself.
  3. Steve Bruce

    He doesn't get "so much abuse" on here. He gets his fair share from the people who are probably just as fervent the other way about Bruce. I for one recognise Lambert was on a hiding to nothing given our situation/financial restraints, but Lambert can't be compared to Bruce, you're right. The problem you have is not finding the middle ground. There is no comparison between Lambert and Bruce, positive or otherwise.
  4. Steve Bruce

    Well, there's nothing to compare, because unfortunately Lambert and Bruce didn't and probably won't manage Villa at the same time, play the same fixtures in the same order, with the same team choices.. Seriously, what are you even talking about? If there's any argument to be had, it's that you believe Lambert to be better than Bruce? Entirely your own opinion, but one that could never be proven, so is completely and utterly pointless.
  5. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

    There's a Youtuber called Jackfrags (from stafford) who is trying to get this moving. I don't think it would be a great idea though to be honest. I think the Battle Royale genre won't last that much. But for consoles, they would probably provide a better experience with their gun mechanics etc. Not too sure on the whole.
  6. Steve Bruce

    He's very nearly our best manager ever The problem with us and this forum and football fans in general, is that we're so wrapped up in our own teams that a glance at match of the day and the table means we think we know everything about what's going on at other clubs, but we don't have a clue what's going on at other clubs, apart from recent form. We analyse everything about Villa.. the tactics, the subs, minute by minute analysis. We don't do that for other clubs. So apparent problems at Villa are amplified by.. a lot.. We've room for improvement, but if you can't see improvement on our situation compared to last year, other the previous 6 years, then you've either got a very short memory or you have an agenda. Is Bruce perfect? Absolutely not. Is he better than what we've have previously? Absolutely. Will we go up this year? It'll be close, but I think we will. Do Villa have the right to beat every team? I've never understood that mentality of fan. Why do we struggle against "lower" teams? Because they come to Villa Park to sit deep, be difficult to break down and hit us with pace on the counter, which with out players is hardly a surprise to me - we're not pacey. I only dip into this thread once or twice a week, and every time I do it's the same discussion - one week on, one more game played.
  7. Snow Watch!

    Snowy days show up the shit managers. My wife is working from home, was fretting about calling her manager to tell him she was doing so. So she makes the call and he says "oh yea, my and (other manager) decided not to make the journey in yesterday" - of course not phoning/emailing my wife and her team because **** them, right? Arseholes. I'm working from home. If you don't have to make the journey, you shouldn't - it's reduces risk, saves money, blah blah blah - people shouldn't need to feel bad. Presenteeism at its worst.
  8. Pre match chit chat

    Keep it the same. We didn't play great against Leeds, but we still came away with a point and probably could have won in the end. We're doing well at home and they've had a week between games - they should be fresh and fine. If it's still not working, then yea, drop someone - but for now - that would be bad management on the basis of "sorry, but you looked a bit tired last Friday".
  9. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    I don't need a "title" to tell me I'm **** fantastic. Bitch I'm fabulous.
  10. Crypto currency

    can't see that on coin desk. Highest it's been is 17,147. Where are you looking?
  11. Death Stranding

    Some thoughts on the trailer; "um-hmm.. oh right, yea.. oh.. wait, hang on.. ohhhh, ok... wait a minute.. oh.. Ooooohhhh.. oh, what the ****.. oh Kojima.. what the ****.. Oh ok.. ok... ok? Is this ok? This is NOT ok who thought of this?? no seriously, who thought of this? .. I must buy this game.." And then the video got to the bit where it said "Once there was an explosion" @0.21 seconds.
  12. Just watched the video @Xann posted. Heart-wrenching to watch.
  13. General Chat

  14. Harry McKirdy

    I want him to change his name to Herdy
  15. Game of the Year 2017!!!!

    Elite Dangerous is the only game I bought this year.. and that was released about 4 years ago. Still only play RL and BF1.. New BF game next october.. so I guess nothing until then