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  1. Rogues Gallery

    Yeah! Hoping for maybe a 1 or 2lb loss this week! Weigh in Thursday morning.
  2. Rogues Gallery

    How'd you think i met my now wife?
  3. Rogues Gallery

    I love you really. I'm "chunkier" than you! (I look like Mr Tumble allegedly )
  4. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    sometimes it does, and when it does, he's great. His problem seems to be (to me) is over saturation. He seems to be on quite a few things now. A way worse example is Noel Fielding.
  5. Irreverentad's Relationship Advice Thread

    Although.. IF he did have a chance to get his hands on one of those watches... WHAT.A.NIGHT THAT WOULD BE
  6. Rogues Gallery

    It's a shame that fat ugly piece of shit got in the way and ruined the photo of you Motto.
  7. General Chat

    I heard that in a building site 10 years ago. It means "very good" or "nice/cool" "I had very good food last night". Young Asian lad explained it to me
  8. Things you often Wonder

    That's probably the smartest thing you've ever said. And then that.
  9. Irreverentad's Relationship Advice Thread

    If this was a film.. Now is the time Ruge is in a football stadium, which is completely dark, except for a spotlight on Ruge and a football on the penalty spot. You hear a heartbeat and nothing else. A close up of Ruge, a dirty, beat up face and a single drop of sweat falling down his temple. Camera pans to behind/above him.. The lights come up and it's a packed Wembley, and it's the decisive penalty against the Blues for the F.A. Cup after a hard fought 90 mins plus extra time. The crowd are fully behind you and you're shooting towards the Villa end. You have our FULL support, you've got the chance - you just need to make sure you're cool and calm.. the rest is up to you..
  10. Things You Don't "Get"

    What? The environment I'm talking about is being outside in your garden, not tub itself. Baths are mostly done for a bit of relaxation I guess, so relaxing outside is seen as more relaxing. But you've pissed in your bath more than you've had baths in it.. so...
  11. Things You Don't "Get"

    Nothing wrong with them really. Just a nice opportunity to relax in a nice environment. Nothing really 'to get'
  12. Irreverentad's Relationship Advice Thread

    It's just worry mate. To be heartless, you're just another dude on the end of an anonymous message board, you could be ANYONE. But at the same time, reading the stuff you post related to this topic, it's just such a waste of emotions and money. We get one life, live it to its full potential (wish I'd take my own advice on that!). Best of luck, whatever happens.
  13. Irreverentad's Relationship Advice Thread

    Ruge, if you can afford to 'do coke' every weekend then you can definitely afford to spend 50 quid trying to "keep my family together" - your words. If you cannot differentiate that amount of money once a month/week or whatever, then maybe YOU'RE the one who is in the wrong. Your WIFE has asked you for that tiny bit of commitment. Yes, it's probably going to be a little embarrassing (I too don't like airing 'dirty laundry'), but **** come on mate, this is your family. Whilst your wife isn't squeaky clean, she isn't the one pissing away good money up her nose when she's bringing up BOTH OF YOUR KIDS. Drugs are an absolutely horrible thing to susceptable people - but as lots of people on here have already said - you have to want to help yourself and change! - without that, your doomed to fail. Sorry for the blunt words, you seem (sometimes!) like a decent guy, but I won't have poor, innocent kids with absolutely no choice in this this situation wasting their endless potential. You'll either kill yourself or destroy your nearest and dearest. CHANGE FFS.
  14. Cricket: General Chat

    Boycott is nearly always right though. Blowers is ok. To a new cricket fan a few years ago I was like, "wtf is this old dude talking about?" - then you realise it's part of crickets charm and heritage, then you love it. Tuffers can tell a story like your funny uncle, and is self depreciating, so I don't mind. Swan I keep thinking is Jack dee talking, and seems quite uppish. Vaughn is a bit of a show off and I'm not that keen.
  15. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    Do you think you might have a problem? I had 5 beers in Poland last month and had to be carried back to our hostel! I'm pathetic at drinking. 8 cans would destroy me.