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  1. New Battlefield "Portal". Players can create (within reason) game modes, change settings, run admin privileges or create scenarios using a script editor! - lots of scope for lots of very cool things. It's mod tools without being mod tools.
  2. I'm assuming most of the posters on here are past breast feeding age, but all I'm seeing is a lot of tit-suckling babies. If Jack Grealish leaves Villa this summer, we'll have broken some kind of record for fee received and FOR ONCE in my life as a Villa supporter trust the people in charge to invest that money back into the club sensibly. We've lost countless good players over the years and been fine. We have to lose good players eventually, as long as we get the best from the deal, that's what counts. If we sell Jack to Man City, it's not like we've "lost ground" on them in a title race, is it? We're no where near them with or without him anyway! As good as Jack is, I'd like to think we have the right management team in place to quite easily replace 5-8 goals an 6-10 assists a season player. We MIGHT become more balanced. We MIGHT sign someone who comes in and becomes our new hero. Whatever happens, happens. The post every 30 seconds with hear say, pure speculation and **** twitter journos is absolutely embarrassing. I'll thank Jack for some of the great moments of joy he's bought me, but wish him well. I'll be looking forward to this "project" we're on advancing, with or without him. Holy shit some of you need to chill out.
  3. I have a much bigger issue with puns than I do GIFs.
  4. Yea that Spitting Image thing is ok I think - I recognised him and thought it was pretty good to be honest! I'm sure it'll get used to lambast those in gov as opposed to use a stick to beat him with. Be interesting to hear the accent given to him though!
  5. Was completely taken aback by "this could go anywhere". Did not expect to be glued to it, but I watched all 6 episodes in 2 days and have tweeted the stars to do another season NOW.
  6. Ever decreasing ice cream sizes are my main indicator of how capitalism isn't something to put much faith into.
  7. I was like that with Habib Beye
  8. I get it but nah. anyone not wearing socks with loafers is a word removed and always will be. Not a personal dig at you either, but it's a shitty trend that hopefully dies out soon. There's loads of trends that look shit at the moment (there pretty much always has been), but anyone who were in their 20s in the 80s looked like a right dickhead. New Romantics to punk - all shit.
  9. I was meant to be going to Prague for a 40th birthday with 2 other couples, was looking forward to it, but wasn't overly excited because of all the extra limitations which would have been put on us during that holiday, plus, I've already been to Prague (it's cool enough, but tend not to do things twice). When that got cancelled because of changes to the air travel etc, I found an awesome Air Bnb in South Sea (Pompy), where there's loads of stuff to do and see, I was really looking forward to it, plus the extra hassle of flying during Covid times was gone - great. A couple dropped out last week because of ongoing issues with them moving house (or trying to). The option was to cancel totally, but we thought that was a shame for the birthday girl, so we said "nah we'll still do something", realising we'd have to cancel the Air Bnb because of the price increase due to the couple dropping out. So now we're going to a **** Haven caravan park all the way over in bastard Norfolk
  10. What does he think about it?
  11. I don't eat humans anymore because Jeff Bezos makes some of them suffer and when I watch the tele and see their sad faces in those warehouses, not able to go for a piss and are paid only enough to buy sellotape to tape the boxes up, which is bought from Amazon, then I feel sad. And he is a space man now because of those sad people
  12. You do get the feeling she's so villified that you'd easily put her in your Deadpool, wouldn't ya? As a human, it's quite horrible, but for all the negative things she's done, all the hate she's fuelled, I won't be sad to see her gone. Quite a horrible feeling to be honest.
  13. lapal_fan


    Heat networks are probably the way forward.
  14. lapal_fan


    Air source heat pumps are ok. Look into it first though, not suitable for everyone. This is our 2 weeks of proper hot weather before everything starts to revert back, so just keep in mind that expensive changes and buying A/C units for probably 10 days a year might not be a great investment.
  15. I chant "ICE CREAM!" when it's hot and I want ice cream. I did it around London once and low and behold, the people I were with got so annoyed, one of them walked off and bought me an ice cream from a vendor on Regents Street. I like ice cream. I live in Halesowen and since I've known my wife, we make a trip or two a year on a Sunday over to Henley in Arden to visit their ice cream shop. They have all the metal buckets with chunky bits and bobs in their ice cream and it's all made locally - lovely Italy does great Gelato, which is a creamier, smoother ice cream, love that. I'll tend to have something like rum & honeycomb, choco brownie, toffee/fudge variety and anything with a strong cherry flavour. It's become a family tradition for me to go over to Henley on a scorching hot day, get the ice creams and drive home. The look of sheer disappointment on their faces when their ice creams have all melted onto the car seats is something I look back fondly on. It's even nicer when I get them to lick the seats clean, knowing my (or someone else's) sweaty ass and nuts have been farting on them since we bought it. It'll be those memories I cherish in years to come.
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