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  1. 8-0 Villa Loris to crash his car into the post because he's drink driving.
  2. He's a fan of the occasional walnut you Rodney Plonker!
  3. lapal_fan


    You throw his/her ass in prison because drugs are not more important than not twatting someone to get their fix.
  4. lapal_fan

    Would You...

    I would, because only weird, men babies with mental issues have a problem with wearing certain items of clothing. I wouldn't wear one out of choice, but if it was for a stag do, a bet lost or someone's funeral or something then yea, why not?
  5. Never really held the "most expensive squad ever assembled" argument with much weight, because football money is only up (quickly). So comparing money today to money pre-neymar is void really. Compared to other clubs we spent a lot, although Newcastle when they came down had a huge wage bill. But that's what happens when teams come down from the prem, especially clubs like ours with large fan bases and infrastructure. We were never going to be comparable to Rotherham or Preston. The football wasnt great, but he definitely lifted us up from our lowest ebb in 10 years. The last few games before his sacking were very bad and the squad balance was criminal, hence why he was sacked.
  6. I don't think that's him? Also, I doubt he has love handles that bad after training professionally for the last 10 years. I guess the tattoo would be a marker we could compare..
  7. That's not Wes, you dirty racist.
  8. Leave it in a different room. If it's in the vicinity, you'll reach for it.
  9. lapal_fan


    I live and have lived in Halesowen all my life. I knew one family who "supported" wolves when I was a kid, and even then, Villa was their second team because we were in the Prem and they were locked in the Div 1 (the championship). When they came up in the early 2000s (I was at school) - suddenly I began seeing loads of shirts around and that one family, turned into about 7. Then they went down again and I didn't see any of them anymore. I went to uni in Wolves 2005-2008 and parked on the ground and even had lectures in the stadium in year 2 and 3 - I could turn up to almost any game and get a ticket, and on 2 or 3 occasions, it was barely half full - at this point they were in the championship. I think the stadium used to hold about 25k too. I think what I'm trying to say is - Wolves are a decent club, but their fans are called Dingles for a reason - most of them are **** thick as shit and fair weather. It's fair play they're enjoying a good period, but I'll bet my mortgage that if they ever go down again, the fans will go back to being invisible.
  10. I don't really mind. He probably was a blue nose growing up, does it matter? Same goes for Craig. They came through the academy and Craig played 100 games for us and seemed to care when he was on the pitch. Yea, we've given Gary some questionable contracts, but he wouldn't have been earning loads (in relative terms) and his injuries have undoubtedly held him back. He's going across the city and with how some morons are, he's had to say these things, same for his brother. I don't believe for one second they don't appreciate all the help they've had over the years and it'll be like when players like Cyril Regis retire - people will just call them solid pros. Good luck to the guy I think - it never worked out here, and he's stayed local, I don't blame him if his family are around here. They seem quite family orientated too, judging from him Xmas instagram posts of them all having dinner together.
  11. I once found 5 pound in the chip shop and bought twice as many chips as I would have done anyway. But I felt full after bit and threw half of them away. Bloody great day.
  12. I hated how I met your mother, I just found it really boring, a bit like arrested development, but that's not half bad and is quite funny sometimes. Modern family, never watched. Big bang is alright to be because the characters are quite interesting. Howard was annoying, but he grew into quite a cool guy. Bernadette was sweet, then turned into a dickhead and mellowed later on. Sheldon was a really well written character and the actor was good playing him. Raj was just a cool nerd, glad when he could speak in front of women. Lenard was good because of what he had to put up with living with Sheldon and he got the girl. Sheldon's girlfriend was ok, never really upset me, but her acting when the story was "touching" was too over the top with the upturned eye brows and the almost whispered "thenk yew".
  13. Yea that's probably it mate, I just missed out on it because of my age. I don't doubt its undoubtable influence though. Jerry Seinfeld has done incredibly well out of it. A lot of people reference it and it was incredibly popular. I was just at the wrong age to appreciate it. Agree with 2 and a half men too, absolute toilet of a programme. Surprised Ashton Kutcher touched that - he seemed to be doing ok career wise. No doubt he made a lot of money doing that though.
  14. Lost was good for 2 seasons then came the "DAFUQ!?" and I stopped watching.. That didn't deter my now wife spending £50 a series for the DVD's though Watched the last episode of Chernobyl last night and I can't wait to watch it again - probably the best TV I've ever watched. As I mentioned previously, the weakest episode (for me) was episode 4 with the animals. It just didn't quite grip me as much as the other 4 episodes, but I completely understand why they did it - it just seemed a bit too much of "sitting around with not much happening" to me. But I recommend it to absolutely anyone, particularly if you are older than 30. Brilliant stuff. I loved Fargo with Billy Bob. That was amazing tv - couldn't watch the other seasons. Goliath season 1 is nearly as good as Chernobyl for keeping me glued and heavily anticipating the next episode. Season 2 wasn't as good, but still very passable. Another good thing I've watched lately is Dead to Me, with Christina Applegate - very dark, very funny. Reminded me a bit of After Life with Ricky Gervais, but in no way is it as jovial. Defo worth a watch. As for American Sitcoms - I liked Friends. I get the postmortem criticism of the racial thing, but it's not racist not having black people in the cast - is it? Why shoe-horn genders/races into something where it's not required? I liked Fraiser and have watched that in my 30s as it was something I never understood when it was on Friday nights. But that was a good show. Seinfeld just never appealed to me - I've watched parts of it and it just seemed too american to me, a bit like Two and a Half Men or that one with the two waitresses and one of them has big tits.. Over the top, canned laughter with jazzy music interspersed between scenes - ugh. Never watched Curb your Enthusiasm - I know I should though. I liked Big Bang Theory - I just liked the characters - Raj in particular. The subject was interesting and it wasn't too over the top. Plus Penny That's all I have for now. Go watch Chernobyl - go sit with people you hate for 5 hours if you have to. go go go.

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