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  1. Shows the globe without stretching/contorting errors
  2. Promising. He should have got something on that through ball and whilst it was a bit in the air, as a pro, you've got to get some connection. BUT, watch his movement before Jack sends that ball in - he's pointing to the space, ready to go before their defender knows what's happening - that's really good, proactive play. There was one moment where Jack was in front of Samatta pressing, the ball went by Jack and they started to break in midfield - this mother-**** bust an absolute gut to get back and help out, he won a tackle (which I thought was a foul, but Mike Dean (who I thought had a good game) let it go) and we built another attack. This was his first game, in a huge semi-final for a cup, full house and a boisterous crowd about 10 days after arriving in the country, playing up front on his own. I think he did just great - It's just a shame he couldn't have connected with that ball. We've seen worse in the Prem this year and I'm sure he'll build on it. But what a debut! Getting to Wembley on your first start with a pitch invasion at the end I hope he doesn't think it's this good all the time!
  3. I use neutralising techniques like asking her to explain what I've done pr if we can be civil with each other, because getting angry with one another doesn't help anyone. I've often had to "tread on eggshells" with my wife because she suffers with anxiety a little at times, which is heightened under stress. Coupled with being very smart and she has a crystal clear memory of everything she has done and said (oh how I wish I could remember what I said about something 5 mins ago), means that often times, even when I think I've done the right thing, I could have done it or said it better. I think I was 28 before I realised that my words could seriously affect other people. I've always had the facade of "I don't give a shit about anything and I'll say what I want", but at 28 I realised that words and how you put them together can be pretty damaging. In an argument, I'd say "can you stop being mental?" or "you're crazy" - which used to make any argument or disagreement 10 times worse. Turns out that she often felt like she was actually a bit crazy and being told that in a fight really hurt her. I think we actually manage each other quite well nowadays. We've a 5 year old and a 8 month old so mornings now she's started back at work after Xmas are proving to be stress hot spots, but even this morning we spoke about how we can get the kids to nursery/school easier and less stress-fully. My 5 year old has to go to before and after school clubs now, which he doesn't particularly enjoy, and he doesn't really understand time constraints and how being late for work doesn't benefit him, so him digging his heels on a morning can become quite irksome! I'd recommend for anyone who is continually stressed and being run down that you book something, so you can focus on that - have something to look forward to. Doesn't matter what, but a holiday or a weekend planned for a few months time can give you a lot distraction. Little things go a long way. I'm terrible at seeing jobs that need doing and I'm really working on checking the washing bin on a night and throwing a load into the washing machine, or getting the kids bags ready for tomorrow, or sterilising bottles, putting shit away, keeping the bog clean - anything that takes the burden off (or just sharing the burden as it should be) is really noticed. Take care of yourself, and each other.. Next time on Uncle Lap - how approach the subject of anal - for the husband
  4. If it came to going down with a trophy or staying up and winning nothing, I'd chose going down with the silver every single time. There's a reason we talk about being a big club, and it's because of trophies we won 100 years ago. **** being in a shit gravy train league, stacked against anyone outside the top 4 clubs over winning silverware.
  5. Everyone think he's a word removed too, so you have that in common
  6. I remember his goal at VP and jumping up and clapping. I was given a barrage of abuse for it But what a goal!
  7. I don't care that the players have been honoured their holiday, but Klopp should be there if he is managing the club. He's not playing, fitness and rest doesn't affect him, it's at anfield, not some European club in the middle of nowhere. A lot of people have to work unexpected overtime, why is he different, just because his club are successful? He should want to win trophies, not treat them like they are immaterial. His acolytes on social media are just as bad.
  8. With these kind of things, it'll always be worse than we're told. Especially if the news comes from China, Russia. No Korea etc because their governments won't allow themselves to look out of control, or weak.
  9. Anyone see his miss in the last minute Vs Birmingham earlier?? Sheesh! He'll be seeing that over and over and over again in his dreams.
  10. The fact that their CBs are their highest scorer's should give and indication of how they play, they win free kicks and score headed goals, or scrappy ones like we saw at Everton the other day. I think some of it is complacency when it comes to playing them, better teams take their eye off the ball, but when they score one with 5 mins left they're good at defending the lead for a few minutes. They've scored some lucky goals, but first and foremost they are actually proficient at defending. The problem is, will they be able to do this when the season has finished? Will the same team want to continue to play with backs against the wall for another 38 games? Their gameplan relies on total belief in the system. When players get sick of heading the ball away from their 18 yard box, they'll struggle, because they haven't the firepower to outscore teams on a regular basis.
  11. Until 18 months ago I said "hyper-bowl" HAHA
  13. Oh yea, no doubt. He's got to go a long way to improve, but I think for a 21 year old to have his foundation - I think he could go on to be an England international. Think what Jack was like 3 years ago! He's improved immeasurably in terms of his drive and desire to do the dirty part of the game, I'd be confident Smith would ensure Cantwell would add that. You're probably talking about £20m+ though! Although, from what I see, he signed a contract in July 19, which takes him to 2022. So in 6 months time he'll be into his final 18 months, so his value (should he not sign a deal between now and then), will fall.
  14. Not this window I know, but if Norwich go down and we stay up - anyone take Cantwell? I think he'll develop into a really good player. Not quite as jinky as Jack, but he has a smooth, gliding motion a bit like Maddison when he's in full flow. He'd cost a pretty penny though I'm sure. 6 goals so far this year and only 21.
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