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  1. Gran Turismo Sport

    I haven't got this, but the way you guys talk about it does make it seem a bit "lifeless"? It seems you qualify, and either gain or lose one or two positions and that's as good as it gets. I dunno, something about that seems like it lacks of bit of action or grit or something.. not sure.
  2. Sam Johnstone

    We can thank him for his 2 wonder saves vs Millwall. That would have been 3 points if the rest of the team had been arsed and done their jobs. He's a keeper, his mistakes lead to conceded goals. He won't do it again. Give him a break.
  3. The Art Thread

    Since September Last year I now own 3 Henderson Cisz paintings. Times square South bank Las Vegas. Love em'.
  4. What you eatin' there then?

    Fiesta del Asado on Hagley Road near 5 ways is the best steak I've ever had. Absolutely phenomenal. You pay for it though, about 100 for 2 people with a bottle of red. Thoroughly reccommended.
  5. Things you often Wonder

    Ha, the spongbob crew are a wussy-fied Ren and Stimpy wannabe. John K was an absolute madman.
  6. Racism

    To what end have you posted that? What are you hoping it achieves?
  7. Racism

    Just as yours is.. What about It? If you're going to be offended by being labelled a racist, don't say racist things. It's so **** easy.
  8. What you eatin' there then?

    No, no - it was shit. Italian ham wrapped smooth guacamole? Just tasted of guacamole. A slider burger with bacon? The patty was tasteless, unseasoned mince with a nice piece of bacon. 4/10 And it was 2 mouthfuls in size. Sweet potato fries which tasted of nothing but sweet grease. Stale bruscetta (sp) with a cut in half mini tomato, a bit of onion and drizzled in olive oil, boring and tasteless. Olives were ok. Brownie was nice. Lemon tarte was alright and the cheesecake was rubbish too. Dunno what the shot of red stuff was but it tasted like weak strawberry squash. Maybe it was a bad night to go..? Friday at 5pm. I expected a lot more.. even for a Groupon present (which it was).
  9. Racism

    Do you feel sorry for Nazi's when offended if someone mentions that maybe killing millions of jews was a bit wrong? Nah mate.
  10. The Video Assistant Referee (VAR)

    It would help if the lines were parallel to the ones on the 18 yard box, and not wavy in anyway. That graphic shows how cooked the system could be. Are the lines representative of actual wires under the pitch? Or are they just superimposed onto the pitch via overlay projection? Either way, it absolutely sucks and isn't helping endear itself to fans for fast and clear decision making.
  11. What you eatin' there then?

    I went to Marco Pierre Whites bardolino place in the cube on Friday for a Italian afternoon tea. Came with fizz.. which was a flat glass of asti. And the food was shit, apart from a tiny chocolate brownie. Whilst i didnt anticipate a great deal, it was actually much worse. I don't understand why a supposedly prestigious place would get people in via Groupon (gift) and put them off going back and paying top dollar, when their offerings for small afternoon teas are so rubbish. Just seems nonsensical to me. We bought a decent bottle of red to go with it though, which was quite nice.
  12. Racism

    Gammon faced, brexit voting, neo Nazi confirmed. Notice how emtional he claimed to be in his Bruce post. Now notice that BRUCE is white a white man, and didn't express this emotional extent when a black persons father died. Case closed your honour.
  13. Racism

    Dude, you're more of a cracker than I'll ever be!
  14. Ratings & Reactions: Fulham v Villa

    Some very strange people on this board... A game I think which had been coming. The good thing is that we get to correct it against Preston on Tuesday and we must be up for it. We did..okay, for 45 minutes and had a couple of half chances. That Barney shot on his weak foot probably being the pick. Their goals for me were both gifts and not something I expect to become the norm. We're usually much better than that defensively. That said, I don't think Terry and Chester had much to do! Snoddy looked better on the right. Hogan I think is looking a bit of a shell again. Apart from shooting and chasing down, I think he needs to get involved a bit more when we have it around their box. Show for a give and go, don't just stand in the box looking for a picture perfect ball. Shows how much we need grealish and adomah! Conor had another quiet game. I've noticed he doesn't run with the ball much. Maybe that's something he could improve on. Axellooked good bar 1 or 2 moments. Bruce got it as righr as he could given the circumstances.
  15. Match Thread: Fulham v Villa

    Bad kick. It's one of those things. He won't do it again. Take the loss, enjoyed the streak. Win on Tuesday.