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  1. Thank you. This was my point entirely. Shame a few completely failed to understand an obvious point. This Spanish team may well be very good in 2/4/6 years, but their time wasn't exactly NOW. And they still managed to humble us, relatively easily!
  2. This isn't even a brilliant Spanish team lol. Loads of fodder from the likes of the mighty Real Sociedad, Atheltico Bilbao, Real Betis and Al Nassr lol. They're just coached well and play progressive football. Man for man we have better options (bar Rodri) and we play conservative football and aren't coached well.
  3. As a Bears fan with a son who plays for Worcs academy, I couldn't really lose, but this could be just what bears needed to get back on track and finish the comp off. We'll most likely get home draw and can go from there.
  4. Young Esri on the holiday slush puppies I see.
  6. Maybe Gareth is absolute mastermind and has had us playing like a bunch of shit all tournament to lull our opponents into a false sense of security for the final.
  7. I think we look better than we have all tournament atm. At least we've put a bit of pressure on and had some shots.
  8. Decent session for the England Men's team! Atkinson looks like he can throw a ball really hard. Jimmy looking threatening without a wicket unfortunately. It'll come though, I'm sure.
  9. I get the feeling Forever works at his dads car shop, washing the cars, who treats him as tax avoidance
  10. We spent hundreds of pounds on speech therapy because Jack at the time never really spoke and when he did it was the wrong sounds. Nursery suggested holding him back a year and going the NHS route, but the NHS thing wasn't good in our experience. They had a phone call with me and I said specific things and the letter we got back said the opposite of those things, like the person on the phone wasn't listening at all. Then we took him to the place and it wasn't great either, they're just so busy with backlog we never really felt like we were a priority when we felt like we needed to be. The speech therapist we took him to was brilliant and whilst there's no real way of knowing if it was bad money spent, we saw enough improvement over the 8 weeks to not have to hold him back at nursery instead of going to school. He's finishing reception soon, and is a good little reader - couldn't be prouder of him.
  11. Always loved the guy and the more I think about it, his nose isn't that big, is it really? Almost cute in a way.
  12. Lot of shit on this page. Gazza, Rio and Le Tiss were great players. No player in the history of the game are on Messi/Ronaldo levels of consistency, and that doesn't mean other players aren't great. Rio was good on the ball for a defender, in comparison to others during his era. I remember going to United Vs Liverpool at OT and the box was full of players for a corner. The cross came in, he controlled it on his chest and Cruyff turned out of the box, taking about 3/4 Liverpool players out of the game. He was quick, calm, good in the air and relatively good at passing (compared to King, Mellberg, Vidic, Puyol at the time). Gazza had great moments in games and could single handedly do magic things others definitely couldn't do. He had demons OBVIOUSLY, but he played in an era where not every talent was sucked up by the (non existent at the time) top 4. Le Tiss is Southampton's God. Having a player with those stats, the eye test and doing it in a team more or less consistently on the brink of relegation every year and calling him overrated is LOL.
  13. Ronnie with a 5 yard start and still didn't finish in front.. Legs truly gone
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