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  1. I've just asked my manager for a chat about my salary. Meeting booked in for after 1 today, never done this before and sending that message was me hovering over the send button for about 2 minutes. Nervously excited. Expect nothing!
  2. 8 players from the British Isles in that 11, that must be quite a high % compared to other teams in the Prem and the others have been in the country a while now. It doesn't mean much, but surely just from a language/culture point of view, it'll be easier to bed into the team? We did a similar thing with our team with Barry, Milner, Young, Gabby - English spine - hoping we can reciprocate those heady top 6 days!
  3. Cars are a thing now Well done Villa - this is a really great signing and a signal of intent. Haha, from Danny Drinkwater on loan to Ross Barkley in 1 season. Absolutely immense!
  4. Fingers crossed. But I couldn't tell he was a way better standard. There's nothing he did in that game which any of our other wingers couldn't have done.
  5. He looked good but I think it's pretty shit of everyone who has said it, that he already looks head and shoulders above the others in our squad. He's gonna. He came on when we were 3 up after 80 mins. If he didn't I'd be seriously worried. Point being, even though we have a shiny new toy, don't slag the other players off because new lad looks good against knackered opponents
  6. How can he be our Totti if he keeps missing half chances!? Terrible, awful.. I jest - he's the best - but I'm desperate for him to score 15+ league goals this year so my comparison comes true
  7. Leeds lost against Wigan last season.
  8. It's not the defenders who are the problem, its the midfield. They play so high, if you can beat that midfield with a 1-2, or a tight triangle, you'll end up 3v3 or 3vs in most instances. His whole game plan is to press so high the opponents can't get out of their own half, if they figure it out (like Leicester did), they're very beatable. Of course, your defence needs to be playing well because in possession they'll just break you down and score, but if you can get that bypass in place, you'll have opportunities of your own.
  9. Milan looking good this season I feel. It's a squad on the up and with Ibra/Hernandez/Donnarumma I can see them tipping the CL spots. Atalanta have lost a few players, Lazio - will Immobile do as well again, Roma slipping down the order.. I can see them making top 3.
  10. I just want him to make snappier decisions when he's in the 18 yard box. I want him shifting that ball left or right and striking. It's as good as hoping for a lay off on occasions because rebounds back into the box etc. That, and he need to be looking for 10 goals this season. Totti would.
  11. You can tell it's a game of fine margins. From the top of my head, we created the following; - jack scuffing near post a foot wide, good chance. - jack towards end of game 3 on 2, his shot deflected and bounced onto the roof of the net. - Watkins from the edge of the box, a curling effort which clipped the bar. - trez hard low cross to Watkins who beat his man and the effort went wide. If one of those goes in (and on another day they would have), you're talking about the 2nd goal against 10 men, and then you're talking about a done and dusted performance with a 2/
  12. You need me on it because everyone else is a talentless word removed.
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