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  1. lapal_fan

    Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    Don't worry Bicks, I'll go and report every other post so you do. (I guess this is how reporting works innit?)
  2. lapal_fan

    General Chat

    Quick question.. If anyone is familiar with PFI contracts. If something is agreed for upgrade, or an initiative is proposed, who, what, where and how is that money gotten from the PFI contract holder? So say I come up with an initiative at a hospital, to improve their lighting and do the payback calcs etc and it's all GOOD to go. How do you go about getting that finance? I'm guessing the money would be Capital Expenditure because it would be a fixed asset. Is there any other way of financing these things? And because it's me; Yea I bummed your mom or summat.
  3. lapal_fan

    Ratings & Reactions: Yeovil v Villa

    Loved it. Fluid, expansive, youthful, fast decision making and we won. 10/10 perfect away performance. Elphick and Whelan really stood out and helped the youngsters. Adomah made some really tricky runs. Yeovil never stood a chance. Nice one Bruce! Perfect team selection and subs.
  4. lapal_fan

    Live on Sky

    **** Leeds.
  5. lapal_fan

    Things you often Wonder

    right, will do..
  6. lapal_fan

    Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    That's one room Imagine that being your career.
  7. lapal_fan

    Live on Sky

    We had the 5th biggest attendance in the entire country over the weekend, against Wigan.. Who only bring a coach full. That's including closing off the upper Trinity. Of course we're the biggest pull outside of the PL. If Newcastle were down here, they'd be number 1.
  8. lapal_fan


    Unfortunately for the gentleman in the black hat.. I didn't understand..
  9. lapal_fan

    Things you often Wonder

    Wondering how @maqroll's first weekend as a restaurateur went! Fingers crossed you're looking more like Lagasse than Antony Bourdain!
  10. lapal_fan

    News story of the day

    That pissed me off. "I used my pension money to pay for the £1,133 "dream holiday"" - Well none of that matters. If you're 81, then whatever money you use will be your pension money. If you have a problem with the cost, then you should have done more research into where you were going and you could have found a very similar trip for probably 250 quid each. Moaning about a 14th floor room (which of course would have had lifts) and then to moan about 42 steps down to the pool area.. well if your mobility is so poor, you shouldn't have gone to that hotel or the pool - that was your choice, you fat, old dumbass. How the **** did that story get into the Mirror? WOW. Then the biggest problem is that she had a problem with Spaniards in Spain - just have a heart attack and **** off. And the irony of having her picture taken with a heart saying "love" on it isn't lost on me either.
  11. lapal_fan

    Steve Bruce

    But on the other hand, BRUCE IN!
  12. lapal_fan

    Steve Bruce

  13. lapal_fan

    Paddy's "Things that cheer you up"

    Yea I booked my next appointment, the closest one is on November 27th! I was quite surprised, considering all the information they give to you says you can donate every 2 weeks. But I suppose they know if they kept going to the same places every 2 weeks, it wouldn't be as cost effective.
  14. lapal_fan

    Cricket: General Chat

    Absolutely brilliant for Woakes. I was at Lord's when Warwickshire won the royal London one day cup in 2016 and he went round the entire ground signing bears fans items. He really seemed like a genuinely excellent person.
  15. **** this thread delivered. *insert contented randy marsh pic*