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  2. It's going to be nigh on impossible for Old to turn that ship round, it's rudderless. It's quickly approaching an iceberg, Ole hasn't got a captains hat on, the violinists are starting up and something about a Bassoonist. There isn't enough life boats on board and the port is on the starboard side and there's a lot of shit on the poop deck. The bow is creaking and the stern looks really ruddy stern. The Hull was left in Hull and the Gunwale have bought David Luiz. Woodhall wishes he could be beamed up and boomed out, because he's a cockpit. When you look at the squad it's like a galley of mastheads, paddles and bilge. I hope they fall off the bridge. AND THAT'S HOW WE REMEMBER PART OF A SHIP!
  3. Can you get yourself banned if you Post on Poster, on yourself?
  4. Ok this is boring now. @bickster, please ban @lapal_fan, thanks x
  5. No wonder everyone thinks you're a word removed really.
  6. thanks mate you're alright too. Wanna come to a party in my massive house, with loads of naked women and booze an that?
  7. @kurtsimonw - at the end of the day, think of this. If he acts like @lapal_fan (HAHA SELF @'ing is the best thing ever!), then you don't wanna be friends with him. @lapal_fan is a made up person. A larger than life, super awesome dude who everyone wants to be friends with, or at the very least, touch somehow. We can't all be @lapal_fan's though, so we have to do us. Be yourself, don't hang on this words removed coat tails. I mean, does his coat even have tails? If so, WHY?? Is he some sort of 19th century gentleman or something? Like Scrooge? Is that who he is? Scrooge?! He threw a snowball at a muppet rabbit in the 1992 film "A Muppets Xmas Carol". And frankly, if you're friends with him, then me and @lapal_fan don't want anything to do with YOU - ok? So leave us alone.
  8. And you care what other people think... because? If anyone gossips or questions why you've done this, you have all the bullets loaded to let them know why, not that it has anything to do with them. What does it matter if he's confident and well liked? Sounds like he's had smoke blown up his arse for a long time, the way he's treated you (and the other guy you met up with). **** him. If he's so popular, he probably wouldn't have had to ask someone from work he's only known for 18 months to be his best man
  9. It's one of those annoying things, because he's kinda right, but at the end of the day, what does it **** matter? It's a word removed -ish thing to say though. If it was a problem, he should have told the recruitment agent to give it to you as feedback. I once went to an interview in a jacket, rather than a suit jacket, I was wearing a shirt and tie underneath, after the interview the guy said "do you have a suit jacket?" and I said "yes, but with the weather like it is, and knowing how far away the car park was I needed protection from the rain". I got the job, so don't fret about it too much.
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