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  1. Scott Hogan

  2. Scott Hogan

    Ahh man, using 'burns' from the Inbetweeners, you sure got us! I'm in a right fluffery-buffery now!
  3. Scott Hogan

    post on poster for the last bit And @GingerCollins29 you didn't win king of the internet. Only @tonyh29 can give that award and i checked that he has never even mentioned you, so good try son.
  4. Ratings & Reactions: Norwich v Villa

    Haha! I even went up thread to see how it was spelt because it drove me crazy with Clark!
  5. Ratings & Reactions: Norwich v Villa

    Watched the first half and kept an eye on it when i could, but wow, we should have scored more. Davies absolutely dominated their CBs, wonderful sight. Thought Whelan played very well. Snappy with his passing and kept it simple, yet positive - much better than his other displays up to this point. CH - well that was a shock! Absolutely excellent. Arriving in the box at the right time? Lampard would have been proud. Though Lansbury did well too when he came on. I think it's Davies's day today. He didn't look like a rookie what-so-ever. That cross bar effort would have been the stuff of dreams! We've got to keep this going now. We now know we have goals in the team, I hope the team trust each other more and play like this again. Really good result for us, even with the late-ish scare, we just went right up the other end and kept going. Happy for the fans who have been going through the tough times, is like to think SB has dedicated that to you.
  6. Scott Hogan

    @Rob182 showed when to say it.
  7. Scott Hogan

    Wow, you're actually quite salty You did that without any provocation. Also, you call people "son" without knowing anything about them. Haha cringe. I think what you're talking about with regard to evidence, is in the Gabby thread when you asked me if i was Steve Bruce (which it's quite obvious I'm not, but that's just you innit?) When kiwi said there were youth options and I said if they were good enough they'd be playing, but they hadn't been, so until they were chosen, they weren't good enough for that time. Then you said I didnt know either way which to me meant that you thought there were youth players good enough. But rather than debating that point you just got nasty talking about my opinions lol. Almost awkward I got poster of the day (humble brag).
  8. Scott Hogan

  9. Scott Hogan

    Nope. Not made up, you said it in another thread. If you can't remember than maybe you're the one on the wind up. D'oh, foiled.
  10. Ross McCormack

  11. Steve Bruce

    I haven't told anybody how to react.
  12. The ISIS threat to Europe

    No because there are plenty of girls in heaven from China and India. I imagine it's a right old sausage fest on our real planet in those countries though.
  13. Steve Bruce

    Again with the condescension.. For one who moans about it, you sure are good at it. The response immediately after the press conference this morning was nothing short of vitriolic from some posters. Again, I'm not really moaning about it either. I just think people should rationalise what they put, if only for their sake. There have been plenty of posts with opposing views to my own which I don't have a problem with. Now stop quoting me you sub-human piece of filth (that's a joke about the air of superiority you imply I try to create, which I also don't).
  14. Mile Jedinak

  15. Steve Bruce

    Bet you're gutted I realised my mistake and changed it 5 minutes ago.