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  1. God I bet your cock is tiny. So much bravado, you've defo got a schniblet.
  2. I've been googling it loads, like "classic beer crests", "red and green, yellow piping tiles". NOTHIN. UNBELIEVABLE GEOFF.
  3. It was his nickname at middle school.
  4. or pilgrims I was thinking, but yea, defo. This was found in @Paddywhack's garden btw - that's his wanky tissue behind the tile.
  5. Any ideas as to what this tile is advertising?
  6. at least you never went into the fast lane thinking you'd be able to turn right off a motorway - ay @Rob182?
  7. Take her out of the moment did it?
  8. Had my tonsils out when I was 22. Was ok, apart from a week later when the dead, stringy bits of flesh which have gone rotten start to peel off and you can stand there, looking in the mirror pulling 2 inch strips of the worst smelling, rotten flesh from your throat and feeling it ping off your healthy tissue. Your girlfriend is just a wuss.
  9. "Alexa, stop listening to our convos"
  10. I was referring to the deaths part of things, you're ok with 1 way of saving lives, but not the other (more beneficial) way?
  11. Was gonna quote you with a "why I oughta!!" gif, but y'know.. effort n'that
  12. You have some very different opinions on certain things, don't ya? "Don't go on holiday, you'll bring a virus back!!" "An extra 10 seconds per mile on my journey!?! **** PIGS!"
  13. And it was still 98.7% shorter than most of your posts!
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