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  1. I'll give you two likes for the price of one gag. Now clear off ya scamp.
  2. why did @tonyh29 spring to mind when reading this? Someone should help him with the delivery.
  3. Ooh hang on, is there where I do a yawn emoji? Because we've done that already. Man the baldies are struggling today.
  4. Absolutely, it's a boring combo, not rank, but it's not anything I'd order either.
  5. You put marge and inch thick over your head? lol
  6. ahh shit. Apologies, I get it now. Wasn't sure what you were referencing. I've only half an eye on the topic, but I'm interested in learning at the same time. Great mix! Anyway, back to slappin' @Seat68 for being a man sized tit and bacon etc. Hey... you could say "you're one of the good ones".. But we won't.
  7. Hey man, all this sarcasm ain't gonna bring your hair back. Get back in yo box foo. And FWIW butter on a breakfast sandwich is ultimate fat bastard mode - you go ahead
  8. It might be to introduce wild flowers/ insects to the park most likely. Unless it's pretty obvious, but that's a thing now.
  9. Nah, it is. But I'm not having someone crying about bacon, bbq sauce and bread. CHEESE ON TOAST??!! **** ME!!! WAH WAH WAH - nah the outrage doesn't work. Everyone should be sat around with a eyebrow raised at that one.
  10. I wouldn't be comfortable with that to be honest. There are lots of subsets of any group which I still wouldn't reference that would only apply to a specific behaviour.
  11. I dunno, I don't give a ****. Just eat what you want and stop being man-babies about it. I can think of much worse mixes than bacon, bbq sauce and bread. The only thing missing off that is a burger for it to be normalised, especially as a lunchtime thing.
  12. What difference does it make? The point was bbq sauce with bacon was an issue, not that it was on bread. BBQ sauce on bread is standard fare at a BBQ
  13. Hunter chicken is chicken breast, bacon, cheese bbq sauce. Once again, VT is full of man babies.
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