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  1. My wife hates football and with the schedule what it is at the moment for villa, I'll just record them and watch them when she's in bed and avoid the score if possible. 8pm kick offs are really shit (and unwanted for me), barely even got the kids to bed
  2. I've just been around twitter and seen the whole thing a few times, only saw it once whilst watching the game and thought "you can't dally like that". Having watched it again, yea I'm not sure how he's not given it. Was Mings meant to just leave it to go through to rodri to get the decision? Rodri shouldn't have attempted the tackle knowing he was offside. Ontop of us now looking if people's armpit hair is offside in a goal now, how that's not given is utterly ridiculous. I repeal my original post, but still think City deserved to win.
  3. Chests it after looking behind him. Should have cleared it or nodded it to his left back/konsa.
  4. Just finished watching. They deserved to win the game on the balance of it, and I'll admit I didn't think their goal was offside, because Mings chested it and dallied a bit, was my first reaction. I can defo see why everyone thinks it's offside though, rodri did affect the play, by assisting the goal. McGinn could/should have at least hit the target when grealish rolled the ball along the 6 yard box, Traore could have done a little better when he did that excellent touch around stones. Thought our back 4 were brilliant, cash exposed at times with Traore not tracking back quickly
  5. Now you spend half hour looking for the "perfect video" for you to empty your dishevelled nut sack in 90 seconds.
  6. You can tell America is broken because infomercials are cost effective
  7. I think the thing with Jan, with it being just after Xmas and all, is that it's the largest stretch of time to go without decent weather and much to look forward to. I used to properly hate Jan/Feb. But my eldest was born in Jan and now I book that day off, just gives me something to look forward to, which is a major thing for me to stay happy. Gotta have something good to do within a few weeks/months to focus my mind. So even though this year will be pretty boring what with us not able to travel/go anywhere, I'll be bbqing, setting up the garden and getting the chimnea on the go a
  8. Easy 7-2 win. Anything worse than that and I won't be going to watch the next few games in the stadium.
  9. Just been through this thread enjoying @rjw63's adjectives. Keep em' comin!
  10. Woefully managed to start the season with no defenders apart from a broken chezzie.
  11. Just watching the play off final on sky sports. We had Jack Grealish in the Championship It's like cheating
  12. We don't have a dishwasher, I just slowly fill up the bowl with warm, wet, moist, dripping water. Ram the stuff in. Like, really shove it in, deep into the bowl and just repeatedly stab all the dirty stuff into the receptacle. Then I just pull up my sleeves and fist the bowl, often up to the elbow. And just plunge in and out, in and out, with my fists really - as fast and as hard as I can. As I'm getting closer to finishing I often hear my wife asking what's taking so long and I just shout back "I'm coming! I'm coming!" and she just calls back "Ok, don't stop!" and then I just
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