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  1. lapal_fan

    Cricket: General Chat

    I got tickets to day 1 and day 3 at Edgbaston for the ashes. A cool 167 quid.
  2. lapal_fan

    Totally useless information/trivia

    to be honest, I'd rather go and see anything about WW2 than looking around record shops and stuff. Different strokes for different folks innit?
  3. lapal_fan

    Conor Hourihane

    I like Conor, but you can tell playing football doesn't come "naturally" to him. Often his choices of pass can be wayward or questionable, he often tries to "come onto" a shot around the 18 yard box. attempting to bend it up, over and around the goalkeeper into the far corner with no power and little precision. That said, you can tell he's a guy who has worked extremely hard to get where he has and it's always nice to see him on the score sheet.
  4. lapal_fan

    Do you read?

    After a book for my old man. Looking at WW1 stuff, he's done the Somme, Verdun etc etc - I'm looking more towards Suez/Gallipoli - any suggestions?
  5. lapal_fan

    Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    I hit the jackpot with my in-laws. They're great people. Very kind, caring, considerate, generous and they'd give you their last penny if they thought they were helping you out. They're just normal, everyday people, no millionaires or anything, but I love them loads. They're fun to be around too. I can't say enough about them. I'd hate to have tight it difficult in laws, I imagine it can be really awkward and there'd be a sense of dread at any forthcoming meetings or meals out, non of that for me thankfully.. Just their mad daughter for me to handle! ...Maybe that's why they're so nice? Because I took her off their hands!
  6. lapal_fan

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    So I was fishing for the legend pike thing on the bridge with a train line on it into Denis.. My expensively assembled Arabian SUPER horse stood next to me. I have a bite im trying to reel in for no less than about 15-20 mins.. lose the **** fish, turn round to **** off and do something else and my bastard horse gets run over by a **** train and pushes its unsavalagable corpse into the **** river. Wasted loads of time, now I gotta go back across the map and wait 4 days for the word removed to respawn, before trying the same shit again.
  7. lapal_fan

    What is your experience of mental health?

    I don't mind the start of winter because you have Halloween and Firework nights, and then it's the lead up to Xmas, which I always enjoy. But Jan 1st - Apr 1st can just **** off as far as I'm concerned.
  8. lapal_fan

    Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    Someone slightly scraped my car as it was parked on the road last week and good on'em, they knocked my door and told me. So I took my car to the garage to get the license plate reattached (it was only held on by 3 pieces of sticky plastic stuff..) and I loved the garage, which was full of smashed up Audi's, BMW's, Merc's and Range Rovers and very little else, 1 or 2 Corsa's. **** self important, wannabe big wigs with no regard for anyone else, getting up the arses of whoever is over taking etc etc. I'm glad that garage gave me the knowledge that not all of the words removed get away with it.
  9. lapal_fan

    What is your experience of mental health?

    Mirrors my lads birth almost identically, with the pool, the alarm, me stood between my (very) worried wife and a team of (as you say) 10 people shoving a tube down my boys throat, sucking all the much out of his airwaves. Took about 10 mins, and he never did cry as far as I can remember.. You record every, last details of those times of panic.. Luckily for me though, I rarely remember those images and your post is the first time for a good while that I've actually recalled them (you bastard ). Look forward to all the stuff you'll be doing, that's what I try and do. First steps are coming, look forward to them
  10. lapal_fan

    Alan Hutton

    THAT'S WHAT THIS IS?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!
  11. lapal_fan

    Tammy Abraham

    If he's missing chances, I can take it. If he's not getting into positions to miss the chances, then I'd have a problem.
  12. lapal_fan

    January transfer window 2019

    SGC BE LIEK; "ANNOWANCE EFAN MORE" innit though?
  13. lapal_fan

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    Well James likes to press the analogue button to make the horse run about, and I'm sat next to him praying no bears come and rip his innocence away from him, as well as Arthur's face.. So when it comes to me playing, I'm often stood in the middle of **** no where, ages away from anywhere, with my horse which "fell asleep" meaning I have to walk about, looking for a new horse and having no saddle and no rounds for my "tranquilizer dart gun to make animals sleep". So last night I found a small dwelling filled with dead guys with a meteorite in the middle of it, as well as a large meteorite in a forest. I love finding corpses with maps, I've got loads of maps things now and I found a tree with cash in it! woohoo.. Then at 11.40pm I'm thinking, one last quick task, to get to a town, so I can start anew tomorrow.. So at roughly 12.40am I finally win the whole pot of money in poker and call it a day. The last guy wouldn't take his beatings.. Now I'm dead.
  14. It's great with all the information we have at our fingertips - we can just dig shit up on everyone and basically tell our kids that they're damned if they do and damned if they don't. I'm going to tell my lad to be train robber, high risk, high reward - only have to get it right once or twice to retire. A bit like bitcoin investment. Everyone is a bastard.
  15. lapal_fan

    Gun violence in the USA

    You also have to be a quick draw specialist.