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  1. Steve Bruce

    I bagged him for our first three games, all credit has to go to him for the last two though. Hope this is a turning point and we can show solid form for a while. Cant expect to win every game but can expect improved performances overall. I hope that when the season is over that Cardiff was one of, if not the worse, performances of the season.
  2. Steve Bruce

    We are bottom of the championship! Nothing else needs to be written..... Bruce OUT
  3. The Careers/Jobs thread

    OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT..... I am no longer a baker! Next week I start devoting all my time to my business.
  4. Football Manager 2017

    Okay I've been watching this analomy for a while and now I'm convinced. If I play a team in 20th position I lose, it happens time and time again. It doesnt matter whether I attack or set up defensively. It's incredibly frustrating I am having a blinder of a season and its being ruined by IMO silly results.
  5. Tony Xia

    It shows arrogance as well, like us fans don't know what he is doing, and if he is given the 'time' he wants, everything will be fine. Dr. T pull the trigger mate, we are a sinking ship and the captain we have can't swim.
  6. Steve Bruce

    Couple times last season I had big bets on us being dumb enough to back the villa is a costly exercise. Worse one ever and I'll never forget was villa v Leicester under Tim Sherwood was the last leg of a multi for $500. You can imagine how excited I was after Gil and Grealish scored. I was inconsolable 60 mins later.
  7. Steve Bruce

    Alright then I'm clearly going to lose a tenner to @Grasshopper, I'm going to start betting against us in every match and see if I can't make the $18 profit I need to pay up.
  8. Pre-match thread

    We will lose.....
  9. Steve Bruce

    I just heard Bruce talking, he sounds like Lambert after I'd had enough of him. BRUCE OUT
  10. Football Manager 2018

    I will miss this edition. Having too much fun playing 17 and unless there is some new major developments just dont see the point.