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  1. He's England's best CB, Konsa is #2. That what he means!
  2. Well done Trez, another big shift put in!
  3. LIke a guy trying to court a lady way out of his league
  4. Dean I love you undeniably but it is time for a substitution
  5. Did anyone just see that Trez flick??
  6. If you still hate on Trez tonight, then you have more problems than Southgate
  7. Yeah but his preference is the left, he is going to want to move somewhere he can play in his preferred position
  8. Said plays on the left not the right, his 30m butt would be sat on the bench waiting for Jack to injure himself.
  9. In Oz I paid a year in advance. The whole year, every PL match $99. I guess this what you get for being so far away. I think what you guys have to pay in the UK is beyond ridiculous. I'm not sure I could do it as much as I love my team and football. I'm not tech savvy but if I can help anyone in their pursuit of cheaper viewing you can msg me.
  10. Feeling like a dumbass yet Gareth??
  11. He is one of a very small group of football pundits that I pay attention to when they talk, I dare say Simon Jordan would never give an opinion on the length of the grass of a football pitch when the score was 7-2. Ollie Watkins is going to get 20 goals this season if he doesn't get injured!
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