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  1. Villan_of_oz

    Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    12 hours later we are all good again. We are very much a like and I raised her too be spirited and not take any crap. I've done too good a job.... When she doesn't like me, she really doesn't like me. Not much hurts me but her being mad at me rocks me. She has gone to bed talking to me again so I am happy.
  2. Villan_of_oz

    Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    Teenage daughters...
  3. Villan_of_oz

    The Boring Thread

    I hate that when I'm on the loo, my cat rubs himself on my legs cos he is hungry. Very off putting
  4. Villan_of_oz

    Birkir Bjarnason

    Glad he is still at the club, he makes mistakes but one thing you can give him, is always plays till the last whistle. Not the first time he has bobbed up late in a game.
  5. Villan_of_oz

    Joe Bryan

    Villa go up and Fulham come down..... It is written in history already. Fulham have signed too many players, a rookie football manager move (I should know ), it won't work. They'll try and play attacking football and they bleed goals. I'm finding a bookie to give me odds on the double!
  6. Villan_of_oz

    Jack Grealish

    11 hours 9 minutes to go......
  7. Villan_of_oz

    Football Manager 2017

    Never put in a minimum release fee, most of the time I walk away if they insist! There are always the odd exception
  8. Villan_of_oz

    Football Manager 2017

    I find that for the first few years in the pl the team you take up is ok, so I just start adding a few players each season. I've played 7 seasons and still have Grealish, Green, Bree and Hourihane
  9. Villan_of_oz

    Ørjan Nyland

    Lol I had this guy for a few seasons in my current Villa save on FM. Maybe I should be a scout for AVFC!
  10. Villan_of_oz

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    Woodburn going to the Blades
  11. Villan_of_oz

    Football Manager 2017

    I must be really crap at this game, I have never got Villa higher than 6th and over various saves I've probably played nearly 30 seasons with them. Congrats mate!
  12. Villan_of_oz

    Jed Steer

    Was that him just then? If so not even a god could help us this season.
  13. Villan_of_oz

    Football Manager 2017

    So was until I found that 46% of reviews are bad, the game is basically an upgrade if database on fm17 with a few little gimmicks. Plus im loving my fm17 save right now.
  14. Villan_of_oz

    Steve Bruce

    I'd like to go on record, Regardless of my current opinion of Bruce or previous stances I may have taken. Despite how I am excited at the thought of a new manager and new direction. I would like to make it loud and clear that I don't hate him, nor despise, nor think he is a useless manager. I want thank Steve for the extremely difficult job he did reasonably well. Many positive factors come out from his management and I for one won't forget that if/when he leaves. Is he my favourite manager, far from it. But he does deserve some respect. For those that do feel very strongly about him in the negative, I would hope you could focus on the positive of a new manager. I don't like the idea of us parting ways with him and this thread descending to Villa supporters teeing off at each other over who was right and wrong. Worse, I really don't want to see us sink the boot into Bruce. Rant over....
  15. Villan_of_oz

    Steve Bruce In or Out?

    I can see the arguments for him staying and I won't be upset if he stays but if I get my wish.... I want some excitement, football I look forward to watching. The unknown of how we will play against another team. Whether it's the smart decision to change manager now, we will find out soon enough.