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  1. How many threads could we find this comment in
  2. I can name a few but this is the DD thread, you claimed he could help us stay up. Can you provide any evidence from the last 3 seasons to support this claim. Just any stats from the 3 most recent seasons, which is a fair sample size. Anything at all? Or is this just a hunch?
  3. It's almost impossible to debate any player with you when you always revert to type.... But he was good once.... Drinkwater up until now has been nothing short of abysmal. He has done literally nothing. If he has a good game I will be sure to comment on it. Can I ask you a question? Who is a player that cannot do a job for us in your eyes?
  4. One of the worst buys in the last decade!
  5. C'mon SGC, Drinkwater has trouble keeping himself up at times. He has shown absolutely zero inkling of doing anything for us in a Villa shirt. Please don't tell me how good he was 4 seasons ago to justify your opinion.
  6. 60 pages on this waste of space, mental!
  7. Spend enough time spinning you end up delirious!
  8. We will probably go around again. Like a merry-go-round...
  9. I have never agreed with you so much!
  10. Win the CL final and in your in Europe
  11. This is exactly what the thread is for, keep the updates coming - loving the read! Good luck in the 2nd leg. I'd give the Chelsea manager a bit of grief in your pre match press conference before the match just to rile him up (just my opinion)
  12. This, I hadn't wanted to say it but I'll 2nd it. I don't care what league we play in anymore, being completely selfish I'd have us in the championship so I never have to watch the PL ever again. I'm so over the whole obsession of getting the league up and running. In Australia we have 12 active cases country wide (don't quote me on exact number) and we are still being more cautious than the PL and other leagues. In South Australia where I'm from we've had 4 deaths and have 0 active cases, and we are still being cautious with the return of sport. Im sorry but from the outside, and I admit I don't live in your country, but the PL is a disgrace and your government is a disgrace for allowing it. People who are being blase are morons. The US has been blase, see how that's working for them. The whole saga has seriously tainted my view of professional sports. I'll be backing my words up with actions too.
  13. I'm aware of that mate, I think you've missed my point.
  14. I wonder if Sky and BT were around in WWII, would they have just given the players soldiers helmets and said you have to play with these on these will make it as safe as it's going to get.
  15. So the healthy under 40 people could carry the virus and infect people who can't fight it, so stop being so dense and simplistic. Football players have just as much right as anybody else to be concerned about their health and the health of their families. Income is irrelevant. Don't use as a stick to beat them with.
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