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  1. I don't know about the Smalling issue, but I would imagine they've blocked the move because they want him back at the club to be a member of next season's squad. Fraser refused to play a Scotland international because it was being played on a 3G pitch iirc. I understand in modern football that clubs, agents, players etc will look out for whats best for them. I'm fine with that. However Fraser seems to take it to the extreme. If we happen to be in a relegation battle next season he is not someone I want at the football club I support. If we sign him, I will extend my support for him as he will be wearing the claret and blue. If he goes on to prove me wrong, then great! I have no problem admitting I'm wrong if that means Villa get a player that helps us and one we got in a good deal. My ultimate concern is if I'm right and he comes here and continues his word removed behaviour!
  2. We are strengthening the squad, I hope and predict this will mean that we will bring in 1 or 2 that may be considered a coup. Wesley/Watkins/Davis and or Samatta Aarons/Guilbert/Elmo It's an improvement and it's early business.
  3. He has had history with refusing to play for Scotland. Did you know you that? How many other Premier League players refused to extend their contract out of the 20 teams? Fraser is a word removed!
  4. But he not a physical character that could benefit the team or a Vinnie Jones type.... He is just simply a disgrace of a professional. He just not someone you want at your football club.
  5. That's all great except you left out he is a massive word removed!
  6. I haven't looked back but please, please tell me SGC you aren't talking about Ryan Fraser. I've read your post and Zatmans and that's my guess at who you are talking about. If it is then I reckon you could pick an VI that I don't want at Villa before mentioning anyone I'd want. Ryan Fraser is a flog, not just at Bournemouth but also Scotland.... If it isn't Ryan Fraser then I apologise (but I've got a feeling I'm right )
  7. I swear I did hear something after the restart, where he apparently wasn't happy with his game time.... Not even enough to satisfy a back up role. Still don't think we can get him.
  8. I'm on the Wes hype today, but if you look at the fact that after he was injured only 1 goal came from a striker for the rest of season..... Was Wes really that poor in the beginning of the season when all these players hadn't played together before.... Is the finished article, absolutely not but his ceiling at the moment is still unknown, which is exciting. I'm sure we'll bring in another striker but Wes will have his chance to prove himself. If Samatta is happy to play 3rd fiddle then he stays and loan out Davis. If Samatta wants to go or we get a good price for him then Davis can play that role. I'm eagerly waiting to see what level of player we are looking to bring in, but that is for another thread...
  9. Glad others can see it too. I don't care if I'm biased, with some more creativity in the side I honestly believe he can bag us 15+ goals a season. He is better than Joelinton who cost twice as much!
  10. A few good saves in there too, and a couple of the post.
  11. Looking forward to seeing Wes kick on next season, it's going to be good to watch!
  12. So your gonna make a subjective assumption to slate Wesley....
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