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  1. Villan_of_oz

    Tony Xia

    You're making a lot of sense today mate...... although I haven't checked the gabby thread yet
  2. Villan_of_oz

    Time for a takeover

    I'd love to buy a stake in Villa, anyone else? Let's start a gofundme page and have a crack. I reckon there are enough characters on VT alone to run the club.
  3. Villan_of_oz

    Going Under ?

    My wife said to me last night, 'let's pick a new Netflix show to watch....... something dramatic but with some comedy, but something unpredictable that you never know what's going to happen next' She is now a AV supporter!
  4. Villan_of_oz

    Championship is a good league to be in

    Like me haha, no trophies.... nothing to gloat about. I get stick from everyone. I ain't going anywhere though. VTID
  5. Villan_of_oz

    Tony Xia

    Gotta love AVFC..... they are always giving us new reasons to not get along..... bless them.
  6. Villan_of_oz

    Going Under ?

    That doesn't justify paying a bench warmer those wages. MoN signing!
  7. Villan_of_oz

    Going Under ?

    I cant say Sidwell was the first who got put on stupid wages but I do remember hearing what he was on after we started to decline and I swear it 60k p/w back then. Whatever it was I thought it was ridiculous and a bad sign for the club.... He definitely was a massive part in our rise to mediocrity. My memory is shit I'll grant that, but aside from a couple of cracker goals I don't remember him do anything....
  8. Villan_of_oz

    Going Under ?

    20 years ago I got pay tv for the first time and got to watch the premier league, pretty sure the first game I watched Villa beat Liverpool and I fell in love..... Love sucks.
  9. Villan_of_oz

    John Terry

    I read it might be as little as £30k p/w
  10. Villan_of_oz

    John Terry

    Apparently signing for Derby and with reduced wages!
  11. Villan_of_oz

    Pre-match chat

    Just watched the 1982 EC highlights. Well pumped now, c'mon lads just a cross to the across the goal for a tap in off the post!
  12. Villan_of_oz

    Pre-match chat

    I usually don't need much encouragement to run my mouth, but I have very good reasons for keeping my mouth shut and quietly waiting for the match to start. I am very excited!
  13. Villan_of_oz

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    Sorry I thought everyone knew this as I found out and I'm in Australia. That's what made me think of him. Thanks for clearing up my point for me Rob.
  14. Villan_of_oz

    17/18 Promotion Charge

    That day we got a sample of the Benteke we know today. We actually did well to sell him when we did.
  15. Villan_of_oz

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    Would anyone have James Collins back to the club? He use to be a favourite of mine until all that stuff with him and Dunne went down, felt they both let us down but then club was clearly already in a downward spiral.