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  1. I think we've made our point
  2. Helenus says hi too and Bowery just walked past....
  3. Norwich are a relegated team, they are this year's Cardiff.... Plucky but no where near up to the job. I believe Southampton look like a relegation team too, but still a bit early to call it. Not sure about Watford, can Newcastle keep riding the wave of emotion. I'm surprised because I swear they aren't good enough but at the moment, my opinion looks silly. You can't imagine Everton actually getting relegated, but stranger things have happened. I am still very confident we will stay up but it won't be any walk in the park, we need to play well often enough to pick up the required points and I believe we will. We haven't had a lot of luck this season so a nice chunk of it against Wolves would be nice.... 3 pts would be great, before yet another international break
  4. Your post comes across like you are stating facts, which is dangerous as your are factually incorrect!
  5. Nah not at all mate, you are free to do what you like. I asked a plain and simple question. I wouldn't visit a meat eating thread, couldn't be bothered. Was just curious as to what floats your boat to spend your time here
  6. Been plant based for 4 weeks now (I don't like the 'V' word). Copping plenty of ribbing from everyone but I'm happy with my choice. It has taken some getting use to but after nearly a month, I have no desire to eat meat or dairy. Oh and I feel fantastic!
  7. Not great, but no crisis here. Move along to the next match! There is some utter trash in Premier League this season. Avoid a confidence shattering result next week and we'll be fine heading into xmas.
  8. I honestly think we've done fine, it's terrible conditions against one of the best teams ever.
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