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  1. Villan_of_oz

    Jack Grealish

    My daughter got told she has shin splints, as she is a keen netballer she decided to keep playing as she said the pain was worth it. She actually had a fracture in her patella...
  2. Villan_of_oz

    Tammy Abraham

    I just read somewhere else that he came to club to collect his things, if that's the case clearly he wasn't going to train. Probably got his things and said his goodbyes..... Sensationalist journalism at its best. Sorry to see you go Tammy, but these are the breaks when he isn't your player and you arent in the Prem...
  3. Villan_of_oz

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    Just a thought, but IF we already have potential FFP issues if we don't go up this season, and we are even closer to the top by Xmas, couldn't our owners effectively spend what they like to make sure we go up?
  4. Villan_of_oz

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    I use to look at our team and think 'geez if we do go up we are going to get slaughtered without a complete overhaul' now looking at exactly the same team I think we could do a bit in the prem with just a couple of players coming in.....
  5. Villan_of_oz

    Ørjan Nyland

    Got fingertips to Heugills shot, wouldve been a goal if he hadnt.
  6. Villan_of_oz

    Dean Smith

    Dean Smith's Aston Villa.
  7. Villan_of_oz

    Match Thread: Villa v Nottm Forest

    Goal saving challenge, but yeah he is shit..... Or maybe your wrong
  8. Villan_of_oz

    Match Thread: Villa v Nottm Forest

    Not saying Hutton is great, but he doesn't deserve most of the criticism he gets..... We are a championship team and he is a very decent championship player! Plus he scores worldies don't ya know
  9. Villan_of_oz

    Match Thread: Villa v sha

    Alan Hutton, take a bow. You'll officially live on forever as a Villa legend!
  10. Villan_of_oz

    Match Thread: Villa v sha

    Nyland also made a great save, could have been 2-2. Some people
  11. Villan_of_oz

    Blose pre match

    Good plan! Better to throw the kitchen sink at it, than sit back and drown in it.... We have goals in us, many goals. I'm not saying we should go gung ho every game but we should believe we can score one more goal than any team in this league.
  12. Villan_of_oz

    Blose pre match

    We'll pumped. 1030pm kick off here which is quite reasonable for here. Plus first job tomorrow is local so can nick another half hours sleep. I'm a little concerned that McGinn is out because he truly is our horsepower and drive. Like someone else said I hope Hourihane pushes forward a bit more. Though I am fairly certain under Smith that's exactly what will happen. O'Hare being picked up on the bench is just the fresh air that needed blowing around the club. I'll admit I'm bias, I am a Dean Smith fan, but I'm certain he knows exactly what he is doing and has a plan moving forward. He'll get us promoted, he'll keep us up there too.... The next Eddie Howe. PS. Small world story. Did a job in Adelaide as I was finishing I noticed that they had a Villa sticker on their car. Got chatting about the mighty Villa and turns out that the people I did a job for, their son went to school with Dean Smiths daughter when he was at Walsall. They saw him around the school and that a bit and said he was a genuinely nice person.
  13. Villan_of_oz

    Dean Smith

    Wow 130 pages, I'd have to read 60 pages to catch up.... Anyone keen to summarise?