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  1. What a joke of a club, I'd love to finish above them!
  2. We don't Tammy, love the bloke for what he did for us but we can better spend our transfer kitty. At least wait until we see what Wes can produce.
  3. This is it for me, no I don't have inside info but my hunches are usually spot on, andy hunch is he's a massive word removed!
  4. So in the end despite our different reasoning, we agree that Ross isn't for us.
  5. I was more referring to the signs of his poor attitude, when being subbed etc. Also i believe if he was that badly affected by Covid that he could barely jog let alone run, then Dean made a big mistake naming him in the team. There is lethargy and then there is taking the piss. The two are very different in my humble opinion.
  6. Not for me, there were clear signs of on no effort and poor attitude on a few occasions. These issues have nothing to do with Covid. However, I only ever want what's best for Villa and if Ross performances continue to improve and the club see fit to take the gamble, then I will get behind him. My main concern is does he actually want to play for us long term? He'd have to take a pay cut too, imo. If we can get him for 20ish mill, he accepts decent wages and he actually wants to be here, then happy days.
  7. We shouldn't finish lower than 11th, which is definitely job done.
  8. Change for changes sake, Ive had my moments with doubting Smith but this is the least stressful campaign in the Prem for what 10 years? Rather than stress about the disappointing end to the season, I'm going to enjoy the fact that we can get away with it. Thanks to all the hard work DS and the team have already done.
  9. So for those who want Smith gone, who are we replacing him with?
  10. Leeds also have played with a relatively settled squad in their first season, whereas our squad was ripped apart and patched back together.
  11. Very well said! If you had to ask me to give up the memory of beating Liverpool 7-2, a game no one expected us to win so we could have 3pts off say Burnley to placate the myth that there are teams we should beat. I would be inconsolable. We are a mid table team.... We'll surprise with the results that we love and hate. That's football in a nutshell.
  12. Whilst I disagree with you on Smith, I completely agree with this post!
  13. Smith should have the same credit with us, both their achievements are relative...
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