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  1. Anyone else playing the demo?
  2. I can berate someone and not hate them, if it's even berating..... hate is such a strong word and I'm sick of people using it as a lazy way to articulate themselves. Lazy posters defending lazy Barkley
  3. Seems to have really tightened his game up of the last month or so. Not offering as many moments of madness and with Konsa we have a truly formidable defensive duo.
  4. Solid performance from the veteran, still has the wile and nous even if he doesn't have the pace anymore. Has been a great servant to club, massive respect.
  5. No way, not tonight. Needed legs in the midfield to combat Leeds.
  6. Generic post for any player thread.... Person A: I don't think he's playing well. Person B: YOU HATE HIM. Person A: no he's been out of form. Person B: YOU DONT WANT HIM TO DO WELL. Person A: I think others offer more. Person B: SEE I TOLD YOU SO, I REST MY CASE
  7. If you can't see my point, then read my post again. It's pretty obvious what my point is. You're helping me make it right now..... Now you're accusing people of not wanting him to do well. What's next? He had his chances, he failed multiple times to put in a shift. We have other players that offer more, these players don't belong to another club and don't demand high wages. Is that clear enough for you
  8. This is true, my wife thinks she is hilarious....
  9. I've said I don't hate him, but sure put words in my mouth. I used Ramsey as a comparison to a performance I expect in midfield. If he didn't play, then why are you here?? I think you've just proved my point
  10. I've been more supportive of you lately, but these kind of posts make my job really difficult
  11. I'm not replying directly, but where is this level hatred for Ross? I haven't seen anyone say they hate him. I just don't want him playing football for the club I support. Talk of hatred is just some people trying to deflect from deserved, appropriate and accurate criticism of a player who is picking up big wages and offers very little. Ramsey didn't have a great match by any means but he was still better than Barkley performance of late. A villa lad only 19 starting one of his first matches, offered more than almighty King Ross! If you can admit you're wrong then that's ok, bu
  12. I think we've found Barkley's best position, the team looks balanced with his new role....
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