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  1. Annoyingly I can't come up with the player, but it has help me kill half hour of looking back through the players you mentioned histories.
  2. Over her in Oz only horse racing still left to bet and I only bet on sports. I wondering if the proof of how better off I'll be in a few months with be enough to persuade me to give it away upon sports return. The fact I'm going to get dudded out of a lot of collects on Liverpool already has me pretty put off.
  3. It's funny how there is never any middle ground in football. Depending on who you ask PL either did a great job under duress or he was a terrible manager that was apart of the ruining the club. I have spent time in both camps but find myself finishing in the middle.... He did a decent job under some restrictions and kept us up a couple of times, but he's also proven to be very limited and I doubt if he was given money he would've done anything exciting with it. I would still have him ahead of a few of the managers we've had in the last decade.
  4. I can play GTA if anyone is still keen and I'm on FM19. Australia isn't in full lockdown yet, when/if it does I might buy some other games.
  5. Normally I don't fall for this crap, but they got me this time
  6. The in-laws have started lecturing my wife and I on how to parent during the virus lifespan. They always share their views but this virus has escalated it. My in-laws are always running their mouths, I'm always being told not to say anything, I find saying nothing very difficult. I shouldn't be getting pissed off, but I'm going to share this ..... IM GETTING VERY PISSED OFF
  7. I read it somewhere as well, I think it's been reported multiple times...
  8. I have about decent amount on Liverpool to win the league, I can't possibly get screwed out of this win surely. (I know this is VillaTalk but it is the PL thread )
  9. Why would Bilic leave a club that's getting promoted for one that's getting relegated??
  10. This is what had swayed my love of DS, over the whole season there has not been any improvement on what we were doing in the first match. In fact you could argue we have declined over the whole season. Smith has made us worse over the season, that is reality..... It doesn't matter he is one of us, It doesn't matter that he comes across as a nice bloke, It doesn't matter that he won 10 matches in a row. What matters is he is doing a crap job and when you're doing a crap job you get the ass. If we lose to Chelsea, I hope it's by more than one goal! A close loss may prolong the inevitable (Of course I want us to win!)
  11. Can we change the name of this thread to the "Championship 20/21" and start looking forward. I'm not going to dwell on this season any longer, I am bereft of any clear vision that has us staying up. If we do stay I'm willing to get a Villa tattoo to signify the miracle that will have to occur. I am a DS fan, but the only way I don't see him getting sacked is if we win against Chelski.
  12. We will be a lot stronger next season, if only for the fact we won't have some rogue fanatic as our owner .....
  13. Well I'll start with the punchline and ask me if you want more.... Bournemouth are 2 points above us and have played one more game, and currently they occupy one of the relegation spots. You said this isn't any time to gamble, Eddie Howe would be a massive gamble. I'm happy to elaborate on how his style doesn't suit the players we have, he is a great coach but I wouldn't give him $5 to spend in the transfer market... Dean Smith is a great coach, so they are very similar so why change? If we change we need something different surely....
  14. Surely you are joking? I'm happy to list my reasons if you want but Eddie Howe would be the last manager I would hire in our current situation.... Maybe 2nd last after Remi Garde.
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