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  1. Steve Bruce

    Thats my point though Dem, 4 games isn't a big enough Band-Aid to cover the wound of the last year.
  2. Steve Bruce

    Last year I would've classed myself as one of the biggest Bruce advocates, I've even got a bet with @Grasshopper that we will get promoted with Bruce in charge (that could still happen) However I'll explain why I've completely flipped on my opinion. Whether this is true or not Bruce has made me feel like his reputation is more important than our success. His pre-season interviews, the way he sets us up, the way we play. I could go on. I just wish he would unshackle us as a squad, and I don't mean playing 4-2-4 away to Wolves. We are scared to pass, we're scared to dribble, we're scared to play a through ball, we're scared of getting into the box, we're scared of conceding, we're scared of being the scapegoat. I know we've had a few good results, but it doesn't for one second overshadow the fact that to me, for a vast majority of the last year we've looked like a bunch of scaredy cats too scared to play football, and to scared to take the game on and risk losing to win.
  3. Steve Bruce

    The way Bruce manages wouldn't even work on Football Manager. The AI would work him out, just like every manager in the championship has.
  4. Steve Bruce

    Just want to take a moment before the week long Bruce debate continues, to say @TRO whilst you are pro-Bruce (well in my view anyway) you are always very objective. Credit it to you.
  5. Steve Bruce

    When I use go to my grandpa's as a little kid, he use to tell me a saying and told me not to forget it, A poor tradesman always blames his tools. A good tradesman, will make a mistake then have a good hard long look at himself, and try not to make it again. What kind of tradesman are you Bruce?
  6. Steve Bruce

    I didn't watch the match as it was on at 3am, so just woke up..... Checked the score, then the write up. First sentence was..... Wolves were dominant for the majority of the match. Enough said...... I know how the rest of the write up goes, I've read it before. Many times.
  7. Ross McCormack

    Don't even joke about it
  8. Ross McCormack

    Yes I'm glad that my team are Adelaide United, some people calls us the Reds (I have and never will call them that) Victory are the team everyone loves to hate. 15 minutes gone and Ross has had a few decent touches, his team have dominated the opening quarter and he has had some involvement.
  9. Ross McCormack

    Well Ross is leading the line in the Melbourne Derby, he doesn't know what he is in for. The other team (Victory) are coached by one of the toughest (and dirtiest) players I have ever seen in Australian football. As I speak there is a Victory player getting a yellow card in less than 30 seconds. Welcome to Australia Ross, the next 90 minutes are going to be hell for you.
  10. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    Cardiff getting done by the scum. We can (and really should) finish in the top 2.
  11. Steve Bruce

    I think the key point for me is, trying to win the game. You're right I don't care so much about the result as I do the intent. I don't know if you will agree with me or not but my issue is with Bruce is the way he has sets us up to play from the get go and then his substitutions thereafter in a lot of games, not a few. I agree there have been positives lately and there is a new feel about the team but it's in its infancy. We are Aston Villa and I want us to go about our business with confidence. Now that could mean trying to hit wolves on the counter, if so then fine. A plan to try and win, instead of a plan not to lose!
  12. Steve Bruce

    I think some of the Bruce 'lovers' are becoming bigger zealots than some the Bruce 'haters' use to be. Not all but some are cracking on at people who don't like Bruce with stuff that just isn't true. My opinion, I know I know. But it's why I'm in the Bruce 'I have no clue anymore' camp Can't we just agree that everyone has some valid points, lol heck no.....
  13. Steve Bruce

    If he gets us up I would be willing to put a large wager on his first blip being his only blip.... Similar to what happened to Adkins
  14. Steve Bruce

    Pretty much everyone? I'm sorry this is a ridiculous statement...
  15. Steve Bruce

    You know its an international break when the arguments are about technicalities in posts rather than the posts themselves..... Bring back the football!