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  1. @nick76 I hope you're ok mate....
  2. Sand found. Line drawn. Sides picked. We go on. UTV
  3. Yeah I'm calling him Gresford from now on
  4. Can't wait for this thread to be moved to "other football"
  5. I'm predicting 4000 by the end of the week
  6. You'll get over us not signing Tammy eventually mate!
  7. I felt left out not commenting. UTV
  8. Not that I disagree with you but that's exactly what Delph did...
  9. I did admit that I had no idea of the source and just wanted to be in a good mood at work today
  10. Google Dublin Lions, I'm choosing to believe it. Makes me feel better going to work in the freezing cold.
  11. I can't say how reliable it is but I just saw something on Facebook and I'm choosing to believe it. If I'm wrong, oh well, if I'm right I called it first
  12. I don't listen to TalkSport for the inside word, they know about as much as everyone else does. F-all.... Once you put that aside I quite enjoy certain shows on TS. Some of the caller's are good value, especially on the Sportsbar. That keeps me entertained while I work (here in Oz).
  13. The leaving now is the bit I don't get, he knows he'll be putting the club he loves in a precarious position heading into a difficult season ahead with a strange WC etc. Going to much harder to gel and gather momentum. I might be being romantic again but I imagined if he left that it would be very clean and quick. Again I do like reveling in foolish thoughts, so I find it hard to find the objective balance in this discussion.
  14. Let's hope Jack feels the same we do.... I wonder who has the most sway in advising him... Family or agent
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