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  1. Ashes Cricket

    Anyone playing this?
  2. Steve Bruce

    Legendary post. It sums up the exact situation just how it is. We are never going to all agree, it would be a pretty boring forum if we did. For crying out loud, trying to change someone's opinion with random stats, theories and insults isn't going to work for either 'side'. I love this thread, it's drives me crazy but that's the joy of it. I want to read everyone's posts, comment and debate. No one is wrong, Go on tell me I'm wrong on that, I dare ya
  3. Academy General Topic

    I'm getting excited just from reading your posts!
  4. Steve Bruce

    I'm really not sure how you came up with that.
  5. Christian Benteke

    Naughty boy took a penalty he wasn't meant and missed! Costing crystal palace the 3 points......
  6. Pre match chit chat

  7. Steve Bruce

    Apart from Tonev, who is a word removed. I don't think the rests of those signings are ridiculous or over priced, so not sure it strengthens your argument.
  8. Steve Bruce

    This post is very true. The same could be said about those who do blindly follow Bruce. Fwiw Stevo I do read a lit of your posts, I disagree with you at times but I have never once thought of you as a 'Bruce lover'.... I want Bruce gone, that will never change but anyone who thinks he is getting sacked before the end of the season is going to be extremely disappointed.
  9. John Terry

    People should be allowed to redeem themselves unless they prove they have no interest in being a better person. JT is alright.
  10. Steve Bruce

    I'm sure I heard right the other day, that when Rowett was sacked the blues were 3 points outside the playoffs. That is mental.
  11. Football Manager 2017

    Do I try again or do I let it go?
  12. Football Manager 2018

    Well I came on here looking for some inspiration that somehow this year's version was improved. So either I keep up the insanity of playing 17 or like so many are saying, it's time to let go. It's hard to let go, football manager has always been that volatile girlfriend who drives you mad but the sex is great. Seems my FM libido is in decline, never to be rescued.
  13. Football Manager 2017

    This game infuriates me beyond belief. I should just give up and bask in the glory of FM10 save. I feel vindicated in resigning as I believe the game has strayed from what I found fun. Yet some part of me feels compelled to try again. Someone please end this before I lose my mind. There is a tiny voice inside my head saying 'just be Barcelona and be done with it'. Shut up tiny little voice, shut up I tell ya
  14. GTA 5

    I love that pepole are still playing this, my mate still is..... can't say I pine for it. Well keen for the next edition though.