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  1. Maybe you could get a game for Wales and we could all learn while you show us how it's done
  2. Yep that's the one, Lescott was always a word removed. I think there should also be an amnesty on debates over our team. Everyone should just enjoy this for a few days. UTV
  3. I agree, at least it's a reasonable hour in NZ, here I have to watch in absolute silence on my own...... Oh and I remember Young's winner like yesterday too, 3-2 the end result no?
  4. Twatford back in relegation and the look on Deeney's face...... PRICELESS
  5. EAT THAT DEENEY YOU INBRED clearing in the woods!!!!
  6. Yeah but you're clearly new to VT ..... calling for sanity will send you insane
  7. Comparing those two teams is ridiculously silly, you are finding anything you can to justify your stance that anyone concerned about our situation is over-reacting
  8. The only thing nearly as bad as our crosses, is our heading on the rare occasion we do put a decent cross in.
  9. Yeah looking at the table that game doesn't really affect us, with our goal scoring threat our competition is Norwich....
  10. If Grealish scores another 40 goals this season we might stay up!
  11. I wouldn't be confident beating Ipswich the way we go about things..... I guess you'll just stick until its impossible not to see what is going on!
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