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  1. I don't mean to brag but my academy has produced 2 wonderkids, both playing in my first team. The academy has also produced a handful of good players that are either in my squad or I've sold for between 10 and 30 million. I have about 10 players in my U23's and U18's that I'm eyeing for 1st team football in the next season or two. Producing youth players is one of my favourite parts of the game so I do focus on it lot.
  2. So Ross might actually care if we win, that'd be something different!
  3. The last two seasons in my Villa save I have made the champions league final, both times against Real Madrid, both times I've lost. Last season they scored a 119th goal to win 1-0! Just now they have beaten me in a penalty shootout!
  4. At first I didn't understand why, but having thought about it I completely agree. Short termism at is very best!
  5. Did anyone see Bamford go right off at a Derby player for feigning injury from one of his tackles. I mean he was right ticked off about it, I was just amazed he couldn't see the irony ...
  6. Yeah except if we win and it's 2am and there is absolutely no one or no way to celebrate except to go to bed get 4 hours sleep and go to work ... I'm taking the Tuesday off and if we win I'm getting wildly intoxicated on my own in the dark!!
  7. Can you imagine his half time 'talks' if he ever becomes a manager?
  8. He is the world's best penalty taker, both in my opinion and factually.....
  9. Well I have to do something, now I'm not working!!
  10. so I am my own boss...... Does what we all went through deserve me having the day off??

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