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  1. @Tayls @AndyM3000 are two both in Britain? I just want to play with a group of people that are, Hopefully miked up, Not 12 years old, Want help each other and just give it a go rather than mock and try and get each other killed, It's a game, and I enjoy it, but surely the goal is to win! I'll admit I'm pretty hopeless on my own but I find I work well in a team, and can get my fair share of kills. I don't care how bad or good anyone is, it doesn't matter. I use to play with a few mates, alone we weren't great but together we managed to get some squad wins. The game in itself is a bit meh for me but get a group together with a bit of banter and it's great fun. Plus I can get to know some fellow VTers. Sorry for the rant.
  2. Have got my first ever homegrown Villa wonderkid! Christopher Wolfe, and he is a striker. Worth 10 million at 19 and he is starting to get first team minutes. It's hard for him him to get starts as I have a 22 y.o Halaand plus another newgen wonderkid, Aguiar who is only 20 and worth over 20 million. I'm hoping this season I can crack the top 4, as this is easily the best team I've had. Shame 3 of my best players handed in transfer requests, I'm not having it, knocked them all back but hoping they get over it quick.
  3. It still hurts me to see Albrighton playing for someone else, a player that actually wanted to play for us and we didn't give him a contract. Well we are in the championship and he has a premier league medal.
  4. It has already been pretty much confirmed that if they don't get promoted , Bielsa will leave. Pretty sure he is on 6.5 million a year. Leeds won't be able to afford half of that next season. He would have to be easily the best paid manager in the championship.
  5. I hate this go so much, I actually wish him dead just so he'll stop spouting his crap. He got egged on the weekend, by a 17 y.o.
  6. I am the only curious about our players capable of battering their nuts....
  7. Playoff against West Brom. Hutton handles the ball in from a corner in 89th minute. We're off to the Prem
  8. I said genuine midfielder
  9. You're not wrong! Teams chase Jack all over the park and this causes lovely space for McGinn to run into. How many goals has he scored from outside the box now. I'm trying to think of the last genuine goalscoring midfielder we had....
  10. You're making a few apologies mate, anyone else?
  11. I was going to have a sly dig at all the Smith doubters, but that's childish. I just hope all of you are enjoying this run of form, and watching us kick ass. I hope you aren't sitting there all Grinch like with ya twisted face spewing because you were wrong. UTV
  12. I'm still only average but have fallen back into enjoying this game, just wish there were more squad matches where all the team were on the same page....
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