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  1. Doesn’t get more ITK than that. Good times.
  2. Batistuta all day long. Loved watching Fiorentina as a kid, mainly because of the Nintendo sponsor though!
  3. This thread should be a case study in psychology. You’re behaving like imbalanced, hormonal teenagers with no sense of self control. Myself included.
  4. Worst ride I’ve ever been on
  5. Why? The club is finally on a really upward curve, with potential and he could be the best player to ever play for us. I’d have no shame about being gutted and upset with him. Seeing him in a city kit is a vomit inducing thought.
  6. Honestly the post from Jack on IG and then backed up by McGinn has eased my mind. Like someone put it Jack might be “encyclopaedia” thick but not emotionally thick. He seems a very genuine person and he wouldn’t have posted something like that if he had decided to leave.
  7. And McGinniesta backs it up
  8. Nah come on, because he staying. I need the hope!
  9. Feels like there is a lot of smoke now… Still can’t believe he’ll choose to leave now
  10. I’ll be physically sick if I see JG in a city shirt
  11. The guy was making love emojis a few days ago on a post with Ashley Young in a Villa kit. Things would have to changed drastically in the past few days.
  12. bose

    Tammy Abraham

    A complete change in tactics? Yeah that’s a hard work and frankly not likely to be on the cards. And yeah I do actually read posts here. I’m not saying we won’t sign a striker but us signing a high profile out and out striker is HIGHLY unlikely.
  13. bose

    Tammy Abraham

    Yeah sure we’ll sign Tammy. Then he’ll have to be fine to be on the bench for 99% of the time because he ain’t replacing Watkins. There is no way we are signing an out and out rather high profile striker this summer. Someone more unproven yes but not Tammy even though I like him because of obvious reasons.
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