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  1. This does not look good. Posting that message and then going out. I'll wait for all the facts but just the one fact that he was out and about after that message shows lack of judgement and character. Was he drunk as well? I'm a doctor working in this pandemic every day. When you see hypocrisy like this from a person who can, and SHOULD, be a role model it makes me furious. Arrogance, stupidity and selfishness. If anything this Covid period has made me see that football isn't that important to me anymore. Why bother when the captain of your club is a child?
  2. Maybe it's a ploy to get other clubs to blink first? I can't believe we wont get another striker/attacking player in, having sold Kodjia aswell.
  3. Nice would be the understatement of the year. No way he's coming here.
  4. ITK. Can also confirm that we will sign another player, possibly in this window but if not then in the summer.
  5. bose

    Dean Smith

    I'm actually not worried with how we've been playing. It'll take time to get things right with new players in nearly every position and Dean has shown that he can do that. I think we'll continue to struggle to pick up a lot of points for a while and we'll only get better with time. Engels and Mings look very solid together. Then we have Targett to replace Taylor and Guilbert is raw but promising. Wesley will take time to adjust, he's only 22 but he'll get better and better though I doubt he'll be a massive goalscorer. It's going to take time but we'll get better eventually - this season is always going to be mainly about staying up in a very tough division.
  6. Well if he is then it's Smith out
  7. Looking forward to finally seeing him in action tonight.
  8. I really look forward to this match, like I have for the previous two but this one is extra special. Villa - Everton is a Premier League match between two great teams. I'm still going to be confident but a draw would be a very good result.
  9. bose

    Wesley Moraes

    Have a feeling Big Wes will score on Saturday.
  10. Looking forward to this one. I think the first few matches are going to be difficult because of all the new players. A victory here will be great but I still think that even if we don’t get off to a great start pointwise we should be optimistic if we play ok. We have a positive and inspiring manager and a great backing as well.
  11. A lot of angry and deluded reactions here. Good first half but a poor second half against one of the best teams in Europe. Anything other than a loss was always going to be a bonus.
  12. Competition for places making players better and keeping everyone on their toes. King Dean Smith knows best.
  13. Lets see how Hourihane does today. It's only a friendly, no harm giving him a chance against good opposition.
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