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  1. bose

    Dean Smith

    Despite everything we should finish at least top half and if (unlikely) Grealish is back early enough we can still make a push for Europe. Very important summer though and if he gets backed (very probable) there will be pressure to get into Europe next season which is very exciting.
  2. bose

    Dean Smith

    Come on nobody is saying that we would have definitely won or that Davis is some miracle player. Surely you can see why people question the decision of not using Davis at all after his performance last week?
  3. That game was there for the taking. Liverpool were poor but we didn’t have the quality in the end. Traore was dreadful. Barkley for Nakamba was a terrible sub and just baffling. Don’t see why Davis didn’t come on as well. For me poor subs by Smith and he should rightfully take his part of the blame. Martinez excellent as usual, thought Luiz and Trez were fine as well. Ollie did very well despite the lack of service.
  4. Sorry no excuse for Smith for bringing Barkley on. I’m a huge Smith fan but that was just daft - the guy is finished.
  5. Yeah Davis has no future here. Smith has no faith in him.
  6. Barkley for Nakamba use such a strange sub. We have been much better in the second compared to the first though.
  7. Davis for Traore at half time. Absolute travesty of a performance.
  8. I have no idea how we’ll line up or which is the best line up. I’d be up to starting Kienan Davis but going 2 up top against them is suicide. We need Traore if Grealish is still injured as well and then it’s a question of the midfield three. I’d love to see Watkins as an inside forward on the left with Kienan up top and then Traore on the right if Grealish is injured. Thinking more about maybe we need Trez on the right given the threat of their fullbacks? Think Dean has a good dilemma on his hands!
  9. Needs time. Seen it with Luiz and loads of other players. No guarantees that he’ll be a player but think he was always bought with next season in mind.
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