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  1. I'd be very surprised if it isn't the same team tomorrow. Should win on paper and current form but this season ain't no paper season.
  2. bose

    Wesley Moraes

    Yeah that's nonsense. Better players than Wesley have had a difficult start at a new club and in a new country. Regarding the bold bit. So good players never play badly then for a period of time? Sensible people will not write a player off after 5 months of playing time. But go ahead...
  3. Three international matches for him in the next 6 days. Understandable that he'll play 90 mins in the playoff game tomorrow but I hope he gets a rest in the next two matches. I absolutely loath the Nations League, ridiculous to have it now in the current circumstances. If he plays 3x 90 mins I bet Smith will be furious.
  4. I absolutely loath the Nations League. Understandable that he plays 90 mins on Thursday in the playoff game but I'd be furious as a club manager if he plays three times 90 mins over the break.
  5. I think we need to continue to be ambitious and strengthen in January. This season is very strange and you never know how things will go. The lack of a pre season, congested fixture schedule will take its toll and I hope we get 1-2 additions in January. But please let’s not mention THAT guy again.
  6. What a brilliant start to the season and now with the table starting to take shape things are looking promising. Full credit to Dean - got his man Watkins (who lets face it must be better than any of us thought), Barkley, Cash and Martinez. If things are to continue we need to hope we stay relatively injury free until January. We have a small squad and are getting Wesley back in Dec/Jan, he'll give us a different option to Watkins. But with the high intensity this season, little to no break we really need reinforcements in January because we will get injuries to key players if we can
  7. He makes such good and intelligent runs, has such (and to me surprisingly) good hold up play, great finisher. Like KentVillan said such a complete striker. A fantastic buy by Smith.
  8. Hahahahaha I know nothing! What a team!!!!!!
  9. Arsenal are poor but still I’m scared shitless anytime they get close to our area.
  10. Great return after that VAR debacle. Arsenal have been poor but still think we’ll need another goal, just don’t see us keeping a clean sheet.
  11. Three losses in a row will go a long way to negate our excellent start. Pre-match I'm more than happy with a draw, just to stop the rut but we do seem a very "delicate" team mentally. We play well and our confidence is through the roof, no one can stop us. We hit a bit of adversity and we seem to crumble mentally. Important for the leaders in our squad - Mings, Grealish, Luiz etc -to make sure we're ready from the get go.
  12. Good reaction second half. Dreadful first half.
  13. I said after the Leeds game that we would see by our response today what this team is made off. Guess we’ve got our answer.
  14. Big game to see where we are mentally. Huge disappointment if we don't see a reaction after our last game. Not an easy game by any stretch but if we perform like we have, bar Leeds, then we'll take three points.
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