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  1. We raise expectations beating the likes of plop, leicester, arse. We start believing and rightly so cus it shows what we're capable of. Then lose to brighton et al and people are bound to question whats going on
  2. I don't think we need to replace him, but get someone in who will genuinely put his position under threat. He has zero competition right now to play alongside konsa and knows he is one of the first names on the teamsheet. Would be interesting to see hom have to fight for his place. I realise the problem tho is we will have to fork out big buxks for that
  3. Am i only one to think traore was quite lively? Always looking to create, whilst id imagine not 100% match fit, got an assist also
  4. Not deans fault. We created enough chances to win comfortably and conceded two goals, one sloppy defending and one worldie. Not sure how thats smiths fault
  5. Grealish will never not play unless he's injured. Take him off after 75 mins if we are cruising
  6. This season, with how poor 9 or ten teams look, could be our best chance of a top 8 finish
  7. SGC has a knack for this, just look at Rushian Hepburn-Murphy.
  8. It's mediocre week, Dean is top 6
  9. Talksoort did a programme tonight called 'Bielsa's Beautiful Game'. Just the title was enough to make me uncontrollably vomit everywhere. It's all part of the mediocre managers who achieved nothing week. Tony Pulis' turn tomorrow.
  10. Even though it is against a so-called lower half team, i think a win here could be another statement. Will show everyone we mean business to start getting more 'routine' victories. They are a good side and have some dangermen. Lamptey will be a decent test for Super Jack and Trossard always seems to cause problems for us. I think Lallana is a massive bag of shite and their keeper is very average, tough test but confident for 3 points.
  11. Hence why they've all started dreaming up little projects to take back control and protect their own interests.
  12. He still warrants a place in the squad, you need players who give different things - his left foot and set pieces are something to keep hold of.
  13. Whatever the arguments, there is a certain sense of pride from watching him develop, turn into the player he has, captaining Villa and then representing England - like a proud father.
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