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  1. If he has been taking drugs then he should be sacked - he wont though because he is witth too much money. Praying it stops at breaking quarantine, even though he is sn idiot for doing it.
  2. Which is great, but that is so easy. Here you go, i'm a millionaire, have some money.
  3. I'd personally like to see Jack do something positive, like become an nhs volunteer for a few weeks, restore some faith and actually help the cause.
  4. Covid is awful and I feel dreadful for all who are anxious or suffering, but if there is one tiny silver lining to it, it is seeing their fans absolutely apoplectic with rage. In the words of Martin Tyler " I swear you'll never see anything like this ever again!"
  5. The meltdown of plop fans if season cancelled and no title will be one of biblical proportions.
  6. I want the season voided. Only fair way tho is for the games in hand to be played across all four leagues and then league positions frozen
  7. Wow, impressed with your maths, fair play. Got that wrong obviously but the general point of many teams could still be mathematically relegated remains the same.
  8. I know its highly unrealistic, but if leicester lose all of their games etc....
  9. That would give us 8 points i think: Utd draw, west ham draw, everton n newcastle wins
  10. Playoffs for europe and relegation wouldnt work. Norwich, who sit bottom currently, could mathematically finish on 48 points, putting them 5th. Leicester, in 3rd can still mathematically go down. Playoffs would effectively mean the whole league being repeated anyway. Null and void. **** liverpool, **** leeds and **** west brom.
  11. I think in another thread someone said that isnt a PL rule, only applies to youth football or something
  12. If this happens, the reaction on here will be "get in, this team is going places under smith, give him a 10 year contract"
  13. Can see smith getting the boot today or tomorrow, terry in charge for chelsea game - cue media jizzfest. Terry will get sn audition, if does well, keeps it til end of season, if not, welcome pulis/big sam/other dinosaur
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