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  1. GingerCollins29

    Tammy Abraham

    Just what I've been told
  2. GingerCollins29

    Tammy Abraham

    Mutually agreed he will go to wolves in summer, not this month. This is what I have been told by a contact at wolves
  3. GingerCollins29

    Tammy Abraham

    Tammy starting today so this is a non story
  4. GingerCollins29

    The Film Thread

    Just watched birdbox. Very underwhelming after all the hype
  5. GingerCollins29

    Dean Smith

    It's Bruce's squad that he amassed. A football managers role is more than bringing in players - smith has finally used them in the right way. Are you Alex Bruce in disguise?
  6. GingerCollins29

    Ahmed Elmohamady

    Wouldn't worry, as soon as Bruce takes over at wednesday he will be signing players who are able to put their boots on, roll their socks up and dig deep for there or there abouts 90 mins. This would include Ahmed elmohammady, who follows Bruce wherever he goes
  7. GingerCollins29

    Dean Smith

    Thanks for that - wish you were in charge.
  8. GingerCollins29

    Dean Smith

    People on here will be calling for him to get sacked next
  9. GingerCollins29

    Dean Smith

    Anyone who is criticizing smith needs to just **** right off. This is Bruce's team. Bruce's mess. Smith has got us playing brilliantly and is trying to sort the blatantly obvious problems asap I.e kalinic. Give your heads a wobble
  10. GingerCollins29

    Dominic Revan

    Starting against Leeds owing to axels injury
  11. GingerCollins29

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    Didn't we all say the same about Cardiff last year?
  12. GingerCollins29

    VillaTalk Deadpool 2018

    This thread is wrong on so many levels. What is actually wrong with you all?
  13. GingerCollins29

    Win tickets for the Blues game

    1-1 draw 82, 981
  14. GingerCollins29

    Derby pre match

    For me, their best players are: Scott Carson in goal - excellent at this level Malone at left back. The rest of the defence is poor, especially Keogh. Wilson in midfield. Mount is massively overjoyed and Huddleston is only good when the opposition allows him to control the game. Can't see any threat up front apart from Marriott who is a good finisher and likely to pounce on any mistakes *cough* my land *cough*. I'd be disappointed with anything less than a point. We should be winning these games if we want promotion.