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  1. GingerCollins29


  2. GingerCollins29

    January transfer window 2019

    I want a keeper, a left back and two centre halves. Getting those in would make us formidable with the way DS hopefully wants to play. On top of that, players like Scott Hogan could hopefully be like a new signing! Can we cancel any loans? Ie moreira? If so, cheeky loan offer for Tom Heaton?
  3. GingerCollins29

    Pre-Match Thread

    Will this be moved for tv?
  4. GingerCollins29

    Scott Hogan

    You are hilarious
  5. GingerCollins29

    New Manager Speculation

    Alan Brazil asked Stuart Pearce if he would be interested on talk sport hahahaha
  6. GingerCollins29

    Steve Bruce

  7. GingerCollins29

    Match Thread: Villa v Preston

    I will be amazed if he gets sacked. HE is f***** teflon
  8. GingerCollins29

    New Manager Speculation

    This is such a pointless thread!
  9. GingerCollins29

    John Terry

    If he signed, would there be an issue with the number 26. I thought he had a clause last time to say he has to have that number?
  10. GingerCollins29

    André Green

    I think the term is 'f****** dreadful'
  11. GingerCollins29

    Match Thread: Sheff Utd v Villa

    Got one back. Bruce in!
  12. GingerCollins29

    André Green

    Like he did against Yeovil?
  13. GingerCollins29

    Pre-Match Thread

    Green is utter gash. Sell him for 500k
  14. GingerCollins29

    Steve Bruce

    We needed to get near on maximum points from these first 5 games. If we can't beat reading at home then how the he'll are we supposed to get any points from our December fixtures? Change is needed now. Fed up of this oaf in charge who simply cannot inspire a team to play decent, winning and dominating football
  15. GingerCollins29

    Match Thread: Villa v Brentford

    Get the **** in there!