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  1. What does he do? Havent seen a more 'nothing' player in years. Getting fat mike from the lower holte on for the last ten would have the same impact as kodj.
  2. Have a horrible, horrible feeling for this one
  3. A good - not outstanding - performance. Didnt think plop were at their best today and we had some great chances that we should have finished. Mane committed 3 fouls with no bookings before he dived. Should not have stsyed on the pitch, but of course scores the winner. Cannot stand liverpool, the jammiest team i have ever seen. EVERYTHING goes their way. Hate klopp too, arrogant t*sser
  4. Forgive my lack of knowledge/confusion with var, but conors goal was disallowed because of an alleged foul by wes on the keeper in the build up. For their goal, it came from a free kick after an alleged foul by connor. Was that not checked by var and if so how was free kick not overturned?
  5. Did anyone else notice how wes didnt celebrate for a few seconds when he scored the first? Probably expecting var to rule it out.
  6. Did Steve Bruce try to sign him?
  7. Villa will win because man city beat them 5-0. Norwich beat man city and so did we years ago. Villa are better than norwich therefore we'll win. Easy
  8. If the goal had stood yesterday and we got a point would there be the same level of panic? I'm not worried.
  9. Harsh on lansbury after his performance in the week but what can u do?!
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