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  1. Im feeling confident also, but i dont think we'll win 10-1
  2. When is this thing getting released??
  3. Andre Green is better than Eden Hazard. Expecting a like from @villalad21 now.
  4. Anyone concerned with the massive bender he's gone on?
  5. Hilarious how he must have just sat on the train from London wearing it. Tyrone loves the f***ing Villa and so do i
  6. Personally think sessegnon is incredibly over rated. Did nothing in the prem. Would take lolley and Bowen from the champ. Buy mings as a priority and Hauser as backup. Not fussed either way about tammy. We will definitely be bringing in some unheard of foreign talents. Smith has had success doing this so quite excited to see what happens. If money no object now can't we just terminate McCormack?
  7. Hi smhthram, out of interest, why is Carson not playing, wasn't he your player of the season last year?
  8. Anyone know much about the 'other' derby players? Bob their best players are mount etc? I presume Bradley Johnson is their holding mid? Don't know much about their back 5, other than the left back is out. How are they likely to line up? Also noticed no Carson in goal. Is he injured?
  9. Anyone got a pic of his face when he scored? Just glared!
  10. Can not see us beating leeds as much as it pains me to say it
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