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  1. Cannot actually believe you have to explain this to another villa fan. Just block him.
  2. Yet Smith was praised for his subs against united, bringing on archer at 0-0
  3. Just go back to 4 2 3 1. We were flying with that formation last year. Lose grealish and change the whole formation? Watkins out wide
  4. Beat man united - smith is absolutely amazing, we are so lucky to have him. Anniversary of DS appointment - happy deano day everyone, look at how far he has taken us, long live dean smith. Lose to wolves - smith out. FFS
  5. Just got back. For me, its nothing to do with smith, tactucs or subs. 3 pathetic goals to concede within a total collapse - all in 10 mins. Players should hang their heads.
  6. No bailey Emi n doug in the squad
  7. At VP now do you have to show proof of a negative covid test?
  8. Whats the story here? Did Smith not say he should be fine for wolves? Hoping he is!!
  9. Anyone know the situation with doug and emi for this. Emi has s better chance to start then doug i think but will be tight for both, so i believe
  10. If Deano ever does move 9n for whatever reason (hopefully not for a long time), Delaney could be a great fit to develop these kids within the first team set up
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