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  1. Dean Smith's teams always get better towards the end of the season...
  2. I dont think he'll leave until potentially jan. Been out for ages and been very sverage this season
  3. The most devastating thing for me if we go down will be that he doesnt join a utd or city type. He will be desperate to stay in the prem for his england career. Just imagine him turning out for leicester or crystal Palace
  4. Every time i read your posts i smile. It's like i dont need to pay attention to the season because each of your posts just narrates what is going on. You are Morgan Freeman.
  5. You're right, which is why we are in the position we're in. It is a bit of blind faith yes, which you need being a villa fan. It's also seeing how other teams have won games where form has said they shouldnt in prev. Relegation battles. Im not denying we are in the brown stuff, im just not totally giving up and talking non stop about next years championship. I sware some posters are desperate for us to go down, just so they can have a moan. We're staying up, thats my opinion. If im wrong, im wrong. I shouldnt be mocked and criticised for believing it
  6. Neither will we. Hence why i believe we'll pick up more
  7. That's your perogative. Worse teams than us have survived
  8. no, because this was the game theyd win. I honestly believe theh wont get any other points. We will.
  9. You are entitled to your opinion but newcastle have had next to nothing to play for last few games and been superb.
  10. It is yeh actually. Embarassing actually. Have yer meltdown when the fat lady sings. Until then, get behind the players and have a bit of belief. (Not aimed at you personally).
  11. Nothing is a certainty but they played bottom of the league. They were going to win. Has nobody noticed that they barely scraped the win also? Watford are gash and wont pick up another point
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