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  1. Would kodj having a medixal tomorrow suggest we might have an incoming tomorrow?
  2. Cannot believe we are gonna potentially let bowen slip away...
  3. Ivan toney hasnt even scored in the championship, yet hes expected to fire us to safety? Benteke has proved he can score goals in the prem and in big games. Shankland i cant comment on, never seen him play, but scotland is trash generally
  4. Ok mate. Still havent told me who is out there that you would want? No need to be a scout by the way, opinions are ok!
  5. Id be more pissed not signing any striker. If we sign him im happy to eat himble pie if it goes wrong. I just think it would work!
  6. True enough. Playing devils advocate, he doesnt owe us anything. He is on loan. If it all goes pear shaped then he gets his comfy bench back in 6 months time
  7. Players get injured. You dont suddenly become bad player overnight. Many factors involved. Surely theres a part of you that can see how it might just work in our favour. I would rather him up top then vassilev or no1.
  8. Every single time you post negativity about him. No nostalgia in you? Isn't every transfer a risk? Who do you wamt us to sign up front?
  9. It's just an opinion. I know you hate him and seem to have an odd obsession with criticising him and any poster who wants him to sign. In my opinion, when he came to us, wanted to use us as a stepping stone. Cant argue as arsenal were more successful than us and arguably bigger at the time. He got his move and plop ruined him. Didnt play to his syrengths and dropped him like a stone. Confidence dropped massively. Went palace and didnt deliver again was dropped instantly. Confidence shattered . Imagine the buzz around VP for his debut. Grealish linking up with him. I think it would work! Sincerest apologies once more for having a different opinion to you.
  10. Tekkers would be a masterstroke. He will only play well for us. Absolutely sure of it
  11. Just curious, did Dean's brentfird team have any big tall b*stards in it? Or were they weak as piss also
  12. Were you saying he should be sacked after we beat Burnley? Genuine question?
  13. Hopefully gives us a lift. Proven winner who i hope still has some motivation for the game...
  14. Agreed. Gavin McCann is what we need!
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