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  1. If the goal had stood yesterday and we got a point would there be the same level of panic? I'm not worried.
  2. Harsh on lansbury after his performance in the week but what can u do?!
  3. I'm looking forward to reading your weekly criticism of jack grealish; always provides a smile.
  4. Wasn't sure where to post this, but an interesting read seeing as how many teams now developing an obsession with us. http://www.sportbible.com/football/reactions-news-rivalries-the-top-five-rivals-of-each-premier-league-team-according-to-data-20190826?source=facebook Not sure how to copy article in to here sorry
  5. Hoping not being included in the england squad isnt going to knock his confidence. Hoping for the opposite effect. Oxlade chamberlain ffs
  6. I have taught her the essentials
  7. My daughter has just turned 2. She obviously doesnt understand the inner complexities of the beautiful game but loves seeing villa on tv. She recognises grealish (gree-wish), mcginn (ginn) and mings (ming) pointing at them and says villa at the tv. She even claps and cheers when we score. How young is too young to start attending games? What age did you start going or take your own kids, if you have any? Is the north stand still considered the family stand? Interested to hear your views
  8. Won the playoff final in may 2019
  9. When you say someone you love went to school with mulitiple ballon d'or winner gary gardner, was that someone @KenjiOgiwara??
  10. Would play... Steer Elmo konsa hause targett Nakamba Hourihane grealish Trez wesley jota Steer comes in to get match fit. Give targett a run out, rest fred as he ran every blade of grass and rest mingles as theyve given everything last 3 plus mings has a groin concern. Play nakamba and connor for game time to get match fit and play jack so he can dominate and further build his confidence. Same with front three, build confidence with hopefully another goal for big wes
  11. It seems from peoples team selections on here that we have a question mark over the wide forward position, most dropping el ghazi and putting grealish, mcginn or hourihane there... Who else apart from AEG, trez and jota could play there? Kodija, davis, jack, mcginn, jourihane, elmo, guilbert...? For me kodj would not be as effective as AEG or jota, davis is a battering ram, nothing more, jack and mcginn do their best work through the middle, as does hourihane. Guilbert is a possibility but never seen him play competitively. Elmo would not work... Will AEG come good?
  12. Guzan Hutton richards lescott richardson Hogg Salifou reo-coker cleverley Tonev helenius bowery
  13. How long before fans are calling for smiths head? Will we get more points than the season we went down? We should have kept whelan, jedinak and hutton. Get steer back in goal. *these are just some of the things i have seen on facebook* Unbelievable
  14. Grealish, trez and mcginn all should have scored, just not our day

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