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  1. will there be any streams?
  2. What do you make of Smith's performance in the transfer market so far? For me, Kings was a masterstroke, kalinic to be decided as we haven't seen enough of him, and carroll was a bit random. Would be interesting to see what he does with money if we were to be promoted
  3. Do we know if it's going ahead yet? Any confirmation?
  4. Would hope that on the pitch, we are ruthless and go for the kill. We as fans have our part to play by not singing things like 's*** support my Lord' or my garden shed. We can have a bit of class whilst winning convincingly. Maybe even join in with some anti Anderson chants. We of all fans should be sympathetic- this could have been us!
  5. Sessegnon has been well and truly found out this year. Not prem standard
  6. If we finish 5th, would you rather sheff utd or leeds in 3rd?
  7. We will win this. 1982 and all that
  8. We are not a one man team. We are at home. 7 wins on the bounce. Playing bristol city. We have Whelan on penalties....
  9. Big mental test if no jack. Today will show what we are made of.
  10. More blood is coming from sheff weds door than any other...why?
  11. Showed a sense of arrogance I his penalty and overall play tonight. That said wouldn't drop because always has potential for a goal
  12. Don't we want bolton to beat derby?
  13. Anyone know if red button games can be watched on sky go app o phone??
  14. Has he gone back or are we still paying wages for him?

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