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  1. 7 goals conceded in 2 games. Is it time to sound the 'Bielsa's gonna have a hissy fit and resign' klaxon yet??
  2. So leeds thrash a newly promoted, poor, relegation bound team? Christ, theyre going to get top 4 arent they? Remembrr when we beat norwich 5-1 away?
  3. Thought that said Rashica then. I need to take a break from VT.
  4. True, but i dont remember any moment where anwar actually did anything but lose the ball
  5. Would keep him as a squad player personally but if you cant turn it on against burton albion, u cant expect to do it in the prem
  6. Aiming to get him in, in time for fulham i prseume?
  7. How definite is it that after martinez, traore and rashica that we are looking for other additions?
  8. No rashica surely means we go big for a cm??
  9. Jota and henri will hopefully be nowhere near the first 11, so why play them at all? Steer Fred engels hause taylor Marv Connor sjm (sub on ramsey) Trez samatta aeg
  10. Oh, so he has given his opinion. Ok. Why are we all getting hyped up then. Nothing to see here.
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