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  1. Danny Murphy - i wouldn't be too bothered. Laughable excuse for a pundit, extremely bitter about us and i've no idea why
  2. Huge next 5 games coming up Sheff utd (a) - bottom of the league and poor but not gonna underestimate anyone. They beat utd away. We will have more of the ball. Take our chances we win. Wolves (h) - tough game as they have been picking up form but have been poor this year and if we are on form a draw minimum. Newcastle (a) - should be beating these but havent fared well at st james for a while. Spuds (h) - depends which spurs team turns up. Anything could happen in this. Fulham (h) much improved but they struggle to score so again put our chances away and we win.
  3. Martinez had a tight groin i think. Hopefully nkt too serious as he carried on. Need to test ramsdale, i dont rate him at all.
  4. Nice to see our Jack is out there trying to make friends
  5. He has had moments and periods of brilliance in those games. Has been anonymous also. Fantastic tonight none the less and should start on Wed
  6. Has shut all the idiots up. Top class
  7. Exactly. When hes on it he is great, far too inconsistent
  8. "Aston Villa rode all of their insurmountable luck tonight by barely scraping 3 points at the greatest stadium in our universe. The real headline though, was another masterclass from our lord and saviour King Marcelo Bielsa, who once more created a tactical masterpiece on the freshly carpeted pitch, all whilst squatting to take a Guinness world record 58 dumps in 90 minutes. One of those rancid little turds that he produced, is actually Leeds' number 9. Man of the match went to the world class 93 year old, Pablo Hernandez, who is 10 times the player of Jack Girlish"
  9. For someone who isnt familiar with fantasy teams, if he transferred him mon, does that change stand for the next two games then? I thouhht you had to change each match
  10. Targett has put grealish in his fantasy team this week
  11. Agree with barkley. Mcginn will press and bring energy
  12. Has to start every game as he is 10 x the player of trez or anwar
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