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  1. Not a sportsman eithrr as cricket isn't a sport, just an activity, like chess
  2. Thanks, Durham asked the question to Darren Gough on Talkshite earlier, as Gough was a former sportsman. He said Running and stuff.
  3. Round badge fir one season only?
  4. apologies, must have misread your post
  5. They have done? He will either be in the 18 for tomorrow or the 18 for palace
  6. Saying one decent game every twenty is an example of why villa fans moan about other villa fans. Lucky football is subjective
  7. Massive drop in quality from him over the last few months. Not sure what's happened. Very tidy player but so overly prone to making bizarre decisions/fouls to leave us vulnerable. Guaranteed booking every game also.
  8. Cannot understand how Jenas is paid to talk about football. Bang average as a player and never did anything in his career. Also, his name is Jen-ass, not Jeen-us. He never once complained about being called Jen-ass during his early career. He then got a move to the prem, scored a goal and a commentator called him Jeen-us the Genius - he then suddenly started saying his name is Jeen-us, just so commentators would call him a genius. The fact he actually did this makes him a complete and utted word removed.*** ***This may or may not have actually happe
  9. Did something happen during his career to make him absolutely loathe us? Every time he commentates on our games it's like he is willing the opposition to score. Genuinely want to know what the villa did to him in his mediocre playing career
  10. Cannot believe the stick he gets on here. He's class and our best midfielder. He was outstanding today.
  11. They didnt even mention the greenwood handball
  12. This all day. The point about what ollie did/didn't or should/shouldnt have done is irrelevant. That exact same scenario occurs with a united player then its a pen and a red for martinez.
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