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  1. Who would have thought this time last year that just one season later we would be heading into a six-pointer against the champions....
  2. I **** hate Villa fans sometimes. What the hell is wrong with you lot???
  3. FFS not this shit again. He is not leaving.
  4. I believe that JonJon is our resident Brentford contact
  5. So does that mean that Brentford and Exeter get a little windfall now?
  6. First England goal. Good man
  7. Going down, on a Dong? Hmmmmm... well they are a bunch of co*********
  8. Trips over the ball and falls onto Cash. FFS. I **** hate Spurs.
  9. Come on guys, let's be realistic... If they get relegated, it is just as likely that they will go bust and be ejected from the football league and have to start again from the bottom of the pyramid. Such a shame.
  10. I don't understand. That fella seems to be driving a bus full of children, and therefore it would seem he has a job. Not sure how that could possibly relate to Leeds fans?
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