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  1. But they haven't been instantly liked by all, in fact there were quite a few reservations bandied around at takeover time. True, we dont know their true intentions (just like we didnt know Randy's or Xia's) but shall we just decide they are in it to destroy us (because for some reason our thought process is they might) or shall we look at what they have actually done since they took over and judge them on that, rather than fears about what they *might* do?
  2. I dont think we are expected to rally round, its just that we have class and are a more evolved part of the species.
  3. Along came Learner who was instantly liked (by all) because he wasn't Doug. I think Learner was well intentioned but naive and involving himself in an area he knew nothing about. He involved "his" people whom he trusted, but who also knew nothing about football and running a football club. His history of running the handegg team showed that he wasn't very good at sports teams. He let MON spunk money away on mostly average players and didn't pull the reigns in quickly enough, caught up in the moment I suppose, without enough oversight on the finances until he lost half his money in the divorce and then couldn't finance his toy in the way he had before, then made a series of disastrous managerial appointments due to his lack of knowledge in the game. Its criminal really that the amount of money that went into the club should have been enough to propel us into the upper echelons if managed properly (both on and off the pitch). Sadly it wasn't. Along comes "Dr" Charlaton, who was instantly liked (by many) because he wasn't Learner. My view on him was that he was hoping to make a quick turn around of the club, get the permier league money and use us as a vehicle to get into making money through regeneration of the city. Unfortunately for him (and us) it looks like most of the sensible advisors gave him a miss and he ended up with characters like Samuelson and Wyness "helping" him..... He gambled money he didn't have, and it all went to pot for him (and us). Along come Sawiris and Edens. Whereas Learner inherited his money, and Xia probably didnt have any, they made theirs verifiably. Whereas neither Learner nor Xia had sports teams experience, these two do, and very successful experience too. Whereas Learner and Xia employed people who were out of their depth and inexperienced at best and con artists at worst, Sawiris and Edens are employing verifiably good people in the important places in the club. They appear to spend prudently and seem to be building solid foundations rather than throwing money at the wall and hoping it sticks like the last two. They seem to be, for the most part spending money based on what you can do rather than your reputation. On that basis, if they have a plan to move assets around on paper to allow them to invest in the club in a sensible manner then I am willing to give them the benefit of the doubt and trust them.
  4. Plus, you know, we wouldn't be Leeds, so that's a massive bonus right there.
  5. Thanks. Still interested in how he fell though. Suppose it could be as innocuous as tripping on the stairs, but wonder if he was doing something silly. Hope he does pull through, looks like he was facing up to his actions so credit to him for that.
  6. So what actually happened to him? How does one have a fall inside a football stadium which leaves you in a coma? Did he have some assistance in the commencement of the fall or something? And also, if a fan at Webley ended up in a coma fighting for his life, surely it would have made the news somewhere. No reports on this as far as i can see (apologies if my Google-Fu has let me down).
  7. I've always wondered where that GIF came from and what it was actually about.
  8. So Pulis is now available for Leeds once Bielsa leaves
  9. Act of sportsmanship my arse. Had the game mattered they would not have done it, and PJ actually managed to foul Adomah in the process! As for Bamford, how anyone associated with Leeds can look at what he did and defend him rather than being utterly embarrased by his behaviour is beyond me, especially whilst banging on about sportsmanship. If a player of ours did what Bamford did I would be fully supportive of the club fining him. But then they are called Dirty Dirty Leeds for a reason.
  10. Is he about to do an Ace Rimmer salute?
  11. Wow Derby. Well done Wonder if Bielsa will stay at Leeds? In all seriousness, a great game.
  12. You would have to be a special kind of stupid to do that!
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