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  1. He left because he was trying to be assistant manager of both Villa and Ireland, bit of a weird setup really but think he decided he couldn't do both.
  2. Well, in fairness he was only here for a short time. About 5 months in 2014 as assistant manager IIRC.
  3. Yeah, that penalty decision that changed the game was entirely Smith's fault.
  4. With this bent ref and incompetent VAR, they would have given it to Konsa.
  5. Genuinely heartbreaking to see how far ahead of us Wolves are.
  6. See, we keep saying that, but at the time he was shit. He has developed very well over the last few years, good for him.
  7. I have been hoping for a revival, wanted to give Smith time, even if we get relegated, but he is just not showing enough. There was nothing good to take from tonight. Newcastle didn't realise that the game had started for the first 30 mins, and we still couldn't score. oh. and I **** hate Dwight Gayle.
  8. Weak. Very weak. Carrying on with something that clearly wasnt working because a change might not have worked is a terrible argument.
  9. Come off it. It was obvious a change needed to be made.
  10. if only he had made them 30 minutes earlier. Or 20, or even 10.
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