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  1. Saint Jood scored for Engerland last nite fells. Time for dem to retire is shirt numba in the Engerland squad innit.
  2. Very likely, they will not need a stadium that big in about 5 years. A gazebo in the local park should do it.
  3. Pffft, in order to do that they would need to be able to read. I think I am safe.
  4. Alleged hard men of the Zulu ranks of SHA supporters. They knock out Vilers for fun, mate. Proppa Bloos fans mate, they drink in town mate, however, I do believe that the Ian and Mo that you mention are in fact much harder!
  5. Yeah, but what is he doing out and about without Ian, they are a pair aren't they?
  6. John Ruddy reveals why Birmingham City were RELEGATED......... ..... 'cos they're shite. There, I saved you all from having to watch the video.
  7. Regardless of what pans out long term just imagine the noise when Mings walks out onto the pitch in front of a packed Villa Park.
  8. Yeah, so did Gabby! Standards weren't that high back then
  9. Ah Feck. I forgot that Crawley being promoted will mean that those inbreds make their way down here once a season. Still be funny for my second team to take 6 points off them each season.
  10. Fecking hell! Really?
  11. That's three goats too much. Sorry, I forgot the chicken. He can't have that either.
  12. Indeed, he will have to work long and hard and make significant steps forward to reach the level of 'Idiotic Knobhead"
  13. I thought he played for Leeds?
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