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  1. Try watching the game again without your blinkers on. The number of attacks that were blocked was impressive. For the most part they could not get through us, and then on the few occasions they did, Heaton was there.
  2. Defended ferociously for most of the second half
  3. You just cant help yourself can you? Luiz made a massive difference for us.
  4. Well her feet arent too cold, so that's good news.
  5. I dont want to write Wesley off, but he needs to be out of the firing line. We need a first choice striker in Jan and then let Wesley and Davis battle it out as back up.
  6. Yeah, and that jack bloke is shit as well.... Hopefully that will work!
  7. At least Amazons commentators mentioned why he wasnt celebrating
  8. Going to be a long night. Classy of Tammy not to celebrate.
  9. OK mate. But you have to make sure you say everything twice for effect, everything twice, yeah? My mate-count-ometer broke.
  10. Yeah, but if we beat them by three clear goals we can go above them in the table. Come on Villa I have a strange feeling we can do this (not the three clear goals but the win).
  11. Just as an aside, I have been working in Zurich the last few days and took a colleague with me to watch the (Newcastle) game in a local pub. He knows very little about football or who anyone is, and at the start of the game started referring to Grealish as "haircut" Toward the end of the first half he commented about how "haircut" was running the show and how everything was going through him. Even people that know nothing about football can see it!
  12. Well, possibly better than the random guesswork and assumption that your comments are usually based on
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