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  1. Indeed, further alleviated by playing one of the two at RB. Then you just plonk a DM in at CB and Bob's your uncle. Easy!
  2. In the Jack Grealish Thread, in relation to the incarceration of Paul Mitchell In my hotel room this morning I find this...... (this is honestly 100% genuine!)
  3. I've read some bollox on VT over the years, but congratulations, you have just surpassed all of it. Utterly mental!
  4. pffffft. No commitment. Seriously though, congratulations to him and his wife.
  5. worked absolutely fine for me all game
  6. What uttter utter ridiculousness. I cannot think of a single incident in the game where this charge could reasonably be leveled at us. Given the atmosphere of intimidation and violence directed towards our players I think they handled themselves in an exemplary fashion and kept their cool like the pro's that they are.
  7. I love Jack, but my god he needs to lose those sideburns!!!
  8. Just looking at his socks..... Did he cycle to the game or something?
  9. The one thing that people have not mentioned ia that he will have to pay a victim suecharge to Jack of £100. Nothing to Jack but probably quite a lot to him....That will feel like a kick in the guts and probably piss him off more than the jail time. Classy thing for Jack to do would be to match it and donate it to charity
  10. They announced that within minutes of the game ending
  11. Fecking hell. That was swift justice! So 14 weeks inside (probably serve 7), loses his ST, banned from the Sty from life and all grounds in the UK for 10 years. Good stuff. Not to mention him and his family getting grief for quite some time now (not that i support that at all) Now we just need to see what comes from the FA/EFL for both him and the club, and then what action the cliv takes against the steward.
  12. What do you mean "at this stage?"
  13. *edit* cant be bothered. I will say that Smith needs time and our support. He needs a run with his full strength team. All the signs and foundations are looking good, results will come. Keep the faith brothers.

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