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  1. I thought that was just an advert for our new perfume sponsor?
  2. And have to add. So stoked for Dean. The scenes in the tunnel after the match. The support from Suso, the reactions of the players - he has the dressing room, and getting Villa to Wembley in a cup final must be an absolute dream come true. Can you imagine if we win the final? Potentially we *could* finish comfortably lower mid table, win a cup and be playing in Europe next season! That would be exceptional success, given where we were 12 months ago! I will leave you with one stat...... as Villa manager, Dean smith has won every game we have played at Wembley
  3. Wow, read a few pages of that. They really don't like us LOL, shame!
  4. Just got to say a packed Villa park looks stunning.
  5. I dont think you understand what "corrected" means.
  6. You won't believe what Villa fans are saying about THIS potential signing as the club SLAPS in a bid to bolster the squad
  7. He was (is?) An absolute monster.
  8. I would wish him the best if he leaves. Deserves a last hurrah
  9. TheStagMan

    Keinan Davis

    Decent satire? Ok we have different definitions of decent.... But the rest I absolutely agree with. Ludicrous position.
  10. TheStagMan

    Keinan Davis

    Have you come across any of screwdriver's posts yet?
  11. TheStagMan

    Keinan Davis

    What have the physios done to him, his body is all over the place.... and that left hand is going to give away lot of hand balls
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