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  1. I'm friends with him on Facebook if you want me to ask....
  2. So very disappointed by the behaviour of our captain.
  3. Indeed. An effectively free stadium paid for by the taxpayer, millions in the bank from selling Upton park. Bout time they actually had to spend some of their own money.
  4. That is the only point you react to??????
  5. THIS, Absolutely THIS and then THIS some more. Yes, it has been a rough season, and yes we are not where we want to be - and by we I mean those of us who understood that surviving the season was the aim, not those who think we should be top 10 or comfortably clear of the relegation places with 10 games to go. Am I happy with what I have seen so far - no, it could be better - but I am not ready to chuck Smith under the bus - He is still learning, and I think he can cut it at this level, given the chance. He did an amazing job getting us here and is a victim of his own success to a large degree. Do not forget the rebuild we needed to do. Basically we were almost bankrupt and had half a dozen decent players and that was it. We had to build a squad for the premier league from there. Yes, we now have money, but cannot spend freely and are to an extent haunted by the financial mess of the past. People calling for Pearson or Allardyace??? Jesus wept! IF this season is null and void, that gives us a chance to get our squad fully fit, we have had most of a season to assess those already here and we should know who will make the grade and then be able to fill in the gaps nicely. I would then like to see Smith given at least half a season with a full squad, and having spent an amount of money commensurate with where we want to be, given where we were. If there is an issue behind the scenes, then now is the time to sort it - if it is Terry's presence - then he needs to leave. I would most certainly not want Terry as our manager/Head coach at this point in time. I have seen nothing to make me feel that he is up to it.
  6. I'll be honest, I'm more upset that the Grand Prix is cancelled.
  7. I wish he would stop making stuff up
  8. In fairness, Small Heath have been doing that for years
  9. Was not a **** penalty. **** VAR pile of utter shite.
  10. Yep, come on Villa. We can do this, for 90 minutes, the season so far means nothing. Go out there and give it everything.
  11. This is the time to dream, this is the time to think big. Miracles happen, it is a cup game. We can do this. Let's prove everyone wrong and energise the rest of our season. UTV Bring that trophy back to Villa Park boys!
  12. I think it has been established that Jack will laugh, get back up and carry on if someone runs up behind him and punches him in the head, so I suspect a brush across the cheek would seem like tender affection to him.
  13. I have to say I am very pleased with what I have seen from him so far. So strong with the ball and bullies defences, makes great runs and pops up in all the right places nd fights for the ball every time. Compare that to Wesley getting knocked off the ball and then waving his arms around. I wasnt expecting much given how "little" we paid for him, especially in January but he is an excellent bit of scouting, if we had him from the start of the season I think we would easily have at least 6 more points Hopefully he keeps this up for the rest of the season, and hopefully Wesley leans from him (I haven't written Wesley off yet, but I am so glad SamaGoooooooal is here)
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