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  1. Exactly, no wonder the players love him. He doesn't sign young, ambitious talent, he signs mostly journeymen, has-beens and never-will-bees on huge contracts - I bet they cannot believe their luck.
  2. Sorry, you have to get it right if you want to be a proud journalist for the Birmingham Mail. VillaTalk members have THIS to say about SHOCK Birmingham City transfer news from TrentVilla Article is then about Hogan scoring no goals.
  3. I dont mind losing, I don't even mind losing to Leeds, but a **** hat trick for that utter clearing in the woods Bamford. No.
  4. Patrick **** scumbag rocket polisher Bamford.
  5. I'm surprised the Leeds players haven't drown with the amount the commentators are spunking all over them.
  6. To be honest, we would never wish that on anyone. OK, maybe Small Heath, but no one else.
  7. If their reserves were allowed to play in English football, it should be severely restricted, and they should be limited to the Championship with no means for promotion. Why should they be allowed to gobble up the Super League money and the premier league money as well....
  8. Agreed, if they swan off to join this and abandon English football, they should have to drop to the bottom of the pyramid and fight their way back through their national leagues if they decide to come back - like Bury are having to do, like Rangers had to (I know Rangers are in Scotland, but the same principle applies).
  9. True. we scored over twice as many goals in one game against the "World Champions" as they have all season.
  10. I didn't think I could fall further out of love with football, and then this crap turns up.
  11. Over 40 or so games, they may be able to achieve that.
  12. Well, whomever it was is utterly deluded. No way will it take us that long.
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