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  1. Especially after he started the game concussed after a boot to the face from Mings
  2. Absolute scenes at Villa Park tonight. Rocking. We need to do that every home game. Make Villa Park an absolute fortress.
  3. Wesley sythed down by 2 players, nothing given, Gilbert fouls their player, straight yellow
  4. To be honest you would need to give me 4 injections to make me drink that stuff.
  5. Ok, so we survived the first 60 seconds. All good so far.
  6. I don't understand the mentality of these owners. In both cases they have an offer to buy the club, and they refuse. Whilst they might want more than the offers are for, If the clubs fold (which is very very likely) then they will get the square root of f*** all for the clubs? Surely they can see this? What is the benefit for them. As for not paying players or staff for some months, what does the owner expect to happen? Madness, utter madness. I feel for the fans. Makes me think how lucky we are .
  7. I'm not sure you would have. It's practically unheard of.
  8. Gives him something to do I suppose.
  9. Those 15 minutes against Spurs must have really taken it out of him.
  10. Davis on the bench ahead of Kodjia
  11. He really is a grade A dick.

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