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  1. I was first taken to Villa Park as an eleven-year old by my dad. At that time (in the 70s) in my school, you were either a Villa, Blues or Albion supporter - so that was it, the Claret and Blue for me. We left Birmingham when I was a teenager and I must confess I was never that passionate in my support, I suppose I just never really got it, I was always more interested in playing than watching ... As a middle-aged man, now living in the South West, for some reason my interest has grown a lot lately. Last November I went to VP (with my son) for the first time in decades - I had forgotten the magic, the atmosphere of that most(ly) beautiful ground and my son was an instant convert. We also didn't realise how incredibly lucky we were in that we were there for the Cardiff game - a home win !!! Here's to many more of them ... UTV
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