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  1. Bar that one game when he totally did Targett, Traore hasn't done that much v us since leaving even when he's been in good form. Last season in the 0-0 pretty much any decent counter attack they did was through Pedro Neto. Have to watch the strikers though, Hwang and Raul Jimenez been combining well so I'd keep the 5-3-2 for one more game personally. Think middle trio will be Nakamba-McGinn-Buendia and Axel will return.
  2. With it being a local derby and the demand anyway after being locked out for over a year they'll always push the prices up. We have home games v likes of Brighton and Burnley coming up before year is out so they'll be 25 quid tickets for some parts of the ground for those games.
  3. VillaChris

    Keinan Davis

    Could see him coming on tomorrow. If Traore is injured then our attacking sub options will be Davis, Archer and AEG so pretty likely we'd put him on if we're winning with 15 minutes left to try to hold onto the ball and win some free kicks. Obviously yeah if everyone is actually fit for the same game once this season he'll struggle to make matchday squad but we're a long way off that currently.
  4. Length of time would be good though. If Bailey dosen't make Arsenal he'll be out for six weeks so just say when they scan it he'll be out for 6-8 weeks and then if he's back sooner it feels like a small win. It's not like other clubs get all cloak and dagger about this stuff. For example Man. City announced yesterday Ferran Torres will be out for 4-6 weeks. Hopefully he's back for Arsenal but is starting to have the air of Barkley will be back in a few weeks and then two months later...
  5. Depends if we win tomorrow. You could say with Bailey involved v Spurs we wouldn't have lost as we'd have got up the pitch quicker and looked more threatening. Also likely would've tracked back o.k v Son who won the game for them really. And again if we don't beat Wolves he's the sort who can make difference off the bench with 30 minutes left as shown v Everton. So every game he misses we drop points in you can say it makes a difference. Just want him fit and actually starting. Who knows if he'll make Arsenal so probably looking until after November international break before we regularly see him starting for us. Frustrating.
  6. Says it all when Davis returns before him! See you all in this thread in 2022....
  7. Comfortable Sweden win in the end of course.... That group is quite interesting. If I've looked at it correctly then Spain not winning away to Greece (home game was 1-1 and Greece probably playing their best in years) and Sweden win in Kosovo and Sweden go to world cup. Even play offs wouldn't be certain for Spain if they lose in Greece so that's going to be a big night next month.
  8. Will actually be interesting what happens in November games. I get the feeling he'll be out of the team once more as when you look at the options left wing for England is starting to get overloaded like right back. Rashford always been a Southgate favourite when fully fit and he'll be back at weekend so if he scores a few goals he'll be in November squad. Sancho was being played on left v Andorra, Foden can play there as he did very well at Liverpool and pretty sure Saka played one of the euro games there. It is a bit annoying to me Southgate found all the excuses around not to start him in any crucial match while he was with us and as soon as he signs for Man. City he's started pretty much every game so would be amusing to see him back on the bench for a spell leading up to the world cup. Him being the first attacker subbed last night hints at that.
  9. Both are good players. ASM will post better numbers up there with better quality in final third to pass to than Almiron and Joelinthon.
  10. I did say for that purple patch he had last xmas, great goal v Palace and then scored v Chelsea two days later. Could understand why Barkley returned into 11 but he was very unlucky to lose his place at the time and that knocked his confidence for a few months. Wasn't he shortlisted for prem player of the month around that time?
  11. I have a feeling he'll have an AEG type of season. Not figuring much up to xmas then inevitably some more injuries will happen and he'll get run of 5-6 starts when he looks one of the best attacking players in the league. Then in and out for rest of the season as Anwar was. He certainly should be a good impact player for us off the bench, was disappointed by what he showed at Spurs so needs to improve in that regard.
  12. True but that was at Wembley. They aren't great currently but it was still 0-0 up to about 75th minute so neutral venue would be different story. When you look back Ukraine at QF stage was ridiculously easy draw compared to pretty much every other game. That will be Southgate's problem for 2022, lose to a France or Spain in quarters and that won't be good enough anymore although I think England can still be a major threat at euro 2024 and 2026 world cup aswell with age and profile of squad.
  13. They want this guy as their new transfer guru: Frank McParland Set To Lead Newcastle Manager Search, Steven Gerrard Seen As Candidate (insidefutbol.com) Worked with Gerrard and Brendan Rodgers in the past so gives idea of what sort of manager they'll be appointing at some point in next 12 months.
  14. I think it depends more on manager they get tbh rather than players. Man. City made some good signings under Mark Hughes but never were that close to top 4. It only changed when Mancini turned up and they won the league two years later. Don't think there's huge amount to worry about if they appoint Gerrard or Lampard as they'll only take Newcastle to a certain point. If in next 2-3 years they're in top half with promising squad and can get a Conte or Pochettino then that's the time as those are types proven at taking teams to next level.
  15. Didn't they briefly rename it Sports Direct arena under Mike Ashley for a game or two before mass outcry mean they just went back to St James Park. Sometimes name can be too iconic to just rebrand. Man. United could get zillions for renaming Old Trafford but that's a brand in itself, probably in smaller way VP is aswell so that's why the different ownerships we've had in last 20 years never seriously explored it.
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