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  1. Already had it, Southampton away a week ago.
  2. Wesley won't be back until October. As we saw when Kodj had his bad injuries he took months to get back into things and wasn't as good as before. We've seen with McGinn the problem of throwing players straight back in when they probably need 2-3 more weeks of training and practice games to really get firing. So left with just Samatta, Davis and a 16 year old. I'd also consider loaning Davis out. I thought it was an error we didn't do it in August. He's not going to develop enough here just getting 20 minute cameos every week,needs to be starting games.
  3. How many games did Augustin actually play? Bielsa will certainly have to overlook his Bamford obsession as he won't be good enough at that level.
  4. Seemed to be playing a fair few youth players today. They could well go if they lose their last 3 but think they'll worm their way out on the final day yet again.
  5. Hopefully Ancelotti throws in a few more youth team players like that Gordon guy who's been starting games for them recently. Young and enthusastic but too many of them and you can see Jack suckering them into giving away dangerous FKs around the box. Pickford might be dropped aswell as he was awful today.
  6. Petrov was very good technically and also the master at winning free kicks late in games we were winning. Milner was also very underrated technically, can still remember those times he'd take the ball into the corner, 3 defenders would be around him and he'd still come out with the ball. He's better technically than the likes of Delph. Westwood was a safe passer and considering he's comfortably carved out a nice mid table premier league career for himself I really don't see why Luiz won't do that at the very worst, he'll be playing for at least a europa league team in 3 years time I think.
  7. Yes was an excellent outlet on the left in the second half. I have reservations about him at prem level. Don't really get the people though who think he'd be a liability in the championship given he was starting for Fulham when they beat us in 2018. He'd probably be a major attacking threat down there.
  8. I still reckon 5 could do it (you could even argue 4 but we'd need decent swings on goal difference). Most important thing is Man. City continue being relentless in the league and stick 4 or 5 past Bournemouth and Watford in their next two league games. That would put their GDs closer to us. If we get to 35 points then Bournemouth would probably have to win their final two rather than get 4 points. And Watford would need a win or two draws from the West Ham and Arsenal games which is more possible. I'd be disappointed if we didn't take it to the final day now but we could easily get a 90 minute reality check at Everton that will make that less likely.
  9. What a waste of time he's been, worrying thing is most of us on here called it.
  10. VillaChris

    Pepe Reina

    Thought he was great today, back ot the level he showed in his first few games.
  11. I remember Lambert giving him a few games when they got relegated from prem. Wasn't ready then but certainly come on at Stoke last six months.
  12. What is the issue with age? We signed Hogan when he was 24 and Kodj when he was 26 for 25m combined. We're not even going to get 20% of those fees back considering Kodj went to Qatar for hardly anything. Seems people think we can make big money on anyone we signed for under 25 but we'd make some big losses if we moved on likes of Targett and Nakamba this summer I think. In any case Grealish and Mings leaving will be 60m + and then you add in a few of the squad players moving on so we should raise enough. Gayle and then a younger version like Toney or Karlan Grant is the most logical way of doing things. Keep Samatta aswell and loan out Davis for the season to another championship club as he's not going to develop enough by getting 10 minutes off the bench (and he's not good enough to be starting every week if we want to get top 2). Then Wesley will be fit around October and he'll be another option.
  13. Typical Villa really, we finally decide to win a game when the other 3 relegation rivals all win. Have Bournemouth, Watford and West Ham even won on the same matchday at any point this season? We really needed a win weeks ago when they were all rubbish.
  14. Have to love the people two weeks ago thinking 29-30 points might be enough to stay up. The bottom teams always spring into life with 5-6 games to go. 35-36 points has to be the target which is how it should be.
  15. They'd still love to put them in their place and relegate them like Coventry just as we did all those years ago. Southampton are really good away aswell (mind you so were Palace).
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