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  1. I honestly don't think it's the managers fault as they've gone down the proven route with LVG and Mourinho who also produced very mediocre football and results. Most of their squad is far too comfortable. They could get rid this summer of Valencia, Darmian, Young, Smalling, Jones, Rojo, Matic, Alexis and Fred and not miss any of them. Then you come to players like Matic and Herrera who can still do good jobs but are coming up to 30 so again probably had the best of them. Then you come to the Pogba circus.... They need a real overhaul and freshness to their squad. Can see why they're targeting guys like Jaydon Sancho and Wan-Bissaka from Palace, need a zip to their play again like Liverpool have redeveloped over last 18 months. Edit: Pogba actually hit a brilliant 60 yard ball to set up Rashford at 1-0 but he's also shown even in good form he's not a central midfield who can be dominant in games like Keane and Scholes.
  2. I actually thought the central midfield they played v us in the final was the best in the division last year. Obviously Cairney got the acclaim and he'll probably stay but Johansen and McDonald were very underrated. Johansen has struggled to get in the WBA 11 so he'll be back but guess it's a question of will they be as motivated given the way they've been treated this season so next manager will have to sort that out. Their defence is awful but if you have a good attack you can get away with it at that level so they can get away with Odoi and Ream again.
  3. Boro haven't actually scored a goal against us now in six matches so that's one duck they'd probably break. In play offs I just look at match ups and Boro never seem to get near our midfield when we play them and we can cope with their long balls hence the Man. United style hold we have over them. The sort of game we could comfortably get by with Jedinak at CB. Even if they miss out on top 6 I'd still be concerned over Leeds. Allioski, Hernandez and all their attacking midfielders floating around Whelan.....dangerous just like Fulham this time last year. At least we wouldn't play a midfield two of Hourihane and Jedinak against them.
  4. I do think both are good but hyped up a lot. Rashford had a really good run when OGS turned up but he also has many anonymous games at CF. Martial is one of those players who throws in random performances. Really depends what side of the bed he wakes up on matchday. His performance was a disgrace. Refused to track back for a couple of Everton goals and laughable dive at the end.
  5. I know they had a few injuries but that 11 Arsenal put out today must be one of the weakest they've put out since the mid 90s. In it you had: Jenkinson who flopped at SHA on loan last season and is just at Arsenal because he's a fan. Mavarapanos....some young Greek kid who's played two games in a year. Mustafi....imo the worst CB from the top 6 clubs. Elneny- very mediocre centre midfield. Guendozi- Young player who did well start of the season but struggled last few months. It really wasn't that much stronger than Palace 11 at all. Think Emery has done very well to keep them on verge of top 4. Man. United and Chelsea obviously have their issues but I think both had better 11s and squads than Arsenal, it's attitude with those two clubs.
  6. Wheater is another, didn't he get an England cap aswell when he was at Boro?
  7. I wouldn't say walk the league. They'll certainly be in top 6 mix if Mitrovic stays as he'll score 20 no problem but need to sort out their defence and midfield. They come down with similar squad issues to us in 16/17 and Stoke and Swansea this season. None troubled the top 6.
  8. Amazing after all this time they still have Jones and Smalling as regular centre halves. Along with Ashley Young and a few others they've have been bombed out ages ago if Fergie was still in charge. Young and Jones were actually going to be out of contract and they both got new deals given by the club.
  9. Always had a good scoring record v Arsenal for us, remember the opening day of 13-14 season very fondly. They wised up in the cup final though, remember Sczeney coming off his line for every single cross we did which nulified him completely.
  10. Victor Janssen was on the bench for Spurs today.
  11. VillaChris

    Tony Xia

    Pretty much. Someone above says why did people love him, it was just the passion and all those wierd tweets he used to do not any business or strategic decisions. Part of me would've still been interested with the strategy if we'd gone up last season. We coulld've still crashed and burned but money in the short term wouldn't have been a problem at least.
  12. Bring that on. Boro in a play off final would be the most confident I'd ever be of us beating a team at Wembley.
  13. They'll only be two games left. Last season we had 4-5 games when we were in top 6. I'd actually play a very strong side at Leeds. If they are to drop in the play offs we need to go there and give a performance that gives them lots to think about. Would leave out McGinn if he's on 14 yellows though e.g. gets booked v Millwall. Give them all a rest v Norwich.
  14. Even at xmas we weren't that far off top 2, Norwich were well clear but leeds, Derby, Boro were only 6-7 points clear and we've overtaken two of them. Some of our January/Feb results were shocking, 3-0 at Wigan, 0-0 at Reading, 2-2s at home to Hull and QPR. Of course this isn't a league where you just beat the bottom teams but we lost any chance of automatic promotion in that run.
  15. I know Leeds are really struggling but I still wouldn't fancy them in a one off final at Wembley, gives me too much of Fulham vibes I'm afraid in that we'd struggle to counter their pass and move style just as much as we couldn't cope with Fulham. Good performance is needed anyway at Elland Road to give them serious thoughts for play offs. Boro on the other hand would be a dream final. They have not scored against us in SIX games now (five under Pulis) and we've beaten them 6-0 this season. We well and truly have their number in the match up so even by our standards it would be a real choke to lose to them in the final.

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