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  1. Wasn't Bettinelli highly rated a few years back? Pretty sure he was in goal when Fulham beat us in 2018 and was getting England call ups. Then they signed those two awful Spanish keepers which summed up their transfer strategy and he wasn't seen again. Just looked up he was regular at Boro last season so guess he has young family and fancies a stress free few years back in London.
  2. I'd say he's about 15m. Only got two years left on his deal. Anything thinking selling him for under 10m is a good deal considering his general stats from December onwards last season is a bit odd!
  3. Problem there is he wouldn't settle for being a reserve here as he could just do that at Lyon so going to Palace makes sense as they've released likes of Cahill and Sakho. It's a difficult one to sign I think given how well Hause played so no guarentee they'll even come in if the regular two get injured. Expecting Lange to help the manager out here in next month really. We simply can't gamble getting through to January with just Mings, Konsa and Hause though. Mings been playing non stop for a year and often pulls up at end of games so would be far too risky. Who'd even step in if we were missing two at the same time, Luiz or one of the young lads? Although a few of them are being loaned out now.
  4. When were we ever seriously linked with either?! All I can remember from that time is Christian Vieri being linked a bit after the Atletico Madrid cup games but he then moved for a world record fee a year later so was never realistic. IIRC Gregory wanted Alan Shearer after Yorke left but Dublin was more realistic signing.
  5. Some list of Chelsea 3rd/4th reserve keepers in last 20 years under Abramovich (and hilariously due to injuries some of them actually played in big european ties for them). Can think off top of my head Ambrosio, Hilario, Ross Turnbull, Rob Green, Neil Sullivan.
  6. Yeah thought it would just be another season of Lindelof/Bailly mess ups but Varane is best deal they've pulled off for a very long time, him and Maguire should compliment each other very well and 40m for player of Varane's quality is a rare bargain by Man. United standards. I agree on midfield. Looks like Pogba wants out now so someone like him downing tools won't be doing anything next season. If Fernandes gets injured for a few months they'll be hardly any creativity from central areas as things stand. Sancho is more of the same, excellent for them in counter attacking games but not sure he'll be any better at breaking down mass defences. Still think Chelsea will finish above them as they can win games in different ways as they showed under Tuchel last 4 months.
  7. Mad to think we went into that play off final with them having Mount, Tomori and Harry Wilson all starting and largely outplayed them for 80 minutes. Just a case they didn't go up, good quality loans ran out and over last two years team just got worse and worse and now it's in a desperate state. As someone said in the other thread this was very close to happening to us after losing the 2018 final. Would've certainly been a similar trajectory imo.
  8. Not sure if this is right thread but thought this was quite an interesting behind scenes video of the Stoke game: https://www.youtube.com/c/AstonvillaFanClub/videos Haven't come across that YT channel before so interested where they got the videos from as the club YT barely put anything up since the Chelsea game.
  9. Guess Davis won't be loaned out until August 31st now as he'll be needed for first 3 games as cover on the bench.
  10. Player who scored 10 prem goals last season wouldn't attract any bid of over 10m? We don't half undervalue our players on here sometimes. I wonder if we might be tempted to put AEG in a swop deal if we feel 35m is too excessive...didn't Bosz manage him at Ajax?
  11. Just scanned the last few pages and surprised the question hasn't been asked...is he out for the first 3 prem games then or does it not count as it was pre season? Even though I can remember a few players missing opening prem games due to getting sent off in pre season games in the past.
  12. VillaChris

    Keinan Davis

    He's nowhere near Chris Wood's level and Dyche likes having a short quick striker like Rodriguez or Vydra to play off him so would probably get less minutes there than he does here.
  13. VillaChris

    Keinan Davis

    Loan is two years too late. Still better late than never. Don't think we can fail with this. He'll either score a few at Stoke and we can get a couple of million for him in Jan. Or he's like he is here, odd decent 20 minutes, injuries, lack of goals etc and we know for sure (well probably already is apparent) he isn't good enough. I think it's right sort of club for him at least as Michael O'Neil always played with big targetman for Northern Ireland. Must mean we're close to getting another attacker in if he's on the verge of going out.
  14. Would be interesting who else is on there. So far this summer we've been linked with varying degrees to Matheus Periera, Dwight McNeill and last few days Todd Cantwell. All decent/good players but to me someone like Bailey has potential once he's settled to push us more quickly towards top 6 than the others. And he wouldn't actually cost that much more than any of them. Would be a bit odd if he isn't top of our list tbh unless we are actually going after starting wingers from decent CL clubs which feels a bit unlikely. That's the next step up to signing someone like Bailey anyway.
  15. Matt Lynch was really good but that was in our championship days so a while ago now, think he presents on a radio station now.
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