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  1. VillaChris

    Blose pre match

    This is the sort of game Jedinak would be o.k in with them hitting long diagonals to Jukewitcz. Same for Boro away.
  2. VillaChris

    Blose pre match

    I think it will be a draw, they have goals in them this season. 2-2. Fine as long as we beat Forest.
  3. VillaChris

    International Football General Chat

    In fairness they only arrived in Israel a on the morning of their last away game and lost that. I certainly didn't think a poor Scotland team missing half their players would do that, thought they'd lose.
  4. VillaChris

    Australian Football

    Wasn't your goal offside, seemed like there was about 5 Aussies standing infront of the keeper when the shot came in!
  5. VillaChris

    Republic of Ireland

    Who's really going to score for ROI? Shane Long started last competitive game and until we get back he averages one goal a season at premier league. Calum Robinson having a good season for PNE but he's better as a wide forward in a 4-3-3 which you don't play, same for Aidan O'Brien. Your CBs chipping in with goals from set pieces also seems to have stopped lately.
  6. VillaChris

    England v USA/England v Croatia

    Would actually be good as a wing back if England went back to the 3-5-2.
  7. VillaChris

    England v USA/England v Croatia

    Chris Waddle on 5 Live: "Guzman beaten again." Must've done his research on here.
  8. VillaChris

    Manchester United

    He had a free role at Arsenal and also indulged by Wenger (same for Ozil). None of that has happened with Mourinho which isn't surprising with his style of management. I'd stay though play him as lead forward more. If you take away the Man. City result last few games have shown that Lukaku shouldn't be an automatic starter for them anymore as he's been as s*** as Alexis this season.
  9. VillaChris

    England v USA/England v Croatia

    Sancho, Alex-Arnold, Dunk, Chilwell, Winks and Calum Wilson (o.k not a youngster but still new player) all starting tonight. Least experienced England team in 30 years apparently. Seems to me lately with England people scrutinising so hard to pick faults, Rooney will get his 10 minutes at the end and that will be that. Hardly the cause for mass debate imo. The results in last year been way better than expected so I'd suggest to ease off for a bit.
  10. VillaChris

    Manchester United

    Talk they're going to give contract extensions to Herrera, Mata, Young, Valencia, Smalling and Jones. Fellani got his one last summer when he was on free transfer. They've really lost their ruthless edge as a club. Fergie would've moved 5 of those on years ago.
  11. VillaChris

    Players you've completely forgotten about

    Max Griggs (founder of Doc Martens) basically bankrolled them up to I think play off zone of league one (equivilant of Fleetwood today) but he decided to sell up and that was the end of that. They had a nice ground aswell. Think a phoenix club has recently sprung up.
  12. VillaChris

    Players you've completely forgotten about

    Joaquin was great at 2002 WC, was only actually 20 then. He was young enough to still play for Spain in their 2010-14 peak but I believe he criticised Luis Aragones after WC 2006 and stopped getting called up. Surprised me no major clubs ever signed him, Real Madrid and Chelsea were linked with him from his first spell at Betis. He was better imo than Jose Reyes who did get the big moves but couldn't quite step up at those clubs.
  13. VillaChris

    Players that you think are Good/Excellent

    Jordan Pickford having excellent season, will probably cause fuss but I think he's top 5 in premier league.
  14. VillaChris

    Players that you think are rubbish

    I do like some of the goals he scores, runs off the last defender are top class. Just lacks the arrogance you need to be a world class forward, goes into his shell too much and out of the game when he misses a chance.
  15. VillaChris

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    Think Forest will be a draw, they're tough to beat under Karanka predictably. Can see us losing at Boro as they'll bombard Nyland with crosses but our record up there is very good so maybe sneak a point. Got a feeling we'll beat WBA, were good yesterday but inconsistent. 4 points from Leeds and Stoke home games. Even 8 points from those games will be pretty decent providing we beat SHA of course. 40 points by NYD should be the target anyway.