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  1. Tell him (if you're brave enough) there's a lockdown on!
  2. Ultimately everyone is playing for time and waiting for mass amount of testing to be done. Hopefully in a few months they'll be clearer idea of how much of population has already had virus. Think 50% already is way optimistic currently but could get to that point in a few months (sadly with mass amount of deaths). Really when you think our club massuer has had it I expected quite a few cases in our squad but seens Reina has only had it so far so shows they could be plenty of asymmetric carriers in one squad. Just to confirm I can't see any kind of football to July/August and I'm probably on the optimistic scale, realistically September/October.
  3. What if you've already had Covid 19 without realising? I presume you were out the front door sometime in February or early March? That said I largely agree with what you're saying. Seems for many simply playing BCD is a no no but let's be honest there aren't going to be 40-70k crowds at games for the foreseeable future. Even if some sort of season starts in September then there won't be serious crowds allowed until 2021 imo.
  4. Next season will likely be heavily disrupted aswell.
  5. Seems like a club employee has it, guy with the beard you see coming in with the team on matchdays. Not sure on his actual role at the club. Sounds like he has a serious form of it aswell so that's not good at all. Edit: Club Masseur so some of the squad might've had it.
  6. Wolves was a last minute consolation. The other two put us in positions to get points in games. He was also ridiculously unlucky not to put us 2-0 up at Old Trafford (played well that day) due to Hourihane's heel being offside. He has potential. So does AEG. Big thing is do we give them next season to prove themselves and get more inconsistant performances or do we cash in on one and then put that money towards more proven wide player.
  7. Would probably cash in. He'd probably fancy the move given he's played in that country and Beskitas is massive club there that plays in europe most years so would have money for us to get at least 5-6m back given he's proven in Turkish league. Really not sure what to make of him. That first Spurs game he was running past their quick back 4 no problem but just couldn't finish. Since then he's had a good knack of getting on end of stuff in six yard box but rest of his wide play been very average. Mind you El Ghazi has been ridiculously hot and cold aswell (more siberia since xmas) and he's more down the development track imo. I thought we'd only signed him for about 7m so was surprised it was around 10m. Mind you Watford signed Sarr for 30m and he's only done anything for them from December so shows that sort of fee is pretty low scale nowadays. Just over a decade ago and it was a record transfer fee for us.
  8. Did WoodyTom get banned or just stop posting, remember having a few lively debates with him about that Norwich away game in 16/17!
  9. Mentioned it somewhere else but should football season have continued after Hillsborough? Was only weeks old at time and many on this forum not even alive but interested what the mood was from those on the forum who were around and following us in the late 80s.
  10. I did actually spend two seconds thinking....."Have we really got a keeper called that in the youth team" then!
  11. Can see BCD in late July/August, perhaps even restricted crowds for last few games. Certainly the normality we took for granted when going to live events is gone for a long time. I always thought a terrorist event would cause this, didn't imagine a virus would wreck the live event experience.
  12. Didn't the Southampton guy actually say government wants to see football and major sporting events back? Add in one of the reports saying they didn't see much danger in mass gatherings which surprised me. In reality there is no chance of any football being played close to or in the weeks after the peak finally starts to decrease, too much danger. When it does come back it will be all BCD in any case. Seems at the moment even people daring to name a date for resumption are getting panned. Obviously league chiefs thinking it can get started in May are deluded but equally I can't believe they'll be no sport played this year. They'll certainly look to get at least 19-20 done in the likely two month gap before a possible second wave of covid 19 hits in winter which will probably cancel 20-21 season.
  13. Mad if Heaton is actually fit when we resume. We'd have five match day keepers to choose from given Steer would be o.k by then aswell. Guess we'd just send Reina back given his loan would technically run out.
  14. Maybe but I'm sure Wolves fans are enjoying watching their best team in decades and top class players throughout their team. As much as I'm sure they enjoyed lording it in league one for a season I doubt anyone of them would happily go back to that or a championship season where they might finish 6th or 7th. They're also making a better go of europa league than we did when we were last seriously in it. Football is all about ups and downs bar 4-5 teams being pretty established. Anyone on here who'd have come on here in April 2010 and said we'd have got relegated within 6 years would've been laughed out of this forum but it happened. Not to say we can't achieve stuff in next six years once it gets up and running properly again.
  15. VillaChris

    The NSWE Board

    I would've targeted Matic in January but that shows the difficulty of going after top level players. He got a run at Man. United, played very well and now signed a 1 year extension. Would've been happy with Nzonzi aswell who's now at Rennes so that was more realistic target.
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