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  1. Depends where he goes. He was starting and scoring for Doncaster last season so can't see him being benched by any league 1 or bottom half championship team as think he's already good enough for that level. I get the feeling we'll keep hold of him until January if we can get rid of likes of Jota and Lansbury as that will free up some space in the squad even if we get another CM in.
  2. 50m is increasingly the new 10m for the top 6 now. Going to have to be a change in expectation in our fanbase in next 10 years if we want to be as good as owners want, will probably mean 20-30m signed players warming the bench. Seems this opinion when we sign them they have to play every single minute of every game and there's no point signing anyone else for that position e.g. Wesley last year.
  3. Already relegated West Ham beating Wolves. They are being written off far too early, reminds me of the Newcastle obituaries early last season. Have plenty of good players there.
  4. Penalty being last goal of the game is a cracking bet this season.
  5. Anyone got any idea the earliest we can play Man. City as with their lack of strikers and CBs next few weeks would be ideal time to play them although I guess them starting again in europe middle of next month will make that impossible.
  6. Same in Serie A and in Real Betis-Madrid yesterday you got one where defender was falling and ball hit his hand. I thought that was a pen actually but given some of the joke ones given it probably wouldn't have been given 5 years ago.
  7. Was happening a fair bit in Serie A last season, Juventus were getting plenty of penalties in run in for it so depressingly looks like the same interpretation has made it to prem this season. We've moved away from what handball should be called for e.g. players blocking crosses and shots rather than the ball bobbling around and touching someone's hand.
  8. Honestly think they should change the rule for these type of handballs, just give an indirect FK in box like you do with backpass. Penalty if player blocks a shot on line or in six yard box sticking their arm out. Too many penalties being given now and it's an easy way to score especially as a few that will be missed will be retaken if keeper is off his line.
  9. Extreme Bruceball here. Spurs had 11 shots on target, Newcastle first in 95th minute with the dodgy penalty.
  10. Bigger robbery than Man. United winning yesterday if Newcastle score here, would be first shot on target.
  11. Don't think there's much arguement. Kane scored ridiculous number of goals over last 5 years and also scored a good amount in CL and of course world cup top scorer although he was a flat track bully in that one. His all round game is better than people give credit for aswell. Will surely leave Spurs end of season if they don't make CL, can see Man. City going big on him given Aguero is 33 and increasingly injured.
  12. How highly is this Nelsson guy rated compared to Okore when we got him? No Denmark caps yet but they're pretty well stocked in that position tbf.
  13. They had a poor run end of last season aswell.
  14. Thought Sharp had a decent season last year but just checked and he only actually scored 3 league goals. McGoldrick hardly scored all year either and Oli Burke has just been a journeyman last few years yet goes straight into their team. Thought Mousset was their best forward last year, amuse he's injured as he's got the pace to stretch teams the others don't have. Assume they'll go all in for Brewster and pick someone up from abroad aswell. Mind you a I remember when they picked up Woodburn from Liverpool and quickly sent him back and his promise seems to have fizzled out, think
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