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  1. R.I.P to one of the greats in our history. Hopefully he'll get a great send off at the match tomorrow and certainly deserves a stature in the forecourt or name for one of the stands but we've never been great at that sort of thing. That argument is for another time though. Loved it when he came back for the home games in 06/07. Tomorrow is probably too short notice to get many of the 81-82 boys at the match. Given Ron also managed Norwich City think the Boxing day match would be a good one for a more sustained tribute but that's up to the club.
  2. Man. United killing Man. City on the counter attack.
  3. Watford 0-0 with Palace. They have now drawn 0-0 at home to Palace, Bournemouth and Sheffield United. Also lost to Brighton, Burnley and West Ham. Can only imagine the reaction on here if we had that home run. Simply can't see how they're going to win enough games at home to have realistic chance of staying up. Still got both Manchester clubs, Liverpool and Leicester to play in their last 11 home games. Will need 6-7 home wins to have realistic chance of staying up.
  4. Burnley GD taking a hammering, -8 over last two games.
  5. Eze with two more for QPR today. We really could do worse I think. Talk Spurs are scouting him though.
  6. Calum Wilson gone off injured for Bournemouth, Brooks also went off injured in first half. Think Bournemouth will be in bottom 3 over next few weeks. Big test for Eddie Howe.
  7. What if we get 7 points from the 3 over Xmas? And a point over Burnley. 1 point from Sheffield and Leicester and those 8 and we'd have 24 points by halfway point so surely we'd be a few points clear of bottom 3. As long as we've got more than 20 points by NYD I'm still pretty comfortable as I reckon we'll get 6-7 wins in second half of the season so will be getting past 40 points.
  8. Surely all teams are in a similar boat though considering we've won as many games as Arsenal, Bournemouth, Burnley etc and one less than Man. United, Spurs. It's all very frustrating to me. We won the game we needed to v Newcastle (convincingly) and then got a very good point at Man. United considering after their Spurs win they've actually been good at home this season yet results from elsewhere which you can't control are messing us up constantly. All I would say is look at bottom 3 teams in this division, we have yet to play Watford or Southampton (must be only team in league who haven't so far) and Norwich we won 5-1. Of course I'm not assuming we'll just beat Watford twice or whatever but generally every other team have had the chance to boost their points totals by playing Watford and Southampton, we haven't had that opportunity. Everton were great today and fully deserved their win v very flat Chelsea but 6 points of their 17 also come v Watford and Southampton.
  9. Yeah I was thinking Sheffield United were on about 25 points but they're only one clear of Burnley who'd had an o.k start to the season but dropping. Don't think it's beyond the realms we could be above Sheffield by middle of Jan although need to make sure we don't lose there next week.
  10. I actually think we'd stay up if Wes remained our main striker for rest of the season. It would be a lot closer than it should be though. Ultimately though if we are to continue the evolution of the team we need a new striker in January. Why wait until the summer when the new guy could come in and learn the league straight away (I'd expect them to come in from abroad) and so could really hit the ground running from August next year. To me Wes is a bit like Libor Kozak, awkward and can poach a few goals but not a striker who's going to be firing you into europe anytime soon. We need to find another Benteke who could potentially given the club is in a miles better state than when CB was here.
  11. Was he injured v England. I remember vaguely reading Kosovo were missing their best player so assume it was him. I used to watch bremen regularly as they were a very entertaining team a few seasons back with Max Kruse upfront. Haven't seen them as much this season but will have a look to see how he plays.
  12. All I thought I knew of him was when he was at Shakthar and came in to a press conference with a spiderman mask......turns out that was Paulo Fonseca who is doing a good job at Roma now and plays good football.
  13. Don't understand that appointment from Watford either, they've gone for the British short term fix option and arguably picked the worst one. Yes Pearson did well overall at Leicester but in the five years since he managed Derby for two months and hasn't done great either in the Belgian second division. Last managed in the prem in 2015, think Watford are as good as down now and not even sure they'll get a bounce as their next three are Palace and Man. United at home and Liverpool away so could easily be 10 + points adrift of 17th by the time we get to New year.
  14. Arsenal got Chelsea, Man. United and Man. City all to play in next three weeks. I'm amazed they've somehow avoided being in the bottom half all season considering they haven't won since October 5th (weekend we beat Norwich to show how long ago it was). That will change soon as they looked completely rudderless out on the pitch. Not convinced a new manager will instantly fix that.
  15. As I've said above Hudson Odoi of the two is the one who's a little bit overhyped to me although he did get a bad injury last season just when he was getting a run of starts.
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