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  1. That table was right after we'd beaten Wigan away 2-1. We'd won 1-0 v Man. City the previous Saturday so those two wins actually lifted us out of the bottom 3. Add in Darren Bent signing and that was 10 days that kept us up although interestingly we didn't really pull away. I remember us being very close again to bottom 3 after losing at home to Wolves in mid March and it getting very toxic towards Houllier. I think we eventually secured safety by winning at Arsenal on the penultimate weekend. Again with Arsenal and Man. City finishing in the top 4 that season it shows the worth of getting surprise wins off the better performing teams.
  2. My target was to be on 30 points by end of Sheffield United game. Looks very do-able now and indeed would probably be disappointed if we're only on that total but then again we saw at start of December how quickly things can spiral out of control with a losing run.
  3. West Ham's -14 will get much much worse in next few weeks imo. They are the only team in league yet to play Liverpool and they also have Man. City away in late Feb. 4-1 at Leicester was a taster of what's to come. That said I'm expecting the FA to give them special permission to sign Carlos Tevez in March....
  4. Not sure on that. Norwich still play West Ham and Brighton at home so important to me they still feel they can stay up whenever they play those games (but still ultimately 6-7 points off 17th so winning those games dosen't mean much in the long run).
  5. Vardy done his hamstring by the sounds of it.
  6. VillaChris

    Pepe Reina

    He's also very good at reading the danger. At liverpool he was exactly like Neuer at Munich, sweeping for any ball played over the top which allows a defence to stay high. Would cost the odd goal but prevent many other dangerous attacks. One instance first half when Watford played it over the top of our defence but he just got there outside of his box ahead of watford player. As much as I like Heaton think he'd have stayed on his line and then you have possible goal.
  7. VillaChris

    Pepe Reina

    Just shows signing players over 30 sometimes isn't the disaster it's portrayed on here. Guy is a world cup winner, regular playing in champions league so relegation six pointers aren't going to give him sleepless nights like a few in our squad you'd imagine. We really need more players in the squad with his mentality, can't stress it enough if we want to improve much more over next few seasons.
  8. Think he'd do well in the back 3, wouldn't expose the lack of space so much (indeed it wasn't a huge problem while Mings was fit before xmas). Get the feeling DS has lost confidence in him since the Southampton game. Hopefully we'll see him v some of the better attacks as always feels in those games Konsa and Hause are walking errors.
  9. Excellent vocal support in the second half. First half however I thought there was far too much groaning and whining at even 0-0 when we weren't flooding forward. Yes some of the play was slow but we were without a striker which impacts on build ups and as we saw with the delefeuo chance it's not wise just to push forward all the time v Watford. Needs to be more patience v Spurs. If we dig in and stay 0-0 up to an hour I think we're more likely to get a result that way. It's frequently how Newcastle get wins in those type of games this season.
  10. Changed your opinion on Brighton all stars yet?
  11. 4/1..... They've lost felipe anderson for a month and Antonio still out so short upfront. Moyes will play for a point so early Leicester goal would be very good.
  12. Brighton's home games left: watford - draw palace- win arsenal- draw man. united- draw liverpool- lose man city- lose newcastle - win so 9 points from just their home games.... Their last 3 away games are Norwch, southampton and Burnley so again three decent aways to finish the season off. Think you'll be a bit off there OBE.
  13. I can only guess obe that you've just predicted likes of Spurs, Man United and Arsenal will just beat all of the bottom 6/7 teams? Even though they've been terrible at doing that most of the season. Also have to factor in two of those will imo start taking the europa league very seriously now given top 4 looks a long shot for both so that will affect league games if it's in between quarter and semi finals (given we play both from mid April we might be a fortunate team there). Personally if I was doing Brighton's run in I'd give them at least a point v Arsenal at home. They did win at the emirates. They've also beaten Man. united at home in last two seasons. Can't really see them getting as few as 7 more points. What about beating Newcastle at home? West ham away?
  14. ah thought Norwich was the fifth game of the run (actually sixth).Deleted the city game from memory like everyone else.
  15. Pretty sure Brighton have still got to play likes of Man city and Liverpool at home. Just like last season they're the mid table team dropping like a stone from January.
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