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  1. VillaChris

    Ross McCormack

    Thing that baffled me at the times is he had 2/3 very good scoring seasons for Fulham and yet they never got close to finishing in top 6 in any of them. Yet they got in Mitrovic halfway through last season who scored at a similar rate and comfortably finished in top 6. It worried me a little that he wasn't really a team player or his own style of play upfront didn't really get the best out of the rest of the team. He was a luxury short term gamble. Also didn't help our team was very lopsided. V Forest at home we started Kodjia, Jack, McCormack and Ayew. Work rate not really high priority for any of them or chasing back when out of possession. Feel he would've worked better if we'd just played him off Kodjia and had a hardworking 3/4 behind him in midfield who didn't get forward much.
  2. VillaChris

    The Championship thread

    Can't think of a more pointless promotion than Boro going up again, last time under Karanka they could barely score a goal and same would happen under Pulis. In any case I can see them sacking him if they don't make it and having to cut back again as they've invested a lot in their squad. Think they have one more year of parachute payments.
  3. VillaChris

    The Championship thread

    Can see what you're saying but flip side is Watford and Bournemouth both went up in 2015 (neither has as good a history as Huddersfield) and both have established themselves in premier league playing good football. It's tough to say who can do well and not....I thought Fulham would be comfortable mid table given their run last season and Cardiff would be as good as down by now and the opposite has happened for both. Ideally always like to see a club who hasn't played top flight football for 10 years + make it. Say the play off final the other year Hull v Sheff Weds, was desperate for Sheffield Wednesday to win that. Hull predictably came up, offered little due to their ownership and came straight back down. When we talk of long suffering clubs Preston North End are right up there, last played top flight football in the mid 1960s!
  4. VillaChris

    The Championship thread

    I don't really like seeing yo yo teams going up tbh. Always feels like a wasted promotion when a Reading, Hull or Boro go up. As good as Norwich have played they've been in premier league very recently, went down in 2014, came straight back up and relegated in 2016. Always prefer to see teams who haven't been in top division for ages getting a shot so would actually prefer to see Leeds going up ahead of Norwich. In an ideal world Leeds and Sheffield United top 2. Think those two would be decent additions to premier league and neither made an appearence in it since 2007. Bristol City winning the play offs (when did they last play in the top division?) Boro and West Brom to stay down as they had chance to build in premier league and couldn't do anything. Will make next season tougher for us but always going to be 4-5 decent teams in championship.
  5. VillaChris

    The Manager thread Not much different to how we're viewing DS currently! Their view is they should be 5-10 points clear at the top.
  6. VillaChris

    The Manager thread

    They're drawing loads of winnable home games, 2-2 v Accy Stanley and 1-1 v Blackpool this week. Also spent 4m on Will Grigg which is obviously ridiculous money in league one so expectation with likes of McGeady also in squad is top 2. Maybe they'll still win the play offs but big pressure now.
  7. VillaChris

    The Manager thread

    Sunderland fans not happy at all with Jack Ross, fallen off the top 2 pace pretty badly. Thoughts @Villan4Life? Like Dean Smith, he will be feeling pressue he's never faced before at his previous clubs.
  8. VillaChris

    Pre-match thread

    It will become a 5 though as we don't have any player capable of playing wing back effectively. Good Gayle is out at least as when he's missed games previously they've had some poor defeats this season. Probably another draw or narrow loss seems the realistic outcome here. What surprises me is if we win we're only 7 points off WBA, a team who have been in top 6 for most of the season whereas it feels like we've won 2 games in about 5 months.
  9. VillaChris

    The Game's Gone

    It's always been like that though, look at the Irish World cup squads of 1990 and 94. England is actually one of the major nations that dosen't actually abuse the rule that much (Spain had a Brazilian as DM when they won euro 2008 for instance) and Germany had a couple of Brazilians play for them. Personally for me if you play for under 21s that's your country so Rice and Grealish would be locked to ROI now. Would never happen though as for instance loads of players have been capped by France at that level and then they go on to play for likes of Senegal, Algeria and Morrocco at World cups.
  10. VillaChris

    Please tell me when to stop laughing at SHA

    Think a problem is if FL announce this deduction a week before we play them. The derby is on March 10th so only three weeks away now so can see them being more fired up than usual at the "injustice" and turning us over. We can't even score an away goal atm.
  11. VillaChris

    The Secret Footballer: Undercover in the Premier League.

    Find it amusing how Kitson in his newspaper column is just basically outing himself with tales similar to TSF. One ancedote in TSF book was how he was a Spurs fan due to his Dad massively following them and they went to watch Spurs play at the San Siro in 2011 in a box. Apparently Capello was sitting next to them and his Dad told him to f*** off" for some reason. Anyway Kitson yesterday said he supported Spurs "due to his Dad being a massive fan" and went back to watch them regularly when he was playing for Stoke. Guess this is his way without being sued although very easy to join the dots with how he's telling the stories.
  12. VillaChris


    Bingo. Can see Chelsea finishing 6th. They need to take the europa league very seriously now. Actually some Chelsea fans on twitter who want Mourinho back for a third spell.
  13. VillaChris


    Last season they finished on 49 points under Big Sam. Not a chance they'll get to that figure with those home games you've posted as usually a struggling team gets a home win or two to turn around form and pretty difficult with who they have left to play.
  14. VillaChris

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    We need around 30 points to be in conversation, 74 points and we would be very close if the normal average is 75. I can see a few wins in April when we play likes of Rotherham, Millwall and Bolton all within two weeks but we'll probably be miles off top 6 by then. That's due to a very poor start to the season and wasting the good run of games we had over xmas/new year. We need a run like we had when DS first came in but we don't have Jack or Axel in the 11 so not holding my breath.
  15. VillaChris

    Manchester United

    Man. United had 0 GD when OGS took over, think Chelsea was + 21. Man. United now have better GD than Chelsea.