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  1. Well it's rare any team bar the very top ones have a high percentage of shots actually go on target. Man. United conceded 10 shots to Liverpool today, 4 were on target and tbh 3 were just backpass shots to De gea. As I've said before I can live with a team constantly shooting from 25 yards out, the odd one will fly into the top corner but generally it's not that bad a defensive strategy. Our problems is when we defend so deep and have little attacking threat so we concede corner after corner and eventually the goals go in. This happened at Arsenal, Spurs and also at Palace once we went down to 10 men.
  2. We need to play similar to how Wolves do against them, physical and play reasonably deep but make sure their forward players can quickly be put on the counter attack. Wolves unbeaten in four games v Man. United since promotion.
  3. Technically it's not a loan deal so don't see any reason why he couldn't, I'd start him tbh as we're going to need as many players protecting back 4 as we can get on the pitch while also trying to offer some sort of attacking threat when possible. Reality is we'll do well to keep conceding below 3. Arsenal scored 3 against us with just 10 men on the pitch and while I don't think generally we've been that bad defensively this season we do tend to concede goals in bunches against the better attacks if you look at 3 in last 15 v Spurs aswell. Don't think Man. City have been as good as last season but they're still pretty much scoring 2 or 3 every game. Would say this will be 3-0 loss looking at things realistically.
  4. Haven't won an away game in the league since Feb. They'll pick up enough points at Old Trafford to at least move back into top half over next 6 weeks you'd suspect. I do think with what we have in midfield we can give it a good go against them but will need to defend well for 90 minutes which we haven't yet proven this season.
  5. Man. United have failed to score more than one goal in any league or cup game since first weekend of the season. Even our 15/16 vintage wasn't that inept at goalscoring. They need to sack OGS and appoint Lambert for rest of the season to finish this cycle.
  6. Just looked at the match report, Liverpool had one shot on target the whole game and that was by Sturridge in the second half. Man. United actually had a good chance in first half, remember Allisson saving well when Lingard tried to go round him. I expect Liverpool to grind out a win tomorrow but I don't see it being a 3 or 4 nil that even some Man. United fans are predicting.
  7. Streaking ahead now. Fulham only had 5 points after 9 games last season. They took until boxing day to get to 11 points. Fulham also last seen losing at Stoke which takes some doing these days.
  8. Just need to keep picking up wins here and there. Don't expect anything from our next two but 4 points v Newcastle-Wolves is then what is needed. Then we can realistcally look to win some games over xmas period when we play likes of Norwich,Southampton and Sheffield. Have 22-23 points by start of January and then the task to stay up looks much more achievable especially when some teams below will hit winless runs. At least after the opening few games we look now like we have goals in us which is always important if you want to stay up.
  9. It's just the way it is, results won't always go your way. Even today you had Watford and SOuthampton winning and Newcastle 0-0 up to last 20 minutes so could've been much worse given we very easily could've drawn 1-1. Norwich getting a 0-0 did really surprise me, thought Bournemouth would easily win that. Good response by them after the hammering we gave them.
  10. Yep pretty much everyone bar Watford are picking up a point a game or very close to it. The table this time last year had bottom 3 of Newcastle, Cardiff and Huddersfield all on 2 or 3 points so that shows the difference. Fulham were only on 6 points I think if we're still playing that game. Man. United, Spurs and Everton acting as point sieves atm is one of the main reasons. Huge we won today just to give us some space going into the next 3 games which will be very tough.
  11. Man. City playing no natural CBs at Palace.
  12. West Ham were total rubbish. Same as ever with them, not a bad 11 on paper and they have run of good form before just going off the boil.
  13. What a crazy season. 1 point off 7th, 2 points off 18th. Take out Liverpool and to a lesser extent Man. City this is a very exciting and close league this season If Man. United get soundly beaten v Liverpool they'll probably be in relegation zone by the time they kick off next Sunday at Norwich.
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