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  1. It's always been on Zaha. He was marked easily out of the game today and was trying to dribble round 3 Sheffield players all the time so think he's still sulking a bit from not getting a move. Their other attacking options are....Connor Wickham. Yes he's still there. Ayew. One goal last season. Andros Townsend. 6 league goals last season so not too bad but hugely inconsistant player. Benteke. FOUR premier league goals in last two seasons. Sad to see how far he's fallen. Given their late signing was Gary Cahill seems the plan is to try to scrap out ten 1-0 wins. Huge relegation contenders I think.
  2. It was the Collymore season. Difference back then is we had top quality and proven premier league players in most positions, Bozzy, Southgate, Ugo, Yorke etc. We were inconsistant and then had a poor run but fantastic in europe that year so think we took eye off the league until John Gregory came in.
  3. That only happens in going for 6th place seasons, we'd usually reach that total in the MON seasons if you look back to February in those seasons. Think good target is to try to reach 25 points by new year. Our fixture list is much harder from January so crucial aswell.
  4. Watched Sheffield United-Palace, some thoughts: A low quality game that from about 10th minute you could see 0-0 or 1-0 either way. Exactly the sort of game a newly promoted team needs to win to stay up so tremendous result for Sheffield United. They hoofed it today more often than they did in the championship but they've shown today and last week they can scrap their way to around 40 points, going to be a tough team to score against and we didn't have a great record against them in the championship. Crystal Palace are a very poor team this season. I'd be disappointed if we finished below them. Think this might be a season too far for Woy at the top level. Sheffield United put two men around Zaha, kept him well away from getting into the box and trying to win a penalty and well they offered nothing going forward. Don't think they had a shot on target until 90th minute. You have Benteke who struggles to score five goals a season now, Ayew wasn't put on when they were losing and Townsend seems to base his seasons on scoring a wonder goal. We simply can't go there and lose in two weeks. They're even worse at home than they are away after all.
  5. Only issue is last season was pretty poor league. From early on you could see relegation teams was going to come from Huddersfield, Fulham (both were pretty much relegated by November) and Cardiff/Burnley/Brighton. Brighton only really fell into things from January and so replaced Burnley who were awful first half of the season. This season it looks far more competitive, teams like Southampton and Watford who've lost their first two will improve I thhk, Norwich and Sheffield United already got points on the board etc.
  6. 38 points is the magic number, we stayed up with that under Sherwood and in one of the Lambert seasons. Brighton stayed up on 36 points last season btw.
  7. Pretty sure Peterborough had Upper North in 17/18. It also applies for league cup aswell as I remember in 2010 Blackburn fans were up there for the semi final.
  8. 1-3. Think Everton will just expose us in the final third, they have lots of quality in that area and also central midfield. Game where we really need the first goal if we want serious chance of winning. Going back to start of March Everton have kept 8 clean sheets in last 14 league games so not a easy team to break down at all. I did hear Digne went off with injury so hopefully he's out as he's a very good LB. Delph injured aswell.
  9. It's odd how bad our record is at St James. Can't say it's just travel sickness as we always win at Boro and Sunderland. Think our last win there was 2005 when Dyer and Bowyer were fighting. We've even won at Man. City and Old Trafford since!
  10. Or the Grealish curler in second, that made the Sky 3 minutes highlight package. It's always been like that on MOTD. They have 5-6 minutes of match action yet chose to not show some of the best chances for some reason.
  11. They should've had a penalty in second half, seems VAR is pretty random in decisions they decide to check given Wesley clash with keeper was reviewed.
  12. We looked o.k in the first few weeks of 15/16. Beat Bournemouth, lost narrowly to Man. United, played weell at Palace but like today awful defensive mistakes cost us and then should've trashed Sunderland but only drew 2-2. Then the infamous Leicester game where we were superb for an hour. I think we're better than them but still the doubts remain, not enough goal threat in final third as there was then and also feeling if opposition really attack us we'll struggle to keep the ball out.
  13. VillaChris

    Joe Lolley

    His goal record v them must be something like 5 goals in six games. Think he hit winners for Huddersfield in successive seasons at the Sty.
  14. Spurs and Liverpool away two of their next three games. Then got Brighton at home which is winnable and after that Leicester and Chelsea away and Man. United at home. That takes things up to November so would be surprised if he makes it to that point.

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