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  1. Whopper of a thread this. Stoke fans comparing where they were with 9/11 and Lady Di to when Lambert took over. https://oatcakefanzine.proboards.com/thread/298502/paul-lambert
  2. More like going back to Livingston. Not so much the jobs but how long he lasts in them. He was 3 months off lasting three years and nearly same at Ipswich as he took over there back end of 2018. Didn't last long at Stoke, Wolves or Blackburn but he took over all three mid season. Stoke appointing him must rank as one of the most baffling mid season moves by a prem club ever, think they may have still been out of the bottom 3 when he was appointed. He won his first game v Huddersfield and then didn't win another until final day when they were already relegated.
  3. Also getting Musa on trial. He flopped at Leicester 4 years ago.
  4. Yeah I think Sullivan had some connections as I also remember they picked up Christian Benitez after Bruce had left and McLeish had no idea who he was when he turned up so wasn't a manager signing that one. They also signed Luciano Figueroa years back who flopped at SHA but then did well at Villareal and scored a few times for Argentina.
  5. Feels like a Wolves type signing, weren't they linked to him a few years back?
  6. Talk he's on verge of becoming Roma job if they sack Fonseca.
  7. It's strange how he's veered away from signing decent foreign players. At SHA and Wigan he got in some decent ones although seems back then he had a scout based in South America who was giving him recommendations on up and coming players like Wilson Palacios and Maynor Figueroa who were good players in premier league. Guess that scout retired and didn't follow him to clubs in last 5-6 years. In last few years he's gone for the steady eddie type. What they signed in the summer was Jamal Lewis, Jeff Hendrick, Ryan Fraser and Calum Wilson. I wouldn't say that's a terrible set of players
  8. We're playing Sheffield united on QF weekend. They've got Bristol City at home so decent chance that match will be postponed so space will be created to play either Everton or Spurs.
  9. He scored a couple v West Brom and a good goal in another game. Then was back to being awful v us, constantly caught offside was his only real contribution. A few years back I'd have been up for it if we'd been promoted sooner as he was still decent up to early 2018 but it would tarnish things him coming back imo as he wouldn't give us the mobility Ollie does if we had to start him in games.
  10. If it wasn't for social distancing I'd be convinced that Trent and Bobzy are sitting together in some West Bridgford enclave and taking it in turns to post Benteke love letters on these threads every flipping window! I'd still like us to have a look at Rondon tbh. He went to the Chinese club to partly play for Benitez again I reckon so now Rafa has left you'd think he'd be open to coming back to play in europe if he gets a decent offer and seems Chinese clubs might want to unload some of their expensive foreign players. Aranutovic in same category but don't really think he'd be
  11. Us playing either one of them will go on FA cup QF day as one of Everton/Spurs is certain to be out by then.
  12. Bramall Lane is miles better ground imo. They got close twice under Carlos Carvahal but overspent and lost in play offs....sound similar? Luckily we quickly got new owners, they didn't.
  13. I didn't say they'd win it either. They're in the mix for now but got some hard games next month so potential for Man. City to move a few points clear. Not sure how OGS finishing 2nd and winning a cup is anything other than a good season though. Mourinho got lauded for winning europa in his first season, they finished 6th that year.
  14. Liverpool beat likes of Spurs and Leicester in recent times with similar options. Man. United wouldn't be first team in history to finish above a stronger opponent who's struggled with injury.
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