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  1. VillaChris


    Brave new era.....Xhaka and Mugstafi still starting. Ramsey probably needs a move aswell, gone stale for him there like Oxlade-Chamberlain.
  2. VillaChris

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    Axel is unproven but I was more going by him being injured for much of his loan spell last season so that happens again and we're back to Elphick or Jedinak.
  3. VillaChris

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    I think we can get by with three. New CB obviously, another striker and wide option. Think we'll wait until January for left back position as Hutton can cover it as he did for most of last season.
  4. VillaChris


    They won't go down. Despite the play off final and Joe Bryan I still find it difficult to dislike Fulham. Have you ever been to an away game down there Dem? Give me that over horrible plastic out of town grounds like the Madjeski stadium anyday.
  5. VillaChris


    It's certainly their weak spot imo, Costa, Cavalero etc all tricky players but not regular scorers. Jota scored loads last season but he's more a number 10 in style. Surprised Bonatini's still there as don't think he even scored a goal in the championship after xmas. Guess you can't solve all the issues in one window and they've got an amazing midfield for a promoted team so that can compenstate until January.
  6. VillaChris


    Don't think Wolves have enough goals in the final third to finish that high (was talking to a few Portuguese fans on another forum and they said Jimenez needed another striker alongside him at Benfica to be fully effective so not a lone frontman). They'll be comfortable mid table though which is pretty much the same. Everton must've wished they''d have got in Mina sooner as Jagielka red cost them the win.
  7. VillaChris

    John McGinn

    Going by the reports he played like the midfielder I thought we were getting when we signed Hourihane. All action, great set plays etc.
  8. VillaChris

    Please tell me when to stop laughing at SHA

    Both are in the bomb squad, Stokdale on 40k a week!
  9. VillaChris

    Please tell me when to stop laughing at SHA

    Hasn't he done o.k at Barnsley and Forest? Both were teams battling relegation so he should fit in nicely. No doubt he'll give an interview next summer about "them lot down the road."....
  10. VillaChris


    Ings was good at Burnley, injuries destroyed his chances at Liverpool. TBH Southampton signed that young keeper from Man. City for nearly 15m so if we're going by that 20m for Ings is relative bargain as he'll surely score more than Shane Long if he can keep fit.
  11. VillaChris


    Comfortable mid table. Will be similar to Watford when they came up 3 years ago. Will get the odd trashing by top 6 but will beat plenty of bottom half teams.
  12. VillaChris


    Will watch Adama with interest there. Wolves don't really play wingers so interested where they put him on the pitch. Surprised they haven't signed a good striker with all the money they've spent. Bonatini hardly scored a goal after xmas in the championship, Helder Costa and Cavalerio are inconsistant and Raul Jimenez has a mediocre scoring record in europe so far although guess he'll be starting striker for them.
  13. VillaChris

    Summer Transfers 18/19

    Lorna was let go after relegation.
  14. VillaChris

    Please tell me when to stop laughing at SHA

    He was useless at Sunderland last season, well past his best although I guess he'll just be back up as sounds like the young keeper had a good game for them at the weekend. Bogle's an interesting one. I remember a few years back when he played for Wigan v us a few were touting we should sign him as a cheap targetman striker. Dosen't really score goals but guess he'll be a plan B option off the bench.
  15. VillaChris

    André Moreira

    He'll get a go in the cups I think. Don't know much about Nyland so wouldn't say he's in the undisputable number one like Johnstone was.