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  1. 30-40m signings are generally what you have to do though if you really want to establish yourselves in the top part of the league. Leicester signed Youri Teliemans for 35m two years ago now and Everton have spent that on players in a fair few positions and they still might make europa. West Ham aswell spent that over last few seasons although ironically some of those like Haller and Felipe Anderson have already been bombed out which might give a clue the dressing room is a happier place. Mad to think just over 10 years ago our record signing was still Milner/Downing at around 12m I t
  2. All depends on the manager really. Burnley spend about 5 quid each summer and this will be their sixth year in premier league. Brighton have been up since 2017 aswell. What did the promoted teams this year, well Fulham and West Brom was the ridiculously short turnaround between seasons. We all moaned that winning the play offs puts us at disadvantage compared to the other promoted teams, well the promoted teams last summer had about 5 weeks to get prepared. If Fulham had got the team they have now from first game they'd probably have another 5-6 points on the board and West Brom prob
  3. He's been off form for a while but wrong to say he's simply been rubbish, like a few I too thought he was decent enough on Saturday. For example I barely saw Wjanaldum do anything before he was subbed so Doug played his part in nulifying him. I'd say this btw....we have 3rd best defence in league....so surely the guy who's been playing as DM for 90% of the season should be praised a bit of contributing to that just like Kante gets praised when Chelsea have strong defensive seasons. Anyway seems Man. City are strongly considering bringing Yangel Herrera back into their squad next seas
  4. Good win for Rotherham tonight. Perhaps too little too late but will keep SHA and a few others sweating.
  5. Yeah I'd say so. Easy to forget how young Neto is. Only just turned 21. Feels like he's on Diogo Jota type trajectory with how he's kicked on. Was really impressed how he was their sole attacking outlet in the 0-0. Podence is good but mid 20s now and think Wolves is around his level.
  6. Podence actually been injured himself for a few months (didn't play in the 0-0 v us) and only just come back. Yeah he's decent but Neto has really kicked on this season so big blow for Wolves if he's out for half of next season aswell.
  7. It's simple to me with Kane. Guy is one of the best strikers in world football. The best strikers in world football play in the champions league. Harry Kane has played in CL in 5 of the last 6 years. He dosen't anymore baring Spurs basically winning their last 7. Indeed if they actually win the league cup they go into the conference europa league or whatever it's called. If likes of Ronaldo and Messi missed out on playing in champions league for even one season they'd be straight on to their agents to move to PSG or something, it's that important for them for legacy and trying t
  8. Nah can't see him taking that job or being a good fit at all, possibly Wilder would fit more there.
  9. Don't really think it matters much in the long run. In the 15/16 season all of Chelsea, Man. United and Liverpool finished outside the top 4. This was the table in January 2017: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/38433519 6th 9 points clear of 7th. Would rather we just try to finish as high as possible.
  10. Yeah really disappointing run in 2021 so Hasenhuttl going to be under pressure given the club have backed him many times in last two seasons. Wonder if that's why Eddie Howe is taking his time to take Celtic job as that would be ideal one to come back to the premier league, down the road and some decent attacking players to work with.
  11. Everton are such a random team to me. Most teams I've watched them in 2021 they've looked terrible. Tonight and home games v Newcastle, Fulham and Burnley yet they've had some very good results v the top teams pretty much all through the season and it's not like their first 11 is terrible, plenty of decent enough internationals in most positions. They mirror us a bit although spend so much so think it shows you can spend 300-400m over 4-5 seasons but mentality to achieve stuff can still be lacking.
  12. Bad blow if Wolves were planning to cash in on him. Guess they'll be crossing their fingers someone wants to blow 30-40m on Adama but feels unlikely, Neves could perhaps go instead. Many of their other regulars are in 28-30 bracket so not a huge amount there especially as clubs will be waiting to see what Raul Jimenez is like when he plays again.
  13. Maybe add in another exec box or two in one of the corners? That gets counted in capacity. I notice Burnley are filling in one of their corners at Turf Moor but dosen't look like seating.
  14. Now you're talking. Mentioned Neres before, surely gettable with two years left on his deal at Ajax as they'll need to recoup some money considering what they spent on Haller in January. Can play wide or as CF so exactly what we need. ASM for that proven premier league experience who can hit the ground running. Seen Merino plenty for Real Sociedad and he'd give us that physical presence at DM many are calling for. Already played for likes of Dortmund and Newcastle in his career but was pretty young when he was at those clubs, still only 24 and come on leaps and bounds since goin
  15. I'd be disappointed if we don't finish above Spurs at some point in the next 3 seasons. Their CB options are rubbish so they'll be looking to replace all of Toby, Sanchez and Dier within next 12 months. If they go for more Joe Rodon type signings it will take a while for it to settle down at the back. And Kane will surely leave at some point within next two years, perhaps Son aswell. With theitr budget they'll do very well to replace both effectively. They fell away a bit after losing Bale in summer 2013 after all. If we want to be as good as we want to be we simply have to
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