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  1. This is basically why I didnt bother getting involved in the applause the other night. It won't be long before we are applauding to show solidarity for all the ducks that aren't being fed bread because the old people are stuck indoors or other such nonsense. That and I'm a miserable cynic in general.
  2. I've got a letter which is basically something that any Tom, Dick or Harry could have written and printed out. Doesn't even have my name on it or anything, so not sure what the point of it is. I'd still feel a bit of a dude being able to brandish it to a copper if given the chance.
  3. I've been rewatching Jonathan Creek as I'm pretty desperate. There is actually some decent humour in it that I missed when I watched it as a youngster, especially from Caroline Quentin. Some of the resolutions seem a bit ridiculous than I remember though.
  4. Looking back it was Messi's best chance of winning a World Cup too, even if he was still very young. Probably already one of the best few players in the world but left on the bench. By far the best team they've had this century anyway.
  5. I'm not 100% sure on this but can't the PL teams vote to change the date of the transfer window? Obviously the players whose contracts run out you can't really do much about, though even then can't the PL also only open the squad registration window once they finished the season? I suggested in another thread that maybe they could finish this season whenever possible, then next season split the PL into conferences like in US sport depending on how much time there is, have all the games on Sky and BT so the TV side of it is covered that way. Obviously the selfish side of me just hopes they void the season and we stay up! I reckon we would have a decent chance of staying up if we restart when McGinn, Heaton and Wes are back though.
  6. Heard some applause and what sounded like banging of saucepans from the flats above me. Call me a miserable ungrateful bastard but I tend to avoid these organised/social media things like the plague.
  7. Very quiet down here in Sussex since Mothers' Day. Pretty much full supplies but still rationing important things and allowing one in, one out (the queue does actually move quite quickly even if it's snaking round the car park). I reckon getting in before the weekend is a good idea though.
  8. --------------------Schmeichel------------------------- Alves---------Desailly---Cannavaro---Roberto Carlos -----------Xavi------Vieira-------Iniesta----------- -----------Messi--fat Ronaldo---Henry
  9. Alex Horne from Taskmaster is setting tasks you can do at home which is quite a nice idea.
  10. Whenever I hear the word 'lockdown' I sing it in my head like they do on Pointless
  11. Perhaps we can finish this season whenever possible, then next season have some sort of American-style conference system with fewer matches depending on how much time there is, but have them all live on Sky/BT and a one-off final. Negotiate a delay for contracts running out with the PFA to cover the end of this season and a shorter transfer window after it.
  12. Left the EU but joined the single currency
  13. I read he has been put into isolation so I suspect he will be found hanging before long.
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