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  1. sharkyvilla

    The Apprentice 2018

    I'm surprised he went with the swimwear thing. Who the **** has a pool party in the UK. I quite like all the last 5 contestants this time round, it has definitely been better than the last couple or series.
  2. Nobody is going to get a deal agreeable with the EU through parliament, especially the hard-Brexiters who are now proven to be by quite a distance a minority of the Tory party. The only option for me is to put it back in the hands of the people which is even more scary.
  3. I think she will win comfortably, and at the same time it will prove the Brexiteer numpty faction is rather smaller than they actually appear to be from the amount of noise they make. She's been an absolute disaster of a leader for lots of other reasons though and deserves to go for that anyway. Quitting before the next GE seems logical.
  4. sharkyvilla

    General Chat

    Definitely, I get them and my body just shuts down. Luckily I've found some decent medication that snuffs them out completely if I take it early enough, but yeah it is annoying when someone is working and goes on about having a migraine when it's just a headache. It makes it feel like I get judged as being a pansy for going home when I get an attack. Luckily never had flu and haven't had a cold for a couple of years at least. I think if this winter stays as mild as it is at the moment I'll get one.
  5. sharkyvilla

    Paddy's "Things that cheer you up"

    I made that mistake when travelling round Oz wearing trainers with no socks. **** me they stank within a couple of weeks.
  6. sharkyvilla

    Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    I was walking down the street and walking towards me were four teenage lads having to shake their heads every three steps to get their silly fringes out of their eyes. I could have put this in the cheer you up thread as I openly laughed at them, but then I'm pissed off with officially being an old fogey laughing at young people's stupid haircuts.
  7. sharkyvilla

    Possibly interesting maps...

    My local geography is awful, largely because I don't have a car so rarely go very far. Most of my general geography knowledge is down to watching lots of quiz shows.
  8. sharkyvilla

    Albums of the Year 2018

    I really need to find the motivation to get back into my music. I only bought one album this year, BRMC's Wrong Creatures and that was in January.
  9. sharkyvilla

    The Apprentice 2018

    I think it's been alright. Last year I had to stop watching it, it was absolutely awful but the last few candidates this year all have a bit about them.
  10. sharkyvilla

    Ballon d'Or

    True, though Messi scored from outside the box 6 games in a row last season which is outrageous.
  11. sharkyvilla

    VillaTalk Deadpool 2018

    One of those who I thought was already dead
  12. sharkyvilla

    Media and punditry

    One thing in the BBC and BT's favour is that they have women on it who actually come across as quite bright and knowledgeable, albeit I haven't watched Soccer Saturday in a few years so they may have them on there too.
  13. sharkyvilla

    Liam Rosenior

    Saw him for the first time the other day and seemed ok. Never realised Prutton was presenting on Sky as well.
  14. sharkyvilla

    Ballon d'Or

    Absolutely, Messi has been on another planet but you can't begrudge Modric winning it.
  15. sharkyvilla

    John McGinn

    I've been reading Irvine Welsh's latest book and John McGinn got a mention in it when the characters are at a Hibs game and like the look of him.