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  1. If I'm being honest I'm not really seeing what all the fuss is about but I've heard people say it gets better after the first series. The '**** scene' was good though.
  2. I've started watching The Wire and before each episode the voiceover lady says 'This programme contains strong and frequent language' which doesn't make sense. Surely it should be 'contains frequent strong language'. All programmes have frequent language, otherwise they'd be silent. It just adds a new slight irritation to my day.
  3. I don't think we would give up on Samatta yet anyway, I may be alone but I thought he showed some good signs before the lockdown and you would hope that is more typical of what he is capable of than what he did afterwards. They really were strange circumstances to play your first half-season at a new club and in a new country. This is unless he was a totally Suso signing and Smith never wanted him in the first place which is possible.
  4. I was the same as you, I never actually found out why it all happened until now. I sometimes wonder how clubs come to find out what a player's release clause is i.e. whether they are supposed to be kept private and the agents just let everyone know anyway.
  5. To be honest for the peanuts we payed in addition to getting rid of Gardner, Jota was probably worth it just for his assist v Everton in the end!
  6. That's how I see it too, Dean must know what he wants and needs and thinks Watkins has it. His judgment on Konsa has seemed pretty spot on to me. I'd probably much rather that kind of signing than a bit of stab in the dark.
  7. Just saw that On a Dean-related note, I wonder when the last time a Villa manager's thread ended up on page 2 of this forum? I guess it's a good thing.
  8. I'm surprised he even kept trying to answer rather than shout Fake News and walk out.
  9. If he changed his first name to Gaston then maybe.
  10. Got an email an hour ago saying the beer I ordered will be delivered by FedEx by 6pm. Will it my arse.
  11. I think it helped that he played higher up and limited the amount of energy he had to use up when pressing. Even before his injury he was generally out of puff from having to cover so much ground. Another thing Dean changed up after the restart and helped save us.
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