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  1. It did seem an odd time to give him the job. I don't think he's the messiah people were going on about earlier nor is he as shit as he is being made out to be now, but you have to give him credit for keeping Utd in the hunt for top 4. The problem is the transfer policy of the past few years and if they don't sort that out then it doesn't matter who is in charge.
  2. 'That's the resume of Satan', what the **** is he talking about?
  3. There's a wasp being a dick in my front room, just walking around the window pane when there are two massive windows open on either side. **** off!
  4. I hate to say it but you have to applaud Liverpool for even keeping up with them. I've got a horrible feeling that Liverpoop will do it.
  5. Tough choice that! I think I'd give Aguero the edge over Henry, Drogba worth a mention but I never really enjoyed watching him play.
  6. Makes me wonder when we played them last. I remember a game where Owen scored a hattrick but that must be years ago. Surprised we've not played them much as we seem to have played most of the other big nations regularly.
  7. I think they still hate us and obsess over the Falklands still. I dont think there is animosity from us to them in football terms, I love Messi and Aguero and their national team goes from the sublime to the ridiculous and is always like watching a soap opera.
  8. The quickest way to become a millionaire is to be a billionaire and buy Aston Villa
  9. Yeah I'm not sure I've seen anyone with a beard like you describe but my town is normally about 3 years behind the latest daft trends. My beard is solely to hide my baby face really, but I prefer the can't be arsed look rather than groomed.
  10. I genuinely struggle to remember anything from that period of our history. It must have been some sort of coping mechanism to remove all memory from my brain of that shite.
  11. That's a fair enough view to have, but you should really lose the right to hammer refs week in week out on a Saturday for wrong calls if you're denying them the technology to help them out, and I bet there is close to zero chance of that happening.
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