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  1. There is a worrying study in Manaus in the Amazon where it seemed over 70% of the population had covid antibodies in December judging from blood donors, but they've still had a big spike recently. Added to the amount of young people in ICU in the country it's a bit worrying that it goes against what we seem to know about the virus over here. There are still a lot of unknowns out there and things can change rapidly.
  2. Agreed, he looks to me like a David Villa kind of player, playing as an kind of inside left striker. Obviously a long way to go before he can be that good though.
  3. Such an exciting crop of players by the looks of things, it's a shame I'm never around to watch the games. Has that Shakpoke lad played much?
  4. I think it's a bit early to judge Saint-Maximin based on a couple of cameos totalling 45 minutes after being out injured compared to playing 90 minutes every week. Regarding the last sentence I only consider us to have two starting central midfielders in Doug and McGinn with the others rotating, even if they haven't suffered from covid the training ground did close down for a fair while, the team has lost its balance in general with Jack missing plus Cash for a while too, plus opposition making better plans, having more to play for etc. Really you only have to be a few % off your best to sta
  5. Yeah The Simpsons is always referred to as the longest-running U.S. sitcom of all time. It should have been killed off a long time ago but I guess is still a massive money-spinner.
  6. Luiz's form changed almost overnight after the covid break. It could just be a coincidence and he just reverted back to the mean, or he got the virus a bit worse than the others. I think the midfield problem is just that without Jack there isn't anyone who can take the ball forward so their options are more limited. Jack would usually occupy two of their defenders too. Ultimately opposition teams in the PL learn and try to combat your style and it would naturally make it harder to play as well, particularly if your options for mixing things up have certain weaknesses to their game that cou
  7. My local Sainsburys has put a sushi bar in but got rid of the meat and fish counter, which really pissed me off. How can a supermarket not have a butchery and fish bit? I'm tempted to just ask for 12 lots of salmon sushi but ask them to leave out the rice and seaweed.
  8. Just caught up on Taskmaster and agree it was great this week. I love Mike but they are all really likeable.
  9. I noticed they had Benrahma on the bench the other day and could bring him on as a bit of an afterthought. We were linked heavily with him and if we had chosen to go for him rather than Traore for example he would be playing every week. That showed how stark the difference is still between us and the likes of them.
  10. Also he only played 26 league games last season and will probably end up with a similar amount this season too, with a lot of them not being starts. It would be more of a gamble to sign him than people think. He's very good on his day though.
  11. Liverpool have managed to build the new stand and plan to carry out the next stage around the current stand without closing them at all. I don't see why we couldn't do that too, build the back of a new North Stand during the season, leave the bottom tier as it is and then connect the two during the summer. The Anfield Road End will add 7k seats for £60m with no cuts to attendances. It seems so much more better value than either knocking down the whole stand or going to a new ground completely.
  12. To be honest I don't have an issue with what he said there, lockdown most likely has had the bigger effect. It got cases right down last year too but this time by having the vaccination programme going on at the same time there has also been an increasingly positive effect week by week on top of it. For example, if there had been no lockdown and just the vaccination programme there would still be a shitload of people dying. Having the vaccination programme going so fast alongside the lockdown has been a big success and looks like making us being able to live our lives, at least domestically
  13. You'd have been alright with me as I have no idea what you're meant to be saying!
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