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  1. It must make it hard for writers too. There probably would have been a big pay off in Mindhunter eventually with the BTK vignettes they've put in to each episode but if they never get that far then what was the point. Then some programmes obviously get a new series they weren't really planning for and it goes to shit pretty quickly.
  2. sharkyvilla

    Louie Barry

    If he did play for the first team would he have to play in a shirt without the gambling sponsor on it?
  3. Got a free packet of Warburtons crumpets today. I love crumpets.
  4. Looks like it varies from 14 to 17 in different parts of Spain. Tattoos in general I don't really get, they look daft most of the time.
  5. It's where having an experienced striker to give Wes a break would have helped. It doesn't really help young players if they keep getting picked when things arent going well for them.
  6. The thing with centre halves is that it isn't always easy for them to come off the bench and perform straight away, so picking Chester for his experience and leadership isn't a bad idea. I believe Dean said just that the other day. I thought he looked in good shape in the games he played in the cup too.
  7. I can see the frustrations but I was more frustrated that we seemed to be giving the opposition a goal headstart from corners every other game and Hause has gone a long way to fixing that. At the moment we have to play the percentages because it is so tight in and around us in the league. Hopefully Hause will improve his passing over time as the confidence and possession of the whole team improves. At some stage sides will probably work out a plan against our 3-4-3 formation and we go back to 4 at the back and Engels will come back in alongside Mings as they were the best two-centre half combination we have had this season.
  8. He does seem utterly clueless doesn't he? They're still 5th so I suspect they will stick with Ole a bit longer. Hopefully so long that Poch ends up going somewhere else before they pull the trigger.
  9. Why do Americans use imperial measurements for everything except for guns and bullets? They always get referred to in millimetres in all the cop shows.
  10. To me it's just that Ezri and Hause are better suited to covering for when the wing backs bomb forward. While Engels may be quick he doesn't seem to have the same acceleration over a short distance. Mings is untouchable obviously so it's down to Chester or Engels for the bench and Dean prefers Chester. It's pretty rare for a team to have 5 first team centre halves to choose from but someone has to miss out.
  11. sharkyvilla

    Pepe Reina

    Weirdly I never rated him that much before. **** knows why, he is brilliant. Did Liverpool replace him with Mignolet?
  12. I'm always terrified that taking such an avoidable booking comes back to bite us on the arse later in the game but after the final whistle I love it. Seemed to be a reaction to Deeney's celebration to me which made it better. I think he deserved to lose his place and has reacted really well to it, if he comes on when the oppo are a bit more tired he gets more time on the ball and less likely to get dispossessed in damaging areas.
  13. I thought he was good on the whole and justifies Dean throwing him in the deep end to get playing time. If he eventually gets up to 100% then he will turn into a very important player for us.
  14. sharkyvilla

    Pepe Reina

    Like having an extra footballer on the pitch. Great signing so far.
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