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  1. sharkyvilla

    Dean Smith

    I don't think wing backs will work, considering our wingers and full backs are too shit to perform their normal roles properly. I'm sure Smith's ideal team for the remainder of the season will be -----------------Kalinic---------------- Hutton---Chester--Mings--Hause -------------------Axel----------------- ----------Grealish--McGinn---------- El Ghazi--Abraham---other winger
  2. sharkyvilla

    Tammy Abraham

    He will have a wider range of options come the summer than just Wolves I'd have thought, plus he probably did think we were still in with a chance of going up, then perhaps joining permanently. He does seem to like it here and he would definitely have been our number one choice striker. But that's life I suppose, shit happens.
  3. sharkyvilla

    Dean Smith

    Terry coming here seemed only a short-term thing anyway. He is still doing his coaching qualifications isn't he? No doubt he will manage somewhere as soon as something interesting comes up (I don't think it will be here, mind). If Smith gets us playing like we did when he took over once Jack and Axel are back then it'll be enough to suggest to me that the system and manager are right, it's solely about getting the right players in. Getting the right players out doesnt seem to be an issue for once.
  4. sharkyvilla

    Scouting network

    In hindsight some of the players we got when Riley was in charge here were decent examples of that. I guess luck and having the right manager and coaches are just as important.
  5. sharkyvilla

    Conor Hourihane

    It's starting to get to the Westwood levels with the fans and Conor. The fans want him to be a different kind of player to what he actually is and get on his back because he has no 'bottle'. Westwood has gone on to become an important cog in a Premier League midfield, while we are still shit and languishing in a lower division. Maybe giving Hourihane pelters isn't a particularly constructive thing to do right now as it can hardly help the team during a poor spell. But I know it isn't going to stop until he is replaced by.....I have no idea who. It's the Villa way.
  6. sharkyvilla

    What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Yeah it's a wrestling theme, **** the haters! Love this tune
  7. sharkyvilla

    Dean Smith

    The early performances are the only thing that make it seem like there's light at the end of the tunnel, that given time this is what we will eventually be playing like. If we hadn't had them, then I'd probably be firmly in the camp that thinks he isn't up to it. I'm sure we will have an entirely different group of players next season more suited to his original style of play.
  8. sharkyvilla

    The Film Thread

    Watched Hangman with Al Pacino in it last night. 5/10, bang average serial killer flick.
  9. sharkyvilla

    Kortney Hause

    Good to hear he played well. I was working so didn't see it, but I feared the worst after Wednesday's game.
  10. sharkyvilla

    Alan Hutton

    I never quite got why we didn't keep De Laet around, or at least give him a try.
  11. sharkyvilla

    Dean Smith

    Very tough time to be gutting and rebuilding a team in January. It's the accumulation of several disastrous transfer windows that is the problem.
  12. sharkyvilla

    Dean Smith

    I think he's the right man for the rebuild, but whether it'll be too toxic by then for him to continue I'm not sure. Plus if Wagner is still without a job, then it would be tempting. It's just so depressing again.
  13. sharkyvilla

    Dean Smith

    Just to be pedantic, Sawiris isn't the majority shareholder in Adidas, he's the biggest shareholder with about 8%, a long way from having the majority. I get the sense that he and Edens aren't hugely involved in running the club.
  14. sharkyvilla

    Dean Smith

    I wanted to give you a thank you and laughing smiley thing for that. I'm pretty sure that I'd rather have Smith in charge of a team with Jack and Axel in it than I would Bruce.
  15. sharkyvilla

    Dean Smith

    Thanks, that's quite a stark difference even with certain factors taken into consideration. It'll be interesting to see what happens when they are back from injury, as Smith's job probably relies on getting somewhere back to those stats in order to be given the rebuilding job.