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  1. Sad news. I'm pretty sure MPs themselves don't like having lots of security, particularly at surgeries but they may have to rethink that. Even then it's hard to stop a lone madman from stabbing someone.
  2. The Doors. The Rolling Stones I wouldn't put in the same league as The Beatles, Who or Kinks as well.
  3. To be fair I struggle to imagine how England will win a match considering it is basically the same bunch of players that lost at home to NZ and India. I agree with Bumble's suggestions being shit though. He seems to be the only older commentator that kept his job solely to be the 'jester' but he is past his sell-by date. Nonetheless I think BT are just using Australian coverage for the Ashes which will be even more painful than listening to Bumble.
  4. I'd set up a bakery in town and hire all the bakers I've worked with who aren't complete words removed (there's a surprisingly large word removed ratio when it comes to bakers) on decent wages. I'd probably keep working a bit as well, then buy the normal bollocks and go on holiday a lot.
  5. I suspect there is zero chance of any of that happening, least of all any player signing in the expectation that Bruce will be manager there for any significant time. I'd also like to think McGinn is the kind of person to not want to play for the Saudis, assuming he (and many other players) know anything about the regime.
  6. Just saw an advert for a new series of Curb on the 23rd October!
  7. I did find myself saying 'Go on Jack' before he scored tbh.
  8. I'm not sure it really matters that much to Nas and Wes, we have clearly decided to go a completely different path under them, if we somehow pull it off and usurp one of the so-called big 6 then we can do it to several of them at the same time regardless of what insanity Newcastle bring to the PL.
  9. So am I right that apart from jet lag and knackeredness, Doug and Emi can play straight away when they return?
  10. City got a bit of a head start before FFP kicked in didn't they? It might be a bit more difficult to just buy their way to the Champions League in the current climate. I'm just surprised it took this long for the Premier League to bend over.
  11. I mentioned a while ago I drive my stinky mate to work, the good news is that someone (probably the manager) must have taken him aside to talk about it as he smells fine now except the last couple of weeks, **** hell his breath is toxic. He must have a dead tooth or three in his gob and it's starting to get to the part of the year where I can't really drive with the window open. I'd find offering him a pack of polos every time he gets in the car as awkward as the idea of telling him he stank.
  12. It means they're having to replace their first choice player with one who is in decent form and plays the same position but probably not quite as good. Hardly rocket science.
  13. I see the same problem as with England in the Euros, with us he just got the ball all the time and didn't really have to learn what to do off the ball when the other players in the team are in possession as they would always look for him. Obviously City keep the ball a lot more and have other brilliant players that demand the ball but have been coached for longer in the system so know what they're doing. It's not really a system that lets great dribblers like Jack thrive.
  14. People who when they're in a really shit mood decide they have to bring everyone else down with them. If I'm in a bad mood I just stew away quietly in a corner somewhere because I have a modicum of self-awareness and know that it's nobody else's problem, I **** hate that kind of atmosphere where you're treading on eggshells all day.
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