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  1. I was thinking that. I'm surprised nobody has ever turned that series into a TV series or film.
  2. I'd forgotten about Carroll. I wonder whether it would be worth going back for him as a dirt cheap squad option like Hause and Jota. Obviously if he is completely broken there would be no point but in theory his style should be suited to Smith's tactics.
  3. The last couple of pages remind me why I'm happy I don't have a car any more.
  4. I worked with a bloke called Innocent for a while, so I used to call him Untilprovenguilty. Not to his face, mind you.
  5. I've watched more women's cricket than women's football, and something as simple as bringing in the boundaries a bit makes so much difference in terms of skill and entertainment. Football is probably more of an outlier in terms of sports not amending to bridge the physical gap between the two sexes but the main obstacle would be creating the facilities at grounds which share male and female football teams. Goals can be changed pretty easily but expensive for small clubs, and having two sets of markings on the pitch not ideal.
  6. An article in a foreign language about a player I've never heard of instantly gives it more credibility than all the other speculation.
  7. Of course he is the only one that will admit there is zero chance to get a new withdrawal deal before the deadline, and zero chance to get No Deal through parliament. If any of the others win then their career as PM will probably even shorter and more farcical than Maybot's.
  8. But anyway, the idea that Suso and Dean would only just now be thinking of making an offer for Axel seems unlikely. They'd surely have been on the phone to Utd weeks, if not months ago.
  9. It depends on what his contract situation is. I've not heard of him signing an extension so far and as he is in his final year now, Utd may be willing to sell fairly cheaply but perhaps with a buyback clause or a % of future transfer fees. I can't see anyone spending that figure you mention, but £8m would be mad value for money.
  10. sharkyvilla

    Do you read?

    I read the final Bernie Gunther book Metropolis and I'd say it was one of my favourites. Shame there won't be any more as he is a great character.
  11. Yes I mentioned the sweariness, apparently it was on network TV in America but Netlfix have picked up this series so lots of effin and jeffin thrown in for the sake of it. Apart from that though I think the writing has been much better (not hard to be better than the first two series mind you).
  12. Mings is brilliant, we should pay whatever they want for him.
  13. I'd keep Kodjia as backup for this season but Hogan can go if anyone wants him. I suspect we will only be able to loan him out though.
  14. From what I saw Jed had very few weaknesses to his keeping, though it's not a position I'm an expert on by any means. I'd happily keep him and Kalinic but I won't begrudge Smith and Suso if we do sign someone like Butland.
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