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  1. I have no doubt that Suso could have found one, judging from his work so far. Going in with these three striking options has been very risky and relied on Wes starting well. He still might come good.
  2. Again I don't think he is quite good enough to be a box to box midfielder in the Prem yet, though will be in the future. I'd try and keep him as close to Wes (or Davis) as possible. His problem is that he is so predictable as the oppo knows that he won't pass the ball out to the left because he has no faith in Taylor, so they can just cut off the space for Jack to run forward or find a throughball. Dean has to make a change at left black now, it was nice he gave Taylor the shirt for the first few games and he has been alright but time for someone else.
  3. This is an example of why the no loans policy seems a bit daft. It would have allowed us to get someone in as another option without breaking the bank. I can see the potential of Wes and if he scored that header early on he would probably have been unstoppable like against Everton. So frustrating. Also if you're going to dive, at least be good at it.
  4. Bit loose at times in the first half but second half was great.
  5. Only thing I'd say tonight is when they were down to 10 he could have brought Hourihane to play left back for Taylor, or even shifted Mings out there.
  6. Yes he was very poor unfortunately. That dive was pretty disgusting at the end.
  7. Yes I've been shocked by how good what I'd call average Premier teams are nowadays. I think we are competing, which is encouraging but it's going to be a mighty difficult season.
  8. She's probably just doing it so that the Villa Kappa kit fits her properly.
  9. I thought I recognised the piano from somewhere.
  10. Tapas pisses me off. What an irritating way to consume food.
  11. Shawshank Redemption and The Usual Suspects because of the twists. I love a film with a good plot twist that I don't see coming. The only thing with The Usual Suspects is I wonder how long it would have taken them to actually catch up with Keyser Soze after the detective worked out who he was. He wasn't exactly in a rush to get away.
  12. I have 24 users on my ignore list. I was wondering the other day if that's a record, and yes they are all from On Topic.
  13. Nah seriously well done, I've fancied doing something like that but never had the nerve

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