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  1. You're in a bar fight

    Savage and Chris Sutton for the above reasons.
  2. Cricket: General Chat

    Probably karma for my post about cricket being a game for people with decent attention spans and intelligence yesterday, as our players keep displaying neither. Embarrassing dogturd.
  3. Things You Don't "Get"

    My local ground Horsham hosts a lot of Sussex 2nd XI games which are free entry and the bar is open. Some of it is a decent standard, Marcus Trescothick was playing for Somerset 2nds while the T20 was going on and smacking it about last summer. It's a shame how his England career ended but he's still a class act.
  4. Things you often Wonder

    I've always been baby faced so never knew I could grow a beard until I had a very bad case of food poisoning and couldn't be arsed to shave for about 10 days. Then when I finally recovered and shaved I discovered I'd lost so much weight round my face I looked like I'd been in a concentration camp, so grew it back straight away. Had it ever since and just trim it once or twice a week.
  5. Things You Don't "Get"

    I don't want to sound arsey but I don't really get how general sports fans with a decent attention span and intelligence can grow up in this country and dislike cricket, especially when you add the social side of watching it too.
  6. General Chat

    My Dad drove a taxi at Gatwick and once had to take Zak Starkey back to his house as he forgot his passport and was going on tour with The Who. Apparently he was on the phone to the airline trying to get them to keep the gate open a bit longer using the 'do you know who I am?' schtick and they had no idea who he was. Should've called yourself Zingo mate.
  7. Things you often Wonder

    Fanboy/girlism. It's weird but it's what social media is all about, back in the day they'd probably be stalkers and possibly end up shooting or stabbing the celeb. Anyway glad you got it off your chest Lappy babes.
  8. Manchester United

    I don't get why they gave Jose a contract extension when they did. It's not as if Utd were anywhere close to City or playing particularly great football at the time and there was plenty of time on his deal. Then again I don't know why they went for him in the first place.
  9. General Chat

    Noel's commentary on their videos is still one of the funniest things on the internet.
  10. General Chat

    I guessed it as Pink Floyd. Beyond the greatest hits I've never really delved into Led Zep's (or Pink Floyd's) back catalogue so I probably should have known the answer but didn't recognise it. It did sound a bit like something Noel Gallagher could have ripped off.
  11. Things You Don't "Get"

    Hollyoaks used to be good back in the day if you had nothing else to masturbate to.
  12. Paddy's "Things that cheer you up"

    Too many arms WNB
  13. Paddy's "Things that cheer you up"

    The BBC weather girl with one and a half arms. She's lovely.
  14. Holland v England/England v Italy

    Awful. It's shocking that English football can't produce a better group of players than that.
  15. Chelsea

    Really? I thought it was one of the most even 3-0s I've ever watched. If Chelsea had been given that penalty I reckon they'd have got a 2-2 draw. Messi made the difference as usual.