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  1. My mate said he was given a trial treatment a week ago and got released from hospital today. I'm not sure what it was or how much of his improvement was down to it.
  2. Sorry if some of our fans get a bit snooty towards American sports/fans I think the closest there is to the kind of argument you're talking about is not whether the goal should change in men's football but rather women's as they play in the same size dimensions. It's a controversial opinion but I think the female game would improve with slightly smaller pitches and goals, as many other sports make those kind of adjustments.
  3. Why wouldn't everyone go with all the science? That's what I don't get about all this, my mate fell into a social media rabbit hole over it and ended up in an oxygen mask at hospital. As I understand it, it's pretty much beyond scientists to create a virus this effective at being so contagious but not too deadly that the virus itself doesn't die out quickly. Nature is far better at it.
  4. I work nights and have to drive to work and back in the dark and keep seeing deer in the road, so I was wondering what animal is top of the food chain in the UK (not including humans obviously)? I had to emergency stop last night because I saw one at the last minute and tweaked my hamstring a bit. I just think some sort of predator would do the deer some good and give them a bit more urgency, a semi-big cat for example.
  5. To be fair I think that is a very effective video, an example of how you can dress up right-wing Trumpian policies in a more political way that will convince any Republican voters that finally turned on the party to come back again. It's probably more dangerous than if Trump or one of his vermin family tried to run again either as a Republican or independent as they would surely lose heavily. I wonder what odds you can get for her running for President in 2024.
  6. I saw him earlier, he was talking complete bollocks throughout. In all my time watching football I've never seen the rules interpreted the way they have in our last two matches. It's farcical that the FA have even had to come out with this 'clarification' of something that pretty much anyone who has watched a serious amount of football should know. I'm 100% sure Rodri only tackled Mings in order to give away a free kick for offside so he could gain some time to get back into position. They need a proper clear out of the ex-refs who are in charge of VAR and get either Clattenburg or Webb in
  7. I think they outlawed square ones as they have corners that can cause more damage if a player cracks their head on it.
  8. We need to avoid the usual fate of teams who improve massively and end up having their players poached by bigger teams. I have a hunch we won't have much trouble because Jack will set the example by sticking with us. Luiz is the only one I worry about with the release clause but if we bought the clause out and gave him a whopping contract it would signal intent. Apart from Martinez, I think Luiz is the closest to becoming world class (Jack already is imo) in the squad. Each summer there's no real reason why we can't keep spending the same sort of money but on fewer players. This shoul
  9. He seems like a decent bloke, shouldn't be too much pressure to hit the ground running. Welcome to the club!
  10. That does seem ludicrous to me, making it so a defender has to work out whether someone behind him is just about on or offside and decide whether to try and intercept it. I think Watkins was just about onside but it was very tight, if he was actually offside when the cross came in and got played onside by the defender trying to cut out the cross it would be almost as daft as the decision over the Rodri tackle imo. As for our goal against Sheffield United last season, that was an error with technology, not stupid human interpretation of the laws of the game. I guess it's just used by oth
  11. After Pisa, LA is the second most disappointing city I've ever been to.
  12. My mate who was very sick with it has come off oxygen now and the doctor says he should be able to go home in the next few days which is a massive relief.
  13. You never know with Watkins's Inspector Gadget armpits whether he might just be offside, the fact is that even if he was offside the goal would have counted. The commentators clearly have a link up with VAR to know if they are looking at an incident and they said they weren't because the defender made a deliberate attempt at the ball. It's **** daft.
  14. I think he did at least go to Harvard, unless Jian-Tong Xia is a common name, he published a book in 2009. Anyone who can speak Chinese and spare £45 might want a look. https://www.abebooks.co.uk/return-Harvard-loverChinese-Edition-XIA-JIAN/11913305119/bd
  15. Again it's a coaching thing, if Bruce is the 'head' of the coaches then God knows what the ones beneath him are like. Granted Dean has been with us for 6 months longer than Bruce has been there but you can tell our youth system is set up to mimick the first team squad which he has developed in his own, modern style. Dean has got everything he can from limited players like Nakamba, Hause and Trez by working with them on the training pitch and completely revamped our defence in the lockdown. Bruce just does nothing but hope hard work will do but tonight Newcastle's closing down was dreadful.
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