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  1. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    He's bang average, but we only paid about a million quid at a time when Randy gave us bugger all to spend so it's not surprising. Has he really played over 200 games for us? He's a half decent back up for a few different positions but to my mind he's never far away from doing something laughably shit or ill-disciplined and I'd happily get rid.
  2. John Terry

    Tbh has anyone seen Wayne Bridge's ex-wife. If I had a chance then I think I'd choose the scumbag option. Wayne landed on his feet with Frankie anyway! The racism, I'm less forgiving of. But still, what damage can he do in a season? The pros outweigh the the cons as far as I'm concerned. If Baker can look decent in this division then I'm sure Terry will be class. He's always been underrated for his distribution and his positional sense and leadership is excellent. The fact that he's considering us rather than just take the easy dosh elsewhere speaks volumes.
  3. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    Glastonbury 'Special Guests'.... Elbow
  4. Southampton

    Looks to have a similar pedigree to Pochettino. I remember him playing for Liverpool briefly but don't know much else.
  5. General Chat

    Earl Barrett. I have the same surname, but no relation as far as I'm aware.
  6. Cricket: General Chat

    I did find myself running out of patience with Blowers. He is an institution but basically if you're listening on the radio and the commentator is getting names muddled up, saying people are out when they're not etc it's pointless. It was the same with CMJ in his latter years before he sadly passed away. I generally like all the newer TMS commentators though Vaughan and Swann can be quite jarring sometimes.
  7. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    I've never been interested in heavy drinking but I've lost the nice tipsy-buzz feeling from alcohol I used to get, now it's just nothing, nothing and then BAM, headache and want to go to sleep. Getting old I think.
  8. Things you often Wonder

    I remember when I was a kid our next door neighbour's Nan flushed her false teeth down the bog on Christmas Day and my Dad volunteered to go down the manhole cover to look for them. Why he didn't just say no, do it your **** self or suck your roast I have no idea.
  9. The Film Thread

    To be fair the trained raptors thing seemed a decent idea to me and certainly worth building a film around. The film they built was pretty shit though and God knows what they'll do in the next one. Just watched Anthropoid on Netflix. I've read a couple of books recently about the assassination of Heydrich and the film portrays how I imagined it went pretty well. I see they've made a film from HHhH as well this year which might be worth checking out.
  10. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    Yep, I used to get frustrated when he played wide and would keep hitting the backside of the defender four yards in front of him when trying to cross it. Through the middle he was excellent. It's a shame since he moved on he's been just a utility player.
  11. John Terry

    I think Chester will become a better player if he plays alongside Terry. As long as it's just a one year deal with perhaps the chance of a second if we go up then financially I think it's an ok deal at £60k a week. It's quite a pleasant change for one of the top pros in England willing to drop down a level and probably look to cut his teeth in coaching and possibly management rather than just go for the Sky money or demand walking into a Prem club as manager. Hopefully we will be a Prem club next year anyway, but you know what I mean. As for his personality yes he does seem like an often decent bloke capable of doing some pretty word removedy things. Hopefully in one season the positive things would come through.
  12. Finsbury Park Incident

    Great quote from one of his neighbours doing the rounds: 'He's always been a complete word removed, but this is really surprising'. Bit better than 'A nice man who kept himself to himself' you usually get.
  13. WWE: General Chat

    I thought it was ok, no surprises. The highlight was probably when Styles and Nakamura were in the ring together. I've not seen much of Nakamura before and still to really get the hype but you could tell things amped up a bit when they faced off. Should be a great Mania match if they go that way. Also I quite like Jinder Mahal, it's a gimmick that shouldn't work and certainly shouldn't be round in the 21st century but he pulls it off brilliantly. Rather him than Randy as champ.
  14. Finsbury Park Incident

    **** depressing
  15. Things you often Wonder

    Got a new kit but not a lot else from what I can tell.