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  1. sharkyvilla


    Or I could just burn my feet off with acid
  2. sharkyvilla


    Technically curry is a kind of stew, and I sometimes have that for breakfast
  3. sharkyvilla


    Very similar, just a slightly different shade and with black stripes. There's all sorts that are nearly right, I'm just a picky bastard. Might be bold and go for something completely different.
  4. sharkyvilla


    I stupidly wore my favourite suedey trainers to a gig in the middle of the heatwave and they got a bit ruined by the beer, sweat and God knows what other liquids flying about. Proper gutted as I can't seem to find Adidas ones in the same light brown colour anywhere.
  5. sharkyvilla

    Cricket: General Chat

    I've got a feeling that it's the captain and coach that decide the final XI from the squad, not the selectors. It is extremely hard on Curran who we would have probably lost the first Test if it wasn't for him. In the second Test probably most counties would have beaten India in those conditions, but they value Woakes's performance as being better than Curran's it seems.
  6. sharkyvilla

    The Film Thread

    I watched Jason Bourne again. I swear every Bourne film I've slept through when watching it the first time, then really enjoyed it when giving it another go and this was the same. There's something about Alicia Vikander as well, it's like her face is so perfect it's been made using a computer algorithm or something. Could do without the background music throughout though. Perhaps it's the same in the previous four films and I've just not noticed it as much, but it's a little annoying.
  7. sharkyvilla

    Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    Not surprised about Homeland, even I had to give up early on in the last series. Looking forward to Ozark though.
  8. sharkyvilla

    Cricket: General Chat

    It's not just the Ashes, Woakes averages over 60 with the ball in 12 matches away from home, and in trying to up his pace quite often ends up getting injured. I think they've already punished Stokes anyway with missing the Ashes,no need to do it again after he's been found not guilty.
  9. sharkyvilla


    I once bought a low-fat cheddar and it was one of the worst things I ever tasted. If I'm having cheese, I'm going all in. Just one of those things I will refuse to **** about with.
  10. sharkyvilla

    Cricket: General Chat

    I'd bring Stokes back in for Woakes myself. Harsh I know but Woakes is so bad away from home that I don't see much point giving him the next three matches if they could be used to help Curran develop before the winter tours. The other option is to drop Jennings and change the batting order around.
  11. Wonderful goal from Saul
  12. sharkyvilla

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    If it's loan to buy then the potential upside could be huge if he reaches anything close to his potential. If there were no option to buy then yes I'd probably look elsewhere.
  13. sharkyvilla

    Rushian Hepburn-Murphy

    I don't think it's anything personal as we failed to use Hogan properly in a similar fashion (though the jury is still out on him whether he's any good or not).
  14. sharkyvilla

    Villa Kit 2018-19

    Looks good. I love the fact we have kits designed specifically for us, I'd be a bit disappointed next year if we have a template Adidas kit.
  15. sharkyvilla

    Service charges on flats

    I'm looking to finally get on the property ladder and some of the fees like that are pretty eye-watering. Fair enough if there are some nice gardens and lots of security I wouldn't mind paying but some of the blocks of flats have no grounds or anything else. It seems a bit like those fees that estate agents make up when you're renting and charge a fortune for a tiny bit of paperwork, like you I wonder if you refused to pay them what they could really do.