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  1. One thing I'd say is that even though I know nothing about them, I can almost guarantee Biden will be surrounded by people in the West Wing not nearly as odious as Trump's family or whichever numbskull he has in post at any particular time (he seems to have got through hundreds of them). No more horseshit on Twitter either. So even if voting for an old bloke who gets his words muddled up, you would think he should be a relatively safe pair of hands who will most likely hand over to Harris in 4 years.
  2. That fiverthirtyeight website which seems a bit like their equivalent of Ukpollingreport predicts an 87% chance of Biden winning now. Too many places that are out of the margin of error for Trump to catch up.
  3. I finished The Wire this evening, it is terrific, not sure I'd put it at the top of my list of all time TV shows though. It does have individual scenes like this one that are absolutely brilliant. Overall 9/10, could've been a 10 but for that season where McNulty didn't feature much.
  4. How many times does Dean have to prove you wrong?
  5. It's often said about Messi as well, he loses the ball because he tries things that nobody else even thinks of and the manager knows if a few come off each game it makes the difference. Grealish pulled off two of the most magical bits of football I've seen for Villa with that run and that ball control with the outside of his foot, was inches away from giving us the lead in the first half (a lead I think we would have held on to) and people concentrate on how many times he lost the ball.
  6. Was it the one of the Pope holding something, with that something replaced by a picture of Jack and Barkley? I'm guessing it was some sort of 'sacrilegious' bollocks.
  7. Yeah my Dad used to be in charge of one at the football ground down here, said they barely made any money and he spent all night shitting himself it didn't set fire to a house down the road so it wasn't worth it.
  8. Just watched the first episode and **** me it must be one of the darkest episodes of TV I've ever seen.
  9. I'm not sure there are many who aren't fans of Bielsa as such, I suspect everyone thinks he is a great, innovative coach. It's just there have been negative things about Leeds since he took over too (and in the past) and things Dean achieved that he didn't. One thing we may have done was change our formation, if he goes into such depth with his analysis of the opposition and preparation, maybe we could have sprung something different like play Davis and Watkins together or 3 at the back. All of this is in hindsight of course, if Jack's shot in the first half rolls another few centimetres or
  10. FFS that sucks balls, makes the whole BTK thing utterly pointless. If West Wing can continue without Aaron Sorkin I don't see why someone else can't take over Mindhunter from Fincher but even then a different network to Netflix would have to step up and take it on as it doesn't meet their shitty algorithms.
  11. We were just lucky Bamford doesn't play for Man Utd.
  12. That pissed me right off, that second challenge was worthy of a yellow, just because it was early in the game shouldnt make a difference. When a manager has to hook a player for his own good that early it says it all. Same with Billings last year.
  13. I think tonight reaffirms my view that winning 4 games on the trot just means we are a quarter of the way to safety, the sooner we get there the better. There will be games like this, teams will have studied us and find ways to counteract our play. Leeds did a job on us, it hurts even more because it was that prick Bamford. Dean definitely needed to make subs even if it was just to show that the way we capitulated wasn't good enough.
  14. Yeah sometimes you have to hold your hands up and say the oppo did a job on us. Bamford got into Mings's head, we lost our shape completely when we went a goal down when really we looked like the more likely to score and win the game. Bad day at the office, Dean should have made subs even if it was put Steer or whoever on the pitch with the instruction to break Bamford.
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