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  1. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    Depending on the vegetable, it can be quite the compliment though surely.
  2. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    Talking of card payments, there's a small local off licence I go to who charge me 20p every time I buy something under a certain amount when I use my debit card. I swear that certain amount changes every time I go in.
  3. Paris, Belgium and the ISIS threat to Europe

    Absolutely. I believe the conventional thinking in prisons was for a while to separate criminal Islamists in jail from each other but the result was that more non-Muslim offenders would get converted due to the gang mentality.
  4. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    I **** hate getting my hair cut. There's nothing worse than that anxious wait while you're hoping the decent barber finishes before the other one as I haven't got the nerve to say 'nah, I'll wait for the other guy thanks'.
  5. The Film Thread

    Still think it's a massive shame they brought back Batman so soon after the Nolan series. Using White Stripes to sell it as well is a shame. A few more doughnuts for Zorro.
  6. Paris, Belgium and the ISIS threat to Europe

    One of the armed policemen, the attacker and two people on the bridge so far.
  7. Paddy's "Things that cheer you up"

    After 10 years on the road ground sharing all over the place, my local team Horsham just got planning permission for a new ground. Pretty emotional scenes
  8. Jordan Veretout

    I think the horse has bolted on this one. I can't see us standing in his, Sanchez and Gil's way now they've all had better experiences in top leagues in Europe. We will need to raise a bit of money to finish off the squad for next season as I think we spent most of our budget early in January.
  9. Things you often Wonder

    And why does Rachel Riley not do it?
  10. WWE: General Chat

    Thing is the Rock is making a WWE movie about her isn't he? No such thing as bad publicity.
  11. RBS Six Nations 2017

    The 20 minutes extra in the Wales game made me want to slit my wrists. Everything I hate about rugby union right there, and unfortunately I didn't have control of the remote.
  12. Scottish Independence

    It shouldn't be forgotten that the SNP actually lost their majority last year. They need the Greens on side who said they'd need 1m signatures in support of a referendum. It'll be interesting to see whether they bother with that.
  13. Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    I've tried too, it's one of those comedies where I just find the actors are trying too hard to be funny rather than acting out a funny script, if that makes sense. I'd lump Big Bang Theory into that group as well. I can't stand it.
  14. The Manager thread

    I'm still dumbfounded that anyone took Gestede off our hands. Has he scored for them? I wonder if they have a hilarious, disbelieving Rudi Gestede thread on their fan forum.
  15. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    My newish manager is like that, and he can't understand why when we get new staff, they don't want to stay and leave within a couple of months. He has no patience while they learn the ropes and has a go. It wasn't so bad for me, he did treat me like shit for the first week but I knew I could do the job to a good standard so just kept my head down and basically told him to piss off at one stage. The thing is he is so proud of being a bastard to people. I just will never understand that attitude.