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  1. sharkyvilla

    Champions League final: Real Madrid vs Liverpool

    This is usually the kind of shit that happens to us. I actually almost feel sorry for them.
  2. sharkyvilla

    Champions League final: Real Madrid vs Liverpool

    What a **** goal
  3. sharkyvilla

    Champions League final: Real Madrid vs Liverpool

    And my smile swiftly gone
  4. sharkyvilla

    Champions League final: Real Madrid vs Liverpool

    At least that's put a smile on my face
  5. sharkyvilla

    New Manager Speculation

    I think it's very unlikely that Bruce will go. Not sure how I feel about it though.
  6. sharkyvilla

    Gary Gardner

    I had no idea he was still on our books
  7. sharkyvilla

    John Terry

    It was good while it lasted. The only way he will stay is if he's manager, or just plays on for the love of it. Tbh if we got promoted I doubt he'd have been able to cope with the Premier League, but he's been fantastic and a shame we couldn't get over the line.
  8. sharkyvilla

    Cricket: General Chat

    I think Woakes and Wood are both pants. Ball seems the in form bowler but he's been pants for England too. The team has so many holes in it, and they're the same holes they've had for several seasons now. The leadership from Bayliss and Root isn't very inspiring either. We need a big shake up.
  9. sharkyvilla

    Villa Kit 2018-19

    I may be wrong but there seems to be fewer teams getting in the shit financially since FFP came in.
  10. sharkyvilla

    Football Kits 2018/19

    I'd love it if Nike had fallen for an email scam
  11. sharkyvilla

    John Terry

    I think it probably is true. Chelsea went as far as substituting him in the 23rd minute of his last match or something daft like that, so him wanting to not play against them seems like something he'd ask for. While he has been great for us, he does have a massive ego too. Personally I think it's weird when players don't celebrate against their old clubs, ok they probably shouldn't go full on Adebayor but to not celebrate a goal is something that pisses me off that probably shouldn't.
  12. sharkyvilla

    Should the World Cup have it's own subforum?

    I think a thread for each group would be about right.
  13. sharkyvilla

    The Royal Wedding

    My brother is the absolute spit image of Prince William, like proper seperated at birth shit. It's freaky, hearing him talk in such a casual way he sounds just like him too. Maybe I've got some royal blood in me.
  14. sharkyvilla

    New Manager Speculation

    Probably speculating about potential new managers or something.