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  1. How come they've never found a cure for baldness anyway? Useless bunch of sciencey bastards.
  2. I'm getting that way a bit too. I reckon I'll eventually just shave it, keep my beard long and wear my glasses more which seems to distract attention away from the top of your head. In fact it might be quite liberating to just get it over with but yeah, it'll need doing regularly which is a pain in the arse. I have a job where I have to wear a hat anyway.
  3. I don't really see the logic of not wanting to be part of the United Kingdom, stating a desire to be part of a European Union instead. Surely Scotland has for more trade and other things with the rest of the UK than Europe. They also lost seats in the 2017 election after the Brexit referendum which seems to go against their narrative. Not to mention they have to go through the ball ache of negotiating with both us and the EU.
  4. Critics in general piss me off. What is it that actually qualifies people to review music, films, dinner or whatever? Pretentious bell ends, all of them.
  5. I believe Sterling was about to come into the box and would have had a clear shot at goal too. I reckon some of these refs would be happy to change their decision if they had a second look at it on the monitors, which is the most frustrating thing for me.
  6. Thinking of how good we would be with Tammy up front makes me a bit sad. The fact that Joelinton, Haller and Wes cost about £100m between them and only scored 9 goals shows just how hard it is to buy a good striker nowadays.
  7. I still think we are at the point where we have to play the percentages and have Conor on the field. He's the best finisher we have by far and we are more likely to score from his set pieces.
  8. There have been plenty of games where he has been detrimental to the team. I still think there is a lot of potential with him but the key with players who are developing is knowing when to leave them out. Problem is we can't do that really with the other personnel in the squad.
  9. Another great game between NZ and England last night. They must be sick of playing us. I fancy them in the Tests though.
  10. Messi has scored another two free kicks tonight
  11. I reckon something like the Democrats under Obama would get a landslide over here. Probably New Labour was the closest to that, perhaps Cameron to a degree.
  12. But logically why would they not already be using the most competent refs in the country? I've seen no evidence that there are better ones in the Championship from our experience there. Where else are they hiding? Refereeing in the PL is really about being fit enough to keep up with some of the fittest athletes in the world and getting into the right position to see what's happening. That's really tough. Even if you are fit enough you can sometimes get blind-sided, not anticipate something or look at the wrong player at the wrong time. Add to that, football is probably the sport where cheating is most common, from diving and feigning injury down to small matters such as claiming a corner or throw in that isn't yours. You then get dog's abuse non-stop from thousands of people just for doing it.
  13. If you only give teams one per match then it would be pretty risky to waste it on wasting time or other skulduggery. You could also stop the clock for reviews.
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