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  1. Yes I had my second Pfizer Thursday before last, the doctor said people often wake during the night with flu like symptoms but as I work night shifts it hit me like a truck just before going home. Could barely get out of my car I was so stiff and took the next night off as I was exhausted (insert shitty Carry On gif). I was a bit annoyed they didnt pay me sick leave for a day but if I self-isolated for 10 days they would pay the whole lot.
  2. Funnily enough his new song with Beck came up on my YouTube suggestions. Slightly unsettling but decent.
  3. Are they still only allowed about 2% attendances in Wales or something? The crowd in Cardiff is pathetic. Giving them Test cricket and now one of the franchises never made any sense to me.
  4. The graphs today show testing is down 13% but cases are down 30% on the last 7 days, my maths is pretty crude but as long as cases decrease quicker than testing then it's pretty encouraging I think? Anyway I occasionally have to stop and think about what an incredible human achievement the vaccines have been.
  5. I think he will stay but the recurrence of the shin injury might just have had an effect on both his and the club's thinking this summer. If it's something that he will have to manage the rest of the career and can't play more than 30 league games a season, being offered £150m might just be tempting. Also with a World Cup coming up, Jack's pretty frustrating experience at the Euros might make City look more inviting than moving last season.
  6. It's all gifs and that guy who demands every speculation thread be shut down over and over again. Does my head in.
  7. I wonder whether City possibly getting in trouble again meant they accelerated things by offering silly money to get it done now. Hopefully it will get sorted quickly either way when Jack comes back to training.
  8. Assuming it's Thiago's younger brother Rafinha he has had a couple of bad knee injuries, his pedigree is excellent but whether he can deal with regular PL matches I'm not sure.
  9. I think Bartomeu easily deserves some sort of criminal action. He ran the club as recklessly as one of those Ponzi scheme rocket polishers.
  10. Great game just now. I'm surprised how much I've enjoyed it, even the ladies' matches.
  11. I'm sure Dean, Lange and Purslow must be having similar discussions as we are, trying to work out the value he would add vs the cost. Today must have been a bit of a wake up call if they intended to have Wes as back up and competition for Ollie. For me ideally we would be trying to sign the next Watkins or Toney (maybe Dike?) before Brentford get them but if they decide we have the money and a way to keep Ollie and Tammy happy then I'm all for signing him.
  12. Yeah that was one of the things I was thinking about, Liam and the extras all look like they could have been recorded yesterday but there are films from further back where it's the same, and as @mjmooney says stuff from around the war becomes far more real when they manage to improve the picture. The soldiers look they could be me and my mates.
  13. Not sure if this makes sense but sometimes to me it's the quality of TV footage that ages things more than the actual style, as when I've seen old stuff upscaled to HD it brings things more into the here-and-now and people look less old-fashioned.
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