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  1. I think he will be a really good player but not for us, if we get relegated. See Veretout, Adama, Gueye, Gollini etc. If we stay up, buy a big DM and with a year's experience he will be very good imo. He's got the talent but just needs to get the decision making right.
  2. BBC have a Cummings eyewitness on at the mo which sounds painful.
  3. I've always thought Pochettino comes across as quite humble. I'd have been really pissed off as a Spurs fan to lose him and have Mourinho instead. But yeah I have no idea why he is even being brought into the discussion as there's more chance of me being Villa manager.
  4. Yes it looked like Spink played a blinder. It looked like one of those matches you have on Football Manager where you turn it off in a huff and replay it thinking it was taking the piss.
  5. Why didn't he just stand down and advise the PM on the quiet for a while, then in a few months when it's all blown over go back full time?
  6. They put the short highlights up on Facebook, how did we not get battered about 4-1?
  7. Man I just found Baseketball with the guys from South Park on Netflix. Takes me back to my secondary school days, I remember thinking it was the funniest film I'd ever seen at the time. It's a bit shit watching it again but still worth it for the nostalgia.
  8. I assume if his vision was buggered his missus would drive back. Still it all seems like a load of bollocks.
  9. sharkyvilla

    Pepe Reina

    Yes watching Reina trying to do the sweeper keeper thing when his legs have gone is a bit embarrassing. I reckon we would get more out of giving Nyland an extended chance, though if the defence doesn't sort itself out then it probably doesnt matter who is in goal.
  10. I've only seen bits of the first series and most of it is a word-for-word remake which put me off as it didnt seem right seeing different actors doing it. Apparently it gets better once they get past the original source material.
  11. I'd be surprised if the owners got rid of Suso, they obviously gave him the remit to sign young players that can improve so the fact that they haven't quite come off yet shouldnt be a surprise to them.
  12. FFS Poch is probably getting paid by Spurs 5 times what Dean earns to sit on his arse at home.
  13. Somehow ended up down a WWF themed black hole this morning. Never knew this had a sick bass solo in it.
  14. It's page after page because people don't put him on ignore. A troll or someone on the spectrum isn't going to stop when he keeps getting attention.
  15. Wilder has done fantastically, my point was trying to put things in perspective at our end. If we stay up and had a cup final then Smith would have met and probably exceeded my expectations too, having also exceeded my expectations last season in getting us up from the state we were in.
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