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  1. IMHO I think we’re two players away from being a really, really decent side. These are a LW/AM and DCM. Ive mentioned Nkunku before, he can play anywhere across the front 4 and would give us options with him centrally but interchanging with Buendia and Bailey during the game, Nkunku going LW, Buendia coming central and Bailey swapping wings. It would be brilliant to watch. This could work in either an attacking 433 with Nkunku as the No10 or in a 4231. For me Nkunku would be Grealish’s replacement and offer a lot of what he would have offered us this season. Someone like Tchouameni or Docoure as our DCM would also allow us to play the 4231 better and allow Luiz/McGinn/Sanson etc to play more of their natural games, think Luiz and Guimaraes in the Brazil team as an example. If needed we’d also have the option of playing Nakamba alongside the new DCM if we needed to go ultra defensive in a 4231 or 433, with two No6s and a No8 (McGinn). It will be interesting to see how we look in the next month or so.
  2. Thought he had a brilliant game, lots of energy, running, and quality on the ball. Agree a goal will push him on. I was one of those wanting him to go out on loan but I think he should stay around now, especially as I don’t think we’re shelling out on a worldie CM for now. I think he has something to offer this season based on the Newcastle showing.
  3. You could see he wanted the ball and I thought he was getting a bit frustrated with his team mates not passing to him when he was under pressure. his support of the back four though when crowded by Newcastle players was lovely to see, slick, calm and confident when under pressure. Last season we would have just hoofed it, now, a few short sharp passes and we’re looking to break. Genuinely excited to see him kick on when fitter and on the same wavelength. Him and a fit and raring Watkins will be poetry. For now, not fit but will get loads better (if us lot give him chance)
  4. Would love Paqueta as our No10 but as someone put on here a while back he’s only just signed a new contract last year so not sure they’d want to sell him. Lyon have some decent players to be fair. Cherki is another one of theirs I’d take too. If we’re throwing suggestions around, Christopher Nkunku would be a good shout as he plays AM/LW and has some crazy stats. Wicked set piece taker too. For DM I’d like Sarr as there just seems to be something about him. Failing this though I’d like us to go for Tchouameni at Monaco.
  5. Interesting to see the Monster deal announcement as they’ve been all over sponsoring motorsport for years (Motocross, MotoGP, World Rally, etc). Not sure I agree with all these ‘partners’ personally but I guess it’s the way of the footballing world at present and we’re playing catch up.
  6. I’m going to show my age now but I always preferred pro evolution soccer. Tchouameni is a player though and only 21/22 too.
  7. burchy

    Dean Smith

    I want him to succeed as he comes across as a really nice bloke. The interview today you could tell he was pissed off and he didn’t paint over anything, he was honest and I respect that. I’m patiently waiting for his Brentford styled Villa, where we tear teams apart, similar to the Liverpool game. When we played his Brentford team they tore us apart. You can see bits here and there but hoping it all clicks into place sooner rather than later.
  8. DM - One of Doucoure, Tchouameni, Anguissa please. I think the ship has sailed with Sarr, especially with IrnBru been signed from the Baggies as he’s a similar age I believe.
  9. Is he or Ings a No10 though? For me McGinn is competing with Sanson for one of the No8 roles if we play a defensive shaped 433. If we’re aiming for Europe we need a better No10 than McGinn, if we want to play 4231. A front four of Watkins Bailey Kamada Buendia is a lot better than Watkins Bailey McGinn Buendia
  10. Two DMs needed ASAP in my eyes, one to push Nakamba to the bench (CDM - Doucoure, Tchouameni, Sarr) and the other to compete for Luiz’s place - a Locatelli/Milinković-Savić/Dahoud type. If we had our current midfielders become our bench options (depending on form) we’d be a lot better off. A midfield three of McGinn/Sanson Milinković-Savić Doucoure If I’m being greedy I’d like a No10 too so we go with the below in some games Kamada Doucoure Milinković-Savić A tad bit unrealistic I guess but that is what we need. Can we afford three top, top quality players? We could afford someone like Locatelli but would he come? Milinković-Savić would cost a fair chunk of the Grealish wad but Doucoure and Kamada might be relative cheap options compared to the likes of JWP.
  11. I still think we’re 3 players off being sorted. Priority is a progressive DM (Doucoure by all accounts) and then a Tom Riddle replacement. Not many links of real quality here (Cantwell, McNeil, etc). The Correa talk is just that I think as he’ll stay in Italy. An Nkunku or Kamada level signing and we’d be set there though and have real options across the front 3/4 positions. Add to the above some GK cover and we’re all good to go. Personally I’d like to see a Locatelli type come in but I think we’ll hold off on this as McGinn/Luiz will move forward and Sanson should be fit too. We’ve also got Chuk as well. I do think it’s our midfield that is the issue, sort this out with some quality and balance and the sky’s the limit.
  12. I personally think Ings is competition for Watkins and f’ing good competition for Watkins. We now have no real drop in player from the bench in that position. I also think he was one of those that ‘became available’ and as our board have already stated, we’d move on a deal of that kind, under the right circumstances. I think Ings can be our Cavani. Quality when needed, either from the start or off the bench. He is a massive upgrade on Wes and Davis so was a no brainier really. I also think with Ings in Smith will rest Ollie a bit more too
  13. I think he could end up back at Barnsley perhaps. He’d be a solid purchase for his old club.
  14. If he signs I’ll cheer him on but personally hoping this is a smokescreen for Tchouameni or Anguissa as stats wise they’re both superior players. If any of the DM links are true at least the powers that be at Villa are on the same wavelength as us lot
  15. I’d be inclined to give Dougie a new contract, you don’t get into the Brazil squad if you’re crap. He could really come into his prime over the course of his next contract and although I said I’d listen to offers in another post about him I think he deserves some time. I think he’s a bit of a scapegoat to how we played last year, McGinn also. Luiz is not a No6, or at least I’d don’t think he is. Nakamba is the DM in the squad but his limited passing range meant Smith went with Luiz most of the time. I think if we had a better version of Nakamba Luiz could work well further forward alongside McGinn/Sanson/Ramsay (although I’d like him to go on loan)/Chuk, in a more defensive minded midfield three.
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