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  1. VillaAlex

    Dean Smith

    I know Farke has been mentioned as a name who was given time to turn things around where he built an identity. Here are another few:- Jokanovic did really well first season but missed out in playoff semi finals. First 4-5 months at Fulham last season were terrible, and some fans were calling for his head (he never got the players he wanted in). Come January he brought those players in and Fulham surged up the table and got promoted, they had an identity. Lee Johnson joined Bristol City three years ago, kept them up comfortably for his first half season. His first full season with Tammy firing in the goals they only just survived getting relegated. Bristol City kept the faith, and the following season Bristol City started strong. They were in the top 8 for much of the season, and reached the semi finals of the League Cup. They then collapsed and finished the season terribly, many fans were calling for Johnson to leave. The start of this season Bristol City started poorly again, they were languishing in the bottom half of the table and again there were calls for Johnsons head. Here now in February Bristol City have won (9 games I think) in a row and are verging in on the playoffs again. They had an identity. David Wagner less so, he came in did what was expected and in his first summer bought in 15 players (according to Wikipedia) and guess what they got promoted. But again he built his team. Of course none of those clubs are a club the size of our own, where there is less patience and more expectation. However we are now a club who has underachieved year after year for arguably the past 9-10 years. Something needs to change drastically and I feel we need to give Smith time as others have supported too.
  2. Big problem here is we're trying to play a way that doesn't suit players. Hourihane and Whelan can't play this system, every game we're being over run. Every game our fullbacks are being pulled out of position. Every game Tammy is isolated because nobody can get near him. We're bound to fail, I can't believe we failed to address obvious problems in January.
  3. I wish McGinn would have a shot, he has it in him and has had the space a few times this game now.
  4. Hause can stay at left back now, really encouraging today.
  5. VillaAlex

    Match Thread: Brentford v Villa

    As poor as we've been, it's a better score than I expected from the first half, and we had the best chance and forced the best save of the game.
  6. VillaAlex

    Please tell me when to stop laughing at SHA

    Sometimes a siege mentality can give you that extra lift...
  7. VillaAlex

    Leeds United

    They're still a fair bit behind Norwich but catching up
  8. VillaAlex

    Anwar El Ghazi

    He's just not good enough for me, it may be a confidence thing but he offers next to nothing week after week.
  9. VillaAlex

    André Green

    Well he's already done more than our other wide players have done for the past 6 weeks
  10. VillaAlex

    Match Thread: Villa v Sheff Utd

    **** off Jedi ak, absolute disgrace today
  11. VillaAlex

    Match Thread: Villa v Sheff Utd

    Jedinak and Hourihane have been diabolical.
  12. VillaAlex

    Match Thread: Villa v Sheff Utd

    We look several leagues apart
  13. VillaAlex

    Match Thread: Reading v Villa

    New tactic, give every Reading player a whack until they have no players left
  14. VillaAlex

    Match Thread: Reading v Villa

    You could not play a full back and El Ghazi would still find a way to fall over/lose the ball.