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  1. Will be interesting to see if he stays or whether we see Bertie and JPB as appropriate backup. Not to mention we supposedly want Cantwell too. Unless we get an offer of around £20m I think he should. He's not worth a penny less with his output.
  2. Watkins Bailey Ings Buendia Or maybe Watkins Ings Buendia Bailey
  3. Watkins will still play every game he can and will still be our lead striker. Ings will either play behind him or on the left. There's no way we will change Olis position imo.
  4. He works hard but is no Watkins he's very creative as well. Much better player than Tammy.
  5. Ings is an intelligent enough forward to drop in behind Watkins. I think we could see Watkins Bailey Ings Buendia In some games. Ings would be more of a support striker with Oli as the press.
  6. Looking forward to the B(Bailey)B(Buendia)W(Watkins) this season.
  7. No if he thinks he's above us now, we won't stoop to his level in the future.
  8. Disappointing that one of our own, one who has been at the club since such a young age hasn't even played a full season in the top flight at Villa Park. He's only just entering his prime as well. So so disappointing. Thought one day he'd be a legend, now he will just be another on the list of players who did well for us, but ultimately never achieved enough to spoken about amongst the greats. I thought he'd at least give us one more season but it seems this has been his intention for a few seasons now.
  9. I think it'd be 4 years with option of a fifth.
  10. That's deffo Jack. Few people saying Photoshop but it's a bloody good one if so.
  11. Fair enough of them if they wanna keep him. Move on.
  12. If we sign him can he lose his goal celebration. Not a massive fan of his but trust our backroom team if they think he's good enough.
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