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  1. VillaAlex

    Jesus Garcia Pitarch

    Worked with Benitez in his first spell at Valencia In all serious though Purslow wouldn't allow it. Seems he's had quite poor track record of managerial appointments in his roles (if his duty) since leaving Atletico Madrid Spent one season as chairman at Zaragoza.
  2. VillaAlex

    New Manager Speculation

    I'm pretty sure after all of this it's going to end up being Rodgers with Terry as the assistant.
  3. VillaAlex

    Match Thread: Millwall v Villa

    This team does not seem to like a fight, and does not seem to be physically capable of performing for 90 minutes.
  4. VillaAlex

    Steve Bruce

    Fantastic news, good riddance. Can't wait for official confirmation and if so please get the next appointment right...
  5. VillaAlex

    Match Thread: Bristol City v Villa

    I feel as if I go into games now thinking this is going to be crap and every time it's even worse then I'd imagined. We're pathetic.
  6. VillaAlex

    Steve Bruce

    By the end of the evening please, if the new guys have any clue what they are doing.
  7. VillaAlex

    Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Sheff Wed

    MOTM the fans who continually pay to watch this shit.
  8. VillaAlex

    Match Thread: Villa v Sheff Wed

    I wonder who Bruce will throw under the bus?
  9. VillaAlex

    Match Thread: Villa v Sheff Wed

    How are they contnually beating us wth simple direct passes?
  10. VillaAlex

    Match Thread: Villa v Sheff Wed

    Greatest goal of all time, oh my god.
  11. VillaAlex

    Match Thread: Villa v Sheff Wed

    Get the **** out Bruce.
  12. VillaAlex

    Match Thread: Villa v Sheff Wed

    Serious tactical flaws here. Whenever McGinn gets the ball, Pelupassy or Fletcher on him like a rash. We are playing two strikers both of them are not coming deep or looking to press Bannan who has alll the time in the world to stretch us. Going forward we have zero width, and their centre backs are touch tight and are winning it every time. Where is the movement?
  13. VillaAlex

    Match Thread: Villa v Sheff Wed

    Kodjia and Abraham have been poor today, they really need to close down Bannan better too who is getting far too much time on the ball.
  14. VillaAlex

    Steve Bruce

    As annoying as our performances are and our lack of results. I'm sick to death of his lies and spin to save his face. It's embarrassing to hear pundits and commentators echo this too. I miss the days of Gregory and Little where we had a manager who cared about the club and not just his ego and paycheck.