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  1. I feel one of the things that stands out is he is a lot stronger and a lot more assertive than previous academy players other than Jack.
  2. I was quite surprised at Jermaine Beckford's punditry, a lot better than some of the crap they have on.
  3. Soucek gets a lot of attention but Coufal has been another brilliant signing for West Ham. Absolute bargain given prices nowadays.
  4. Apparently Ipswich are close to a takeover, having their debt cleared and he will get the sack and be replaced by Paul Cook. Fantastic news for Ipswich fans.
  5. The issue with Southampton is they've had so many injury problems. They can't keep a consistent side. They have very little investment so their depth is dreadful and on top of that they've had some shocking decisions go against them.
  6. We need a big performance from Tyrone this weekend, he had a shocker last time Vs Bamford who totally got in his head. He's done well recently and has cut out a lot of complacency but I want to see him avenge that game at VP and not lose his head at all.
  7. He's ok as a backup left winger for where we are atm, just keep him away from the right. He was fine today, was harsh to sub him.
  8. He actually did well apart from the goals, he made some great interceptions and was positive with his passing. Of course we can't afford to have those mistakes but I back up the above that it's a bloody tough game to be thrown into at his age and lack of game time.
  9. Yep, I love his confidence and tenacity. Deserves a start.
  10. Yep completely his fault that goal and I'm a Elmo fan.
  11. I think he's not played too great this season but the system seems to always leave him exposed and I'm not sure it suits him. He's a good player and he played superbly after lockdown but this season I don't see a player Man City would want back. He's young though and long term will be great for us, if he stays.
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