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  1. I think they'll easily come back up next year, especially if they keep Big Sam sadly. As others have mentioned Robinson, Diangana and Grant are excellent options for the Championship. Ajayi is easily top standard in that league and they'll either have the best keeper in the league or recoup a good amount of money to invest in the squad. Their issues will be in midfield so they'll need to invest there but a few loans usually sorts that.
  2. Great first half, please don't do the inevitible and lose now.
  3. Defies belief to be able to nearly score 40 goals in one League season. Incredible.
  4. That's such an Everton signing to make nowadays. Don't know what they're doing...
  5. We've been great and we will probably lose now I say this but it's clear why Everton are only a few points ahead of us. Their midfield is as bad as ours and their defence is a shambles.
  6. Barkley has started well. He did alright last game too. Obviously can't forget the months before but hopefully he's getting his act together.
  7. 100% this. Every time I watch him play he's abusing the referee or whining at his teammates for something they did wrong. Ignoring the number of times he runs into a defender himself. Not to mention most games he seems to want to fight someone. I hope he's actually ok and just a bit of a prick on the pitch. It's probably a large buildup of the poor career choices he has made, although I respect his loyalty with his new contract the second time for Palace.
  8. Navas is an excellent goalkeeper but you can't let that in ffs
  9. Chuk does things that seasoned first team pros do. He's so impressive he's always on the moving and thinking.
  10. Nice to see us do well from set piece. Appiah is a big lad.
  11. On top of being a good cause I'd happily pay just to hear our bias commentators over theirs
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