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  1. Webster very much fits the mould we need. Good in the air and very good with the ball at his feet.
  2. Excellent defender, I'd be happy with him, but he won't be cheap...
  3. So their owner is saying he can't take money out of China to pay back debts. Seems a lot like Doctor Tony over there at the moment.
  4. SkySports reports on Twitter is linking us to Terence Kongolo. I'm pretty sure someone is reading @Villan4Life's posts
  5. Yep for all the negativity of them hosting it, they are continually starting to show they will hold their own. Their manager is building a quality 'team' and as you say play nice football to watch on the eye
  6. Hause will be £3m though and Konsa 10+. Given your knowledge is there anyone you think attainable as good for a similar price range who can cover both centre back and left back?
  7. I hope Derby come up myself after suffering the pain ourselves with a playoff loss I don't know how I could have comprehended another year in the Championship so I thank them for aiding us up
  8. VillaAlex

    Keinan Davis

    Interested to see where the Wesley signing leaves Keinan. Based on the YouTube compilations I have watched and the reports from people who have watched him, as a player his style is very similar. (Albeit he is a lot more experienced and accomplished for his age). Will Keinan stay as a natural replacement or will we send him out on loan as he's not ready for the PL. I feel keeping Keinan could have a few advantages as I'm a big fan of his potential but a season of regular football in the Championship would do him the world of good.
  9. Good move for the lad, obviously Presley knows him very well again because of his son
  10. Even if the Fornals link was true it's one I find odd. He's very similar to Jota/Jack, as good of a player he seems I don't think he'd be right for us. We need proper width and goals from midfield which he doesn't offer either. I think the lad from Brentford would offer more goal wise. I want to emphasise on goals from midfield as well if we don't get that I think we're straight back down. I also think Fornals would have offers from likes of Arsenal. Therefore I call bullshit and I've probably wastes 2 minutes of my life thinking about it.
  11. Some guy has been tweeting Mings every day on Twitter asking him to sign and today he finally liked a tweet.
  12. Yeah, I'd also say he'll be sold off very soon as no manager will want to come in and be the one to sell the prized asset on the cheap.
  13. Yeah, I'd also say he'll be sold off very soon as no manager will want to come in and be the one to sell the prized asset on the cheap.
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