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  1. Superb player, Chelsea have played a blinder replacing Hazard. I think he could end up doing better long term as well.
  2. The thing with Watkins is he covers three areas we lack right now. Forward press. Goals Pace Benrahma is obviously the more talented player, he's technically phenomenal and he fights, but I wonder how well he'd suit a team in the bottom half from a tactical point of view compared to playing for a top 6 side with a lot of possession and freedom.
  3. Can we at least sign Watkins I think he'd be brilliant for us.
  4. Based on the pictures after the game on Sunday there is no way there was issues other than him being injured. There's a good defender in there, I remember his superb debut in particular. Hope he is fit again soon.
  5. I think Smith's be a good teammate mentality would rule us signing him. He abandoned his own teammates in a relegation fight for his own interests. Some would argue that's the right thing to do incase of injury and short playing careers but I can't see us going near him.
  6. Antonee Robinson at Wigan might be worth looking at, nearly signed for Milan in January but failed a medical due to heart irregularities. Still young and needs to learn but would offer some pace to our back line.
  7. He's precisely the type of player you want around the club, he's improved as the season has gone on, and again he might be fighting for his place but you know he'll always give everything to try and get to the level required.
  8. Never thought I'd say it but I'd keep Neil Taylor around for 1 more year, I hope we wouldn't really need him but he's solid enough to have in emergency.
  9. I think if Brentford fail to come up we are more likely to get Watkins from them if anyone.
  10. What about Josh Maja, not as No1 target but as a reserve?
  11. The money paid for him and for Kepa by Chelsea. Give me a goalkeeper who can do the basics any day.
  12. I hope we have suitably prepared for his absence if he does leave, we've had enough time to find replacements. As for today he stood up when it counted, and will further cement was a fabulous player he has been for us, he should be so proud.
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