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  1. Watkins is a victim of the formation. The width beside him this season created space through the middle, but he could also run the channels to get support off the wingers. Now he plays Vs narrow defences with very little support.
  2. I thought that was really poor. We are playing very slow and tentative and making far too many unforced errors. I don't think any player can come out of that half happy, apart from maybe Dougie. The rest, some have had bright moments but have also made mistakes. I do not like this formation, it has its uses but every game just doesn't work. Ings and Watkins cannot get into the game and we are very one dimensional. Too often Tuanzebe has the freedom to run with the ball (Wolves are allowing to on purpose) as he can't pass and has nearly cost us several times. We need to take him off and change the shape immediatley. Buendia has looked much better but at times still looks too lightweight. He at least has tried to drive us up the pitch though and his pass to Ings was sublime. We are so much better than this.
  3. Called up to Brazil squad as replacement for Casemiro. Will now at least miss the Wolves game I'd expect.
  4. I think the Watford owners are brilliant. Without their help we'd have been relegated 2 seasons ago.
  5. I'm seeing a lot of City fans frustrated with his output, they're used to Mahrez, Sterling, Foden regularly being goal threats. I don't think Jack is that or ever will be that and is more of a luxury in a side like Citys. Jack is a world class player but I'm still wondering if it was the best signing by Pep considering the fee involved.
  6. Get the feeling Sancho will score his first goal.
  7. Proud of how he is nurturing all the young talent we have. I get the feeling he will always put the future of the club above himself. Tough game today we did a lot better than anyone would have expected. This will do wonders for the development of our team.
  8. Our turn to take advantage of a team with mass injuries. I hope we take it...
  9. Some of the playacting by Brentford has been shameful again.
  10. I love the look of Iroegbounam. Thorndike is very talented but so frustrating.
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