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  1. Palace are usually better away I think. In my opinion next week is the type of game we should be looking to win away from home, if any.
  2. Yeah for sure Carragher has a soft spot for us I'm sure he even said so once.
  3. Lol I know he was having a bad game but it looked like he was being forced against his will to play for Everton.
  4. It seems buying cast offs from bigger sides probably isn't the best policy for trying to break into the top 6. Kean and Digne are good players though.
  5. Well if we don't they're in big trouble too.
  6. Weirdly better in Premier League then he ever was in the Championship. One very bad cross but otherwise decent. At least he's earning his shirt.
  7. I'd imagine we have some sort of 1 year option, and the same with Andre Green which won't be made public.
  8. He deserved that he has been superb since his mistake.
  9. Positives:- McGinn looks a goal threat. Douglas Luiz does look a player despite the mistake. He'll need time though. Taylor holding his own again to be fair, even going forward. Negatives:- Grealish is pretty anonymous. Wesley doesn't look much of a goal threat, which was a worry before the season started. The individual mistakes are going to kill us this season, when we ask where are the goals going to come from? Trezeguet really had to score before half time. The Referee is a clown. McGinn looks like the only player who is going to score regular goals at the moment. I expected to lose today, but its been super frustrating, due to bad luck and that the scoreline at present was avoidable.
  10. Despite the mistake, Douglas Luis has had some promising moments. Not too sure on Wesley ATM though...
  11. Gonna take time, this is hard to watch right now though.
  12. I'm surprised that didn't go in such is our luck today.
  13. VillaAlex


    I think they have an excellent team but don't see how their small squad could manage Europe and the league. We saw it with MON you can get lucky with injuries but post Xmas if you're still in it the players can't put in the same levels of performance as the start of the season.
  14. @Villan4Life must be over the moon.
  15. Tammy Snodgrass Pocchettino Adomah Forest (they are a big club and gave been out of top league far too long) Sterling Kante Albrighton

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