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  1. Big strikers always get harshly penalised.
  2. Never hides, never bottles, always gives everything. Love him.
  3. I think he's been absolutely fantastic this season bar the odd bad performance. How we missed him in December. His character alone is a massive boost to our side.
  4. Well done to young Vassilev when he came on. Made a real difference.
  5. Never seen him play but watching a few videos I really like his movement to score with his head as he's not the tallest. I also welcome a striker who will chase every ball, we really need that right now.
  6. This thread knew all along. The second coming of Benteke is coming after all from Genk
  7. Can't wait for them to reject the work permit on the last day of the window and we're left with no strikers
  8. He started off so well for us, it's his first season in a league like this. He needs rotation and competition, and injuries haven't helped us. Hopefully Drinkwater will help out in that regard.
  9. Absolutely this, unfortunately he's the starter for a relegation battler and is going to be an instant scapegoat. It happens, and its something we have to deal with in the short term and hope he evolves into the player he can be. Although by then Man City will probably want him back!
  10. Really happy with that, bit sloppy with passing but as long as they defend well for the time being it isn't so bad.
  11. Does this rule us out of signing Giroud then?
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