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  1. QPR really should have scored to go 1-0 up v Derby
  2. For sure, however I can't see it happening It's especially concerning given Albion are better away from home.
  3. If I was to choose I'd go with Boro to make the last playoff spot. I'd see Leeds turning over Bristol City quite easily, whereas Pulisball could easily spring up a surprise. Derby are immense bottlers but as mentioned they could have the extra motivation.
  4. Would be hilarious for them to get 6th and get one over Bielsa in the semi finals after all the spygate drama earlier in the season.
  5. Seems more and more likely that Leeds will be joining us in the playoffs.
  6. 1-0 Forest, Lolley helping us to the playoffs with Bannan
  7. It pleases my eyes how we won 1 - 0 in our 10th win
  8. I don't see us as laboured today, Millwall are just a tougher side then people give them credit for. Not an easy game at all.
  9. Get in! Elmo's inside pass won't be noticed then but it completely opened them.
  10. Just like last game no chance, keep him in, ideally finish the job of the securing playoffs. If he's booked leave him out of Leeds/Norwich. If not repeat until/if he's booked again.
  11. The young lad Odegaard at Real Madrid. Super hyped at a really young age, too much was expected of course and ended up on a few loan spells. The lad is now 20 and seems to be tearing it up for ex Chelsea B (Vitesse), and he's tipped to go to Ajax next season. Great to see as a lot of players like him with the early hype can completely disappear.
  12. I'm the opposite we've won 9 in a row and I'm still afraid of us not getting another win and missing out by a point. Come on Villa one more win and on Monday please
  13. To be fair if we get West Brom in the playoffs Tammy ain't scoring based on his two previous matches against them He's got some sort of finishing curse against them.
  14. Apparently was celebrating along with Axel and the other players. Hopefully this means it isn't too serious!

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