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  1. Got to agree, I'd be shocked if West Brom don't get promoted. Seem the best team in the league by a distance so far, even if the point don't reflect that.
  2. Brilliant game really enjoyed it, how football should be played. Mind you I hope it quietens down now... In the previous two games I was guarded against complacency when leading, and same again. Will it be third time lucky or will we fall into the same traps and blow a lead? Bit worried about Guilbert at the moment, he's not been the most solid at the back and isn't as well covered as Targett is on the left. There's also too much space at times in front of the back four, yet thats probably going to be the way it has to be if we don't want to revert back to an inviting defensive shape.
  3. Really good team performance, formation is working well and we have plenty of bite in the middle. Been very impressed with Marvellous again. One disappointment, Wesley again... Don't want to be harsh but he doesn't deserve his place right now, I struggle to see what he offers. I've never seen such as tall and physical striker look so weak and never threaten in the air. His movement is non existent Hope we keep this up, always feels like we only have one good half, and only takes one incident for our heads to go down and put ourselves under pressure. Lets get a 2nd but you can never be surprised if we end up losing 2-1...
  4. Bjorn Engels again, what a absolute delight he is. Been very impressed with Trezeguet today as well, he must be knackered all the ground he has covered. Less said about Wesley the better, he's made the usual fragile Arsenal centre backs look fairly solid
  5. In this league I think results on an individual level mean very little. Its collecting the points, getting to the magic 40 number. There are surprising results every week, and its why we should never rule out a game as a potential 3 points, including today.
  6. Benteke was an absolute disgrace for Palace when he came on.
  7. So frustrating that as fans we saw we needed another striker/winger and now it's costing us dearly. It's understandable that it's hard to get these things over the line but we have really shot ourselves in the foot.
  8. Based on what I've seen so far I feel we're the most likely team to go down. I'm hopeful we will improve and January will be important but we have zero cutting edge. It's so frustrating as otherwise we're solid. It's not even an issue tactically our front line is just nowhere near good enough quality wise right now.
  9. Have to agree, Everton aside he has been very poor in every game.
  10. This year is our year to beat Man Utd at Villa Park, surely?!
  11. We play Man United away after they travel to Astana. We play Arsenal away after they travel to Frankfurt. We play Wolves away after they play Slogan Bratislava at Molineux. What are the chances of that, almost feels fixed given we were technically the 20th ranked team at start of season.
  12. If we have aspirations of staying I this league I feel we should at least be hoping for a draw. A win would be a nice bonus, Palace are in good form but are better away from home.
  13. Really really happy with that. Had a bad 10 min spell but otherwise control. Davis has been superb, as has Jota. Conor and Lansbury decent too. Only concerns were Targett and Hause, both shakey.
  14. Palace are usually better away I think. In my opinion next week is the type of game we should be looking to win away from home, if any.
  15. Yeah for sure Carragher has a soft spot for us I'm sure he even said so once.
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