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  1. We have more right to be on the Premier League right now than Leeds or WBA. We want it and we deserve the right to defend it. We have played a game less, been cheated a point by VAR and we need to be given the opportunity to fulfil our season when most appropriate. Even if it's not this year.
  2. https://differentgame.wordpress.com/2020/04/26/from-alex-witsel-to-cheltenham-town/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
  3. Whole Arsenal team is in isolation now so their game will not be going ahead, nor will any for that matter I bet.
  4. Feel bad for Samatta, working his arse off and no support.
  5. Every 50/50 they get through our midfield, so frustrating.
  6. I'd 100% play Conor we're going to get overrun regardless and we really need him on any set pieces we can get.
  7. Players heads on a cup final? Forgetting we're looking very likely to go down?
  8. Big strikers always get harshly penalised.
  9. Never hides, never bottles, always gives everything. Love him.
  10. I think he's been absolutely fantastic this season bar the odd bad performance. How we missed him in December. His character alone is a massive boost to our side.
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