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  1. From the highlights it seems we dominated for the most part, but poor finishing let us down.
  2. One of those days, we're a better team this season but this is going to be a long learning curve. Penalty could have gone either way, and if it went our way we probably would have missed given how things had gone. Three home defeats in a row after 3 brilliant away wins. Its clear we are very much a midtable side at best at the moment, but it's encouraging to see how our performances have hugely improved over last season.
  3. Yeah I didn't realise he is only 23 as well thought he was a few years older. A real edge on your seat player like Ashley Young used to be.
  4. Saint Maximan carries them. Such a great signing he's been.
  5. Foden needs a place in this English side with Grealish.
  6. Absolutely superb we are the best attacking team in the league so far. An absolute joy to watch. We were solid at the back again too which was great to see after recent games.
  7. Fofana is looking the real deal so far for Leicester. Looks one of the best defenders in the league already.
  8. It's feels as if there are so many poor teams this year although I don't know if that's because we are not down there with them at the moment. You look at Sheffield United, West Brom, Burnley and Fulham and wonder how they are going to win any games. Then you have the likes of Brighton who can't seem to finish off sides and Newcastle who always seem to find a bit of huge fortune but in truth are terrible.
  9. Still very frustrating we lost to Leeds, we were very naive that game.
  10. Great post couldn't agree more.
  11. It would be peak Villa to let Ward Prowse to get a free kick hatrick as well.
  12. There's no way we come back from this now, we become a bit petulant when a few goals down. I just hope we don't embarrass ourselves any further.
  13. I also think Smith got it wrong benching Trez. He's actually looked somewhat bright since coming on.
  14. Our midfield has been an embarrassment has McGinn even touched the ball.
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