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  1. I don't believe for a second we've given Watkins £70k.
  2. Get a grip, you've not got one person to bite all summer.
  3. That was November though. We got really unlucky with keepers getting injured and still didn't need a third until past the point Heaton will be back this year.
  4. Is there anywhere to watch these online?
  5. Sorry, didn't realise I couldn't compare him to those two. Going way off topic now so I'll leave it, but you might want to check your stats.
  6. Yes of course I think it's important. I don't think it's important to stopping a ruptured achilles. The amount of injuries alone are enough to explain his career stalling. Until their transfer ban Chelsea have been dreadful at using youth players. He was 21 in 2017. Was Abraham loaned out at the same age because of a poor attitude? Was Mason Mount? Loaning shit loads of youth out and hoping they come good has been their strategy for a while.
  7. I wouldn't say Salford have shown that amount of money is needed, they've just tried to Man City their way up.
  8. I just trawled through. Bordering on deranged if amusing.
  9. I'm pretty sure his year out with a ruptured achilles wasn't anything to do with not being a good little boy. I'm no doctor though. I just find it weird that people always speculate on attitude with no basis.
  10. Horrendous injury record. Why "potentially his attitude"? I swear vague comments about poor attitude get thrown around about anyone who isn't playing every game and smiling while doing so.
  11. I'd get rid of both if possible as if the worst happens and Martinez gets injured Steer can do a job short term. Don't feel like we need a 3rd keeper in the meantime. That said, I think getting rid of either might be easier said than done and I wouldn't be surprised to see both their contracts run down.
  12. He's rumoured to be on near £70k a week, Spurs would probably want a hefty loan fee and guarantees of him starting and he was suspect defensively before sitting out pretty much all of last year. If we could get him with an option to buy it would sway me as he's undoubtedly talented.
  13. I would agree although @JamesBCFC hates Grealish, so I'm still leaning towards burning him at the stake.
  14. So? He's right footed which doesn't put him at a disadvantage against a lot of attackers who prefer to cut inside and considering Taylor never crosses the ball that can't get any worse even if he's rubbish crossing with his left foot. As a minimum he gets forward quickly so will provide an option in attack.
  15. Killing him is a bit drastic. Would we get back his whole transfer fee from the insurers?
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