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  1. On a site full of hysterical reactions I have to respect you trying to stand out. There was no information at the time and I've seen footballers cry and come off enough that it didn't cross my mind to draw any conclusions from it. It's obviously awful for him if he's done his ACL.
  2. I must admit I thought they'd have dropped off long ago.
  3. Then he wears mascara for football and should probably practice applying it as, watching how he runs into people, I suspect he may be accidentally colouring in his eyeballs.
  4. And my point was we don't need to assume anything, we can watch them play and make an informed decision without Ramsay coming in to it! Having watched them much more often this season I don't think any of them are ready for a game like that.
  5. It can't just me that thought it looked like mascara running down one side of his face when he was crying?
  6. He probably bothers to watch the U23s now and again, like a lot of others on here who give opinions on them.
  7. Our U23s got beaten by Fulham 4-1 Yesterday, so I'm not sure what point you think you're proving. Do you actually watch our youth as there is clearly talent there? It doesn't mean they're ready to start against Liverpool. It's weird how your opinions in that post are all based on comparisons of other stuff rather than looking at direct evidence. Is our midfield better than Man City's because we beat Leeds, who they lost to today?
  8. I think they all have the technical ability to pass much better, we just lack composure too often.
  9. What is it about any of the other youngsters that would have convinced you to adopt a level headed approach for once? Because sorry to break it to you, but it certainly wouldn't be that any of them are actually ready to dominate a midfield against Liverpool.
  10. That was a bit weird. Love the gung ho mentality, but I'd have taken Luiz off and probably replaced him with Ramsay.
  11. Can play really shit and is still the 2nd most likely player in our team to pop up with a moment of brilliance. Until all these allegedly dreadful mistakes he makes actually result in us conceding I couldn't give a shit.
  12. Are people under the impression Liverpool were never going to win a home game again?
  13. Completely on Mings we lost that. Completely on Barkley we lost that. Completely on Traore we lost that. ABSOLUTELY PATHETIC we managed to lose 3 games in 90 minutes.
  14. Annoying game. Not quite annoying enough that I've taken it personally and feel the need to have a tantrum, but annoying all the same.
  15. You just pick your least favourite player and blame them for everything.
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