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  1. Not the porchetta! Life is just too cruel sometimes.
  2. Barcelona can't afford to splash out on anyone. Real have Courtois. Atletico have Oblak. Pretty much all the teams that could afford to sign either of these is set. Maybe Utd could convince Oblak to sign, but I can't see them spending £100m on a keeper when they have so many other issues to address. I think a doom monger is exactly what you're being!
  3. Hause wins headers and the ball just happens to bounce off Mings head is one of the funniest reaches yet.
  4. “Why would any driver face nights away from home, poor living conditions and low pay when they could stay home and earn nearly as much?” Kind of what we're banking on for their emergency Visas to work.
  5. I don't think a single fan thinks he has done everything perfectly since he's been here. What some of us find weird is there's still so much 'constructive criticism' of past seasons getting posted immediately after our 2nd victory against Utd in over 20 years.
  6. It doesn't always seem like such a bad idea.
  7. But at the time you were moaning that he'd rotated. It was obvious they fancied something today and were vindicated with how much running our team did today. Doesn't that perfectly illustrate how our management can make better, more informed decisions than us?
  8. Of course we wouldn't have, they don't start doling points out until the season starts. But seriously, a great appointment. I think we're building a really great young coaching team who are only going to get better.
  9. Still think we should have bought a player like McTominay so we'd be able to win midfield battles.
  10. The hysterical niggling criticisms get more laughable by the week.
  11. I wonder if it's noticeable in the moment as a player how desensitized their fans are to success, or you're so elated at scoring that it doesn't register. When he ran up to their fans to celebrate pretty much all of them had their phones out to take a picture. There was no manic excitement with fans desperately trying to get to the front just to touch their hero, just a load of people calmly completing their photographic record to prove they were a few metres away. I get that years on end in a competition may take away some of the novelty, but it's not like they've ever won it. I'd like to think if it was us in the same position that our record signing scoring their first European goal would still be enough to elicit some passion.
  12. Him mumbling along, barely audible, when announcing the Leipzig players made me laugh. It reminded me of a young child being forced to apologise.
  13. I don't think it's us claiming her at all. Presumably she'd be eligible for 4 citizenships but is competing for the only country she'd ever have considered a permanent home. We just got lucky that her British identity won through.
  14. Very rare to see a player take personal responsibility and apologise. Much more likely to get a general 'we weren't good enough as a team' apology.
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