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  1. Have you seen how he looks?! I wouldn't consider any woman having to sleep with that lucky. I'd say Rooney is the lucky one as if he hadn't married his childhood sweetheart I doubt he ever would have found anyone with affection for him due to the money/face combo and becoming rich so young.
  2. I can't remember the last time I saw Firmino doing backheels, flicks and tricks as part of intricate build up play. A few years ago it seemed to happen every game. Now it's just constantly spamming crosses.
  3. Antonee Robinson looks good, it's a shame we didn't get him over Fulham although they were rumoured to give him a stupid wage.
  4. You're right, he is fairly reliable comparatively. Unfortunately that's more of an indictment on other football journalists.
  5. That's fair. I'm judging them compared to their last few games, where even getting into the opposition box was inconceivable. At that rate of exponential improvement they'll be the best team in the world by March.
  6. I couldn't tell you how they play outside of Chilwell putting in a few crosses a game and Mount constantly shooting from the edge of the box and I've watched them about 10 times this season.
  7. Mendy seems safer than Kepa but still has too many moments for me. Martinez would have been an amazing buy for Chelsea in the summer.
  8. Not if how they play has anything to do with it!
  9. Averaged a goal every 6 games at Marseille. Mostly long range based on the 4 minutes of highlights I've watched. I think we'll stick with a 10 and the double pivot now, rather than Luiz sitting on his own, which he could suit. I'm fully expecting Grealish to be playing as a 10 by the time the summer window closes.
  10. He really isn't, he still gets loads wrong. People just seem willing to ignore his bullshit as he's built up a bit of a cult.
  11. Maybe it was a bit soft as he was in the air. I don't have too much sympathy though as those excessive follow throughs cause major injuries when the players leg is planted. I'd like to see Ben Mee get a red or two!
  12. Unfortunate red in the sense they don't give those anywhere near as much as they should.
  13. No doubt he's better than Lampard. If the connections weren't there, Lampard would just be taking his first senior coaching job (not has a head coach) about now after working with the U23s for a few years.
  14. It's the CV before and since his spell at Chelsea that would bother me!
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