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  1. Sam-AVFC

    U.S. Politics

    He is an incredibly easy man to dislike and would be even without his well-designed 'controversial' views. It amazes me he has been on TV for so long.
  2. Sam-AVFC

    General Chat

    Is Jo Swinson pregnant in that pic?! You really are some sick puppies. I couldn't find the woman less attractive, but admittedly I am taking the approach of looking at more than her top bollocks...
  3. Sam-AVFC

    General Chat

    I can't see it being against the law for anyone to send something with their own personal data as with them sending it surely there is an implicit agreement to share their data if they don't wipe it. I imagine it's there as a disclaimer for companies who may have phones with individuals' data on or from wheeler dealers buying and selling phones. Could be completely wrong though.
  4. Sam-AVFC

    Dean Smith

    I completely get that, but Jack has been made captain to improve his game (as he clearly isn't the biggest leader in our squad). Is it so outrageous to think we'd take his wishes into account when we decide where he plays? I'm just not sure the improvement we might see from him playing out wide would be enough to counteract any potential negative impact. I'm pretty sure DS also hasn't played a single player out of position apart from when injuries have forced him to? I also think you have to consider the fact Bruce had been playing him out on the left and he hadn't been doing that well so DS may undermine some of his past work from when he came in if he shovels him out there again. I completely understand people making differentiations between a left winger, inside forward, left forward etc. That said, I don't think your average player would consider 'roles' when interviewing so I do believe he means he doesn't want to play on the left fullstop.
  5. Tbf @Keyblade I think we largely agree as I don't disagree at all that how he got in to his face was completely wrong. Not excusing it, but I do think it's just how he is rather than being particularly aggresive as a one off - I actually said to my housemate that whenever Mings celebrates with a team mate he seems to go forehead to forehead and scream in their face. AEG's 'headbut' was absurd, but I also think it was probably just a case of after Mings went forehead to forehead he was annoyed and pushing him away (rather than trying to nut him).
  6. Sam-AVFC


    I agree with your first sentence, but I really can't see Mourinho wanting to join anyone who would actually want him. The only possibilities I thought of previously were the likes of PSG, but with such an easy league teams like that really place a premium on style. I do think it's likely to be a lazy Mendes link.
  7. That must be an incredibly difficult thing to deal with. My grandad was a farmer and lost over half his lung capacity towards the end of his life. He was very frustrated the whole time, but luckily it only took about 6 months to go from first diagnosis to him passing away. I know it sounds brutal, but seeing his difficulties moving to that from such an active and self sufficient lifestyle it was definitely a mercy compared to a slow degeneration.
  8. Completely disagree. I think Jack is captain because it motivates him to improve and he sets a fantastic example of constantly wanting to improve as a player. He clearly isn't a calming influence on the pitch though and I think Mings might as well be our 'on the pitch captain'. Bearing in mind Smith said he likes to rotate captains to promote leadership throughout the squad, does that mean last weeks captain has no right to say anything the week after simply because he isn't wearing an armband? We also aren't discussing whether or not it was El Ghazi or Grealish's man and whether AEG was the right person to have a go out, which is a different issue entirely. We're talking about whether he had a 'right' to say anything or not and I would never be comfortable with curbing players' leadership qualities due to a lack of title. Edit - in the same way, is Mings also out of order when he steers Jack away from referees when he's starting to lose his head as Jack is the captain?
  9. Absolutely horrific disease. Horrific at the best of times, but the frustration must be further intensified when you come from a background of (at least partially) using your physicality for a living.
  10. Completely agree. I've always taken the stance of him being overrated, but he was superb on Monday and I think I may have been a bit unfair.
  11. Sam-AVFC

    Dean Smith

    I'm just going to chuck this quote from Grealish in again in case people haven't seen it.
  12. I don't agree with how he went in on El Ghazi (not that it excuses the reaction at all), but your last sentence is a bit silly. Let's be honest, he is our captain in all but name - should the coaches be telling him it isn't his place to tell other players what to do and to take a step back?!
  13. Sam-AVFC


    I know Mourinho has his faults and has had times where things aren't going so well, but it has made me laugh how many of them think they have now surpassed Mourinho as a club. Now don't get me wrong, I think Mourinho can be very limited, but I still don't believe for a second that he'd even consider joining Wolves. Since he left Utd my opninion has been that anyone he would be willing to join doesn't want a managerwith his style and anyone who would actually be willing to hire him he'd feel he was above. If he can manage to take a job that detached from football I'd be very happy if he stayed as a pundit.
  14. It was Miguel that we were constantly linked with.
  15. Sam-AVFC


    Although hilariously, as of today, a rumour is going around that Fosun know Nuno is going to leave and is very close to accepting a job (that may or may not be the Portugal national team) and will be replaced with Mourinho. I'd absolutely love Mourinho to come in and rip apart any good feeling left in the squad while playing dreadful football.

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