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  1. I read this without the space before the 5 and thought Elphick must be coming back!
  2. How many willies can a woodchuck whop when a woodchuck wants to...nah I can’t do tongue twisters.
  3. Difficult memories. It was all going swimmingly until I made eye contact with my grandma cheering me on in the audience and I went from leading to 3rd place in an instant.
  4. I remember being given similar advice when in the final 3 of the annual West Country Whopping Willy competition.
  5. Although what he actually claimed was Smith gets no criticism whereas Bruce got loads which is patently wrong! He didn’t actually say anything positive about Bruce in any of the posts...
  6. I think the transfer has to be registered by midday Friday. Safe to say if we don’t hear anything tomorrow it’s very unlikely.
  7. It’s not something I’d ever thought of but it makes a lot of sense. I’d mention it here if you haven’t already. @OutByEaster? is very good at picking up suggestions and making sure they are relayed to the club when there is the opportunity to. I definitely think they would at least consider whether changing this may improve the atmosphere as it’s such a hard thing for the club to change but has a big impact on the team.
  8. Yeah, looks like only Aguero and Costa came from outside Spain. Both great signings but without listing all of his signings it’s very difficult to judge. I guess it’s difficult to judge anyway as we don’t know who proposed certain signings. I do think this is an appointment that we have to judge on whether or not we trust the board. Using hindsight, last summer was a bit of a disappointment. It was almost inevitable a lot wouldn’t settle quickly with the amount of players we had to sign.
  9. Talking about lazy stereotypes... I follow most of our ex managers, it just happens not many are deemed employable so there’s less discussion around others!
  10. Is it specific to Bruce that Bruce has claimed injury ‘crises’ at every club he’s been at? Yeah, I think it is. You said it’s an unsubstantiated claim that he has had more injuries than other managers at every club he’s been at. I just pointed out it’s his claim. I don’t hate him. I hated him being our manager, but I don’t hate him.
  11. It’s Bruce himself that has loudly declared at nearly every club he has managed that they have had an unheard of injury crisis at some point or another, as demonstrated by the headlines on the last page.
  12. Sam-AVFC

    Dean Smith

    He actually left at the end of November with an August manager of the month award for the year they finished 3rd so managed them for a considerable amount of that season. Year after that they finished 14th. Then 19th. Then relegated.
  13. Sam-AVFC

    Dean Smith

    Maybe some did, but I predicted them to go up this year! Don't disagree with the 2nd bit, but they do have defenders who can defend. Wilder has also done a good job with the system that works for those players.
  14. Sam-AVFC

    Dean Smith

    Walsall: 11/12 - DS took over in Jan. 12th for GA. Finished 19th. 12/13 - 12th for GA. Finished 9th. 13/14 - 6th for GA. Finished 13th. 14/15 - 6th for GA. Finished 14th. To add some context they were 22nd for GA the year before he took over and join the 5th with three other teams the season he left after a few months. 12th the first full year he wasn’t in charge. Doesn't look that bad?
  15. Sam-AVFC

    Dean Smith

    Yeah, what would a Brentford fan know anyway. Way more likely it’s 99% Smiths fault. He can’t disprove your claims that they would concede just as many goals with this players either so we should just assume it would be the case. Sheff Utd were also the best team defensively in the Championship last year. They’ve got some decent defenders.
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