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    U.S. Politics

    That's also a bit misleading as they have been putting huge amounts of money into propping up coal producers who employ a negligible amount of people in the grand scheme of things.
  2. I think you'd be surprised. I know people who work for the Conservative party with senior figures as well as working with someone whose dad socialises with Boris regularly and all these sources seem to see Cummings as a big driving force.
  3. If they're self employed and have no money coming in at the moment it's quite easy to understand how they may view it as essential as an alternative to starving to death!
  4. Has anyone watched the Get Shorty series with Chris O'Dowd and if so is it any good?
  5. I thought you were anti expert? I vividly remember a conversation we had during the transfer window where you laughed off people trusting experts. What is different about these experts that they should be trusted when generally you are against the concept?
  6. I still don’t get why McCormack would live in one of those flats. Surely he’s not burnt through his money and had to sell his house already. Maybe a pad he had for affairs/benders.
  7. So you’re taking the position he was drink driving unless somehow proven otherwise?
  8. If he wasn't drink driving do you think him leaving the house during the lockdown is worse than Bannan's drink driving? Having seen what drink drivers do to families I can't see how this could possibly be equivalent unless he was doing something like visiting a hospital where him leaving the house had a high chance to spread the virus to vulnerable people if he had it. I really don't care if he left the house in his car and would have returned in his car without setting foot outside (hitting other cars notwithstanding). I know I'll probably get people ranting what an irresponsible opinion it is, but I don't see how being shut up in a metal box is going to spread anything...apart from to the police who pull you over maybe.
  9. It's also astonishing how quickly people forgot a pissed up Jonny Evans and Gareth Barry crashing a knicked cab in Spain.
  10. I haven't seen a single person defending potential drink/drug driving. I haven't seen a single person say it's OK to pop over to his 'mate' Ross McCormack's house. Mostly people are saying we don't have all the facts so can't jump to conclusions or are contesting the validity of the third/fourth/fifthhand rumours of him being a coke head that people are casually chucking out. The only two things (if true) that are red flags for me are him leaving his windows open and being parked outside McCormack's. Apart from that all we know is he was driving in the morning, hit some parked cars and left details with someone before leaving. I've seen some suggest 'running from the scene of the crime' will get him prison time, which is absolutely absurd if they can't prove he was under the influence. It will be very interesting if the CCTV footage comes out as I imagine this will be the closest we get to understanding what went on. Doesn't his sister have cystic fibrosis? You'd expect him to be well aware of the risks to the vulnerable if I've remembered this right. Makes it worse if it does turn out to be true.
  11. It wouldn't surprise me if it's a bigger problem now simply because it would be much easier to function as a professional athlete with a coke problem than booze.
  12. I expect your brother wouldn't appreciate you posting every unsubstantiated claim on the internet if he's been told them by Capaldi in confidence.
  13. I guess it's just my WiFi being dodgy where I was set up then. I find it a bit weird video calling on these chats anyway, although I do it just to show I'm not staying in bed all day!
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