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  1. I read the point as this: Which I interpreted as everyone being so desperate to get a ‘breaking’ story they rush out a tweet without giving much consideration to the merits of it. Makes sense to me in the context of the post about everyone just posting any old shite they hear before checking it (although slightly different circumstances). I might be wrong though.
  2. I'm not very clued up on where the case is now, but probably should be. What's the conflict?
  3. I was quite impressed he's willing to find some common ground with Muslims.
  4. I bought it for my tablet last year when I had an urge to play FM for the first time in years in the middle of our good run. I gave up after less than a week - pretty shite isn't it.
  5. Isn't it because chicken boxes have only recently started telling people it's bad to carry knives? By the time this message reaches critical penetration (yes, yes) I'm sure all knife crime will have stopped. Just makes me think how many lives could have been saved if they did this 20 years ago. Really sad.
  6. Sam-AVFC

    U.S. Politics

    I'm currently serving out my notice period so quite enjoying being able to diligently follow all of this weeks' shitstorms while outstanding work gets pushed to the bottom of the pile.
  7. Sam-AVFC

    U.S. Politics

    Or 'I only took goods he'd stolen from someone else'
  8. Yup. So short sighted if his 'opponents' are making this stuff up considering how easy it is to brush off scandals nowadays.
  9. Vive is right that a lot of people feel that way, even if it is complete nonsense for reasons mentioned in the 2 posts above.
  10. Now I am. Jeeeesus. Presumably not being reported on because of concerns over illegally sharing info? Andy Wigmore's account is quite funny bleating about stolen information and GDPR being breached...maybe worth keeping quiet on that for a little bit.
  11. I'll be amazed if Labour haven't had hypothetical discussions about the framework of a potential deal with the EU negotiators.
  12. I find it interesting that he was also accused of Islamophobic and Homophobic remarks, but he only found it necessary to defend the abhorrent Holocaust denial and anti-semetic remarks.
  13. Sam-AVFC

    Dean Smith

    That's pretty great. Any idea on a date? I've not actually listened to any of their stuff before, but this seems like a good chance to give it a go. It will be nice to hear him talk about stuff he wants to rather than having to follow whatever topics Captain Jack or the shite rags decide to make it about e.g. before the Brighton game almost exclusively being asked about the Bulgaria chants.
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