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  1. Ok, cool. I'll have a flick back tomorrow to see what has already been suggested and try to think of some different stuff.
  2. @MNVillan how are you getting on with stuff to see in London? I can give some recommendations if you're still looking. If you'll be hiring a car there are lots of nice rural places that are worth a visit. I will caveat that with the fact my American inlaws hated driving on our roads so much they gave up by day two.
  3. I didn't even spot the UI. Now I'm even more interested as I've never got why flight simulators are so popular!
  4. Interesting picture. I never would have though Birmingham is so flat.
  5. The standard practice is to amortise over the life of the contract regardless of payment structure. Part of the reason Derby are under scrutiny is apparently because they decided to leave the big losses for later in contracts to allow them to spend more. They said they agreed it with the EFL, but I think there is some debate over this. Doing the opposite and annually writing down as many losses as you can to reach the FFP limit wouldn't be a bad futureproofing strategy if it is allowed.
  6. It's very needed, a lot of their best players are in the twilight of their careers. It will be interesting to see how it works for them. I could see them having a pretty good season, but I also wouldn't be surprised if Viera pushes out a lot of the old guard and they end up going down with some half decent players that don't have time to blend like we did. On more points though as their squad is way better than ours was at the time.
  7. If that's what he's said I'd definitely take his word over mine! There doesn't appear to be details on his stronger foot online so I'm just making assumptions based on where we I thought we played him last season. I'm now doubting myself and thinking maybe he did play RB as well.
  8. I think you're vastly over estimating how annoyed I am! When someone goes for me for no discernible reason and I know they're easy to wind up, I just can't help myself. I know it's childish, but there ya go.
  9. Sorry if you took that as a slight, it wasn't.
  10. Used his last e up at the start of the word so had to use an æ.
  11. I know you did and I simply pointed out that I disagree the players you listed can do both, which may be why people disagree over how easy it is to find those players. We can only interpret what is written down. I think what you're actually asking me to do is understand what you were thinking. Anyway, shall we call it a day? There are enough pages of you taking non existent slights and arguing with people in this thread without me contributing to it.
  12. I really didn't, I thought we were having a good natured debate! I answered every question you asked, whether or not you like or can understand the answer.
  13. Can't you remember responding to a post saying Smith is likely to prioritise a a playmaker by saying "That is precisely the player I seek"? I'd recommend writing less and trying to remember what it was, as it's pretty tiring to debate with someone who can't remember their own words or be bothered to check their original post to make sure they aren't mistaken.
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