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  1. I’d never thought of this but seems an easy to implement sensible suggestion.
  2. If we’re losing Jack anyway I’d be happy with cash and Foden. Doubt we could convince him to move to us though.
  3. First half of the post I thought it was a parody.
  4. Agree with most of this although I only think Wilder agreed to a fight with Fury because he thought he'd batter him in his comeback and still be on to a really good earner. It's not like he has a record of agreeing to challenging fights. I do think Hearn has made AJ a bit cautious but he's fought every half decent heavyweight in the division* without ducking barring Wilder and Fury. *awaiting correction.
  5. Really stupid isn't it. It's not rocket science that someone people may have a particular diet for health or ethical reasons but still prefer the taste of meat to a massive chunk of unflavoured tofu. Also, with the 'looking like' meat bollocks, it's not like any of these people would actually be able to identify a cut of meat on an animal. Is the counter-argument "if you love eating dead animals so much, why would you take the cuts off so it can't even be identified as a corpse?". It makes me chuckle when you see comments like 'a REAL MAN should eat meet'. I mean, seriously, how insecure are some people in their masculinity. Maybe they actually want to **** animals and they're trying to prove they don't by posting pictures of hunting trophies etc on anything that mentions a non-meat diet. p.s. tried the vegan sausage roll at Greggs for the first time the other day. Definitely better than the meat one (particularly texture), but I was slightly underwhelmed as it has been SO built up.
  6. Sam-AVFC

    U.S. Politics

    @HanoiVillan I know a British guy called Christian Holiday, which I always found quite amusing.
  7. Just read back and I'm amazed how many people rated Wilder's chances so highly. Of course he could always land one and put him down, but people seem to forget when Fury beat him on points (notwithstanding broken calculators) his preparation from his last big fight was falling to addiction, getting banned from fighting and eventually on his way back having to lose 10 stone and fighting a few binmen for fitness.
  8. I think that game kills us. I tend to be overly optimistic and have just had all remaining hope sucked out of me. Can't see much of an atmosphere at games for the rest of the season.
  9. I'm with you and it's gutting to feel that way before the day. I might go if they were cheap tickets, but they're pricey ones and I'll have to buy 2 if I want someone to come with me as I doubt any of my mates will fancy forking out over £100 for a ticket to watch this shite.
  10. I've been offered tickets for the league cup final. Think I'm going to decline.
  11. No it doesn't. Conceding that many shots does and is indefensible but to claim we normally only have a couple of shots is risible.
  12. I'm sure he's a nice guy but watching Trezeguet play I can't help but have a visceral dislike of him.
  13. And you asked someone else whether they're a Villa fan for being gutted we'll lose him
  14. It's been an issue all season. You can guarantee we wont ever win the ball when it's scrappy and bobbling around. Drives me mad.
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