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  1. This was a good debate and think we all had different view points!
  2. We have 2/3 videos on YouTube including our interview with Dwight Yorke. It’s mainly audio only though.
  3. I get what you are saying but McGinn is exactly the same and gets nowhere near the same level of abuse.
  4. The rumours were that he was going to be out for about 3 to 4 weeks so I imagine we might see him back for the Fulham game.
  5. I still don't get why people expect him to be brilliant every single game. Every player bar the best have off games. For £8m odd he is an absolute steal.
  6. Ha sorry mate its from a random meme and it's punjabi for 'it feels good to me’.
  7. Enjoyed recording this one. Josh was a presenter on NBC for the NFL
  8. Yeah it's a different one and I really enjoy it. one of the guys is from JOE I think. They are very funny.
  9. Horses for courses for me. Luiz's level of aggression and strength is fine and massively improved. However, where he falters as a DM is anticipation. He doesn't always read the cut back or intercept the ball. Nakamba does this well. Luiz is more of an 8 for me but equally I think he can play as a 2 against certain teams where we will have the ball.
  10. Best player for us. Had to work so hard yesterday without any support
  11. Wtf happened here. Mods can we lock the thread please. I need some time to digest.
  12. Our mid-season review is out. We had 9 different fans on the show to give their views on a different topic each. It’s an extra long episode so you may want to break it down!
  13. Don't. Just don't. That first game is going to be unreal.
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