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  1. People obviously haven't learnt any lessons from Luiz or Trez and how they have improved. You can see Traore is a good player and did fairly well I thought. He will be a good player for us but it will take some time I feel.
  2. New episode out We did our first fans phone-in!
  3. Daaaaaaammmn. Sorry to hear that mate
  4. Ha excellent that’s £500 down the drain. Lucky my Bitcoin holding has put me back level
  5. What’s happened with Persona? I’ve completely lost track
  6. Playing fairly well so far. Neat and tidy
  7. Watched Jingle Jangle the new Netflix Xmas film over the weekend. It tries too hard to be something it's not and completely misses the mark for me.
  8. I might do Xmas like the 90s and only watch Xmas telly from the terrestrial TV channels, get the radio times and circle what I want to watch.
  9. Thanks. I read that you had to get their permission but this is good for me. I’ll definitely get more for it private
  10. Ha thanks all. New late night ramble out. Probably my favourite so far.
  11. I don't think so mate. Mainly on twitter.
  12. https://www.youtube.com/user/ohitmustbe Great channel for some old videos https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC16CotgAuwCcXifTxGpX9wQ Another great channel for old matches
  13. Thank you all. Working on some more great guests so stay tuned.
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