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  1. omariqy

    Your GOAT 11

    Buffon Thuram Cannavaro Nesta Maldini Iniesta Xavi Zidane C. Ronaldo Ronaldo Messi
  2. If El Ghazi went off cos he bottled it then he wouldn't have played in the final. Simple. Smith was reeling after last week so he wouldn't have rewarded him with a starting spot.
  3. No brain at all. It was a gamble. One that hasnt paid off.
  4. I don't get him. You'd expect a player like him to turn up against the crap teams and bottle the big games. He is the exact opposite. A big game player. Loves the big stage and playing against the best teams.
  5. Hello mate I managed to get the same for a mate. They are in 101. Looks like its on the man city side but the ticket says no club colours so I'm guessing it's neutral? Do you reckon it will be mostly Villa fans there?
  6. This is a good graphic. To me it seems Brighton and Bournemouth are our main rivals.
  7. omariqy

    Dean Smith

    Lol. Spot on. I have serious concerns about Smith but I really want him to do well. Just lately he has made too many obvious mistakes for me. The persistence with Drinkwater is baffling to me. Nakamba has to play every game for us.
  8. I wouldn't call it a clear cut chance. It was a good chance but on his wrong foot at an awkward height. He has missed worse than that!
  9. On the ball he is ok but issue is off it. Players just walk past him.
  10. I've said it before but he does get a rough deal by fans. Yes he is very inconsistent but for £7m I think he is one of our better signings. Only Jack really brings more to the table in terms of output.
  11. omariqy

    Villa Podcasts

    Didn't always agree with their views but appreciated the effort and professionalism they put into it. It was always going to go downhill since Rolinson left as he was the engine behind it all. They've put some great content including the various interviews and the Wembley video. The podcast was a bit too serious for me. I much prefer the C&B podcast or the sarcy nature of the MOMs podcast. Also fans cam was always interesting. Unfortunately Villa are not the size of Man U or Arsenal in that someone can make a living off doing a fan channel.
  12. omariqy

    Keinan Davis

    Definitely issues with him. Keeps getting hamstring injuries. Shame as he is talented but I fear it may stifle his development.
  13. omariqy

    Villa Podcasts

    I am really enjoying the Claret and Blue podcast. Mainly due to Kendrick. I enjoy some of the old memories of the Big Ron era etc that he brings up from time to time. Shame about VV but I think it was coming since Rolinson left. Plenty of choice out there tho. MOMs, Holtecast and Under the gas lit lamp are all decent as well.
  14. Palace, Newcastle, Sheff Utd, Arsenal, Everton, West Ham are the games we have to try and target for me. If we can get 2 or 3 wins out of those then we have a good chance.
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