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  1. omariqy

    Wesley Moraes

    I thought he played well today tbh. Especially first half.
  2. omariqy

    Crypto currency

    Maybe I should double down and put another £100 in!
  3. omariqy

    Crypto currency

    Lost £500 on Flixx! Daaaamn.
  4. omariqy

    Crypto currency

    Hi mate, how do you do it? I am so out of touch with all of this at the moment
  5. omariqy

    Tyrone Mings

    I don't think it was his mistake tbh. Heaton could've got it easily but seemed to stand still until the last minute. I think he was blinded by the sun.
  6. I agree. It was in relation to other posts saying he had one. I was just being a bit sarcy.
  7. Still don't like his attitude tho....
  8. omariqy

    Dean Smith

    You don't drop Wesley at this stage. Firstly, he's scored 2 goals in 7 games. If he scores again in the next 2 games then he is on for a 1:3 ratio which is pretty good. More importantly imagine the confidence lost if he gets dropped. He needs games to get used to the team, the league etc.
  9. Surely because you get to play with the players? I haven't played FM for a long time but can you do that as well?
  10. Of course we have. We should be 2 points better off at least. Regardless of defending or mistakes, we should have scored 3 goals at the emirates (assuming the pen goes in) and have a point against Palace. Not to mention the McGinn penalty claim against Spurs, Noble sending off, Billing second yellow. In addition to all of that their free kick goal should not have stood. Not aiming this at you Dem but our fans need to get some **** belief back, as well as the players. We have made 3 of the top 6 to 7 teams in the PL look average for large parts of the game in Spurs, Arsenal and West Ham. I'm talking 11 v 11. If we kept getting battered or looked poor I would worry but you can see the kind of team we have potentially. Just need that extra belief and nous.
  11. We have been cheated out of 2 points. They could be massive come the end of the season.
  12. omariqy


    I thought we looked much more solid with Nakamba in the team. If we play Targett we need a really mobile DM to cover.
  13. Our distance covered on Monday was the most we have done in any game since Smith took over. Probably something to do with it.
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