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  1. Tbf looking back at gameweek 24 for the past 10 seasons or so most teams are between 21 to 25 point at this stage so it's all very similar despite what the narrative is about the current season.
  2. What it shows is that even then teams were about the same or slightly on more points at the same stage. I reckon 39/40 will do it. Hard to know exactly because of the way the results are going but things tend to even themselves out so if everyone's picking up points of each other then the end result should be similar.
  3. Be interested to see what the teams were on at this stage of the season back in 2010-11
  4. omariqy

    Douglas Luiz

    Put some respect on my boys name. Gutless? Haha. Guys got so much fight. Knew that from when he turned his performance around against Bournemouth first home game of the season.
  5. I honestly thought he did well against 2 physical CBs and held the ball up well. Worked hard too. Hard job for him.
  6. In reality that's his job in the team. Tackle, intercept and give it simple. It works. The majority of our good performances have come with him in the side. That's not a coincidence imo.
  7. I am hoping he comes good but he looked very leggy and slow today. We already have enough of those types of players.
  8. omariqy

    Douglas Luiz

    I've always said that Luiz is better in a 2 and as the box to box player. He's got too much quality going forward to just sit and he isn't aware enough to sit and play the double pivot role.
  9. No just based on what the rumours were and educated guessing. We are close to the FFP limit already based on what we spent in the summer. There is a risk if we go down and I didn't think we would take it tbh.
  10. Seems Giroud was first choice. Shame we couldn't do the deal. Samatta, Slimani and Davis will do until the end of the season.
  11. I'll be honest I didn't expect us to spend a penny this window so to spend £8m on a striker is pretty surprising and welcomed. I'll back him until he proves otherwise.
  12. I don't doubt their professionalism and effort. I was talking about impact on matches and ability.
  13. I actually have seen him play!!! Against Liverpool. He was one of the better players on the pitch (on both sides).
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