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  1. That’s a big shame. The app was and is great
  2. What is peacock and how does it work with the official app?
  3. Jeez what an ending at extreme rules…
  4. I’ve got the pi retro gaming app on my shield and it works well. I just wish I could get hold of a PS2 emulator that works!
  5. Where can I watch Dark side of the ring?
  6. Go on av forums - always been really helpful for me
  7. Anyone watch Bryan Danielson v Omega yet?
  8. There's also a vid of him partying last night I think.
  9. I mean fair enough if its true but given his track record I very much doubt it.
  10. I don't believe that. He wouldn't been able to walk off it the way he did. Preece has said it on twitter yesterday and then wrote an article this morning saying he may be out for up to 3 weeks.
  11. omariqy

    Energy Bills

    In a similar boat to most people. Fix about to end but not sure whether to fix at the high prices or wait to see if it goes down in price.
  12. Market is crazy. We live in Leamington and have just put our house on sale with a view to stepping up slightly in terms of house/budget. The prices are obscene though and feel like even if we sell ours for a good price then we may not find what we want elsewhere.
  13. Thanks mate - awesome. Thinking of getting it for my daughter - any recommendations for games? I was looking at Mario Kart and Animal Crossing
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