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  1. Can we stop talking about how much we battered Bristol please. Anyway - who do you fancy Sheff Utd, Leeds or WBA?
  2. omariqy

    Crypto currency

    How's persona doing? That's my big hope.
  3. Sorry didn't realise this was a thread about the British Empire. In all seriousness sad to say but I'm not surprised. The likes of Robinson, Hopkins, Trump, Farage, Liddle, Phillips etc have a lot to answer for.
  4. omariqy

    Jed Steer

    I can't think of many saves he has had to make in these last few games.
  5. So inconsistent but I don't think the way we are playing is helping. With Grealish controlling the ball in midfield and allowing full backs to push up the wingers benefitted massively. Now we hardly get the ball to them and when we do they are 2 on 1 because our full backs are way back.
  6. Ideal type of player we need in the midfield position.
  7. Rather send Bolasie back if we have the option.
  8. The last few performances have been classic Bruce. Shows the issues with our squad.
  9. Lansbury is a much better footballer than Hourihane, BB and Whelan. The issue is that he does seem to go missing sometimes. However, he thrives in a team that are dominating the ball. Maybe it could work.
  10. I agree. People forget that Kodjia looked very good up top this season before Abraham came into the side. Brentford couldn't handle him. If we are looking to play the way Smith likes to play then Kodjia is much better at holding it up than Abraham. The issue is the pressing. Abraham does that much better.
  11. Think you are being very harsh. Before we lost arguably our two most important players in Axel and Jack we were playing really well and dominating teams like Boro, Derby and WBA. Boro were 2nd when we played them no? Yes we have had a bad spell but we just need to maintain touching distance to playoffs by the time Jack comes back and then Axel. Autos are long gone.
  12. Is this available on AVTV? I would go for Steer, Elmo, Jedinak, Bree, Hutton, Adomah, COH, JDH, Lansbury, Bolasie, Hogan
  13. omariqy

    Dean Smith

    Smith has 23 points from 14 games. A ratio that would put us in the playoffs come end of the season. It's not his fault we had such a bad start. Further, in the 14 games we have played under him only 2 of them were against a team in the bottom half of the league.

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