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  1. omariqy

    Players that never lived up to the promise

    No offence but given the shit we have had over the years that is a terrible list.
  2. omariqy

    Dean Smith

    We will have a dip at some stage. As fans we need to stick with Smith because this is a massive change in philiosphy and although it seems we are having overnight success, it may not turn out that way as the season pans out. However, it is 100% the right way to go and with the players we have then we have a massive chance to achieve something this season.
  3. omariqy

    The retro gaming thread!

    I just download random games across the various systems. I've got games like Sonic, Streets of Rage, Mario, ISS Pro Evo 2, Crazy Taxi etc. Hard drive is only 16gb so you will need to invest in a USB drive or a decent external drive. You can then format them as internal drives which makes it easier to download games etc. Everything up to PS1 is a few MB in size. Dreamcast games are several hundred MBs.
  4. omariqy

    The retro gaming thread!

    Tiny mate. The size of a router box.
  5. omariqy

    The retro gaming thread!

    I use the Pi Retro Gaming app and it has it all built in. It's all on their servers so when you select say goldeneye it will download the game and the emulator you need. Obviously that emulator will work with all other n64 games too.
  6. omariqy

    Ratings & Reactions: Villa v sha

    Annoyingly keep getting 401 errors for this and the boro game
  7. omariqy

    The retro gaming thread!

    Goldeneye works well on the shield.
  8. omariqy

    The retro gaming thread!

    It's what I do. I purchased a n64 recently but sold it again and go the shield. Everything up to dreamcast runs really well. Currently playing diddy kong racing and it looks great.
  9. omariqy

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    We are gunning for Heaton apparently.
  10. omariqy

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    What is on our side is how many points teams are dropping. It seems that a much lower total will be needed to achieve top 2. In the championship if you can win 4 or 5 games in a row you can suddenly shoot up the table.
  11. omariqy

    Anwar El Ghazi

    Mos impressive thing for me was how hard he worked and how many times he won the ball back for us.
  12. Any chance of the Blues game Chewie?
  13. omariqy

    Draft Fantasy Football 2018/19

    I have hardly looked at this and somehow I am third. Wish I had a decent striker.
  14. omariqy

    Joe Lolley

    Mods can we ban @AVFC-Prideofbrum