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  1. A draw in every game would be nice. Don't want Norwich getting too many points.
  2. He’s done it in one of the worst sides in the league
  3. He’s a good player playing in side that are creating nothing
  4. I genuinely didn’t think West Ham would go down. Watford have the harder run in and are poorer.
  5. If we can keep it down to 1 or 2 I would be ecstatic.
  6. Hoping it's just 3 games he is out for as would love him back for the last 3 as they are our winnable games.
  7. Tbf they have played Wolves and Spurs. I will judge them when they play against the lesser teams.
  8. It's one of those, at this present time, I can't see any of the teams winning a game let alone 2 or 3. However, one of the teams is bound to put a couple of wins together at some point.
  9. Yup 2 wins and 3 draws including against us.
  10. These are the games left for everyone and at the bottom is the points I expect each team to get. We need a minimum of 8 points I think. Aston Villa Bournemouth West Ham Watford Newcastle Chelsea Liverpool Man United Newcastle Chelsea Man United Spurs Burnley Norwich Crystal Palace Leicester City Norwich City Newcastle Everton Manchester City Watford West Ham Arsenal Southampton Man United Man City West Ham Everton Aston Villa Arsenal 5 6 9 7
  11. omariqy

    U.S. Politics

    I saw someone else say this somewhere else but if the person/people you are protesting against are comfortable with your means of protest then it isn't really a protest.
  12. If I was sticking with Android I would 100% be going for the OnePlus 8 Pro. Looks an amazing phone. £800 is obviously much more than what you would usually expect to pay for a flagship killer but the equivalent Samsung and iPhones are c£1100.
  13. omariqy

    Smart Watches

    So the main reason I want a watch is for running and heart rate monitoring and also storing music and podcasts. My wife has the active watch and the GPS accuracy seemed terrible. The Apple Watch seems much more accurate and robust when it comes to fitness. Any other recommendations?
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