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  1. Ashley Young was mr consistent for Inter last year playing at the very top level. I love Elmo but we are talking about different levels here.
  2. I watched a lot of him this past season and he was excellent every time.
  3. If I knew the numbers beforehand then I would!
  4. Two newly promoted sides early on and then someone shit like Newcastle sandwiched in between please.
  5. Hah yeah unfortunately we have a natural roughness to our voice. Jugsy and Chadsy have mics albeit they aren't the best. I've always stayed away from sponsored pods or patreon as we do this out of love for the Villa. We've had offers etc but I just cant be having to plug a male grooming product or beer (when i don't drink).
  6. Are we comparing BLM to swastika now?
  7. Thank you mate. Yes it's brilliant and I like we can get some good punditry on Villa compared to the 3 minutes we get every 3 weeks on MOTD and the click bait stuff on Talksport.
  8. Can only add to this. I only realised how good he is when I started working with him. Its easy to criticise when you're not doing it yourself and watching/listening from afar but he's excellent at what he does and he's getting better and better. Deserves a full time role now.
  9. Got the 55 CX last week and just wow what a TV. Dolby vision is a notable upgrade on standard HD television
  10. Picking it up tomorrow. If I have PS+/PS Now - will it transfer across?
  11. Thanks. Gonna try and get it this week!
  12. How bright was it? Worried OLED only works well in dark conditions
  13. Now thinking about the q90t/Q95t. I play and watch TV with the lights on normally so thinking LCD may be better.
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