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  1. omariqy

    Villa Podcasts

    Thanks Elliot. Appreciate the comments. I think we have a knowledgable section of our fan base and these days they know more than any pundit about their club. Hopefully we can carry on giving them a platform and improve with our delivery and content.
  2. omariqy

    Villa Podcasts

    Yeah i think that's a great idea actually. Drop us a DM about your availability post transfer window.
  3. omariqy

    Villa Podcasts

    This review made my day. Check out the episode below. Be interested to hear your feedback again and please do subscribe and rate the podcast. I will need some volunteers to do some match previews in the upcoming weeks but my ask will be have a mic/or headphones with a mic and come prepared!
  4. omariqy

    Villa Podcasts

    New episode out - a detailed look at the Sheff Utd game https://linktr.ee/thevillatalkspodcast
  5. omariqy

    Villa Podcasts

    Thanks boys yes I agree. I’ll be hosting it for the foreseeable and just having different guests!
  6. omariqy

    Villa Podcasts

    Thanks mate that is some great feedback and amazing suggestions. We’ve got a few specials lined up where we discuss some specific topics in detail but those suggestions are great.
  7. omariqy

    Villa Podcasts

    Sure thing mate. Time to back that statement up! I'll DM you post transfer window closing.
  8. omariqy

    Villa Podcasts

    Guys can I ask a massive favour. If you listen to or have access to podcasts via apple then please can you subscribe and give the pod a rating. Obviously a 5 star rating would be greatly appreciated! https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/the-villa-talks-podcast/id1532367840 We have a VT episode lined up with @TrentVilla and @NurembergVillan to talk about kits, ITK wars, Gregg Evans and just general Villa chat. I am also planning on having various VT guests on in the upcoming weeks including @Stevo985 @Nigel @Villan4Life @avfcDJ amongst others! Please shout if you think you can bring something to the pod. We also have a competition running via twitter so please get involved. There will be plenty more prizes to be won over the season and we are doing a massive live youtube Xmas Villa quiz for the guests who win their weekly challenge.
  9. omariqy

    Villa Podcasts

    I don't as I just got it from a youtube video. I thought maybe as the audio was instrumental only it might be ok. I know a few musicians so can get something original done if need be.
  10. omariqy

    Villa Podcasts

    Thank you mate. Appreciate the feedback and tips.
  11. This is why Cash has such a part to play in how well Traore does
  12. omariqy

    Villa Podcasts

    I've listened to it back for the first time proper and whilst I liked the content still, I know what people mean about delivery. That's not how we speak to each other normally and I think that was just us being aware of recording it. I think that will come with time. However, I am quite happy with the content as I always planned this to be a place where knowledgable fans could argue their point! Anyways its now on apple if that suits your listening habits! https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/villa-talks-podcast/id1532367840
  13. We go in quite a bit of detail on Traore in the Podcast and the type of player he is and why it hasnt worked for him at Lyon.
  14. omariqy

    Villa Podcasts

    Thank you for that. Very useful feedback. I think that will come with time and practice! Also big thanks to @Ghost who has done me a massive favour with updating the logo!
  15. omariqy

    Villa Podcasts

    You've just described 70% of the fanbase mate.
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