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  1. Anwar is doing OK, maybe at the moment use him as an impact player because of his direct style and pace when defender's are tiring. I think he's had an ok start tho and there's more to come, we have won 2 on the bounce now, no way am I calling this kid out, he's done nothing wrong. UTV
  2. Rossi

    John McGinn

    I know there has been a lot of ins and outs but, come on its mcginn he starts, I worry about people's memories sometimes
  3. Still soaking up the buzz from yesterday! Feels like a new fresh start with a top bloke as our manager, funny enough I'm gonna miss the championship in a way, but villa need to be in the prem building towards getting back with the big boys! All in all been a mad 3yrs and let's hope we have all learnt something from it. UTV
  4. Rossi

    Tyrone Mings

    Yes, we have an option to match any bid
  5. Rossi

    Tyrone Mings

    Probably already been said, but so happy to have him for this final, his calmness and leadership on the pitch could well be the difference on a tight nervous game, he looks like he's been here years and I think he's here to stay, some players seem to fit a way we want to play, if this guy stays calm on the day then villa go back to the big league for me
  6. I agree with this, only I would swap Taylor for hause
  7. Didn't have his best game, but still the best option we have, hopefully he can get some rest because he's not fully over the shoulder injury. Gotta say he wasn't helped by little or no service, especially from down the right, there were gaps there when others we getting two players mark them, if only more runs were made in behind he would ov got on the end of something.
  8. All this aside Leeds tried to target some of our players all game with 1970 style tackles you have bottled it after thinking your in the prem already! I hope we get you in the final if we get there cos Leeds showed what a bunch of cheating bastards they are, and that will have give our team all the motivation we need for Wembley! UTV
  9. To be fair you make a good point about the ref allowing it but that's the problem, Jack doesn't get the protection he needs in this league, I know it's been said he goes down to easy, but that's because he has to ride so many tackles. Anyway hopefully we go up in this next lottery of playoffs and he won't be kicked as much in the prem
  10. They kicked the s**t out of some our players and got them self worked up that way, I'm in the view they would not get away with using jack as a target if we were to meet at Wembley. Leeds look a little desperate to me cos they screwed automatc promotion, I less worried of playing them now, if I'm honest I do t think they will make the final
  11. Although I agree they are the best we have faced on this run, and you some up very well what their good at, I do feel we had the better chances even tho we weren't at our best and as you mentioned without Tammy. I feel quite confident if it was them at Wembley we would beat them, they didn't really open us up in the final 3rd at home, so I would think at Wembley they would be there for the taking.
  12. Rossi

    Dean Smith

    5th place secure now, rest Jack and sjm and they can rip the tesco bags apart in a couple of weeks! UTV
  13. Improving all the time, looks like he can play in the prem, not sure of the asking price but I hear its around 6 Million, we should snap him up for that money considering the s**t we've blew cash on.
  14. Rossi

    Tyrone Mings

    He only misses todays game.
  15. I don't know why with our record of somtimes bottling the so called easy games, but I'm confident of a comfortable win tonight! UTV
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