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  1. Someone should tell Jack that City want Southgate when Pep leaves in December
  2. 9/1 to stay if anyone still fancies a lill tickle!..
  3. Looking likely but still nothing officially confirmed, Think they might even play the shin splints card when it comes to the medical to drive the price down further, He's missed 36 games over the last 3 season with the same reoccurring injury so technically missed a seasons worth of games in that period!.. He's 26 next month so his injury recovery time won't get any quicker!.. £100m I would rip their hands off!..
  4. Officially yes, wouldn't be surprised if they've organised a behind closed doors at Bodymoor on Tue/Wed for the lads just back from international duties (and any new signings)
  5. Sizzling Mixed Grill at the Hen and Chickens in Hockley.
  6. Can only see 3 firms with available odds for him to stay, PP, Betfair and Unibet. All 7/4
  7. I would at least arse it one more time then wipe me knob on her curtains on the way out!
  8. Someone please turn out the lights for them!
  9. So from reading the last 87 pages it's 50/50
  10. Suprised we haven't been given extra allocation
  11. Had mine last week but the missus not had anything yet. Apparently they are sending them out in alphabetical order?
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