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  1. VT'ers Dieting Thread

    Has anyone tried these from boots? http://www.boots.com/xls-medical-fat-binder-180-tablets-1-months-supply-10133971
  2. Sky TV packages

    No worries... Let us know how you get on pal.
  3. Sky TV packages

    Yeah all deals mainly are 12 months but you can get monthly rolling contracts as well but not that common. It can vary with the % discounts from the off but the longer you leave it the more it goes up. I seen one last week with a guy leaving it go 2 weeks over the 31 days and got 75% off so just depends on what you will be happy with mate.
  4. Sky TV packages

    There are a number of codes going round if you can grab one online, Failing that just phone up and cancel, By all means ask what offers are available to you but it's doubtful they will give you the 50/60% off until you have activated your 31 day cancellation notice!..
  5. Sky TV packages

    Glad you got sorted pal.
  6. Sky TV packages

    If you're deal is about to end then just follow the cancellation process over the last couple pages. By all means you can ask first for a new deal but as I've said before its doubtful you will get the 50/60% off until you have the 31 Day notice pending on your account pal.
  7. Reliably informed he gets £3.5m or Nothing (Only expenses)! (3.5m Pending the division)
  8. Tablet data deals

    I have EE sim, 16gb for £18pm and can use abroad (EU)
  9. Ratings & Reactions: Villa v SHA

    So Robinson gets a retro 3 game ban after all
  10. Pre Match Thread

    The City Is Ours!..
  11. Sky TV packages

    Simple then mate, follow cancel instructions over last few pages!.. You Must Have the 31 Day Cancellation Active on your account or you won't get the 50/60% off. Once you have finished your phone call then log into your account either online, via the remote control for your TV or the Sky services App and the discount will be waiting for you NB, Discounts can be transferred over to Q if you want it.
  12. Sky TV packages

    Wow, Where can I buy one of these TV's that lets you watch 3? My missus would get shite done 3 times quicker
  13. Sky TV packages

    Are you inside a contract?
  14. Sky Q

    Are you existing HD looking to upgrade to Q or new customer?
  15. Sky Q

    I currently pay £38 for Unlimited Fibre, Line rental and BT Sports pack in HD Initially after my first year expired I received notifications of new price stating £58 Usual crack, On the blower for the yearly haggling saying can't afford the price increases so turn it off yadder 30mins later saves £20pm, get sports free for first 3 months and available on 2 mobile devices. You actually get to speake to a real Geordie when you want to leave rather than incoherent timbooktwo when you have a query.