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  1. Kingman

    Tyrone Mings

    Been found out big time at this level, Simply hasn't got the minerals. Good fizzy pop league player in the coca cola or whoever the **** sponsors it nowadays Poor/Average at best in the Premier League. On current form we would be very lucky to recover half of what we paid out.
  2. Kingman

    Dean Smith

    Hopefully applying for SHA job, Will send them down also.
  3. The treatment for Stockholm syndrome is counseling by a psychiatrist. How long a person needs to be in counseling varies by case. Since a person may have experienced mental, emotional and physical abuse, it may take years of therapy for the victim to see improvement.
  4. Since the Sherwood/Garde escapade, I actually thought it would be impossible to reach that shitness level of embarrassment ever again!.. How fcukin wrong!..
  5. Kingman

    Tyrone Mings

    Absolute bottle job of a player, Riddled with mistakes, clumsy, Laboured, Cant do the **** basics like closing down. Arrogant word removed thinks he's far better than he is.
  6. Classic Minge, Thinks he's Pele. Useless word removed
  7. No idea whats gone on but its highly evident we now have an underlying issue.
  8. If this chap is a footballer then i know where theres a **** pub full
  9. We might be a half decent side if we could just simply pass the the **** ball to each other a bit more lively!
  10. Just don't destroy the goal difference for the remainder of the season, Not much in it again now.
  11. Kingman

    Dean Smith

    Whens Jack up court? Should get 3 points from that.
  12. Kingman

    Dean Smith

    Disgracefully Bad on just about every level possible
  13. Kingman

    Dean Smith

    I like Dean for what he has done and been through, I wont get personal with insults as nobody wins. Good championship manager but unfortunately his set up, tactics and game approach are simply not acceptable at this level, Bit like a ground worker who's put a couple of course round a manhole and now thinks he's a face work bricklayer. Very worryingly he cant get a tune out the squad of players at disposal, Still 18 points to play for but changes need to be made. Time to get pissed
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