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  1. So saying a Top 6 club wins the FA Cup and League Cup dose this now mean the losing finalists go into this new cup winners cup thingymybob as Top six will be going chumps and uefa. Surely can't have teams finishing 7th and 8th going in with cup winners?
  2. I'm going to delete my post on previous page unless you pay me some serious dollar
  3. WTF Happend in here?.. Something fishy going on
  4. Reportedly on 60k a week so that's 3m saved + 1 or 2m we may of got for him
  5. He would be an upgrade on coco and crusty who currently occupie the wings
  6. @thetrees is ya man for plane spotting. I think he was on twitter also
  7. Kingman

    Douglas Luiz

    They have 2 seasons to buy back, 25m after one season then 35m.
  8. Has our 3rd round date now been confirmed? Also thought Fulham was on a Monday?
  9. Kingman

    Ezri Konsa

    Irreverent be it be it 50 quid or 50k, Still our best CB by far!
  10. Can't blame the keeper for that when RB and CB are fcukin about with Panini swaps
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