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  1. Live On International TV

    As per title, So will be plenty of opportunities http://liveonsat.com/los.soc_br_eng_ALL.php
  2. Pre Match Thread

    The City Is Ours!..
  3. Sky TV packages

    Simple then mate, follow cancel instructions over last few pages!.. You Must Have the 31 Day Cancellation Active on your account or you won't get the 50/60% off. Once you have finished your phone call then log into your account either online, via the remote control for your TV or the Sky services App and the discount will be waiting for you NB, Discounts can be transferred over to Q if you want it.
  4. Sky TV packages

    Wow, Where can I buy one of these TV's that lets you watch 3? My missus would get shite done 3 times quicker
  5. Sky TV packages

    Are you inside a contract?
  6. Sky Q

    Are you existing HD looking to upgrade to Q or new customer?
  7. Sky Q

    I currently pay £38 for Unlimited Fibre, Line rental and BT Sports pack in HD Initially after my first year expired I received notifications of new price stating £58 Usual crack, On the blower for the yearly haggling saying can't afford the price increases so turn it off yadder 30mins later saves £20pm, get sports free for first 3 months and available on 2 mobile devices. You actually get to speake to a real Geordie when you want to leave rather than incoherent timbooktwo when you have a query.
  8. Sky Q

    Cracking deal here for Fibre and Line Rental... Ends Wed. Fibre & line rent £408 for 1yr, get £150 card and £50 cashback* WORKS OUT EQUIV £17.32/MTH Available to: 83% of UK Speed: Up to 52Mb Download limit: Unlimited Traffic shaping? No Contract length: 12 months Deal requires line rental? Yes Inclusive calls? Weekend New line installation: Free Until 23.59 on Wed 19 April, BT broadband newbies can get a one-year contract for line rent & up-to-52Mb speed unlimited broadband (up to 3x faster than standard) using this BT link*. The deal's available to 83% of the UK – you're told if you can get it when applying. Here's how it works: Unlimited fibre broadband and line rent £28.99/mth for 12mths. After it jumps to £47.49/mth. Weekend calls to UK landlines are included – see BT call costs. You pay £59.99 set-up costs. Includes activation and p&p for the 'free' router. Get £150 on a prepaid Mastercard and £50 cashback but you MUST claim them. This makes the deal really hot, but annoyingly BT won't remind you to claim, so diarise to use this Mastercard claim link and cashback link. You've up to three months to claim after activation – they'll arrive separately and may take up to 45 days. - Is the price fixed during the contract? Technically no, though BT told us it has no plans to increase it. If it does, you should be able to ditch your contract penalty-free. - Cost analysis: You pay £407.87 over one year before calls. But claim the cashback & use the Mastercard (which is like cash) & it's £207.87, equiv to £17.32/mth. Regular cashback site users may see bigger cashback elsewhere, but often on more expensive deals. - Anything else? You get 100GB of free online storage and you can opt in to BT Sport free for three months, £5/mth after, on a 12-month contract. A 30-day rolling contract costs £5/mth. If you want to watch on Sky, it's free for three months, £7.50/mth after, on a 12-month contract. Full BT call charges, tips & customer service ratings http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/phones/cheap-broadband#btfibre
  9. Sky Q

    Good stuff, Initially only the 2TB boxes supported multi room but I guess they may of enabled it in a recent firmware update + you can now treat yourself to a UHD tellybox
  10. Sky Q

    Sound, Make sure you get the 2TB box mate as the 1TB box dose not support UHD or works with a mini should you wish to introduce one further down the line. Have a look here https://www.cable.co.uk/compare/cable-tv/ for the best BB deals around, some come with £150 cash back.
  11. Sky Q

    That's a cracking deal, I'm not aware of any at that rate but will ask the question. I got my code around 10 months ago but £56pm same as you for 18 months, UHD 2TB Box with Sports & Movies pack and One mini for the bedroom. Did you get the same?..
  12. The Aintree Festival / Grand National 2017

    2.05 Ballykea Star 16/1... 2.35 Bulls Head 20/1... 3.10 Aunt Alice 16/1... Thank Me Later
  13. The Aintree Festival / Grand National 2017

    Piece of pi55 this privet hopping wait till the flat gets going... Gold Cup and Grand National winners to add to the season
  14. The Aintree Festival / Grand National 2017

    Winner and the forcast
  15. The Aintree Festival / Grand National 2017

    1.45 No Hassle Hoff 5/1... 2.25 Finians Oscar 4/1... 3.40 Henri Parry Morgan 10/1... 6.15 So Celebre 7/1... SB & PP Paying Extra Places Again!..