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  1. Back on tonight, Henry been away for a fortnight with no available cover
  2. Wonder if they were back ups to late fitness test or part of integration?
  3. Old picture of Villa Park under construction
  4. Watched the game last night without the enhanced crowd noise, I had it up pretty high as you get to here a lot on the chitchat. After about half an hour my missus came in and said "can you hear someone keep shouting Out-out-out"
  5. The Full game is currently replaying on Sky Sports if anyone missed it.
  6. Love watching the energy Watkins displays every game He's like watching a fly in a jar.
  7. Genuinely can't remember him touching the ball yet
  8. Barkley being dropped has probably saved me buying a new TV
  9. Pretty obvious Barkley's issues are upstairs rather than downstairs, He needs withdrawing "Petrov Style" ASAP. Poor kid would be in a thousand pieces if Villa Park was full and would of been withdrawn by now. Pull the kid out for his own wellbeing, Only contributing to his own demise as things stand.
  10. He be hoping and praying Madision is long term and Foden picks up an injury so he can play Mount, Henderson, Dier and Phillips in midfield
  11. Hopefully he will be omitted from the squad and doesn't travel.
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