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  1. New TV advice

    The Live version of HDR is still awaiting ratification so i would expect to see another version like "HDR-Live" Current VP9 Codecs that play things like netflix or amazon will also need upgrading as they can only handle UHD content. Not sure if its achievable via software updates.
  2. John Terry

    Reminds me of me when I come off the tool's... Do **** all just point and shout a lot
  3. Flat Season 2017

    Had a lill EW tickle on "Trip To Paris" in the Gold Cup @ 66/1… First time its run back over this distance since it won the race in 2015. 2.30 Sioux Nation 20/1... 3.05 Taj Mahal 16/1... 4.20 Trip To Paris 80/1...
  4. Flat Season 2017

    Also done EW Super Yankee on RM's biggest 5 prices.
  5. Flat Season 2017

    The Queen Alexandra 2m 6f... Saturday at Ascot.
  6. Flat Season 2017

    At a price!.. 2.30 Whitecliffsofdover 12/1... 3.05 Formidable Kitt 16/1... 3.40 Smart Call 10/1... 5.35 Sibilance 14/1...
  7. Flat Season 2017

    At a price!.. 3.05 Red Roman 40/1... 3.40 Alpha Delphini 25/1... 5.35 James Garfield 33/1... The theory with Red Roman is that he finished 6 lengths in front of De Bruyne Horse on the penultimate start yet that horse is 6/1 and a few quid exchanged last night withthe other two. Few of the big firms paying out on the extra places so try before you buy sports fans
  8. Flat Season 2017

    Ive done the big 5 Ante post at around 33/1 for the Acca, Done trebles upwards! Winter Coronation Stakes Caravaggio Commonwealth Cup Order Of St George Ascot Gold Cup Churchill ST JAMES PALACE STAKES Ribchester QUEEN ANNE STAKES
  9. Viewing / Buying a house

    Looking for our next move, Surprised at how much house you get in Swadlincote, Burntwood and Hendesford for your buck. Anyone know anything about said areas?..
  10. Viewing / Buying a house

    Sounds like a 3 man team, X2 tradesmen on £200 a shift and X1 General Operative on £100. Seems a long programme and expensive for the m2 work to be carried out.
  11. Viewing / Buying a house

    Did you ask how many days work and how many men?..
  12. Viewing / Buying a house

    Anything that will end up being a permanent fixture or fitting, The tradesmen should supply all hand/power tools however if a specialist bit of kit is required they may pass on the hire charge.
  13. Viewing / Buying a house

    If you are supplying the materials add that to a day rate, Most trades are between £150 - £200 a day for labour mate (pending the trade) Always ask first how long it will take so you can get a general idea for yourself.
  14. Sky TV packages

    Until 11.59pm on Thu 1 June, we've blagged Now TV newbies a one-month Entertainment and Cinema Pass* (via this link) in HD for £1. It's a big discount as it usually costs £16.98/mth. To be eligible you can't ever have had a Now TV account with your email address and bank details before. However a new email and different bank details will count as a new customer. IMPORTANT: Once the promo month ends, you're automatically charged £16.98/mth - but you can cancel at any point during the promo and still access it till the month's up.