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  1. Carew & Mellberg vs sha

    Mods... Is it possible? TIA.
  2. Academy General Topic

    KO @ 19.00
  3. Steve Agnew

    Gets the credit when we win but bruces fault when we lose
  4. U23 Development League 2017/2018

    Any youtube links about pal?
  5. U23 Development League 2017/2018

    Strong line up!..
  6. The Manager thread

    Appears they are constantly on the "New Manager Bounce"
  7. Ritchie De Laet

    Going out to Belgium on loan apparently.
  8. Wolves

    Looks like the vitamin d withdrawals have kicked in and levels will fall to where people get affected with the short days.
  9. Sky TV packages

    You could used to be able to apply the discount then upgrade and carry over the discounts to Sky Q. You will prob encounter a set up fee but this dose vary from customer to customer so maybe worth starting a chat with one of the links in the thread and see what your fee is mate.
  10. Wolves

  11. Wolves

  12. January transfer window 2018

    Apparently the Utd kid was spotted at yesterdays game.
  13. The Manager thread

    Even more so when you think that they turned down £8.5m in compo just a few weeks ago!
  14. Tony Xia

    Apparently he's just put another crypto on twitter. Not on so cant link.
  15. Steve Agnew

    Change Agadoo for Aganew-doo-doo