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  1. Depends on what Villa team turns up, Day dreaming bottle jobs at wolves or grafters that put a shift in against Newcastle. It really is that black and white.
  2. Up to 50% off Sky Q + some other decent offers on below link. https://www.sky.com/shop/?awc=11005_1575175642_06080d10b6e84018c312bc04ae4251da&dcmp=afc-47868-na-na-longtail&dclid=CKebjsXSk-YCFWiHUQodp2sAAQ
  3. Sack everyone that serves in the Trinity and employ a couple of Tortoise
  4. It resets 30 mins prior to the next window of opportunity opening to mitigate such things happening so all is fair for all.
  5. Kingman


    Around 400 left!
  6. As in you don't need to pay for a Sky sports subscription for this, Very basic entry level will suffice. If peeps have Sky Q then they will have Sky one.
  7. Any updates for the weekends availability?
  8. A must not lose, the dog heads will be more unbearable than scousers winning the league!
  9. Kingman


    Just over 3k left
  10. Kingman


    No idea mate, maybe others could clarify?
  11. Kingman


    I got one on ST Client ref
  12. Kingman


    Around 30 just come available on website
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