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  1. Kingman

    Louie Barry

    Pointless might az well recall him now. Will learn more with the Villa reserves than Ipswich
  2. We have a few days rest and preparation on them so hopefully we make it count
  3. Just been reading his father is ill and is flying out to Argentina. Doubtful for Friday?
  4. Absolute fallacy he gets picked over Konsa for England, but then again that's down to Southgates ineptness
  5. Traore starts for them, Jiménez on the bench
  6. What formation you seeing?
  7. Thought they would be trying go flog dead horses the money they need
  8. Can't see anything on AVTV for this, Have small heath got YouTube broadcast showing it?
  9. Reported back with thigh injury whilst away on international duty, Didn't train yesterday so doubtful for tomorrow
  10. Zone 1 £55 Zone 2 £49.50 Zone 3 £46 Zone 4 £37.50 Zone 5 £35
  11. David James/Brad Friedel would help organise the defence along with Melberg/Laursen
  12. Was just thinking the exact same thing, Bring them all back in January and get the U23's promoted to PL1.
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