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  1. Kingman

    Burton v Villa

    Been designated away pub.,rc_f:nav,rc_ludocids:12106055414636105982,rc_q:Beech%20Hotel,ru_q:Beech%20Hotel
  2. Kingman

    Burton v Villa

    1500 is a decent turn out, What pubs are for away fans?
  3. Kingman

    Walsall v Villa

    Is this on a YouTube link anywhere chaps?..
  4. Kingman

    Birkir Bjarnason

    Tony would probably turn down the £5.5m and accept £12m for Jack.
  5. Kingman

    Tony Xia

    One if the doc's 95 companies he's supposed to own.
  6. Kingman

    Tony Xia

    Just rename the North Stand for £50m and call it whatever the **** you want. For **** sake just please get on with it you incompetent cockwomble.
  7. Kingman

    Thai Youth Football Team Trapped in Flooding Cave

    The only football team in the world that don't dive.
  8. Yeah, cira 160k signatures currently.
  9. Would of thought that would of been classed as unlawful in a court of employment law mate?
  10. It's not forced mate, besides I'm self-employed so I will be charging double for any graft on a Bank Holiday
  11. Over 93k now We're staying home... We're staying home!
  12. If England win the world cup, the Monday should be made a bank holiday for 2018 72k votes, Needs 28k to go to parliament
  13. Kingman

    Steve Bruce

    I don't think he's lost it, Like he says in the interview he took Hull City up and they were 100/1 outsiders. Anything can happen in this league especially with a good turn out that makes Villa Park Vibrate. There's Always A Way!