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  1. It's on General Sale, Just create one online or phone up mate
  2. Well this time next week it will all be over as the window slams shut sports fans!
  3. Saturdays in the cup, We wont lose!
  4. Update, Just see they have Sold out their allocation of 4226
  5. Just over 2k left, Providing Leicester sell out we should see circa 40k
  6. Kingman

    Keinan Davis

    The wait for buses and all that...
  7. Join the cup scheme next season
  8. Kingman

    Pepe Reina

    Pepe Reina, pepe reina... He eat's the Paella, he drinks Estrella he plays for the Villlla!.. Pepe Reina...
  9. Take care in all you do next yearAnd keep smiling through the daysIf we can help to entertain youOh we will find the waysSo merry Christmas one and allThere's no place I'd rather beThan asking you if you'd obligeStepping into Christmas with me...
  10. IIRC Didnt we have circa 90% in the Lerner era?
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