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  1. Kingman


    Yeah will probably be sold out today
  2. Seriously VAR is a **** fallacy, we scored 3 goals and and I celebrated once! Yes we won, but for ducks sake and the love of the game please sort this pile of shit out now once and for all
  3. Kingman


    Wonder how may go on sale today to members?
  4. Not sure if terrorism related only just seen it... Thoughts to all.
  5. Kingman


    Given the Mid-trinity hospitality section + sponsors + lions clubs + media + staff/players allocations I reckon around 7k are made available.
  6. Kingman


    Showing 27 ATM *SOLD OUT!
  7. Kingman


    Probably because there will only be around 4/5k go on sale and will be mopped up in a few hours Guess they are still trying to work out the starting criteria, Must have attended all league cup games in last 10yrs with both parents
  8. Can't really change a side that's just had 20 odd attempts and scored 5 goals! (Unless they pick up knocks for their country) **** hate international football, words removed
  9. Jesus I don't even remember that post, Must of been a good shift!..
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