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  1. Cant see how clubs get an advantage when you can't sing, cheer, celebrate goals, stand, drink alcohol and have to wear mask for circa 2hrs?.. Just glorified cardboard cutouts that have to pay!.. If that's the way to watch live football I would rather eat my own hands!.. About as much use as a pair of tits on a fish!..
  2. Birmingham City to retire the No 10 shirt for Maradona!
  3. Still thinks he's a world class chew balling Maldini, Embarrassing and arrogant word removed most of the game that actually thinks he's far technically better than he actually is.
  4. Of course I don't and nobody else dose either, So saying he's unaware of any clause just makes you look daft
  5. Anyone else see Lampard on Sky yesterday talking about Southgate, Mount, and England? Appeared to have a slight dig at Jack with references to step overs flicks and tricks. Probably still bitter about the Play of final with Frank Lampards Derby!
  6. So the manager of Aston Villa is the only person in the world to Not no about the clause. Obviously don't expect him to reveal the granular details of the T&C's but to say he's not aware of current status with one of the club’s best players is disappointing
  7. Easier said than done, Who wants to pay money for unreliable injury prone players. We would have to sell him back to ourselves
  8. Just the 5 I believe... Yves Bissouma – Mali – Nov 13 + 17 Tariq Lamptey – England Under-21s – Nov 13 + 17 Jeff Molumby – Republic of Ireland – Nov 12 + 15 + 18 Joël Veltman – Netherlands – Nov 11 + 15 + 18 Andi Zeqiri – Swizerland under-21s – Nov 12 + 16 https://www.fantasyfootballscout.co.uk/2020/11/12/which-fpl-players-are-on-international-duty-and-when-ahead-of-gameweek-9/
  9. Yeah we had 11 away on international duty and most won't be getting back in the house till early hours of Thursday morning so can't see them making the 10am training session. Imagine it will be Friday by the time we fully regroup.
  10. Thought we're out the league cup
  11. Is that 3 in his 4 games?..
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