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  1. But first you “prepare” them. And, via the Birmingham Mail, “issue these words”, and “send this message”. ”This is what a crap Birmingham Mail headline comprises.”
  2. I chatted to him in the car park before the friendly at Swindon in 2015. I told him my favourite bit of commentary was Brian Moore on Atkinson’s goal at Wembley in 1994. From saying “it’s a goal by Dalian Atkinson”, Moore waited 15 seconds before his next comment. Jack didn’t get the hint!
  3. Just please keep those claret away shorts away from the home shirt away from home. If you follow me So, for example, if when we play at Man City, the referee is happy for us to wear the home shirt but not the white shorts, the shorts need to be blue not claret.
  4. So we’re rebranding the shop on Tuesday but we start knocking it down on Monday, along with the rest of Villa Village and Stumps...
  5. There's only one Aston Villa....one Aston Villa....
  6. If we could just please keep those claret shorts away from the home shirt during away games where the home shirt is worn but white shorts can’t be worn....
  7. This one again. Every proper Villa kit would be like a proper Burnley kit. And that would be because they copied us in 1910. Like West Ham copied us in the 1920s.
  8. Veretout also suffered from being tarred by the same brush as the garbage in that squad. Annoys me when people say Gana (Gueye) and Veretout were a "flop". Messi would have flopped in that team.
  9. For so many decades in the UK, flat earth economists would not accept that increasing the money supply increases prices. Football is the perfect case study. In relative terms, although the income goes up at the top level, nobody is really any richer.
  10. If my repeated question about the quality of the journalism and the editorial standard of the matchday programme is anything to go by, you will wait a long time....

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