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  1. Stephen_Evans

    Fans Consultancy Group Meeting

    I would settle for a revamped exterior for the absolutely dreadful Trinity Road Stand. I am sure some clever architects could modify it in a proper "Villa" style without needing to pull the thing down. Obviously much of the corporate areas internally are first class but the exterior is shocking. I remember speaking to Mark Ansell, who blamed the council planning department for the design, but surely they did not make all those grey corrugated steel panels compulsory!
  2. Stephen_Evans

    Fans Consultancy Group Meeting

    I wonder if the club could do some research as to why so many supporters leave the ground early (unless we've been rubbish and losing badly of course). It's usually to do with transport. If those who leave early can provide information via a survey about how they travel, where they park, which trains or buses they use, etc etc there might be ways for the club to help.
  3. Stephen_Evans

    Dean Smith

    Here's hoping for the Dean Smith interpretation of this phrase rather than the Steve Bruce version! I understand and support what you are saying by the way.
  4. Stephen_Evans

    Jack Grealish

    I love the guy. It was just a comment. Anyway I actually think it’s dangerous. They stop a player wearing a ring without tape round it but it’s ok to chew something that could choke you in a collision.
  5. Stephen_Evans

    January transfer window 2019

    Look how nicely blue shorts go with the home shirt when a colour clash means we can't wear white shorts.
  6. Stephen_Evans

    Jack Grealish

    Did he always chew gum during games? The impression is all a bit "I'm too good for all this". Plus his body language has definitely changed since the summer.
  7. Stephen_Evans

    Fans Consultancy Group Meeting

    Can we have: a programme editor who can actually proof-read (this one often can't even get the wordsearch right let alone the serious stuff) and can conduct decent interviews (fed up of variations on "you must be really keen to score a goal / win the next game") blue shorts as a first alternative to the white ones where the home shirt is being used - all claret is not right
  8. Stephen_Evans

    Dean Smith

    Here's the thing about Dean Smith - if things are going wrong within a game or from game to game, he might not be able to provide a quick fix BUT he will actually understand what's going wrong and have a strategy for improving. If we lost badly under Bruce, you could see from his face that he had no idea how it had happened.
  9. Stephen_Evans

    Dean Smith

    Gareth Barry probably deserves a mention, as he arrived at about 16 years of age. And then in no particular order: Darius Vassell, Steve Froggatt, Tony Daley, Graham Fenton, Michael Oakes, Riccardo Scimeca, Luke Moore, Barry Bannan, Marc Albrighton, Callum Robinson, Daniel Johnson, Jonathan Hogg....there are more but I'm supposed to be working! Whether people rate them I suppose is another debate, but in youth development terms, they definitely "made it", playing in the top two divisions of English football.
  10. Stephen_Evans

    Sir Doug Ellis

    The suggestion in the local press that there should be a statue is going too far. He has his memorial - the aesthetically challenged Trinity Road Stand.
  11. Stephen_Evans

    Dean Smith

    Turner’s problems remind me of Lambert’s. What Ellis was doing in that era was the same as Lerner’s post-MON approach. Slightly unconnected, Tony Barton was a complete novice and managed two trophies, a league cup semi-final, and 3 points off 2nd in 1982-83.
  12. Stephen_Evans

    New Manager Speculation

    Haha indeed - the Maginot line didn’t cover Belgium at all!
  13. Stephen_Evans

    New Manager Speculation

    The Houllier hatred really was hysteria. I remember us smashing Blackburn 4-1 at Villa Park and thinking how bright things could be under Houllier. MON’s style was not a million miles away from Bruce’s, just with a bit more pace and some better players. Houllier did well to transition as much as he did.
  14. Stephen_Evans

    Thierry Henry

    About. You’re excited about it.
  15. Stephen_Evans

    New Manager Speculation

    I get the feeling the media and football world will love the next man to fall flat on his face. The outrage over Bruce being sacked by the Villa “clowns” is extraordinary. It shows how little these people have actually watched Villa and how blind they are to the reasons why things have not worked out.