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  1. Looking at the merchandising offering in general, things are just not like they used to be. I remember the excitement as a kid of looking though the merchandise catalogue. I always loved seeing the different framed prints you could buy. These days, you cannot even buy a binder for the programme!
  2. I wonder if construction might work a bit like the new main stand at Liverpool. They built behind it and kept the old stand in use for as long as possible and then finished the job in the close season.
  3. I’m afraid that horse bolted under Doug Ellis to a significant extent.
  4. A thing to fix - some hot water in the gents in P4 would be great!
  5. That would have been an awesome partnership if a certain manager hadn’t played Mellberg at right back for most of the two seasons where Mellberg and Laursen weren’t prevented from playing together because of the latter’s injuries.
  6. Is there’s anything on the exterior of the Trinity?
  7. Spurs are cheating by gaining the extra few thousand with the wrapped round corners. The Holte is still the greatest!
  8. Seeing these stats reminds me that it was somewhat miraculous that Villa stayed up with only 7 wins in 2011/12 under McLeish, although there a lot of draws!
  9. Elmo I can understand and accept. But Taylor is a head scratcher. Jota is unlucky to miss out too.
  10. I think the other problem with extending the North Stand (as opposed to knocking it down) is that structurally the top deck is literally hanging from the goal post style pillars. Taking off the roof effectively means the end of it anyway!
  11. “Renovations” It’s a bit of (welcome) decorating!
  12. Just wait until we are “handed a transfer twist”!
  13. On the minor spruce up side, has anything happened with the Trinity?
  14. The recent planning application in relation to the demolition of the Academy Building and Villa Village has now been approved subject to conditions (submission of a demolition method statement and details of preventing mud on the highway).
  15. The ultimate blessing in disguise!
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