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  1. Stephen_Evans

    Tony Xia

    Although they did sell the training ground. On the old official history video in 1988, Charlie Aitken talks about how they would beg, steal and borrow places to train.
  2. Stephen_Evans

    Tony Xia

    Obviously I respect different opinions, even where we disagree. I did just want to mention though that the old board in 1968 left us in Division Two not Division Three. It was the new Board and Tommy Docherty who wasted the momentum of the second half of 1968-69, made some poor decisions in the summer of 1969 and ultimately took us down to our lowest ebb of relegation to Division Three. Not that I remember any of it....13 years or so before I was born!
  3. Stephen_Evans

    Tony Xia

    They weren’t great, for sure, but the gap between their ambition and their failure wasn’t quite so big.
  4. Stephen_Evans

    Ørjan Nyland

    I cannot remember a keeper quite so rooted to the spot as this guy. The header that flashed just wide last night would have been in before he'd moved had it been on target.
  5. Stephen_Evans

    Steve Bruce

    He shut this particular doubter up. I doubted whether we would get the job done against Rotherham. But we did. Congratulations Steve!
  6. Stephen_Evans

    Steve Bruce

    Apparently, according to Bruce we go into tonight’s game “buoyed by what we saw on Saturday”. What did he see?!
  7. Stephen_Evans

    Steve Bruce

    They also need to sack whoever packed the claret shorts instead of the blue ones. The one kit combo that irritates me is claret shirts with claret shorts.
  8. Stephen_Evans

    Steve Bruce

    I think he says in one interview “we’ve got to find a system”. I absolutely despair of this buffoon.
  9. Stephen_Evans

    Steve Bruce

    Wasn’t at the game in person (pregnant wife would not have appreciated that) so watched on TV. The thing that annoyed me even more than the overall performance was the lazy commentator group think about Bruce, his record, the “6 players missing from last year”, his experience...it’s got unbearable!
  10. Stephen_Evans

    John Terry

    There are many examples in our history of the owner/chairman bottling it but the idea that Muzzy Izzet would have turned our 2001/02 vintage into Champions is a little fanciful. Off topic I know, but in Deadly Doug’s defence (a rare thing for me to do!), Gregory had just spent slightly less than the money quoted for Izzet on Bosco Balaban!
  11. Stephen_Evans

    Steve Bruce

    Sack him.
  12. Stephen_Evans

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    Is it? If he had come flying off his line like I would have expected on Saturday, Chester wouldn't have needed to make the challenge for the penalty.
  13. Stephen_Evans

    The Doug Ellis stand

    I can’t stand Ellis (see what I did there) because of what he did to the old Trinity but also because of the cheap, architectural monstrosity that replaced it. However, I would like us to show a bit of a class and sensitivity to an elderly man by not changing it during his lifetime.
  14. Stephen_Evans

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    I’d take Terry with one leg over both of them! That reads very wrong, I know!
  15. Stephen_Evans

    Steve Bruce

    The official site should adapt their weekly feature to “5 things we’ll never learn from [insert match]”.