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  1. 42,045 inside Villa Park today. But our goalkeeper will have 10 days in quarantine if he goes to Argentina. I wonder where the greater risk is. Logic went out the window a long time ago where Covid is concerned!
  2. Well, about "that" Liverpool game...
  3. A question for others who have used the resale function. How long did it take for your money to come through? My seat was sold on Friday but I haven't received the money.
  4. I don't believe this rumour. But it has been a bad summer for disbelieving rumours that I don't want to be true!
  5. For goodness sake people, think of the pivot!
  6. It looked great in stitching until Hummel got hold of it between 2004 to 2007. How they got away with such a poor rendering of the badge when they were the official kit supplier, I will never know.
  7. Songs for players has never been our strong point has it?!
  8. In the legal jargon, until "performance" of the contract begins, a signature on the document isn't worth the paper it's printed on.
  9. Must be one of those big European nights.
  10. He didn't exactly run the show did he!
  11. Someone on twitter has said the captain of a Premier League club is definitely staying. Naturally I believe them.
  12. Kane's success is one of football's great mysteries to me. He moves like a tow truck.
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