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  1. The silly fist pumps irritate me.
  2. That must mean Guilbert wasn’t playing full back. Because despite apparently having “good shape” I don’t remember his being in the right place for a full back very often from a defensive point of view!
  3. I’ve got a long fuse but I’ve had enough. Smith and Terry used to be defenders apparently!
  4. I’ve asked about the quality of the Villa News and Record umpteen times. To my knowledge, the issue has never been raised with the club. Anyway, the editorial accuracy and journalistic quality of the programme isn’t a patch on what it once was. Can this be (finally) addressed or should I write in privately? One of these days I should go through an edition with a highlighter and red pen and send it back to the “editor”.
  5. I think Dean's comments may just mean that the process of negotiating transfers once targets are identified is dealt with by Suso and Purslow. I doubt it means he has no input into the identity of the players pursued.
  6. I remember being one of the doubters when Benteke skied a rebound into the Holte in a defeat to Southampton.
  7. A rather quirky question for anyone old enough to remember: On which side was the home dressing room in the old Trinity Road Stand? I always thought it was pitchside of the corridor, i.e. its windows looked out over the pitch in the Trinity Road/North Stand corner. I thought that was what I remembed from a tour in 1999, but perhaps the memory plays tricks. But I am reading "Encounters of the Third Kind" which includes photographs taken inside the home dressing room after the 1970 League Cup semi-final against Manchester United. The windows are too large to have been the pitchside ones and match windows on the exterior of the old Trinity. So that would put the home dressing room on the opposite side of the corridor. I suppose the dressing rooms could have been switched over at some point.
  8. I was amused early in the game when she said Taylor has a wonderful delivery into the box. Proof positive this commentator knew nothing about him!
  9. Stephen_Evans

    John Terry

    I have a feeling the Chief executive changed in the meantime.
  10. The unwillingness to redevelop the North Stand makes me sad too. Coupled with that, is the fact that my own little “dream” of a decent architect pulling off a redesign of the exterior of the trinity road stand (without affecting the structure or interior) will also never happen. Purslow recently described Villa Park as a “cathedral” but half of it wouldn’t look out of place on an industrial estate. Why oh why did it have to be Ellis and the hostile local council as then constituted that were in charge of Villa Park’s transition between 1990 and 2001?!
  11. I popped into the shop yesterday before taking an exam in the 82 lounge - an unusual venue for a Trusts and Estates Accounting exam! Anyway, if you don't want to buy clothes, there is so little on offer it's unreal.
  12. Looking at the merchandising offering in general, things are just not like they used to be. I remember the excitement as a kid of looking though the merchandise catalogue. I always loved seeing the different framed prints you could buy. These days, you cannot even buy a binder for the programme!
  13. I wonder if construction might work a bit like the new main stand at Liverpool. They built behind it and kept the old stand in use for as long as possible and then finished the job in the close season.
  14. I’m afraid that horse bolted under Doug Ellis to a significant extent.
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