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  1. Hardly bother looking at the site anymore. Lost its sparkle
  2. A bit like Dr pimple popper lancing a boil
  3. fantasic, being of the same vintage myself they were indeed great days, your right everyone seemed to smell strongly of the booze/fags/chips/piss combo. Thinking about it we could be technically be classed as glory hunters
  4. If you do not mind me asking what got you into the Villa in the first place, would not imagine the Barry fan club has too many members?
  5. It’s the same disposition as those people whom asked who they support just arrogantly say ‘United’ used to have a load of fun with this in America as the response was which one? Then also making enquiries into why they supported Manchester United. The amount of people who lied through their teeth stating that they had a great grandad who was born in Salford and the like was hilarious. Why not just say because they win everything (used to then) and be honest you plums
  6. Did Waterworld not have this accolade before
  7. I want Milot and no one else will do
  8. It is the same job as his last one, sitting on his arse and collecting a pay cheque, Just with added talking
  9. 47,998 Why does this number annoy me and has done for years
  10. The zero: return for Aston Villa is telling part
  11. I’m a bit excited and nervous and a little bit of wee wee has just leaked out
  12. I love some of the Victorian pornographic pictures, blokes with beards, fancy moustaches, monocles smoking a pipe whilst a sexual act is being performed on them
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