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  1. I admit it looks bleak
  2. My cousin who lost his leg from the knee down during a tour of the ‘sandpit’ still gets the feeling of itchy toes from his missing foot
  3. If whoever is spreading it is now putting it into cases we are all doomed
  4. Victoria, Still got that playboy somewhere
  5. 660 ml bottles of ice cold Moretti with mainbrace golden rum chasers
  6. did you go from B to D cup, double C is plenty and less strain on the back
  7. Could well be, will confirm, cheers
  8. Help required, need to track down an old Hulk comic from the 70's - he is held in chains and seems powerless against the people holding him and even the kids beat up on him. Think it was some kind of alternative reality Dr Strange exiled him to but may be wrong. Any help much appreciated
  9. Having had the latter in my youth I can clearly state I’ve never made that mistake
  10. You will look like your avatar when they’ve been done. Horrible business
  11. And what’s even more abhorIs that it will report his victims were mostly disabling With many using sign language to describe their ordeals
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