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  1. Was a bloke in his souped up low profile mini out with his girlfriend as well, made an awful screeching sound as his undercarriage collided with the first speed bump by the flat, scorch marks still on the bump
  2. My lad had another game up by you last night, fella walked past clucking like a chicken and making odd noises, was that you?
  3. If only he would’ve travelled by plane he would’ve had a lot more Continental fights
  4. Kirkland Laing, gifted pugilist aged 66 last week. Had a victory over Hands of Stone on his record
  5. Just read Kirkland Laing passed away last week, RIP a very special talent who probably very much underachieved in his career. On his day a match for anyone and well avoided by the Ragamuffin man
  6. 150k a week 5 year deal, no thanks
  7. It’s rather fortunate ducking stools are no longer en vogue for Gabby Logan Still would mind
  8. Quote from a Gooner on their site
  9. When the oppertunity came, Where do you start, ffs
  10. I think he will become a huge hit by Christmas
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