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  1. Stevo and Biscuit shins sitting in a tree K I S S I N G
  2. You could argue that Ronaldo is the best player in the world and you could argue that the Premier League is the best club competition in the world as well
  3. what about totty and wet t shirts
  4. Drink Purity instead maybe?
  5. My mates dad has 10 pints before lunch at Edgbaston when we go to a test match and will only go for his first piss at that point, well into his 70's. What a man
  6. Had the luck and good fortune to be there that night
  7. Get a fix of the under 23’s on Friday against the dog heads on AVTV
  8. Smith and Potter both English, both Villans setting the league alight
  9. Looking at the progress of the kids the chances are we won’t need to buy any for the next 10 years
  10. Just to goals will take an hour slot the way it is going
  11. Sold out now Few tickets left for Burton next Tuesday if you phone up
  12. Regardless of everything else this is what I feel, I can’t wait to see us play again, not had that feeling for donkeys, Long may it continue
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