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  1. briny_ear

    Mile Jedinak

    Bit inappropriate for people to be calling him out for lack of pace, “appalling” distribution, etc., at the time he was contributing to a really strong performance against France. Little bit parochial perhaps?
  2. briny_ear

    Going Under ?

    Couldn’t Be quarterly if we had trouble paying one in May? I’m guessing monthly so stand by your beds on 22 June!
  3. briny_ear

    Going Under ?

    The thread is called “going under ?” With a question mark. So it’s tracking speculation about our financial position. Quite hard to see that speculation has gone away, even though there are a few siren voices singing that there is no crisis.
  4. briny_ear

    Alan Hutton

    He’s been far more loyal to Villa than Villa have been to him. Just the sort of player we need to keep us strong for the difficult season to come. Pleased to see this.
  5. briny_ear

    Tony Xia

    “Proud history, bright future”??
  6. briny_ear

    Fixtures 18/19

    Is that where the tax money went?
  7. briny_ear

    Tony Xia

    I think it may just be the Villa curse: we got the wrong American “billionaire” and now we may have got the wrong Chinese “billionaire”.
  8. briny_ear

    Steve Bruce

    Must say though, it makes for a great CV: ”Almost got Walsall into the Division 1 promotion places.” I would have thought the main problem with getting him to Villa would be the queue of other more prestigious clubs wanting to snap him up.
  9. briny_ear

    Steve Bruce

    OK, time for me to have my annual futile attempt to encourage correct usage of “reign” and “rein” on Villatalk. “Reign” is what the Queen does on account of her being Queen. “Rein” is what controls a horse and giving “free rein” means letting the horse run with little or no control. I’ve got a feeling this post intended to say “rein” (as in horse) rather than “reign” as in Queen.
  10. briny_ear

    Tony Xia

    Right... I’m thinking you maybe gave a different definition of “reason” to many people!!!
  11. briny_ear

    Steve Bruce

    I couldn’t find these reports. Do you have any links?
  12. briny_ear


    The Gil thread is locked???? Boo!!!! That was one of the funniest threads on the site.
  13. briny_ear


    Can I suggest when you send out that list to potential buyers you take out the stuff in brackets.
  14. briny_ear

    Keith Wyness

    She’s suing for constructive dismissal....
  15. briny_ear

    Keith Wyness

    But technically you don’t sue a company for constructive dismissal, so the press reporting of this is sloppy. It’s pretty clear however that some legal action is happening - we just have to wait to see how far it goes.