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  1. Swansea would obviously be a really good move for him but like others I worry a bit about cover. We are relying heavily on McGinn & Luiz at the moment and they are doing a great job. Just a bit worried about who comes in if one or both gets injured/suspended.
  2. Totally absurd that this match should have gone ahead btw.
  3. It seems fairly mental that Milner is still playing top flight football. It feels like several universes away that he played for us.
  4. Well done, well done indeed. So proud of them. MOTM is tough but I’ll give it to Barry for that sublime goal. When all’s said and done, that sort of skill is the most sought after at premier league level. But basically this was an all-round team performance of great resilience and a credit to all involved.
  5. Very impressed with Onodi so far. Think we could have ourselves a real goalie on the making here.
  6. I think our babbies are giving a good account of themselves so far. Would love it if they made it 1-1 and forced Klopp into making some substititions.
  7. Not to mention stupid free kicks just outside the penalty area (thinking of Southampton).
  8. Well they did get 4 bookings cf our none so it seems hard to argue it was “unpunished”. Not sure the penalty was that soft. Just thought D L showed surprising naïveté in laying hands on Pogba in the penalty area. That usually leads to a penalty, FFS, doesn’t he watch match of the day ?
  9. I suspect Man U will think they got away with one there. We were probably the better side but we undid ourselves by giving away two ridiculously soft goals. Also by inability to score, El Ghazi and Watkins particularly at fault there. Quite a lot of contenders for MOTM but I think Cash just earned it, a tough display in defence and good attacking menace. Martinez great as well. so glad we got him.
  10. This is reminding me a bit of last season. We undermine all our good work by giving away soft goals.
  11. I don’t think you can call that jammy. Our defence fell foul of pace again. Simples.
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