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  1. Wow, that was the very first match I ever attended at VP! Was a great night. I was 10.
  2. Good to have a weekend off worrying about our league position and nervously watching the results from Watford, Bournemouth, West Ham etc.
  3. That’s pretty much how I see it too. 5 teams fighting to avoid 2 relegation places, 2 points between us! I’m glad we are near the top end of the group but there are some tense times ahead. Need some Samma goals pdq, as well as lots more Reina saves.
  4. Anybody know if he’s eligible to play in the 2nd leg of the Carabao Cup?
  5. Great result. Well done D. Luiz & Konsa for getting us out of jail.
  6. Massive massive moment. Smith has to find a way to turn this round in the second half.
  7. Well that begs a long of questions! Obviously if he wasn’t in the squad and there was no other forward in his place then, yes, we would have been in big trouble (a bit like we are now). I’m assuming though that it would have been possible to buy a forward who could have worked better with the team and scored more consistently. The “mistake I referred to was that no manager ever really found a way of integrating him properly into the team.
  8. briny_ear

    Dean Smith

    I agree it’s not “looking so bad”. It’s looking pretty nerve wracking and awful and it seems delusional to be celebrating our current position as “not so bad”.
  9. We are quick? Think I’m missing something. Snoddy looked bloody brilliant on Saturday.and I would love to have him still with us. Sod all the theoretical claptrap about business models, 5 year plans, building new philosophies etc. He is just a bloody good straightforward winger and they are like gold dust in modern football.
  10. Bye Kodj. Just shows the risk of recruitment. Nearly 4 years on and a lot of salary money later, we finally get to unravel one of the early mistakes of the Xia/diMatteo era. Worth remembering though that he got a fair few goals in his first season but never really regained form after his injuries.
  11. Welcome Mbwana. PLEASE PLEASE hit the ground running!!!
  12. I think those stats may benefit from a quick check. We’ve played 3 top 6 sides at home: Liverpool 1-2, Leicester 1-4, Man C 1-6. And 4 away: Man C 0-3, Wolves 1-2, Man U 2-2 and Chelsea 1-2. You also seem to have overlooked Norwich’s 3-2 defeat of Man C at Carrow Road. Re-present the stats all you want but it doesn’t get away from the basic point that we need to get some points off top 6 sides.
  13. briny_ear

    Dean Smith

    Oh, when I first saw that I thought you were being satirical so I chuckled and moved on. But I see from the reactions of others that you may be serious. I take you back to the world of 1st December when we were 3 points above the drop zone, had a goal difference of only -1 and had just drawn 2-2 with Man U at their place. That world...
  14. briny_ear

    Dean Smith

    I get the distinct impression that Smith is better at analysing the problems with our football than he is at putting them right (although I give him credit with lifting performance in the 2nd half at Brighton - that sort of thing has happened all too rarely this season). Look at Nigel Pearson. I doubt whether he could be anything like as fluent when talking about Watford’s playing problems, but he grabbed the squad by the scruff of its neck, gave them a good shaking and got them playing winning football. If I was giving Dean careers advice, I’d suggest he could have a valuable role as a consultant.
  15. I think this is dead right. Out of the current bottom 6 clubs, we have the worst record of all against the current top 6. We’ve taken 1 point from 7 matches And conceded 21 goals. Even Norwich (4 Pts) and Bournemouth (6) have done better than that which is partly why they are just about still in the mix. It’s essential we pick up some more points from the top sides. Chelsea and Man U are the most vulnerable. Lots of people, including the manager, said after the Man C debacle, “our season won’t be defined by a defeat by Man City”, implying that points lost to top 6 sides are not relevant to the relegation battle. They may just be wrong.
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