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  1. Jota is the only really big worry for me. Afraid he looks really off the pace and out of his depth in this league. Let’s hope his substitution tonight indicates Smith’s thinking about his seemingly automatic place in the team.
  2. Let’s hope that’s not our story for the whole season.
  3. Frustrating night. Not good enough at the moment.
  4. West Ham going a man down hadn’t changed the balance that much.
  5. “Small time” or not, that third goal against Wolves was a thing of wonder and I bet is being discussed on many fan sites this morning. we have an extra interest because last season he was doing stuff like that for us...
  6. 1in 4 would be about 9-10 wins so not so comfy. We need about 10 draws on top of that to be really sure of survival.
  7. Didn’t he used to play lead guitar in the Byrds?
  8. briny_ear

    Tom Heaton

    Superb performance on Saturday. Kept us in with a shout right up to the end, which would have paid off if Lansbury’s goal had been allowed... MOTM for me.
  9. briny_ear

    Dean Smith

    I posted some dodgy stats, realised it and deleted them.
  10. briny_ear

    Dean Smith

    EDIT. Oh, bogus stats deleted!
  11. My wife’s birthday today so will be otherwise occupied - won’t actually be too far away from the ground ironically. So here’s my day’s worth of comments pre-match: come on lads, Palace are actually quite vulnerable at home so let’s haul in win no. 2 half-time: great goal from Wesley now let’s keep it tight in defence full-time: great goal from jack to seal the win!
  12. Or gets his head turned and starts cavilling to move to a top 6 club.
  13. Love his reaction that he thought it was a prank. I’m going to phone him today and tell him he’s been picked for Scotland.

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