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  1. briny_ear

    Dean Smith

    The post that I commented on - which wasn’t from you - said that we achieved promotion a year ahead of schedule. So that made clear that the poster thought the board had determined the year in which we would get promotion. My response was that you can’t programme these things and we should be doing everything possible to consolidate the promotion we have gained. This is not “missing the point”. I wonder if anyone arguing the bizarre line that this is not true can actually say clearly what their “point” is. What Smith has seriously failed to do is create football that would secure our premier league status.
  2. briny_ear

    The NSWE Board

    OK, particularly at the moment I haven’t got the motivation to try to unpick what makes you so angry about the suggestion that our owners have some responsibility for the performance and quality of the squad/team. I certainly think Ellis, Lerner, Xia and now our current owners have their part in our disastrous decline over the last 10-15 years and (hopefully) recovery. But responding to comments like the one above doesn’t seem likely to lead to anything very fruitful.
  3. briny_ear

    Dean Smith

    Just to say I haven’t missed the point completely. No football board can determine when its club is going to get promotion. The only “realistic expectation” I have as a fan is that the manager should set up the team to achieve as much as it can given the abilities of the available players. This is what Smith has failed to do.
  4. briny_ear

    The NSWE Board

    Hmm. If the performance of the club and the quality of the players it has are nothing to do with the owners, I wonder what you think they are responsible for?
  5. briny_ear

    Dean Smith

    Not targeting you in particular, Z old chap, but I keep seeing this argument and I just want to say I think it is bizarre. First, no club can determine when it is going to get promoted. The world just isn’t like that. You have to seize the opportunity when it arises and make the most of it. It’s particularly odd to say the club had a plan last season not to get promoted when the previous manager was sacked halfway through for failing to put us on course for promotion - the same manager who had cabbages thrown at him for failing to get us promoted the previous season as well! Where on earth does this odd idea come from that we didn’t want to be promoted last season? But just suppose it is true., having got promoted by accident, do you just say “oh, we got promoted too early, we had better get relegated and start again”? That’s an even more puzzling idea. Having got promoted we needed an approach that was focused on premier league survival and building for the future from within the Pl.. In my view that includes having a manager who has the nous and experience to create solid and pragmatic football of the sort that gets you mid table stability. I’m afraid Dean Smith isn’t the man for that. Reflecting the discussion about Potter as well, he isn’t the man either. Down here in Brighton where I live, there are growing calls for him to be sacked, very much on the same grounds as those aimed at Smith.
  6. Not sure how you think summer holidays are going to go ahead as normal if the current restrictions stay in place for as long as the experts expect, or more likely get more extreme. This year is going to be an extraordinary one all round and we must expect lots of disruption. Wouldn’t surprise me at all if the 2019/20 season was finished off in autumn 2020.
  7. Should this be renamed “Coronavirus thread”?
  8. Not totally sure you got the point of the comment you were responding to... But if you are relying on Liverpool gifting matches to relegation candidates once they have sealed the PL title, well, I would class that as a high risk strategy!
  9. briny_ear

    Dean Smith

    Not sure I get that. Lose a lot of matches and get blamed for it by the manager. Doesn’t sound great fun.
  10. briny_ear

    Dean Smith

    Which is quite an improvement on the 0.5 points per game they were on before he took over. If we could get a manager to get us 1.2 points per game from now on we would end on 37 points, probably enough to be safe.
  11. briny_ear

    Dean Smith

    Just thought he looked and sounded lost this evening. No idea what to do next.
  12. I can only repeat it was a stupid way to try to clear the ball. How many times have you seen top players trying to shoulder charge the ball away in the penalty area while raising their arm? Like I said , raised the clear risk of benig penalised. May I enquire what actually happened?
  13. Penalty or not, it was a really stupid way to try to clear the ball which raised the clear risk of being penalised.
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