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  1. briny_ear

    Dean Smith

    So let’s just see if I’ve got this? Steve Bruce was responsible for the make up of the squad when he was manager. But Dean Smith Is not responsible for the make up of the squad now he is manager. OK, fine.
  2. briny_ear

    Keinan Davis

    Why am I getting this strange feeling of déjà vu?
  3. In my hypothetical example, I assumed the points not won by the 17th club had been taken by a club or clubs above them. The 17th club was West Ham on 35 points. Suppose Villa had beaten them twice, rather than losing away and drawing at home, then West Ham would have had 31points and still stayed up. Incidentally, Villa would have finished 5th not 6th.
  4. No they haven’t. Nearest was West Brom in 2004-5 who stayed up with 34. That’s not to say it won’t be enough this season though. In 2009-10, 31 points would have kept you up (even though the 17th club actually got more than that) so there can be seasons when very low points totals are enough for survival and this looks like being ione of them.
  5. Which player played briefly under Dean Smith at Brentford and was then recruited to Villa, even though, according to some, Smith has no influence over recruitment?
  6. That was the outcome I expected but we gave a good showing, so positives to take from that, etc. Thought Mings was particularly good. My worst scenario was we lost by enough to put us back down to 19th, but that didn’t happen. In the end, Liverpool, despite looking half-arsed for most of the match, had too much class for us. So no surprises really. Don’t expect too much change from the next match either.
  7. Even when they’re shit Liverpool are too good for us.
  8. This is dire from Liverpool.It makes you wonder how they won the premier league!
  9. Didn’t really think Liverpool were too bothered that half. Klopp looks cross so maybe he will fire them up. If not there is at least a point going begging for us here.
  10. Not too much intensity from Liverpool here & we are labouring away hard. while there’s life....
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