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  1. Well done Villa. 10 matches ago this hardly seemed possible. Jack came back just at the right time. Woooohooooo! Bring it on, whoever we have to play.
  2. Fabulous goal by Barry Bannan. Would be poignant if he helped us secure a playoff place.
  3. Whoop. 10 in a row is just mental. We’re in the groove.
  4. Just reflecting on this. If we are promoted to the premier league we should spend £25/30m on a couple of Championship strikers? Hmmm.
  5. Just don’t agree with that at all. I may be wrong but I think an analysis of his yellow cards would show that many brought neither him nor the team any advantage. He needs to learn to play without picking up so many yellows. Think this could hold him back from becoming the truly good player he has real potential to be.
  6. I really can’t see how picking up yellow cards at a high frequency, if it leads to absence for key matches, can be see as “smart”.
  7. Why doesn't McGinn just stop getting yellow cards? People seem to be treating this as a necessary or inevitable part of his game. It’s not.
  8. Absolutely. This photo leads to comments that probably shouldn’t be posted on a family forum. (What is he doing with his hands?)
  9. Just gets better and better. Glad that one or two players who have come in for very harsh criticism on these pages stepped up & did their bit. Bristol C are no slouches so this was a very good win in all the circumstances. Just wish we could convert a few more goals - my blood pressure would like that please.
  10. Would expect Baker to score an own goal, injure himself in a wild two-footed lunge and get a red card as he is carried off.
  11. Where else but on Villatalk could a thread about a vague story of a possible takeover, possibly involving Villa - all completely unsubstantiated - sweep so wildly over topics such as Persian Gulf politics/human rights abuses, the Morecambe Bay cockle pickers and whether Tony Blair’s government was really “socialist”. I do really feel we are getting to the bottom of this story , guys!
  12. Very unsure about the new hairstyle.
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