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  1. Can we get back to talking about Björn again?* (* I know. Very contrived and clunky)
  2. I’m keeping it high by agreeing with your comment.
  3. Maybe just translated it wrong from the Belgian - tricky language you know.
  4. Neil Armstrong never walked on the moon. There’s a photograph to prove it.
  5. This definitely is/isn’t happening (delete as appropriate when we know for sure). You heard it here first. Let’s hope it is.
  6. I don’t like all this ITK stuff. Somehow it always seems to turn sour.
  7. Judging by the amount of social media coverage of this from the club, I’m getting the feeling they see this as our big signing of the summer. Maybe that’s wrong and it’s just the social media team getting carried away. I hope so because, while it’s obviously good to see Mings signing up, we probably need a couple more, maybe of people with a fuller track record of success at pl or similar level.
  8. Not even criticism really. Just a straightforward objective assessment of his ability based on how he has performed.
  9. Strange. Can’t see him having a place in the squad. Not sure where the sudden surge of optimism comes from. CertInly not from anything he’s done on a football pitch. I guess you never know the future.
  10. Welcome Matt. Let’s hope you add a bit of gloss to our defence.
  11. I think only he can decide his next steps based on his personal loyalties. Don’t think Villa fans can decide for him.
  12. So bad they got to the playoff final in 2017/8 That’s my definition of really shit football!
  13. Mings has lots of quite deep roots in Bournemouth the place, if not with the club. Must be quite a tough decision for him.

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