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  1. I think Smith maybe only has two modes. a) everything is going swimmingly and we win or b) everything is going badly and we lose.
  2. It worked well last match! Traore comes on at 66 mins when we’re 0-1 down. Leeds make it 0-2 a minute later and win 0-3!
  3. The way I look at it is: we have 12 points from 5 games. We need another 28 from 33 remaining games to reach the normally-recognised comfort zone of 40 points. This season is going to be a lot easier than last because of the way we have started but, as last night showed, we are not quite the finished article yet. Once we get to 40 points we can relax and start to focus on what comes next. But until we get there, any talk about titles is a touchette premature.
  4. Seems like he was a bit anonymous tonight. He has work to do,
  5. I give a ref good if they don’t have any impact on the game/result and it seemed that was the case tonight. I note Cash got the highest vote but the BBC thought he was overrun. As I say, I can only base my judgments on what the BBC app said.
  6. Didn’t get to see that because I was taking part in a big family zoom meeting - discreetly keeping in touch via BBC sports app. It looked as if we were well and truly battered. How we recover from this is a real test. I will reserve judgment. On the basis of what I read on the app I give Martinez MOTM, Smith poor and the ref good.
  7. Wow, this is beyond my wildest dreams! 4 matches in and we already have one third of the points we amassed for the whole of last season, not to mention the best goal difference in the PL by a mile. I didn’t think we were as bad as some people seemed to during the match. We battled hard and kept their forwards under control and the last 10 minutes or so we really put the pressure on and the goal came as no surprise. Great goal from Barkley though. He has the ability to turn games and this is one of the key things we were lacking last season. He gets my MOTM even though he was kep
  8. McGinn’s picked up 3 bookings in 4 games! Is he going for a record?
  9. I am definitely not happy and, like you, I have paid top whack for access via BT Sport, NOW TV and Prime (well, actually, my wife pays for Prime!) However, if necessary I suspect I will pay up the extra £15 per game. Last time I tried an illegal stream my computer got a nasty virus that ultimately ended up with me having to buy a new laptop. Hopefully the public hue and cry that has already started up around this greedy policy will force them into retreat.
  10. Hard to know how to react to that. I am in heaven! I’m wondering if I have ever enjoyed a Villa performance so much in my entire life, ever. Certainly not for 20 years at least. Not possible to choose a man of the match from that - it was just a superb focused team performance all round. If you put a gun to my head I’d say Watkins of course. Must say Watkins Barkley and Grealish are going to be a handful for any defence on this showing. Happy days!
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