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  1. Ross McCormack

    Those figures could of course just indicate what foolish buying decisions we have made rather than the quality of our forwards.
  2. Steve Bruce

    I have never seen Bruce "blame" the players. He has often said they know they need to do better. And I hope they do, because they do. I totally fail to see how he can be criticised for that.
  3. "quell the surprise of no-one"? What does that mean please.
  4. Wonder if that was "part of the pride"? Glad I don't have to watch the reserves regularly.
  5. Well that was shite. Glad that team doesn't play in the Championship.
  6. Steve Bruce

    Why though have you decided that, after 6 continuous years of these being major problems for the club, Bruce should suddenly be able to solve them all overnight?
  7. Steve Bruce

    You need to go beyond the first few pages. Just sample a few from June-August this year and you will find virtually nothing but hysterical squawking about how Bruce is a useless dinosaur manager etc., and failure to sack him would lead to our doom. This has led inexorably to the current crazy situation where people have been wishing for the team to lose matches so Bruce will be sacked. It all seems to be based on the premise that arresting our sad decline through shocking and shambolic ownership and management over the past 5/6 years is now the easiest thing in the world and Bruce's failure to do so in a trice proves his total incompetence. In my view everyone needs to calm down and reflect on these simplistic views about our current status and prospects a little more maturely. Bruce needs to be allowed to get on with the job he has been doing. Also have an intelligent look at our recent performances and recognise they are improving.
  8. Tony Xia

    That's my view too. So at least there are two of us!
  9. Neil Taylor

    Amavi makes me nervous. Taylor doesn't. End of story as far as I'm concerned.
  10. Keinan Davis

    I'm beginning to dream we have finally got a genuinely good player out of the youth programme and brought him to first team level ourselves rather than losing him to another team to do that job (e.g. Cahill, Albrighton). I am perturbed that we have him playing in the first team and on show to scouts with only a few months left on his contract. That's not very smart and needs to be rectified fast.
  11. Steve Bruce

    The last 11 months will be forgotten in a twinkling if he gets us on a winning run and we are challenging for promotion places. And what is "best for the club" is surely that we achieve stability and get a settled squad who play welll for their manager so that they can go on such a run. It would be far better if this could be done with Bruce in post than by having to return to ground zero and start all over again with a new manager and probably another change of squad. Obviously if Bruce can't get us playing in this way then he has to go and all the negatives of yet further disruption will have to be borne. But having our third manager in 18 months after having failed to produce a convincing Championship squad will be nothing to celebrate and there will be few positives in my view.
  12. Sam Johnstone

    So Johnstone is keeping Bruce in his job??? Johnstone out!!!
  13. Keinan Davis

    I think you're on the wrong website. A couple of duff games and he will be dogmeat on here, just line every other player/manager/club official. At least it's even-handed.
  14. Ratings & Reactions: Barnsley v Villa

    And all the Villa fans'' glasses were half empty.
  15. Match Thread: Barnsley v Villa

    At least it means he's available to replace Bruce #AnyonebutBruce