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  1. We have no idea what has been going on in Ross’s life since he came to Villa, though it seems pretty clear had has been having a troubled time. The striking thing for me is that Smith has stuck with him when he could quite easily just have ditched him. So it seems he thinks Ross has qualities worth supporting.
  2. This is so difficult to read and sickeningly similar to the George Floyd case in many ways. Presumably the defence will be he died of a heart attack from underlying health conditions and that kicking him in the head and thrashing him with a baton were by the by. This is going to be a tough case to follow, particularly since the strong presumption is that they will get off based on historical precedent.
  3. Well, the key statement in my post was, “we will see”. That is actually quite an open narrative. So I am not interested in this bonkers war of words any more. We will see how Smith does and results in the real world will speak more powerfully than any rhetoric here.
  4. How very dare you! Brian Little was many steps further up the ladder. Dean Smith can only watch and weep.
  5. When he was floundering a bit last season, of course, many of his apologists were arguing we got promoted "a season too soon" (as if you can determine when you get promoted!). So I assume he wasn't a legend then because he had landed us in a perilous situation? Anyway, enough of this. I am aware that there are some who think that Smith is the Messiah and they won't be persuaded otherwise, certainly not by facts or experience. It's not worth taking up the cudgels. What will be will be in terms of how his teams progress and I'm pretty certain that, if he doesn't make us more consiste
  6. On the other had, saying he is a "legend" or similar (see above) is equally ludicrous. This whole debate is too extreme on both sides. He clearly has some strengths and has had a good season. No one is going to sack him. However, he also has clear weaknesses and my worry is these are in areas which may hamper our progress as a PL team. But we need to see how he finishes this season and what progress we make next before those issues can seriously be weighed up.
  7. I was 29, at Highbury watching us lose to Arsenal but win the league. I was living in London and not able to attend home matches regularly so I had to go in with the Arsenal fans. It was quite a poor performance from Villa and I was starting to fear the worst but suddenly the massive contingent of Villa fans erupted and started celebrating so I knew the Ipswich game must have been going our way. Total mayhem at the end when the Villa fans invaded the pitch. I swiftly headed for the tube to get back to safety. The day was a bit of a let-down really but it was the end of a truly great
  8. Relatives of the 127,000+ who have died perhaps?
  9. You’re going to reassure us this was consistent with current rules on social distancing/household gathering of course.
  10. We contained Everton pretty effectively in the second half and took a good counterattacking chance. That’s how you actually get results rather than just putting in a good “performance”.
  11. Now I’ve given MOTM to Watkins I’m feeling guilty I didn’t give it to AEG, Traore or Barkley. Just shows how well we played in that part of the pitch tonight.
  12. I think Southampton were hampered by the fact they had to wear Everton kit and work under a manager they didn’t know. However, that was an exceptionally fantastic performance that I enjoyed immensely. Hard to pick a MOTM but I guess it has to go to Watkins. Well done squad & coaching team. A thoroughly committed performance actually focussed on getting a result for once.
  13. Delph? Sure I know that name from somewhere... and
  14. Indeed. I think I recall that someone on here described him as a numpty or similar just before he started making a string of unbelievable saves!
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