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  1. Germany 23rd July

    As I said after "half-game" 1, the important thing is we are starting to look sharper, fitter and better organised. For me, that is the whole point of pre-season games. The results are irrelevant. Was really fab to win a cup though. Icing on the cake.
  2. Germany 23rd July

    Maybe the camera jumped?
  3. Germany 23rd July

    Most important, we are starting to look sharper & fitter & playing together a bit better. That's what pre-seasgon is for. Really nice to see Hogan's 2 goals as well.
  4. Gabby Agbonlahor

    What does that "no" mean? You hope he finishes his time with us on a low?
  5. Glenn Whelan

  6. Glenn Whelan

    That could be the basis of a good chant/song, couldn't it? "STOKE REJECT!" we could yell at him from the stands. That would really motivate him to play his heart out for us.
  7. Ahmed Elmohamady

    Welcome Ahmed. Hope you're not reading this thread.
  8. Steve Bruce

    So who exactly is this "Tim Sherward"? Sounds exciting! Is he one of the many hundreds of young/progressive English or German managers who I understand are sitting around in job centres just waiting for the call to lead Villa back to the top of the premier league? Of only the Villa board weren't so stubborn in sticking with a dinosaur!
  9. Steve Bruce

    Sigh. We were 19th when he took over and 13th by end of season. Therefore nearer the playoffs. How anyone can argue RDM got us even remotely near the playoffs is beyond me. Maybe Division 1 playoffs?
  10. John Terry

    Best John Terry post ever.
  11. Steve Bruce

    I am already aware that those who want Bruce sacked are not open to debate so we agree on that at least.
  12. Steve Bruce

    Jeez guys, get real, please. It's a pre-season friendly. They're about getting fit, getting match-fit, trying out players to see how they perform in different formations. It is NOT essential to put in a champions league winning performance. Starting to build a case for sacking the manager on the basis of one pre-season match is mental, like most of this thread.
  13. Steve Bruce

    Neither would it have been for most if not all the managers referenced in my post.
  14. Steve Bruce

    BTW thought I might just mention the thing that irritates me most about this "discussion": it's people who clearly despise Bruce to the core, who write lengthy posts explaining in depth exactly how crap he is and how we have no hope of promotion if he stays, and then say, "I really hope I'm proved wrong". No you don't, you really hope you're proved right. So why not just be open about it? Not going to mention any names but you know who you are.
  15. Steve Bruce

    So, on that formula, last season the following clubs should have sacked their managers after 7 games: Brighton (11 points) Reading (11) Sheffield W (11) Fulham (12) Whereas Barnsley (15) and Norwich (14) were right to keep their managers safe in the knowledge that they had already earned automatic promotion. As I have said before, talking about sacking Bruce based on his performance after only 7 games is totally crazy. As is the idea that there would be a bank of great managers ready and waiting in mid September to step in to the vacant post.