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  1. briny_ear

    Ross McCormack

    This is the wrong thread but I really fail to see how Lansbury being done for speeding impacts on his footballing ability or team play.
  2. briny_ear

    Dean Smith

    Next season and several seasons after I reckon.
  3. briny_ear

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    Smith’s good patch only lasted for about six weeks so we need to change managers much more frequently than you suggest.
  4. briny_ear

    Dean Smith

    Well they had to replace him, didn’t they, for health reasons, they didn't exactly “choose” to replace him. It remains a matter of completely unverifiable speculation whether his second season would have been any less poor than his first if he hadn’t had his heart problems. Personally I thought he was pretty useless, and a very poor man-manager.
  5. briny_ear

    Dean Smith

    Totally with you on the benefits of managerial stability. Changing managers frequently can just make things worse, especially if, like Villa in recent years, you do it with no plan about building a squad. (There are of course other models that can bring success - look at Leeds - but it’s disruptive and painful for fans.) Where I part company with the argument is the thought that Smith is the right manager to back as part of a long term plan. Nothing in his past career suggests he can get us where we want to be. And his present struggles just tend to confirm it. So I think I would sack him in the summer and try to get a better candidate in.
  6. briny_ear

    Dean Smith

    Makes me think of Houllier. Tried to change the way we played, plunged us into a relegation battle and got us out of it by reverting to an MON style of play. (Oh, and spending all the club’s money on Bent). Sometimes a coach has to do what a coach has to do. I don’t agree that watching the current football Smith is producing is better than a route 1 approach. I like to see Villa winning and I don’t really care how they do it.
  7. briny_ear

    Dean Smith

    It stretches credibility somewhat to describe the squad he inherited as “total s**t”. Abrahams, Grealish, McGinn, Tuanzebe can hardly be described as “total s**t” for starters. Also he has added four players of his own choosing to the squad and recalled Elphick. If there were stronger signs that Smith was clearer about what he is trying to achieve, I think the comments would be less despairing.
  8. briny_ear

    John McGinn

    I got shouted down last time I suggested he should try to stop getting so many pointless bookings but here he is now getting a 2 match suspension when we really need him. It’s a flaw in his game that should be corrected.
  9. briny_ear

    Dean Smith

    If Smith goes early the pressure on the next guy will be immense and his failure would be almost inevitable. Just for that reason alone I want Smith to succeed but he looks to me like a man out of his depth for whom things are just getting worse. Certainly the idea of letting him buy an entire new squad in the summer looks a little crazy. Not feeling too optimistic at the moment.
  10. briny_ear

    Dean Smith

    Yes, sorry, had meant to say that was another part of the big misjudgement. I think you only deliberately demotivate your current workforce if you have given up on achieving anything with them. And then you need some keen replacements to have a shot at doing better.
  11. briny_ear

    Scott Hogan

    lol, so he’s played one game against one of the worst teams in the league & suddenly he is working well in Sheff U’s system? I think it probably needs a little more time to start making such judgements.
  12. briny_ear

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    Tribute to the fans’ sense of humour that this thread is still in the first page.
  13. briny_ear

    Dean Smith

    I wonder how much truth there is in the whispers that Smith has told a bunch of players they have no future with Villa beyond the summer? If so, that might explain in part the apparent change in attitude of a lot of our players and feed directly into our loss of form. It would be a massive misjudgement in my view and raise questions about his ability to manage players at the level we need.
  14. briny_ear

    Dean Smith

    Quite, Smith ain’t even within touching distance of “mediocre” by that measure.
  15. briny_ear

    Ratings & Reactions: Villa v West Brom

    Perhaps fighting to get to the exit?