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  1. Gave Son too much space the whole game. Ball wouldn't stick to mcginn or Ramsey at all. McGinn had a shocker and I think we suffered because of that. Felt we waited too long to get Buendia on and then when he was brought on our shape meant he couldn’t have an impact anyway. We would have benefited from going to a back four about 20 minutes earlier. I don’t want to see that back 5 again for a few games now. We can’t isolate Ollie and Ings and expect them to work off long balls and desperate crossing from our wing backs. Glad to see Ollie get his goal. Team set up cost us today and that was clear about 30 minutes in.
  2. Ramsey has to be taken off, not getting on the ball enough and on a booking. Get Buendia on ASAP
  3. I agree, we definitely need three in the middle. I’m enjoying our set up with the back 5 at the moment but think we need to move away from it for certain games and don’t want to rely on it too much. Against the better teams I think it’s a no brainier but throughout the season I’d rather we had 4 at the back and be more attacking up top. For Sunday I’d be happy if we kept the same line up as against United. It’s strange feeling confident coming up against this spurs team on Sunday but there’s always the doubt they could turn up and bring us back down a few pegs. I do think we have enough form and quality to beat them tho, I think a 2-1 win
  4. I’m somewhat excited for tomorrow. I hope we stick to the same formation as Chelsea with Hause in the team. Mike Dean is just typical. I’m expecting either a penalty, Ronaldo hat-trick, Sancho to “arrive” in the premier league or all three. If we play with the same intensity as we did against Chelsea I don’t think they can handle it. Newcastle looked good against them for spells and scored. They’ve shown in 3/4 games this season that they can be beat and by god I will love it if we beat them.
  5. It will be interesting to see how he manages on Saturday assuming he slots into the back three. I’d have him stuck to Ronaldo for every set piece. That tackle on Lukaku last night was something else, should give him good confidence now going into the weekend
  6. Agree with this, he misses jack on the left big time
  7. I’m looking forward to this after last weekends showing. With Bailey a bit more up to speed now I’d love to see him start, I’d also like a front three of Traore Watkins Bailey, but I can’t see Ings being benched. Everton looked sloppy in the first half against Burnley, but Benitez showed his experience and changed their set up mid game and they looked like a completely different team. Hoping for a win but think this could be a draw
  8. I’m sure he’s openly spoke about seeing a psychologist recently
  9. I could not give a f*ck if jack watches our games or not
  10. I’m the opposite. Young has no left foot. I like Targett when he can get forward
  11. Completely agree with the above. I would even go as far as saying Mings has been practically our caption for the last two seasons. Jack wore the armband but Mings is the voice in the team. Ezri definitely has a higher ceiling but we’re a lot worse off without Mings in the team for sure. Defensively last season he came out on top of Ezri in pretty much every stat apart from blocks. They’re very different players but I think because of Mings mistakes last season people forget how important he is for us.
  12. It’s mind blowing that people still have this opinion. 33 goals and 17 assists in all comps last season. Season after season he does it
  13. I just ended up on a player Instagram binge. Started with Samatta and ended up with Reina. I still forget to this day Reina even played a part in our survival. It would make anyone appreciate how far we’ve come. Saw so many training pics and here’s an example of what we were working with two seasons ago. I wanted a new DM tackling machine/pass master/Interceptionist/Hard man more than anyone but if Dean and the boys are happy with what we’ve got then let’s go. Here’s to a big season and hopefully the europa league. UTV
  14. Decent result all things considered. Carney gave a good account of himself in a weakened squad. Best we’ve seen El Ghazi play in the league yet, unlucky with a pass in the second half which could have set Ings through. Big worry for me is our only pattern of play seems to be one of our mids dropping short, passing the ball to Targett and he hits it down the line. We really struggle to create chances any other way. We seem to play it backwards so often. International break could be great for us to get everyone back together now and push on. We had three great fixtures there on paper but we’ve been unlucky with injuries and Covid today.
  15. This is going to be interesting. Massive game for Carney
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