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  2. When the road ahead is clear, yeah. Surely not when the road ahead is closed?
  3. So his BUT would be on the LAND?
  4. A couple of guys from the Villa View who have connections with the club and have called a few signings before they've happened have confirmed we were interested weeks ago. If it happens is a different matter I guess.
  5. Paddywhack

    Would You...

    My initial thought was the egg, but after google imaging both options I think I’ll go for the baby cactus. Whilst very uncomfortable I think it’d cause less permanent damage.
  6. With all the technological advancements with the onlines and the smart phones and all that, why has the sound quality of a phone call not improved for 60, 70 years? Surely it should sound as clear as bell now, like you're listening to a podcast.
  7. And after one year with a season ticket in the Upper Doug Ellis given to me by my Wife's uncle after giving up my seat in the Upper Holte with @Rob182 due to the birth of his little girl, I'm now a ST holder in the Upper North with @Rob182 even though I said I wouldn't get another one due to the birth of my little boy 4 weeks ago. I need to get one in the Upper Trinity next year for a complete circuit of the ground. Everyone keeping up?
  8. Hmm. I'm having difficulty putting a price on this, it's stumped me. I'm thinking; One singular lick - £1k One big licky session - £20k is more like it, I think, yes.
  9. If there was one thing I was certain of when it came to our summer business, it was that we wouldn't be searching for yet another goalkeeper and one of Nyland, Kalinic and Steer would be fighting for the number 1 shirt. Shows whats I know. Saying that, I would like Butland at Villa.
  10. I just heard an alarm going off, are you on the Hagley Road?
  11. As long as we don’t bring Richard Dunne out of retirement. Remember he used to score all those Angolas?
  12. Can you stop with the country puns please? This is the transfer speculation thread. Spain in the arse.
  13. Cried when she was forced to resign. The only time I’ve ever seen an ounce of emotion from her.
  14. RIP Musselburgh - best nickname in football
  15. I assume it's the same with Mings, El Ghazi and Hause, in that I don't think their loans officially finish until the end of this month. I think Tammy was moved to other football because he pretty much confirmed he wasn't coming back on instagram. I dunno, I'm guessing.
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