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  1. When several posters have given out so many likes they've ran out but you didn't receive any.
  2. I wanted to embellish the story and say she tricked her in to stealing it from her and then showed her the packet after she scoffed the lot, but in truth she just offered her it and said "I don't like this, do you want it?"
  3. This has just reminded me, there's a guy I work with who talks about Villa like he knows a lot, but regularly shows he's a bit out of touch. He asked me at the end of last season who I thought we'd get in goal now that Friedel's loan has ended.
  4. I've just remembered a time at school when a girl that was being bullied tricked her bully into eating a big slab of laxative chocolate. She was off school for two days. Makes me smile.
  5. I'm at home and a window cleaner has just started cleaning all our front windows. We don't use a window cleaner, I think he's got the wrong house. I'll tell him when he's finished.
  6. Different to twitter then. Most of what I saw was "what an idiot", "lacks ambition", "obviously likes a relegation battle", "scared of a move to a big club", "overrated - nobody wants him" etc.
  7. Konsa wearing 4 and Mings with 5. I was delighted...but I’ve just realised it should be the other way round.
  8. I used to get told off in assembly for miming during hymns. Everyone else was singing 'Morning Has Broken' and I was pretending to be trapped in a glass box.
  9. I agree. I'm far an expert on judging keepers, but from what I saw of him last season, I think he's lucky to even be in the squad.
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