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  1. I know someone who grew up with the Gardners, he says Craig and Gary have always been noses.
  2. It’s my birthday tomorrow and my lovely mum and dad bought me the 1988 Villa top to wear tomorrow. idk felt cute, might delete later
  3. Very true, I should have said sounds only. You're blindfolded and have a peg on your nose; can you pick out your friends and family? It's a great Christmas game.
  4. If I know somebody's voice, I think I can recognise them from their cough, sneeze and hiccup , even if I've never heard any of their bodily functions before. I think it's impossible to recognise anybody from their bottom toots, but I'm not sure about burps.
  5. And he said he’d drive IIRC
  6. I’ve got carpet fitters in my house right now and I’m shitting myself.
  7. I hate it when my phone rings when I’m playing a game or listening to a podcast. So inconsiderate. ...can you delete the telephone call app?
  8. Corsa drivers aren’t dickheads, we’re pricks.
  9. I drive a corsa and I’m a prick. That maybe unrelated though.
  10. Possibly a controversial opinion, but I'd say Jack Grealish has overtaken Mark Bunn to become the best looking player at the club.
  11. I'll look after your son for £1k a month. If I can find another little 'un to look after £1k a month, I'm laughing. In all serious, I'm surprised child minding hasn't become more popular considering nursery costs now.
  12. I’m distracted by the fact this photo is mostly crisps and bog roll.
  13. As soon as I post that they concede a crappy goal.

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