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  1. I think they need to establish why she shat the bed. If she was really ill and accidentally let a little nugget out then I think he's being pretty harsh. If she perched on the headboard and curled one out on his pillow for a laugh, then I agree that'd kill the romance somewhat. Unless you're Voinjama of course.
  2. Ah, look what those nice people did to that stadium.
  3. I know, it sounds fun. I reckon the novelty would wear off after a few hours though and you probably wouldn’t get much leg room.
  4. We can start calling you Ringo if you like, then your three quarters of the way there.
  5. If you want to be fed shit you could go ‘on topic’.
  6. Like Villa moving up to 18th without playing, this means I’ve just moved up to 49th out of 118. Get in!
  7. Obviously never met the bloke, but I’m guessing if you’d tried to explain to him why that’s racist he’d have said something along the lines of “how is it racist? I said he was one of the nice ones”
  8. I didn’t notice until it was pointed out on the Tuesday club podcasts. Strong, tall, black strikers = beasts. Strong, tall, white strikers = units.
  9. That well known saying.
  10. I’ve never heard of it. I didn’t even know Karl Pilkington was in a band.
  11. My date of birth is 22/04/1987 and my PIN is 7706. Will all that information, I expect my bank account will emptied before lunch.
  12. Dion Dublin, Jack Nicholson and @lapal_fan
  13. I see there's no mention in this thread of Waitrose wanting to stop chlorinated chicken being imported.
  14. By ‘an 8 country pub crawl’ I thought you meant 8 nice little pubs in the countryside. I thought “oh that sounds nice” I should have known, it’s tonyh, of course it’s 8 different countries
  15. I can’t get over the defending for that goal, it’s abysmal.
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