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  1. Paddywhack

    Ratings & Reactions: Yeovil v Villa

    3 fairly poor performances so far, but 3 wins, so no complaints from me.
  2. Paddywhack

    WAHEY! It's a JOKE thread : Enter at your own risk.

    I was a really effeminate when I was child. My dad bought me an action man to try and toughen me up, but instead of dressing him in all the soldiers clothes that come with it, I shoved it up my arse. (An Adam Hess joke, my favourite one from the Edinburgh fringe)
  3. Paddywhack

    The Boring Thread

    A floorboard on the way to my kitchen has started squeaking today. I guess that’s something I’ll have to get used to. *goes to make a cup of tea* SQUEAK *comes back with the cup of tea* SQUEAK *goes back to get a digestive* SQUEAK *comes back with a digestive* SQUEAK It’s probably only going to get worse. A squeak probably isn’t the best description of it to be honest, it’s more of a “NER-HER”. Is that more of a creak?
  4. Paddywhack

    Possibly interesting maps...

    Shocking that Russia said na to all of them.
  5. Paddywhack

    Tony Xia

    Here is a good joke I just thought of. Dr Tony Xia said that he wanted to build a theme park at Villa Park. Well he certainly took us on a rollercoaster ride!!! Haha thanks x
  6. Paddywhack

    UKIP and their non-racist well informed supporters

    The upside down blue peter badge.
  7. Paddywhack

    VillaTalk Deadpool 2018

    I didn't like Jeff Lynne's name being in this thread then, thought he'd gone for a second.
  8. Paddywhack

    Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    I thought of you yesterday @Stevo985. I was on the bus and there were 5 or 6 kids aged between 7-10, squealing, shouting over each other, racing up and down the aisle, jumping off the seats and play fighting. Their adults were just sat quietly, ignoring them. I had my earphones in but I couldn't hear a word of the podcast I was listening to. Usually loud kids don't bother me and these ones didn't seem particularly naughty really, just excited...but Christ, I really wanted to put a couple of them through the window. One of them was in my way as I was trying to get down the stairs and I was tempted to push him down them.
  9. Paddywhack

    WAHEY! It's a JOKE thread : Enter at your own risk.

    Adobe Acrobat
  10. Paddywhack

    Villa Kit 2018-19

    I walked into the merry hill luke store earlier to buy the home shirt, but they have nothing Villa related in there at all. It was dead in there too, the woman behind the till looked surprised to see me walk in. Are the shirts in the bull ring store then?
  11. Paddywhack

    Ben Woodburn

    Well, at least you gave him a chance...
  12. Paddywhack

    The Boring Thread

    Yes, it did rain this weekend didn't it?
  13. Paddywhack

    Pre-match thread

    Yup, I think this what it should be and probably what it will be.
  14. Paddywhack

    Dynamo Dresden v Villa

    I love Andre Green xxx
  15. Paddywhack

    Dynamo Dresden v Villa

    Pwahaha jeeeesus. Oh that’s bad.