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  1. “Anyone know where I can get this?” ”This doesn’t exist” ”Smart arse. Thanks for helping. NOT!”
  2. In big Jack Grealish news, Athletico Mince have tweeted that he makes an appearance in their next episode. I'm looking forward to that.
  3. I tried to guess what it was and I was spot on. I think I’m happy about that.
  4. I expect far too much from google images. I’ve just been googling “trombone dressed as teacher”, “cartoon trombone teacher” and “trombone fancy dress costume”. The other day @mjmooney said ‘jazz chops’ and I spent 5 minutes looking for an image of a bloke with saxophone shaped sideburns.
  5. True. Her personal, private account though. Is that comparable to someone sharing information from, I dunno..a big, family whatsapp group? I don't know. Either way, that last line keeps tickling me. "It's......Rebekah Vardy's account"
  6. I've got to agree with everyone else @kurtsimonw, even @lapal_fan listens to me when I need to get something off my chest, innit Laps? I think some of the things can be forgiven, like forgetting to send you the money for the dominos etc, we've all done things like that, but it sounds like he's got a track record of nobbish behaviour. Sack him off mate, you don't need it.
  7. Strange that I’d rather have Man U visiting Villa Park next instead of Brighton and Hove Albion.
  8. Paddywhack


    First one I won’t be doing since 2011
  9. Doooo iiiiitt!!! I've always loved my Switch but I never thought there was enough games available on it (@Ingram85 may disagree judging by the size of his collection). Plus a lot of the ones it did have were just ports and remastered 8 year old PS4 games and the like. It didn't seem worth the £300+. It seems like there's a decent catalogue now though, with plenty of big upcoming games too.
  10. My name is actually Craig, too.
  11. The most annoying person on the planet happens to work in my office, but I've just overheard them talking about applying for jobs elsewhere. I can't wait to not sign their card.
  12. Paddywhack

    Ice rink

    There’s no way I’d notice a face in a chocolate bar, it’s in my gob far too fast.
  13. That never bothers me that much, probably because I run so slow it probably is classed as jogging. One that annoys me is when people say the word ‘marathon’ for any kind of distance race. ”I ran a marathon yesterday” ”Wow, really!? Which one?” ”The Birmingham 10k”
  14. I no longer know how to post gifs that aren’t on that gif button up there. I was going to post a gif of Dave Angel - Eco Warrior and it was going to be reaaally funny.
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