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  1. Let's get behind the boys. It's all, all for one!
  2. The ladies on my team have already nicknamed her the oompa loompa because she’s so orange, but they’re just jealous, she’s gorgeous. 4ft 3in and always playing a little flute, but gorgeous.
  3. The most beautiful girl in the world has started temping in my office. What are the chances of that!? On the downside, I think she caught me starting at her big boobies within the first 4 seconds of us meeting.
  4. 1. The Organ Donors - Oh, You Again 2. Jason - Jason 3. Mary Kumar - Emails 4. The Bicycles - If found, please return to the pub! 5. DJ Slimeboy - Feeling' slippy
  5. I don't want to brag, but there's a couple of albums in this thread that I've heard of.
  6. Did you know that if you have a jacket potato with chilli con carne for lunch and then get home and find your wife has made enchiladas, you can’t get off the toilet the following morning?
  7. Nah, it was a genuine question that I didn’t word well. I meant to ask is saying “the referee is biased” grammatically incorrect.
  8. So, I'm guessing it should be "The referee is bias" and "The referee was biased"? You get annoyed when people say "The referee is biased"?
  9. I always read the title of this thread like it's a book in a series. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Jimmy Savile and the Wider Peadophile debate...
  10. I 'studied' music at college and I remember pretty early in on the course a lecturer telling us that whenever you're writing a song and you put a combination of chords together, you should remember that it's been done many times before. When you write a melody, remember it's been done many times before. When writing a harmony, remember it's been done many times before. etc. It really got my creative juices flowing.
  11. Meh, it does the job. My dad had to put it up for me as I'm not good at that kind of thing. Oh, self? I thought you said shelf!!!
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