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  1. I was working away on my laptop earlier when the internet went down. My own fault for not saving regularly, but I lost about two hours work. I went in to the other room where my mother-in-law was looking after after my 18 month old to check the router, but it wasn't there. She said my son had been messing with it so she'd unplugged it and put it out of reach. She said "Oh sorry, has it affected your work?"
  2. That wasn’t me Mr @blandy, sir, it was that @lapal_fan, sir.
  3. One of these have 207 in their body.
  4. You're still not getting it. It reduces the spread. Reduces. There would be more cases if people didn't wear masks. I can't believe we're still having to have this discussion, 9 months in. Christ. Anyway, wrong thread.
  5. We've doubled 57 and missed 58! Start again...
  6. That's surprising! I've had mine a couple of years and smashed it about loads but it's barely got a scratch on it. Did you shoot it?
  7. We get on well with our next door neighbours, but they're rushing to get their massive extension completed before Christmas and the builders are starting work between 7:15 - 7:30 every morning. Usually drilling or hammering or some other manly work I don't understand. I'm not particularly fussed as we're always up by then and they know we are, but it's a bit of a piss-take isn't it? I'm pretty sure the law is you can't work before 8am.
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