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  1. Proud of our club Donate To Mo

    I wanted to post exactly the same thing but I didn't know if I was being unfair, Mrs P said I was. I understand the club have to be careful and they've done a lot for him in the past I guess, but I'm not sure how else he's going to get to £250k if the club are only offering £20k. Of course £20k isn't to be sniffed at, but it's hardly a dent in the total needed.
  2. The Boring Thread

    I wanted to see how many of the current Premier League managers I could name. I thought that I'd be lucky to get 10, but I managed 15. I couldn't name the managers of Leicester, Watford, Swansea, Southampton or Stoke. I kicked myself when I saw who was Stoke's manager, I should have got that.
  3. General Chat

    @Rob182 had one of them the other day too.
  4. Gun violence in the USA

    Ever noticed how the people that say "Now's not the time to talk about gun control." after a shooting or say "There's nothing we can do, gun control wouldn't do anything" are usually the first people to talk about control, closing borders and building walls if the act has been committed by someone with darker skin?
  5. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    I'll donate £10 to acorns if you post in the rogues gallery @Ikantcpell
  6. Paddy's "Things that cheer you up"

    Bagsy his likes!
  7. Paddy's "Things that cheer you up"

    I’m still working on breaking the top 48. I could write better posts, sure, but my tactic is just to hang around here as long as possible and hope you guys quit, get banned or die. I’ll get there eventually, slow and steady and all that.
  8. General Chat

    Still probably won poster of the day more than I have.
  9. The VT "It's the weekend!" thread

    parkrun tomorrow morning, a family lunch in the afternoon to celebrate my grandparents 70th wedding anniversary and a fancy dress party on the night for my mates 30th. I'm going as Eric Wimp before eating a banana about an hour into the party and running off to get changed in to my Bananaman outfit. Waking up about 10am Sunday morning to head straight up Villa Park. I hate early kick offs.
  10. Joe Lolley

    I'm sure someone's going to burst my bubble soon and tell me AVFC-pob wasn't Joe Lolley at all, it was lapal_fan all along. Then I won't be able to be all "I know him, I know him!" when I see him play.
  11. Blose pre match

    From their forum, about talking to some Villa fans. They've never sounded so nervous and insecure. Utterly broken on the inside. I said that Jota scored 2 goals the other day and I've never seen the blood drain quicker from somebodies face. They're shitting themselves. There's a strange feeling in the air in the build up to this one, unlike the previous few derbies. This upcoming one smells like 2003 and 2010. I asked them to watch our highlights against Sheffield Wednesday where we ripped them apart for 45 minutes. They haven't spoken to me since. They're worried. I told them it's only football and they burst into tears. This time Blues won't be reverting back to 1st gear in the second half. It will be fire and fury for the whole 90 minutes. Kill them Blues
  12. Things You Don't "Get"

    I absolutely believe that. I don't know anything about wine so whenever I buy it I always look for the ones on offer. "This one is usually £7.99, it must be good."
  13. Things you often Wonder

    At least she was still speaking about me