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  1. Paddy's "Things that cheer you up"

    Triangular allotment or is there another corner?
  2. Running

    Bah, just went to sign up but it’s full. Hope it goes well mate.
  3. Running

    Cheers mate. I think you probably made the right decision then. I’ll see you at the start line next year!
  4. Drugs

    We're behind you mate, you can do this!!
  5. Running

    Long, boring post coming up... Well I ran (jogged, walked and limped) my first marathon in 5:47. I rather optimistically expected to be around the 5 hour mark, so I was a bit disappointed, but I crossed the finish line and got my medal. I knew I hadn't done enough long distance training and I could tell my legs were starting to go as early as mile 10. From mile 15 onward I'd turned into a hobbling mess, switching between walking and jogging. It was frustrating because I felt like I had plenty of juice left to carry on running but my legs were having none of it. So I've got mixed feelings really, I'm chuffed I've done a marathon, gutted I haven't ran a marathon. I walked at least a third of it so I feel like I've cheated somehow. Lesson learned, I definitely want to do it again next year and now I know exactly what to expect I know I'll put more training in. I've set myself some times to beat for 2018. 23 minute 5k/parkrun 50 minute 10k 2hr half marathon 5hr marathon
  6. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    That's Mrs P with the thermostat at home. Well, it used to be, it took plenty of talks but she's better now. If the house was cold she'd whack it on 25-30. It'd get too hot so she'd turn it off and open the windows. Then it'd get cold again. Rinse and repeat.
  7. Drugs

    I always hated the "Drugs are bad" and "Say no to drugs" crap. Even at school I remember thinking it was a bit of a cop out. "Just tell the kids not to do them and be done with it. If they still do them, then that's their fault, we did our job."
  8. The VT "It's the weekend!" thread

    Mrs P is away now until Saturday evening, so tonight I'm going to go wild and have a night on the playstation. I'll probably have some toast at some point. Tomorrow morning I'm volunteering at parkrun and then I'll go home and have a day on the playstation. Sunday I'm doing the Birmingham marathon, so hopefully I'll finish that but I'll probably then spend the rest of the day crying, rolling around my living room floor. I've booked Monday off work to recover, so I'll probably just spend the day on the playstation.
  9. *spoilers* The Walking Dead *spoilers*

    I've heard a few people say that. I thought the first season was really boring so I gave up with it after that but maybe I should revisit.
  10. Drugs

    Bet he’d never thought of that..
  11. Running

    Well I've been specifically training for this marathon for four months, but I think I've done less training than you!
  12. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    Talksport advertising the Wolves v Villa game as a Black Country derby. Some would argue even Wolverhampton isn't in the Black Country, let alone Aston. EDIT - Sorry....mooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.
  13. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    Stop now guys, it’s pasture bedtime.
  14. General Chat

    Glad you got a new parasol, your old yellow one looked rubbish.
  15. Things you often Wonder

    I've wondered that. Surely it can be just as dangerous as being on your phone but you don't really hear much about it. I'm going to guess it's legal...but frowned upon.