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  1. Luke Organ

    He's not been here lung, but his heart seems in the right place. I just hope he can liver up to expectations, I don't think I could stomach it if he failed. Pancreas.
  2. General Chat

    A really cool naked grizzly gave me a plain drink the other day. It was a bare bare bear bearing bare beer.
  3. Paddy's "Things that cheer you up"

    My granddad was based in India during the war but still didn't try curry until he was in his 70s as he wouldn't touch that 'foreign muck'. He loves it now. I find it odd that he was fussy about that when he's from a generation where food was scarce and he used to eat boiled sheep's head.
  4. Things you often Wonder

    It was something I'd heard before but had to google. Without google I'd have probably said "I believe they're leaf teeth".
  5. Things you often Wonder

    Those hungry, hungry hippos.
  6. Things you often Wonder

    I think that's a myth. Plenty of mammals are herbivores and have canine teeth for eating things like bark, or they just have them for display to threaten off other animals.
  7. Running

    I got too carried away with my detective skills.
  8. Running

    No way! Was that you starting the race on Saturday!?
  9. Running

    I'm later than you, Wave N, 12.05. Have you done it before? Yup, that's the one I've been doing! I've done Dudley twice and Wyre Forest once. I'm quite looking forward to volunteering one week for some reason, maybe just to get that really smug feeling like when you give to charity. EDIT: With my super detective skills and my stalking habbits, I've found all your park run results. Muahahaha.
  10. Things you often Wonder

    I'm going to monitor this situation and do everything I can to make sure you get your 10,000th like on your 10,000th post. (10,000th. Is that the right way to write that?)
  11. Paddy's "Things that cheer you up"

    This thread needs another photo of my tongue.
  12. Running

    After years of running because I've felt I should rather than actually enjoying it, I've really got the running bug back lately. It's largely thanks to doing my first park run earlier this month and I'm hooked. I've only done 3 so far, but I was delighted to shave two minutes off my PB on Saturday. I'm doing the Birmingham Black Country Half Marathon on Saturday, a nice flat run from Wolvo to Brum along the canal, so I'm hoping to get a PB on that too. My best is 2hrs 10 minutes, I'd love to get below 2 hours but that's probably asking a bit too much of myself.
  13. Irreverentad's Relationship Advice Thread

    That's immediately where I put myself.
  14. Paddy's "Things that cheer you up"

    I like the idea that this is because they converted you for a few hours. You were walking around afterwards muttering "they...they're right, it all makes sense now..."
  15. Things You Don't "Get"