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  1. Paddywhack

    Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    Ah forgot Liverpool were playing. Fair enough. I was only confused about the postcode one because every taxi I've been in in the last 10 years, the driver has asked for the postcode of where I'm going to put in their sat nav, but I see what you mean now.
  2. Paddywhack

    Investing - the stock market and more

    They prefer 'in the strawberry'.
  3. Paddywhack

    Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    I reckon I must have annoyed plenty of Taxi Drivers in my time, I don't get what's wrong with either of these.
  4. Paddywhack

    Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    You know when people say PIN number, when they shouldn't because that's Personal Identification Number number? We have one of those for a process I do at work daily. Imagine if a few times a day somebody asked if you support AVFC Football Club?
  5. Paddywhack

    Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    I’m so glad my parents weren’t miserable old farts. I think my top 5 moments of my life so far are: 1. Christmas morning 1992 2. Christmas morning 1991 3. Christmas morning 1995 4. Christmas morning 1993 5. Christmas morning 1994
  6. Paddywhack

    "That's Disgusting"

    And then it fell out of my anus.
  7. Paddywhack

    "That's Disgusting"

    He's lying, that didn't happen. I did a poo, under the sea, right @Seat68?
  8. Paddywhack

    The VT Musicians Thread

    Oh, that was an act? I think @TheAuthority may have been mocking us, you know. Jokes on him, he's just welcomed us to a whole new thread for us to be daft in!
  9. Paddywhack

    "That's Disgusting"

    I assume the old man made a full recovery?
  10. Paddywhack

    Games of the Year 2018

    Sorry man, traded it in months ago. For Lego Incredibles I think lolz
  11. Paddywhack

    Paddy's "Things that cheer you up"

    None of them are wearing socks.
  12. I tried to find a thread that @Demitri_C had started so for the LOLs I could post "Who cares, what a strange thread". I could only find the Dean Smith thread, The Labour Party thread, the one on knife crime and the mental health one. Joke wouldn't have worked, pretty good threads there, Dem
  13. Paddywhack

    Football Manager 2019

    I bought this for the Switch last week. It's the first FM I've enjoyed in about 4 years because I can actually get my team playing well, scoring and winning; albeit more through luck than judgement. I've got Villa to second in the league at Christmas and in the Semi Finals of the league Cup, knocking Liverpool out in the Quarters.
  14. Paddywhack

    Albums of the Year 2018

    Every year this thread makes me feel so out of touch. I think the only new album I’ve heard this year is the First Aid Kit one.
  15. Paddywhack

    Games of the Year 2018

    It’s got to be RDR2 for me, but I’ve only played 4 new games this year. I thought Far Cry 5 was fun, but I like that series anyway. I had no idea there was a new one out in February, they seem to churn them out. I couldn’t really get in to God of War. I could tell it was a great game, I just didnt enjoy it and stopped playing after a few hours. Not for me. And Lego Incredibles...because I’m a big kid who loves the Lego games.