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  1. Getting sent a quiz in a WhatsApp group and then someone immediately posting all the answers they’ve got. Yeah cheers Karen, no one else wanted to play anyway.
  2. On this one point, just before our office semi-closed and most of us were being set up to work from home, I said "This should have been done ages ago, I could have been working from home for years" and a colleague scoffed "This isn't a job that requires you to work from home". I replied, "Why is it a job that requires me to be in the office?". No answer.
  3. I just went to go and see what our postman has put through our door and it was 3 pieces of junk mail. A leaflet for Domino's pizza, one for Homebase or somewhere similar and a letter to the homeowner with MARKETING written on it. I would have thought the Royal Mail would have stopped posting this stuff at the moment?
  4. Start reading posts fully
  5. I was shocked to read that they'd found white powder on his car seats. The work he has put in to repairing his reputation and the way he's been looking after himself. Who would believe he's been hiding something like dandruff from us?
  6. I’ve thought the same thing. Then I read the previous page on this thread.
  7. Enjoy! I really like it, but after watching a few youtube videos of other people's islands, I don't think I'm playing it right or getting the most out of it haha.
  8. I've been playing Animal Crossing since it was released last Friday. Jetting off to secluded island to live in happy, colourful world with a bunch of anthromorphised animals. It's a much welcomed break from the real world at the moment.
  9. Earlier this week, our bosses said that colleagues that owned a laptop/desktop PC could work from home whilst the office is closed. Only me and a few other daft people volunteered and said we could. It was pissing me off thinking that I'd be working whilst the majority of my colleagues would be sat watching netflix and scratching their bits for the next few months, especially as me and Mrs P will have to arrange childcare. Today they've changed plans and the office isn't closing. If you can work from home you can start from tomorrow, everybody else is in. It's amazing how 100+ people have suddenly realised that they do have laptops at home.
  10. 1874's latest pod with Mark Bosnich is a nice, little distraction.
  11. I can't get my head around this bit. I'm not saying it's wrong, I just don't understand how the world has come to a standstill because of a virus most of us don't know we have. I've been preparing to spend a week in a bed, tugging myself silly.
  12. Our office has had 5 people sent home today with flu like symptoms and they're 'working on getting working from home possible'.
  13. I switch between playing PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch quite a lot. On the PS4, generally the X button is ‘select’ and the circle button is ‘back’. On the Nintendo, usually the B button is ‘select’ and the A button is ‘back’. However, the B button is where the X button is on the playstation and the A button is where the circle button is. You’d think that this would be very awkward and confusing switching between the two consoles, but strangely the issue is rarely raised and doesn’t seem to be much of a problem for anyone. Thanks for reading.
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