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  1. I was walking over a pelican crossing this morning, green man flashing, when a young girl on her phone and not looking where she was going, slowly drove forward on to the crossing, so I had to walk behind her car. Then I noticed her green P plates. I wasn't really in the mood to start shouting at some 20 something new driver, but as I've woken up through day and started thinking about it, I kind of wish I'd rolled over her bonnet instead. It's the third or fourth time something similar has happened to me on the same crossing.
  2. In those scenarios, I put my hand up not to say thank you but to say in that very British way, "Sorry. Sorry about this".
  3. It doesn't make sense does it? I understand that they don't want opposition fans buying tickets in the home end and this is a way of doing it, but then how is your lad ever going to build up history on his ID?
  4. My wife broke the devastating news to me last night that she'd forgotten it was my day off on Wednesday and she's already made plans for her and the baby to go out for the day with her friends and their babies. It means I'll have to be on my own in the house, all day, all by myself. I am absolutely gutted.
  5. There have been some mandatory 'wellbeing workshops' going on at work all week, mine is this afternoon. Apparently, you get put in to pairs at random and get given a topic regarding wellbeing and mental health (exercise, financial security, nutrition etc.) You then have to go away and research your topic together, come back do a little presentation to the rest of the group. It sounds like my worst nightmare, I'm dreading it. Is it ironic that it's about wellbeing? There's a woman with anxiety shitting herself here.
  6. I balance this out by shoving them up my arse.
  7. He said with cow milk dripping off his chin.
  8. I’m far from a big drinker, but I’m developing a bit of an obsession of old pubs like that. I’m currently sat in the Barton’s Arms. Never stepped foot in here before for some reason, despite going up the Villa for 20+ years and always parking near it, but it’s a beauty.
  9. I struggle to get to sleep without listening to a podcast or audiobook. As I was getting in to bed last night, about 12:30am, I realised I'd left my earphones in my car. I'd already taken my clothes off, so I snuck outside in just my pants to grab them. It was a frosty night and it made me think of all the people having to sleep on the streets. "oOOooOOh, imagine sleeping in this" I said out loud to myself, quite camply for some reason. It was at that moment, as I was crouched down like a fat Gollum between mine and my wife's car, I noticed the bloke walking his dog who had stopped at the end of my drive because he'd thought I was talking to him. We held each others glare for a few seconds before I stood up, said "heya", opened my car door and sat in the drivers seat.
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