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  1. I absolutely loved him when he was here, but making a return 10 years later aged 36? But I’m a hypocrite, because I’ll love seeing him in a Villa shirt again. In Dean I trust.
  2. When Hutton and Jedinak left, I thought every outfield Villa player would be younger than me from here on out. There's still hope for me yet!
  3. Paddywhack

    Ice rink

    I think my bath was trying to tell me something this evening.
  4. I’m probably missing something obvious as I am a daft lad, but I really don’t understand the mentality of these morons. If you want to keep it to a small group of regulars, without unknowns walking in, just go round each other’s houses with a few tins and save yourself some money.
  5. Not the thread for it and only loosely connected, but I do find it odd that when my dad was younger he could have built his own house; wired it, plumbed it, plastered it etc, but he can't use his smartphone. I might not be able to change a plug, but at least I'm not scared of the cashpoint.
  6. Despite how excited I get around pre-season with new signings, new kits, fixture releases etc, whenever any of it get's announced during an international tournament, I always get a 'back-to-school vibe'. I want a new Sonic the Hedgehog lunchbox and pencil case, but not right now, it's the summer holidays.
  7. Oh yeah. And isn't he rubbish now? It all fits.
  8. In 2016, when a major celebrity was kicking the bucket every other day, we were told it was because they were mostly part of the baby-boomer generation and there were a lot more celebrities around now, so it would continue at the same rate. We've just had two weeks of no celebrity deaths between Alan Miller and Ned Beatty. Mystical forces were to blame in 2016 and no-one can convince me otherwise.
  9. It's never really bothered me.
  10. What, he's changed his avatar as well?
  11. I had a feeling I’d posted about it at the time. I said it was about 10 years ago...10 years and 1 day! Apparently I couldn’t be bothered to correct her, I must have made that bit up at some point that over the years. I should probably let this go now.
  12. We once had a raffle at work to win an iPad or something. It was £1 a ticket. My colleague was moaning as “you usually get a strip of 5 for £1”. I tried to explain that it didn’t really matter, she still had the same chance of winning. She laughed and argued she’d have much more chance of winning if she had a strip of 5 tickets. This was about 10 years ago and I still think about it whenever I see one of those raffle ticket books and it still annoys me.
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