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  1. Rds1983

    Gareth Bale

    The whole not talking Spanish thing is nonsense and just a stick to beat him with that fans will latch on to, he's completed interviews in Spanish and they're on YouTube. It's not perfect but it's conversational and I'd guess it's improved since they were recorded. There's also supposedly Spanish speaking players over here who cant speak English.
  2. Ive seen the photos, I watch the show and I also grew up Devon, trust me it was Peaky Blinders.
  3. My cousin got married this summer and all of his bride's family decided to dress up as Peaky Blinders and strut around like gangsters. The wedding was in Devon and as far as I know that's where all her family are from so no Small Heath connection. I felt guilty about missing my cousins wedding, then I heard about that bollocks.
  4. Rds1983

    Ask BOF anything

    How many Irish players have represented Villa and of them how many have scored in the top flight?
  5. Rds1983

    Ask BOF anything

    BOF, out of all the other Mods which one is your favourite and why?
  6. Rds1983

    General Chat

    I was on my way to work this morning when this guy behind me just started muttering 'Why the banana skin? Why the banana skin? Why the banana skin? Really through me off what I was doing.
  7. If it makes you feel any better I lost in my H2H based off the normal league as my opponent auto-subbed Lundstrum in, CHO's 7 minute cameo stopped me auto-subbing him in and I lost by 3 points having taken a -4 to bring Mendy in who then didn't play.
  8. Rds1983

    General Chat

    It's not 5 of each but I gave you the 1 you were missing to make it 3 of each to help tidy it up a bit
  9. Rds1983

    Keinan Davis

    He actually seems like a very nice boy but I couldn't find that meme...
  10. That Oliver vs Lance result is painful to look at. Oliver winning by 1 point to keep his never-ending winning streak going.
  11. Rds1983

    Douglas Luiz

    At a guess there are potentially protected clauses in his contract with us that he has already agreed to that if City activate the buy back that any contract with us automatically transfers back to City, rather then agreeing a brand new one.
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