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  1. Rds1983

    Documentaries you have to watch

    Always loved his songs but didn't actually know the wider history around him until googling this documentary just now and I'm very glad I do as it I feel it's something I should know. Will certainly give this a watch.
  2. Rds1983

    Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    Just watched season one of Medici and thought it was very good, a historical, political, thriller type show with some really good acting. Then watched the first episode of season two and they've jumped 20 years into the future with no explanation, changed all the cast and appear to have made it more of a stereotypical history, action show (but not a good one like GoT) and completely lost all that was good about the first season. I've got no desire to watch anymore of it and am curious if anyone has watched it all and I'm reading it wrong and it's worth watching?
  3. Rds1983

    Football Manager 2019

    There's always seems to be one team/manager that's overpowered in every version. My last save on FM17 had Mourinho win the title and the Champions League four years in a row with United.
  4. Rds1983

    Jack Grealish

    If his protective boot has been off for a while now and he's been exercising well indoors for a week (maybe longer?) why is it going to take another 3 weeks before he can play at all? Would've thought he'd be due to be training properly imminently and be able to play some part of the West Brom game. See what comes out from the club not John Percy.
  5. Rds1983

    Rugby: General Chat

    Fantastic result for England yesterday, brilliant in attack and defence and to top it off the Irish guy at work was so confident of a win that he agreed to wear an England shirt to work and announce that Farrell is twice the player Sexton is if Ireland lost!
  6. Rds1983

    Jacob Bedeau

    I just hope this doesn't come back to bite us in a Gary Cahill type way and that we've somehow included future fees in the deal.
  7. Rds1983

    Ever choked on your prejudice?

    Must be noseblind!
  8. Rds1983

    Marvel Cinematic Universe

    In regards to this trailer and Endgame.
  9. Rds1983

    Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    Glad to hear this as started watching recently and am halfway through season 3, but the thought of having another 10 seasons after this one was a little daunting.
  10. Rds1983

    The Anime & Manga Thread

    Watched the first part of the new Baki the Grappler series that Netflix have released to continue the story and do the escaped prisoners storyline, whilst it was enjoyable I didn't enjoy it anywhere near as much as the original.
  11. Rds1983

    Chris Gaughran - AKA Villan4Life

    Get well soon. Your scouting posts are always interesting and stood out and I looked out for them. It's a pleasure to hear a little bit of what that life is like as I'm sure we all wish we could be involved football in some way. I hope you get to watch a lot of games online or on TV whilst recovering (if that's what you want to do).
  12. Rds1983

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    He admitted to sending the spy to Derby in the press conference and said he'd been doing this since Argentina and 2002. I can't post a link on my phone but just look on any football news site and it'll be up there.
  13. Rds1983

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    Be interesting to see if Leeds promotion push will be derailed at all by Bielsa admitting to Spygate and all the fuss it is creating.
  14. Rds1983

    Tammy Abraham

    If he was expected at the club and didn't bother to show up it does show a lack of class. I can forgive him wanting to step up and show that he can score in the Premier League and I can forgive him leaving mid-season as he has done well for us whilst on loan here and ultimately he isn't our player. But there is a way to go about it and skipping training isn't it. However this hasn't been confirmed by the club yet so could be nonsense and he's innocent until then.
  15. Rds1983

    Draft Fantasy Football 2018/19

    I've averaged about five players out over that time, hence all the losses. Hopefully can pull a few wins back.