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  1. If the adults are half the size of the children why are the houses full sized? Do the kids turn into the weird puppet/toy things as the grow older? Why does Pando never wear trousers? If the characters are animals, why are there normal non-sentient animals? Why does Flop never lose his shit at Bing? Most annoyingly why is a BBC show teaching my son nonsense and mispronounced words?
  2. The CBeebies show Bing, that bunny and all his friends wind me up and the more I think about that show the more confusing it becomes.
  3. This is what I hate about H2H sometimes. I get the second highest points but still lose, this happened in both my Draft leagues this week.
  4. @Demitri_C you steal James off me (who scores in the waivers and then you beat me by 5 points.
  5. Wanted to buy some of the training kit today to use in the gym but cant see anything on the official shop above a Large. With the crazy Kappa sizes I'm going to need XL to be comfortable; anyone know if they'll produce more stock?
  6. Man Utd players private fantasy league has apparently been discovered. https://www.bbc.co.uk/bbcthree/article/02641c98-f448-4c60-ab3c-1b9145e6a128 "the discovery of the United players’ fantasy league, ‘The MUFC Tiki-Taka Fantasy’... club captain Ashley Young sits sixth out of the nine teams with SKIPS FC. Interestingly, it appears he hasn’t included a single United player in his squad, which isn’t that captain-like really, is it?"
  7. Agreed, the cost of living has risen in the last three years, by offering the same pay they're effectively offering him a paycut and less money then they did three years ago; and that's ignoring how the market has increased in that time with pay/transfers etc going up. However, I still think Rafa will have had priorities more important than just pay and he highlights these.
  8. SJM, Guilbert and Wesley and of course I benched John today... doh!
  9. I've got two... That make me moral champion already?
  10. Could be worse I have three each Everton and West Ham!
  11. Can go for 8.30 but no later as getting up at 3.30am the next day.
  12. I wouldn't go anymore than 10 as it starts to get brutal picking players after that. You'll end up fielding Norwich's third choice keeper each week if you do a league of 16.

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