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  1. I decided to use this as my background for Teams calls today. Worked well as nobody even tried speaking to me.
  2. Good. Still annoyed he ruined the reunion in 2013.
  3. Die Hard is not only clearly is a Christmas movie, but it's one of the very best. It's nearly as good as the Nightmare Before Christmas.
  4. Was it ruined by a random, awful and limelight stealing appearance by Jaden?
  5. I'm still trying to figure out if the Yorkshire puddings come in the tin or not.
  6. My whole family love it and apparently it was my grandfather who introduced it to everyone. Growing up in Devon I was told it was a Northern thing as he was from Sheffield but the in laws are Cheshire based and don't approve.
  7. Honestly, fill a Yorkshire pud with gravy then drop a couple of anchovies in so they kinda float about it and bob up and down, slice it open and watch as they sloosh all over the carrots and peas. Can't beat it.
  8. Clear liquid that tastes revolting, all the same.
  9. Should have made it clear, when I said "all the trimmings" that included a side of anchovies. The wife and all her family think bread and gravy is an abomination.
  10. Following on from the gravy and chips debate. We've just finished off a lovely roast beef and all the trimmings with a couple of slices of bread and gravy. Is this equally frowned upon or is it an acceptable use of gravy?
  11. FTFY Just to cover us for the Axel loan.
  12. I'd send a thanks like your way but you chose yellow boots. Thanks to Sidcow I've gone back and fixed this, with the proper red and black variety.
  13. I picked up some Leatherman Squirts for myself and various family members a few years ago. Over the years everybody has commented on how useful they are.
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