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  1. Yeah I had a few flops and Wilson killed it for you, it was close though. I'm hoping a 4 point gap will be enough to win me the league as not many games left now.
  2. I think the surprise stems from the expectations being higher due to him having captained England at multiple age levels and also starting every game of England's Under 19 European Cup win, where he also scored in the final. You expect someone who can do that to be able to get game time even if it is in League Two.
  3. Gibson's just upset as Boro wasted the money the got for Adama on Paddy McNair whilst we spent our small chunk of it on McGinn!
  4. Nice to see a player from this millennium on the list... just needs a quirky nickname now!
  5. Rds1983

    Gym Routine

    Can anyone recommend a decent EZ bar for a home gym? Looking to spend a max of £100 ideally and it would have to take Olympic plates.
  6. Rds1983


    They bought Brahim Diaz this January for about £15m. Not taken a first team player off them but taken a highly rated Spain u21. Supposedly that was quite friendly though and the two clubs have a good relationship. I'd be curious to see if the rumours of them wanting to take Sterling in the summer have any weight.
  7. Rds1983

    In Vino Veritas

    Absolutely love wine, especially Italian (brunello and amarone - fyi valpolicella ripasso reuses amarone grapes and is cheaper if you like amarone) and Californian reds. After Uni I ended up managing a wine store and doing a few qualifications in wine/spirits. The wife doesn't like white wine but I'll occasionally go for a gewurtz or Riesling. @lapal_fan if you like ice wine you might like Tokaji wine, different style but again very sweet and enjoyable. I think Aldi also sells a bottle of ice wine every Christmas at a reasonable price, I've not tried it though so can't say if it's any good.
  8. Rds1983

    Crypto currency

    Hopefully you're not rekt! Out of interest, anyone still involved in BPT as looks like there might be decent news on the way soon (including their STO, launch of internal exchange, USA market expansion and finally doing proper marketing).
  9. That might also add slightly to why they've done it now. To try and show support, recreate the feel good factor of when he first joined and lift them over the line to make sure they get CL qualification. Doesn't work out long-term they can pay him off with the CL money and they need to qualify to get decent players in.
  10. Rds1983

    General Chat

    Each to their own I guess...
  11. Is he injured? Didn't even make the bench today.
  12. Randomly spotted this thread in @Danny_Villaman84 signature whilst reading the match thread. I was really surprised to learn the differences between spoken English and bsl and glad that you took time out to explain it. I feel this is something that more people should know so thought I'd give the thread a bump and hope to read more of your posts in future.
  13. Rds1983

    Joe Lolley

    As persuasive as I think I am I'd be worried if he was swayed by something that he read on a football forum...
  14. Signed with a contract to 2022, can only assume he'll have a warchest and Perez will also listen to him on transfers (for a season at least). Guessing it means Bale gone and Hazard in and if it goes wrong for him he can point out that two other managers failed so the team's obviously passed it.
  15. Rds1983

    Joe Lolley

    Yeah come on Joe if you're reading this, an own goal or two to help us go up via the play-offs and we'd have enough money to bring you home... you could live the dream
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