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  1. Rds1983

    Crypto currency

    Some nice increases in the major coins, they're up by 5 to 9% at the minute. I've popped my cherry and have my first regret that I didn't buy any yesterday when I had the chance. One day bounce or start of a continued rise?
  2. Rds1983

    Marvel Cinematic Universe

    Legion took a couple of episodes to get going and was a bit quirky/arty but I'd say it grew into one of the strongest Marvel shows.
  3. Rds1983

    Jordan Amavi

    Apparently he's on our retained list for next season and hasn't signed for Marseille?
  4. Rds1983

    Crypto currency

    I've spent the day watching videos and reading up and now I'm signed up to coinbase and looking at a number of different options, excited to join you guys in trading and see if I can make a success of this. If I don't, so be it, I'm not planning on putting in anything I can't afford to lose. I'm leaning towards a ledger nano S wallet (partly as it allows ripple) but curious if you all prefer the trezor or if you've bought both or something else?
  5. Rds1983

    Crypto currency

    I saw a few like GETS and the youtube alternative one (can't remember the name) and could understand why people might like them as it is relatable but I don't know enough about crypto yet to understand the excitement i had seen BPT. It just looked like a trading platform and I assume that's a hard market to crack as established entities like coinbase have it sewn up.
  6. Rds1983

    Tony Xia

    I'm curious on what the current position of our Finance Director is? When the CEO goes the FD often steps in as interim, however if there is something wrong/dodgy going on with our finances it's the FD's fault and they should have been suspended to.
  7. Rds1983

    Crypto currency

    Thanks. I'd already read the last dozen or so pages of this thread and one or two online guides but I'll take a look at Peter McCormack. The second half of the bonus doesn't come through for a few weeks so I've a bit of time to try and figure stuff out. I am curious why you all seem to be keen on BPT on the last page? I can see it has fallen in price down to about $0.26 and it looks like another currency trading platform which supposedly is more user friendly for beginners? Are you expecting it to grow because it's decentralised? Are there any particular crypto forums (other than this one) or news sites that anyone would recommend?
  8. Rds1983

    Crypto currency

    Does anyone know of a good site that provides an introduction to crypto currencies? Very tempted to get into this but not sure how/where to start. I can see a few guides on Google but would appreciate a recommendation if anyone has one.
  9. Rds1983

    Tony Xia

    I thought there was a rule that allowed a new owner to invest x amount of money into the club without it counting towards FFP? If new owners are prevented from investing in and improving clubs with large debts that have breached FFP, it would stop these clubs that need to be sold from being taken over.
  10. Rds1983

    Tony Xia

    Could Tony use a change of ownership to manipulate FFP? Basically sell the club from Recon Group to either a different company he owns or directly to himself in order to pump more money in to the club?
  11. Rds1983

    Money - Making it and saving it

    Never looked in there before, to much to read in On topic, Off topic and Other Football... thanks.
  12. Rds1983

    Money - Making it and saving it

    I keep hearing adverts for a cryptocurrency trading platform on the radio and I'm tempted to give it a try as I can afford to lose a few hundred. Has anyone tried this at all and had any success?
  13. Rds1983

    The Film Thread

    I was thinking it was like a bad version of that film whilst watching it, except for worse acting, writing and directing.
  14. Rds1983

    The Film Thread

    Just watched Wonderwoman.... if this is the best that DC is currently making then I'm in no desire to watch Batman vs Superman or Justice League.
  15. Rds1983

    Cowboy trades people

    Quite literally...