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  1. It's actually the opposite. They all know that they're not actually very good and it could come crushing down any second and that this is the best they might ever get. So they have to shout and make as much noise as possible to convince themselves they do actually belong. They're basically like little dogs yapping loudly at all the other dogs to try and compensate. Don't worry though, give it a little time and they'll all disappear back off to shouting about the Rhino's instead.
  2. Great show and Ms Lipsey is lovely. The volume of craziness that is based off Greg Davies real life is fantastic too. Watching him on Graham Norton (YouTube) today I found out that it's actually filmed in his old classroom too.
  3. Are you including On Topic in that?
  4. It's the discipline problems which annoys me. So, so many utterly stupid and pointless penalties which are horribly obvious. Throwing away so many good positions due to stupid, stupid discipline. They should know better.
  5. Pep not missing a trick in messing with people's DGWs. All those ppl who TCd Sterling going mental right now. The man's an evil genius.
  6. Seems a bit of an overreaction. Especially as rumours started with him not being in the Training photos.
  7. I'm sure that is what will happen with Jack too. I've got to shift him (and potentially Watkins now too), which isn't great as I intended to have 3 Villa players in 29. No idea who to swap Jack for. Thinking maybe KDB as I took Foden out. Need to think and see how much thought I should put into 29 and if it should affect everything between now and then or if I just take the hit that week and try to outscore the loss in the weeks leading up to it.
  8. Keep up with the hard work and you'll keep progressing, but don't give up if it slows down a little at times, it happens. As well as doing eccentric lower downs try adding in holding the pull up at the point of failure for as long as you can. Jeff gives some good advice, if a tad overloaded with info as he has about 100 videos on every subject. He gets bad press due to the fake weight stuff but I don't really care about that. Just ask yourself if you like his advice and you get stuff from them. His criticism about not teaching proper breathing techniques for squatting is more a con
  9. How do you know for sure that he isn't in it?
  10. Rds1983


    Hey, Jurgen. How many games in a row have Liverpool failed to win at Anfield?
  11. Doesn't matter if you already know who lives there, publicly available information is still bound by gdpr if it can be used to identify a living individual. My house is listed on Rightmove, people could potentially identify me based off photos of the outside. We're going in circles, derailing the thread (I doubt many people wonder about gdpr), and we obviously disagree. Let's just leave it at that. Have a good evening.
  12. Are photos information, yes. Could they identify someone without the person being in them? Possibly if they are related to a person. There's nobody in this photo but I reckon you could identify someone who lives there and as such gdpr applies. Might fail the natural person but mind...
  13. Defined as " any information which are related to an identified or identifiable natural person", which is purposefully vague enough to capture anything it needs to and could be contained in any of the images. The law on it is still very new as @limpidsays which is why I was hoping to see clear ICO guidance or case law. This still doesn't sound right to me (very little to do with Facebook does). I could be way off as l I don't work with photo's and the Internet is a rare point for gdpr workwise so if you can point me in the right direction for the official guidance I'd happily read, in a f
  14. I could see a decent lawyer arguing that photos without people in could amount to PII, they could contain other ways of identifying someone other than just an actual picture of the person (such as location information). I can be identified by my cookie information or even by my Chair code for conference calls so I'd say there's potential for blurred lines there. Although as I say I haven't slept so could be well off. Curious what bit of the framework your referring to @limpid? Contract would be a fine lawful basis but they'd still need to justify the retention of the image after a deleti
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