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  1. Rds1983

    Louie Barry

    Louie Barry announced
  2. Got a text from my little brother today saying 'Kodjia gone, assume Samantha signing imminent'... Not even signed for us and already getting called girls names, bit harse!
  3. Not played for a few years, can someone please jog my memory about the January transfer window. Do the we signings automatically get added in on a patch or do you need to download something from somewhere? I.e. How do I play as Villa with Samatta up top and Drinkwater bossing my midfield...
  4. Curious if people are still using this and if they're making any money? I'm tempted to give it a try and wanted people's thoughts/tips (is it worth bothering and any easy mistakes to avoid).
  5. "Aston Villa are showing interest in signing Patrick Bamford from Leeds, could be an interesting one for their search for a new striker" https://mobile.twitter.com/TransferEfl/status/1217492872334888960 I think Twitter just attempted to murder me.
  6. Rds1983

    Louie Barry

    All seems to have gone a bit quiet on this one, anybody know if we are actually signing him?
  7. Christian Benteke... Should be nothing but happy memories but I think I've lost an hour of my life today reading 30 pages of back and forth in the transfer thread and now don't want to go anywhere near it again anytime soon. For the love of God please don't reply to this and restart the conversation in here I just want to vent.
  8. I think/hope we were but who knows, a week ago I would have been certain we wouldn't sign a player who has barely played in years, and this season has had more drink related incidents than appearances for Burnley. The club seem to be doing some surprising things at the minute so who knows we might have spent all our funds getting an upgrade on Trez/El Ghazi meaning we couldn't afford a starting striker. But I've been up since 2am, my brains fried and probably talking nonsense.
  9. We would have been signing a striker but now need two. There's also a chance that we were only going to sign a rotation/back up striker and spend our funds on a winger (not saying we were just that who knows precisely what we were planning), we now defo need a starting striker.
  10. Our predicament drastically changed when we lost our starting striker and keeper at the start of the window, our plans did too and Smith said as much.
  11. Whether we spend £35m on some European wonder striker or we sort a loan for someone like Batsuayhi/Giroud, I think we need whatever winger we get in to be able to also play up top to provide cover. Getting someone like Bowen in would be ideal.
  12. If Palace can hold out for £80m for Zaha then we can hold out for silly money too as (I think) Jack has 3 years left on his contract in the summer. Plus fees get inflated every summer (Maguire etc). I only see him leaving this summer if we go down as he's too important to us right now whilst we're trying to re-establish ourselves in the league.
  13. Rds1983

    Gareth Bale

    The whole not talking Spanish thing is nonsense and just a stick to beat him with that fans will latch on to, he's completed interviews in Spanish and they're on YouTube. It's not perfect but it's conversational and I'd guess it's improved since they were recorded. There's also supposedly Spanish speaking players over here who cant speak English.
  14. Ive seen the photos, I watch the show and I also grew up Devon, trust me it was Peaky Blinders.
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