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  1. I let Google translate the article for me and you're right it does do some weird stuff. The weirdest one probably being the last sentence which suddenly read "maybe it will really be the summer of the little white kids".
  2. Even if I was loaded, I think I'd say go on then if someone offered me a hundred odd quid to spend 30 seconds reading a few sentences out loud into my phone. Especially if it was usually something nice or funny and you know it's going to be pleasantly received. It would be like offering one of you lot a fiver to wish someone happy birthday, whilst it wouldn't be life changing money I doubt many would say no.
  3. Agree in principle but FIFA wouldn't hold the ring fenced capital, that would stay with the clubs and they'd instead have to evidence that they hold it.
  4. Leg press can be a great exercise and will let you lift some great weights (compared to squatting for various reasons). If you think of it as similar to a deadlift (which will actually help your deadlift) in that your smashing your feet through the board and using the handles (or bar for DLs) to brace against you should get decent power and use this to think about angles (what would you do in a DL). It's a leg exercise so you want to ensure the legs are lifting the weight not your hands /arms. But if the help a bit (with legs as the main driver) it's not the end of the world (a bit like
  5. Try those non-alcoholic beers I posted about the other day. No alcohol and low calories so healthy but actually tastes like real beer and are very nice.
  6. There's a type of frog called a "mountain chicken".
  7. Off to Devon for 5 days, sitting in my tent, drinking lukewarm coffee and watching the lazy snobs in their motorhomes. Can't wait.
  8. To be fair to him, there was a housing market crash in 2007 which was 15 years ago.
  9. Oh pollocks the fish puns are back.
  10. Why is @Xela suddenly always talking about lobsters? Here's hoping he's not approaching day 45.
  11. Not from London, hate the place, from the South West. I'd take the apple and make cider with it and I guess covering a cake in custard would help. The straw hat sounds about right though.
  12. No idea, that's why I asked. To be honest, I'd take the apple and ignore the rest.
  13. One episode in on Invincible, very good so far.
  14. What do people classify as a cake? Is it just the bigger more traditional stuff or do things like brownies, millionaire shortbread and muffins fall into that category? My 3 Yr old is obsessed with baking (major sweet tooth) and makes the wife bake at least once a week. Luckily for me she mixes the recipes up and replaces the sugars with more natural sweet stuff like fruit, honey, Yoghurt or peanut butter. Still not healthy but better then they usually would be.
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