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  1. Saw an article saying that as the original transfer fees get amortised down each season they can both claim £60m+ profit on these deals under FFP.
  2. Rds1983


    I hate that the media portray it this way, everyone I know either is a Liverpool fan (very small minority and generally a tit) or absolutely hates Liverpool (no matter what club they support or where in the UK they're from).
  3. Rds1983

    Your GOAT 11

    Another brilliant American keeper. I vividly remember him psyching a player out just before he saved a penalty (proper Jed Steer like), it was almost as if I saw it yesterday somehow!
  4. Rds1983

    Your GOAT 11

    Robert Hatch John Colby Terry Brady Arthur Hayes Carlos Rey Michel Fileu Rainer Muller Erik Ball Sid Harmer Doug Clure Karl Von Steiner Luis Fernadez
  5. Rds1983

    The Film Thread

    Knew he had a foot fetish but never realised quite how bad until I watched this. The damn song was stuck in my head all day
  6. Rds1983

    The Film Thread

    Watched Jexi yesterday and it was surprisingly good, some very funny bits and some timely social commentary as I'm staring at my phone way too much under lockdown.
  7. Someone in the top 10k used their wildcard this week... Most pointless use ever?
  8. The Norwegian FA have said that the Euro's have been agreed to be postponed to summer of 2021.
  9. Just cancel the season and restart it next year with these points adjustments Shamelessly stolen off Twitter
  10. Can we call the league now and just declare me Champion? @Demitri_C and I don't need to finish our match up as I'm obviously going to score 40 odd points from the Arsenal game to catch him up!
  11. Rds1983

    Louie Barry

    Louie Barry announced
  12. Got a text from my little brother today saying 'Kodjia gone, assume Samantha signing imminent'... Not even signed for us and already getting called girls names, bit harse!
  13. Not played for a few years, can someone please jog my memory about the January transfer window. Do the we signings automatically get added in on a patch or do you need to download something from somewhere? I.e. How do I play as Villa with Samatta up top and Drinkwater bossing my midfield...
  14. Curious if people are still using this and if they're making any money? I'm tempted to give it a try and wanted people's thoughts/tips (is it worth bothering and any easy mistakes to avoid).
  15. "Aston Villa are showing interest in signing Patrick Bamford from Leeds, could be an interesting one for their search for a new striker" https://mobile.twitter.com/TransferEfl/status/1217492872334888960 I think Twitter just attempted to murder me.
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