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  1. I sometimes look at ICT scores when on the transfer page as you can list it to display that way and it can help point out non-obvious players who might be performing well. I'll then go look at those players in more detail elsewhere. How it's scored though I'm not sure.
  2. Don't be too shocked or reactive into the prices last few days. Without seeing the full depth of the order book it's currently very open to manipulation to push prices down. The current price is now determined by the lowest 300 shares and not the average. Using Trent as an example, he's £10 and might have 5,000 shares listed at £9.75. But if someone offers 300 at the very lowest they can it now displays his price at say £9 (maybe lower). However it's just the new 300 at this price and not a true reflection of the 5,000 at £9.75. People see this, panic and list their shares too and the price drops further. The person unliats their 300 at £9 and can now buy all the shares other people have listed for a large discount and trust that they'll bounce back. This should end when full order books are in place and you can see the full sell volume. IPDs are also driving a lot of volatility as ppl are jumping all over to get the current promotion of x5. Meaning ppl are chasing form players and dropping anyone with a bad game. This ends in a few weeks and should hopefully calm down a bit. Also, remember that previous profits based off market /buy now price where never real reflections as realistically you had to sell much lower. You're now seeing a more accurate display of portfolio value. I'd actually suggest that you change it further to show mid price and not top price as this is even more accurate (if initially painful). Whilst this all sounds painful, remember it's a short term pain hopefully. Full order books will help the market grow longterm, they've just started a big marketing campaign and have just doubled dividends so hopefully it should actually be a good time right now. If you haven't already start looking at Indexgain as they have useful info on there and even offer a free service.
  3. If the media love in is this bad for Leeds imagine how bad it will be when an actual big club with a successful history like Forest gets promoted.
  4. Fascist at Leeds... Surely not?
  5. Assuming this press is vastly different to the ones done by several other teams in the league then if it's going to catch a lot of teams off guard.
  6. There were 7 teams in the end. Struggling to upload a screenshot and too lazy to type it all out but I picked first and went for KDB.
  7. That was the approach I always used to take but now use two cheapish starting keepers that I can rotate to nearly always have a home fixture. This season I'm on Ryan and McCarthy (which I've just realised sounds like a 1970s folk band).
  8. I've chosen to follow the Villa approach and spend all my money on goalkeeper's. Feel a lot more secure with a top one on the bench just in case.
  9. https://mobile.twitter.com/Squawka/status/1303433708511387648 Jack Grealish created more chances in his 14 minutes on pitch than Jadon Sancho, Kalvin Phillips, Declan Rice and Harry Kane combined.
  10. Don't trust Villareport, I'll believe it when I hear it direct from Guilbert.
  11. I'm not sure the team hotel was as secure and leak proof as you think.
  12. Just seen that only 3 Villa players have been drafted (I got one) with one of them out injured. Not a great vote of confidence.
  13. Some good looking teams... If you ignore the week one fixtures and only having 7 or 8 players available.
  14. Was pleasantly surprised to see someone else with the black away shirt in North Devon this morning though. Knew the draft was today but wife announced we were going on holiday today last week. I suggested postponing it a day or two but she out voted me.
  15. Will try and be there but was up at 3.30am to drove 350 odd miles and am flagging. Have set a watchlist in case I don't make it.
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