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  1. More to the point, how would he know a good one being trained by that lot?
  2. Wainy316

    General Chat

    I just had a naga and it was wonderful. Worried about tomorrow though.
  3. Best striker of all time. The end.
  4. They did a few times. Off the top of my head they were mid table in the first year of the Prem and also finished below us in MON’s last year.
  5. Man Utd of the 2020s are going to be like Liverpool in the 90s/00s. They'll still pull in their fair share of fans.
  6. **** em, it's not their turn anymore
  7. Don't know they're born do they. They're 5th ffs!
  8. 5 wins out of the last 14 and we’re safe. Perfectly doable
  9. We've scored the most goals in the whole bottom half of the Prem. With only 5 of 31 league goals coming from a striker, imagine what we could do if Samatta turns out good.
  10. Think it was more to do with his record at Molde tbf.
  11. These, Norwich and Bournemouth making up the bottom three will do just fine thanks.
  12. How the **** are they 5th? I swear they get bonus points. It’s like under Moyes when they lost every single week and still came 7th.
  13. Wainy316

    Dean Smith

    The slim win being the 4-0 against Derby?
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