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  1. Things you often Wonder

    Yeah but if you don't eat it then it's died for nothing
  2. General Chat

    What festival is it? It's usually fine to take to campsite but then you aren't allowed to take any into the arena. Glasto is different as there is no arena.
  3. General Chat

    It's not usually a problem to have at your campsite. The rule is usually no glass though.
  4. General Chat

    Yeah, they totally lost me at Kid A.
  5. General Election 2017

    Oh yes, soldiers, those gods among men that we all must worship. I like bewbs more than soldiers. Am I a traitor?
  6. General Chat

    There something for everyone music wise. (Unless metal is your bag, which needs to be addressed)
  7. General Chat

    Yeah don't worry. My other half flew to Iceland with a month left.
  8. Happy birthday to the absolute cluster **** that was the Leave vote.
  9. Life After Death?

    Is there bewbs in the afterlife?
  10. Life After Death?

    What if you're spouse dies whilst you are still with them then you go on to marry someone else. Who do you spend the afterlife with?
  11. John Terry

    He's clearly done some knobbish things in the past but anyone I've spoken to that's met him says he's a thoroughly nice guy. A couple of weeks ago I would have nonsensed these claims mind.
  12. John Terry

    Bear in mind he's younger then Gareth McAuley.
  13. John Terry

    Not for me. I signed him for Villa on my Master League years ago.
  14. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    I think football has gone well past actually liking your team's players these days.
  15. John Terry

    I'd be very happy with this.