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  1. I just hope the crowd chant 'War, War, War' at them all the more.
  2. At least they're a little bit natural. I just don't get the mindset of most vloggers thinking, oh I'm going to film myself talking about stuff in my bedroom.
  3. Why so many people feel the need to film themselves talking inane nonsense and uploading it to youtube etc.
  4. I'm also insane. I'd much rather stay at VP also.
  5. Don't think we can blame the Achilles injury he was bloody brilliant under Sherwood. His record at Liverpool wasn't actually too bad either in the first season. Pretty sure he got into double figures despite very limited playing time.
  6. I find the idea that players need to be playing premier league week in week out to play for England. A large proportion of England's Opponents are league 1/2 level.
  7. Wainy316


    Genuinely gutted for my old man. Haven't spoke to him yet but that must have been hard!
  8. The amount of comments in support of Brunei's stoning of gay people law on BBC articles relating to it. A lot of them basically supporting the genocide of 10% of the world's population. Terrifying.
  9. I saw some people on TV pressing grapes for wine with their bare feet. Is that still generally a thing? If it is then I can't be ignorantly blissfully anymore and I'm out.
  10. I'd bet on the result of any vote in this country. They generally go the way I don't want them too.
  11. Bet365 giving you up to £125 back in cash when you bet £125 EW on the National.
  12. I love a glass (bottle) of red. Chat Du Pape when I can afford it but I'm no connoisseur/snob and am more than happy with a nice bottle of this...
  13. Should merge them and have an intercontinental level title. They should also unify the Universal and WWE titles. I absolutely despise the two world champion thing.
  14. If this is the end of the Tory party as we know it then we can add that along with passport stamps to the very few benefits of Brexit.
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