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  1. Where's the **** rain when you want it?
  2. Your reasoning from Villa's perspective is the only way we'll have money to spend is if we sell Grealish. By all accounts this does not seem to be the case. Conversely, buying some of the players you mentioned and adding quality around Jack might be more of an incentive for him to give it another year. Then we've strengthened and kept our prized asset.
  3. Not sure if it's become a running joke that he hasn't got one but I'll repost this anyway...
  4. Yeah but Watkins isn't available at £18m like previously thought.
  5. So you're suggesting Jack should end his playing career at SHA?
  6. But it loves Abba. Remember that thread?
  7. Guaranteed as well considering how many people couldn’t handle the name ‘Clark’
  8. I can think of at least 4 absolute sitters missed by AEG
  9. Seriously, stop organising test cricket in Manchester. Nowhere else is raining. Happened last time too.
  10. I bet they'd bloody love to be able to make Ozil redundant.
  11. Dozens of them started coming on the Villa Facebook to mock us regarding our certain relegation. Lolz
  12. Ugh, didn’t realise it was the Mirror but there’s enough to suggest we’re willing to spend a decent wedge.
  13. Pedant but he was the sole top scorer with 5
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