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Community Answers

  1. Somalian man arrested. Case being passed on to counter terror police....
  2. Possibly somebody aggrieved by Tory policy or Brexit (of which Amess was a prominent supporter). No excuse whatsoever of course but they were the first things that came to mind.
  3. Not to make light or anything but I wondered why I recognised him so well out of the none cabinet MPs. He was on the Brass Eye 'Cake' shit were they duped him into saying something stupid. Anyway awful news, this should never happen to anyone doing their job.
  4. I've also just read about a Lib Dem who was killed with a samurai sword in 2000, again at a constituency surgery!
  5. The population of the town I live in (Didcot) must have nearly doubled in the last 10 years. No new surgery commissioned.
  6. Lambert seemed to have a Southgate like aversion to Mark Albrighton. Remember him being used extremely sparingly despite being our only bright spark in the 13/14 season. Top lad as well. Queued at VP with all the fans for a ticket to the 2015 FA Cup final iirc.
  7. With no Bailey I expect it could be 5-3-2 again. Should overrun their barely mobile midfield and their defence looks poor on paper despite not conceding many. I'm mostly concerned about us getting done and being exposed out wide particularly by a certain Mr Traore.
  8. "Hopefully back in training after Wolves game". Think I'll write him off for Arsenal too.
  9. In total limbo with Lukaku and Jesus. Burnley at home makes the latter look very attractive if he were to play.
  10. 2011-2018 was absolutely hideous.
  11. Erm, unless they've made it any easier to get through to the ticket office on the phone recently then don't bother.
  12. Yeah the concourse in the Lower Holte is a complete cattle market.
  13. Back to VP tomorrow. Has their been any reports of mass outbreaks from sports events or gigs since they started back up?
  14. Sex Education is like crack, ploughed through the first series and now started the second.
  15. Probably March's knowing the way our injuries go.
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