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  1. Tbf even Romano got that one horribly wrong.
  2. Yeah but all Craig's best friends are metalheads.
  3. I absolutely hate that I can remember that it is a Scouse bloke named Craig.
  4. Some poor sap takes one for the team and comes out with 'Jed Steer 10' on an outfield shirt to give us the info we need.
  5. Butatista as he used to be called on PES.
  6. You should've walked up a few minutes later and enquired about getting 'Buendia' printed.
  7. He might go to Man City. Unless he doesn't go to Man City. Am I doing this journalist thing right?
  8. Isn't FFP meant to be being relaxed/temporarily done away with due to Covid?
  9. Yup. I’ve seen a few where he’s really laid into the fan base. They’re really not very good at disgusting themselves. The hatred consumes every fibre of their being so they have not chance at pretending to be us.
  10. He’s posted a few derogatory things about us under the guise of a Villa fan whilst sucking up to the City fans. Clearly a nose.
  11. Yeah! Let’s sell the bastard!
  12. I know he’s Jack’s mate but is he a Villa fan?
  13. Right, I’ve been away for a couple of hours. We all calmed down now?
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