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  1. 29 shots to 2! Genuinely a once in a lifetime result.
  2. Scott Parker’s facial expressions in defeat crack me up.
  3. Even if he had agreed a deal elsewhere (he hasn't) there is absolutely no way he would end his Villa career by sitting out when fit.
  4. Yep I'd love him back for it because I want him to muller them (much like I was gutted he missed the Leeds and Wolves games). We need to be winning this game regardless though, their result last week was a freak.
  5. If he is out until May he still has 6 games to help propel us and get himself into the England squad. I think it's a real shame he's missing the Liverpool game but with regards the other two he's missing I've got Man City as a write off and West Brom we should be winning anyway.
  6. Annoyed that's it like to be us that end Liverpool's hilariously bad run at home. I'd have fancied us with Grealish playing. I'd be tempted for Barkley to play a role in this one.
  7. I think everyone in the league is tbh. The whole trailing leg thing is just a new part of the game that anyone attempting to tackle has to navigate too.
  8. I think I’d favour a move for Olise based on age, price and potential.
  9. Wainy316


    We need to get these kinds of players at original source. His next move will be to someone higher than us.
  10. We’d have beat these with Grealish
  11. Labour are actually up in this poll it's the collapse of Brexit Party's vote share that have won this for the Tories. This is not a defence of Starmer but it's clear that this is due to the right vote being concentrated in one place.
  12. I’ve hammered him at times but by god he’s lethal if he doesn’t get chance to control the ball!
  13. What makes me think that was a definitely penalty more than the slow motion replay (hard to tell) was Lemina’s reaction at it being overturned.
  14. Yeah but Grealish was playing in the Brighton game. He must’ve been holding us back.
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