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  1. Wainy316

    Things that piss you off that shouldn't

  2. Wainy316

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    Well if we win every remaining game we'll equal our points total from last season
  3. Wainy316

    Dean Smith

    If Brentford hadn't had to sell their best players to rivals at the end of each season do you not think they may have bettered mid table?
  4. Wainy316

    Lovre Kalinić

    That's probably you're answer based on what we've had since Friedel. (Hopefully not including Kalinic)
  5. Wainy316

    Contracts (Squad list)

    There's a few more ageing big earners to go the following year too. I think it's clear why we nearly went bust!
  6. Wainy316

    Contracts (Squad list)

    I make that about £250k per week in wages alone! Crazy.
  7. If Corbyn has managed to shift the Overton Window far enough that in the near future we can have something resembling a social democratic government then he'll have been a good leader. Just needs someone more statemenslike and silver tongued to carry on his legacy.
  8. Wainy316

    Racism Part two

    Joined ISIS is the short of it.
  9. If they somehow became the antithesis of the very word 'Conservative' then I could be swayed.
  10. Well yeah, it wasn't completely absolute it was in response to what Blandy said: "I like about half of Labour's policies, am OK with another bunch and thing about 25% or so are utterly ridiculous. Which is actually not that bad a hit rate. The Tories are far worse as a party (for me) as I agree with almost nothing and hate pretty much the rest of their policies." Although I guess he said "almost nothing" too. So we'll go with 2%
  11. Well even when campaigning for election they couldn't manage to promote one positive policy. I suppose I quite like the organ donor opt out thing. Throw enough shit at a wall and some will stick I guess.
  12. See that's enough for me to vote for whoever is my local Labour candidate. 50% good versus 100% bad and we can worry about the other 50% after. It's still overwhelmingly better (in my view) for the majority of the populace. Any of your concerns in the bottom paragraph are more than matched by the entire Tory front bench.
  13. I know it's cool to hate Corbyn right now but how is he and his policies anywhere near as abominable as the Tories? You don't have to love him as a person. Do people just want someone more statesmanlike but with 95% of the exact same policies?
  14. Wainy316

    Villa Park Atmosphere

    Doubt it, they got hounded out by moaners for having the audacity to try and get an atmosphere going.
  15. Wainy316

    Tammy Abraham

    May have done the double over West Brom this season if Tammy took his chances.