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  1. Wainy316

    Pre-Match Thread

    He’s picked a properly balanced team with players in the correct positions. The sight of Elmo is skewing it a bit upon first view.
  2. Wainy316

    Pre-Match Thread

    Going to Vienna tomorrow and I'd rather be at VP!
  3. Wainy316

    Micah Richards

    Based on all the stuff we keep hearing about his knee, is he even capable?
  4. Wainy316

    Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    Banning things is the most illiberal thing a liberal can do
  5. Wainy316

    Micah Richards

    Bet he'll retire the second his £50k a week stops rolling in. Leach.
  6. Wainy316

    Anwar El Ghazi

    Anwar was far to attacking minded for Bruce. He realised that and dropped him.
  7. Wainy316

    The Film Thread

    mother! was, erm fun.
  8. Wainy316

    Dean Smith

    Was Terry not at the presser?
  9. Wainy316

    Villa and FFP

    We'll spend what we want, We'll spend what we waaaaaaant, We're Aston Villa We'll spend what we want
  10. Wainy316

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    Thanks for that heads up, would be good to get early. I booked QPR tickets for the 26th and was annoyed when I realised it was RD release day.
  11. Wainy316

    Dean Smith

  12. Wainy316

    Scott Hogan

    Be good if Dean can get him playing well, but we also need someone to keep him fit.
  13. Wainy316

    The Film Thread

    Donzel Washington?
  14. Wainy316

    Dean Smith

    We should sign Collins to at least remedy the worst issue we face.