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  1. No to be fair, they're actually giving money to the NHS when paying him.
  2. Leicester v Villa was the same week too. That definitely shouldn’t have gone ahead, for both our health and our sanity.
  3. Sounds like you’ve invested in the isolation. You’re all stocked up now so you won’t need to spend much more.
  4. Saving a decent amount on not going to watch Villa get spanked.
  5. Memories of trying to buy Wembley tickets right there!
  6. Cleggmania 2010. He spectacularly pissed his goodwill up the wall.
  7. It would be equivalent to sticking an esports player into centre midfield in a prem game. *or Danny Drinkwater
  8. I do finance for a biotech startup and our lab has been closed from today until further notice. The labs are essential to the work but I guess the work is not essential, I mean pah, they’re only trying to cure cancer.
  9. I thought the teams were going to be represented by a player?
  10. Further to our civil liberties being eroded, does no one else get this vibe from the Joe Wicks exercise sessions?
  11. So if 'full lockdown' happens, can I still go for a run?
  12. I’ve mostly had people hailing Boris as a saviour whilst a few months ago dismissing Corbyn as a commie for proposing far less radical socialist methods. I’m not really sure they actually know what a commie is though, they just read it.
  13. Watched it yesterday, enjoyed it a lot.
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