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  1. Manchester Arena Explosion

    Well you can rule that out by the half decent standard of spelling and grammar. He's ruined any good point he may have with the 'deport families' line.
  2. Things you often Wonder

    A band play instruments and a group don't is my (possibly incorrect) way of categorising it.
  3. Manchester Arena Explosion

    Has a Syrian refugee been linked to a single attack yet?
  4. Manchester Arena Explosion

    Attacker was a Mancunian of Libyan descent. Home-grown yet again.
  5. Manchester Arena Explosion

    Have you seen the guy's video? Most punchable person of all time and I think he does it on purpose.
  6. General Election 2017

    Where does the term 'snowflake' even derive from? It bears no relevance and it pisses me right off.
  7. Manchester Arena Explosion

    We are the good guys though. As are the Middle Eastern civilians getting bombed every day. We should not carry the burden of our politicians despicable decisions. Let Blair and Al Baghdadi fight each other one on one.
  8. Manchester Arena Explosion

    Man, it probably shouldn't but it just hits so much harder when it's somewhere you've lived or spent a lot of time in. Devastating and I'm sure it won't be there will be more
  9. General Election 2017

    The weirdest thing just came over me. Seeing May squirming in front of Andrew Neill, I almost felt sorry for her!
  10. General Election 2017

    She's nearly as bad at holding a lead as the Villa.
  11. General Election 2017

    I think May will be inheriting the tag 'unelectable' by the time the 2022 election comes round. She's lucky there's such a small window between the election and it being called this time round.
  12. General Election 2017

    Corbyn started with a mountain to climb due to the smear campaign from the right wing press and from within his own party. Labour have smashed this campaign though, but there's just not enough time to turn it around. A longer campaign might have seen this in the bag. I just hope they stick to their ideals and keep pushing this hard afterwards and they can pick up the pieces in 2022 if there's anything left.
  13. General Election 2017

    Labour aren't proposing to go full on Castro, they want to emulate the Swedish/Norwegian model. You know, the places regularly cited as the happiest and best places to live in the world.
  14. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    The belief that Aldi food is as good as the top supermarket's. It's really not.