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  1. Is nobody worried that in a GE Boris would have a lot of the Brexit Party vote on board giving us a Boris fronted Tory majority?
  2. We seem to be running on a one signing per week basis.
  3. Hope all is good. This is the one I was excited about most.
  4. Hope we're not left Dougless
  5. When are we back from the States? I reckon the club will save announcements until then so they can do the whole BMH shabang.
  6. Nearly everyone on here over the age of 32 should have McGrath.
  7. Yep I think today has yielded a new winner
  8. That was absolutely incredible. Unprecedented levels of drama and fine margins. Get in!
  9. 3-0. Opening day under McDonald
  10. Wainy316

    Ezri Konsa

    Seekh and chicken shish mixed. All the salad and lashings of chilli.
  11. Hope you weren't sayin that on the day of the playoff final.
  12. Make that three *No that's not me in the pic
  13. No doubts about the original AVFC transfers, but since they've resurfaced i can't think of any times we've been successfully informed in advance of a transfer.

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