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  1. Yeah but in his eyes that’s an hours pay.
  2. I would expect Texas has similar voter demographics to the UK. More liberal in the cities but in the end just loses out.
  3. Forgot how bad Chelsea were that season which night be a symptom of me trying to erase the whole of 15/16 from my mind. Came 10th and still signed the champions star player in the summer.
  4. Always have to remind myself to flip it in my head that in America the blue are the goodies and the red are the baddies.
  5. Haven’t beat them in 8 league games. I remember we often used to come unstuck against them in the 90s too when we were good and they were shit.
  6. I’ll always be grateful to Tom Cairney and Glen Whelan for their parts in removing this dinosaur.
  7. There’s definitely more honey trapping later in the film. The republican rally is pretty startling. Due to him being widely recognised the daughter character is used to keep the schtick effective and the Bulgarian that plays her is bloody brilliant. Aside from that the story itself all comes together pretty nicely at the end too. They definitely capitalised on the circumstances.
  8. Wainy316


    Champagne Pulis vs White Lightning Pulis. Shocked we got 2 goals.
  9. But that’s the point of his character. To lower the guards of the real racists and have them expose their prejudices. These are the people he is mocking.
  10. VAR can’t give yellow cards
  11. I don’t think VAR can give yellow cards only straight reds.
  12. Have you watched anything else Baron Cohen has done ever? What were you expecting?
  13. They played well throughout but they weren’t particular better than us until they scored. We had the 4th, 5th and 6th best chances of the game, one of those goes in, different game. I keep agonisingly replaying that Grealish run in my head.
  14. And for all Leeds brilliance the best move of the game was exhibited by Grealish...on his own.
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