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  1. -------------Nakamba------------- Luiz---------------------McGinn -------------Grealish---------- This may help us utilise the wealth of midfielders we have whilst nullifying the fact that our wingers are a bit pants. Gilbert and Targett should be able to get down the flanks when needed.
  2. Probably my favourite of the summer signings.
  3. Broke up play well whilst misplacing a few passes. He was basically Carlos Sanchez on a good day.
  4. Trez back in Saturday I hope, although he needs to prove himself too.
  5. If Wesley were to get inured then I think we actually would be in emergency loan territory.
  6. Wainy316

    Wesley Moraes

    If we want to draw parallels with Benteke then it took him until around October to come good. I think the goal against Norwich followed by his brace against Swindon was the turning point.
  7. I'd be shocked if as many as 10% voted for the candidate rather than the party and even more shocked if 20% remembered the candidates name 10 minutes after leaving the booth.
  8. Hope they've sorted all the Villa game faces this year.
  9. 9 years late to this party but whoever voted for Turkish Delight is devil spawn.
  10. Australia were pretty crap with the bat too barring the obvious. Their openers were horrendous.
  11. Absolutely morons. This year's game was started off by Brian Little.
  12. 6 down and he's still there. Will just have to whittle through the tail as quick as possible and just have him unbeaten with them all out.
  13. Another half century for Smith. As bad as we've been batting wise, we'd have won this series comfortably if without him.
  14. I don't take much note of the Indie. Just as sensationalist as the Mail albeit not as sinister.

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