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  1. Don’t think Shearer was much older. i don’t get, retiring from international football. Surely winning a World Cup would be the absolute pinnacle.
  2. He seems incredibly hapless. Pretty sure he had a fall at Wembley (watching Man City) and was in a coma a few months ago too.
  3. Glastonbury is so so much worse than a piss up in a field. For those 5 days it’s the best party on earth. They do seem to be going very pop heavy though with a lot of the top acts of late.
  4. Because there will be no version of leave to offer should they be elected
  5. Yep, despite regularly voting in the interests of these bankers whilst regularly voting against their own.
  6. Playing devil’s advocate here but could the same not be said for HS2?
  7. Based on his record against Smith, yes!
  8. They call us deluded yet in the last few weeks I've heard, Jimenez is better than Aguero, Boly is the best centre back in the whole league, Neves is one of the best midfielders in the world and the very best striker of the ball, and Moutinho is up there too. With that in mind, they're clearly the best team in the world and I can't figure out why they have 18 points less than Liverpool.
  9. When is Jack Grealish back?
  10. The Lib Dem’s have come across as far bigger dicks than Labour so far in this campaign.
  11. Could've got Lee Hendrie in there too
  12. Why was the idea of Scotland leaving the UK (pre 2016) not considered as stupid as the UK leaving the EU?
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