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  1. Wainy316

    Villa Kit 2018-19

    Hang on, I've not really followed this closely (kits, meh) but is Luke 1977 an actual man?
  2. Wainy316

    17/18 Promotion Charge

    We haven't managed to beat them once since we've been relegated.
  3. Wainy316

    Transfer Window Summer 2018 - Speculation

    Aren't 90% of footballers loanees from Chelsea?
  4. Wainy316

    General Chat

    Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese from Maccies best but they don't do it over here.
  5. Wainy316

    WWE: General Chat

    That's the problem with the brand split, not enough tag teams to make 2 divisions. It would be quite competitive these days if it was all as one.
  6. Wainy316


    As will Blues, as will Baggies. They moan Villa fans are arrogant but then they all make us feel like the most important club in the world.
  7. Wainy316


    I worry for the man's well being now. I read an interview with him once and this job is life. A job he hasn't done very for year though I suppose. Hope he gets a good send off.
  8. Wainy316

    West Bromwich Albion

    Worse than Sherwood. At least he was able to get an initial reaction from a down and out team.
  9. Wainy316

    VillaTalk Deadpool 2018

    "Ill in primary school". That is exactly what Dale Winton meant to me too.
  10. Wainy316

    WWE: General Chat

    I want the WWE and IC titles on Raw as they are the traditional belts with all the lineage and Raw is the traditional show.
  11. Wainy316

    WWE: General Chat

    Not sure about non-canonical, I reckon Reigns will finally take his prize.
  12. Wainy316


    Well Jack should have done 12 flick ups then hit it rather than first time just so his goal could have been better.
  13. Wainy316


    Lowton’s was better than both
  14. Wainy316

    WWE: General Chat

    “If Nicholas wanted to be a valuable tag team partner he could have at least tripped Sheamus”
  15. Wainy316

    Things You Don't "Get"

    People who believe mediums are actually talking to the dead. Seriously, how can they be so stupid?