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  1. WWE: General Chat

    Yeah, The Rock and Stone Cold spearheaded it but there was so much other stuff going on too. Wrestling's true golden era, it was more popular then than it had ever been before or since.
  2. WWE: General Chat

    You missed out. The late 90s is the reason there is so many wrestling fans in their 30s these days.
  3. WWE: General Chat

    Bleh, that era had nothing on the late 90s, although a few of those wrestlers were involved in both eras.
  4. 2018 Holiday Plans

    Currently only got Dublin and Copenhagen booked. Two new countries though. I've wanted to do the Sarajevo/Mostar combo for a while so might add that.
  5. 2018 Holiday Plans

    I stayed in Downtown LA and was really glad I did, as I reckon I would bypassed had I stayed in one of the more touristy areas. There's some great bars, restaurants, architecture and more gritty general feel. You're going to need a car or ubers to get around the place anyway as it's pretty vast. Stayed at this place and it's one of the best places I've stayed: http://laac.com/hotel/ which is near to one of the main stations on LA's limited underground.
  6. WWE: General Chat

    I think Cena is going to tie Austin, and that's gonna really piss me off.
  7. Scroll down any Labour/Tory FB post. Maybe it's oft repeated because it's true. Whether you like it or not, that mindset makes up a significant percentage of the Tory vote. 'Its the Sun wot won it' On my other point, what Snowy said
  8. They vote Tory because 'Diane Abbott', 'Venezuela', 'Terrorist Sympathiser', 'Back to the seventies', 'Immigrant Lover' and other such shitty sound bytes that they lap up. They even often admit to not liking the Tory's but they buy the above crap in their droves and see the alternative as worse (with absolutely no evidence but right wing headlines to back this up). A simple skim down a Facebook comments section on either the Labour or Tory page heavily support this. Anyway I think I'd actually be better off paying a bit more tax than contributing to the rail and energy company's shareholder payouts.
  9. Uber

    I used one at the end of the trip just to give it a try. It was more or less exactly the same to use. Not sure about their ethical practices though.
  10. Uber

    For those talking about competitors 'Lyft' are pretty widespread in the States and I've heard rumblings about them coming here. Almost every Uber I used in LA and SF had a Lyft sticker also.
  11. The current lot make Thatcher seem like an angel.
  12. Steve Bruce

    And he just so happens to be a die hard Villa fan too. He'll do me.
  13. I personally like having a claret password.
  14. Star Wars: Disney Era

    Even better on second viewing.