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  1. Pretty sure she'll be entitled to the below from the government: Employees get: 1.5 weeks’ pay for each full year of employment after their 41st birthday a week’s pay for each full year of employment after their 22nd birthday half a week’s pay for each full year of employment up to their 22nd birthday Length of service is capped at 20 years and weekly pay is capped at £538. The maximum amount of statutory redundancy pay is £16,140.
  2. People advocating a bbq base pizza, hang your heads in shame.
  3. Kebabs served in naan > kebabs served in pitta
  4. I saw an incredibly entertaining 4-2 over FC Sex Doll in this ground once. Suwon is just outside Seoul so had quite a derby feel to it. I'd say they're Korea's two most well supported clubs too.
  5. I'd like to add Ken McNaught, Allan Evans and Des Bremner to that conveyor belt.
  6. I thought Jordan came across quite likeable off court.
  7. I just don't get shit like cranberry on Turkey. But then I hate the mixing of sweet and savoury, might as well baste my roast beef in chocolate.
  8. The Last Dance is incredible, gutted when I realised we don't have all the eps available yet!
  9. I still find it highly amusing that the Patrick Kluivert consolation goal in England’s demolition of Holland is what put Scotland out.
  10. Yeah always said I’d like to have been 5 years older or so in that era until I remember that I’d have hit 40 now if that was the case
  11. Hilarious that the commentators were bamboozled by the “new technology”, which came in the form of the electronic boards displaying the numbers of the subs. ”you never used to get this problem with the old painted boards”
  12. Watching the opener now, considering watching the whole thing. Such fond memories of the tournament but like you I was pretty young so lots of gaps to fill.
  13. Starmer has had columns in both the Heil and the Torygraph I believe.
  14. I get all that but Starmer's commitment to the principles of the 2017 manifesto still positions him as far closer to Corbyn than Blair policy wise. Therefore I don't get how this seems to be softening the right wings medias stance on Labour so much.
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