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  1. Swerbs

    Dean Smith

    Can see it now in December with a monstrous run of games and the players start to get tired. "But why weren't the kids and reserves involved more?!"
  2. Same height as McGinn, thought he was a lot taller for some reason
  3. Swerbs

    Louie Barry

    Our new floppy haired prince
  4. Looking forward to the Buendia & Bailey link up
  5. Look at CJ Golsons Twitter, we've been had
  6. All the ESL clubs should have been handed a transfer ban at a minimum.
  7. A Grealish dive to win a pen that wins them the league?
  8. Gosh I hope we beat them this season.
  9. Hope we go after Julian Brandt, he would be a great replacement for Grealish.
  10. I'd imagine the lot of them are soon to leave training..
  11. Would worry unless Jacko has changed his name to Umir
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