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  1. Swerbs

    John Terry

    The O'Kelly, Shakespeare & Terry triple team is already up there with the Andy & Scott Marshall duo.
  2. I'm so glad we don't have to watch Bruce ball week in week out
  3. Swerbs

    Dean Smith

    He should instruct Watkins to goal hang for the rest of the season and go tackle the defender from behind when they recieve it.
  4. Swerbs

    Matty Cash

    Can't believe this is his first full season as a right back
  5. No one can have any fans unless there's a team from the Isle of Scilly
  6. Traore needs to help out Cash, seems to be forgetting he has to defend so far.
  7. Bugs aside, this game is incredibly disappointing. The open world serves no purpose other than driving from mission to mission. There's nothing to do and no way to interact with it. Simply doesn't compare with games like Spider-man, Fallout and even Ubisoft games, never mind Rockstar games. It also doesn't feel or play like an RPG either, more like an action adventure game with a skill tree.
  8. Jonathan Hogg and Chris Herd too, Houllier days
  9. Deserves a better club than us.
  10. Shocking player, even Hourihane does more than him.
  11. He absolutely shouldn't be played in the middle.
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