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  1. Looking forward to the Buendia & Bailey link up
  2. Look at CJ Golsons Twitter, we've been had
  3. All the ESL clubs should have been handed a transfer ban at a minimum.
  4. A Grealish dive to win a pen that wins them the league?
  5. Gosh I hope we beat them this season.
  6. Hope we go after Julian Brandt, he would be a great replacement for Grealish.
  7. I'd imagine the lot of them are soon to leave training..
  8. Would worry unless Jacko has changed his name to Umir
  9. Martinez posted on Instagram with him in the same shorts, would make sense for the three coming back off holiday to be doing a short training session together.
  10. Damn, Wes Eden’s gotta drive from Birmingham then
  11. That City one is lovely, shame Grealish won't be wearing it
  12. I think Russian bots have better targets than Aston Villa fans on Facebook Most likely The Athletic have drafted some promotions whether he goes or stays and this one got accidentally published.
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