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  1. Nabby

    Dean Smith

    Problem we have is if we are on top in the game or at least doing well the system is a 3-4-3 but when we are under pressure we retreat to a 5 and we lack an outball as the remaining CM is out numbered.This is then compounded by the lack of pace in side to play on the counter if we are sitting team Today started the wrong team , Drinkkwater was awful made a sub to rectify this which helped them made 2 futher subs that made us worse !! Comments from him after the game about the games with teams around us are the ones to compete in don't sit right with me either , can't just right off games against the so called top sides .1 point against the top 6 and averaging 2 goals conceded to them every game ...piss poor
  2. Tries hard but miles off the pace .Won the ball a few times but also gave it away dreadfully at times and just looks what he is ..a player who has hardly played all season. No way he should be playing in a CM of 2 thats for sure
  3. Nabby

    Keinan Davis

    Reporter from the Mail now sayin occurred after he took a shot that hit the post .same leg kept him out for 3 months ..doesn't look good
  4. Nabby

    Keinan Davis

    If it was due to a clash with another player more likely an impact injury than a strain ...fingers crossed
  5. Ideal position for Conner those 2 attempts Nakamba had , the space opened twice on edge of box as they sat deeper.We then took him off and dropped JG deeper and those 2 shots from Nakamba ended up being the last 2 efforts we had.
  6. Nabby

    Tyrone Mings

    It was really windy as well so god knows why we kept hoofing it high and long for the wind to catch it I'm also not sure what he was thinking fouling Fraser so far from the box that got him and booking and led to the first goal.Very poor day for him
  7. Not always great today but when he went off we lost all shape
  8. Nabby

    Dean Smith

    They sat back with 10 and we had 3 cbs passing sideways to each other or hitting high balls was very poor.
  9. Entire league is poor , which is why Liverpool are miles clear
  10. Nabby

    Dean Smith

    I agree with this , as good as the subs where Tuesday in changing the game in a positive way today the last sub was a game changer in totally the other way.To start with Nakamba was still winning balls in MF and moving it on he got in position to shoot (poorly) but he was there at least and Grealish was forward enough to cause issues.Taking him off and moving Jack back killed the momentum.Despite Mings and Hause being awful with the ball all game we kept them both on in some home one of their high floated balls would achieve something .. I would of taken off Hause for Conner in hope Jack would of made him some space to shoot or he would of been on to take freekicks
  11. Nabby

    Kortney Hause

    Losing to 10 men , needing a goal we keep on playing with 3cb's one of which in Hause and continually lost the ball all game - madness
  12. We are also poor at defending them , 8 goals conceded from corners joint worst in league...a coaching failure more than personnel IMO
  13. Who appointed him , Purslow or NSWE ? I like Purslow but Smith was his man and Susu may well be too which means it's on his head as well.
  14. We may well have done but now the selling club might now want to sell , or wants more ..We were interested in Batshuai at Chelsea but they want 45 mil there is no way we are going to pay that.Piatek at Milan they clearly want to get an auction going. Hardly any moves have happened this window yet , it will unfortuantly go down to the last few days or even hours.
  15. Nabby

    Dean Smith

    City's weakness is defence , it's why they are miles of Liverpool we should of stayed with the 3 in attack and gone at them , instead we or Smith decided that adding a CM and staying tight was the better option ..I'm also concerned that he mentions often about speaking to players about their roles but on pitch it isn't working , too often it doesn't work.Too often it seems there is a lack of effort on pitch ,players have to be accountable but I think there is a deeper issue than the players.
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