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  1. Nabby

    Wes Edens

    Madison is not bad either ..
  2. Nabby

    Jack Grealish

    Chester or Kodjia going would be hard to take we have lost players before , But Jack is one of our own one we have followed for years in the youth teams and to have to sell him due to the owners mismanagement I simply can't think of anything Xia can do that come back from that in the eyes of the fans ...tbh in my eyes I have no time for him now anyway the sooner he is gone the better
  3. Nabby

    Steve Bruce

    My opinion on Bruce is he is staying in the hope someone takes us over, sorts us out enough to challenge for promotion and keeps him on for his loyalty
  4. Nabby

    Time for a takeover
  5. Nabby

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    They also have Reo-Coker on trial
  6. Nabby

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    Albert at 30 is not going to improve and after his season last year is likely to be at most valuable so for that reason I would sell..given our current financial situation
  7. Nabby

    Tony Xia So more BS from Xia with his didn't know source of cash comments ..
  8. Nabby

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    If we got £5mil plus for him then i think its a good deal for us ...seems highly excessive to me though ..more likely 2mil
  9. Nabby

    Mile Jedinak

    One of the older guys who has to be moved out , hasn't the legs to go a whole season anymore and is on to high a salary
  10. Nabby

    Tony Xia

    As an interested party given all the stories coming out , wouldn't you just let it play out longer untill Xia is forced to sell for very little or administration ?
  11. Nabby

    Tony Xia

    No one is going to invest as a minor shareholder to let someone who has overseen our current situation keep control this point ,given we are selling off car parks to keep afloat anyone interested in us will just wait it out until we go into Administration and pick us up for a quid
  12. Nabby

    Tony Xia

    The league gave Cellini a ban from ownership , need them to do the same here I think force Xia to sell up We will be nothing more than a shell at this rate ...
  13. Nabby

    Ross McCormack

    1) Take him to Portugal , play him in a few games and hope he gets some goals. Give some PR spin about how with budget cuts we have to rely on what we have and his historically a top player blah blah .. 2) Publicly discard him by not taking him to preseason. No preseason games for him so no chance to regain full fitness Which option likely to get the best return ....
  14. Nabby

    Villa and FFP

    Its not going to be a small fine though thats the point , the QPR fine is 40 mil that they are still appealing against .Now the EFL can give points reductions and its assessed earlier , as far as I can tell say we don't sell Jack and rip up the league are are top in March the EFL will just wack us with a massive point reduction .The whole point with their new system is to stop teams ignoring FFP getting promoted and they they are limited to what they can do , the Prem League won't sanction teams for what happened before they were promoted.Just like we got relegated just as TV cash went up we have now hit FFP when its been escalated Edited fine total As you see the QPR owners tried to write off the loss's as a loan and the EFL were having none of it which is why Xia or any other owner can't just write off the loss's with a cash injection
  15. Nabby

    Steve Bruce

    Xia did mention we needed to cut back in his letter and his comments just after the PO final Bruce just went step further and named players by name which IMO wasn't really needed , the interview was self publicity. People commend him for telling the truth which is his version of the truth where he spent very little he constantly omit's the wages spent on Terry and loan signings plus his 20 mil splurge his his first window.