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  1. Yes and look where he ended up . He didn't go to a club in a decent league as no one wanted him.He is another like Whelan etc people have decided could of done a job despite them leaving and going to lesser leagues or basically retiring
  2. Nabby

    Dean Smith

    I think alot of that comes down to Jack having so many different manager's in his career and some of them terrible ones.Can imagine if we went city under Pep he would improve massively
  3. Nabby

    Tyrone Mings

    Apparently he wanted 2 year deal we only offered one
  4. Nabby

    John McGinn

    Our fitness levels are terrible all over
  5. Nabby

    Dean Smith

    Throw-ins are a shambles , we take ages oever them and give the ball away alot of the time , as you say its basic stuff. Lack of change's is another so many times a player has been struggling or us as a team and he does nothing , the opposition score and then we change. Bournmouth away down to 10 he keeps 3 cbs on pitch when we need a goal ..
  6. Nabby

    Dean Smith

    Interesting and some of it's where I stand.I watched a Brentford game recently and continually in the commentary they mentioned how much better Brentford are at the back now and that was why they have been able to push for promotion.
  7. Nabby

    Dean Smith

    I'm sure the contract extension was reward for promotion
  8. Nabby

    Dean Smith

    Nuno was the 3rd manger at Wolves under new owners IIRC so it is tough to get it right
  9. Nabby

    John McGinn

    Had another stress fracture ,didn't train during lock down only once they got back to group work hence his lack of match fitness From Smith interview in the DT
  10. Nabby

    Dean Smith

    He has the same issue as Smith his teams are poor at defending but he has better players so as won games , but has done worse than Sarri who was sacked...
  11. Nabby

    Dean Smith

    Shef united are well drilled in defending and can counter from there Our improvement in defending is down to us sitting deeper and having less attacking threat.Our full backs are deeper and one of them is a CB. Also on Shef United they loaned in Henderson which will likely benefit Man United in the long term but it helped them short term...we were so bloody arrogant in stating we wouldnt loan as we were too big to develop other teams players.
  12. Purslow takes the most blame He was the one who decided on the transfer policy ie young and no loans He appointed Suso and Smith and then sat and watched them fail and did nothing His comments preseason look laughably now and it looks like the Liverpool fans where right about him ...I think he talks a good game and on an admin/marketing level he may be good but I think his football knowledge is clearly lacking.He is starting to look like another Tom Fox
  13. Nabby

    John Terry

    Terry might be a crap coach but he is only part of the team ...I'd love to be Richard O'Kelly as this point he seems to be getting away scott free in the blame game. I wonder if I went on any other clubs forums how many would have thread dedicated to a coach and slating him/praising him for the clubs position
  14. Nabby

    Dean Smith

    If this was Bruce 1)Terry or any assistant manager /coach would not be taking the abuse Terry is at the moment 2)Suso may be critized but as many would be saying the players are poorly coached by Bruce 3)100% No on would be saying stick with Bruce he knows the championship he will bring us back up
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