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  1. Not alot spent in Europe this season , Inter who won Serie A are 50mil up in sales for example. I think we may well end up waiting till late in the window when clubs get more desperate to make further signings . I also think they is going to be alot of loans going on as that all clubs will be able to afford. I do wonder if we do make some signings they will be like the one's we have made so far or we go for the exciting big name bums on seats / shirt selling player
  2. I don't get the resale value argument , if all we care about is resale then that just makes us a stepping stone /selling club ? He is a proven goalscorer whose record over the last 2 year's is only bettered by Kane and Salah ( from open play ) and one year older than Kane and Lukaku who both look like moving for over 100 quid ...I think this is excellent business by us
  3. Also put in a MOTM performance in his last game for us I felt with Milner , Barry and certainly Delph city only brought them to keep in within rules for home grown players , Chelsea with Barkley and Drinkwater are the same
  4. I imagine at a higher profile club ..then there is also increased sponsorship deals etc .. Also tbh with no CL money offering him 200k a week would have been a huge layout and likely could of stopped us investing elsewhere and certainly he would of been on much more than the rest of the squad
  5. This whole , you need to play in CL stuff is just bollox ..last season in the PL if you played all games you would of played 8 times against a champs league team and 4 times against the finalists ! You also played twice against the Europa league finalists so how much more exposure do you need ??? Are you telling me playing 2 group games against Bate Borisov is a higher level than 2 games against Leicester for example ..**** off If the current transfer go through Kane/Jack >City Lukaku /Kunde Chelsea Sancho /Varane United Thats 500mill before wages for 3 clubs who tried to **** off to the SL for more money !!!
  6. Becuase they want Kane and Spurs are not bucking on price so they moved to Jack as want one marquee signing. As for comment on Pep being a great manger ,yes his team play great football but he is has been at 3 clubs who dominate Thier leagues and spent an absolute shed load along the way. The money brought in by Chelsea and Man cities owners distorted the transfer market but the champs league cash is the next major factor cripling the rest of the league's in Europe for clubs who don't make it . Leicester a prime example ,actually won the league but they had Chelsea and City take 2 of best players and have fallen short every since meanwhile those 2 contested the champs league final.
  7. What a morning On the verge of leaving > bid being prepard > offered a new contract Mental
  8. No problem with that TBH better than saying we are flush and then clubs rip us off for players ...
  9. Just pay the money !! Pay 28 mil for Watkins FFS thats too much can't win
  10. BBC Sport Reporter https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/correspondents/philmcnulty
  11. Phil McNulty @philmcnulty · 1m Aston Villa close to deal for Brentford striker Ollie Watkins. Fee is an initial £28m which could rise to £33m with add-ons.
  12. So they have spent £10 on Toney so they need to sell Watkins now , they have a price that's fair enough but think this one might drag on for a while we both sides sticking to their valuation.
  13. Possibly but they have got 60 mil for 2 players so far ( Ake /Ramsdale ) and looks like a decent return on Wilson and Brooks so with TV cash and rest of that league struggling with no fan income they might do ok.Alot will depend on the manager being any good , hard to know as it's his first job and many number 2's have gone on to be managers and not done that well.
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