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  1. Nabby

    Glenn Whelan

    Think he was generally ok at what he was there to do , but struggles due to age and physical limitations ..overall as has been the case for ages now we have a midfield that is unable to play at a high tempo Boro is highlighted as a game we where very good , that sat back Pulis set them up to be defensive at allowed us time to pass it around.When teams get at us with a high press we just lose the ball , or lump and this has been going on since we were in Prem League its amazing that we still after 2 different owners 3/4 managers cant figure this out
  2. Nabby

    Kortney Hause

    He was ok as a defender , he stayed strong which is an upgrade on Taylor but on the ball he was nervy and clearly a CB or a LCB in a three not a LB was thrown in to keep a natural left footer in side with Taylor ill That after 3 season in this league we still have no sodding LB cover beggers belief
  3. Nabby

    Dean Smith

    The only thing worse than the on pitch performance is Smith's post match comments , going on about the Tammy foul as a blatant pen ( which is wasn't ) but forgetting the far more credible Sawyers pen is a poor effort.The officials overall were ok last night so to brand them Pathetic just seems a sign of a man struggling under the pressure On the pitch truth be told its what nearly a year since that Wolves win and I can count on one hand the decent games we have had since then.The 3-3 flatters us against Shef United they took as apart as this Brentford both teams cost alot less than we are putting on the pitch yet we look like a team fighting to stay in the league. Season is dangerously heading towards a slow slug to get it over with and readdress in Summer Dean might need more time ( he was a big part of building the Brentford team that beat us last night ) but I'm convinced he needs to start showing improvement soon he won't get as long as Bruce did under performing. As for the players I am not sure its them not trying ( I'd argue in McGinn case he is over trying ) they just seem incapable of the basics at the moment.
  4. Player in turning us down for a PL club shocker ..its going to happen if we are after that quality of player and a PL club is interested we are going to lose out , especially when we are miles off the pace in terms of promotion.
  5. Nabby

    Yannick Bolasie

    On Cole IIRC he was on a low basic salary with appearance money , he could of got more elsewhere but wanted to stay in Prem League ,very unfair to lump him with likes of Nzog.He wanted to play but his body just wasn't up to it
  6. I would expect should we offer him anything it would be similar to the 1 month deal we offered Collins
  7. Nabby

    Aaron Tshibola

    We currently play with 3 CM's on Satuday 2 of them were useless yet we had no option on the bench to change them , given we are paying his wages we might as well bring him back and take a look whilst we are so short in that position
  9. Nabby

    Dean Smith

    It's Grealish and Tuanzebe ..the former can run with the ball and create space for others this we are missing this , the latter was good at bringing ball out of defence which supplemented midfield and allowed them to move further up and press.Not sure they are burnt out I think its more they are losing confidence by the game and getting more and more hesitant on the ball
  10. Nabby

    Dean Smith

    Lot is said about us not losing many games , but not so much that we are not winning.It's one win in 7 now and but for a late pen save that would have been a draw. Whilst I think some players are not performing I think lack of confidence is creeping in also.The defence has been poor all season but we seem to change it every game at moment so its no wonder it looks so out of sorts ( however in general some just are not good enough - Elmo and Taylor) MF without Jack is hopeless , no matter what combo we use of whats available we still look poor fundamentally there is not enough pace or strength in the middle .If we have some players good enough on the ball we might be able to overcome that but we don't. The one area of the team working is Tammy but teams are doing a number on the midfield and he is getting more and more isolated. Another issue is we clearly don't have any one in the under 23s who can come into the side so once again we are back to going into the market to buy/loan players to an already large squad The subs today worry me with Smith , his reasoning he is wanted to get us on the ball and in terms of Hause he felt a natural left footer would help us bring ball out of defence better I just can't understand that. Against a midfield closing us down , Whelan was never going to turn that around and Hause has not played in months and my god was that obvious he was miles off the pace.With Davies on Bench and Tammy on the pitch with 2 wingers IMO we had to try and go a bit more direct just to change things up . even moving Tammy slighty wider with Davies coming on central would have given them more to think about.
  11. Sell ! We will be lucky to give them both away without having to pay them off
  12. Nabby

    Dean Smith

    The subs where shambolic ,that is 100% on him .The tactics where not working from the beginning thats on him and he didn't change anything thats also on him.Players where crap no doubt but this match poor management is equally to blame
  13. Nabby

    Tammy Abraham

    Looks like its more he is being sent back and likely straight back out on loan
  14. Nabby

    Tammy Abraham
  15. Nabby

    Tammy Abraham

    1)I'd imagine Wolves have offered them cash for a loan 2) Even if he flops doubt they will lose much value on him and on flip side if he goes there scores 10 goals or so then he value will rocket due to being young/english