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  1. Nabby

    Steve Bruce

    Point 4 is exactly what he is doing now with Hutton and Tuanzebe !!!
  2. Nabby

    New Manager Speculation

    Sherwood , where is he now ? No where as he is useless and no one will employ him
  3. Nabby

    John Terry

    I wouldn't say that , I'd say the situation has been orchestrated nicely to leave us with little option but to resign Terry
  4. Nabby

    Steve Bruce

    He seemingly maintains a good relationship with all media that renders him immune to them criticising him Put it this way if we have got rid of him and appointed Henry and played and lost as we did yesterday you can be sure the media would be tearing Henry apart and criticising the board for letting an experienced manager in Bruce go who would never have allowed such a performance because ''he knows the league '' ' ''he has been promoted 4 times ''
  5. Nabby

    Steve Bruce

    I saw a comparison of our home form under him compared to other mangers and how good it was ..apparently the fact we are playing the likes of Millwall,Ipswich etc compared to Man United , Chelsea makes no difference . He has done a great job on convincing people 1)He spent nothing 2)That coming 4th and getting beat in the PO final wasn't failure
  6. Nabby

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    Elphick has gone , stupidly light at CB now
  7. Nabby

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    Loaning Adomah to Boro is **** madness
  8. Nabby

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    Adomah's brothers Twitter is worth a read today , tearing into Bruce over prospect of Albert leaving @Quicksessions
  9. Nabby

    Christian Purslow

    From what I can see online it was the Liverpool Chairmen at the time ,Martin Broughton who fell out with Rafa and was responsible for appointing Hodgson
  10. Nabby

    Steve Bruce

    I think we need a COACH , someone like Biesla who comes in and develops how a team plays ..Bruce isn't capable of this and clearly none of the 3 coaches he has under him are able to do it either !! I often moan to non Villa fan friend about out style of play etc , he watched the game against Brentford and his comments where we do have no style and no real plan . We all know the issues we have had and that we lost players for various reasons last season but we have a team going out every week who don't seem to know what the game plan is and Bruce's answer to this is to go back to the transfer market. Just how many players has he brought in over the last 2 years and yet 3 of the 4 back four where already here ! His main midfielder was already here the main striker was already here !! Kodjia isn't really a target man and doesn't suit this formation ..but the Striker he did buy Hogan is even more out of place in it !! We are unbeaten however when 2 games are draws against the current bottom 2 its not a great stat ..and furthermore when you are looking to be promoted just not being beaten isn't enough you need 3 points , 3 points from 9 is not promotion form .
  11. Nabby

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    Bruce says he doesn't want a CB ..I bet by the Jan Window he has changed his mind
  12. Nabby

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    From earlier in the window the story was Everton wanted a a large part of Bolasie's wages covered for him to leave , could it be the case that we don't want/can't cover those cost's where as Boro who have £14mil ( after our cut of the Traore transfer ) in their pocket are prepared to invest some of that on wages ? If your Bolasie and you want to join a team likely to go up and earn a perm move Boro are as good as option as us right now to be honest , add in Pulis who he worked with before and who just last season go the best out of Traore and it's not a shock he would go there Shame for us if he does but that's where we are now
  13. Nabby

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    Stoke seem to be like us after we got relegated , thrown money at it ..slow start and still adding more players
  14. Nabby

    Mile Jedinak

    That's it in a nutsell ,Bruce somehow thinks behind able to head it well is good enough to play cb ..He was woeful , he is not mobile enough for the role and his passing is shocking most of the time We got away with it today we won't always get lucky ,don't wana see him at CB again
  15. Nabby

    Jack Grealish

    Was watching the debate on Sky last night and Bellamy was defending Levy because apparently there has been no one at Villa to say yes or no to a deal whilst we were looking to be sold ...funny how during this period we managed to receive and turn down a bid for Chester ... This is what happened , Levy knew we had issues and knew Grealish was our highest value asset he decided that he would leave it until we were desperate for cash and have to approach Spurs and offer Jack and take what ever we could get ...unfortunately we got purchased and the tables turned.Also to attempt to say we wanted too much is laughable when they wanted 60 mil for a Alderweireld !