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  1. Playing games behind closed doors like this might suit us , IMO Team's with nothing to play for are not going to play the full strength team or come back with any motivation ...the games being played is purely not down to £££ Already been talk of teams not being punished for playing youths /weakened teams , no VAR , Extra Subs ...its going to be a mess .Liverpool are prime example 2 games left to win league they win league you think they are going to be competitive at all for rest of season playing with no fans ?
  2. There is around 750 millions reasons , which according to the latest news are repayable if the league isn't finished by the 12th July Also the lower leagues where cancelled and void and 66 teams are all complained to the FA today
  3. It's an offence if you leave the scene and leave no details , he left his details.
  4. Nope which is why he ends up hanging around with muppets like Ross ..which I think it the takeaway from this Like I said above he can end up like Gazza if this carries on , hopefully some time inside and the embarrassment of this will sort him out
  5. So then maybe this is a good thing in the long run for him so people around him with his best intentions at heart can give him a shake. After rebuilding reputations after the passed out on holiday debacle he has chucked that all away with one bad choice and now going to have alot of time to mull it over .We should take the captaincy away but honestly I think that also might be good for him as well , I think they has having the armband has taken its toll as we have fallen apart as season as gone on. Often compared to Gazza and if he doesn't sort himself out he will end up like him
  6. I go along with this ..and with no football in near future this is going to be talked about for a while.
  7. Seems not but maybe making a right tit of himself and landing himself in the papers for the wrong reasons might straighten him out At the least you would expect family and friends to advise him against hanging around with someone like Ross again He has issued an apology to start with and I'm sure the club will make a statement soon also
  8. Ordinarily he would in now for Training so would have to see at least Smith but as everyone has been asked to stay home so any hold up could be due to all parties that need to be involved Jack , Agent , Smith ,Purslow are not able to meet in person at BH He has clearly been stupid here but I''ll await the official word before I condemn him , if he is out drinking with likes of Ross that's a bigger issue as well.He cleaned up his act after Terry joined and was having boring meals out with McGinn according to Smith so if he has gone off the rails is this just him being stupid , or are we talking bigger issues ala Merson//Gazza here.
  9. Being associated with someone like McCormack is very dubious to say the least
  10. Exactly ..there is a reason you play each team home and away and in Europe there is an away goals rule.To take away the advantage of home fans or the disadvantage of playing away is not a valid way to play on. Quite simply all this we need to play on his due to the sums of money involved.
  11. Problems Integrity - The league is made up of teams playing home and away , home you have more fans behind you - to play behind closed doors takes this away and distorts the remaining results Infection - people are still being infected daily , there is no way at all the league can guarantee no player will catch the Virus and therefore put the whole squad into containment so what do the league do if one club has to isolate a squad ..? Stop the league again ? Players are currently sat at home self training or playing keepie uppies with bog role on social media , no one is going to be near match fit when they can't even do passing drills !!
  12. Daily Mail reporting he headbutted Jota .
  13. Nabby


    Involved in training ground bust up with Drinkwater who was been sent home and fined ...
  14. Nabby

    Dean Smith

    It's short term survival now 9 game sprint to the line , if they feel somone can come in and make an impact like Person at Watford its worth the risk It's not the losing now its the manner of them which is what is going to push Smith out the door
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