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  1. He's needed anyway if we are honest We all know he wouldn't take it unless he was injured. I think we have enough to churn out a few wins without him. Don't bring him back until he is 100 percent and ready to fire us into Europe!
  2. Posted " Soon " along with a photo in kit on pitch yesterday. For some reason VT won't allow me to upload due to " size " even though my quota is nowhere near full. Anyway, good to see the likes of Ming's and Martinez giving him support on the post.
  3. Wasn't even in the squad today. Post match Tuchel was asked why, and basically said " We have 21 strong players and I can only choose 18, Tammy wasn't a part of the group "
  4. Trust Bale to rediscover the Superman form which looked dead, just in time for us
  5. As I'm sure other clubs do with us. Lol In my view, the likes of us, Arsenal, Everton etc are the Old Guard. We might fall off, but doesn't change who we are. IMO of course.
  6. There's a misconception about Arsenal IMO. They've never NOT had good players, it's just never been brought together correctly.
  7. Barnes stretchered off, FPL players can blame me. For replacing Jack, with him for the double game week
  8. Saw this on a Premier League group, Barkleys " value " looks alot.closer to what it should be.
  9. I was legitimately worried about the pitch, did you see all the slipping? I'm grateful no one was injured.
  10. I reckon we need to get him on that Jack Grealish/Ronaldo fitness regime. You can tell he has got the stature to fill out as well.
  11. What I mean is, he is very much a first team squad player now. He hasn't just been pulled out the youth team to come in and replace Barkley Hes been in the squad before Barkley got here. So even if he was 15, he is a first team player and got as much right to be there.
  12. You've been holding this one in the message box for months haven't you? Lol To be fair he wasn't on it tonight but still worked hard. I reckon Deano keeps him on for the workrate, and the fact that he can make something out of nothing even in a poor game.
  13. Hes not really a " youth player " really though is he? Wasn't that the death knell for Connor as well?
  14. I was just thinking he could come on for 20 mins, and actually put in a shift for 20, maybe drive us forward or score a goal. But then I remembered ...
  15. As I commented from his last start, he is starting to look like the player I thought we were signing. Alot less " stiff ", seems more athletic and fluid. Was full of energy and running, seems a more confident player now as well. Surely he can't be dropped now?
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