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  1. So what are peoples thoughts on our overall goalkeeping options once he's gone? Steer, then? Are we amply covered in the department if Emi were to be out for any reason?
  2. I'm actually more concerned about his long term future, than him playing again this season. I just hope he isn't rushed for us, OR the Euros.
  3. Messi beats 5 midfielders, Mbappe beats 4 defenders, squares for Trezeguet...one on one with the keeper, who then trips over his own shoelace... scenes...
  4. Opens up Ianeacho potentially Maddison for us? Would be two shrewd additions at the right price IMO. Although, Maddison seems to be injured alot.
  5. I'll never understand how people can form an opinion on a player, simply based on team results which depend on a first team off 11 players and squad of 25 other players? Mings, Konsa, McGinn, Luiz and Grealish play for a team which survived relegation by 1 point. Buendia plays for " relegated " Norwich. Sam Johnstone plays for a relegated team. What are your thoughts on the above players, for example?
  6. We need to get him in the gym on the Matt Targett, Keinan Davis and Grealish program. People under rate strength development and the necessity in this League IMO. Targett has transformed as a player. Hopefully another summer of work will see a much improved Doug. I don't want him gone by any stretch either.
  7. Bloody hell, you're correct as well. lol
  8. Until VAR recheck and the FA give us a 20 point deduction for Ollie Watkins bringing the game into disrepute, against Manchester United.
  9. The more you think about it, the more it looks like our scouting department might know what they are doing. I'm excited for the summer.
  10. " I sentence you to Off Topic, or wherever you came from " - @AVTuco
  11. With his type of injury, honestly not sure if i'd rush him, especially with the season pretty much safe. Was speaking to my mate, who's a coach, and he told me that Shin Splints are a horrible injury. As you just can't necessarily pinpoint when they will pop up, how to treat them, and that they are immensely painful. ( The conversation started with him asking me if it's true that he isn't playing, because he is going to City, mind ). lol
  12. He's the Real Deal IMO. I was skeptical at first, obviously then went down the highlights wormhole, then watched sections of matches. He has all the attributes to be a brilliant understudy to Jack, skill and intelligence in abundance,
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