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  1. That goes for the other one as well. Sorry just being honest.
  2. I told @DCJonah that I couldn;t blame him at all for the first half. However, this is where the problems start, again, lack of proactivity... yeah we probably would lose anyway but nothing tried until the game is already lost ffs. This over the entire course of the season has cost us IMO.
  3. People say "we changed too much", "bought too many players". In hind sight, we might have kept too much the same! We kept on players like Mings and El Ghazi mostly on sentiment!
  4. Sounds like almost every good player we've had in the past 5 years or so.
  5. Fair play, but let's be real. We were playing quite well up until that point. I can understand why that would have knocked the stuffing out of the players and turned the tide.
  6. Jack can go.. try to keep Luiz at all costs. His head isn't in it anymore. I'm not sure if that's just for Aston Villa, or in general, but something is up in the background.
  7. I'm with you so far today mate. This game has been EXTREMELY cruel, none of this today down to Smith. I can't begin to express how gutted I am for him AND the team today.
  8. Anybody thinking all the speculation and adulation hasn't affected both him, and our team, are missing something.
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