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  1. In the Footballing World? REALLY? 1. I'm saying that is how I WOULD deal with it if I was in their position. 2. I find it difficult to lose sleep over "oppressed" multi - multimillionaires being supposedly tormented in a sport which has built them considerable amounts of generational wealth. Wealth they have earned from the society you claim is so deeply entrenched in tearing them down... 3. Whatever issues people are trying to amplify are segmented from a dying breed/generation. 4. I play the game I love, earn millions, in a free country, 99.99 percent of the time, but Bob from the Council flat in Staines made Monkey gestures at the me while pissed up on a Sunday 6 months ago so i'm thinking of ending it all. I also now look at everybody who is white with disdain because I know deep down they've got some firm rooted systematic racism brewing. Seems like a logical way to live. 5 What if they played in Russia or Ukraine? FFS 6. Systematic racism is a totally different issue altogether, and I'll stick by that is part of a dying breed if not only due to unavoidable multiculturalism. Some of you grossly exaggerate the effects racism has on modern society. largely powered by the media, which in itself has their own brainwashing agenda at play, usually with political aim. In this day and age racists are more likely to be named, shamed, and shut out of society than be embraced or allowed to do any serious damage in the world. In poor, and oppressed neighborhoods, perhaps, among multimillionaire footballers which a majority of Black, Arab, African etc colleagues, a large portion of Black fans etc... sorry.... i'm not crying. I think some people have actually been guilted into feeling sorry for us to the point where it's a bit cringy. Anyway, these are extremely complex conversations with a multitude of layers, it is a disservice to attempt to have a quick "chat" about them on a football forum.
  2. Oh I agree, Sterling is commendable yes, there are ways to do everything if you get my drift. Raheem Sterling has highlighted that it is a problem which needs to be dealt with, and he is right. He hasn't indicated that he is going to have a meltdown or leave football, OR is demotivated etc. If it was a case where there were VERY few Black players and they were getting grief constantly it would be a different issue. However black players and fans are so commonplace, I would just view it as a couple of dickheads at the bar who i'm better than. Don't get me wrong, racism feels terrible when it takes place, and i've been there, but I always need to point out that it is the exception, not the rule. Racists just need to be shamed and f*cked off into a quiet corner. Again, there are ways to milk, or spin situations any way you like. A great example of this is when John Barnes was sensible and realistic with regards to those Liam Neeson comments. To the disappointment of the media and those who wanted to cause a barrage of unnecessary outrage.
  3. Twitter rumours are now that A) He has signed for 12.5 mill on a 5 year deal. B ) He has signed for Spurs (From a Bluenose on FB) One or both obviously bollox. Which to believe?
  4. I think the extra patience and financial consideration might come purely from a morale perspective to be honest. Well liked by the fans already, settled into the club etc, you can't underestimate the value of that That being said, if it becomes a pisstake situation we have to move on.
  5. Is Danny Rose the only black player in the Premier League? Yes I get that there is racism etc, However why does that give him a better excuse than the other 100's/1000's of black players to not be a dick? I feel like some people can milk, spin, or amplify a situation in whichever way they choose. How many fans in the crowd at any given English football match are actually racist? Given the amount of money they earn, the space they are in etc, that shouldn't be difficult minor white noise to drown out IMO. I dunno man, either way I don't even know why we are discussing him. lol
  6. I think that logic is playing a big part in our transfer strategy. Worst case, we will have big, saleable assets to allow us to offset of costs and reinvest in the squad without breaching FFP etc.
  7. Didn't realise he was a Leeds youth product, now makes sense as to why he would want to stay. Bollox
  8. Think it's been there have been reports saying it's actually 7 mill euro? Who knows, sounds like it could be closer to the truth though.
  9. For where we are, I think we have gotten the option which suits us best.
  10. Mings is a prime example of why loans can be a blessing and a curse. Get the other teams player to fitness, in good form and increase their resale value to price yourself out of a deal for said player ffs. For example, we prob could have gotten him for 5 - 7 mill on a leap of faith if we had bought him outright in Jan. Hindsight etc
  11. Extremely highly rated by all accounts. I think a few fans have been touting him for quite a while.
  12. Trent has basically confirmed Butland is happening by accident/default
  13. Chris Dolan, another Villa View correspondent has tagged Butland in a welcome message on Twitter. That's VERY concrete to me. No way they would put themselves out there like that if it wasn't done.

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