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  1. Or keep him and have his wage break records... Along with transfer fees for more class players to play around him.
  2. He's not been fit! Been widely reported that Deano rates him highly.
  3. Think it would depend on opposition, meanwhile Nakamba is a great mopper he offers zero going forward IMO. McGinn on form I feel edges Nakamba currently. McGinn in the form he was in before his injury, maybe not.
  4. Hasn't Hodgeson come out and rubbished any notion of him going out on loan already?
  5. Nah basically Guibert put it into him and he slotted it in but flag was already raised for offside from Guibert.
  6. He's been sent to the naughty corner to think about what he's done hasn't he?
  7. The more you watch the highlights, the more you see it was a perfect run and finish. Total Jekyll and Hyde player.
  8. Yeah doesn't look a loan striker at all, obviously has a great leap, but he is actually quite small!
  9. He's been practicing extra hard on the cones it seems.
  10. He actually looked quite nervous as well, which is understandable. A whole country watching him and the weight, expectation and atmosphere of a full VP! Only been here what, a week? Also, when rewatching the highlights from the other angles, that pass was so ridiculous they probably didn't even expect it to come through! Hence late/slow anticipation.
  11. Looks like he has beefed up a bit as well.
  12. He was playing with swagger tonight. VERY encouraging!
  13. It seems our players are coming into form, and getting back to fitness at the right time.
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