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  1. To be fair, why use shite examples of people who totally destroyed their lives and health to excuse certain behaviour? If he got caught in a coke binge would we reference Rick James or Bobby Brown, or Amy Whiteouse as examples of why its ok? Im certainly no Saint myself, but these lads live charmed lives, are made ridiculously rich and famous, in exchange (Especially as Captain ) they are expected to uphold a certain standard and imae, bit for themselves, their employers and the kids wo look up to them. They literally just have to sacrifice 10 - 15 years of their lives playing the ga
  2. Would fit RIGHT in, in the middle east, extreme tailgating is Sport here.
  3. 100 mill plus Foden and cancellin of Luiz clause.
  4. Saw flashes of his best yesterday. Stepovers and some tricky wit confidence and pace.
  5. If we had someone like the Kosovan lad to come on yesterday I feel we win that game. Left back depth also obviously needed. When Watkins isnt on it who can we fall back on? Will Wesley be ready before next season? LW/AM - ( Even better if can cover LWB ) for January. Only thing I could see happenin in January if any at all. We 100 percent need cover for Jack as well via above.
  6. Saw some good, saw some very bad. Good set piece take as well. I'm hoping it's just a case of severe rust/fatigue? If we are honest, other players, including Jack had some terrible controls and passes as well, so I'm a little hesitant to single him out. I rate @Villan4Life highly when it comes to player observation. However , for now I'm going to try and keep some faith that Deano and Co have seen something they can turn into something. We've had a few players improve no end, Trez as prime example. If he doesn't improve.over the course of the season it would be ve
  7. You could be right However reality is, at current status, it's more likely to cost us a European spot than our PL status.
  8. I'm strangely encouraged that our " Poor " this season, seems to be what our best last season would have been. Also saw someone " insult " us on BBC Sport saying results like today show we are a mid table team. Did he realise that is a compliment based on where we just were? We look dangerous every time we go forward now. Our " weak points/faults " were more visible today due to fatigue IMO. Jack was sloppy, you could just tell, they never had that extra sharpness.
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