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    Steve Bruce

    Sorry can't agree with this AT ALL. Myself, and people even more aggressive than myself have given Bruce credit every time it is due.

    Steve Bruce

    Hmmm, I really can't be arsed going into the glaringly obvious differences, advantages and disadvantages of us vs. Brentford because i'm almost certain you already know them but acknowledging them would take away from the effect you are trying to have. Carry on.

    Jonathan Kodjia

    I have a feeling this will soon be Kodjias version of "He just needs another pre season" on here. lol

    Steve Bruce

    Hmm, ask yourself this. Are the "some on here's" just angry because they are shit fans who are just looking for something to moan about? OR Are they pleased for the 2 league wins (and progression in the cup) but acknowledge and are worried about the poor style of play, tactics and performances mirroring the past 2 seasons of failure? Ya know, because shite football eventually turns into losing football, especially against better teams, and/or lesser teams with fight and a sound manager? Aside from common football sense dictating that better football and tactics will always eventually prevail and be more sustainable towards progress and future success? Have you seen some of the Football Brentford play, a team with a fraction of our resources and who lose their best players almost every year? Cue "But we spanked Wolves 4 - 1 , were 90 minutes away from promotion, and have had our best start to a season (In the Championship) in a trillion years" Bruce produces "There or thereabouts" not because of expertise, but because of some of the pure quality we have in the team. Stop lying to yourself and making it seem that if we thought we could guarantee promotion with this tripe we would not accept it for the greater good. But Nah, we just want our team to lose so we can be right. Football has moved on, and it seems some of you belong back there with Bruce.

    Villa Kit 2018-19

    It's the sponsor I would want to remove more than anything to be fair. The beauty level rockets.

    John McGinn

    It's the McGinns, the Huttons, and The Chesters of the football world which make Aston Villa what I know today. The Ginolas, Mersons, Grealishes and so on I love too but they are just the icing! Knew nothing about him before he was signing. However will reiterate Hibernian fans comments on him, their support, well wishes, admiration, and his little performance today have me a bit tingly for the weird looking Scottish f#cker. Got a good feeling about him.

    Ørjan Nyland

    I agree with you. However to be fair there is a difference being a debut midfielder, and a player which could define a whole match with ONE tiny lapse of error. Modern Football at a big club is not for the weak.

    John McGinn

    I like him. Also as others have pointed out. The way Hibs fans love him, as well as the little I saw today bodes very well. Is he what Glen Whelan was meant to be?

    Steve Bruce

    Bruce is like the kid blessed with the Huge @Dick who doesn't know how to use it. He will get some great results purely due to size advantage but is still shit in bed and will have to be replaced eventually.

    Steve Bruce

    Sorry but just no.

    Match Thread: Villa v Wigan

    We are a seriously, disjointed team with ZERO rhythm, yes we will will games and so in, but when will this change? For success this shite simply is not sustainable. It has been the same for way too long.

    Match Thread: Villa v Wigan

    Kodjia is properly just not Kodjia anymore. Aside from the not passing of course.

    Match Thread: Villa v Wigan

    Was about to say. When was the last time we had a keeper who could kick ffs?

    Steve Bruce

    I know i'm petty sometimes but not to the level of making things up for effect. When I can find the direct link I will post. EDIT: LINK FOUND https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/how-aston-villa-reward-key-14987232