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  1. Haven't seen much of him if I'm honest mate, but he must have something. From the tidbits I've seen of ASM he seems to have exciting potential. I've seen Norwich bloggers online who are terrified of losing him as well. I'll admit to being a bit shallow, on this, just going by the name and where he's coming from. I expected us to go for some sort of sexier " name " to appease. Then again, I should have learned that sexy names mean nothing ok a system.amy brilliant players are overlooked because of nonsense like that.
  2. Nothing against Cantwell, but he would be an extremely underwhelming " replacement " wouldn't he?
  3. I think Sterling is the last player who would/should have been getting in his ear to be honest. He could soon be having a " noooo, what have I done ??!!! " Cartoon type moment when he's been drugged and wakes up in Daniel Levy's office ,
  4. Great points, and as I commented a week or so ago, when would it have ended? We'd have to hand him a bumper contract every season just to try and keep him, amid endless speculation. Best move for all parties IMO. The level of money we would have eventually given him, could probably be put towards another 2 quality players.
  5. Window not over mate. There's a gaping hole on the left waiting to be filled with star power. ( After re reading that.... I realise I watch too much porn )
  6. Yeah, the fact that we were pushing to try and convince him to stay, even into the final hours, shows that what we've spent so far had nothing to do with him. 100 mill to the good I guess.
  7. WAs just coming to post as much. Romano said, we were pushing and pushing to try and convince him to stay, even into the final hours. I feel alot like f*Ck him right now, to be honest. Will get over it but still. I hate the notion or view from other fans that we gladly accepted/wanted the money. Gutted.
  8. Jesus, Wesley Fofana leg broken in " revenge tackle "... Eerily Wesley like. Haven't Leicester just signed him?
  9. My Mom is very Old school Jamaican, religious, and dramatic with it. She sometimes watches matches with me, and is pretty much a Villa fan now. She said " I'm very disappointed in Jack, he is turning his back on his people, does he know that GOD is watching? " One can only imagine how tempted I was to troll and scream out " You don't even know who god is!! I've seen the face of god! " Thought it best not to do that though.... lol
  10. Everybody has been giving this " whispers " fella stick, but he does seem to have gotten some things right. Didn't he mention a bid being accepted for an incoming yesterday? then boom, Ings today out the blue.
  11. Was just having another think. We surely know all of this would have been discussed between Deano and the owners. He was probably loathe to lose Jack, but on the other hand probably thought " Shit, I could do great things with an extra 100 mill towards the squad ". They probably mutually agreed it was great business, and better for the greater good of the " Project ". Then gave his own Green Light.
  12. Seems a Jamaican Liverpool fan, who's annoyed that we've signed Ings and Bailey
  13. Not sure if posted already, but a good write up, for those with doubts. Seems we have done great business here, again. https://www.theguardian.com/football/who-scored-blog/2021/aug/04/why-manchester-city-chelsea-should-be-trying-sign-danny-ings
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