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  1. They often ask the most ridiculous questions. " So you've got the 3 points today Dean, how important is winning football matches in football? "
  2. It's as ridiculous as trying to ignore the fact that if it wasn't for his goals after the break we would probably be having this conversation in the Championship. This was an ill thought out post. I'm not sure where the "happy clappers" you spoke of have pretended as if he is a world beater. 99 percent of us have said he has won points with us due to his extremely important goals and his willingness to work hard - hence will be given a chance to see if he can improve or at least play a part in some way. The consensus on Trezeguet as a player over the course of the season has been pretty unanimous for the most part. Note: Are happy clappers the ones who don't make a theme of consistently shitting on our players and club? Who doesn't know we need better players?
  3. Actually most effective as a Right Midfielder or CF according to that, NOT as a winger, which is interesting.
  4. Probably read his thread. lol Anyway, regardless of what we think, I hope he gets love and support.
  5. Well it comes up as a suggestion ( For the user only, as a memory ), you can then decide if you want to repost it or not. You can also manually view your archive memories and decide to post. Might be a coincidence but I don't care, lol. EDIT: Date of the memory is actually the 18th September 2016, so he will have gotten the suggestion. Hell of a coincidence!
  6. Similarly to most opposition fans. They legitimately don't want to take us seriously, think we have money or want us to improve too much. Watching some of the "Premier League predictions" are so frustrating, as you can tell they don't even bother looking into us. It's usually just a "Villa will struggle again" or "I've got "Villa to go down" . Whenever they are asked why it's usually something generic like " If you look at how they barely survived, it's just hard for me to see them not struggling" etc. No analysis, nothing. We are not one of the media darlings, Leeds and Bielsa on the other hand are 100 percent finishing several places above both us and other established Premier League teams, lol
  7. Hasn't the manager basically said the opposite of this though?
  8. Plot twist: Birmingham Live headline:
  9. Yup it's reall, someone posted it on Facebook and then I went to check the story myself. So confirmed as Vitesse away kit, still funny/trolly though. lol
  10. Which kit is this in his newly posted Insta Memory story? I assume it might be Vitesse (Aren't they yellow though?) but are we being trolled with the colours? lol
  11. Traore did say he prefers playing in the "Axial position" with a diamond or something like that. So wouldn't be surprised if he is also being brought with this very much in mind. To be available as a CF when needed.
  12. Then we either need to play him, or sell him and use the money for Edouard!!!
  13. The real point which stood out to me, and made me realise something was wrong, was when he literally froze at one point with the ball, almost like he forgot he was playing, or zoned out. In that same match he also had a recent Taylor moment, where Jack passed him the ball in front of him and he was still looking backwards for it. Very strange. Maybe he just hasn't settled here at all. It happens. Sad because as you say, when he came in he DID show promise, despite what some are saying.
  14. Didn't he blatantly say "Thomas Frank has said there will be no more players sold"? Or was that just poker?
  15. His breakdown actually is interesting to be fair.
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