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  1. Nah that would be too logical. I've seen a few fans even say they are going to start chanting Kodjias name to see if it works.,... When Collymore is being used as a top quality point of reference on our coaching and behind the scenes staff it says it all. How long before Yorkie comes in with an offer?
  2. Isn't staying in the Premier League, the biggest "Investment"? That's tin foil hat stuff right there. So i'm just gonna go with he thinks he needs time and will come good, or doesn;t think he has anyone else to replace him with currently. Which makes mores sense.
  3. https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/how-wesley-compares-aston-villa-17387893 Note that all (Except Benteke) those players came into an established Premier League team with some top players as well. The likes of Angel were slaughtered as well. But yes I know "But with those, you could see that they had kicked a ball before, Wesley can't trap a ball, pass, head, tie his shoelaces or shit in a bucket" etc. Just saying though.
  4. No it's me trying to find a way to keep Mings in the team as he is a "favourite" even through the absolute f*ck ups and brain farts. Also, you make it seem as if he wasn't actually a Left Back for 90 percent of his career. My suggestion of Konsa as a BACK UP right back was only in the event we can't buy another RB in the vein of Guibert, because as much as I like Elmo I simply don't think he is good enough at this level anymore. Konsa has pace and is good with the ball, it's not as outlandish as you make it seem. I like Matt Targett but he is prone to being bullied against certain opposition. I wouldn't mind a left sided version of an Engels in the heart of defence. These are just my running thoughts also , so don't want to be slaughtered.
  5. As the weeks go by, i'm leaning more and more into putting him back at Left Back, and having Targett as our backup Left Back. Offload Taylor and Left Back position is instantly stronger. He likes to bomb forward and run with the ball, and has the occasional lapse which i'm not sure we can afford in the heart of defence at this level. He also has the height to clear things away from that position. Buy another Strong, pacy Left sided CB and I feel we come on leaps and bounds. And if we can offload Elmo, I'd be tempted to try Konsa as backup RB to Guibert, OR buy another RB.
  6. Anyone else think after initial euphoria and adrenaline of being in the Premier League, some of our players might just be coming down to their ACTUAL level?
  7. Haven't been able to watch the game to be fair so can't comment. However I found basically saying that Wesley is so poor he has made the fanbase toxic in turn making all the other players shit hilarious
  8. This is the most creative "Wesley is shit" post I've seen to be fair.
  9. Indeed, someone tried to tell me we were "outclassed". I said no, we weren't we were just turd and impotent, no aggression, urgency or ball retention. Told them it was also possible to perform well and eventually be outclassed (Like at Liverpool for example), but that Chelsea performance was not that!
  10. Smith also mentioned that in the same thread, however my limit for posting photos was exceeded so I couldn't post it. Said something along the lines of "I was getting asked these silly question after 5 or 6 games then he went and bagged 2 at Norwich, all of a sudden he's a snip at 22 million, then he has a barren spell and all of a sudden he's not worth 2 million"
  11. Dean Smith: “The pressure is from the outside. It’s not from Bodymoor Heath or the dressing room. He’s a popular figure (Wesley), and came here with a lot of potential and promise. He’s still trying to fulfil that potential.” [birmingham live] #avfc
  12. I think it's obvious we lack squad depth. People underestimate us even being without one or two players changes our whole dynamic and drops our levels massively. Engels, Guibert, and El Ghazi make a huge difference. As others have stated we are a work in progress. We need better back up players than the likes of Taylor, and Elmo.
  13. Isn't it documented that he started playing football at a LATE age in comparison to most professional players? The team obviously see raw qualities they can develop into something, and it probably will take more time to harness. He could also obviously just turn out to be a total dud, however it is still to early to make a final judgement one way of the other,
  14. Thats the thing, even myself, a month or so ago I was saying he needed to be dropped, or we needed to tweak the system. It's just the "mean girls" high school type ganging up and singling out I hate. Villa fans have a tendency to be overly dramatic and exaggerate things ffs. As I said yesterday, the likes of Mings could score a 40 yard screamer of an own goal and they would slate Wesley for being too lazy to go and make the goal line clearance. No **** moderation or middle ground, no consideration for all of the variables which might also be affecting his individual performance (Which yes, obviously also has to do with his ability and effort). When Jack was being played in a position which wasn't ideal for him or the team their was a willingness to acknowledge it was affecting his performances. It's the nature of the beast, favourites will get leeway, strikers are expected to hit the ground running and score goals... etc etc
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