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  1. Surely rumours must be going around that Villa mean serious business, hence players going on strike and the like to "actively seek" or force moves?
  2. So could this guy from Galatasaray be Nakambas replacement? Says he can play as DM or forward even.
  3. To be fair, these are also the types of players other teams are willing to fork out for even if we went down and needed to sell. OR if he didn't light it up. I. E Adama
  4. Normally it would bother me. However as mentioned prior didn't Benteke do something similar? The problem is we don't know if the player might have had a gentleman's agreement with the player and then moved the goalposts.
  5. Moreira, I had totally forgotten about him. lol Well that explains it, he pulled a fast one on us!
  6. 2nd 45 minute spell, in pre season, at a new club, with a team which is incomplete and has not even chosen a first 11 yet. Baffling.
  7. Back on Topic. I've already seen the "He's shit" posts on Facebook Villa groups from one or two.
  8. Thing is as he has mentioned, Leao can play as a wide forward/winger as well.
  9. Nah he's commented on it only hours ago. Unlikely as it might be, guess there's a reason it ain't shut.
  10. Right so he is both a shite (Frustrating) AND incredible (Bloody Good) finisher. Got it.
  11. I think the combination of over rating/hyping our own players and underestimating the strength of the Premier League is going to hurt alot of people.
  12. I was backing up your post, not opposing it
  13. Whenever you're about to insert a sexual reference Into your posts do you ever think "No, Don't do it... Doug"

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