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  1. What a name, very Pongo Waring esque..
  2. How much more pointless could that get?
  3. how about we just keep our best players, add even better players, and become a top 6 club ourselves?
  4. Yeah. I read somewhere that it is because Xia couldn't pay the 36 mill owed to Randy Lerner as a part of the deal, which depended on promotion. Most people believing he is a "fraud" aside, i'm guessing this new "Trade war" with the USA has screwed a few Chinese business men well and proper!
  5. I always remember wanting us to sign Papa Bouba Diop from Fulham for this position... Whatever became if him? Instead we got McCanns and Reo Cokers lol
  6. Well he ain;t gonna come out saying "Well I know i'm shit but i'll try my hardest". lol
  7. I don't think "We're developing him" to replace anybody at Man City. We're developing him for whatever purpose we want/need him for. We all get the point but I hate how people pretend like it's nailed on that we are basically loaning him ffs. By that time Man City might already have identified the "next Fernandinho", better or whatever. They've got LOTS of players and are constantly shopping in the top shelf for youth and talent.
  8. I actually agree with you on something. Don't think Heaton was necessarily signed with the long term view anyway. Think he was just the best, most solid and experienced pair of hands we could get to bring stability within good value. Currently the least of our worries though IMO.
  9. Defo more of a box to box. Probably better at the attacking portion though?
  10. i'm waiting for Shaun Goater to come out with a deeply personal PSA about his private battles with Goatism from fans. " I don't eat grass or neeeaaaahhhh, I was deeply hurt, I was quite literally made.... the Black Sheep.... I was not hungry, so why were people being asked to feed me?".
  11. Every time one of these "racism" events take place, someone tries to take the opportunity to see just how far they can go with the hyper sensitivity before they get called on their bullshit. I agree with alot of the posters on here, the part in that chant where they f*cked up was "McGinns his master", for obvious reasons. (It is a shit chant) Aside from that, I can't see many losing sleep over being accused of having a massive c#ck, having a Rasta Dad, or being similar to the best players in their respective positions who happen to be of the same race. ANYWAY, let us please not have this be divisive,overshadow our win, general feel good factor and returning to form. Love you all, massive cock or micropenis alike....
  12. I'd prefer him to continue to ascend in form than to be disrupted by the pressure of a senior call up... as it stands. That being said, i'm not English so not really my place. lol Agree with you though.
  13. Well you're obviously not Black Enough, sellout! - Signed: Social Justice 2019
  14. Let's be honest, his BEST performance was his last, he is only JUST getting up to his best. Not sure if it warrants a call up yet, a manager will want to see more consistency first IMO. He was actually pretty poor in a few games this season.
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