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  1. Irony is, even if he were to come back, he would be coming back to a totally different Villa. Team wouldn't be built around him, and he wouldn't be able to dictate and demand things anymore as before. Relinquished that right IMO.
  2. I genuinely think, you could see someone like him, off to Newcastle in a season or two. They'll be signing the almost world class types/names IMO. Could obviously be totally wrong as well. He just might improve further in a season also.
  3. I'm not disputing that we got the best of the lot from Brentford at the time, and that Deano made the right decisions. I'm just not having that those two players are " garbage " to emphasise the point lol. They are both very decent/good players IMO. Also note, I haven't been following the back and forth behind the pages .
  4. This might be more a reflection of how shite we've been? I've seen many a player look prodigal for " lesser clubs ", get their big move, and then look bang average amongst World Class players. That's doesn't mean those players aren't good players, it just means they ain't what they were hyped up to be, not the extra level ( World Class ) if that makes any sense. Foden has stood out multiple times, amongst World Class players, I'm just saying. I also know that can be spun either way "He only looks so good because he's got World Class players around him " etc Jack had flaws even when he was here.
  5. You and me both, whispered it quietly, and never again.
  6. Maupay and Benrahma are " garbage " ?
  7. " Fortress Villa Park " would be epic to be fair. We'd then need to make it a Fortress.
  8. Fair play, and that's how fine the margins are. However, if I'm honest, that is the point I was trying to make about certain players in an earlier post. The more you want to improve, the finer those margins are, consistent brain farts won't cut it. We win that, and were on 13 points, in 7th and VT is a much happier place. Reckless/careless and naive play from a couple of our players, and all of a sudden we have zero points and are sat in 12th . The buck does stop with the manager, but there are certain things you've got to make the SENIOR players accountable for. Deano couldn't have created that collapse on his own if he tried, IMO.
  9. Hat trick Vs Arsenal then out for 3 months with a torn nostril.
  10. A load of calls for his head on Social Media. Some " supported " by graphs displaying how many points we are down from last season, along with other clubs. ( Saying we are going backwards etc ) Most the people who posted those, probably never realised Leicester are further behind us in the same table ( re progress from last season ) and only 1 point above us in the current PL table. Brendan Rodgers out?
  11. We're all a bit guilty of this. However, Chelsea was one of those rare exceptions where even though the scoreline was terrible, most of us were happy. I think it's performances and trends which worry/encourage us more than actual results to a certain degree Try my best not to get too high or low these days, but I also realise we can't be nonchalant with certain things if we want to progress either. It's difficult to make any conclusions based on all of the other things we've had to deal with so far, but I'm starting to side eye some of our players and reluctantly wonder if they need to be Improved on for us to improve. Our defenders are either outstanding or absolute tripe . We can't afford to have all our hardwork undone by consistent brain farts. They also never seem to all have a good game at the same time, one will be having an absolute Stormer, and be let down by one being very poor etc . The standards and quality need to improve.
  12. This was way too reminiscent of some of our capitulations over past seasons. To be fair I'm not even sure if I blame Deano. Harsh reality is, we might have to start looking at some of our favourite defenders. The fine margins, are even finer now, we can't afford some of the schoolboy errors we make individually now Have people noticed that almost ALL of the goals we concede, are from unforced individual errors?
  13. Feel sorry for him, due to the abuse you know he is going to get . As if the other 11 grown men on the pitch before him hadn't already chucked the game away.
  14. The moment the commentator said " Villa have lost 5 of 7 in the last games John McGinn has scored " I felt the shadow forces start to descend, even at 2 - 0. Lol
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