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  1. https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/kyle-walker-hosts-sex-party-21815736 Welp, he's done us a favour here I think.
  2. Well we're Villa fans and he is (should be stripped IMO) the Villa captain, naturally it would/should be us making the most of it, as it's us (Aston Villa) it concerns most? Haven't been on for a couple days (So forgive me if I'm echoeing other posts) but I want to repeat the question: Could you picture McGinn (Same age) being so stupid? It's obvious McGinn loves his drink, as I'm sure several other of our players do, the difference is not being thick enough to go about it in the manner Jack has. Being aware of the responsibility you have, being a public figure and knowing media etc. Realistically, being that loaded, you could have Wolf of Wall Street type sessions is private and no one would have to know about it. OR do like the King of Thailand, who is currently self isolating with a Harem of 20 women ( 4 of which are his wives - True story ). It's just quite careless and dissapointing, and yes, boredom might have some of us dwelling on it for longer than we should.
  3. Knew none of these things you've all pointed out to be fair. Although maybe I did, and have forgotten about them over time. Point taken! Guess they had to mature, as Jack has to!
  4. Oh I've done a multitude of stupid things, probably much worse than him, and admittedly/embarassingly even Into my lower 30's). I think in some way that's what actually makes me more pissed off at him. He's got the world at his feet, living the dream, no stress. in my case I was misguided and had loads of issues. I know first hand it's a slippery slope, lost alot due to my stupidity. So you hate to see other people Chuck their potential and lives away for some impulse "fun", unnecessarily.
  5. Jack is a brilliant footballer, but has there ever been anything else you've seen, interviews etc, which made you think he was intellectually "sharp"? Lol He's often been compared to Beckham, but while Beckham could be a prick on the pitch, lifewise he has kept his nose clean, same for the likes of Ronaldo, Lampard, Gerrard etc. I've had a niggling feeling for a while that Jack has more potential to do a Gazza, than the aforementioned. Could you picture John McGinn, who is the same age, doing anything of the sort?
  6. I was actually wondering if he "Let one of the boys have a spin in the range" and said "boy" completely f*cked up. Blown the cover of him being out and everything else etc. In my view that would be best case scenario. However the fact that nothing has come out from his camo or the club... Doesn't make it seem that straight forward. Signs are pointing to there being alot more to it.
  7. I can picture him like a friggin demon as well. A little shite who would enjoy influencing the likes of Jack to screw himself over like he has done. We have all encountered the type.
  8. An update of the story claims "witnesses" say he hit 3 parked cars as well as railing in front of a Real Estate company. Argued with security, cockily said he would pay for the damage and pissed off. Where it gets questionable is "It was quite strange to see an England ace looking so unkempt and disheveled, he looked quite confused". (This kinda throws "eye witness" account up in the air) I can't picture any random person calling a player an "England Ace", thats more football journo slang. However is seems there are more pics of him in, around, and leaving the scene with a napsack. If all true, as I've said, have the party at home if you must, or call a **** cab to take you home!
  9. Want it to be true? To be fair I'd prefer it turned out he was actually just a really shit driver.
  10. On that note, if we are actually agreeing deals for our star player halfway through the season, why do we wonder why everyone hasn't been at the races and we've been extra shite? WTF? If any truth in it of course.
  11. Mystery Mans Hairy Hand in @thetrees
  12. Indeed, and at that age, filthy rich, high testosterone, and not much else to do, terrible combo. ( Shit mates, or mates with the cool, good looking , famous rich friend won't help either as influences) Although I often think, you know your **** position, status etc, you're loaded, have the party AT HOME ffs!
  13. I'll get slagged for this again, but I genuinely think fans who have convinced themselves that Jack is some "goody two shoes" are **** naive, and see what they want to see just because he is the Golden boy.
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