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  1. It’s the most difficult position to employ. Even top clubs struggle to find anyone of a higher quality if there is a such a thing.. It’s a niche role.
  2. To be fair Barnsley have produced a few players over the past few years. Holgate ,Stones ,Lindsay, Mawson. They produce a lot of defenders.
  3. Has anyone watched this video? Brought up some interesting points.
  4. There are sporting directors that we don’t know of that are have a deep analytical understanding of the game. So a big name is not necessary as a replacement.
  5. I don’t think that the Sporting Director market is similar to the Manager/Head Coach market in terms of big names. We could bring in someone who is relatively unknown like Stuart Webber at Norwich or Max Eberl at Gladbach or maybe someone lower profile. The point is all the money in the world cannot get you the best Sporting Director because look at Man Utd. This is going to be the more difficult appointment. You’re seeking for someone that can recruit players that can fit into a system that suits the clubs playing style for good value. Someone that is able to contribute heavy in finding replacement managers and coaches for the club and more.
  6. I have expressed my concerns with his appointment nearly two years ago. I wanted him to prove me wrong, sadly he didn’t. Moving forward we should be looking for someone who is innovative and is able to build a team to support the manager and the club.
  7. Unai Emery. If there is a project in place and the money is right. He will take a one year rolling contract.
  8. I feel that mistakes have been made from Purslow’s appointment of Suso to JT given an assistant coach apprenticeship. I have had reservations about DS whilst he was at Brentford. The assistant manager appointed by their director ultimately improved Brentford in many ways and he is now about to lead them to the PL as their manager. Dean Smith has not produced the results. He has made numerous poor decisions and he cannot apply the knowledge he speaks of in interviews. Suso has not identified the right players and as a collective him and DS do not work. One if not both need to be gone by this time next month latest. As I said previously, we should look to Germany for a new manager and DOF. This summer we try to retain our core players and sell our high profile players and build on from there.
  9. Who else saw the footage of DS & Purslow?
  10. We tend to sign managers that are not use to having a transfer budget to recruit higher quality players, I.e Lambert, Sherwood, Di Matteo, Bruce and now Smith. The moment they are given a budget they make poor recruitment choices. Would Dyche be any different?
  11. Dyche works better without a budget. Is that what we need?
  12. The best coaches are in Germany and that’s where we should look.
  13. Because we are so shit on the width he needs to stick to a diamond formation
  14. It doesn’t take a football genius to point out that Farke is a better manager than DS. Norwich lack quality because they lack the financial and historical power that we have. Farke has created a real footballing philosophy that sticks regardless of the opposition. If he had better quality players Norwich would be secure in this league.
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