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  1. Prediction: Kodjia will score more goals than Wesley and help stabilise us a a bottom half team this season.
  2. We are in big trouble. Our defence is not solid enough. Mcginn is our best player. Grealish is not as impactful as we hoped.
  3. Interesting points to consider. Dean Smith needs to be more proactive in terms of game management. He needs to be able to make changes before something bad happens. Another point is he said that our running stats are through the roof. But our players are unable to uphold their intensity towards the end of the match. Many things contribute to being a top coach. Being able to close a team out whilst winning and settling for a 2-1 victory is also one of them.
  4. I don’t think that we are a poor side. I think that we are at best a mid table team that play some decent football. We are in for a relegation battle which is nothing new. What we lack is real quality to see us through some games. We need 5/6 wins before the window reopens. DS needs to be more assertive when it comes to making decisions. We need another striker to compliment or challenge Wesley and we need a wide forward.
  5. Mings mistake not Taylor’s. You don’t head the ball like that in your box. You clear it.
  6. We could have won that game but poor decisions were made from the bench. I’m very pissed off with that result. Burnley are a physical and robust team. We need to win that game.
  7. He has been below par this season. He has not produced so far, it is very early in the season but he needs to deliver something. He is playing way too deep to be having any type of impact on this game. Personally I’ve been fed up with the National team malarky. He is nowhere near that level:
  8. 4 games - 1 win and 3 losses. Am I worried? Slightly but not overly. We equalised in an away game with 10 players. The difference was out of our control. We won’t be going down without a fight I know that for certain. Suso and his team are probably scouting for for a wide player, striker and left back as we speak. We will end up throwing money at this squad in January if we are in the bottom 3.
  9. If he has a good season and we stay up we may struggle to keep him. He could go to United, Liverpool, Arsenal , Spurs or Chelsea. With our owners we could easily get £70 million for him.
  10. I think he had a decent game and was a handful against spurs. Naturally he is going to be compared to Joelinton & Haller this season because of their physicality and price. We should be patient with him.
  11. Elmo started because physically he was appropriate for this game. He is more disciplined defensively than Guilbert. Elmo is an international and a decent player at this level. Taylor impressed me. He won a lot of tackles and he did very well. The other two full backs now need to grasp their chance when given.
  12. Played against a top side and held our own for the majority of the game. A few fickle ones here clearly didn’t watch what Spurs did to some of Europe’s top sides last season.
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