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  1. RHM appears to be having a good enough impact scoring an absolute gem last Saturday. O'Hare took his goal well.
  2. Well I did think this however Man City sign world class players that have trained at similar facilities to City before joining.
  3. I forgot where but I saw someone suggested Bodymoor Heath is like a holiday resort opposed to a limited training ground which could lead to why we have an underlying issue at this club. I never thought of this and I thought that it was an interesting subject to raise. Do you think that the high quality facilities is having a negative impact on our players or do you think that this thought is rubbish?
  4. Interesting article for those that have not read it. Read more https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/dean-smith-lays-bare-frustrations-15840440
  5. The problem is that McGinn is out for two games and we will be more dependant on Hourihane. After being booed off, his confidence is shot to pieces and I cannot see his performances improving any time soon. He has scored many great goals for us and has made many more assists since he has been with us. He has not been great over the past few months but the least is he deserves is our support. We did the same to Westwood who was not even as effective and we forced him out of the club.
  6. Still back him. Ive seen some remarkably hilarious anger tweets from our fans. One suggesting that Steve Bruce should be our DOF.
  7. This league is unpredictable at times. Based on form and performance we should be tipped to lose but I think that we will win this one. Its a crazy league.
  8. well unless you have a mystical ball sat in front of you, wait and see.
  9. We lost to a team that DS assembled over 3 years. This team has been assembled over 6-8 months by two managers.. Watching Brentford made me realise the type of players and style we could look forward to at Villa Park. The teams that we look to replicate all have a long term strategy and have kept faith in their manager. We have been in this league for three seasons yet we have a section of fans that still think that we are a premier league club and looking for a quick fix.. Purslow is not stupid, we are going to build effectively and slowly and this is going to be a tough journey. For me, if you are not backing the manager you are not backing the club that decided to place faith in him. As I said before, this summer is going to be interesting.
  10. Smith to stay! im excited for the summer, total rebuild, old players out and new players in. The comments here are embarrassing, thankfully beyond the keyboard warriors the villains know the journey that we are about to embark on. Instead of pulling your hair out and turning different colours let’s just patiently see what happens. Its only football.
  11. This is the one of the few things that disappoints me with Mcginn. He needs to improve his decision making. Hopefully this will improve.
  12. He is our player. I’m not going to crucify him. He missed.. so what, we move on.
  13. We have defended well and we are still in the game. It is all a working process. This summer is going to be interesting.
  14. Not necessarily, the personnel make systems work.
  15. Some fans on here are being very harsh on Adomah. He was unlucky, hopefully he will get another opportunity!
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