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  1. Reivax_Villa

    Anwar El Ghazi

    I have a feeling that he is going to flourish under DS. DS likes his wingers to cut inside with good technical ability.
  2. Reivax_Villa

    Dean Smith

    I certainly think that he would want to look at some of our youth players in the coming weeks especially Bedeau. I would assume Pitarch does not have extensive knowledge on lower league talent so DS will hopefully discuss plans in scouting and sourcing lower league talent.
  3. Reivax_Villa

    Dean Smith

    Thomas Frank and the board are pretty much saying that he (Thomas Frank) played a major role in the development in Brentfords style in football on the training ground. Only time will tell. Can we just appreciate the first 21 seconds of this clip. Imagine in a few months starting a game like this.
  4. Reivax_Villa

    Jesus Garcia Pitarch

    I am not sold on this guy as I have mentioned many times in this thread but we shall see. I am hoping that further appointments are made to help him fulfil his day to day work
  5. Reivax_Villa

    Christian Purslow

    Very intelligent appointment. Appoint the man that helped introduce the profit & sustainability rules as CEO.
  6. Reivax_Villa

    Richard O’Kelly

    How can we replicate Brentford’s system if we don’t know the full system and process? DS doesn’t even know the full process at Brentford. Also how do we even know if their way is successful?
  7. Reivax_Villa

    Dean Smith

    Dean Smith will have to be careful until the summer transfer window. There are huge influencers in the dressing room that may not be fit for Smiths style of play. Jedinak, Whelan, Taylor & Hutton. Those players command huge respect in the dressing room and Dean Smith needs those players on side so he can settle in. The moment Dean Smith decides to isolate them from the entire squad is the moment the whole players will turn against him and Terry. He needs to box clever and have those players on side until next summer.
  8. Reivax_Villa

    Dean Smith

    Some quotes from Brentford fans
  9. Reivax_Villa

    Dean Smith

    Dean Smith will be bringing his own staff too. I believe that would be Richard O Kelly as his 2nd assistant head coach as well as a few others. The compensation package must include some additional members of staff. Brentford have mentioned that they will make a further announcement on their first team football structure.
  10. Reivax_Villa

    Dean Smith

    wow that was quick
  11. Reivax_Villa

    New Manager Speculation

    Oh boi.. I will back him but i remain skeptical. He loves this club and for me i know that he will do everything he can regardless of whats in his way.
  12. Reivax_Villa

    New Manager Speculation

    You asked me several questions. I gave you answers I did not realise that it was a defence.. Anywhoo you have your opinion I have mine.. thats it My opinion is that he will not get us promoted this season even with his backroom staff.
  13. Reivax_Villa

    New Manager Speculation

    He has the final decision on picking the team but it is discussed with who two other assistants and head of analytics. Tactics - Rasmus Ankersen & Phil Giles know how they want Brentford to play, they have put necessary staff in place to help assist Dean Smith on the training field. Adapted tactics.. Well a lot of Brentford Fans have been critical of his decision making whilst the game is being played Mentored players - I think he helps keeps the Morale up.
  14. Reivax_Villa

    New Manager Speculation

  15. Reivax_Villa

    New Manager Speculation

    Brentford have two DOFS a technical director and two assistant managers. Brentford have influences from a football perspective We have a Spaniard Sporting director that looks for deals.. For me at the moment our set up looks short term. DS would need to have a word with Purslow and tell him how the set up should be.