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  1. Reivax_Villa

    January (we need a keeper) transfer window 2019

    Just had a listen to Purslow's interview. He mentions that Liverpool's fortunes changed for the better when they signed a quality defender and goalkeeper. I can see us spending heavily in defence in January. I personally think that Heaton is on the radar but he is not our first choice. Pitarch would not have been brought in to identify a back up goalkeeper for Burnley. I believe that we will make 3/4 signings. GK - A signing Abroad LB - perhaps a loan signing CB - Our future CB for years to come. DM - one that is very good in possession and making interceptions - perhaps a poor mans Gana or Kante.
  2. Reivax_Villa

    Christian Purslow

    He had an interview on 5 live this morning. 32.30 A lot of people are mentioning that it was insightful.
  3. Reivax_Villa


    Your outlook on this topic is pathetic. To have a short sighted view on someone else's struggle is astonishing.
  4. Reivax_Villa

    Racism in Football

    Racism in football will never die unless people actually accept that it is still present. Turning a blind eye to racism and passing it off as something else is equally as bad as the aggressor. This conversation does need many more legs and this has to be addressed for awareness.
  5. Reivax_Villa

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    I'm just going to sit back and enjoy each game. To think about stats and points accumulation is for the backroom staff to do. We are playing well and there is more to come. I am curious to see how we will perform against Albion because they are a very good side with Premier League players. I am unsure on how our defence will cope with Gayle, Rodrigues, Barnes, Phillips & Robson Kanu. There will be goals in this.
  6. Reivax_Villa

    Ørjan Nyland

    can he even speak english and communicate with our backline? A back 5 requirers chemistry
  7. Reivax_Villa

    Conor Hourihane

    My thoughts on Hourihane. I really rate is technical ability and his workrate. He is one of my favourite villians however.. We have a system within our midfield three. 1 - Engine - McGinn 2 - Creative - Grealish 3 - Glue i.e holding player and retainer The 3 position is difficult because we need someone that can win the ball, and retain possession with a variety of range in passing. Now against lesser teams it does not necessarily matter but better against opposition it does. Honestly I feel that Hourihane and Mcginn should be competing for the same position. Bjarnason is a player that suits that third position well at this level and we are missing him.
  8. Reivax_Villa

    Ørjan Nyland

    That is an interesting topic. Is Bunn a better keeper than Nyland? The way I feel right now that number 1 under his name should be ripped from his shirt.
  9. Reivax_Villa

    Dean Smith

    We will not get promoted if we continue to defend like this. 7 goals conceded in two games? I haven't rated Nyland since the few games into August. He does not have the mentality and ability to play at this level. Chester appears to be dwindling and he is not commanding against better opposition. Taylor is trying but he lacks the athleticism and ability in that position. Having said that coaching staff need to do something with this defence until Jan.
  10. Reivax_Villa

    Ørjan Nyland

    Still dont rate him..
  11. Reivax_Villa

    Match Thread: Villa v Nottm Forest

    This game has solidified that offensively we are the real deal. However because our style is risky we are also conceding a lot through the middle. I am concerned about our defence especially for this 6/7 game run in that we are about to embark on.
  12. Reivax_Villa

    Mile Jedinak

    Jedinak is injured
  13. Reivax_Villa

    John McGinn

    I can see DS giving him the armband at least once this season
  14. Reivax_Villa

    AVTV 2018/9

    I'm sorry but there are no excuses. We have the finances to produce content like this.
  15. Reivax_Villa

    Dean Smith

    This probably one of the best away performances I have witnessed as a villa fan. Last one was Liverpool away and even that game was like a bit of a smash or grab. We totally outclassed the opposition in the 2nd half. Crisp passing of different variety, players moving off the ball and creating openings. I also don't think that this is a one off. There are plenty more things that we can build upon but my gosh that was the exciting piece of football I have seen from this Club in a long time. - 21 shots - 82.2% passing - 53.4% - 18 key passes - 62 recoveries Yes please!