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  1. We are struggling against their fitness levels
  2. Well we are definitely in for a battle and those 3 points won’t come easy. We need to be more clinical in our play. Thankfully we do have better quality in the final 3rd. Leeds defensive line do lapse concentration at times and that’s where the game could be won.
  3. I wouldn’t mind replacing those teams with Celtic and Rangers and few others in the Championship tbh
  4. If this Super European league comes into fruition and it means that the existing teams remain in that league for 20 years. The remaining Premier league clubs should vote them out.. Simple. This is going to be nasty by the looks of it, law suits ect
  5. This new format is going to replace the Champions League. So they would have a league instead with knockout stages. Because these clubs are going to be founding members of this competition I wonder if this means that regardless of where these teams finish in their domestic league they will still be part of the competition? if this is the case then it’s absolute criminal and that would destroy the competition in domestics leagues.
  6. He is our best central defender and he isn’t even 25 yet.. Big player for us
  7. I wrote him off previously but he has proved me wrong and I’m delighted. Dean Smith has improved as a head coach, he has us drilled and I feel like he sets us up differently depending on which team we play. He is fastly becoming a tactician. Previously we have been known to dampen a managers reputation however this time around he has certainly enhanced his.
  8. Both teams look poor. I would be very worried if I was a Blades fan.
  9. I think the problem Jack has is that he holds on the ball a bit longer where as Mount releases the ball quickly and keeps the play continuous. Southgate also loves the way Mount presses the opposition and he prefers that to Grealish. Southgate has a style and Grealish doesn’t fit it. The sad state is his international career is going to waste away until Southgate leaves.
  10. We’ve had some top wins over the past few years, Arsenal when Gabby scored. Manchester City before they transitioned into the team that they are now and a very poor Derby team. Oh of course Everton Away. If we talking about Premier League football, this is by far the best game/ performance I have seen in my lifetime. We have beaten the Premier League Champions 7-2 and it was their strongest side bar Mane and Allison.. This is an incredible moment for us fans and the football club.
  11. He looks a different player, physically, technically and mentally. im happy for him
  12. This is incredible no one can take this win away from us this evening!
  13. Very disappointed by his performance yesterday. I actually like him as a player but he is some way off from challenging the centre backs. He was very casual, not vocal in orchestrating the back line. It was almost like he didn’t want to play.
  14. Judging by his performance he certainly is a Championship level player but he doesn’t look as sharp as he was against Crystal Palace last season. The simple reason why he is still at the club is because he an influencer in the dressing room and is very good to have around the team. He is probably considered not good enough to start a match but perhaps good enough to play the last 20 minutes of a Premier league game.
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