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    Hi my name is Ben. Long time VillaTalk viewer and would now like to post. 26 year supporter from the age of 12 (no family members who liked football). RIP Dalian.
  2. No familily connections to Villa and as a kid lived in Germany as my dad was in the army. Supported Liverpool as they were doing well at the time. Hated being a glory hunter and loved Nigel Spink. Easy.......
  3. Shocked and saddened by the news today. We all know how much of a fighter he is so i really hope and pray he can get over this. Football is an insignificance in these times and my thoughts are with his family and team mates.
  4. James Milner won the man of the match award in the 66 world cup final.
  5. If James Milner wanted, he could have a word with Sepp Blatter and win us the 2018 world cup bid.
  6. General, From when our terrible run started my heart sinks when a Villa game is hours away. I don't mind if we lose a game knowing we are fully prepared and knowing the players gave everything for the fans. Neither of these issues can be tolerated by fans that pay good money to follow the team they love. Let’s be honest with ourselves as a club and admit that there are problems that need to be sorted. I don't expect MoN to publicly talk about the issues he has to deal with, but I do expect to see a person in his position learn from previous mistakes, like leaving transfers to the last minute. Please don't take this post as me loosing complete faith in the current stewardship (Martin & Randy). I'm hoping this current dip in form is a blip and I still think we can pull through this. I know my post is not as eloquent as pilchards (great post by the way) I just wanted to have a little say. On a lighter note: I was passing Bodymoor Heath today after a meeting and decided to stop in the academy spectator car park for a ciggie (I know I need to give up). Saw Bouma running his heart out and I had a moment of pride. Can't wait till he is back playing.
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