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  1. Apologies. Seems my refresh skipped a few pages, so didn't realise that had all been said!
  2. For those of us not listening, what's the Paddy Reilly story??
  3. Obviously it's terrible. But to be fair, it was before released before we signed 13 players. So slightly more reasonable that our key players now aren't the ones on that image.
  4. He's the best / most useful of the rubbish players we've got. So while it's good if he goes, I'd rather be reading about N'Zogbia's pending transfer.
  5. Wonder how many people had a bit of this. Not one person went for a Villa win in the PL predictions thread £20 on it. Told everyone it was easy money
  6. We're 3/1 to beat Bournemouth next Saturday. BOURNEMOUTH! Like printing money.
  7. Calm down guys, we're all getting a little giddy here....
  8. Not getting excited till I see "it's happening"...
  9. isgill88

    Carles Gil

    Where's that picture from?
  10. Wages per goal? Why not games per goal? Or even wages per goal when playing in a Tim Sherwood style team? Rather than adding on the £7m he picked up not being picked last season, why not just look at when he has been picked since he probably will be for us? Or work out how much Darren Bent has cost for the last two seasons per goal for us? Pointless article that shows nothing of any use.
  11. Crespo too who can play LB, CB and RB. And Okore...
  12. He may be 31. He may have personal issues. And he may not have played much for the past year. But he's a big player, who has played for and scored goals for massive clubs. If we didn't have Sherwood, there's NO WAY he would want to play for Villa in our current state. So with that in mind, I'm calling this one a coup. COUP.
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