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  1. villarule123


    If there's 1700 tickets left then that means we have 30,000+ season ticket holders (we don't) They're just opening it up block by block like they do every time we play at Wembley.
  2. Thought I'd have a look on a Leeds forum... I seem to have found our friend @Cjay already. http://www.motforum.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=37566
  3. Would be sad to see the Leeds fans depart this website. I hope it doesn't come to that.
  4. Can Bamford get another ban if proved to have dived?!
  5. They should have stuck with the 10 episode/season format and had season 7 dedicated to the White Walkers and season 8 to Cersei/The Mad Queen It would have secured it as one of the best shows of all time, but the way they're rushing it all now is not helping. I much preferred the 1-8 episode build up and 9-10 action structure. Ah well.
  6. For the love of God, save us GRRM. I'm praying he's going to announce the book(s) a week or two after the show is over.
  7. 6 months ago I would have laughed at this question; Whelan?!
  8. I have a sneaky suspicion that GRRM is holding the book(s) back until the show is over. Is it too much to hope that he's been paid by HBO to wait until the show can't be spoiled than it was originally when it came out?
  9. Are we going to find out about the Azor Ahai prophecy in the show or not?

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