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  1. Star Wars: Disney Era

    Everytime I think of doing a SW rewatch, I just end up thinking 'nah **** it, let's just watch Empire Strikes Back'
  2. Star Wars: Disney Era

    Empire will never be topped. It's perfection. Going tonight at 8. Can't wait!
  3. Snow Watch!

    The paths are the worst they've been all week today. It's like an ice rink out there.
  4. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

    I can't imagine how horrible this game is at 30fps. What were they thinking? It's not impossible to play at 60fps, especially on the new Xbox. I'd be pissed if I spent £450 and the games weren't using the extra power. I can get 100fps with few drops so there's no way the new Xbox can't get past 30. Been playing the new map the last couple of days, a welcome change and the game is a lot more polished now.
  5. Game of the Year 2017!!!!

    Are you joking?
  6. GTA 5

    There's a new heist coming out next week. @Stevo985 @StefanAVFC @lapal_fan???
  7. World Cup 2018: Russia

    Belgium Panama Tunisia England Pretty much the perfect group from what was on offer.
  8. Crypto currency

    I'm on the verge of buying £1000 worth of Bitcoin and 1 Ethereum for £350. If they keep rising at it's current rate I'll be able to get my money back in a couple of months time but still have the original amounts invested in them. I just know that as soon as I do this something bad will happen.
  9. General Chat

    What a fun end to the day.. My wife's car gets a puncture at work and is currently driving with the spare tyre. Meanwhile at home, I go to pick up my daughter from school and leave my car in the park near it, my son falls asleep whilst in his push chair so I decide to walk home and leave the car at the park so I won't have to wake my son up. I've just been to pick up my car with the kids and notice the barrier is down and my car is locked in at the park. The wife is stuck in traffic and has barely moved and won't be home till late. Had about 6 phone calls of us just shouting at each other. Now we're left with 1 car that has a spare tyre in use and both of us needing to get to work tomorrow. It's gonna be a fun night in our house tonight
  10. Witcher 3

    It's worth £100
  11. Albert Adomah

    £40m and Eto'o for Ibrahimovic.
  12. Match Thread: QPR v Villa

    They're so open!