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  1. Nintendo Switch

    So I had a go on a mate's Switch last night and I loved it. The handheld mode is flawless and Mario Kart looked amazing. Didn't see it in docked mode. It could be so much better though. If it had more power, a decent online system and backwards compatibility for 3DS games, Wii games etc it could be bigger than the PS4 IMO. Why do they make these decisions?
  2. Trackmania Turbo

    Or not. I couldn't get on last night I'll be on after the weekend.
  3. Trackmania Turbo

    Yeah I'll be on later
  4. Trackmania Turbo

    It's still the same now.
  5. Trackmania Turbo

    @Stevo985 @StefanAVFC It's £11.99 on the PSN store now. Get it!
  6. Please tell me when to stop laughing at SHA

    I hope we lose. I don't care if it's small time. I work with too many and I'm related to too many to want us to win a meaningless game and keep them up. **** them
  7. The Spanish Football/la Liga Thread

    Why would you go all out attack when you have 10 men and the title in the bag
  8. Alan Hutton

    Hero today.
  9. Please tell me when to stop laughing at SHA

    We have Blackburn after Small Heath. Let's beat them and let Blackburn win against us.
  10. Rocket League

    Into Platinum now and magically most of the insults have stopped. I've PMed you Davkaus
  11. Ugo Ehiogu

    RIP big man
  12. Rocket League

    I still love it, I've got a lot worse on the PS4 version after playing the PC though. It's hard to explain, but it's a totally different game. I hate being in Gold I though, the community is terrible until you reach a higher level and people play properly. I think I'll still be playing in 2 years time.
  13. Match Thread: Fulham v Villa

    I've turned it off. Have no interest in watching us get dicked by another team in this horrible league.