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  1. Rogues Gallery

    So sexy
  2. FIFA 18

    PES is a better footballing game in every department apart from defending. If they could sort that out, it would be the perfect game.
  3. FIFA 18

    It will be almost the same as Fifa 17, gameplay wise. All they bleat on about is Ultimate Team which is just their cash cow. Their best mode they ever came up with was Pro Clubs which has seen no improvement for years. I'm so fed up with football games now. I used to play them religiously but I've barely touched either of the two this year. Fifa is just a disgraceful footballing game and whilst PES has great gameplay, the defending just ruins the experience.
  4. Trite Observations About the Housing Market

    We put £50 each into my kid's bank account every month because of how shit the housing situation is at the moment. They should have about £20k by the time they are 21 but that might not get them anywhere by that time. I just feel like I have to at least try and give them a head start. We got very lucky, we got a headstart from family members helping out when we were 21 and after making profit on our first house and getting the new one for a good price, we have a good equity. My advice to people who want to save/buy is do not get stuck in the renting game unless you absolutely have to. Live with your parents as long as you can, save what you can and try and get on the property ladder as soon as possible. It was shit for us at the beginning, 7% interest paying £750 a month on a 2 bed semi. Now we pay the same for a 4 bed house in a much better area.
  5. WipEout Omega

    I think this game has over taken Mario Kart as my favourite racing game. I love MK, but you don't exactly get rewarded for skill. I've been playing Wipeout online with a few mates and other random people and winning is based on skill, not luck. There's tons to do too, it will take me months to get through the single player. Loving this!
  6. Android: General Chat

    Got a Galaxy S8 arriving today. Quite excited after reading the reviews, especially after having a Z3 for so long. Anyone else got one?
  7. E3 2017

    I hope Ubisoft announce a new Trials game.
  8. E3 2017

    I've been playing Battlegrounds on the PC. It's bare bones, lots of bugs and the performance isn't the best, but the concept is great and is has a lot of potential. Playing it with a headset on is intense. I'm sure I've read that it will be released on both consoles but on Xbox first. Anyway, I predict that if they stick with it and it comes out on consoles, it will be a massive hit.
  9. E3 2017

    Rumours of Crash Team Racing getting a remake. Please be true.
  10. General Election 2017

    LOL at Jess Phillips being all pro-Corbyn now. That's not what the vile, two-faced bitch said when I met her earlier this year. Wish I recorded the conversation now.
  11. General Election 2017

    Hung parliament?
  12. WipEout Omega

    I've got a PS4 Pro. It looks great. I still don't think it's worth upgrading from a standard PS4 though.
  13. Gaming in 2017

    Oh I forgot about Doom! One of the best FPS games I've ever played (the 2016 reboot). There's a new Quake game coming out soon too.
  14. WipEout Omega

    It looks and plays amazing. Tons to do, 3 different career modes from the 3 games, it seems really challenging too. I haven't tried online yet so I can't comment on that.
  15. Gaming in 2017

    There's a bit of 90s nostalgia going on at the moment. Wipeout arrived yesterday (which is **** good BTW), I've just pre ordered Crash Bandicoot, which I've never played, it also looks great. Micro Machines is back out soon, Tekken 7 recently came out. I'm sure there's a couple more I'm forgetting. As someone who hasn't played Wipeout, Crash before, these 4k remasters are great.