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  1. villarule123

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    Simplygames have emailed me to say there's a nationwide agreement to not post the game until release date **** you Rockstar
  2. villarule123

    Nintendo Switch

    Can anyone explain to me why anyone would pay £40 to play Wolfenstein 2 (and others) when it's £10 on other systems and plays twice as well as the Switch version?
  3. villarule123

    New Manager Speculation

    Like I said before, if you could guarantee that Smith would be a success here then I'd prefer him to anyone as he's one of us. I just worry that it will go the other way. But the thought of a Villa fan getting us promoted and leading the charge up the Prem table is exciting!
  4. villarule123

    Star Wars: Disney Era

    Agreed. I'm a massive SW fan boy, and my excitement for the franchise is at an all time low. I haven't even been able to bring myself to watch TLJ for a second time. Space Leia WTF
  5. villarule123

    New Manager Speculation

    JT retiring confirms this now surely? I'm so excited! I wish he was playing at CB though.
  6. villarule123

    New Manager Speculation

    I couldn't give a shit about the risks anymore. It's been 8 years of utter shite so let's just have some fun. The worst case is we get our best defender back and the best case is we've found the dream team and they start something special. We were going nowhere and playing shit football under Bruce, why is anyone against it!?
  7. villarule123


    I guess they really didn't like each other then
  8. villarule123


  9. villarule123

    New Manager Speculation

    Our new manager getting sacked at Liverpool.
  10. villarule123

    New Manager Speculation

    He was just a good fit for us at the time. Please don't compare him to Sherwood!
  11. villarule123

    New Manager Speculation

    I want Rodgers but the thought of a Villa fan (Smith obvs) turning us around and being another JG puts a smile on my face. I think there's just as much chance as the job being too big for him though.
  12. villarule123

    New Manager Speculation

    Time to find out where we're going under the new owners.
  13. villarule123

    Steve Bruce

  14. villarule123

    Steve Bruce

    Thank Jesus
  15. villarule123

    The Cabbage

    Come on then, which one of you dickheads did it? Fess up.