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  1. Maybe Jack is going and we're buying his replacements before everyone knows we need to.
  2. Norwich were a much, much worse team than us, and didn't have a Grealish in their team to take all the attention away from him. Also, Watkins' stats in the Championship weren't the best until his last season, Buendia has Grealish type stats from last season.
  3. I'd be amazed if he chose us over Arsenal.
  4. There is no way he didn't know what he was doing when he put that photo up.
  5. I didn't actually mean to quote you but it was a response to everyone having an instant negative view on a player like they did with Traore last summer. My view on the player is that anyone that can look skilful or creative in the style Burnley play must have something about them. He's only 21 too and already very experienced. I just trust whoever the recruitment team want after waiting a hell of a long time to be able to say that.
  6. I'll join the club of people who trust the manager that hasn't put a foot wrong yet (season by season) and the recruitment team that gave us our best window in over a decade last year.
  7. So we only want players that have played in England, one is Buendia and the other is a winger (supposedly) If we end up with; Watkins Grealish - Buendia - Zaha ..we will have a top 4 attack.
  8. My word we're going to be fun to watch next season.
  9. I think it's between Ollie and Greenwood for a spot and I think Ollie will get in due to Greenwood playing out wide for United, which we have in abundance for England.
  10. They said that about Lambert (I wish they were right)
  11. I don't want Carney playing. I want to see us win the cup tomorrow
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