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  1. Nintendo Switch - March 2017

    Nintendo have said that to play online or have voice chat on the Switch you will need to do it through the app on a Smartphone, and that it won't be able to be done through the console itself. Who the **** has green flagged this console, everything apart from the initial idea of the console is a total joke. What happens if your phone breaks and has to be sent off? What if you don't have a smartphone?
  2. Rocket League

    That's when the game started getting really competitive for me. Every game is really close and you have to always be focused when playing that level or higher.
  3. Nintendo Switch - March 2017

    My favourite is the paid online service you now have to pay for. It's only ready for launch in 3 countries (not UK) and it comes with 1 NES/SNES game a month So whilst PS Plus gives you two PS4 games, PS3 and vita games every month, Nintendo feel that giving you a 20+ year old game per month is enough value to pay for online. Not paying for online was literally the only thing that their consoles could beat the other two on. Haven't even mentioned the resolution, framerate, price, battery life etc.
  4. Nintendo Switch - March 2017

    This thing sounds worse than I ever imagined. Why the **** are they still making consoles?
  5. R.I.P Graham Taylor

    Gutted RIP
  6. Rocket League

    Try playing 1vs1 online too, that's a good way to practice.
  7. Overwatch

    I haven't played much but I find Mei the most fun so far. Managed to get a 25 kill streak (probably not that impressive) and she's good for defending.
  8. Rocket League

    You just get used to your surroundings, how quickly you will get closed down etc. Don't dribble in a straight line, go to the sides and you will be able to see what is coming. When the game first game out I just went in an arena on my own and practised driving with the ball.
  9. Rocket League

    Nah Shooting Star Div III On the PC though, which is much easier than the PS4.
  10. Rocket League

    I'm higher than Hogso in doubles!
  11. Overwatch

    Here we go again, @lapal_fan pretending he's good at Battlefield.
  12. Mass Effect: Andromeda

    Release date announced, 23rd March 2017. I'm shocked it's so soon and I can't wait to play it.
  13. Overwatch

    That's a little early as my kids go to bed then, 8pm is more realistic. Taking my daughter swimming in a bit, I'll read up how to play this game properly during her lesson!
  14. Overwatch

    Me three
  15. Rudy Gestede