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  1. It's got no chance. Not free to play, massive install, no one has the game and it's late to the party in the genre. Madness for it not to be free.
  2. This England team is going to be special in the next year or two. Haven't been this excited since 2004.
  3. It's the future but definitely not now. Only a small percentage have Internet capable of doing this (you'd probably need 100mb broadband at least) and even then you'd have to put up with input lag. Maybe when 5G comes out it will be a more viable option, as supposedly we'll be looking at 1GB speeds.
  4. I'm sorry for calling you Shithause
  5. I'm sorry for calling you El-Gashri
  6. POTS by a million miles. Best signing we've made in years. I love him.
  7. Oh how I'd love us to score with the last kick of the game after all the timewasting.
  8. He scored 2 games ago, let's not be silly now. Like I said, let's see what happens in a few hours
  9. Can't wait for him to bag a couple tomorrow and prove you lot wrong.
  10. Nearly caught up with the latest episode but Jesus Christ it's worse than ever. Nothing has really happened in 5 episodes. Cancel this shit now!
  11. If our best players can stay fit, we're going up. COME ON!

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