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  1. General Chat

    I've just received a parking fine from Premier Park of £100, £60 if paid within 14 days. It was outside the Solihull Ice Rink, is there anyway around this or have I just got to cough it up and pay? Me and a friend were playing Snooker at Rileys, got there at 10.30am only to be told it opens at 11am (the website says 10.30am) and that caused me to go over my time by 27 minutes. I'm not sure if this would have any relevance in addition to the parking fine I got though.. (probably none)
  2. Media and punditry

  3. Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Wolves

    I love this team.
  4. Match Thread: Villa v Wolves

    WHAT A GOAL!!!!!!!!!
  5. Match Thread: Villa v Wolves

  6. Snow Watch!

    I've got to walk around in this for another 5 hours. It's **** FREEZING AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
  7. Things You Don't "Get"

    I'm a postie, I don't wear shorts at the moment but I probably could and not feel the cold too much. It's minus 5 as I type this and I'm walking around with warm hands.. You just get used to it.
  8. What's your accent?

    Everyone of these sounds like a variation of Mr Tumble.
  9. What's your accent?

    I just recorded a piss-take version of my Brummy accent and even that I couldn't listen to. I'm out.
  10. Ratings & Reactions: Sheff Wed v Villa

    We got 16 fouls compared to their 1 yesterday. How is that possible?
  11. Ratings & Reactions: Sheff Wed v Villa

    Happy **** Saturday guys!!!
  12. Match Thread: Sheff Wed v Villa

  13. Best British TV comedies of all time

    Just worried I'd get shot down by the old brigade It's a show I will be thinking of in 20 years time though.