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  1. Would we get some of the upgrades funded by FIFA if the UK won the bid?
  2. He's having the best season that I've seen a Villa CB have in my time as a fan (I just missed McGrath at his peak). Laursen comes closest but I feel a lot more confident holding onto a 1 goal lead in the 90th minute than I ever have at the moment.
  3. What were Arsenal thinking? He's home grown too. Idiots.
  4. He's cut out the errors now. Top quality CB.
  5. The transformation with Targett this season is staggering
  6. Not looking forward to this one.
  7. That is probably the reason why he won't be reffing a PL game for a while!
  8. I've seen 1 replay but it sounded like it was just before it crossed the line.
  9. He blows the whistle just before the ball hits the net. 'Play to the whistle' he's effectively stopped the game with the second whistle.
  10. I've only seen one replay on Soccer Saturday, but I'm sure I heard him blow the whistle again just before it hit the net to stop the play for whatever reason.
  11. Looks like he's blown the whistle for the freekick, then for some reason blown the whistle again before the ball hit the net, I'm guessing that the second whistle has voided the goal? CLOWNS!
  12. Amazing that these clowns are in charge of the biggest league in the world.
  13. No thanks. Wish we went for Toney as our backup striker, £10m and you just knew what he was going to do at Brentford.
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