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  1. Literally the only thing I miss about working in Halesowen
  2. I really want us to sign him but Leeds pinching him would be hilarious
  3. villarule123

    Keinan Davis

    His road to replicating R9 has begun. What a finish
  4. Can't wait to see what Rob Dorsett says when he signs the day after Traore.
  5. Think that could actually happen as I suspect we'll be looking for a Luiz replacement next summer.
  6. I'd like to apologise for doubting them a week or so ago. I am a massive bellend. Thank you owners
  7. Where is this post contract interview?
  8. Please don't be instead of Rash
  9. There is an event at 9pm on Wednesday to showcase some PS5 games and presumably the release date/price. Who's getting one day one?
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