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  1. I don't believe anything until #StevoITK shows up.
  2. If this was a normal person getting caught doing all this shit in present circumstances, they would be the most hated man in the country. A high profile footballer, well done Jack! That's even with the basic details being true, if there's even more to come out of it then god help him.
  3. Only onto Chapter 2 but it's another example of if VR was more affordable/accessible then people would forget about non-VR gaming. The interaction is just mind-blowing, you can pickup/move any item in the game. The graphics are amazing, and that's playing the game on low with my laptop. I wish I could play this on a beasty PC + with a Index headset. I'm playing it on a Quest, linked to my laptop, the most basic way. You simply have to play this game!
  4. Anyone got this yet? Starting it tonight, can't wait!
  5. Will they try and force my wife to work on the wards as she's an NHS worker? She is an ADHD specialist and has nothing to do with hospitals whatsoever but there's been mutterings of people redeployed
  6. Ori and the Will of the Wisps It's on gamepass (£1 for a month on PC or Xbox) Just the most perfect game
  7. The best idea I can think of is to increase the capacity of the league(s) and have no relegations. Obviously this would have to stop somewhere as it affects all the leagues below us too! Liverpool really shouldn't be denied the title in any circumstance but being given the title by default would be such a hollow way of winning it and the season being voided would be so so funny
  8. Wasn't that yesterday? Probably another 400 today...
  9. Wash your hands and stay at home if ill. Gotcha
  10. Nothing changing then. Cheers Boris
  11. Meh the Prem is boring. Sick of watching every team we come up against outplay us.
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