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  1. Wesley coming back is vital to our season, not because he will come in to replace OW and blast in 20 goals, but because he is there waiting for when OW inevitably picks up an injury or two. He also gives us a different option off the bench to change things up when things aren't going so well. I saw enough of him last season to not write him off, and the amount of shit around him was enough to give him a pass for some of his poor performances.
  2. Surely the buy back clause just means that any offer of the agreed amount has to be accepted? If Luiz stays because we offer him better terms/first team football he can reject them and remain a Villa player?
  3. I'm well aware of that. However, if we convince him to stay, e.g. Using some of the £10m that was suggested towards Luiz's new contract, Man City won't be able to do a thing about it.
  4. I don't understand why we would have to offer them a penny. Pay £10m to not get them to bid for him? How about we use the some of the £10m as a signing on fee for his new contract in the summer, when the clause supposedly expires?
  5. Jeez going back to page 400 brings back all the horrors of the last 10 years. Thank God those times are over.
  6. Call me crazy but this really could be a genuine thread if we can avoid injuries over the next few months.
  7. Even Southgate has woken up to his excellence now I think he will start every game for the foreseeable now.
  8. He's been like this since Derby at VP 2019.
  9. Mock him all you want but didn't Sherwood call out the Gazza comparison many years ago?
  10. It is from a BMW dealership so it's not third party. They said the car has been used by various people when their own car has been having work done. I'm not sure I like the sound of the tbh! But then 3k miles is obviously very little.
  11. Would it be best to buy a car brand new, or buy a better car that has done <5000 miles? We've been eyeing up a Kia Sportage/Renault Kadjar new, but have found a BMW Active Tourer for the same price that has done 3k miles. I am terrible when it comes to cars.
  12. There will be a lot of teams in for Jack next summer, especially if he plays in the Euros. I just hope he wants to stay/we make Europe somehow.
  13. ^Can't tell if that's real or if someone made it up
  14. I think we might finally get a striker who reaches 20 PL goals this season.
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