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  1. Wesley continues to look a dud We need to pluck a quality striker out of somewhere... Probably the hardest position to fill in a team now with everyone only using 1 striker.
  2. This is going to be amazing. Half Life is the perfect game for VR. My Quest is ready!
  3. The flag is amusing but imagine being a RM fan seeing that
  4. He will get kicked to shit against a Bruce team. Hope he's healed for it!
  5. We look exactly like we did when Jack was out last season.
  6. The game's gone. It will become half hearted celebrations like in the Rugby.
  7. I celebrated Trez's goal for a brief second before I realised it was probably offside from the freekick. Absolutely killed going to the games for me. If there was a protest outside the FA headquarters I'd travel to join in, I hate it that much
  8. Trez and Marvellous were immense. As soon as Kodjia came on I feared the worst. I might be being harsh but was he at fault in any way for the winner?
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