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  1. This will be announced tonight #jonoITK
  2. Go on Tammy lad. Wish him nothing but success (apart from against us). Put more effort in for us as a loan player than most have during the last 6 years whom we own.
  3. 59 minutes to go! Could be delayed until Monday though #jonoitk
  4. He's signed, will be announced before 5pm tonight #jonoitk
  5. His career has officially hit rock bottom.
  6. That flukey 6 will go down as legend Never seen anything like it
  7. Never seen anything like that. At its best there's nothing better than cricket.
  8. A month to go and suddenly we only need a winger (after Trezeguet) and another striker to have an almost complete squad. It's been a brilliant window for us so far, but a RW is a huge issue.
  9. Can't we just be happy that we're signing players with, at a bare minimum, profitability in mind instead of signing players at the end of their careers with no resale value. About **** time.
  10. It was £1m. It included Onomah.
  11. 'expected to play tomorrow' So if he doesn't play tomorrow... Hmmm.....

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