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  1. JB

    Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    Tell me more...
  2. JB

    Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    My girlfriend bought over £100 worth of stuff from ASOS at the start of September using Klarna (marketed as a try-before-you-buy service - return what you don’t like/keep and pay for what you do. In actuality, I’m fairly sure it’s a form of credit). None of the stuff was any good so she sent it all back a couple of days later. She’s had a bill from Klarna today demanding immediate payment for the items. She’s been in touch with ASOS to point out that all items have been returned and to ask why she’s still getting a bill. They’ve responded by saying that they haven’t received the return and have asked to see the proof of postage. Annoyingly, she hasn’t kept this - although I can’t say I blame her; receipts are easily lost and I guess it’s easy to take for granted that your return will end up where it’s supposed to. With this in mind, ASOS are saying that there’s nothing they can do and payment will be required. They’re not budging at all. She’s been to the Post Office where she dropped the return off and they weren’t any help. So it looks like she’s going to have to pay £100+ for literally nothing. Thanks to someone else’s mistake somewhere along the line. Not great when she’s on maternity leave. It seems like we’re at a dead end in terms of what we can do about it. Absolute words removed. Moral of the story - keep your receipts.
  3. JB

    Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    Sooo glad to read that I’m not the only one who thinks The Good Place is actually a bit shit. I thought it was just me! Powered through the whole thing over the summer, based on some esteemed recommendations, hoping it would get better but it certainly didn’t. It’s so smug and self-satisfied and completely unfunny.
  4. JB

    The "Witton Lane" Boxing Chat Thread

    This. I like Joshua and I really want him to be clean but every time I see him I find it increasingly hard to believe. Being that muscular and especially that lean naturally is pretty much an occupation by itself (aka bodybuilding). When you take into account that boxing training is his primary focus it begins to look increasingly dodgy. Look at his arms, for instance. Those biceps require a lot of training. There are juiced bodybuilders whose sole focus is to get as big and as lean as possible who don’t look as good as him. He wouldn’t be on the sort of shit the average swollen, red-faced gym meathead takes but I think it’s likely that there must be something. In some ways, good on him. He’s just playing the game that many more sportspeople than we realise are playing. And he’s doing it better than them.
  5. I’m not anti-Bruce; I’m pro-Villa and anything that makes Villa successful. But there’s a significant overlap in the two positions.
  6. Mystified? Come on. Really? I think you’re being slightly disingenuous or at least exaggerating. To clarify just in case - I think that another draw or, dare I say it, a loss tonight would’ve seen Bruce on his way. I think that with a better manager, we would pick up significantly more points over the course of the rest of the season and the 2/3 dropped tonight would be insignificant in the long run. Perhaps even cancelled out in the next 4/5 (or fewer) games. Yes, it’s hypothetical but based on performances/results this season, and the players at our disposal, I think there’s a fairly strong case for it. I would never, ever want us to lose but we won’t get anywhere while he remains in charge. He’s holding this team back and clinging on to the job by his fingertips.
  7. Obviously pleased with the result (if not the performance) but I think it will end up costing us more points than the 3 we’ve gained.
  8. JB

    Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    Not being able to leave your car anywhere without knowing that you’ll come back to find it in the same state you left it. Went shopping in Cardiff today and parked in the main car park in the centre. Came back to find scratches and significant marks near the rear wheel arch where some incompetent coward had clearly clipped it. Parking in public places has become a gamble. Pretty much everyone I know has had the same thing happen to them. It would be lovely if we could rely on basic human decency and were able to leave our cars safe from words removed who are such shit drivers that they can’t avoid clipping a stationary car in a rather large space and are such conscienceless pussies that they can’t leave a note to take responsibility for their ****-up.
  9. JB

    Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    Enjoyed the Always Sunny cameos in BCS this week
  10. JB

    Cricket: General Chat

    Bang on. Based on what was revealed at trial, the whole thing seemed even worse than when it originally came to light. It was an absolute catalogue of word removed-ishness. There are too many bell ends like this that you see on nights out and I’m staggered that he’s walked away without even a slap on the wrists.
  11. JB

    Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    Not sure if anyone’s ever recommended a kids’ show before but I’ve watched Guillermo del Toro’s Trollhunters on Netflix through a few times now with my daughter and it’s **** brilliant. Ambitious, sprawling story that gets better and better. As it’s a kids’ show (albeit one that’s been moved to the ‘adult’ Netflix) there’s some corniness and a few plot holes but they’re easy to forgive and there’s a lot in there for adults, too. I would think it was the best thing ever if I was 8 but I still love it at 32!
  12. JB

    Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    I still can’t make up my mind. I’m 50/50. As you say, there was nowhere near enough evidence to find him guilty beyond reasonable doubt. Based on what we were shown, anyway. The fact that the defence said that there isn’t another example of a beating death where the skull wasn’t fractured puts more doubt into my mind. But then the scene didn’t look like a fall and there’s the suggestion that someone tried to clean blood off the walls at some point, as well as the fact that there’s evidence that she was alive for 2 hours after she started bleeding. There are a few other things on both sides as well but I don’t want to spoil the remaining episodes for you. It’s not mentioned in the show but the owl theory is certainly interesting...
  13. JB

    Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    I haven’t noticed anyone mention The Staircase on here yet. I thought it was great, too. Do you reckon he did it?
  14. JB

    Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    It probably goes without saying that the new episode of Better Call Saul is magnificent. I never thought I could enjoy a show so much where, on the surface, not all that much happens or things move at a snail’s pace but it really is a case of watching masters of their craft at work. I could watch Mike paint his bathroom.
  15. JB

    Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    Day return train ticket from my local station in Cardiff to Worcester tomorrow - £49.20. What the ****? How can that be justified? Increasing the rail company’s profit margin doesn’t count as a valid reason. I’m going to drive and get a hotel instead. Will cost (only slightly) more but, out of principle, I’m not paying that amount for such a relatively short train journey.