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  1. JB

    WWE: General Chat

    I haven’t watched any wrestling shows in a long time but have stumbled upon Bray Wyatt’s Firefly Funhouse segments on YouTube. They’re absolute genius IMO. They seem to be getting better and better with each episode. There’s so much attention to detail in the attempts to make it unsettling. It’s legitimately entertaining.
  2. Holy ****. I’ve been at best a fair weather for years now but this game has brought the old feelings flooding back. I’ll be honest, I’m barely holding back the tears right now!
  3. This would be the most Villa of Villa results if we don’t hold on to this. **** hell.
  4. Yeah I watched the boxset on NowTV. I can definitely see what you mean, actually. I went into it with no expectations so perhaps I was very pleasantly surprised as much as anything. There’s definitely enough there to make it top tier stuff for me, though.
  5. Barry season 2 finale. Wow Best show on TV at the moment IMO. Bill Hader is brilliant.
  6. Bang on. I expected it to be a disappointment but it was even worse. Absolute dog shit. I didn’t completely hate the way the story ended but the acting, dialogue, logic - urgh. Arya: I know a killer when I see one. Everybody else: The Mad Queen who just burned hundreds of thousands of innocent people? All the other episodes this season at least had some redeeming features but there was nothing good about this one IMO. Worst of the lot. Bring on the remake
  7. I’ve got no issue with Dany going mad. I think the signs have been there since near the beginning and it’s where the story was always going. That said, I don’t like how mad she went (if that makes sense). I think it would’ve been enough of a heel turn and more believable if the innocent people had been collateral damage and she hadn’t cared, rather than having the battle won and then choosing to go on a homicidal rampage. As it was, it didn’t feel earned or effectively built up to. It was way OTT and felt like it was done for the sake of spectacle. She essentially turned from a bit of a dick into one of the most vicious, evil people who ever lived.
  8. Watched a few of his videos before based on a recommendation on here. They’re excellent. I remember him saying something along the lines of there being no chance that the White Walkers are just one-dimensional evil zombies. Probably one of the reasons why he’s barely able to hide his disdain for this episode!
  9. That’s my main issue with the episode - there’s so much stupid. However, I did read that Jon doesn’t scream in the dragon’s face for the sake of it; it’s blocking the entrance to the wood and he’s shouting “Gooo! Go! Go!” to Arya, distracting it so she can get past. I’ve watched it back and it’s plausible. I’m just not sure if it’s giving the writers too much credit based on much of the rest of the episode. I hope that there turns out to be some significance to Bran warging right up until the Night King arrived in the wood and the prolonged look between the two of them. But I doubt it. In that moment they had me expecting a bombshell - the Night King speaking or Bran greeting him by his real (familiar) name.
  10. Yep, that was definitely the word that came to mind when I was reading that.
  11. JB

    Gym Routine

    (Aim to) Train five days per week so the best way I can currently think of splitting things is: 1. Back/Shoulders 2. Chest/Arms 3. Legs (More hams - RDLs main lift) 4. Upper body (more high rep, mind-muscle, superset type stuff) 5. Legs (quads focus) Do most of my upper body stuff on days 1 and 2 so the general upper day doesn’t take forever. Couple of rest days when they suit me each week. I’d like to be able to train 6 days a week and spread things a bit thinner but life gets in the way. As long as I don’t leave longer than 5 days between training a muscle group then I don’t stress too much if I miss a session.
  12. JB

    Gym Routine

    Yeah I’d say that’s not a great program at all. 20 sets of quads After a certain point your body is effectively ‘done’. Further sets are likely to be ‘junk volume’ as you’re not able to train with the intensity required to trigger a response. Say you were training back, for example. 5 sets of pull ups and 5 sets of strict barbell rows, then 3 sets of cable rows. The weight/intensity with which you’re going to be able to do the cable rows is going to be really compromised by what came before. Yet they’ll still add to your accumulated fatigue. I’ve been reading some stuff recently which strongly suggests that for the average, natural lifter, 10 sets per session of a particular body part is pretty much the upper limit. Increased frequency seems to be the way forward for best results. I do a 2-3 sessions per muscle group per week, now. For example, 9 sets of quads on a Monday, 6 on a Thursday. Those 6 sets will be done at a greater intensity than they would’ve been had I tacked them on to the end of my Monday session
  13. FFS people don’t book an appointment at the gym. I bet there are a few in yours who think you’re a knob. Not in my experience. No more so than in any other sphere - i.e. be kind, reasonable and considerate and don’t be a word removed. Which isn’t to say that that’s how everyone acts, unfortunately.
  14. I feel your pain. Ours starts next month and I’m dreading it, although we’re using a private childminder which is slightly cheaper. We could pay for a really nice family holiday with what we’re going to be shelling out every couple of months, though and although we’re both lucky enough to earn enough to afford it, it’s going to leave us pretty skint by the end of the month. Neither set of grandparents live nearby so we have no alternative. What really pisses me off is what a fortune the nursery owners I’m aware of are making off people like us whilst paying their staff minimum wage.
  15. Mentioned this a few pages back. **** brilliant.

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