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  1. I feel your pain. Ours starts next month and I’m dreading it, although we’re using a private childminder which is slightly cheaper. We could pay for a really nice family holiday with what we’re going to be shelling out every couple of months, though and although we’re both lucky enough to earn enough to afford it, it’s going to leave us pretty skint by the end of the month. Neither set of grandparents live nearby so we have no alternative. What really pisses me off is what a fortune the nursery owners I’m aware of are making off people like us whilst paying their staff minimum wage.
  2. Mentioned this a few pages back. **** brilliant.
  3. Guess who’s big in the back time.
  4. I often wonder if these words removed know how much they don’t know and shamelessly lie to their audience, or if they have convinced themselves that they have all the answers and spout their bullshit through blind confidence. I’m not sure which is worse to be honest.
  5. I live in Cardiff, too . I love a match day! I’ve played rugby and played alongside plenty of words removed and with plenty of decent guys. I’ve been to loads of games at Twickenham, the Principality and in Australia and encountered plenty of words removed at each every time. But then I’ve met plenty more sound people of all nationalities. I’ve been to VP and been surrounded by utter cretins but I know first hand that the average Villa fan is cool Anecdotally, my experience is different to yours in that I’ve found Welsh rugby fans to be worse than any other, with a pretty rabid hatred of the English and I saw a bunch of Valley boys smash up a bar in Putney after a 6N game. But for me to then generalise Welsh rugby fans as words removed would be ridiculously stupid. I share the common dislike of the stereotypical English rugby fan but, again, they’re the minority. It just re-emphasises the point that we’re all the same. There are words removed in every group of people. You’re no more likely to be one if you’re Welsh/English/rugby fan/football fan/whatever. Stereotypes are dumb. Generalising rugby fans as words removed is about as accurate as doing so for football fans because of the racist, homophobic and violent few. This is all based on my own experiences of course but I don’t think it’s fair game to call any group of people (particularly one with their own thread on this forum) words removed based on a stereotype.
  6. A bit harsh, chaps. I know you’re (probably) only having a laugh so maybe I’m a bit sensitive but I guess that this is perfect for this thread as it pisses me off. I’m a rugby fan and so are most of my friends and family and it’s not very nice being labelled as a word removed based on lazy stereotypes. I hate getting lumped in with generalisations. There are words removed at rugby games just like there are at football/cricket/whatever matches but the vast majority are ‘normal’ people. It’s almost like there will be a few bells ends in every large gathering of people... . I’m also not sure where the idea that people are fans of either rugby or football has come from. There’s snobbery in both camps but most people I know are fans of both. I’m never comfortable labelling entire groups of people as words removed. Apart from Tories and Leavers of course...
  7. It’s kind of interesting that it seems that society in general is increasingly concerned with the likes of what was mentioned above in the cartoons, yet there seems to be a very relaxed attitude towards the increasingly adult themes kids are exposed to through, in particular, music (the likes of Little Mix being marketed to 5 year-olds), 8 year-olds having Instagram accounts, spending countless hours on YouTube and having their own smart phones. I really haven’t explained what I mean very well at all but it’s almost like attitudes are moving in both directions at the same time - people getting antsy about anything edgy in cartoons but not caring about kids being exposed to potentially more harmful negative influences elsewhere.
  8. As satisfying a result as I can remember. Fantastic stuff. I hope it’s possible to maintain that intensity for the rest of tournament.
  9. That was one of the biggest bottle jobs I’ve ever seen in any sport. It took being French to a whole new level. Completely agree that France threw it away rather than Wales won it. Sets Wales up very nicely for a tilt at the title. Ireland England today will be very close. Ultimately, I think Ireland’s settled game plan and combinations will be too much for us and they’ll win by 6-9 points.
  10. Moving house so called our internet providers to arrange a switch. Told me that they don’t cover the area and that BT have purchased exclusive rights to provision there (new build estate). Contact BT who quote me several prices far higher than what I’m currently paying. Tell them repeatedly that I don’t need superfast fibre before they decide to let me know that that’s all they’re able to provide in that location. It’s really **** me off. I want to refuse their services out of principle but if I do that then I get no internet at home. I’m being forced to pay for a service I don’t want from a company I don’t want to use. Housing developers are greedy, greedy words removed. Such practices shouldn’t be legal.
  11. Just finished HBO’s Barry. **** brilliant. Laugh out loud funny but also very, very dark at times. That final episode - wow. Can’t wait for season 2. I think I heard of it based on a recommendation on here, so cheers to whoever it was, if so .
  12. No worries . I could’ve been clearer about what part of your post I was referring to. I still think that there’s an important differentiation between red meat and processed meat. I couldn’t agree more with what you say about nutrition being a minefield of misinformation and special interest. There are so many social media ‘personalities’ with names like ‘Wellness Warrior’ and no significant background in nutritional science who spout relentless bullshit based on nothing more than their own unfounded beliefs. I looked more into the idea that meat sits and rots in our guts as it just didn’t sound biologically feasible to me. It appears that it is not the case. There are foods that sit and rot in our guts but they are all plant-based foods, which makes sense given the high fibre content. I haven’t read anything which suggests that this is harmful, though. I had never heard of Max Gerson. If, as he claims, he has effectively cured cancer, then I suspect he would be a bit more famous. But having briefly looked him up, if he’s the same one who died in 1959, then he appears to be a dangerous charlatan whose methods are the very definition of pseudoscience and quackery. The special interest in the Gerson Institute’s case seems to be cash, with ‘treatment’ prices starting from $11,000 (not including special juicing machines and foods), part of which seems to involve pumping coffee up your arse five times a day. In fact, not only has the data from his claims been analysed to show that there is no benefit from his treatments, but they have been found to be actively dangerous. I’m going off topic here. Just to be clear, I’m not arguing against veganism - far from it. I’m just expressing my scepticism of some of the points raised. Veganism is undoubtedly a good thing and doesn’t need bullshit to support it. Most vegans I know choose not to consume animal products on ethical grounds and I don’t think that there’s a valid counter argument to that.
  13. If we’re advising each other to Google stuff, I’ll counter with Googling something about critical analysis of WHO recommendations. Examine.com is very good for evidence-based analysis. FYI I don’t have a horse in this race. I’m not leaping to the defence of meat. Veganism is something I’m very much interested in (hence why I’m reading this thread). I think you may not have taken my post in the spirit it was intended. You’ve also read something in my post that wasn’t there. I never said that linking processed meat to cancer was the huge claim. As @Davkaus points out, in your original post, you refer to meat in general which was something that I wanted to pick you up on. You’ve now referred specifically to red and processed meat. But it was the claim that meat sitting in our gut and rotting causes cancer that I was really interested in hearing more about. I’m no doctor but I’m surprised that’s not relatively common knowledge, if true. There may be some truth to it - I honestly don’t know. As I said, I’m always open to learning more but statements like that ring alarm bells and I’d classify that as a pretty big claim . Also, do you have any data on the increased rates of bowel cancer in societies with ‘higher meat’ diets? I’d imagine it would be a very nuanced discussion. I would absolutely agree that there is evidence linking processed meat to an increased risk of cancer but headlines that say that it ‘causes’ cancer are hyperbole. The actual impact depends on dosage, which I think is a very important distinction to make, and even then, the level of increased risk is not really known, but appears to be very low. I also made a point of adding the words ‘in isolation’ to my post. A lot of critical analysis of WHO recommendations has brought up the good old correlation vs causation argument. That is, people who consume the amounts of processed meat that would have a significant effect on their physiology, tend to have countless other unhealthy lifestyle factors in play (drinking, smoking, sedentary etc.). Public health recommendations are always worth critical examination. You won’t find me arguing that processed meat is good for you. But is there any evidence that moderate consumption as part of an otherwise balanced diet gives you cancer?
  14. Wow that’s a huge claim to make. Always happy to be educated but if that’s true, I’m very surprised that it’s not more widely known. I’m certainly not aware of any evidence that links meat consumption (in isolation) to cancer.
  15. JB

    The Film Thread

    I didn’t think it was great story-wise but I really enjoyed it. It was one of the funniest films I’ve seen in the last year. It was genuinely funny, too - not cheesy-superhero-quip funny.

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