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  1. Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    Really, really wanted to love The Leftovers, particularly after the wonderful first few episodes of season 3. But it just fizzled out in the end and was ultimately all a bit pointless. I could feel the smug and self-satisfaction of Lindelof coming through my screen. I don't know, maybe I'm just not smart enough to understand it but there was so much promise that it didn't fulfil IMO. Fargo season 3 next. Can't wait. I know that I'm going to love that.
  2. British & Irish Lions - New Zealand 2017

    On his day yes, but his days are few and far between now. He just looks like he can't be arsed most of the time and he's not got a great rugby brain IMO. His strength and physicality set him apart but I think others have caught up with him and even offer more. I would have him on the bench over Halfpenny any day, though.
  3. British & Irish Lions - New Zealand 2017

    North has done nothing to deserve a place in the 23. Picking him would've been a gamble based on the hope that he would turn up. That said, I wouldn't be opposed to seeing him on the bench in place of Halfpenny. It's pointless him being there. North, Joseph or even Nowell would be more likely to be game-changers.
  4. British & Irish Lions - New Zealand 2017

    Williams at full back and Daly on the wing both excellent calls. Did not expect Gatland to drop two of his favourites, though - fair play! Not sure about Jones over Itoje but other than that happy with the line-up and the attacking intent. Excited now!
  5. British & Irish Lions - New Zealand 2017

    Hadn't even thought of the Gray brothers. That makes it even worse. It sounds dramatic but Gatland and Howley are pretty much ruining this tour for me. We won in Australia in spite of them (and because Australia were shit). I hate to say it but I'm feeling slightly jaded about the Lions. It's supposed to be about the four nations coming together but as you say, Gatland is undermining that with Wales undeservedly being the most representative nation now. Gatland is breeding resentment towards them amongst rugby fans with his bias. Moriarty (who shouldn't have been there in the first place) ruled out - surely that means an overdue call-up for Robshaw? Plus articles on WalesOnline about how the loss to Highlanders was Owen Farrell's fault and how Halfpenny would've nailed that kick. I bloody love the Lions and this is all putting a massive downer on it for me.
  6. British & Irish Lions - New Zealand 2017

    If rumours of the replacement call-ups are true then Gatland is a **** dick. I understand the argument about geography but that shouldn't matter. As Eddie Jones says, pick on merit over location. Lions caps (regardless of whether they are mid-week or not) should not just be handed out. We're going to get tuned by the ABs but I genuinely think we could be competitive if it wasn't for Gatland and Howley. I thought picking Leigh Halfpenny (with by far the worst stats of any tier 1 full-back) was bad enough but Cory Hill over Joe Launchbury is another level.
  7. Gym Routine

    For anyone interested, the International Society of Sports Nutrition has released its position stand on diets and body composition. It's a good read. PDF available for download here.
  8. Gym Routine

    Yep, that's pretty much what I was trying to get at with my last paragraph. He's got the most basic knowledge for a personal trainer (a lot of his stuff is flat out incorrect) but he's obviously very, very good at appealing to the masses.
  9. Gym Routine

    Be wary of listening to the Body Coach. He's essentially a lucky chancer who has blagged his way to the top with nonsense like "Eat more, exercise less". Be careful with his recipes - somebody did a calorie analysis on the recipes in his book and at least several of them came in at well over a 1000 calories per serving! He also has various sponsorship arrangements with food companies, most notably Lucy Bee's Coconut Oil, which I've heard he uses in most of his recipes and reckons has magical properties. Needless to say, it doesn't and is just very, very calorie-dense. He's basically a marketeer with no background, education or qualifications in nutrition and very little concern for the accuracy of what he says . Martin MacDonald has put out some really good stuff addressing all of this. All of that said, I do have a grudging respect for how he's engaged people, generally promotes eating nutritious, whole foods and has made stuff seem really simple.
  10. General Election 2017

    Sticking to your principles doesn't make you a good person if your principles are **** up.
  11. Gym Routine

    Oh and while I'm having a moan - guys who bring their BCAAs onto the gym with them. Not the drink mixed in a shaker but the actual tub. This really shouldn't annoy me but their attempt at looking hardcore actually makes them look like clearings in the woods. Plus BCAAs have been proven not to work and to be a total waste of money.
  12. Gym Routine

    Gym goal: Never be that word removed who makes other people have to bring headphones to the gym because you're so **** loud and obnoxious. I don't like training with headphones but I've brought some specifically tonight because every time I train at this time King Bellend is here with his posse and their constant "WOOOOO!"-ing and "BRUV! BRUV! BRUV!"
  13. General Election 2017

    Exactly. Imagine your reaction if someone on here had predicted that. Canterbury as well.
  14. General Election 2017

    Fair enough. I understand what you're saying and the reasons behind it. But I just think that amongst other things, this election has shown us just how difficult it is to predict things with such certainty.
  15. General Election 2017

    You say that with a lot of certainty considering how wrong you and others (myself included) were about the outcome of this election. You may well be right but I really don't think it's that simple. If anything, this result will give him/Labour a bit of momentum (no pun intended) IMO. Another possibility is that people will jump on the bandwagon (for want of a better phrase) and see him as a viable option.