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  1. The Film Thread

    I didn’t think Portman was an issue in Annihilation. The supporting characters/cast and their motivations maybe, but its main problem for me was just how paint by numbers and uninventive it felt until the final few scenes. Gang goes on expedition into uncharted territory, get attacked by creatures and picked off one by one. Been done a million times before (and much better) and had promised so much more. Not terrible by any means but a huge disappointment.
  2. Rugby: General Chat

    Fair play, Ireland - what a fecking outstanding team. Not always the prettiest to watch but so well organised. They’d seriously challenge the ABs at the moment. Streets ahead of every other side in the 6N and a well-deserved Grand Slam. England are staggeringly poor. It’s been coming for ages. They haven’t looked convincing since the Scotland game last year. I don’t know if the players are over-trained, knackered from the Lions or what but they look lethargic, physically weak and brainless. They play with absolutely no nous whatsoever and there appears to be no attacking plan other than try to bosh it up the middle, which won’t work without Billy and an effective backrow to compete at the breakdown. They always seem to take the ball from a standing start rather than running onto it at pace. Eddie’s taken us backwards and some of the stuff he’s been coming out with in the press suggest that things will only get worse. I was at the Wales game and watching the second half in the Millennium Stadium was painful! Elliot Daly is pretty much the only positive. A class above and one of the best players in the world IMO. I’m probably going to sound like a massive word removed here and I’d like to preface it by saying that I don’t think it’s had any bearing on results or is in any way to blame for England losing but England are having a really rough time with the officials. It’s usually swings and roundabouts but the way things have been I’m finding it very hard to believe that there isn’t some sort of sub-conscious (or perhaps conscious in some cases...) bias from some referees against England. Many times we bring it on ourselves and there are undoubtedly differences in how the Premiership is officiated that are costing us but we’ve been on the wrong side of too many 50/50 calls. Ireland would’ve found a way to beat us regardless but that ref yesterday really did his best to stop us being at all competitive, following on from the shocker he had as touch judge in the France game. Nige only reffed one team in the Scotland game. I HATE moaning about refs but occasionally a conversation needs to be had. Even my Welsh mates have been saying that there’s something not right!
  3. The Film Thread

    Slightly disappointed by Annihilation. I didn’t completely dislike it but having been really looking forward to it for a while, I thought it was merely OK. Rather than being complex or challenging, I thought the majority of the film was incredibly straightforward and actually quite shallow. In fact, I think the ‘weirdness’ of the final act is what saves it. I wish it had had more of that. There’s some incredibly stupid behaviour from some of the supporting characters and one of the them only seemed to be there to provide clunky exposition. A missed opportunity IMO.
  4. Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    I’ve just finished and been very pleasantly surprised by Manhunt: Unabomber on Netflix. It’s not perfect but was mostly excellent. Episode 6, although possibly trying too hard to make the audience sympathise with the bomber, was one of the best episodes of TV I’ve watched in a while. Paul Bettany was outstanding. Highly recommended.
  5. Media and punditry

    What Carragher has done is clearly disgusting and vile and definitely sack-worthy IMO but I’m shocked that nobody in the media seems to be picking up on the fact the guy driving the car is blatantly using his phone on a dual carriageway with no regard for anyone else’s safety. He’s just as much of a word removed and having incriminated himself, needs to be made an example of.
  6. The Film Thread

    Del Toro’s said that they’re completely unrelated, apparently.
  7. The Film Thread

    Watched The Shape of Water last night. I thought it was good, perhaps very good, but didn’t do enough to be considered a great film IMO. The best things about it were the performances. Shannon and Jenkins are two of my favourite actors and an Oscar for Hawkins would be well deserved. My main gripes: Re. the ending: I enjoyed it and would like to watch it again. Perhaps I’d see more in it but on first viewing, it didn’t do anything to shift the thought that Del Toro is somewhat overrated and living off a couple of, admittedly, truly great films when the majority of his output has been fairly middling.
  8. The Film Thread

    Thor Ragnarok tonight. Not quite as good as I’d hoped with Waititi at the helm and how much I love all of his other movies. However, I still thought it was bloody great. I’m not a fan of Marvel movies but it’s easily the best that I’ve seen and grew on me as it went on. Great fun and I could tell that Waititi was having a blast, even though there were a few concessions that I can imagine he would have had to have made. Highly recommended even for non-comic book fans.
  9. Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    Should somebody just tell him? For now I’ll just say that there’s an episode in season 6 called ‘Battle of the Bastards’ that I think you might quite like...
  10. Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    I saw that when it came out a few years back and was similarly stunned. At the time, I remember thinking that the main chap was a complete word removed for the way he announced it in a video dairy in order to seemingly wring maximum drama out of the situation. Almost played it like a twist in the tale. (Though I’ll admit that I may be misremembering it.) I was shocked that the trip/show continued and wasn’t immediately cancelled. I certainly couldn’t bring myself to watch anymore.
  11. Things You Don't "Get"

    They’d have to achieve a level of stretchiness previously unknown to human kind to make such jeans an option for someone who lifts .
  12. Things You Don't "Get"

    Squats not going well?
  13. Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    Really disliked the first episode of Altered Carbon. Pretty much all of the main flaws pointed out above but the stereotypical stoic badass of a main character that’s been done a million times before was really annoying. Does it get significantly better?