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  1. Agree to disagree. I definitely don’t think that he’s the best 9 we’ve got. His kicking has been all right but it doesn’t make up for his consistently poor passing. Anyway, very strong half from England. I can’t remember Ireland getting in our 22 but we’ve wasted a few opportunities to threaten their line.
  2. **** Youngs pinging it at a forward’s face from point blank range. 98 caps. 98.
  3. He’s trying to squeeze as many versatile backs onto the pitch as possible to make up for the 6/2 split on the bench. Still batshit crazy, mind. Read a stat earlier saying that we’ve got a 43% win rate with Lawes at 6.
  4. JB

    Gym Routine

    Maybe it was someone else or I’m misremembering - apologies on my part if so.
  5. JB

    Gym Routine

    Pretty sure I remember myself and a few others saying this to you a while ago based on some of the workouts you posted and being given pretty short shrift. @kurtsimonw I don’t post all that often but have read a lot of your posts on another thread and have been meaning to post a response. I don’t claim to be the font of all knowledge on training and nutrition but I’d really like to try and help you in any way I can. PM me any time with specific questions and I’ll do my best to advise. You’re probably trying to process a lot of information but above all in the mean time, make sure you’re covering the basics: - keep training simple and consistent, focus on building muscle (forget about trying to lose fat for now) - eat at least maintenance calories (there are no perfect calculators so use one as a basis and then monitor and adjust accordingly) - 0.8-1g of protein per pound of target body weight. - keep a record of each workout to monitor progress. Stick to a simple pull/push/legs split and consider sacking off the big lifts. Consider embracing machines and higher volume sets. Basically, go all out on the bodybuilding-style training if aesthetics is what you’re after. It doesn’t sound like you get on too well with the bench. Don’t fall into the trap of being a hybrid powerlifter. Keep sets above 8 reps at the very least and don’t be afraid to go as high as 20. As I say, feel free to PM any time.
  6. I heard that he’s got very set-in-stone parameters for selection. He sacked Ben Morgan off far too soon. He was one of England’s best players but hasn’t had a look in under Jones, who apparently has issues with his work rate without the ball.
  7. Jones doubling down on not selecting, or at least developing, an alternative 9 and seemingly Curry at 8. It seems to be baffling to everybody except him. At this point I’ll be very surprised if we don’t shit the bed under pressure, again, against Scotland.
  8. Yep, that was staggering incompetence. Ben Youngs is so, so shit.
  9. Yep. We seem to have games like this on a fairly regular basis where the opposition looks 10% physically stronger and more focussed than we do. Will there be a French collapse where they gift us two tries like there was in their first game last year? Will there ****.
  10. Sadly not. He should never have got to 50 caps let alone a hundred. He’s always played one good game in every ten and hasn’t been dropped yet so we’re stuck with him. Shockingly poor so far from England. Sluggish, can’t pass, lacking aggression and error-ridden. Decision to not pick a genuine 8 already backfired. Villa yesterday, now this.
  11. There’s a pretty long list of utterly soul-destroying things about that game. It was the same gutless, incompetent non-performance that we’ve seen on countless occasions this season. I can’t recall seeing a team who struggle to find space to such an extent. Too often, our players receive the ball under pressure and have nobody to pass to.
  12. Really, really poor. Completely outfought. Playing like the one-man team everyone says we are. Some of them don’t have the stomach for it.
  13. He’s a genius in many ways so I’d love to know Eddie’s reasoning behind not developing any depth in certain positions. Youngs (30) and Heinz (33) as the only 9s in the squad is baffling. It seems so obvious. Wales, for example, have given plenty of game time to at least four different 9s who could all easily now slot in at test level. At least bring in a prospect to train with the squad.
  14. Eddie Jones has forgotten more in the last ten seconds than I’ll ever know about rugby so I’d love to know some of the logic behind his decisions. Heinz and Youngs (who is crap 9 games out of 10) only 9s and no specialist 8. Certainly not developing any depth.
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