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  1. Very disappointing, that. Liverpool were so poor at the back and looked like conceding every time we attacked them but we seemed to settle for a point. Game seemed made for Davis. Got what we deserved tbh. Watkins and Martinez were both outstanding. Everyone else ranged from ‘meh’ to utter shite.
  2. Kind of feels like we’ve got what we deserved. Seemed like we’ve sat back all second half with very little positive intent when Liverpool looked very, very fragile at the back.
  3. Not only is Traore utterly shit, he’s an absolute fanny, too.
  4. Attack is the best form of defence here, I reckon. They look really poor at the back.
  5. I’ve been on the fence about Traore but that ‘pass’ was one of the worst, most stupid things I’ve seen in a football match.
  6. Every game is the same, now. I’ve just no idea what our game plan or tactics are.
  7. Feel so sorry for Watkins. No service at all and only gets given the ball when he’s completely isolated. It’s so, so shit.
  8. Considering chucking crosses in seems to be the only way we attack, you’d think we’d be better than completely **** hopelessly shit at it.
  9. Anlwcus Cymru. I really mean that. That was a brutal ending. I think that was actually the best Wales have played in the 6N, although I think it was arguably the fair result based on a few decisions that went Wales’s way. So many of that team are certs for the Lions. W. Jones, Navidi, Tipuric. AW Jones and North have played themselves back in and I think Biggar will be starting 10. That saaaaid... I’m awaiting memes of Alun Wyn looking sad after the match
  10. Welsh tackling technique is outstanding.
  11. Wow what a **** idiot! Cost his team the game there. France will do French things I guess.
  12. Wouldn’t be a Wales game if there wasn’t a ref’s call going their way
  13. Thought that was less of a try than the disallowed one!
  14. Wyn Jones (prop) having a class game in the loose.
  15. Signs already that France are losing their heads. Cymru have got this.
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