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  1. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    It’s immoral, though.
  2. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    That’s what I thought. The guy is a massive word removed so I’m not surprised. I would definitely have looked into it if it affected me.I doubt he would chase up docking his own pay if he couldn’t make it. All staff there are salaried as far as I’m aware.
  3. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    I’m a teacher in an independent school and our principal took great delight in sending an email to us all stating that any days we couldn’t make it in due to snow would be unpaid. Absolute mother-****. It’s not so bad for me but I have colleagues who live in the Valleys. I’m not sure what he wants people to do if they can’t even safely make it down to the bottom of their road. No way they should be penalised for that. Or worse, encouraged to take what should be unnecessary risks.
  4. The Game's Gone

    Modern football fans (present company excepted, obviously). I’m being forced to sit through the Manchester derby at my mate’s house. I’m not really watching it properly so can’t really comment on the game itself but the away fans are apparently chanting ‘Park the bus’ in relation to Utd’s tactics. The fact that fans get on their high-horse about another team daring to play in a way that doesn’t ideally suit their team pisses me off massively. The sheer arrogance of it. They need to remember where they came from. If it wasn’t for oil money they’d probably be in the football league again.
  5. Gym Routine

    A new low in my gym? A pair of absolute numpties using the Smith machine to leg press . Lying on their backs on the floor and pushing the bar away from them. Hugely complicated set-up with one of the them having to unrack the bar and other catching it in his foot arches. Not sure what’s wrong with the three different leg presses that we’ve got here... It’s one the stupidest things I’ve ever seen in the gym and the sort of thing that normally ends up as a meme! EDIT: One of them nearly got the disaster his idiocy deserved - he didn’t position the bar properly on his foot and it slipped down to his toes forcing him massively into dorsiflexion with the bar nearly falling on top of him! So close! I’d have pissed my pants laughing.
  6. Cricket: General Chat

    I agree with much of what you say but there’s a definite mental fragility and arrogance to that team. The regular self-destruction, lack of discipline and throwing away of wickets through inexplicable stroke play are issues that have needed addressing for ages.
  7. Cricket: General Chat

    Fair points. But it’s cumulative. They’ve consistently shown a fondness for a good old collapse.
  8. Cricket: General Chat

    It’s absolutely gutting that, after several years of waiting, that the Ashes is effectively over. It’s pretty much done as a contest, anyway. There’s no coming back from this. Credit to the Aussie bowlers but I think this England team needs a huge kick up the arse in order to change the mentality, whether it be arrogance, fragility, whatever. To collapse so regularly is not right. The amount of guys who throw their wickets away innings after innings is insane. They need to be held to account. We need a character like Eddie Jones to come in and doing something similar to what he’s done with our rugby team - that is, take no shit and demand excellence.
  9. Cricket: General Chat

    **** hell. Just woken up to the exact alerts on my phone that I feared. Sounds like another gutless England collapse. All too predictable. There’s a real arrogance running through that team.
  10. Cricket: General Chat

    I’m almost too nervous to go to sleep tonight because of that feeling I’ll have when my alarm goes off at 6:30am and I’ll see the alerts on my phone. It was good this morning seeing that the Aussie innings was done and we’d made a solid start in response but the stakes are a lot higher tonight. I can already envisage seeing the alerts now - WICKET, WICKET, WICKET, WICKET, WICKET, WICKET, INNINGS, RESULT . Reminds me of Brexit night. Hopefully there’ll be a better result this time. I’m going to predict glorious failure but there’s the chance for several players to make legends of themselves. Whatever happens, they just can’t be throwing their wickets away. Again.
  11. Cricket: General Chat

    Not sure what we’re all worrying about to be honest - Root 100, Vince 30, Malan 20, Bairstow and Moeen 30 a piece, then Anderson to polish it off with 75 n.o. Easy.
  12. Cricket: General Chat

    It’s the hope that kills you... but come on England! Although I’ve just read that in the last decade, we’ve never got within 100 runs of a target of 350+
  13. Things you often Wonder

    Well I’m sure you don’t need me to do the maths for you but say it’s a 100g serving then - around 380 total calories. There’s currently 10g of sugar in that - 40 total calories. Even with the top end of the ‘up to 40%’ reduction in sugar, it’s only a saving of 16 calories. Take all of the sugar out and you’ve still only saved 40 calories. Still essentially nothing so the point still stands.
  14. Things you often Wonder

    Nutrition-nerd rant coming up that will probably interest nobody but will make me feel better . Possibly one for the TTPYOTS thread... I wonder how much of an impact this sugar reduction will have. Actually I don't. It's little more than a PR stunt targeted at people who don't know any better. Rice Krispies, for example, only have 3g of sugar per serving. Kellogg's are apparently reducing sugar content by 'up to' 40%. Even if they remove all the sugar from Rice Krispies, that will be a grand total of 12 fewer calories per serving i.e. virtually nothing. There would be almost identical calorie reductions in Coco Pops, too. It will have literally no impact. Calories consumed have been unequivocally shown to be the number one factor in nutritional health. Sugar isn't good for you but it isn't inherently bad for you, either. All forms of carbohydrate are utilised by the body in the same way (turned into glucose). The problems with sugar are that it has no nutritional value and it is very, very easy to overconsume (too many calories) but if health improvement is the goal then the focus needs to be on education and reducing how much people eat.
  15. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    Noted. But surely you can appreciate how it appeared as though you did indeed miss the point by mentioning only censorship and not the issue of hypocrisy that he raised? I didn't read Raver's original post as being prudish in the slightest - rather he was annoyed about what he perceived as hypocrisy in the media. 'Several of you'? If you read my post, you'll see that I clearly said that I was unsure of my opinion on the issue but there was an interesting debate to be had. I can see arguments for both sides. You raise some good points but equally there are things like female on male violence apparently being acceptable, men frequently being portrayed as idiots etc. There's no way it would be allowed to stand if the roles were reversed (which, once again, I believe was Raver's point). It's an interesting issue that it's often difficult to raise without being immediately called a sexist or misogynist. To reiterate - I'm on the fence. I was curious about other people's opinions. However, I would agree with your take on censorship not being the way forward. More stuff needs to be fair game without having to worry about upsetting people.