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  1. JB

    Dean Smith

    This is it for Smith now. It’s all on this half of football. If there isn’t a reaction in the second half and the changes that are so painfully obviously needed aren’t made then it’s the end of line. The are no other premier league teams who tolerate being so shit for so long. And we’re getting worse.
  2. Utterly pathetic performance. We’re so, so passive. There’s no fight, no desire and crucially no movement. Nobody ever seems to receive the ball in space. We’re in absolute freefall.
  3. I’m struggling to think of a bigger, less ambitious, total capitulation. We don’t appear to be trying at all. Something seriously wrong here.
  4. JB

    Jack Grealish

    For the first time in years and years, I try to watch every single Villa game simply because of this boy. He’s just incredible to watch. He’s essentially responsible for me liking an entire sport again and I’ll be absolutely gutted the day he leaves.
  5. The most damning thing is that refs can still be so staggeringly shit with the benefit of replays to help them. That’s the worst decision I’ve ever seen.
  6. Yep change was the wrong word. I think bringing in ‘our’ world so early potentially ruins the impact of the ending. I also recall thinking that one of the most memorable moments from the books was the opening of the second as it was gradually revealed where it was taking place. As I say, I’m probably not viewing it objectively. Maybe it’s just not living up to what I hoped it would be. All of the big moments I’ve been waiting for so far have been disappointing. Iorek is pretty poorly done. it really seems to have divided opinion. Almost everyone I know who’s seen it is disappointed or flat out dislikes it but it generally seems to be going down well online.
  7. His Dark Materials seems to have really divided opinion. Going against the grain on here a bit but after a really promising first episode (some issues with the casting of McAvoy and Wilson aside), it’s got progressively worse with each episode IMO to the point where I now think that it’s actually pretty bad. Maybe I’m not viewing it objectively as I’m a big fan of the books but there’s a lot that I really don’t like. I think the major change to the plot is pretty catastrophic and some of the acting is ropey, too. It’s pretty much the opposite of my opinion of Watchmen. I’ve never read the graphic novel and didn’t think the first couple of episodes were up to much. But it got progressively better with each one to the point where I ultimately thought it was excellent.
  8. He’s asked about people dying in hospital corridors during Tory cuts and he’s somehow allowed to swing his answer back round to his time as mayor of London, Labour and how he will get Brexit done? He’s answered every question with the same old stock phrases and sound bites. It was almost too predictable. Utterly shameless and he’s been let off incredibly easily by some generous moderation. Words cannot express the loathing that I have for that word removed.
  9. “By the way I think most people are right...” “I know a lot of Tory MPs and ... the public is basically correct.”
  10. I’m not sure what the odds were but Wales were 6 Nations champions and ranked above England. They’d developed such a knack of winning tight games that they were pretty well-fancied. Ah that’s not quite what I said . I said that the idea of England fans being arrogant is exaggerated. Like most stereotypes, there’s an element of truth (plenty of rah-rah types follow the ‘rugger’) but because of it, I think things get twisted or highlighted in a way that they wouldn’t with other nations. My point was that when viewed objectively, I’d be pretty confident in saying that the English aren’t any more or less arrogant than fans of countries of similar or greater success levels. Maybe I’m just being naturally defensive and I’m blind to it but I’ve never seen any evidence of English arrogance that I haven’t seen from other nations. The idea was formed a bit before my time so I’m open to the possibility that there was more of a basis for it before the sport became a bit more diverse. I’d agree about the self-deprecation from many of the Welsh fans. I’ve had plenty of great times watching international rugby in Wales with Welsh friends and my father/brothers-in-law. I’ve been called an English word removed for no reason but I’ve also been bought a pint by guys I’ve got chatting to during a game.
  11. That’s a good post. I thinks it’s a really interesting discussion so thanks for not being an arse about it . That said, there are a few things I would take issue with. I think Villa/SHA is a good analogy but England aren’t the stronger side in the overwhelming way that Villa are. If anything, Wales are based on achievements over the past 12 years. There have been countless games between the two in that time where England have gone in as underdogs and all I’ve heard from the Welsh media and fans is how they’re going to ‘smash’ us. It seems that whenever you ask someone about their hatred for the English it always comes back to arrogance. I think the idea of arrogance of the English rugby collective is overblown. I think it’s a stereotype and it’s a case of if you look for it hard enough you will find it, which an element of the Welsh support certainly do. I would say that the English are no more arrogant than the Welsh. It’s impossible to measure and highly subjective and we’re always likely to see it more in our opposition. I posted a picture earlier in the thread before Wales’s semi final where there was a headline story about how Wales were going to beat England in the final, underneath of which was an article about the arrogance of the English media. That would’ve gone viral if it was the other way around. I think using the media as a barometer of public feeling is always a terrible idea. England were largely in the doldrums post-2003. I’d argue that expectations have never been particularly high during that time. You’ve used my post earlier in this thread where I said that I had a feeling we would win the final as an example. I’ve found that a lot - as an England supporter it seems as if you are not allowed to have any sort of confidence without it being labelled as arrogance. It was merely my prediction based on what I’d seen throughout the tournament. It turns out that it was spectacularly wrong - but did I not also suggest that I was having doubts? And in an even earlier post, I predicted that we would most likely lose to the All Blacks. Do I have to flat out predict we’re going to lose otherwise it’s arrogance? It seems that what Welsh supporters label as self belief when it comes to their own team (which they are not short of), is obnoxious arrogance when it comes to England. I find that quite often English words and actions are twisted to find the most negative meaning behind anything that is said or done. As an example, Farrell’s ‘smirk’ - arrogance or self-belief/relishing the challenge? We both know that if that had been AWJ he’d have been universally labelled as a legend. If the English did half the stuff that the Welsh do there would be an absolute shitstorm. I’ve watched England games in bars in Cardiff and heard some horrendous shit. I’ve also experienced some pretty shitty stuff that’s nothing to do with rugby but that’s not for this thread. That the English are more arrogant than any of the other nations really doesn’t stand up to scrutiny.
  12. Sorry, you’ll have to run that by me again. I don’t quite get what you mean. Fair enough, you might have a point there. Maybe I am a bit. I’ll hold my hands up and say that it’s one of those things that pisses me off more than it should. It’s ground me down a bit over the years of living here.
  13. Ah see, that’s what’s a lot of people say - “An English person was a word removed to me once - it’s just banter”. Yes, there are undoubtedly proportionately just as many English dick heads but there’s not the obsession that there is with a lot of Welsh people. It’s not banter - it’s almost a belief system. There’s a genuine dislike for the English and the pleasure they derive from our failure is ridiculous. I’ve lived in Wales for years now and I’ve seen some shit. Stuff like the story I posted above is not uncommon. The dynamic between SHA/Villa is a decent comparison (only without the huge disparity in achievement). It’s stoked by infantile tabloid shit like Wales Online which always has stories about England being baddies on there. It’s front page after the match today had three stories about England on there - one about England not wearing their silver medals and another about Sports Direct printing World Cup winner t-shirts. Genuine apologies if this sounds patronising, but you can’t really understand it until you’ve seen it first hand or when you only have my clumsy attempts at explaining it. All of the sound Welsh people I know (the majority) find it embarrassing but, just as is the case everywhere, the average person on the street is a moron. Anyway, I’ve now got the Villa result to compound my depression!
  14. Shared by a work colleague on Facebook (yes, it was my mistake going on there). Pathetic words removed. Makes it all the more gutting that they’re getting so much pleasure from this. I’ve got to go to work on Monday and be surrounded by people who’ve done similar, sharing Springbok gifs, changing profile pictures etc. and will be as happy as if they’d actually won the World Cup. Sub-SHA level.
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