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  1. The Film Thread

    Alien Covenant was better than I thought it would be but a lot worse than I hoped it would be, if that makes sense. As a standalone film it's decent but in terms of following on from Prometheus and telling an interesting story: On the plus side - Kenny **** Powers in space!
  2. Gym Routine

    15% is purely an estimate for me based on being able to see the outline of the top of my abs and some OK definition around that area. I think my main issue is that getting to the sub-10 levels requires a lot of social compromise (or high levels of exercise, which is how I did it before through rugby) - not going out for food without knowing the calorie content of meals or having to keep a strict eye on the number of drinks you have on a night out. If you don't have a partner or friends who are equally invested then it makes you look a bit antisocial. Unless you're aiming to make weight for something or a competitive bodybuilder it's hard to find the motivation to get beyond the levels of just looking pretty good. Shouldn't underestimate the number of guys who are pharmacologically-assisted, either. My mate at work keeps going on about clenbuterol... Apparently it's done wonders for him but that's not really my scene. Oh well. I've done the classic thing of writing-off the diet this week and aiming for a fresh start Monday haha.
  3. Gym Routine

    That's the thing - I'm not even at the hard line diet stage yet - I'm still eating at about 90% maintenance! I've got pretty lean on many occasions and never experienced hunger like this even when my calories were at rock bottom. My maintenance calories are pretty high (around 3650) so I'm still eating more than a lot of people would gain weight on but the thought of eating any less is horrific. So I think you're right and that upping the cardio is a good call. I'd guess that I'm somewhere around 15% body fat at the moment and had been aiming for s return to the glory days of 7-8%... But that looks a long way off now!
  4. Gym Routine

    Since Christmas I've been quite "relaxed" with my diet to gain some strength and size so I decided that I'd try and get really lean again this summer... **** me, I'm struggling! I started sensibly with a few weeks at maintenance and have worked my way slowly into what's meant to be a 10-15% deficit to start off with but already it's going to shit! I'm ravenous within seconds of finishing meals. I just want to eat everything in sight and my self-control has been pitiful . I'm not even eating particularly nice stuff to balls things up. Raisins and cheese slices were what got me tonight. I'm probably in a surplus for the past few days and I'm already practically drooling at the thought of Cake Friday at work tomorrow! I've always had a huge appetite but have been pretty good when it comes to dieting. I have so much sympathy for people who don't have the self-control to stop themselves eating more - particularly as I now seem to be one of them!
  5. Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    Same. Although I couldn't even get past the first episode of season 1. I found it really grating to be honest. I know a fair few people who rave about it so checked it out on Netflix. I have to assume that it gets a lot, lot better but even if it does I don't think I could power through another episode of it. To be fair, most things are seeming rubbish to me at the moment as they're suffering in comparison to Better Call Saul...
  6. General Election 2017

    Nonsense. I think you underestimate people. Not everybody is in it for themselves or would vote purely in self interest. Many good people appreciate the benefits for the whole of society that higher levels of taxation would bring.
  7. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    Women's FA Cup Final apparently being a bigger story than Saracens winning a second consecutive Champions Cup, according to BBC Sport, anyway. Ridiculous thing to get pissed off about (I probably wouldn't go that far tbh), I know, but I guess it fits quite nicely in this thread!
  8. WAHEY! It's a JOKE thread : Enter at your own risk.

    My mate and I went to a charity event for women with no legs. It was brilliant - the dancefloor was crawling with fanny.
  9. VT'ers Dieting Thread

    All total bollocks. Eat breakfast if you're hungry in the morning, if not don't worry about it. Makes no difference as long as calorie intake is the same and you're not doing any strenuous exercise in the morning.
  10. Gym Routine

    I've read that as well. I was a little disappointed in that I thought Aragon would have had a bit more input. His section could've fitted onto a leaflet! Also, for a similar reason to you, it was basically just a confirmation of things that he's talked about openly countless times on social media and nothing new it you've read his research review or something like 'Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle'. It was also a lot more training-based than I'd expected and the routines were written by Schuler (who's a journalist) and very much targeted at beginners. It's a good read for the lay-person and if you need an introduction into flexible dieting and it's practicalities, though.
  11. VT'ers Dieting Thread

    Countless controlled experiments out there with people eating McDonalds or pizza etc. every day and losing loads of weight, simply because they kept their calories in check!
  12. VT'ers Dieting Thread

    That's probably to do with glycogen storage. Generally only comes into play when you're already in pretty good shape .
  13. VT'ers Dieting Thread

    Loading your meal up with anything isn't so great if you're trying to lose weight! Fats and carbs are essential for health and as with anything, don't stop you losing weight if you don't eat too much. Building your meals around a source of protein and some fibre then working outwards is good advice, though. As I said before, calories are key. The biggest trap I see people falling into is snacking on cereal bars and stuff like that because they're "healthy" when in fact they often have just as many calories, if not more, than a bag of crisps or a chocolate bar. The diet industry is huge and companies are quick to mislead and cash in on people who don't know any better. I saw a nutritional comparison of Belvitas (the breakfast biscuits women eat to try and lose weight) and Hob Nobs that was very interesting... Stuff like cereals with 'added protein' that only have at most an extra 2g per serving and a load more calories as well. Add that to the plethora of shit advice in the media and it's a friggin' minefield.
  14. VT'ers Dieting Thread

    A few posts telling people to minimise fats and carbs, not eat sugar etc. What is the science behind that? They are valid ways of cutting calorie intake but absolutely not the only (best?) way to lose weight and certainly not necessary. Being able to adhere to a calorie-restricted diet is the key. If that means eating a chocolate bar every day to reduce the risk of binges then that's fine. You don't have to avoid any food groups to lose weight.
  15. VT'ers Dieting Thread

    Eating as much as you like with no carbs and still lose weight? Absolute nonsense! I'll try that with 6000 calories worth of bacon and see how I get on! No foods are inherently bad for you or fattening. Portion sizes/calories are the key. Eat fewer calories than you use and you will lose weight, regardless of what you consume.