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  1. This. It’s made me wonder if it’s a myth that it’s illegal. I hardly watch any football outside of Villa but I don’t recall hearing of anyone called on it. It seems to be one of those rules that refs can’t be arsed to apply. Kind of like foul throws and adding correct amounts of injury time.
  2. In theory, VAR is great. In practice it’s been a disaster. The biggest controversies have been caused by human error. Incompetent officials making incomprehensible errors. VAR equivalents in other sports work better, primarily, because the officials are better IMO. For years, they’ve been given the benefit of the doubt because of the fast(er) pace of football, how it’s impossible to see everything and things are often less clear cut. But now I honestly can’t understand how they are still **** things up with the benefit of replays. Football refs seem to have an attitude about them. I
  3. It just shows, VAR will never work if referees remain so utterly **** incompetent. How in the hell could he rule that out, even with the benefit of a replay? How can you be so completely **** shit at your job? Disgrace.
  4. I can’t remember shitting myself quite so much when an opposition player gets the ball as when Lamptey does. What a player. Not a great idea to leave him wide open on the right.
  5. Get in! Traore has got a hell of a set piece on him!
  6. What a mental game. I won’t be laughing if it finishes like this but I can’t help but find it funny how the ball is just refusing to go in the net.
  7. Oh my **** - all three attempts were terrible misses! Please don’t be one of those days!
  8. Wow. We were all over them, looking very, very good and then concede like that. That was absolutely appalling defending.
  9. Sorry to ruin the flow but come on man. Surely should’ve been...
  10. Wow. I thought we were the better team in the first half, without being particular good, but the second half was absolutely outstanding. Jack and Ross sprung to life and we played some truly wonderful football at times. We were tearing them to shreds and it could (should?) have been 5 or 6. Loved every second.
  11. I think concerns about the consecutive losses are greater because of how similar the performances have been to our dreadful run last season where we weren’t just poor, we were catastrophically bad. There’s very little pressing, movement or any sense of urgency. Attitudes look poor and we don’t seem to have any discernible tactics other than give it to Jack with nearly all our attacks come down the left.
  12. Tyrone Mings is starting to show himself up to be a bit of a word removed.
  13. Ah man this is so depressingly shit. Eerily familiar to our pre-lockdown form from last season when our midfield was non-existent, we were relying on Jack too much and had a centre forward who was made to look completely ineffective as a result. Watkins is completely isolated. In what **** world is it a good idea to just hump it up to him? It’s the second game in a row where our opposition looks faster, fitter and better drilled. We look tactically clueless.
  14. Yeah I’ve spent a bit more time than usual in the car this week. Been on the same stretch of the M4 most days and noticed more than a few absolute words removed bombing along glancing down at their laps thinking that they’re being subtle with their texting/browsing. In fact I’ve seen loads of appalling, aggressive and/or incompetent driving, including someone today making the third exit of a roundabout the first by driving anti-clockwise around it. I was approaching from that exit, too so they should’ve been giving way. But at least they got to go first and saved a couple of seconds so fa
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