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  1. If I could’ve picked three players to score, it would’ve been those three.
  2. Apparently have to have lived in London to have a valid opinion, so as someone who lived there for three years, I can safely say that it was excellent and I miss it. It was by no means perfect but what service is? Yes, there’s overcrowding; my journey to work was uncomfortable and sometimes a bit of a lottery but I’d always get there. Yes, trains would be cancelled but the frequency of this happening is being greatly exaggerated. There’s probably stats for it somewhere but I’d be surprised if it was as high as 1%. To call it ‘shit’ is, as pointed out, hyperbole. It’s an opinion but it’s not really a valid one as it’s demonstrably untrue. Now I live elsewhere (with really shit public transport) I appreciate even more how brilliant it was. I miss not ever having to give much thought to how I was going to get anywhere. Just hop on the tube - sorted.
  3. Odyssey was great but overrated IMO. My main issue with it was how it was largely more exploration than achievement based. I got a bit bored at times just crawling levels for stars hidden behind a rock or something. It got repetitive and there wasn’t a great deal of really brilliant platforming compared to other Mario games. It didn’t feel quite as epic or fun. As I say, still a very good game but both Galaxies were much better.
  4. I remember thinking that Sunshine was fantastic. Galaxy is wonderful but 2 was even better. Possibly my favourite non-Zelda game of all time. Controversial opinion but Odyssey is by the far the least impressive of the 3D Mario games.
  5. AP on BJ: https://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2020/sep/02/alan-partridge-podcast-interview-boris-johnson-oasthouse
  6. The owner of a restaurant in my other half’s home town has gone viral, and even made at least one national rag, over a WhatsApp conversation with a dissatisfied and abusive customer, despite it being immediately obvious that the whole thing is faked. Shouldn’t piss me off as it’s not that big of a deal but the balls on the guy to bullshit people just for a bit of attention and publicity, as well as the desperation for social media fame. He also seems like a bit of a nasty word removed based on some of his Trip Advisor responses that have since come to light. The fact so many people have fallen for it and are telling him what a hero he is is also very annoying.
  7. JB

    Racism Part two

    I’m not sure what other points you made? The only one I could see was that sacking three pundits who happen to be white is comparable to sacking four BAME pundits. Which it isn’t at all. Surely you can see that. It’s really sad that this is even a story. It’s a complete non-issue.
  8. JB

    Racism Part two

    I just don’t know where to start with this. It doesn’t seem to have been thought through in the slightest. Unless I’ve missed some context, you’re comparing the sacking of four white British pundits to the hypothetical sacking of four black pundits. **** hell.
  9. Yep. It’s utterly, utterly depressing. I often wonder, where’s the line? After all the world-leading incompetence, all the genuine viciousness, spite, corruption and lies, what’s the tipping point before enough Tory voters think ‘Well this is a bit shit’? It feels like if it hasn’t already been reached countless times, then it never will be. And the thing is, the words removed know that nothing sticks. They’re bulletproof to enough of the electorate. They either ride out the very brief storm or have enough of a distraction in hand. It’s so partisan now and enough of the country seem to be either utter morons and/or complete pieces of shit, that I’m struggling to see how things can change.
  10. Try and forget everything you’ve just seen and start at the beginning with Trollhunters
  11. Just finished this. My daughter loves Tales of Arcadia and we’ve had some good times watching it together since it started when she was four years old! I know it’s a kids’ show but I’m not embarrassed to say that I think it’s great, for the most part. Have you watched Trollhunters? It’s pretty essential to get the most out of Wizards.
  12. JB

    Douglas Luiz

    I absolutely love this guy. He’s **** everywhere - it’s like there’s two of him on the pitch at once. He’s the only player who’s seemed 100% up for it in every game since lockdown. An absolute boss.
  13. It’s actually surreal watching this second half. I can’t recall seeing many matches where a team appeared to give less of a shit. I’ve thought for a while that there must be something up behind the scenes given the body language and general demeanour of the players, as well as the catastrophic collapse in performances.
  14. What a joke. It just shows how incompetent and/or corrupt refs are when they can still get things so utterly **** wrong even with the benefit of replays.
  15. JB

    Gym Routine

    Bad news from my gym today. They’ve decided to increase (nearly double) prices and limit membership capacity when they reopen. Out of the blue, I’ve just seen a FB post from them saying that availability has now ended and they’re full. They’d sent an email a couple of weeks ago to members offering the new memberships on a first come first served basis but I missed it because it went straight in my promotions folder on Gmail which I don’t get alerts for and never check. Checked a couple of others local gyms and they’re doing the same, meaning it’s pretty much impossible to get a new membership anywhere. So it seems like that’s me done, then. Home workouts just aren’t challenging or varied enough for me to maintain what I’ve got, let alone make progress. It’s a first world problem but it’s pretty gutting to be honest. Training has been one of the only things that’s kept me sane at times.
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