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  1. Mozzavfc

    U.S. Politics

    Isn't it already down? I was told the permit was only 9:30 -11:30
  2. Mozzavfc

    World Cup : Semi Finals & Final

    Happy we made it to the semi finals but I'll always feel like we could have done more Should be England v France final
  3. Mozzavfc

    World Cup : Semi Finals & Final

    I reckon Belgium will win tonight solely due to their defence being better than France Hopefully we'll see plenty of goals
  4. So far every day after an England game has had extra delays on the trains due to drivers not turning up for over time. A bank holiday would save travel chaos Health and safety
  5. Mozzavfc

    World Cup : Group H (Pol, Sen, Col, Jpn)

    Shame that James is injured but Colombia should have enough to see off Japan Can't believe this is Falcao's first WC start
  6. Mozzavfc

    World Cup : Group A (Rus, KSA, Egy, Uru)

    Just wait until the 48 team world cup starts in 2026. There will be some absolute duffers in there Scotland might even qualify!
  7. Mozzavfc

    Paddy's "Things that cheer you up"

    World cup starting today
  8. Mozzavfc

    World Cup 2018 Betting

    I use Bet 365. Odds are usually pretty competitive Other than Brazil/Neymar bets gone with a few more 'left field' choices which are all around 4/1 Peru to qualify out the group Morocco to qualify out the group Senegal to qualify out the group Russia not to qualify out the group Suarez top goalscorer 25/1 - Uruguay should at least get to the QF
  9. Mozzavfc

    Battlefield 5

    Everything looks fantastic about the game but it's EA so there has to be a catch somewhere Now the embargo from E3 has expired I'm looking forward to seeing more gameplay videos coming out over the next few days
  10. Mozzavfc

    World Cup 2018: Russia

    I reckon they might implode. A lot of dodgy stuff going on behind the scenes in their FA and it'll effect them on the pitch I'm excited to see what Serbia can do. They look they could be dark horse
  11. Mozzavfc

    Ratings & Reactions: Play Off Final v Fulham

    Too little too late Didnt turn up in the first half and cost us the game
  12. Mozzavfc


    If he didn't like the transfer policy at Chelsea, No way would he work at Arsenal
  13. Mozzavfc

    The Jumps 2017/18

    Disappointing no one is racing in claret and blue tomorrow Now I'll have to rely entirely on the name
  14. Mozzavfc

    Holland v England/England v Italy

    Pope has probably been the best English goalie this season He's done an great job replacing Heaton at Burnley
  15. Mozzavfc

    Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    Colour co-ordinated joggers Some bloke went past me today with florescent orange trainers and shorts and a grey top with orange stripes Too much effort put into an outfit for jogging in