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  1. Ashley apparently interested in buying them, following the Newcastle sale He loves a bargain
  2. I hate how they keep going with the line 'the gas will not run out'. Gas running out isn't the problem, it's people being able to afford it in the first place to heat their homes that is the problem
  3. Had to look it up on Wikipedia. It's basically Sunday league
  4. Tory MP says living on £81k per year salary is grim, and they need a payrise Link
  5. Mozzavfc


    Despite not having the budget of you millionaires I've been following this thread. Is eBay the best place to buy watches, even if it's sub-£500?
  6. They won't help as they've been on partial strike for the last 6 months, and the government won't want to be seen working with unions
  7. Such a shame every fight has rematch clauses in Would love Usyk to be able to just go out and fight Fury for the unification
  8. I hope they do. Potter has done a fantastic job
  9. Guess they don't want the media to see how scrambled he is after the fight. I was surprised to see he could walk down from the ring
  10. AJ got absolutely battered at the end there. No way can they give it him on points
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