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  1. Plans open things up a lot faster than I'd thought. Pubs open in 7 weeks time
  2. Because young people won't get the vaccine for a long time. So we could see a summer where the over 60s can go on holiday, but the under 30s cannot
  3. I think it struggles as it's basically multiple books stuck together, where as BoB is from 1, so it follows much better
  4. You are right. €8m including the 'voluntary' €5m correction payment
  5. He'll probably just pay the €200k fine like last time
  6. It's horrible to think that someone specifically created a rumour just to try and kill as many Muslims as possible by pretending it's not safe for them
  7. I always wonder if England actually won a WC (again) how long it would shut the country down for? 2022 world cup final is December 18th. If we won I wonder how many people would go back to work for a week for Christmas
  8. Restaurants offering early bird specials. There will be hordes of vaccinated over 80s who have been shielding for a year and will be desperate to get out.
  9. This is something I cannot understand. Surely at the beginning we could have just enforced quarantine and put everyone up in hotels around airports/ports. The infrastructure is basically already there, and you could have kept loads of service workers in jobs maintaining these quarantine hotels
  10. Some didn't even bother doing it through a third party https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/2020_congressional_insider_trading_scandal
  11. Klopp having a go with Dyche in the tunnel https://streamable.com/5yzb08
  12. That's why you used limewire to download limewire pro and avoid the viruses...
  13. Nazi occupation in the winter of 1945? Can they not even be bothered to check their rubbish
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