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  1. They later had a Brexit MEP on who said that businesses should sack staff who don't want to come into office (despite them being as productive at home) Madness
  2. A load of people on LBC banging the drum to force people back into cities and offices, as city centres are suffering, while suburbs and town are doing much better Crazy that people want the public to spend hours a day commuting into offices, just so Pret can make some money
  3. The free PSN game this month 'Fall guys' is brilliant. It's basically Takeshi's castle the game and incredibly addictive
  4. What a crazy explosion. I had no idea grain dust is so combustible. You can see the static in the smoke cloud sparking up, which I guess is why people are saying firework factory
  5. The Sky on Demand service is terrible. Really shows how much having a monopoly damages innovation. It's years behind Netflix
  6. Just finishing up S1 of the excellent Succession Does S2 keep up the quality?
  7. Mozzavfc

    U.S. Politics

    In the BBC article they said that new figures showed the US economy contracted by nearly a third (32.9%) between April and June - the worst contraction since the Great Depression of the 1930s.
  8. Mad that they announce it now, to start at midnight. What happens if people need to sort out if they're going to work or not?
  9. I'd rather Pukki from Norwich if we going to raid the relegated clubs
  10. They are so far on the beach, there's sand coming out their pockets
  11. Aliens getting ready for big finale of 2020
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