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  1. USA womens team lost to USA mens U15s in a warm up game in 2017 They are the current world champions
  2. It'll be another Lost type ending. They'll try and throw in a curve ball for the sake of it, and it'll all end up a big mess. There are too many things left to wrap up in 90mins
  3. They haven't announced the refs yet. Will probably be later this week/early next week It's normally a PL one
  4. I'd expect either Leeds or Derby to attack more than Baggies and give us a little more space to attack in Last night the only players in our half were Steer, Mings, & Tuanzebe. It was pure backs to the wall, negative football
  5. Or being Ned v2.0 and having his head chopped off in front of Arya
  6. I enjoyed that episode. Still some questionable decisions but the intrigue has always been the shows stronger side
  7. See the first episode of this season when Jon is stood where the NK was killed, Ayra appears and he says 'where did you come from? I didn't hear you approach' or something like that
  8. For those wondering where Arya comes from
  9. Crazy scenes Can't wait for the post-match interviews
  10. Basically every character said 'the crypts are the safest place to be!', so I now fully expect to see a host of zombie Starks tearing through the women and children.
  11. That's been dropped The Americans are still very interested on getting their hands on him
  12. Short answer: Magnets Long answer: The glasses have a fridge magnet style floppy circular strip that sits on the hole at the bottom. The hole is surrounded by a tin ring, when the cup is placed on the dispenser it pushes up the magnet breaking the seal and beer is allowed to flow into the cup. The beer dispense is set to a timer.When the beer has finished dispensing you take the cup out straight up and the magnet flops straight onto the ring covering the hole creating a seal.
  13. I would bet on the results being 52/48 again, just for poetic justice
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