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  1. There are 10 PMs not from private educated schools. They are; May, Brown, Major, Thatcher, Callaghan, Wilson, Heath, Macdonald, Lloyd George, Bonar Law Interesting how most are fairly influential PMs
  2. While its good news aren't all rail services nationalised at the moment?
  3. Trump and Biden fight it out battle royale style
  4. Is there an option to vote for the whole team as MOTM?
  5. Watkins is going to score bags of goals this season. His movement is insane
  6. If he survives he'll go full 'saved by God, therefore I should be president by divine right'
  7. Did exactly what was needed and, except for 10mins or so towards the end of the game, controlled the game nicely Watkins looks class. The goals will come for him
  8. I know it's only Fulham, but it's so nice to watch us dominate a Premier League team
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