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  1. I've seen a few different guides say it'll take up only 30mins a day after work. Would you say that's a fair estimate?
  2. Just checked and it's £1 for a 2 week trial How much do you need to start with?
  3. Brentford? They are basically our feeder club now
  4. £75,000 per week on a 2 year deal Nice little final payday
  5. Mozzavfc

    U.S. Politics

    Dread to think what he'd say if he losses his re-election bid
  6. Yeah he got his shirt back and a bag of Minnosota United merch to apologise about the steward
  7. Ashley is out there playing 5D chess Brilliant
  8. Ends June 2020 Signed a 3 year deal in 2017
  9. 24 - 4 This is getting silly
  10. Can we just clone McGinn and have 2 of him in the team?
  11. Anyone picking up the new version of Crash Team Racing? Came out this week and all the reviews are very positive Was a firm favourite of mine back on PS1 and looks like they've kept it pretty close to the original
  12. Come on! We need to know if you're a HP or Daddies man

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