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  1. Given the stuff posted on a public forum I dread to think what is in his secret diary
  2. The tories running the BBC probably don't want any pro-independance ideas getting out in the news
  3. So exactly the same as the last time we got an extension and parliament went on recess for 6 weeks
  4. Mozzavfc

    U.S. Politics

    Trump clearly has some sort of dementia He sounds like the crazy person you avoid sitting next to on the bus
  5. My dislike of Smith has been eroded by these performances Immense
  6. Can I vote for the crowd as MOTM? Villa Park was absolutely rocking
  7. I've seen a few different guides say it'll take up only 30mins a day after work. Would you say that's a fair estimate?
  8. Just checked and it's £1 for a 2 week trial How much do you need to start with?
  9. Brentford? They are basically our feeder club now
  10. £75,000 per week on a 2 year deal Nice little final payday
  11. Mozzavfc

    U.S. Politics

    Dread to think what he'd say if he losses his re-election bid
  12. Yeah he got his shirt back and a bag of Minnosota United merch to apologise about the steward
  13. Ashley is out there playing 5D chess Brilliant
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