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  1. This will be the real way change will happen Businesses realising they can save £££ by not having everyone in the office on the same day, and being able to spin it as 'we care about our staff'
  2. 2 people so far https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-51804454
  3. They sacked the lead writer in the fourth season and it unfortunately drops off a cliff
  4. The Times was reporting it but have since removed the part about him being on oxygen from their article > "...protect the NHS and save lives. > It is understood that he was driven to St Thomas' Hospital, across the Thames from Westminster, at about 8pm, and given oxygen treatment. He did not need an ambulance. Officials emphasised that it was not an emergency admission." https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/news/coronavirus-boris-johnson-taken-to-hospital-over-persistent-symptoms-b2xsbg9hs
  5. We are a few coughs away from Chris Grayling being PM
  6. 500 beds created at the Excel centre in 8 days
  7. Same in Italy. Their figures only include hospital deaths, which is scarily high anyway
  8. Dark is amazing, but you need to give it your full attention
  9. He did PMQ only 2 days ago, and you can basically guarantee all the MPs there were down in the parliament bar afterwards, so this could affect a large part of the cabinet
  10. £30 is a pathetic amount for the fine
  11. Yeah all the crazies will be back out today Shame really because most the shops by me are basically back to normal stock levels, and now they are all are going to be decimated again
  12. Rumour mill is saying police and army being briefed for a lockdown 2 grand fine for anyone outside their home without a valid reason Guess we'll find out in an hours time
  13. Depends how strict it is, but the likely answers is no Elsewhere in Europe the deal is no one outside their homes unless they are key worker going to work or going to the shops Even walking the dog is stricted to 15mins per day
  14. At one point they are going to do a scooby do reveal and it'll turn out Boris was Corbyn all along Next up free internet for everyone
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