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  1. Mozzavfc

    Formula One - 2019

    Just finished watching the Netflix F1 series Really fantastic. Some great insight into how the teams operate away from the track. Hopefully they can get Ferrari and Mercedes on-board for season 2
  2. Started it yesterday and it's excellent
  3. There's a video on Twitter of the steward. Looks like he tries to kick/stamp on grealish when he's celebrating his goal with the fans Madness
  4. What is that for Armenia? Looks like pig incense
  5. He ref'ed the Ipswich and Bristol City games earlier in the season Was pretty average in both games
  6. Mozzavfc

    General Chat

    Uphill Rocket-propelled skiing Maqroll is quite the daredevil
  7. Location of every city in Europe founded by the Roman Empire outside of Italy
  8. Mozzavfc

    India & Pakistan

    Can someone who knows more than me explain what is so important about Kashmir? Are there important natural resources in there or is it just a pride thing?
  9. On 6th August the top 10 favourites for relegation were Cardiff 4/6 Huddersfield 11/10 Brighton 7/4 Watford 9/5 Fulham 15/8 Burnley 7/2 Bournemouth 9/2 Newcastle 5/1 Palace 11/2 Southampton and Wolves 7/1
  10. Where the glorious bendy Brexit bananas or horrible foreign straight EU bananas?
  11. Seeing as AJ and Fury are both pushing the American market, IF Fury beat Wilder would AJ v Fury be in the UK or US?
  12. How do you remove the feet? Just pry it out with a knife?
  13. Has anyone had any issues with the ps4 auto-ejecting disks and how to fix it? Seems to be an almost daily occurrence, and I'm worried it's on its last legs
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