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  1. If you like WW2 naval history Greyhound with Tom Hanks is worth watching
  2. We're 300/1 to win the league. With those passes from Buendia that's easy money
  3. I'm 30 and I don't even think the state pension will exist by the time I get to it Feel like my only option is become a slumlord and leech rent payments off younger people
  4. If anyone does get pinged and wants to take part in the daily tests, rather than isolate, here is the link https://snapsurvey.phe.org.uk/dcts/
  5. Terrifying to think that if Mount hadn't been pinged for Covid then he would have played LW against Germany, and we might not have got that monkey off our backs
  6. Threw away all the hard work from the first half The Italian subs won them the game
  7. I'd love to see some stats on whether penalty 'specialists' actually score their pen Hasn't worked throughout the Euros from my recollection
  8. Saka shouldn't be anywhere near that pen I feel sick
  9. Last hope Pickford was watching Emi from the other day
  10. I wish Pickford didn't have tiny arms
  11. Remember Grealish can't start because he doesn't do any defending
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