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  1. Mozzavfc

    Dean Smith

    Not confirmed but think we want Richard o'kelly as well His other assistant Thomas Frank has taken over as 1st team coach at Brentford
  2. Mozzavfc

    Sir Doug Ellis

    Although I only ever really knew austerity Doug he clearly loved the club RIP deadly
  3. Mozzavfc

    The Ex-Villa Player thread - Keeping tabs on old Villans

    Stephen Ireland signs for Bolton
  4. Mozzavfc

    New Manager Speculation

    Potentially Rodgers was there 2004 - 2008 as youth coach and then reserves coach, but Terry was already 1st team captain by the time he arrived
  5. Mozzavfc

    New Manager Speculation

    No one knows anything, so we've spent most the morning arguing whether the manager of shakhtar donetsk would want to come here or not You're all caught up!
  6. Mozzavfc

    October Optimism Gauge

    Have you got this week's lottery numbers mystic meg?
  7. Mozzavfc

    New Manager Speculation

    These are ambitious people and owning a football club is a prestige project No one wants to boast they own a mid-level championship team They are in to win
  8. Mozzavfc

    What game you currently playing?

    Currently on No Mans Sky after the massive NEXT update Such a great little stress free, time waster. I found myself playing for hours and not really doing anything other than flying about and looking about
  9. Mozzavfc

    Battlefield 5

    I'm a big Battlefield fan but yet to get into the Beta. I'm finding adjusting for the slower pace much harder than expected and teamwork seems to be much more important but the playerbase seems to be worse than bf1 Some of the bugs are massive, which are kind of expected in a beta, but are so frustrating Think this will be like bf4 where it was a mess for 12 months on release but ended up being brilliant, which is worrying
  10. Mozzavfc

    England v Spain/England v Switzerland

    Home team advantage + we reached the semis of WC and Spain were gash
  11. Mozzavfc

    Paddy's "Things that cheer you up"

    Surely if they want to find the person they just go to what ever house is connected to the drive they were blocking
  12. Mozzavfc

    UEFA Europa League Draw

    Happen to be in Poltava where Vorskla are based and after the draw went to watch them play. Terrible football and the roads around the stadium look like an airstrike has hit them Currently a lovely 30 degrees out in Ukraine but in Nov it'll be lucky to be above freezing Picked up a shirt to wear down the pub and wind up the in-laws who support arsenal
  13. Mozzavfc

    West Ham

    Set up by Carlos Sanchez losing the ball Classic
  14. Mozzavfc

    Battlefield 5

    Beta starts 4th Sept for those with pre-order codes. 6th Sept for everyone on all platforms Can wait to get my hands on it. Although the gamescom stuff is under embargo until 31st Aug some of the stuff being leaked looks great
  15. Mozzavfc

    Match Thread: Villa v Brentford

    McGinn player of the season already