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  1. This wins the most optimistic post of the year so far Bravo many VTers will not be able to cope with a post like this !!!!
  2. 6 points from the next 2 games is not beyond the realms of possibility. Watford on Tuesday is a crucial game. I've said in the match thread that we should have a striker by then and the dynamics of our game will change. If Samatta has not signed we should play Vassilav. Playing a striker gives the team a better balance, options and an outlet. We then have a week end off as its the FA Cup and we're off to Bournemouth. Give us a great chance to re-group etc. 6 Points from the next 2 games and things will look a whole lot different.
  3. Doubt if they'd sell out on a Sat game. Thats why they should bugger off to the Championship and let a 'big' club in to take their place, either Leeds or Forest maybe.
  4. Totally agree with @Herman22 and @kidlewis that the Watford game is a 6 pointer. At this stage of the season is definitely is. Win and we keep them in the mix and go above them, gives the team and fans a massive lift and confidence boost. I think we would have won today had we had a striker. It changes the dynamics of the game. Hopefully we will have one in place for Tuesday.
  5. Not lost to Brighton now in the last 6 games.....bogey team? at the moment points are more important than the performance
  6. first again.... the club must send it to you first and then everyone else afterwards
  7. this will be very similar to the Burnley and Leicester games as opposed to last weeks... we have a fighters chance if we show the fight.
  8. Alas, No more Heartbeat
  9. thats right.... they are nothing to be afraid of.......they are only 3 points above us, in a relegation scrap. and they'll still be in a relegation fight if they beat us....
  10. I'm not saying anything, other than we have not lost to them in the last 5 games...... and hopefully that will increase to 6
  11. or half of ours that you have
  12. we have not lost to them in the last 5 games we have played. Twice at their ground, Won 1 and drawn 1. gives us some hope at least... https://www.flashscore.co.uk/match/dKZ3Hnnt/#h2h;overall Head-to-head matches: BRIGHTON - ASTON VILLA 19.10.19 PL Aston Villa Brighton 2 : 1 25.09.19 EFL Brighton Aston Villa 1 : 3 07.05.17 CHA Aston Villa Brighton 1 : 1 18.11.16 CHA Brighton Aston Villa 1 : 1 23.01.10 FAC Aston Villa Brighton 3 : 2
  13. Imagine this being done by a packed Holte End and then there's this...
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