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  1. After us at Southampton, them at Real Madrid and looking at their squad....
  2. can't get me breath !!!!
  3. rammed beyond rammed, even a sardine in a can had more room !!!!! i went in there at 11am before last seasons playoff final. 10 deep at the bar and a nightmare to get served i ended up getting the underground, a few yards up the road, to The Windermere at South Kenton. (see my previous post further up)
  4. As there is not much cheer about the first team at the mo here is something to smile about.
  5. It's quite remarkable that this guy is playing in the Premier League.
  6. clueless garbage there keeper has not had a save to make we are desperate for points and what does Smith do.... take a defender off for a midfielder thats it, lets go for it
  7. While we keep doing the same week in week out with the same tactics which are clearly not working we can hardly be surprised by the performances and results !!!
  8. Mistake when they mentioned this on the commentary i thought wtf. Then the ex referee comes on and says ''at least they've admitted it''. Like that makes it all right !!!! I mean what a complete and utter joke. The worst of it is, i dont think the powers that be get it !!!!!!
  9. Next home match tomorrow @ Boldmere St Michaels 3pm ko.
  10. @Brumstopdogs Where are you man??? You are slipping up here old bean, slipping up. Tut, tut !!!!!!
  11. Shane Long always scores against us !!!! Any other team he cant hit a barn door, but us.....
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