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  1. we have beat small heath twice this season.... this will not be easy but we will win.....
  2. good luck.... what prices do you have for those? I've had £20 on Tammy for the first goal at 7/2
  3. I've decided to go with the Arlo Pro by Netgear on the basis its free cloud. It has a good write up from the reviews i have read on the net and seen on youtube Its being delivered Saturday. I'll drop some feedback in here once i've set it up.
  4. Just watched this on BBC 2. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b09m60sk Surgeons: At the Edge of Life - BBC 2 Showing Surgeons with real life operations fro QE Birmingham. Not for the squeamish as is shows operations in progress. Absolutely remarkable levels of skill with real high risk. Incredible stuff. These surgeons and their teams are real special people and have the utmost respect.
  5. The day after the 37th Anniversary of our finest hour......
  6. Yes they do seem to have a higher proportion of idiots than most other clubs, if not all of them. However, the real point for me is that the Club itself do little or nothing to discourage them or even distance themselves from it. Its like a big shit farm......it keeps on coming and coming
  7. I can hear the shouts now all the way from there.... .....MAN OVER BOARD.....
  8. I have been looking into buying some security cameras for home use and as with most things the more you delve into it the more complicated it becomes. I have searched many comparison sites, reviews, youtube vids etc etc and have decided to post some basic info on here to help any fellow Villains (or visitors)out there. These are not reviews but just a list of basic info, which, during my research i found difficult to find all in one place. Basically camera price and cloud service/price. You can find many reviews doing a quick google search I am yet to go ahead with a purchase. All i want is some basic stuff for while i'm on holiday and away from home. If anyone has any first hand experience i would welcome some feedback on the products you have installed. RING - https://en-uk.ring.com/products Cameras - Stick up cam (indoor and outdoor), wireless or battery, £139 - Spotlight cam, wireless or battery £199 Cloud - £4.99 per cam - unlimited cameras £8pm or £80pa LOGITECH CIRCLE 2 - https://www.logitech.com/en-gb/product/circle-2-home-security-camera?buy=1 Cameras - £169 same camera is for indoor or outdoor use Cloud - £2.99 per cam - up to 5 cams £5.99pm EZVIZ - https://www.ezvizlife.com/uk/category/products/15 Cameras - Outside £100 - indoor £60 Cloud - £4.99 per cam - £49.99pa - each additional camera is £4.99pm or £49.99pa CANARY - https://canary.is/uk/how-it-works/ Camara - £199 - same camera is for indoor or outdoor use Cloud - £ Free for up to 4 devices - £7.99pm or £79pa for up to 5 devices and additional features above the free version NEST - https://nest.com/uk/cameras/ Cameras - £329 IQ outdoor wired - £149 standard outdoor wired - £129 indoor wired Cloud - £4pm for one cam, additional cams are at a 50% discount ARLO PRO - https://www.arlo.com/uk/products/arlo-pro/default.aspx Cameras - £209 - same camera for indoors/outdoors, wireless Cloud - £ free for 7 days footage
  9. His comments sum up his ''knuckle dragger'' mentality... i would not have expected anything less tbh
  10. Reported on Sky that he's just signed a 3 year contract extension... ...on the back of a 4 game losing streak which has effectively blown there chances of the play offs... the form we are in we have to fear nobody. Quite the opposite, they will fear us.
  11. @Kingman A nice selection of winners there, take a bow. No beefburgers for you, filet steak all the way...
  12. https://www.skysports.com/watch/video/sports/football/11692810/aston-villa-2-1-bristol-city highlights from Sky Happy Days....
  13. your positivity is overwhelming !!!!
  14. jeez... so many negative posts on seeing the team selection... ffs lets throw the towel in now, save everybody a couple of hours and f@@k of home to watch Sky... ffs lads come on....
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