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  1. imavillan

    Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Swansea

    Average, lol.......have you listened to his post match interview? I Think you are doing him an injustice. He did more than pick players in position. He got the team playing on the front foot, higher up the pitch and working the space without the ball. He also made substitutions when required. Given the short time he has been here I thought his performance was very good. Under the circumstances I'm not sure what else he could have done.
  2. imavillan

    Dean Smith

    great press conference.....exciting times lay ahead finally the club have a plan
  3. imavillan

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    This is where the John Terry factor may come to the fore..... Based upon last year and the respect he clearly gets from the squad we can hope he gives them all a lift in-between Dean Smith getting his message and playing tactics across.
  4. imavillan

    Pre-Match Thread

    It just shows the draw we have. Once the fans have something to believe in they turn out in force. If we can start to win, play attractive football and challenge for promotion the upper Trinity will be open a few more times. Easily the biggest club in this division by far, ask the Leeds fans that one
  5. imavillan

    Sir Doug Ellis

    you may be right....but why say it then.....why not wait???
  6. imavillan

    Sir Doug Ellis

    I think you are looking for the perfect chairman/owner.....they dont exist. He may not have been perfect, far from it.....jeez i even voted for the Doug Ellis out party in a General Election in the early 2000's. But he also did a lot of good for Villa and charitable organisations which should not be over looked.
  7. imavillan

    Sir Doug Ellis

    Just watched Central News and they have done a great piece on Doug. The first 15 mins. Its worth watching on catch up or +1. Some great old footage from VP and various matches. Edit; I guess Midlands Today will be similar at 6.30.
  8. imavillan

    Sir Doug Ellis

    love him or loathe him, he always appeared to do the best for Villa....i think.. Amongst other things, I'll remember the managers getting the ''come round and look at the roses in my garden'' call only to get the sack. RIP Deadly Doug
  9. imavillan

    New Manager Speculation

    Dean Smith now the odds on fav.....lol now i dont trust the betting odds on the managerial market as it only needs a tenner to gets the odds changed. But the way this is tooing and frowing makes you think even more that no one has a clue who it is going to be.....
  10. imavillan

    New Manager Speculation

    lets all get down the market and stock up on the cabbages....
  11. imavillan

    New Manager Speculation

    I don't fear him....just don't want him !!!!
  12. imavillan

    New Manager Speculation

    Has he been watching pornhub?
  13. imavillan

    New Manager Speculation

    I think Mad Mick is a number 2 !!!!!!
  14. imavillan


    Still searching for the elusive Rolex GMT/Submariner..... Ive been in China and asked in numerous stores and cities and just a straight no....also Dubai Airport and a straight no. Its bonkers..... As an aside has anybody used Chrono24 and actually made a purchase? How legit are they. Genuine watches/dealers.......if i buy can i get a full refund if it goes wrong?
  15. imavillan

    New Manager Speculation

    Its all gone rather quiet, same stories are just being regurgitated now. Not even any ITK malarky !!! The one constant over the last few days is the bookies pricing up Henry as odds on fav. I guess the lack of real news coming out of VP can be seen as a good thing with no leaks etc but i was hoping it would have all been signed and sealed by now whoever it is. Strikes me there was no plan in place behind the scenes for Bruce being sacked. Its not beyond the realms that come the Swansea game we will still have KMc still in as caretaker.