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  1. awful game of football Traore and El Ghazi have been gash....
  2. Just thought i'd let you all know i failed my ventriloquists exam yesterday. Can't say i'm surprised.
  3. turn it into a shit farm..... oh wait, forget that, it already is
  4. It's the media, newspapers and shitty pundits on Sky trying to generate stories and a lot of self promotion. Don't forget, modern day football was made for the so called big clubs and the likes of Sky have to keep them in the news. Modern day reporting is rather lazy and a bit pathetic really but it's the world we live in and i'm afraid it aint going away. If we have the resolve we do not need to sell. Play hardball with whoever, close the door and get on with what we are trying to achieve.
  5. It's surprising me too. I wouldn't go so far as to say it's the worst he's been this season but for me it was most definitely not a motm performance. He was flat footed and got caught out for the ball over the top that led to the goal. Obviously Martinez doing an impression of Alisson didn't help. The defending for the first goal was ''Keystone Cops like'' I Have not voted for motm because yet again it's difficult to pick out an individual stand out performance in an overall poor team performance. I would not give anyone a score above 6 for that game. I Would like to see the o
  6. Did you get anything? if not what about this one? https://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/tv-and-home-entertainment/televisions/televisions/philips-65pus8555-12-65-smart-4k-ultra-hd-hdr-led-tv-with-google-assistant-10207300-pdt.html?awc=1599_1615991410_d2f6fe890bdf52c59c8ec70522bc3b55&srcid=369&xtor=AL-1&cmpid=aff~HotUKDeals~Discount Code~47868~Pepper+Deals+Ltd £50 off with 50TVSAVE code. 1 got this from hotukdeals.com Its worth a look on there for some decent deals
  7. Hope he’s back for the Spurs game not only as we need our best players but to also shut up the nose acquaintances I have. I’m getting fed up of the smug texts and WhatsApp messages telling me he’s the player that’s been in the papers that’s dependent upon pills and vodka and whatever else they can conjure up. I Just need to be able to tell them the second word is off !!!!!
  8. He’s got 10 games to become a legend. Come on Lee, don’t **** this up and don’t polish the turd. Achieve relegation and you can have the freedom of the City.
  9. The decision making from the players was dire throughout 92 minutes 1 nil up We get a 4 on 1 break. Two players on your left (onside) and one on your right. Pass it to the one player on the right who is in an offside position. 94 minutes concede an equaliser Add this to the 90th minute time wasting when we have a corner but can’t manage to keep the ball Regardless of the overall poor performance it beggars belief and sums up the poor decision making from the players A pass to the left could have in all probability led to a goal. Instead we give them the ball bac
  10. What a dire dog shit performance that was... A dreadful game of football
  11. It’s bizarre. What is it, Injured or ill? If he’s ill why hasn’t Dean said he’s recovered from the injury but since become ill. Something doesn’t sit right with it.
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