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  1. I'm in the market for a new driveway and have been searching the internet for some local companies to get some quotes etc and came across this on their website !!!!! Needless so say i won't be getting a quote of this lot.......
  2. well, wasnt expecting Elmo and Taylor.....cant say i'm over happy about that but hey, it is what it is.... Dean must have his reasons and therefore, whilst i'm not happy about it, i keep the faith....utv
  3. I Like Totti, especially when the sun shines
  4. I've been there for the first 3 days. Day 1 on my own and day2/3 with a pal. Absolutely fantastic atmosphere and an amazing spectacle. At Edgbaston you can only pay using your card. Checked my account and spent £198. Took my own food. @ £25 a ticket I'm off there tomorrow as well. Going on my own, but I havent told my liver yet though.
  5. I Purchased 3 memberships and 3 Bournemouth tickets (seated together in Upper Trinity 4 rows from the front in A7). As a non season ticket holder i think it will be the only way to get ticket. With 30k season ticket holders and however many members, i think very few games will go to general sale, and the ones that do there will not be too many tickets available. This is the only real benefit i can see for being a member. I was down VP on Saturday and i have never seen it so busy in the close season as it was. The feel good factor is incredible, far greater than the MON/Lerner period. The club shop and ticket office was rammed. As an aside, it was great to see so many young kids their getting new shirts etc. The next generation of support.
  6. It's not just on social media.... I would love to be able to get a ticket for this but i've got as much chance a finding some rocking horse shit. I'm not a season ticket holder or club member. The chances of these going on general sale are zero/zip as it will be for every away match. But you have to say that the club are rewarding the 'faithful' the ones that have been week in week out. Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Saturday night to some god forsaken shithole where you dont get back home until whatever time. Fair play to them because they have done this for many years. Even when we were shit we sold out of the away allocation. As much as it is not right, maybe they feel they have a right to be smug and feel elite, maybe. Just a thought.
  7. I'm a sour loser. I don't want anybody from the opposition telling me 'England played well and should hold their heads high'' with a smug smile on her face. Thats why.
  8. The BBC coverage it shite. wtf is an American doing on the so called panel of experts. Bla bla bla bull shit. Doing my head in big time.
  9. I don't think turning your back is the right thing to do and as has been mentioned is childish and makes them a bunch of words removed !!!! But, imo, this also makes this lot a bunch of children and words removed, but strangely enough this is getting now where near the coverage in the press/media. I suppose this is what brexit has made of politics and our politicians today !!!!!
  10. I Had about 6 pints of this on draught last night at the Digbeth Dining Club Nice....
  11. imavillan

    General Chat

    I went to Digbeth Dining Club last night and had food from the ribman https://theribman.co.uk/ Great tasting food but jeez the Holy F**K sauce is so hot. Took the lining off my tongue. Even so i was daft enough to buy a bottle of it for this afternoons BBQ. I do like the DDC but do find some of the food there a tad on the expensive side. But heh there you go. For a different night out It's worth a trip for those who have not been before.
  12. Nice touch here from Tim Burgess.

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