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  1. Here we go.... Buzz Aldrin Tom Baker Phil Collins Tommy Cannon Norman Tebbit
  2. Please, please, please do not play Hourihane. At this level he is a one trick pony....reliant upon us getting a free kick around the penalty area and that's about all the contribution you'll get from him. He's had his chance and blown it. It has to be either Traore or Nakamba.
  3. We are a work in progress and have shown improvement upon last season. We lack any strength in depth and our starting XI picks itself with possibly the exception of Trez. Not many of us would change the starting XI. Many have called for Hourihane to start, yet what does he offer? Nothing unless we get a free kick around the penalty area. That sums up the strength of our squad. I agree, some of the goals conceded are poor, but in the context of this particular match, which is what i am on about, we had enough quality chances to win the game. As poor as the goals were that we conceded
  4. Score from the pen, score from the sitter Trez missed and guess what.....it’s 3-2
  5. People can moan as much as they like about the defending but if you do not score goals you will lose football matches. In this match we had enough chances to win the game. We didn't because of very poor finishing. I am still heartened by what i am seeing us do. Strengthen again in January and we will make further progress.
  6. @villalad21 Hourihane was dog shit tonight. He’s no up to this level.
  7. Former football agent, Monster Monster Eric Hall, 73
  8. Double whammy Frank Bough Grandstand presenter 87 Frank Bough dead: Tributes are paid as BBC broadcast great who launched breakfast TV in Britain after decades as the face of Grandstand dies in care home aged 87 http://Frank Bough dead: Tributes are paid as BBC broadcast great who launched breakfast TV in Britain after decades as the face of Grandstand dies in care home aged 87 Johnny Leeze Emmerdale actor Emmerdale and Coronation Street star Johnny Leeze dies aged 78 a day after testing positive for coronavirus
  9. Really? People are so disappointed for a number of reasons. This is against a team who have just got promoted and are playing in the prem for the first time. We have improved so much from last season and have looked the part in every game we have played so far this season, yet today, after the high standards we have set, we were so far off the pace and second best for most of the game. I am very disappointed, with the performance and the result. I do not like being second best like we were tonight. Not for one bit.
  10. That's quality..... I hope you don't mind but I'm taking a snapshot of this and sharing it about on my whatsapp groups. It deserves a wider audience.
  11. I notice that this game is on BT Box Office and not standard Sky which is rather disappointing giving the start we have had. It's definitely going to be a high intensity game with plenty of incidents. I think we are well equipped these days to handle what comes to us. Also those saying we have never won our first 5 games before, remember we won 10 on the bounce in promotion season, so anything is possible.
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