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  1. Hopefully finally get to see him and Watkins link up tomorrow though having just watched the training video Villa have put out can't see Ings anywhere
  2. After the performance last week I am not as confident about this game as I was this time last week. Gutted Watkins is injured as i'm excited to see Watkins/Ings/Bailey/Buendia and see how good the team really looks but looks like going to have to wait even longer. I'd imagine after last weekend Targett will be getting targeted by ASM, thats my big worry. Really don't want to see El Ghazi and Young start as wingers when the line up comes out, i'd imagine it will be a 4-3-3 with El Ghazi, Ings and Buendia with Ramsey coming in unless Douglas Luiz is ready to start. Majority of home teams won last weekend so hopefully that trend continues, expect Villa to come flying out the traps first 10-15 mins. Predicting a 2-1 win.
  3. Before the game wasn’t confident as playing a newly promoted side away with fans back in the stadium for the first time in 18 months was going to be tough, had stoke away vibes and when saw the starting line up with El Ghazi and Ashley Young playing as wingers I just didn’t see where the creativity was going to come from. Hopefully we will never have to see them two starting as our wingers for the rest of the season. Not sure how Watford’s pre-season was but could tell in the first half Targett/Cash just looked off the pace. After the first goal went in was frustrating that the second goal happened after a deflection as it was a very much up hill battle from there. Can only be a positive that the midfield issue and this performance happened whilst the transfer window is still open rather than next month so hopefully a CM is signed in the next couple of weeks. Touchwood for Newcastle should have Watkins, Buendia, Ings and Bailey all available to start and we should see a much much better performance in front of a packed Villa Park.
  4. Hello Been reading this forum for a couple of years now but thought I better join and actually post on this forum. Never been a ST holder but try to go to many games as I can, watch near enough every Villa game that is on TV so will deffo be posting a lot in the match sections of the forum. Look forward to contributing soon. thanks
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