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  1. Waiting for Alan Wake to get downloaded I kept on playing after it was all done and think I discovered a rather cool thing. I went back to the old Overlook camp and whilst there I think I could hear what sounded like echoes from when the camp was active. A very small thing, but it's one of those things I really like. If I actually heard it, that is. Anyone else heard this?
  2. Thanks @wilko154 and @ender4. As it worked out I went for another option. I bought Alan Wake. But it took some time to get downloaded so I haven't really started to play it yet, so it might be to finish one of the games you mention first.
  3. As said in another thread I finished RDR2 yesterday and now I'm thinking about what to play next. Games on the list are: Horizon Gods of War Finish Last of us Finish Heavy rain GTA V Skyrim Have anyone played Vampires? It seems to be a game well suited to me but I've heard it's not good. On the other hand I'm probably one of the few who likes Friday the 13th the game playing as Jason killing young people over and over. I'm also considering buying the new FIFA, but I might pass on that this year and go back to buying it every 2nd year.
  4. Sorry to bump this but as natural as per usual I'm late to the party. I think I bought the game a year ago or more. Started to play it, liked it, but as I'm not that kind of gamer I played it for some time. Stopped. Started to play again. Stopped, etc. Finished it yesterday. Loved it. Absolutely loved it. I've always been a fan of the romanticised wild west and thought that this could be a game for me. I've never played the first one, mind you, but that obviously didn't matter. And it was/is a game for me. The first game of that kind, open world etc, that I really got into. I mean, I even loved watching the pictures when the game is loading. Like many others I felt that chapter 5 was quite, well, a bump in the road of RDR2. I never quite took to the camp of that chapter and I was quite pleased when chapter 6 came along. I liked the story of it, even though it's quite simple I think it's just what a game like this needs. About the controls I struggled a bit in the beginning which gave some more or less problems for me: My first visit in Strawberry I walked up to see if I could buy a paper from the one selling them, but when I was about to talk to him I accidentally drew my gun and fired it and was all of a sudden running away from people chasing me. And then there was a bounty on my head. I was about to mount a horse I'd just killed someone to get, but instead I tried to knock him like another blazing saddle. He kicked back, of course. I was going to sell a few secondary pelts and carcasses to a butcher. After a bullet in his face that butcher was no more. But he came back, somehow. After that I was more careful when I walked up to talk to someone. Oh, and the skinning part. I didn't have any problem with it being that slow, until one time when I had a prize on my head. I shot an animal, a buck or a deer I think, and ran to it and started to skin it. Just when I had started to skin it I was surrounded by 4 bounty hunters. And kept on skinning the animal satying very calm despite 4 guns pointing at me. They killed me. Anyway, the atmosphere was great, the environment, everything was great and I thought about starting over from the beginning. And reading this thread I think I have to. I only finished it to 82 something % and I realise that I've missed a lot. I mean, who doesn't want to get bummed in the a**e by a´some inbred human being? And even though I can go on after the credits, which was more than 30 minutes long and made me miss the first half of yesterday's game (I could even take a shower waiting for it to end to see if something happened after it), it just doesn't feel the same. So I might give it a few days and then pick it up again. I think it's for the good that you can't see how much time you've spent playing that game. I aslo found it a bit amusing that I could give a blind man a dollar, but wouldn't blink to kill a driver to take his stagecoach or wagon, and also kill a woman riding in a stagecoach just so she couldn't turn me in. Ice cold and warm hearted at the same time. Absolutely not me. One of my 3 favourite games ever. Thanks for the good read.
  5. I think he really needs a goal. His work rate has been great as usual, but his finishing is definetley lacking confidence. I think he feels the pressure. And Ings hasn't scored since Watkins came back, so maybe that's adding to the pressure.
  6. No, you're right. 23, of course. My math took some serious beating there. AFAIK it was a 4 year contract.
  7. Summer 24, I think. There's been talking about giving him a new contract several times, but nothing's happened so far. I really hope we tie him up with an improved 5 year contract. IMO he's been good since project restart, but this season he so far has sorted out the errors like being a bit too eager to get the ball which has given the opponents too many unnecessary freekicks and penalties. He can become really, really good in the future. He's improved every season.
  8. Totally agreed. I thought he was really good. And a really good touch too. I think we have a hidden gem here. In 10 years when he's got pubes.
  9. Job done, and done well. Love AEG's penalties. He's so cool when he steps up. We're almost a bit like arsenal used to be, playing their kids in the league cup and winning it.The future really looks bright. Clubs have in general a hope for one player a generation to step up and become a regular starter in the first team, but that doesn't happen very often. manure's "class of '92" is an exceptional exception. Maybe we can have another exception here. Maybe. But to put on a 12 year old as a rb is almost taking the piss. Next.
  10. I think we might see him either way. I don't think Bailey will start.
  11. Pelle

    The Captaincy

    I don't want any of them to leave. I didn't want Grealish to leave either, but I don't think he was the best captain we could've had. Martinez is probably the best player we have in the squad right now, but I still think Mings is the best captain material we have.
  12. Pelle

    The Captaincy

    Actually, it wasn't that big mess before he arrived. He's improved it, no doubt, by both his saves and his presence, but after the restart from the Covid break in 2020 our defence was a lot better. It was actually pretty solid and the biggest reason we could stay in the league.
  13. I didn't like this signing as I'm a grumpy old bastard who finds it hard to forgive and forget, and that dive and the celebration after they'd scored that penalty... However, I think this can be the most important signing we've made this summer. I don't think he'll start many games, but he will be the sub that comes on and do a good job if any of Cash, Targett, Buendia or Bailey comes off injured or have a bad game. He will make us so much less vulnerable to an injury on a few key positions. Plus he's got experience and a winning mentality. I think he's a good voice in the dressing room.
  14. If he starts against us at VP I just hope all Villans would go dead silent when they read up his name. No boos, certainly no cheers, just dead silence. He's an ex player now, another club's player, no one to care about.
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