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  1. Watched the game on my mobile and there was a delay of a couple of minutes, which meant that I got from another app that Konsa had scored about 2 minutes before he did and naturally I got the final result too before he scored. It took some from the instant happiness, but on the other hand I got to cheer about 4 times. A much needed win, we all know that. And as someone said earlier in the thread: We deserved it. That's even better. We can still get better, but this was an improvement. I put Reina as MotM. His distribution is better than we've seen from a Villa keeper in a long time and I think he can become very important for us this season. He might even be an improvement on Heaton.
  2. And the first thing he does is to turn to our fans. Hope someone kicks him out of the game. Guilbert must be closer to him there.
  3. Is it just me who hopes for a goal when they see there are 5 more unread replies in the thread?
  4. The lack of a striker is very obvious in this game. Worrying.
  5. If someone goes back just a few years in time and meet themselves and have sex, have we reached a new level of incest? Or a new level of masturbation? ÖR perhaps both?
  6. Pelle

    The Film Thread

    Yeah, it was like "We shall not make this a rom com, just a comedy celebrating Beatles' music. We shall not make this a rom com. We shall not make this a rom com. F**k it, it isn't funny. Let's bring on some romance."
  7. Bought it about a week ago and started to play it last Tuesday. I'm not a gamer so there are few games that really catch me, but this one did. I was home "sick" all week and played it almost day in, day out. I almost never do that. It's perfect for me Tomb Raider/Uncharted (my favourite game) meets Star Wars. Kind of. Not finished yet, but I feel I'm getting close. Don't really want it to end, but play it at every chance.
  8. Pelle

    The Film Thread

    Watched Yesterday, well, yesterday. Disappointed. It wasn't awfull but could've been done so much better. Not very funny at all, rather poor acting and a weak story that could've been done better with. And Ed Sheeran. I expected it at least to be a lot more fun. I think I laughed a little two or three times. The best part was probably in the end when he met... And the thought of a world without Oasis is quite nice.
  9. Yeah, I know the conspiracy about his death and all that, but I didn't know that the man said to replace him actually had a name. Never thought of that, actually. But now I did Mooney it and realisedthat that's even the name of the whole conspiracy. There are weird people in this world.
  10. Ah, that fellow. Isn't it amazing how they could find another bass player looking exactly like Paul? Left handed too. And who could sing exactly like him. Extraordinary.
  11. You do realise what will happen if he dies, don't you? Who the hell is William Shears Campbell, @chrisp65?
  12. Seen 5 or 6 episodes and I like it, but I think I understad what you mean. I like the idea, though. It's a bit slow but in general I think it's good. Good enogh for me to watch 5 or 6 episodes in one night even though I really needed to go to bed. Yet to finish it.
  13. You're the best. Just so we can have a loser. Michael Douglas Paul McCartney Val Kilmer Uri Geller (Inspired by the thread) Pehr G Gyllenhammar (Former CEO of Volvo)
  14. Bah, less than a day too late. Probably for the best. I got 0 rights last year. No need to show how useless I am at this.
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