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  1. Really nervous. It's been nice to win every week and I don't want it to stop, and less so against leeds. I want us to beat them properly but it will be a tough game and I think it's 50/50. It'll be a great night, though. About 30 of Aston Villa Sweden West will meet up and watch the game together. That's always great. And if we win...
  2. I can't deny that I enjoyed his time here. We could beat anyone and I had big hopes for the future. But the more you look at all the dross and unseuccessfull players he signed I can't help thinking what could've been with another manager. That's all in hindsight, of course. I don't think Heskey was as bad as many others think, but he was definetely not the striker we needed at the time. And then the way he left...
  3. That was my immediate thought. Bossnich; Barrett, McGrath, Teale, Staunton; Houghton, Richardson, Parker, Froggatt; Saunders, Atkinson What a team and what a lovely football they played.
  4. True. And the next. So maybe it'll be just a relief. I wonder when they'll realise that having christmas every day takes away the special feeling around it.
  5. The only bad thing with this is that it might end with us not beating manhre at VP ever again.
  6. There might be a reason for them in that those 6 clubs now have got a very solid fan base that will buy their games. I guess most young kids today follow one of these 6 clubs and have done so for a few years. liverpool, manure and arsenal have of course done that for many years and are most likely the biggest and most followed clubs in England. chelski and citeh are probably not far behind. spuds might be a bit behind but has a solid fanbase as it it. If these clubs fall behind and starts to drop many of their followers might lose interest which makes Sky lose customers. Just a thought, and I
  7. I thought about kind of the same thing. After the liverpool game I think most teams will think twice before they go and attack us with full force. They know we can hit them badly on the counter. They fear us. Which of course helps our defence as they're not that much under pressure as they were last season. Another test will be against teams that park the bus, like sheffield. I think we'll do better against those teams now with Barkley in the squad.
  8. i've been thinking about our players ages and that we have a very young squad, especially the starting 11. 1 Tom Heaton 34 12 Jed Steer 28 26 Emiliano Martinez 28 28 Lovre Kalinic 30 2 Matty Cash 23 3 Neil Taylor 31 4 Ezri Konsa 22 5 Tyrone Mings 27 18 Matthew Targett 25 22 Björn Engels 26 24 Frédéric Guilbert 26 27 Ahmed El Mohamady 33 30 Kortney Hause 25 6 Douglas Luiz 22 7 John McGinn 26 8 Henri Lansbury 30 10 Jack Grealish 25 14 Conor Hourihane 29 17 Trézéguet 26
  9. Pelle

    Ezri Konsa

    I remember wanting us to sign Tuanzebe as he'd been quite good for us. I'm happy we went for this guy instead. He's improved so much and for me he's our best CD atm. And probably the best I've seen so far in the league. I mean, van Dijk is obviously better but from what I've seen so far this season Konsa's been better. And he's 22.
  10. I must've come to the wrong place. The club I support never wins all the 4 first games. Does anyone know where I can find Aston Villa Talk? Brilliant win. We didn't play brilliant attacking football, but we were tactically very good. And to score the winner at ET is always sweet. SJM MOTM for me. I thought he was brilliant. A few players looked a bit tired in the first half, like Barkley, Luiz and Watkins, but they all got better in the 2nd. Especially Douglas Luiz who I thought were really good in the 2nd. Lovely to see and hear former Villa player Marcus Allbäck in the swedish
  11. For once I think the international break might've been good for us. It gave us time to get back down to the planet we call the Earth again. After that thrashing of liverpool the players might've been flying a bit high. Still, no matter their injury list, I'd take a draw on Sunday. Of course we can win, but this will be a tough one. And a draw would still see us unbeaten and still on great confidence. I hope Jack comes back with a feeling that he has something to prove. To prove Southgate what a fool he is to not play him at all. A Jack on fire is a handfull for every team.
  12. I wish they could force Glazers and Henry to sell and leave this league ASAP. And sack Parry.
  13. I really can't understand what he tried to achieve with tonight's tactics. What was the plan to win it with that formation and all those defensive players? And then, with a man down and a goal behind he didn't make a second substitution to bring some attacking force on untill the 75th (?) minute without creating anything before that. And the substitutions he made didn't make much of sense either. Why did Rice stay on for that long? He didn't do anything of note. He should've been brought off at half time and getting an attacking player on to at least try to get a goal. Just anyone. Jack, Sanch
  14. Trying to really make a point, Gareth? I mean, at home to the mighty Denmark most managers would see one point as a good result, right? I get Phillips besides the odd "PL experience" debate. He's a good DM, no doubt. But Rice? What exactly has he done? And the two together suring up in front of a 5 men backline? I bet that if he could have used two goalkeppers he would've. But apart from all that I think the worst thing is Maguire. Why? He's slow, poor feet and got ran over by spuds a week ago. He might'vee been good for leicester, but since his move to manure he's just declined.
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