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  1. Old shows: Hill Street Blues Newi(ish) shows: 24
  2. Probably behind eveyine as usual, but I've just finished S1 of Animal Kingdom. Not really my kind of show, but I liked it. Looking forward to watching the rest of it. Also inclined to watch Chernobyl after the reviews on here.
  3. On a more serious note. How does DS normally act in the transfer windows. Many early signings or does he do like MON? There's been some talk about getting ex Villa players back, but there's only one player I'd like to come back and that's Milner as a DM. He's still fit, he's experienced, he still works harder than most players, he's intelligent. I'd say he's exactly the kind of experienced player we could do with, especially if we're mostly signing young, up and coming players.
  4. We've been in the PL for two long days now and still no new signings. SMITH OUT!!
  5. Kind of did the same thing. Thought the reflection steered it over the goal and looked and reached for my glass when I suddenly saw McGinn celebrate and the ball was in the goal. Couldn't really understand how that happened. Untill the replay, of course.
  6. Mu motm. His best game ever for Villa as a DM.
  7. Que sera, sera Whatever will be, will be We're going to Premier League Que sera, sera"
  8. Happy as f**k. relieved, alive, tears. So many feelings. I just had to make a rush when he flew the final whistle. I just had to. It's a "finally", but not just a "finally" but a "Finally we won something that was more than just a game. Something that means something." 23 tears since the last time. I'm rambling. Anyway, for me AEG best in the 1st half half, SJM in the 2nd. Best overall and my MOTM: Hourihane. I've never seen him that good as a DM. Phenomenal. And we're back! UTV!
  9. Well, derby scored a goal, and that's absolutely down to Smith getting it all wrong by playing Hourihane instead of Whelan. Possibly should've brought Mings off before he got injured too. SMITH OUT!!!!
  10. he radio was on at work last week when this one came on. I haven't heard it for many good years, and I wish it goes an eternity untill next time. Anyway, how the hell did this shite become a hit? How could this "band" have any success at all, never mind selling 100's of millions of albums? I just don't get it.
  11. I don't think I've even heard this one. Never watch this shite. Almost never. I can defenitely say that I didn't kow who was representing Sweden this year. Don't think I've heard his name before.
  12. Just stumbled on this thread and my first unread post was on page 1111 and 12 are quite interesting to read today. Little did we know. I can't stand Zlatan. Brilliant player, horrible person. I keep wondering if I'd liked him more if he had another agent. Even if he does everything for marketing himself it's a bad way to do it. Beckham doesn't need to do these things for his own marketing.
  13. Hm, bah, game on! Luckily I don't have to go up early tomorrow.
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