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  1. Well, there's always that, of course. But that's too late, the new Queen generation is already here.
  2. Exactly. And the other week I saw a picture of her wearing some t-shirt that if I got it right was a fascist t-shirt and then her appologising saying that she didn't know what it was. Then they had a picture of her parents in the same t-shirt which clearly should point out that she knew fully well what she was wearing. Of course this was spread out on the internet, and of course it was photoshopped. At least the pictures of her parents. Why go out of your way for things like this?
  3. Why are so many, mostly middle aged men, so afraid of a 16 year old girl who's only crime is that she wants people to think more about the environment and to reduce the pollution and so on? Some are so afraid that they feel the need to patronice bully her and her family, they put hatred on her for wanting a better world. I just don't get it. I mean, I don't believe everything she says is the absolute truth. All I know is that she knows more about it than I do and that she's fighting for a good cause. How can that be so wrong in some peoples eyes? It's like the folklore about that Jesus guy. He talked about love and peace and that everyone should be nice to each other, so we nailed him on a cross and let him hang there untill he died. Not comparing Greta with Jesus in any other way, btw.
  4. Who was that israelian midfielder who played for Celta Vigo (I think) that were linked to during Gregory's spell?
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  6. Started to watch The truth about the Harry Qquebert-affair the other day. Got hooked. Finished it in two days. It's a criminal drama with a good story. It was intruiging. The little twist was not hard to foretell, though. But all in all 8/10. I've got mixed feelings about Mindhunter S2. I will watch it as I thought the first season was very good, but my OH's best friend's son has been living in LA for about 8 years now, went to some actor academy that cost a lot of money and he's working hard to even get a part. He's done a few minor things, but nothing big. He was casted as one of the villains in S2, a serial rapist I think, and was of course overly happy. Later on he was told that his scenes, that were already shot, were edited out. I had my suspicions and as I thought it later showed up that they had replaced him right off. Obviously his confidence is a bit low after that. Lower than it already was. It would've been great to see him in it.
  7. I think he had a really good first half against tottenham. His positioning was very good and he helped the defenders out really well. No, he isn't a good tackler, but that's not all there is to that position. He gave them very little space to create good chances. In the second half he faded a bit as they started to wear us down and had our midfield run from one side to the other. Maybe he should've been taken off a bit earlier, but I doubt that would've mattered. Could've, but I don't it would. But soon I think he'll be relieved from playing as a DM. Once Luiz and Nakamba settles and get into match fitness he'll be more of a backup for Grealish and McGinn, which is more natural for him. And to all of those complaining that he isn't a DM: No, he isn't, and I think he's very aware of that himself, but he's never complained about playing there. He's always stepped and done his best even though he's a lot better as an AM. We all know that not every player would've done that. I give him credit for that.
  8. I was actually quite impressed by how VAR worked in the game against spuds. Apart from the decision not giving the penalty as I think it really was a penalty, but that's another question. What I was impressed with was that it went fast. It took a few seconds before both decisions were made. No penalty, no red card for McGinn. It didn't halt the game very much, unlike during the World Cup this summer where it took ages. I'm fine with this. When it comes to VAR-check for offsides it really only works 100% in one way. Guess that's better than nothing. What I mean is if the AR waves the flag and the ref blows the whistle it's quite meaningless to check with VAR after that. But then again, I guess it's only meant to decide if it was or not when it comes to goals scored. But for their 2nd goal we had a discussion if VAR is meant to be checked if there's a probable offense before the goal, or if it's to check just what happens during the scoring moment. Should the ref had checked what Lamela did to get the ball from Jack or was that another situation? And if not, how long back can/shall they check?
  9. They have a team that has played together for a rather long time at the highest level. Even if it wasn't thheir absolute best 11 most of them have still played and trained together for several years. And the new signing who scored for them cost a lot more than ours. But what really showed how much better squad they have is that we brought on Jota, Kodija and Luiz, they brought on Christian Eriksen, one of the most wanted attacking midfielders in the world. And at a time when were getting tired. Anyway, before the game I was hoping for us to hit the ground running and that they would have a bad day, maybe underrate us a little so that we maybe we could nick a point or 3. There have been bigger upsets in the league. A part of me hoped that we wouldn't get spanked like norwich, and part of me worried that we would be like wham earlier on that day. So when we took the lead and held out for so long, defended really well in the first half added with some decent counter attacks I was quite pleased but with their pressure I feared that we would never hold up. And in the second half they put in the next gear. I don't think we sat back on and defended like that on purpose in the 2nd half. It was mostly down to them speeding up and really started to pull us from side to side wearing us out. We were chasing the ball all the time and the few times we got hold of it we were too tired to move to get it and with tired heads also comes bad decisions. And they put on a pressure that we couldn't stand up to. There was a point around the 65th minute, though, that I started to get my hopes up. They had a poor finish from outside the penalty area from a position that wasn't that good. It felt like they were getting frustrated. And had that held on we could've got something. Then they brought on Eriksen and that hope vanished. And as soon as they scored the equaliser I knew we'd lose. Some teams scoring an eqauliser that late having been chasing the game for so long would've been pleased with that and lost some pace, but not the top teams against lower teams. They wanted more and I knew they would. Just a shame that it came from a poor mistake. But he'll learn from that. So, postive points: The defending. Not just from our 4 defenders and the keeper, but the whole team. Together they made it really hard for tottenham to get through and create good chances in the first half. And Engels and Mings played really well together. I've had my doubts about how they would play, but they stood up to this test very well. We looked like we can be dangerous on the break. I don't want us to play counter attacking football, but in games like this one it's a very good weapon to have. We weren't perfect, but this was the first game of the season and that against a team that is about as good as they come. I think many of our players are good enough for this league, even though we were outplayed for most of the game. And the more I look at it, we were robbed on a penalty. During the game I thought it was hard to see what really happened, but now I've seen some replays and yes, I think it's a penalty. Sanchez doesn't touch the ball, he gets in to McGinn and tumbles over him which brought McGinn down. Some say he fell over too easy, but I don't think he did. It doesn't look like a dive to me. And with VAR as help I can't see why it wasn't given. (Sidenote on VAR: I've been sceptic to it, but during this game it worked very well except for the outcome. It didn't take a long time for any of the two decisions. A thumb up.) Had it been in the other end of the pitch I have no doubts it would be given. Worries: Jota and Wesley. I acknowledged they had a difficult game but I still think they could've done better. It's never easy to come on as a sub like Jota did in a game where your team is under such a big pressure, but I still think he could've run more to show himself to get the ball and to keep it and keep passing it on. He gave away some very sloppy passes. Wesley wasn't that bad, he was very isolated, but I still hade higher hopes for him and I wonder if he's the natural striker we need. And to have Kodija as a backub isn't a sign of strength. This was a wake up call for many fans and a few players, I think. And this game might show why Grealish isn't ahead of players like Alli in the pecking order for England. But I have no doubts that he'll be good enough to fit in this league and one day play for England. I think we'll survive, and next weekend we'll see how we really fair. I'm still excited. And I had a great weekend in London with my friends and meeting "Just Alan" from VT. If he reads this he'll know.
  10. I've read The magic cottage and liked it, but in the early 90's I read a book by Herbert that translated back to english would be called something like The house of evil. I don't remember much more than that it was a haunted house and a few people were there to investigate it (I think) and that it scared the hell out of me. If done properly it could be a great horror movie. Looks like it's called Haunted.
  11. Just started to play this. I've come to chapter 2. I like ir.
  12. That one and Black lodge are absolutely awsome. And a few more.
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