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  1. What a farce. I mean, I've read plenty of "When Mings get the ball there's a new phase." I've read the rules on the FA page tonight and I can't find one single mention of a "new phase", not one. Then there's the receiving thing. Well, I remember so well when Mark Delaney received the ball from the opponent's attackers He received the ball quite well. Anyway, there were 3 incidents tonight that told me that Moss had a mission tonight. The goal, it's obviously offside, all the "explanations" are just stupid. It's offside, pure and simple. And then there's the sending off of DS. I mean, come on. And then there was a minor thing in the first half that was just so weird. When we had a freekick in our own half. Mings is preparing to take it but then let's it off to Martinez, something that happens quite often in football. To lift up the team. Nothing special at all. It takes a few more seconds but still, it's in the first half and not controversary at all. Untill Pep starts to shout for some reason and then Moss feels the need to run and Tell Mings to not doing that, or something of the effect. Doing what? Letting the keeper take a freekick in our own half? It happens so often and I've never seen a reaction like that. And when Pep started to shout a real ref would've told him to pipe down and let the game go. There wasn't much time wasting in this game, at least not as much as there use to be in a game like this, and I was just confused. In itself a nothing situation, but with all the rest, well, I probably make it bigger than it was, but Moss did go Pep's way in that sitaution. Too. I hope, I really hope, that we against newcastle, when we attack put Ollie just a few metres above the goal line, to the left or right so he won't shadow the keeper's sight, and then take shots so Olli can go for the rebounds from the keeper. I mean, as soon as the keeper touches the ball he must play Ollie onside, right? You know it's the right way to go, Dean, call them out. And if we're successfull but are called off for offside, tell Ollie to lurk behind the defence waiting for a ball from, say, DL to their last defender and then you receive it from behind. Just do it. Air Jordan. And for the game, they were by far the best team we've played so far this season but we stood up well. Rode our luck and I can take a loss, but not like this. Targett motm for me. I didn't use to think much about him, but he's been better and better for every game this season. Well played, Matthew.
  2. Just to show how time passes by. That was actually 20 years ago. But awfull, yes. They've had some problems replacing Schmeichel.
  3. Yeah, I think I remember that now. The offside heel has stuck in my memory. One of the most ridiculous offsides I ever witnessed. Couldn't really believe my eyes.
  4. Was the one against brighton the one where Wes' heel was half a centimetre offside in the build up? And later it showed that not only was it a ridiculous offside call, it was also two situations earlier and shouldn't count, I think.
  5. Yeah, they got a late penalty against spuds for a very dubious hands situation.
  6. I think that was the final straw for me. At least I'll take a break from football. I can't see the fun in this. To sit nervous through 90 minutes and then get screwed over by VAR in extra time to make a loss even worse. This isn't football for me. This isn't the game I fell in love with. It's a farce and not an ejoyable at that. I just sit there fuming and that's not what I want. I just wish it mattered. We as fans doesn't matter anymore. It's a long time since we did. I mean players often say we matter and all that, but in the big scheme of things, we don't. I don't even like it when we benefit from it, unless it actually is a correct call that is very clear. There have been a few times the other team has got a goal disallowed for some dubious offside or handball that really wasn't very clear and it hasn't felt good. It just feels wrong. I think it was against southampton that I thought to myself "Just give them the goal. It's ridiculous to disallow it." Can't remember for what. Before VAR I could think that we were lucky to get away with that, but not these days. I was hesitant to VAR when it was brought into use, but I never thought it'd kill the game like this. I always thought money would be the final straw. Turns out I was wrong.
  7. Pelle


    They're amazing. Love it.
  8. Former Villa youth keeper had his full senior debut for Rotherham this weekend in their 2-1 win against preston. Really happy for him as he's a great guy. He seems to have had a good game and could not do anything about the goal.
  9. The two swedish pundits put a good view on this situation, IMO. By the letter of the law, yes, it's offside. It's not the ref that makes a mistake. But the rule is not proportional to the outcome of situations like this. It's not similar to the situation vs citeh as that clearly affected Heaton's actions. This time Leno saw the ball when it was hit by McGinn but couldn't do anything about it. He probably wouldn't stand a chance even if he stood in that corner. The ref easily could've said that "Yeah, he's in the triangle between the ball and the posts, if that rule still applies, but it's still not affecting Leno as he can still see the ball and didn't have a chance to save it." When it comes to southampton's goal against us I wasn't even happy when it was disallowed. I thought it was ridiculous. That's never offside in my book. It was good for us, but it's not how I want to win. Well, we didn't win, but if we had won by one goal it wouldn't feel as good. Luckily, none of the decisions had any impact to the outcome of the games. We won anyway and southampton won anyway.
  10. Yes, a lot has happened since the days of God. Stronger and faster, definetely. But McGrath had all that and had he been in Grealish's age he'd be up there as he was very athletic, strong and fast. For me he is still above Jack, not least thanks to him playing with that knee injury and sadly even more or less drunk in more than a few games. But I think it's hard to compare and I can see why many think Jack is better. I'm just happy we had McGrath when we did and Jack now. Somteimes he's in a league of his own. One of the swedish pundits said yesterday that his performance against arsenal was probably the best performance in the league so far this season.by any player. And I wouldn't be too surprised if that pundit has seen every game so far. He was full of praise for the whole team and refused to belittle it with saying that arsenal were poor. Anyway, I voted McGinn for motm, but it was just because I had to choose. It could've been him, Grealish, Luiz, Watkins, Barkley, Konsa, yeah, anyone. But McGinn nicked it. Such a lovely team performance and the moves for all our goals were just fantastic. The first one almost arrogant by Grealish and Barkley, the 2nd one with that cross from Luiz and then an even better cross on the volley with the wrong foot from Barkley and Watkins being strong. And Jack's powerrun for the 3rd. I won't be surprised if Jack scores a Maradona goal this season. He has it in him and he's been close a few times already, he just needs that little bit of "luck", timing and the opposition in the right positions and he's there. I'm almost sure it would happen. If so I hope it does happen against manure. Great win, great performance and great to be back on the winning track again. Shame with another international break. UTV!
  11. Really nervous. It's been nice to win every week and I don't want it to stop, and less so against leeds. I want us to beat them properly but it will be a tough game and I think it's 50/50. It'll be a great night, though. About 30 of Aston Villa Sweden West will meet up and watch the game together. That's always great. And if we win...
  12. I can't deny that I enjoyed his time here. We could beat anyone and I had big hopes for the future. But the more you look at all the dross and unseuccessfull players he signed I can't help thinking what could've been with another manager. That's all in hindsight, of course. I don't think Heskey was as bad as many others think, but he was definetely not the striker we needed at the time. And then the way he left...
  13. That was my immediate thought. Bossnich; Barrett, McGrath, Teale, Staunton; Houghton, Richardson, Parker, Froggatt; Saunders, Atkinson What a team and what a lovely football they played.
  14. True. And the next. So maybe it'll be just a relief. I wonder when they'll realise that having christmas every day takes away the special feeling around it.
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