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  1. Are you a member of Villa Sweden? If not then join us and come with us on those trips. It's great fun. The mebership only costs 150:- and is well worth it.
  2. I'm quite a bit sad about this. And I never got to see it. Kind of a historic tragedy with the foundations being guilt in the 12th century. Yet bloody VT got me laughing reading this thread. More than once.
  3. Now I don't follow you. Really needed it? What does that mean? Is it some kind of welsh?
  4. I'd love that, and I think many of us would. They like to have some Villa chat with Brummies. The skills in english is quite varying, but most of us can speak the language rather well. I think it would be quite easy to arrange before or/and after a game, for example. I'd love to meet more of you guys.
  5. Well, that's what friends are for, isn't it?
  6. So you were there? I think there were a few more pictures taken so you might be in one of them. I never noticed anyone wanting people to leave before it was taken, but I think Pär or Anders was about to take pictures but then some told them to ask one of the locals to take it so they could join us instead. Probably Pär as Anders is in the middle of it and Pär is in the front. Damn, should've known it was you. Those to the left are actually not with us. The pair walking down the street and the thin balded guy and one more are all locals. So I don't think that many cared, even though it is our annual post game picture. It's become a tradition.
  7. Well, we're quite serious in sponsoring the pubs and bars in Birmingham. We want them to do well.
  8. In leicester, but that didn't last too long.
  9. Happy days, indeed. Come to think of it, it was kind of like a bad Hollywood film where they tried to make it look like Villa were actually going to lose the first game in an eternity when I came over for the first time in a very long time, but then in the other they came out as knights in shining armor and after the full time whistle they road to the sunset whistling a sad ballad. And I was the happy maiden staring after them longing for the next time. That escalated quickly.
  10. So, another weekend has come and gone. A weekend that most people in the world won't have ny memory of in a few years time or so. But for 69 swedish Villans it will probably stay in their memories forever. Although, some will probably never remember some parts at all. But we've had a great time. For me it started on Wednesday. Flight to Manchester, with what I suspect was a couple of manure-fans going over to watch their game against barcelona. I think I know which one of us who was the happier later that night. Their I met a friend from the really grim north of Sweden, Gällivare which is north of the pole circle, and then a train to Rotherham. A nice little town. There we met two more friends from Stockholm to get to the hotel. A hotel I'd booked and of course I never checked out how close to the arena or train station it was. It was at the other end of Rotherham. We spent some time in taxi's that night. Suffice to say I won't book the next hotel. But in the end, after the game, we didn't think much about it. You saw the game, you know how it was. We were just chuffed. I have to say that I felt a bit robbed by the ref when he gave them a penalty which we thought never was a penalty and upon that sent Mings off. I guess we all did. But in the end it didn't matter much. But I guess this was shortly after that: Oh, and I met Drat in a pub just before the game. Then it's Thursday and time to go to good ol' Brum and meet up with around 20 newly arrived swedish Villans. Two beer on the train, and then we're off. That's pretty much about it. A rather quiet night with a few beer. A few new ones who settled in. No scandals. Then on Friday it all kicked off officially. The rest arrived and by the time they did, around 10, we took a taxi to VP and then Aston Tavern and never looked back. We were all having dinner together at the hotel and were told to expect one or more secret guests. And they came: So we had a few beers with these guys. I bought them all one. I think they got a bit pissed, actually. I know Shaw did. But they were great to hang out with. And after they left we left for Craven arms. I don't know why, but we always go there at least once. For me, I don't think this was the best idea, but it wasn't the worst that night. I came, took a piss, had a beer, and then it wasn't hard for my friend to talk me into going back to the hotel. The thing was that I'd promised another friend that he could stay in my room that night. He was meant to stay at couple of friends place but they weren't at home, or something, and I was alone in a single room. Of course I said yes, but somewhere along the night I forgot about that. Can't understand why. He called me about 5 times, knocked on the door, and in the end he just walked down to the reception and got a new key. When he came into the room I was lying on the bed fully clothed as if I'd just taken two steps in and fallen down on the bed. And was pretty much how I woke up but with a nagging thought in my head: "Where the hell is my jacket?" I had a vague memory of me thinking that I'd left my jacket on the room which I was quite sure that I hadn't. And I hadn't. It was gone. With my match ticket and slightly less important my passport. I felt a little panic for a while, but I was quite sure that if I'd left it anywhere it was at the hotel and then there could be a chance that someone had found it and left it in the reception. Someone had. One of us said that they'd called out in the speakers to ask if someone had forgot his jacket. I never heard that, of course. But Saturday, match day, no problem with the jacket so back to Aston Tavern to knock on the door. They didn't open untill 11, so of course we were a bit too early. But we got in in the end so we could drink our beer. Then up to Holte pub and, well, you know. Then it was time for kickoff. But before that I met the great Blandy, great even though his taste for music is less than great. Always nice to meet you, sir. 2nd time ever, but still. That's when I had my 2nd burger and that plus breakfast was pretty much what I had that day. I think I've taken the phrase "Eating Guiness" a bit too far. Anyway, game on! And again, you were there, you know how it was. We could've won 4-1, and apparently it was because their fans were sat on Witton. As good an excuse can ever get. And McGinn was still runinng. The best thing for me apart from the 3 points was that we showed that we could play quite well without Jack and Mings. And here are the Villa Sweden after the game: And I think you can guess what happened next. Holte Suit, Hyatt's hotel bar, then I went up to my room to change my shirt before I left for some pub or somewhere to eat. My mistake was that I sat down on the bed. And then I lay down just for a few minutes. Sunday, rehab day. Not much to tell. 8 of us left for Leicester as my friends son, the former Villa youth keepr Viktor Johansson, plays for leicester now and they had a game against liverpool that day. Unfortunately the scousers won 6-0. Not that good. Back again, and then I had a bus leaving for Stansted at 1 am and a flight 8:15, which of course was delayed, and now I'm back home. A bit tired. The thing is that this might seem like a lot of grown ups just on the piss, but there are som many funny things happening, and so many injokes that would take too long time to explain and it would still be hard for you to understand the fun in it, but we always have a great time. Always. Most of these people I only meet this one time a year, maybe two, a few more often as we live close, but we spend so much time together when we're over, more or less every awaken second, and we shair so many stories and do so many funny and silly things during these weekends that some of us are more or less like best friends. And when we meet there are always big smiles and I can't remember anyone ever getting angry at another person. We're simply just having a great time. And we'll be back in a year. Just wanted to share this with you all. It got very long, and if you're still reading I'm quite impressed you're still awake, but I thank you! UTV
  11. Haha, thanks mate! Can't see the picture, but I think I can guess which it is. We've had some great days in Brum now, but more about that later. Just loved to be there with the away fans to watch that win. 10 man down, 1 goal down, and still we came back to win it. I wonder if McGinn knows the meaning of the word "tired". Loved Jack Grealish's work before the 2nd goal. Got away from 4 rotherham-players. With a little help from Taylor. That was class. Great night. That's about as analyzing I can be right now having just come home and not got any real sleep since around 5-6 am yesterday morning.
  12. Non alcoholic beer. What's the point?
  13. Pelle

    John McGinn

    This. I love McGinn and I think he has a magnificent career ahead of him, but right now he's doing it in the Championship. Milner was one of the best (The best IMO) in a squad that took us to 6th three years in a row and had us sniffing at CL.
  14. We have an "older" guy at work, he's 60, who likes Villa. He's not a fan per se, but he follows the results and always wanna talk to me about the latest game. And sometimes he watches the games if they're on TV on a pub. Anyway, he just called Grealish "Little Zidane". It's always nice when our players get some recognition from outside. He thought £25m is way too little for him. He's right, you know.
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