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  1. Pelle

    Wesley Moraes

    I wish I was good at something.
  2. Pelle

    Douglas Luiz

    He needs to work on his concistency. Apart from that I think we have one of the most talented midfielders outside the top 6 and apart from Grealish. Who we coincidentially also have.
  3. Pelle

    Wesley Moraes

    Criticism is fair. To say that he's not getting into the box often enough is fair, IMO. I think he's quite often coming too far down in the pitch. I mean, he works hard to get the ball, but should leave it to the mid's and defenders. Saying he's struggling to trap the ball is also fair. He can do a lot better there. And a few other things. But it's quite frequently you can read that he's just shite and just isn't a football player, and that's just nonsense. And when some say that they don't care if he scores plenty of goals from now on he's shite anyway, then you know that he's not getting a fair chance. That's just ridicilous. I don't think it was a misstake not to sign another striker, I think they tried but it didn't happen. But we definetley need one. At least one. Kodija isn't good enough and Davis is injured. We ca't even give him a breather. He could do with some rest and to get some burden off his shoulders. But he can't get it atm.
  4. Pelle

    Wesley Moraes

    So what if they're only tap ins?
  5. Was about to say that the linesman in the arsenal game must've been blind, but the I thought that maybe he was told not to raise the flag for offside in such a situation. But still, that was a clear offside. Upon that the replay showed that though it was a freekick he didn't stand in line with the defenders.
  6. Pelle

    Wesley Moraes

    When we score as many goals as we've done so far that shouldn't be an issue for them. And we're having loads of possession in most of the games. The problem for the defence is that they too often seem to not being playing on the same wavelength. Which isn't that strange as it's a rather new lineup. They're still learning to know each other, and so on. And Mings has done a few errors. I won't say that our defence is shockingly bad, but it's more of a concern to me than our striking force. We've lost 8 games and won 4 of 15 and still only has -2 in GD thanks to scoring quite a lot.
  7. Pelle

    Wesley Moraes

    I ran out of likes, so here's a thumb: I guess we're not the only fans that in a newly promoted team who's scored 22 goals and conceded 24 are most of all concerned with our striker, who has scored a decentish amount of goals, rather than being concerned with our defence who while not bad concedes too many easy goals. It's so strange. About yesterday's game I can't say he was great, only Heaton was IMO, but he wasn't as bad either. Too many seems to neglect that he was on his own up against a very good defence. The whole team was up against one of the best teams in the league at their ground. It would always be a tough game. Especially as they'd lost two in a row and really had something to prove. And about that goal we got. It probably wouldn't have come without him doing his job. And certainly not if we'd had Kodija on instead of him. It's not that he did something fantastic that no other striker would've done, but probably not Kodija. But he did it. Which you could never believe reading this thread. He took his run to the near post, pulling a defender with him and made it hard for him, creating space behind him for Trez to come in to and score. If to believe many on here he never takes run into the area or does anything else that is good. No, that run wasn't amazing, it's something to be expected. But he did it anyway, and he did it well. He still has a lot to learn, absolutely, and for some strange reason he's better at hitting a apss on one touch than he is to control the ball, but those passes he hits pretty well. I think it was Hourihane he put through in the early minutes of the game with a one touch but he wasn't awake or offside. Can't remember. I'm a little concerned about him working a bit too hard sometimes. There are a few times when he's been chasing the opponents far down on our own half, almost ending up in the pen area. As good it is sometimes it will most of all make him tired and there's always a risk that there's no one up front when we get the ball. He's rather slow on the first 3-5 yards, but on longer runs he's not that slow. Problem is that most runs from a forward are just a few yards or at least those first are crucial to get to the ball first. And yes, he needs to be more hungry and get into scoring positions more often, IMO. It's not that he's not doing a job along the line of the pen area, but we don't have enough midfielders who comes in behind him when he's bullying the defenders. And far too often he's out by the sideline and don't get back in the area quick enough. But that's something that can be taught. If Smith wants it. I don't know what he's telling Wes to do. For me, for being a lone striker, he's too much involved in the play around the box instead of inside of it. So far he's been the serving striker no 2 in a 2 man attacking line more than the goal scoring lone striker. And that's not his fault. It doesn't make him a bad player. And to say that he's the worst striker we've ever had, which I've read several times, is just daft. Or coming from someone who's only been a fan for the last few months.
  8. I don't know what to think about this guy. I mean he works hard, really hard, perhaps a bit too hard, he's good at coming into scoring positions and has started to score quite frequently, 3 in 4, and had a great shot that hit the bar against manure. But on the other hand sometimes he can't shoot better than a 10 year old, can't handle the easiest pass to his feet. There were two quite typical sequences yesterday: One time in the first half he got an easy pass that he couldn't control, it was like he had 10 thoughts about what to do with the ball and couldn't decide what to do, and just when you thought he'd lost it his feet started to move and he got a couple of yards away from the defender with the ball at his feet. And then in the 2nd half Luiz got quite annoyed when he passed Trez a rather easy pass to his feet and it just rolled over/under his feet and out to a throw.
  9. I know this will surprise everyone now. Top artist for me this and every year since 2011: Queen I know, I know, you can't really believe it, but Spotify says it's true. Top song 2019: The headless children- W.A.S.P. Probably more expected.
  10. Very interesting that. Good read. Also interesting that David Moyes is under pressure because of Iheanacho's goal. That's a bit harsh.
  11. Of course we need a striker. If nothing else so for cover. Davis is out and if Wes gets injured too we're left with Kodija... Doubt we'll sign a big name, though.
  12. Thanks! I remembered him but couldn't remember his name and it buggered me.
  13. chelsea rarely drops points 3 games in a row never mind lose 3 games in a row. I hope we can keep up with them and don't get another tonking like 6-0 or something like that. 3-2 loss.
  14. citeh tears burnley a new one. And just because of that burnley scored. Still 4-1.
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