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  1. BBC Gossip column says we’re interested in Fabian Baptista from Benfica. 19 year old winger. Anyone heard of him?
  2. Anyone think the problem lies in the fact the team picks itself? 1st XI are assured of their starting position and subconsciously may feel that they don’t have to fight as hard. I didn’t watch the game but when trez came on he was on of our best players. Gets dropped, comes on and gives it his all. im not saying wholesale changes are needed, however I think the team needs a reminder that no one is guaranteed a starting place and can’t live of their name alone.
  3. We seemed to have got into a habit of starting way on the back foot. Last few games have been like this
  4. I’m curious as to who would be thanos in this analogy, and what represents the 6 infinity stones
  5. This is where I hope we would have an in-house sports psychologist. As much as the tactical side is very important, never underestimate the mental side of things.
  6. Are you likely to negotiate with Werder Bremen ever again?
  7. I wouldn’t be unhappy to see that.
  8. I’ve done this quickly in my head but since their game with Man City on 2nd July (title was secured on the 26th June when man city lost to Chelsea. they finished last season W 4 D 1 L 2 this season (at time of typing) W 3 D 1 L 2
  9. Id count it a solid little start for the opening batsmen in a pre season friendly on a cold April morning.
  10. This guy clearly isn’t keeping up to date with brum mail.
  11. June 21, end of this season according to transfermarkt
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