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  1. I am, looking forward to seeing how the flowerbeds I built last year will look as started a little late and just to get some colour back in the garden.
  2. I always interpreted it as mocking/sarcasm.
  3. Hate to be the one to post this, but if any other FPL players can confirm.... this is pretty compelling
  4. I think it depends on the material you’re drilling into. I’ve been helping the mrs in converting our porch into a little office and was putting up a pole for coats and the like. Tried to drill a screw into the raw plug but nope, weren’t having it. Pilot holes defo help. Learn this when putting up new trellis last year. Could also be using the wrong drill bit as there are different types of Phillips head and pozidriv screws which are similar.
  5. It’s also been proven to not work. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-12-21/trickle-down-economics-fails-a-sophisticated-statistical-test
  6. Guess it depends on how bad the situation is. My wife ended up going private for an ingrown toenail after GP removed it but it grew back and she had 12 rounds of antibiotics for it (no exaggeration. She got fed up in the end and thought, sod it I’m going private. for me private medicine has its place, I don’t think the argument should be one or the other, rather give people who can’t afford the insane costs some level of healthcare instead of none.
  7. Yeah I can see that, that’s why a lot of people were annoyed when obamacare came in I guess. Still you see some horror stories where people are being charged the equivalent of half a months salary for premiums for a family of 4 per month, then you’ve got deductibles, co-pays on top which can run into the thousands. They only need to look to the rest of the world to see how many medical bankruptcies other developed nations have to see they’re being screwed over. I guess they may also have an attitude of ‘it’ll never happen to me’ or ‘my insurance will definitely cover it’ until it doe
  8. Yeah I get that, for a country with a large Christian population the whole ‘love thy neighbour’ they love to preach annoys me with the hypocrisy of it all. That’s why I don’t believe Christianity really exists in America as a whole, just some weird adopted version of it, much in the same way communism never really existed in the Soviet Union, no matter how much they tried to achieve it.
  9. This is what I don’t think I’ll ever get with Americans attitude to socialised healthcare. A lot of people don’t want to pay increased taxes as the main reason (fair enough no one wants to pay more in taxes) however considering the insurance premiums over there, it’s waaaaaaay more than if it were paid for through taxation without realising this fact. It’s amazing how Americans have been conditioned to go against their own interests on this particular issue. I was speaking to a trump supporter about this before Xmas. Their idea of socialised medicine (our NHS) is that
  10. Timber screws. Really easy to use when I built some flowerbeds in the garden last year.
  11. Same. I’m quite an insular person by nature so working from home at first has been ok. However the last month I’ve noticed I’ve become more and more fed up. I’ve even asked if I can go in just for one day just so I can see other human beings. really hope we can get some form of normal by the summer. I’ve stopped following all the covid news so hoping we get a good proportion of the country vaccinated by then.
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