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  1. My American Mrs says she’s going to have to “follow those calves” if he moves and she’ll become a City fan… So glad we spent two months on the prenup.
  2. What does your dominatrix charge per hour? Is she cute?
  3. I think this argument is a little shallow
  4. Can the mods just lock this thread until mid Aug. I am an ITK, and my K is that he will either leave or stay. Not much use crying over spilt milk when the milk is still in the bottle…
  5. Me too, because he’s going to become our number on DM this season…
  6. Not seen the film incident yet, but is this him venting anger that his body isn’t doing what he wants it to do?
  7. I’d be happy with him starting some games... I think we need more than just 11 world-class players and zero on the bench. He is improving, definitely adds to the team. Sure, I’d sell him at the right price, but this “first team” argument is getting tiresome. WE NEED A SQUAD... Just because he doesn’t do anything exciting doesn’t mean he isn’t adding value on the pitch. We couldnt play 10 Jacks and Emi in goal and expect to win...
  8. I mean Southgate doesnt trust Jack to take a penalty, so why should we...
  9. I don't understand him. I have to think there is some sort of sabermetrics stat at which he is excellent - maybe to do with holding up the ball - and that’s the reason he continues to hang around. I.e. if he could just finish a little better. In the champsionship, where Bruce ball is far more prevalent, he could do well now he’s matured a bit. Honestly, I think he could be an absolute League One monster. It feels like he is destined to boing between leagues to me.
  10. We’ve given him enough to be happy. I think we again did enough last season to keep him, but we have to keep delivering improvments. For me, if we dont get into the UEFA Cup this year (or whatever those tits changed its name too) or 8th with an FA Cup/ League Cup then I think his head will be turned.
  11. You won’t get anywhere on this forum by making well thought out and logical counter arguments like that...
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