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  1. Our hands are pretty tied up with FFP. This is sensible. He will put in a shift and his the second/ third choice striker. 2 year contract might be being a little hopeful, but let’s say max 3 year.
  2. Well actually not every goal is equal... Routs inflate your goal tally. Three 4-0 wins with three losses without scoring has the same number of goals as six 2-0 wins. I’d take the latter!
  3. Don’t if this racist chanting crap is going to continue!
  4. Forgive me for being naive... but we are tied for 6th in terms of goals scored (even if you knock off 3 goals from that tally given the rout on Saturday, we are top half). Feels to me like we are doing more than enough up front to stay up. The real question for me is what is missing that we’ve been unable to maintain leads. Is that just experience and time - I think so?
  5. 4 in 8 for Wes, is 19 goals a season pace... Yes please... Penalty aside, he did his job. It doesn’t need to look pretty, or composed. He just needs to thread the ball in from 6 yards... In fact, he should’ve had an assist if AEG could’ve scored that sitter...
  6. Mings was immense in the first half - sounds like you missed that.
  7. Marvelous is the silent assassin in midfield. The guy is a sponge - anything sloppy he’s there to suck up the moisture. It could be really easy to miss him in a game, but felt like the majority of attacking plays come from him mopping up the ball and playing out a simple but purposeful pass. Mings was behind every ball in the first half. I think we go in 2-1 or even 2-2 without him. He’s deserving of an England cap at this rate. Defending seemed far better in the second half.
  8. Villa absolutely bossed the first half, really creative - looked solid middle table/ top 8 team. Second half they (again) sat back and tried to cushion a 1 goal lead. Lost all the creative spark except for Jack/ John. Burnley basically scored almost every chance they had. Marvelous is everywhere in the middle of the park without doing anything other than a 5 yard pass (he’s a boss). But we keep putting in second half shifts like that and we’re relegation fodder.
  9. That’s a first half performance by a top-8 looking team. Dominant.
  10. I honestly didn’t feel at any point (other than one time where the ball floated down to Taylor to clear) that we were likely to concede a goal during that game. Marvelous really added to the solidity, and he seems like a real ball winner, midfield boss. The other end of the pitch, 2 could’ve/ should’ve gone in the goal. I perhaps feel like we are having a bit of bad luck at late with decisions going against us, or the ball just not falling right. Still nothing to be concerned about for me yet.
  11. Was as the game. Felt like 2 points lost than a point gained. Inches away from a clinical goal. Didn’t feel at any point that West Ham were going to score... Was worried every time the ball came near Taylor. Think Villa were unlucky not to convert a chance, although I feel they got worse when WH went to 10 men.
  12. Got my bets on: Tenner on Villa to win Fiver on 3-1 Villa Fiver on Mings to score anytime U T V
  13. Don’t panic, don’t panic! Let the system play out. By rights, we shouldn’t even be in the PL this season - Purslow basically said it himself. We’ll be fine. There’s so many new faces to settle in. Give them at least until New Year’s Day before saying we’re getting relegated...
  14. Nowhere near time to panic. Trust the process, trust in Dean. It’s 4 games into the season. I’ll be at the West Ham game in full voice, and doing the only thing I can as a fan - shouting them on.
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