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  1. Whoops, i meant benefits of free trade and don't have to pay the annual fee.
  2. In one sense you could say its a really good deal. We get to stay in the single market with all the benefits of freedom of movement, and yet don't have to pay the annual fee.
  3. ender4

    Movies of the Year 2018

    Film of the year - Avengers: Infinity War. Probably film of the decade.
  4. What Aston Villa has taught me is that you should only start looking for players around the 20th January, and then panic buy players in positions you don’t need on the 29-31st January. Also, sell all cover and squad depth on 1st Jan so that if the panic deals don’t come through, then you either double your transfer fee/salary offer on the last day or you end up with no-one. Its the Aston Villa way!
  5. ender4

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    We need at least 2 more wins, possibly three depending on other results, just to get into the playoffs. Let’s do that first. Its very very unlikely we can catch the top 2 from here, so step by step. Get into 6th first, then 5th, then 4th... then see if we are any closer to Leeds and Norwich.
  6. ender4

    Lovre Kalinić

    Good points MaVilla... ... except that I want to win the cup
  7. ender4

    Match Thread: Swansea v Villa

    master of deception.... we will blast Swansea with a couple of wonder goals around the 30 min mark
  8. ender4

    Match Thread: Swansea v Villa

    We could go 7th with a win here today. or down to 13th with a loss.
  9. i almost want us to "just leave" with a no -deal.... just so everyone can see the carnage, and 12 months later we end up back in the EU.
  10. ender4

    Christian Purslow

    The clean slate is interesting. That must be the way Purslow has convinced the EFL that FFP isn't a concern.
  11. ender4

    Life is Strange

    Just finished playing Life is Strange (the first one). Brilliant game, haven't ever played anything like that before. Reminded me of those choose-your-own-adventure books from years ago. Anyone know if my choices made actually changed the plot in any substantial way? It certainly felt like it did.
  12. ender4

    Match Thread: Villa v Stoke

    still time to win this one.... (or lose it)
  13. ender4

    Match Thread: Villa v Stoke

    OMG - this match is going crazy
  14. ender4

    Match Thread: Villa v Stoke

    COME ON!!! lets go win this!
  15. ender4

    Match Thread: Villa v Stoke

    lovely attacking move though