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  1. Things you often Wonder

    depends. if the scale is in degrees (like mine), then put it lower.
  2. Snow Watch!

    Its not always the case though. A lot of people can't work from home (no laptop, VPN, etc). I whatsapp'ed everyone in my department, and said "Don't come in if its too difficult. We just need to make sure 1-2 people get in" (out of 12 people)... but everyone made it into work!
  3. Snow Watch!

    I work in Solihull.... 35 out of 40 people in the office made it in, 3 working from home, 2 with an excuse to make up tomorrow!
  4. Steve Bruce

    He hasn't averaged 2 points per game since then. He's averaged 1.8 points per game, and because of his poor start we've needed 2.2 points per game to catch it back up. He's been failing all season so far.
  5. Steve Bruce

    Nah. I think it’s more a case of: In the top 2 - Bruce IN. Not in the top 2 - Bruce OUT which is pretty reasonable in my opinion.
  6. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    You mean 6 points. We really needed 9 points against Millwall, Derby and Sheffield to start catching second place.
  7. Tony Xia

    I remember this conversation on VT many years ago when Villa and Spurs were competing for the top 6. Spurs used to outsource a lot of their staff, so they paid less in wages and more in overheards... whereas Villa kept staffing internal so spent a good £10 million more, but had lower overheads. Basically catering staff, ground staff, stewards, finance staff, legal staff, coaches, admin staff, and so on. Villa are a £100 million business, and like any business of that size, a lot of staff are needed in the background. Look at the K-mac thread and the team of safeguarding staff for the academy. Thats just a random example of staff you would never think about.
  8. Tony Xia

    Agree with the rest of your post, so haven't quoted that. but its not like your example here.... its like if you are worth £100 in total if you sold all your assets and added up everything you owned... and then you put £30 of your total worth onto a horse and lost.
  9. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    We have to remember that in the last 12 games, we have made up ZERO points on second place. and thats whilst having a very good run of wins.
  10. Uber

    We need a competitor to Uber which is just as easy to use, has loads of drivers like Uber, and you can use anywhere. Then people will leave Uber. Until that happens, Uber does something that no-one else can match.
  11. FA Cup 3rd round draw

    The stats show that it is a fundamental law of the universe (proven by Einstein) that Aston Villa must play Man Utd in the FA cup every year.
  12. U.S. Politics

    nah, won't change a thing. Trump will just shrug, blame someone else, and carry on as usual.
  13. Paddy's "Things that cheer you up"

    WTF? Since when? How? Who? What? What is going on!
  14. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    I'm not so sure about batter anyone, we can definitely beat anyone 1-0 though
  15. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    Is anyone else slightly worried that we've won something like 9 out of our last 11 games, and yet only closed the gap to second from 7 points to 5 points - caught up 2 points in 11 games. It basically shows that we just need to keep winning continuously for most of the season, and can only have the occasional draw/loss if we want to break into that top 2 by January.