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  1. Loved Endgame but preferred Infinity War. Infinity War - 10/10 Endgame - 9/10
  2. as is every game left this season!
  3. It's because people are weary of these mass killings now - they happen virtually every week, and it just washes over me now. It would only really resonate to me if it happened in the UK or affected someone linked to me. New Zealand is as far removed from me as i can imagine. 1000's of Muslims are probably dying in Syria all the time and 'bad news fatigue' means people don't pay attention anymore.
  4. It was stated in court that he is unemployed.
  5. yeah, i just chose some numbers and set up an direct debit through the lottery website about 6 years ago... and that was that. They email me if/when i win and send the money to my account. Apparently if i win massive, they will ask me to ring them. i'm still waiting.
  6. Should be banned from all football grounds for life. Plus a criminal charge of assault.
  7. Hyperspace Mountain now - Star Wars themed.
  8. ender4

    India & Pakistan

    One day in the future i'd hope that India and Pakistan rejoin as one country in the same way East & West Germany did, and possibly South & North Korea might slowly be edging towards.
  9. get a bigger SD card? Rip your old CD's into mp3 and add them to the SD card?
  10. Whoops, i meant benefits of free trade and don't have to pay the annual fee.
  11. In one sense you could say its a really good deal. We get to stay in the single market with all the benefits of freedom of movement, and yet don't have to pay the annual fee.
  12. Film of the year - Avengers: Infinity War. Probably film of the decade.
  13. What Aston Villa has taught me is that you should only start looking for players around the 20th January, and then panic buy players in positions you don’t need on the 29-31st January. Also, sell all cover and squad depth on 1st Jan so that if the panic deals don’t come through, then you either double your transfer fee/salary offer on the last day or you end up with no-one. Its the Aston Villa way!

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