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  1. Trust issues? Do you mean general trust issues after Xia, Wyness, Lerner, etc... or specific trust issues about Purslow?
  2. In the Trinity stand, the new multi-pourer Amstel beer table meant i got served pretty quickly 10 mins before the match started. The little portable kiosk selling bottles of Heineken & Bulmers meant i got my half-time drink quicker than last season as well. I'd put one of these in the A1-2 area as that area is quieter and less crowded than the main area A4-6.
  3. 1 - It was great and added a new dimension to pre-match. 2 - The queues were crazy. i arrived at 6.45 and seemed like everyone decided to do the same. 3 - Need more stalls to dilute the queues. 4 - There probably isn't enough room on the forecourt to cope with more stalls. 5 - The prices were slightly cheaper than i expected (compared to normal DDC). Did Villa subsidise the prices? 6 - Not sure if allowed, but a couple of stalls selling funky alcoholic drinks would be welcome. 7 - Will definitely eat there again, but get to the ground even earlier. At least 2 hours beforehand.
  4. ender4


    well, its as pointless as tripadvisor ratings, amazon ratings, google ratings, etc. Ingram says he's only used Uber 10 times, so same issue as if you see an Amazon product with only 10 reviews or a restaurant on Tripadvisor with only 10 reviews. Its not a perfect system, but its more useful that not having a ratings system. You'd expect it probably drives up overall standards of drivers and customers behaviour in taxis.
  5. ender4


    Just like shitty customers do the same to drivers. You're always going to get shitty drivers and shitty customers who abuse a ratings system. As you have more trips, your rating will stabilise to reality (same for new drivers).
  6. yes i believe it scans the whole ground
  7. So its not free? I need to pay Sky to access this?
  8. Because every premier league match this season (from game 1 to game 38) all need to be played like cup finals.
  9. Good possession and keeping the ball in their half. Nice start.
  10. I am interested, so thanks for keeping us updated.
  11. ender4

    Wesley Moraes

    If you ignore strikers from the usual 'top 6' (as they would be expected to score many more goals), and look at the best of the rest... Pukki (Norwich) - 6 goals, 2 assist Vardy (Leic) - 6 goals, 1 assist Wilson (B'mouth) - 5 goals, 0 assists Wesley (Villa), Haller (West Ham), Ings (S'oton) - 4 goals, 1 assist Barnes (Burnley), Wood (Burnley) - 4 goals, 1 assist. Wesley is doing fine compared to the rest.
  12. This is a load of Pollocks.
  13. I was very pro video assistance for many years before VAR. I'm now very anti-VAR. I'm not sure if its because this implementation of VAR is so bad, or if video assistance is actually impossible to implement well.
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