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  1. so Rashica or no Rashica? No other links left now is there?
  2. - John Terry and Lampard connection - paying higher portion of his salary than others were willing to pay - the chance to play with Jack Grealish - looking at our 4th place in the league and 4 wins out of 4 this season.
  3. If a straight loan was the only way to get him, then better on a loan than not to get him at all. Gives us a year to find a great replacement and helps with FFP as well. Also, if he can help push us into the top half of the table, it brings more options of players next summer.
  4. Not yet, but improving fast. Last season he had a moment each match where carelessness or loss of focus put the defence in danger of conceding. He needs to improve that focus this season to be the best England CB.
  5. A thread to track Villa's up's and down's through the season (without the title chase jokes). Fulham tonight - if we win we probably go 5th, but more importantly open up a little gap between us and West Brom, Fulham, Sheffield and Burnley. If we lose, then with our next two matches against Liverpool and Leicester, we could be hovering around the bottom three after 4 games played. Hard to know at this stage whether we'll be in a relegation fight most of the season, or whether we could achieve the relative stress-free mid-table obscurity.
  6. I don’t think I can post an insta story on here, you would need to follow her.
  7. Mallory Edens is watching the match in the USA and posted a clip of it on her Insta.
  8. But based on our turnover and general FFP rules, it seemed a realistic round number guess. It still might end up close to that ie: £100-120m.
  9. oh trout.... i forgot that link was dead in the water!
  10. Yes probably. But as FFP is combined with next season, it would make no difference to buy him now or next summer for FFP purposes.
  11. We're at £84m already (30+20+18+16 roughly). Plus Rashica £22m makes £106m. If we bought Barkley it would take it closer to £140m.
  12. And Davis can’t score goals. That cuts the striker options by 3/4.
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