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  1. This is a problem as well. Sometimes we have to take a little risk to try and win the game, but we are just too low on confidence to give it a go.
  2. Yes this. Id expect so much detailed planning to go into every match and every possible scenario, but I don’t think Villa do that at all.
  3. Best we’ve played since the restart. But not good enough in a match like this. Smith out.
  4. Not even for 7 games for a £10 million bonus?
  5. Where is Sam Allerdyce nowadays? Can we get him in for the 7 remaining games on a £10million stay-up bonus?
  6. In a normal game, we would be doing ok. Its just this is a season defining game that we have to win... so a draw is like a loss.
  7. Very strange match... we are actually crossing the ball into the box!
  8. Why don’t we ever cross the ball into the danger area?
  9. The ref and VAR are going to try and give Sheffield a goal in the second half to make up for it.
  10. Picard (Star Trek) is great so far, I’m 4/8 through.
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