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  1. and a hotel, entertainment venue and residential buildings attached as well.
  2. I know a Leeds fan who would say this!
  3. Thanks that makes sense. Just one small point - Sanson was meant to be in this summers spend, so we might have already used a little bit of the leeway you show in your post.
  4. Apparently he’s ‘contacted’ the police with a claim of attempted blackmail
  5. So where are the senior players that played last season? Have they left or been sold?
  6. Isn’t his kid only 4 weeks old or something like that?
  7. So roughly £100m for the whole club, plus an extra £20m to Lerner when we got promoted.
  8. Pre-NSWE either £0 because we were in debt and about to go into administration, or £60m because that’s the price we were bought at. Now possibly similar to Newcastle - £200-300m.
  9. ender4


    Arsenal will probably do much better than last season - they have a lot of good players, a lot of strength in depth and signing more players.
  10. I predict that prediction is nonsense
  11. That's not bad if its for a family of 4. £166 per night, or £41 per person per night.
  12. That's good! Anecdotal or are there some figures we can see somewhere? EDIT - oh you're talking about Macron, not Boris?
  13. 8-9th if we sign nobody else. But I think we will sign 2 more, including 1 big one. So then 6-8th.
  14. ender4

    The NSWE Board

    My big worry is that they have a really good attempt, and like numerous other clubs find there is an unbreakable glass ceiling, and then they lose interest. My other worry is that the richer clubs again try to pull up the drawbridge with another ESL or similar, but this time with cleverer tactics which don’t lead to protests.
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