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  1. ender4

    Dean Smith

    Hmmm, I’m still on the title challenge train. First or go home.
  2. ender4

    Dean Smith

    What would the options be? A binary, yes/no do you approve? or a more graded version? Lets do it. I can think of at least one poster who is probably raging inside at how well Dean Smith is doing... so maybe 99.9% approval rather than 100%.
  3. That one is because its a verified sale on Amazon for example. It can then be given a 5 star rating (by the seller using another random login with same name, same address. etc) even though they've just sent some rubbish.
  4. Its 54% immunity on day 1 after receiving it, only rising to 88-90% by day 21. So she might have been somewhere between 54-88% depending on how many days had passed.
  5. and the first dose of Pfiser gives 88-90% immunity after 21 days. The second dose only tops it up to 95% immunity. The AZ/Oxford one gives something like 50% with first dose and adds an extra 10-20% for the second dose.
  6. I wonder why they have moved from over-60's to teenagers??
  7. Then he would come in as assistant manager? Interim Manager would be a higher position than a Head Coach surely?
  8. I don’t think Arsenal are going to sell us any more of their fringe players ever again
  9. The other 5 teams ahead of us at that point Anyway, I think if we win our 2 games in hand we go 4th just above Liverpool.
  10. This is the correct answer. He’s been great some games, but in those games there was always someone better, so I’ve never voted him MOTM. Tonight he was poor compared to his usual standard.
  11. Ive read this a few times, but I don’t understand what you are saying... You agree that he’s usually amazing but today was off-form? or are you saying he’s usually not good? or you’re saying tonight he was as good as usual?
  12. yes of course!!! Nobody wants to narrowly miss out! NSWE will invest further in the team if we qualify for the Champions League, or even for the Europa league.
  13. I think Purslow and Dean Smith will be looking at the 11 points gap to Man Utd and planning how to close that gap.
  14. They will definitely be trying to win every game they play. The manager wouldn't allow anything less.
  15. I love most of them! What also feels strange is that we seem to have: - The best goalkeeper in the PL. - a defensive back 4 on par with any in the top 6. - a DM who is class and Man City might want back - the best attacking midfielder in the country. - a striker who is averaging 1 goal in every 2 games. We surely can't be that far off being a top 4-6 team! Just need the consistency, cut out silly mistakes, and learn how to grind out a result against lower teams who are playing for a 0-0.
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