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  1. The fair solution for rape trials is to not name the accused until a guilty verdict.
  2. Isn’t that the same as the January transfer window?
  3. Whilst we always have a chance, I think Leicester will prove too strong for us. 2-0.
  4. Joint 8th: Garde, McLeish, RDM 5th: Sherwood 4th: Bruce 3rd: Houllier 2nd: Lambert 1st: Smith
  5. time to pull off a couple of shock wins now!
  6. Season 8 and the finale says hello.
  7. If someone said to me 12 months ago that we'd be in the Premier League, outside the relegation zone, and in the league cup final... i just wouldn't believe you. The journey we have been in the past 12 months is pretty amazing! Even if you asked me in August, what i would be happy with at the end of February, i would be over the moon with our current position.
  8. Agreed, its been a good exciting optimistic season so far, except the last couple of games. Hopefully thats just a minor blip though. I might go as far to say its been the best overall season so far in the past 5 years. At this point last year, i was ready to swear off football for a long long time.
  9. Hope they finish 5th and qualify for the CL. Just for the fun of it.
  10. Unibet would have been much lower as that was during the championship years.
  11. Quickbooks paid Villa £5m. Genting paid Villa £8m. W88 paid Villa £10m. Sportpesa paid Everton £18m. Sportpesa paying Villa...?
  12. I get a similar problem when I book tickets with kids. Some areas seem to have only adult ticket options... but it’s not clear which areas these are unless you click on different areas and just try it.
  13. A bit of both. Leave off roles completely not relevant, trim down older roles. The biggest description needs to be on current role and previous role. Definitely no more than 2 pages long in total though.
  14. ender4

    The Film Thread

    Over 1 billion dollars in box office means someone liked Aquaman.
  15. Its like those crazy girls who go out in short skirts and then get sexually assualted? Lets not blame the victims, but the criminals.
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