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  1. Keith Wyness

    Could you post the tweet, or what it said?
  2. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    Sorry, it wasn’t meant to sound that depressed! I thought I’d have been happier at the win, but all the other teams winning dampened my spirits a bit.
  3. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    Got the win, but didn’t make up any ground on the top 2 so doesn’t really feel like a win.
  4. Match Thread: Villa v Fulham

    need some fresh players on, we're going to concede soon
  5. Match Thread: Villa v Fulham

    Fulham pushing hard for the equaliser
  6. Match Thread: Villa v Fulham

    Must win this game. Wolves winning, Leeds winning, Sheffield Utd winning.
  7. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    #PedantAlert Won't you have exactly the same amount in the bank come January, whether you buy presents in September or December?
  8. Harvey Weinstein

    is his name pronounced WINE-STY-N or WINE-STEE-N?
  9. Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    why? I heard it was pretty good?
  10. Steve Bruce

    Its complicated. I was a Bruce fan based on his previous record of promoting Championship clubs. I moved to the 'Bruce out' camp during that horrible period earlier this season. I still don't think he's been good enough, and i won't be on board with Bruce as our manager until we are in the top 2 (as thats the minimum i expect). I'm sitting on the fence as to whether Bruce is good or bad. I think we will get promoted this season (when i'm wearing my optimistic hat).
  11. Star Wars: Disney Era

    but the 9th film? which one was not an episode?
  12. Star Wars: Disney Era

    Is this one Star Wars 9?
  13. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    If we want automatic promotion, 9 points has to be the absolute minimum. We are still playing a massive catch-up from the shambles at the start of the season. We also must not lose in the Wolves game and be 7 point behind them. Its taken 4 wins in a row to narrow the gap to second by 2 points, if we fall further behind it could take till the new year to catch second. I'd take 3 wins which included beating Wolves, even if it meant losing to Birmingham
  14. Match Thread: Villa v Bolron

    down to 7th in the league