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  1. ender4

    Dean Smith

    He was on £1.5m on his original contract 3 years ago when he joined us in the Championship. That was a 4 year contract. Has he signed an updated contract since then? Or does he just have 1 year left on his original contract?
  2. That is for the most expensive tickets in one small section of the ground. The rest of the tickets started from £38 I believe.
  3. Now I’m intrigued. I always play all games on default modes. I don’t even know what Invert Y would do.
  4. When you’re watching a cutscene in a story driven game and the scene makes you go wow and you fall in love with the game and the story/characters.
  5. That point in a game where you suddenly just know from muscle memory which button to press, how to aim perfectly and what tactics or skills to use.
  6. You just finished a big open world game, so I would go for a more linear game next. So Last of Us or Heavy Rain. Maybe God of War as it’s less open world than the others. But such a good list of games you still have to play.
  7. So which 3 games is the trilogy including? They will still be the original 3 games just remastered?
  8. I didn't like the last 2 seasons as much because of the changes in cast. A couple of people in particular.
  9. Though Game Pass is twice or triple the price of PS Now. If PS Now had an ultimate version, it would probably have day 1 games as well.
  10. The Morning Show is good with Steve Carrell and Reece Witherspoon.
  11. PS Now is at least on par with Gamepass if not slightly better in some aspects. It’s regularly on sale for £32 a year, less than £3 a month. It has 600+ games to download including most of the exclusives. It’s had Red Dead Redemption 2, The Last of Us 2, Horizon Zero Dawn, God of War remake, etc.
  12. ender4

    PS NOW

    PS Now October games are: - The Last of Us 2 - Fallout 76 and 4 other random games. It gets better & better every month!
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