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  1. I am interested, so thanks for keeping us updated.
  2. ender4

    Wesley Moraes

    If you ignore strikers from the usual 'top 6' (as they would be expected to score many more goals), and look at the best of the rest... Pukki (Norwich) - 6 goals, 2 assist Vardy (Leic) - 6 goals, 1 assist Wilson (B'mouth) - 5 goals, 0 assists Wesley (Villa), Haller (West Ham), Ings (S'oton) - 4 goals, 1 assist Barnes (Burnley), Wood (Burnley) - 4 goals, 1 assist. Wesley is doing fine compared to the rest.
  3. I was very pro video assistance for many years before VAR. I'm now very anti-VAR. I'm not sure if its because this implementation of VAR is so bad, or if video assistance is actually impossible to implement well.
  4. All the other home games only had around 1-2k tickets go on sale to non-members. Ive got 6 memberships for my family and so far only used 3-4 in any one match. This match was the first where I’ve used all 6 memberships to buy 6 tickets. None of the 6 are Liverpool supporters. Anecdotal I know, but I wouldn’t be surprised if a decent chunk of members are Villa fans but only plan to attend games against the ‘top 6’.
  5. ender4

    James Chester

    I'd assume that we also will get his wages for this year back through insurance if his injury was serious enough that he can't play this season at all.
  6. Season tickets - from people who were put on the season ticket waiting list. Members - the speed at which tickets are all sold out when they are only available to members.
  7. .... and in the division above, we look like replacing Birmingham City who are in the relegation spot
  8. ender4


    I've got 6 memberships in my extended family which were taken out before the season started. When these tickets went on sale, only 4 had booking history this season , so i could only book 4 tickets. When the few remaining tickets went on sale for members without booking history, i had to ring the ticket office, change my tickets to somewhere near the back row of the Trinity and at the same time log in online and book 2 extra tickets next to the 4 tickets being re-allocated. A little stressful, but got 6 tickets in a row!
  9. ender4

    The NSWE Board

    I'm going to disagree. We are many many years away from competing against Man United, irrelevant of how deep pockets NSWE have and how wisely they spend it. Man Utd have a revenue of two-thirds of a BILLION pounds every year. They have a team worth 100's of millions and could easily spend £200-300 million this coming summer with a new top manager. With all the will in the world, NSWE can probably spend another £40-100million in the summer, and thats adding to a team worth a couple of hundred million. Our premier league revenue is going to cap out around a max of £200 million (Newcastle turnover £179m last season). We will hit FFP barriers to any major spending.
  10. Though sometimes a siege mentality can be useful.
  11. is this happening right now? anywhere online or on TV?
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