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  1. Well we easily were filling 42,000 every game before the pandemic. And that’s was with virtually no tickets going on general sale, tickets were being snapped up by people who became members to get priority access. If there had been lots of spare seats, I could have brought another 3-6 casual supporters most weeks. That might be the case for a lot of people, as no casual supporters were getting any tickets. I think we could have easily filled another 8,000 seats during that season. Even though we lost most games. Post pandemic I’m unsure now, plus the excitement of being b
  2. Squeezing in extra seats somewhere? I don’t know. But Purslow has said many times that they don’t plan an expansion of the ground... so I don’t know what they mean.
  3. Lerner promised expansion. Xia promised a theme park but not an expansion NWSE (through Purslow) have said they have no short-term plans to expand the stadium, but some increase of capacity and commercial facilities. Not quite sure what that means.
  4. ender4

    Keinan Davis

    He’s just not very good. We’ll buy a proper striker in the summer, and Davis will be gone.
  5. Yeah, it would be 1 point out of 21 points at home for Liverpool
  6. I’d take the draw, but there is still a chance we can nick this with a late goal. Of course, so could Liverpool, especially with a dodgy penalty.
  7. Yeah, hopefully not a long injury, just a knock. Its a shame that shot that hit the post didn’t go in!
  8. There’s a goal in this game somewhere and it could easily go to either side. So finely balanced now
  9. 1-1, Villa doing well, just need to keep it up for another 15 mins or so
  10. Not sure how we approach the second half. Need to keep the ball a lot better, but can’t just sit back and keep defending. Need to almost go for the second goal, if it’s 1-0 with 80 mins gone, you know Liverpool will score at the end as we tire.
  11. 0-0. 3 shots on target each. 69/31% possession. I’ll take it so far.
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