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  1. VillaBrum

    Match Thread: QPR v Villa

    So, no point in keeping up with the action, when we already know we are going to be beaten 20 -0? Sad.
  2. VillaBrum

    Pre-match thread

    Hope so - whenever he lost the ball, on Saturday, he never once tried to win it back. Could have scored, though!
  3. VillaBrum

    Yannick Bolasie

    Bolasie - Bolazy. Never chased, after losing the ball. Looked like he thinks this Division is beneath him. Hope that he eventually proves my analysis wrong.
  4. VillaBrum

    Jesus Garcia Pitarch

    Has this definitely been confirmed? Could be the start of a new search for a manager.
  5. VillaBrum

    New Manager Speculation

    Alex Ferguson recommended Alex McLeish for the AV job in 2011!
  6. VillaBrum

    Match Thread: Villa v Preston

    Could see it coming from the 2nd half kick off. Now to show what we are made of.
  7. VillaBrum

    Match Thread: Villa v Preston

    We've only lost twice!! lol
  8. VillaBrum

    Match Thread: Villa v Preston

    Id didn't know that - the commentator has just said that Bruce has won promotion 4 times from the Championship ?
  9. VillaBrum

    Pre-Match thread

    Have we tried that yet, this season?
  10. VillaBrum

    Technical Team/Player Recruitment/Scouts

    The plot thickens!
  11. VillaBrum

    Technical Team/Player Recruitment/Scouts The presence of a director of football acts as an intermediary between the manager and the board and may relieve pressure on a manager by handling aspects away from day-to-day coaching, allowing a manager to focus on on-pitch performance. The director may also help to stabilise the club – many examples exist of director stepping in as a caretaker manager on the departure of the manager. The director – often an experienced football figure – may also positively advise a less experienced manager or the board of a less well developed club." Am I reading too much into this?
  12. VillaBrum

    Steve Bruce

    So he won't get to 3000 pages then!