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  1. VillaBrum

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    ....and Chester still with us (as Captain)
  2. VillaBrum

    Thierry Henry

    Unfortunately, our new owners (investors?) have made no mistakes to learn from - or maybe they have studied our recent history very closely and can see where we have gone wrong.
  3. VillaBrum

    Time for a takeover

    lol. However, it should keep the wolf from his door, for the immediate future (I'd hate to think that our Club had caused problems for him) - I'm a big softy at heart. Now..........back to enjoying the moment
  4. VillaBrum

    Time for a takeover

    At least Luke Roper knows that he will be paid for his kit now
  5. VillaBrum

    Going Under ?

    Or have I misunderstood your Post????
  6. VillaBrum

    Going Under ?

    Hope you are only thinking of leaving VT (not Aston Villa) As long as there is an Aston Villa, I will still have my Villa scarf on the back shelf of my car and get down to Villa Park whenever possible. Oh, and I will still come onto the VT site.
  7. VillaBrum

    January transfer window 2018

    Around 114 miles!
  8. VillaBrum

    Pre match thread

    I think that we won 4 on the trot at that time: 27 Aug 2009 v Rapid Wien won 2-1 at Home Europa League Qualiifier 30 Aug 2009 v Fulham won 2-0 at Home Premier 13 Sep 2009 v Birmingham City won 1-0 Away Premier 19 Sep 2009 v Portsmouth won 2-0 Home Premier Interesting that Fulham and 'them' were two of the opposition
  9. VillaBrum

    Pre match thread

    Aston Villa's Jack Grealish injured on England under-21 duty http://www.birminghammail.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/aston-villas-jack-grealish-injured-11838102 Supposed to be a minor knee injury - but hope it's not a sign of things to come
  10. VillaBrum

    Transfer Speculation Summer 2016

    I said exactly the same to my wife! Are these reports recorded before transmission?
  11. VillaBrum

    Transfer Speculation Summer 2016

    Time for them to get to know each other?
  12. VillaBrum

    Transfer Speculation Summer 2016

    Can he run faster than Gabby?
  13. VillaBrum

    Transfer Speculation Summer 2016

    Tweet Tony - I'm not ITK
  14. VillaBrum

    Transfer Speculation Summer 2016

    The Yachting Club, Chasewater, Brownhills - classier than Poole