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  1. I was sat in a pub with my Liverpool supporting mate and surrounded by Wolves fans, When we went one and then two up, my mate was happy. When Derby pulled one back, the Wolves fans went ecstatic - remind me not to like Wolves again (I used to). I now don't mind Liverpool Oh - and I was dancing around the pub, singing "Villa. Aston Villa" to all those that were there, including the Dingle fans lol What a great day!
  2. I've come onto the Forum late and just realised that the stats have been done to death. I have to agree. The following statistics show just how negative WBA were. I know statistics are not the 'be all and end all' but these make interesting reading. Over two playoff matches Aston Villa WBA 47 Total shots 15 14 Shots on target 5 16 Shots off target 8 17 Blocked shots 2 25 Corner kicks 8 13 Fouls 29 2 Yellow cards 9 0 Red cards 2 2 Goalkeeper saves 10
  3. At the moment, I'd take Derby in the final - Leeds looking good.
  4. We would be one of them!
  5. 2-0 Late at the party again! lol
  6. So, no point in keeping up with the action, when we already know we are going to be beaten 20 -0? Sad.
  7. Hope so - whenever he lost the ball, on Saturday, he never once tried to win it back. Could have scored, though!
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