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  1. Second this. Genuine LOL moment. . Here it is https://streamja.com/jnbBe
  2. 2-0 Cov! Callum O'Hare assist - absolute howler by the Brentford keeper.
  3. Definitely. Brentford have quite a few changes and are not clicking at all. Fingers crossed.
  4. Coventry 1-0 up against Brentford at half-time. Working hard, doing well.
  5. My god, they're poor. Luton absolutely walked it.
  6. I watch the games - I just really like watching them lose. Sentimental that way since I was young.
  7. Plague Gardner booked for running off at the mouth. It's getting ugly.
  8. I'm just glad we never concede any late goals. Would be really nervous otherwise.
  9. The betting is currently 65:35 we stay up.
  10. jamdog

    Dean Smith

    I don't think it's true to say that individual errors are out of the manager's control. Well-drilled players make fewer individual errors. I also think they are more likely to make errors when a particular philosophy is prone to causing confusion (e.g. zonal marking).
  11. Villamole on Twitter believes that Slimani should be done today. I think he had news of the takeover early iirc.
  12. I like this one but try this, for the pessimistic:
  13. xG says it's a fair scoreline. CFC 1 (0.71 xG) AVFC 1 (0.70 xG)
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