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  1. Would love to get this version of the baggies in the play-offs.
  2. We're 6 points off automatic before WBA vs Leeds.
  3. 7 points off automatic promotion now which is very doable. This league is there for the taking. Good shoots of recovery today. Onwards and upwards.
  4. BBC WM Sport 95.6 ‏@sportbbcwm 22m22 minutes ago EXCLUSIVE: Former #mcfc Chairman David Bernstein and former Villa player & manager Brian Little are to be appointed onto the board at #avfc
  5. What is your evidence of him failing a medical? It's my understanding that he never went to Manchester so unless I'm mistaken, a medical never took place! I don't think he's failed a medical. Obviously.
  6. He fails the medical, comes back to Villa kissing the badge. This really takes every biscuit. All of them.
  7. James Robson ‏@JamesRobsonMEN 3m3 minutes ago Confirmed City move for Delph is back on Manchester Evening News Reporter
  8. Doesn't seem right at all but City fans were obviously putting money on. It was at 1/3 before suspension. It doesn't take that much money on to close a market these days so it could be people acting on a false rumour. It's not an overnight suspension.
  9. Don't be silly Merely reporting the facts. Betting is suspended now.
  10. Skybet have suspended the market on Delph going to Man City. A City friend of mine says their forum has an ITK who says it's happening today. The price was 1-3 on him going to City when I checked a few minutes ago.
  11. Why do so many people rely on bookies' odds to make them feel comfortable about something? Because Betfair is an efficient market where the odds are set by professional gamblers who have no affiliation. If the market over values anyone the price will change accordingly. Bookies odds compilers keep a close eye on the exchanges to set their own prices.

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