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  1. Wezbid

    Wesley Moraes

    Well done big man! From where he's come from it's a huge achievement and still only young. Easy to forget he's 22.
  2. It's really tricky with Trez and Anwar. They are both insanely talented and both flawed too. Trez seems to be able to breeze past people for fun but goes to jelly when the heat of the moment arrives. Anwar can breeze past people but nowhere near as devastatingly and also fluffs a lot of good positions and chances. It's the nature of a winger I guess but Anwar has more end product despite Trez being a bit more electric and exciting from deep positions. 1 on 1 against a defender from a standing start Anwar wins with tricks and power, running with the ball from deep, Trez has this ability to just go past players. It's really tough because does Trez work harder overall and have a bigger impact on the team as a whole compared to Anwar who's more of an attacking player as a whole. Against City I'd go for Trez as he'll run himself into the ground on the wing, then replace with Anwar who can hit them on the break. Both are young enough and have all the attributes to be whatever they want to be. If Anwar stood up stronger, used his size instead of throwing himself down to the ground with ease then he'd punish defenders instead of letting them off with a cheap free-kick. If Trez could raise his head before crossing or just look where the keeper is before pulling the trigger on a shot then he'd be lethal but the go to is panic shot/cross in the main when there's obviously so much more there. That's what is frustrating but with good coaching it can come. Let's not get into a one camp or the other with them, they both are valuable and we can make them more so if we use them well.
  3. Wezbid

    Tyrone Mings

    The fact Rose still gets picked as 1st choice is weird. Ben Davies is better than him at Spurs and Potch picks Rose 1st too. Chillwell is way ahead of Rose and Targett. It's not a particularly strong position though like RB for you guys. As for Mings, he's a captain without an armband. Always talking and dictating. That last minute goal wouldn't have happened without his energy driving us on in the last 30 seconds. That after him looking like he could barely walk after 60 mins with an injury. The guy is so level headed and down to Earth when you hear him speak too. Seems like an absolute bargain now at around £20-25m.
  4. I will rate him 9.9 out of 10. If he had stayed down when Montoya hacked him down, Montoya would have gone for a 2nd yellow and we'd have romped home. Utter disgrace he tried to stay on his feet. Shame on him.
  5. Wezbid

    Dean Smith

    Or maybe not just react to every few games like it defines a whole season either way. Usually it's somewhere in between. Bored to tears of this modern day hysteria after a few games. Daniel Farke will probably be getting shed loads this evening on MotD and social media.
  6. Absolute heartbeat of the side at the moment, always involved, does the simple things well and makes the trickier stuff look simple. The more games he gets the stronger he's looking. Positioning, strength, composure, passing, tackling, ball carrying, he has pretty much all you would ask for other than height. Hopefully he can keep this up or even better, keep the progression going further.
  7. Wezbid

    Wesley Moraes

    I was confident seeing him step up after seeing his peg pre-season and he just didn't have that same conviction. Leathered it full pelt, top corner pre season then more a lack of power and a bit more telegraphed this time but still took a good save. The keeper flops the other side and he looks an absolute master.
  8. He's direct up to a point then when it comes to the crunch he's panicked and not had a finish in him. I'm not meaning to get at him because I like what I see in the main and what isn't quite there yet can come with time but it's exactly like you say, he needs the confidence as he obviously has skill and technique. Put ElGhazi's finishing in Trez and that would be a full on top notch winger/wide forward.
  9. Wezbid

    Wesley Moraes

    On average for 19 goals in the Prem this season if he keeps up this crap start.
  10. Really? To me, he looks good running from deep but the moment he sees the goal in his sight he panics, loses all composure and just swipes at the ball. He gets into really good positions but hasn't delivered much end product.
  11. He is trying to track back, even if it's from far more advanced. 1st half he lost the ball in the attacking 3rd, the Mrs had a pop at him and he charged back and stole the ball back and we were on the attack again and the Mrs said, oh, don't mind me.
  12. Uhhh, no, he's not saying that at all. Especially since we've already beaten a team who are Prem year in, year out. He's basically saying Palace deserve a bit more respect.
  13. Wezbid

    Douglas Luiz

    Heung-Min Son, Heung-Min Son, Heung-Min Son.
  14. Wezbid

    Wesley Moraes

    We're a good bunch.
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