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  1. Bit miffed Wrexham didn't get him given our new pull and a good manager in Phil Parkinson, although we have a good promising left back now. Grimsby have just re-signed Shaun Pearson from Wrexham. He's a great lad, a proper leader at the back and someone who Seb will learn a lot from in terms of communication and putting your body on the line. He plays as LCB albeit right footed so should line up next to him.
  2. How long is left on his deal? I like the guy but over the next season or two you want him to be a last resort, not a solid member of the squad. He still completely drifts out of games for an alarming amount of time. Great peg taker no doubt and can hit a long ranger but just like Hourihane, we're outgrowing him, just maybe one season more, unless he pushes on. If he's down to one year left next summer then maybe time to cash in.
  3. Takes the term "Couch to 5k" in a completely different direction!
  4. (Says the guy who just posted a gif in the Buendia thread)
  5. The amount of gifs on here is mental at times. Like 8 or 9 in one post. If you're on 4G or posh as feck on 5G, then that can rinse through your data over a month.
  6. The guy is so imposing and intimidating that he doesn't need a blue tick next to his name to ward off fakes.
  7. The poor kid wouldn't have been able to make it out into the world such is the nature of Emi.
  8. You're never too young for Thomas the mother-fu*king Tank goddammit!
  9. You're right, he's taller than I realised. Just his build and perhaps timing of jumps don't help him. A few more weights and a few more milkshakes could help there but then it might slow him down a bit from where he really excels in getting that toe to the ball first.
  10. Most teams these days, even the ones at the bottom of the league, seem to play out from the back and try and keep the ball on the deck. Of course there are still aerial duels but not like it used to be. The lack of height in midfield isn't that much of a concern to me these days. Maybe on set pieces it comes into play more but then Emi will be taking free-kicks and the likes of McGinn, Sanson, Luiz or Nakamba can sit outside the box to have a shot from knock-downs whilst defensively our full-backs are decent in size, our CB's should match the oppositions and then the likes of Ollie and Jack are decent in size.
  11. Aside from his passing and lack of height, he's great. He's developed quietly. I wouldn't sell him, his breaking up of play is class and it'd cost more to replace him with another squad member of similar ability. As soon as he wins the ball, he just needs someone to be a step ahead of that and be offering themselves for an easy pass.
  12. Bailey seems to have some end product. Given the physical attributes Traore has he should be piling up the assists and goals.
  13. 10 years ago, if you asked those 2 condescending morons if 10th place in the Championship, Leicester City would win the Premier League and finish in the top 5 twice over the next 10 years, they would laugh at you, no chance, FACT (an opinion is not a fact you cockwomble). They would have laughed at West Ham fans saying they could break the top 6 this last season. They were only 2 points short of 4th. These 'big 6' arse lickers need to open their eyes. We might not but we're building nicely and giving it a good go. Hopefully we can do it and that guy phones up again in a year or two to laugh at them.
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