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  1. The money potentially set aside for Barkley should be lobbed at Norwich for Buendia. Still only 24 too.
  2. It's weird seeing, Jack before his face pubes!
  3. Wezbid

    Ezri Konsa

    It just seems like he cruises through games and makes it look all so easy at times. Outstanding.
  4. Jack moves his legs into the opposition and then drops. It's a skill to be fair. Plenty will say it's getting his body in-front of the ball but plenty of it is simulation. Let's not beat around the bush here. The guy is that good at it that when he's took a serious whack then it looks the same as non-serious in real speed. I don't think we're a side full of it. Trez is a bad-one for it but in the main, we're no worse than any other team for it. Jack is a master of tempting people in for the ball and then getting the contact. The problem is that sometimes he flops around when they've f
  5. He really has come on leaps and bounds. He seems to time nearly everything spot on. There doesn't seem much difference between this season and last season in his original positioning but he seems to have an extra bit of acceleration, and extra split second on where to move, an extra bit of power when going in for the challenge or header. Everything has crept up. His final ball into the box is quality most of the time too. Small increases to nearly all of his game has seen him develop into the player we thought we could have. This is a credit to Dean Smith and the rest of the coaching s
  6. This post is everything, condensed. Of course, not everything is perfect but he does far more than bullshit stats can ever show. Watch his work off the ball, he's a machine and wise beyond his years. His positional sense is class. Cutting off a pass/run won't show up on your fantasy premier league points. It will have happened but it will largely get unnoticed.
  7. Christ, I finally get out of the Dean Smith thread and have to read this nonsense. I'm cutting myself off before I get a warning.
  8. Wezbid

    Dean Smith

    I'm not saying it happens, it happens at many clubs, even bigger than ours. It's just another thing to consider. I'm sure there was a code not to nut Robbie Savage but Dion ignored it anyways. Good on him.
  9. Wezbid

    Dean Smith

    I also noticed the extra desire to track back/'work' with Traore tonight. There was an occasion when we were attacking and it didn't work out. I think he had a foul against him or something else but he huffed and then would normally jog back into wide right but he caught himself and burst back to defend. It stood out to me. Traore seems to have a good football brain on him too, he knows when to stick a foot out/in whilst Trez is gung ho and gives away so many cheap fouls rather than just squaring up/blocking. With James Ward-Prowse on the pitch, we don't need to be giving away any free-kic
  10. Wezbid

    Dean Smith

    Uhhh, no, I'm not saying that at all, otherwise, I'd never advocate for subs ever. I even stated myself that I was ready for changes tonight but that I also understand why they weren't made. I'll repeat it until I'm blue in the face but with some people, things are black or white when in reality, there are many shades of grey and so many outcomes possible had we made changes today. It's not just as simple as fresh legs means we'll be pushing Southampton back. It could also mean, fresh legs are running out of position and exposing more gaps because they're able to press more and are not working
  11. Wezbid

    Dean Smith

    It's not just about energy, it's about cohesion too. Fresh legs are great but if they're not working with the rest of the team then it's not much better. I was thinking fresh legs myself but at the same time, I was also thinking how one cog could mess things up. It's not a lack of trust in those from the bench, just a situation can be dealt with many ways. I've seen it at many levels at many clubs where teams are hanging on, bring on fresh legs and concede anyways. There is no formula for it. To act like there is is silly.
  12. Wezbid

    Dean Smith

    Yeah, we're all so negative in embracing our progression, number of points and enjoying a win tonight instead of trying to pick apart the 3 points we've got.
  13. Wezbid

    Dean Smith

    No, I posted another link to the match report done on the night, after the one you quoted. It wasn't rotation then. KdB is also their most creative player in terms of stats. Why would he take him off at 0-0? Pep loves rotation but it doesn't fit here. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2021/jan/20/manchester-city-aston-villa-premier-league-match-report "This was enforced by a De Bruyne injury but the question was whether it might actually prove a blessing. After the match, Guardiola added that he was unsure if De Bruyne and Walker’s injuries were serious."
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