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  1. Given was a great keeper but not for Villa. He was still good for Villa but he did fumble and flail at balls into the box. He never used to because at Newcastle and City he had his legs and that's worth a good few inches more when jumping and claiming high balls. Once that goes you have a top notch shot stopper still, but still not reaching the shots he used to along with a keeper lowering in confidence the older he got. Friedel was tall enough to compensate for this with us, whilst Given was nowhere near his best days. That said, it's alright being tall but you've still got to position yourself right and be strong to claim balls in. You can't just rely on height when there's the likes of Wesley who are as tall and years younger with a leap and athleticism that elder keepers won't have. Slowly but surely I think that it's getting through that fans think keepers are over protected and will refs will eventually be told to let me contact go. At least I hope so. Keepers can come charging out, leap feet into the air wiping players out and can still be seen as the victim most of the time if they drop the ball. It's dumb as and I hope that things are on the up in that regard. McGinn did sod all wrong against Derby but how many were waiting for a flag or whistle just because the keeper rose high and spilled the ball? Plenty of refs would have given it previously. It's just expected, regardless of whether the keepers knee is smashing into the oppositions jaw for example. The jaw was deemed to wipe out the keepers knee. I don't know what I'm waffling on about. It's 3am. Good job I'm not in work until 6pm. Yeesh!
  2. Wezbid


    I'd love to grow some weed in my little Home Bargains greenhouse but I have no idea if I can do it without other equipment. I'm still addicted to codeine/co-codomol after being on them and abusing them for years, albeit weeing myself off more and more now with my doctor. I've read weed can help with the withdrawal symptoms but have no idea where to buy it where I live as I've never really used it properly.
  3. Wezbid

    Would You...

    Would you rather shit out an ostrich egg or have a baby cactus shoved up your anus?
  4. Wezbid

    The Film Thread

    Hello to Jason Isaacs.
  5. If it's on Talksport, it doesn't really matter who said what, it's usually a load of tripe regardless.
  6. Just watched all of Chernobyl today when I got home from work. I'm broken. It's rage inducing, devastating, interesting, iconic yet it's taken me this long to really know what happened. This should be taught as history in schools instead of the Tudors. It's far more relevant and I would, suspect, more engaging to younger students. So many good people putting their lives on the line. The Mrs had to go upstairs for a the dogs whilst I remained and silently sobbed. Absolutely stunning work from HBO.
  7. When you say rude things like this, whip your phone camera out and take a quick pic of the filth for us!
  8. He signed a 5 year contract on Friday so no chance there, unless he does a Delph. He is top notch though, definitely.
  9. Bamboozle Question 16 of 27. Which Leeds Utd player is most definitely signing for Aston Villa? Noel Whelan Nigel Martyn Kalvin Phillips Gunnar Halle
  10. Fat bloke reading this on the toilet before work would be happy with that.
  11. Pickford loves doing epic dives for saves that he could stay on his feet for. He's a right show pony and he's made a decent number of errors trying to be the star. He can also make some stunners, don't get me wrong.
  12. I'm always deceived at how big he is. For some reason, I always think he's just over 6 foot but he's huge. Maybe it's his agility.
  13. I'd much rather take the plunge on someone like Jules Kounde, right footed, ball playing CB, 20 years old with tons of potential to improve further whilst already looking good compared with Dunk who's nearly 28 and not likely to improve much more. Nothing wrong with Dunk but it's not as if he would come cheap.
  14. Wezbid

    Wesley Moraes

    Steven Fletcher. £45m striker any day of the year!
  15. Wezbid

    Wesley Moraes

    Imagine how much Heskey, Harewood, Curtis Davies and Zat Knight would be going for in today's market. That's why I think around £20m on Wesley isn't bad.

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