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  1. Jonathan Kodjia

    That video is quality. It's having a laugh at itself whilst still being pretty cool. Some people just don't get it, along with being miserable ****.
  2. Conor Hourihane

    To take it off topic and non-milky crunch. I hope he doesn't play, as a Welshman. We're well drilled but attacking mids seem to score more against us than actual strikers. Hopefully Neil Taylor keeps up his current form because he's been a bit of a weak link for us as a nation, hence me not being overly ecstatic about him joining the Villa but club football and international football are different things I guess. He's deployed as a wing-back for Wales in a 3-5-2 a lot but doesn't have the attacking qualities, hence the frustration. Glad to be eating humble pie about Neil though. Good on you lad. I'll take a 7-3 victory with Hourihane getting 2 goals and an assist. Cymru am byth!
  3. The push for the Play offs ?

    Is that where the second series is going to be based? Hmm.
  4. Tommy Elphick

    It's not really working out for him this season but I don't doubt there would be plenty of takers for him. I wouldn't mind him as back up but wouldn't mind if he wanted to move on for first team footy either. It seems like any slip or slight error he makes is punished with a goal. Kinda brutal actually.
  5. Mile Jedinak

    A slack backpass doesn't mean he can't play the role. I've seen far greater players than Jedinak gift a tap in from a terrible pass back.
  6. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    It's alright trotting out these one word blows but it doesn't make them automatically true. He never really shone the times I seen him but he never looked like a turkey either. Just a young midfielder in a new team and unsure if his role. As ever with some on this site, no middle ground, he's just utter crap. That itself is utter crap. We paid way over the odds considering his experience and he's struggling to get a game with Forest but it doesn't instantly make him utter crap. It must be lovely living in a world where everything is either crap or great. Not having to think about anything in between. Bliss.
  7. Jordan Veretout

    With a more dynamic and forward thinking midfield with Hourihane and Lansbury I think he'd be fine. Last season we were devoid of forward runs giving Veretout little to work with. I could easily be wrong but I think he'd be good with the likes of Green, Adomah and Hogan making runs.
  8. Conor Hourihane

    Other cereals are available.
  9. Sam Johnstone

    *Looks at the experience of Danny Ward, on loan at Huddersfield...* I get it, but it's not the be all and end all.
  10. Mile Jedinak

    The likes of Aguero miss sitters, if it was in the Prem, it could easily have been missed too. Aguero misses multiple piss easy chances a game at times before scoring. Victor Valdes slip in the last minute, if that was Johnstone, people would say, it wouldn't have happened in the Prem. Balls. The Premiership is a mint league but it's full of errors week after week because players are human and not machines.
  11. Steve Bruce

    If I had just come back from a fantastic holiday and read these forums I would never have guessed we'd won 5 of our last 6, with 5 clean sheets for good measure. As for performances themselves, Bruce hasn't been bigging them up despite the wins, so I don't buy that this is how he wants us playing. Given the rest of the season, a full pre-season and a few additions in the summer then we can really judge how he wants us playing. Personally, I don't think 2 up top with a winger in each flank is that defensive or boring. Just because he doesn't subscribe to the having to play 1 up front like everybody else, it doesn't mean he's a dinosaur or boring. He's also shown in plenty of games that he's not strictly about 4-4-2. If we're getting points then the argument is we're not delivering a performance. When we deliver a performance and look the better side but don't win, we're not delivering the points. He'll never win with some.
  12. Scott Hogan

    I agree to a point but if (I didn't see) we improved with Jedinak at CB and a switch of formation then there's no reason he can't slot in. I don't get why people say they can't play together. All strikers want to be the main man, but you can do that in more ways than one. Of course they both want to be scoring but there's no reason why they can't be assisting each other. Having Hogan alongside may very well force Kodjia to get his head up more and release it earlier. We're not going up, we're not going down, now is absolutely the time to either build a partnership or decide if they can't work rather than judge after a couple of games with Kodjia out wide.
  13. Andre Green

  14. Andre Green

    Greeny eye okio, he's got the ball-io. (Not sure if that is solely a North Wales thing!)
  15. Carles Gil

    I liked Gil and he has something about him, and yes, he did try and track back despite being a number 10, but it's probably best for everyone that we move on. I would argue all day long that he isn't/wasn't a good player though. We hardly utilised him last season. We were crying out for a play-maker/number 10 for ages, we finally found someone who was composed in the ball and could pick a pass and he was lumped on the wing a good chunk of the games he did play. He's not a world beater but he was a player with a bit of creativity that we failed to utilise. We already had Gana and Westwood plonked in our own half, asking him to get back in our own half too defeats the whole purpose of that sort of player.