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  1. Wezbid

    Douglas Luiz

    Heung-Min Son, Heung-Min Son, Heung-Min Son.
  2. Wezbid

    Wesley Moraes

    We're a good bunch.
  3. Wezbid

    Wesley Moraes

    With Guilbert and Jota on the right I think he'll have more chances tonight. Let's have it, Wes!
  4. 1 really but Kappa want that moolah.
  5. Wezbid

    Douglas Luiz

    Apart from the mistake I thought he had a good game, goal aside. He was deceptively strong, holding off players bigger than him, kept the ball moving and didn't waste possession. I guess we all read it differently.
  6. Wezbid

    Tom Heaton

    Absolute nonsense. The error was awful but that aside he was absolutely fine and did what was expected of him. It was just a rush of blood to the head, trying to impress on his home debut.
  7. Billing should have been off after the Grealish foul. Luiz is looking good after his brain fart, very strong for a sleight guy.
  8. Wezbid

    Tyrone Mings

    More blocks than a Lego factory!
  9. Hopefully Spurs play as bad as Jack's hair looks. Good lord!
  10. I just don't get why we didn't line up like this against Leipzig to get some sort of fluency. Given the result against them too I'm surprised we've changed that much.
  11. Damn, I was all pumped for this but I feel deflated now. I don't get this, especially after all the pre-season games and the final line-up against Leipzig.

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