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  1. Pereiro looks like El-Ghazi crossed with a bit of Hourihane. The main thing is not clinging on to the ball for too long in the final 3rd and knowing the pass before the ball has got to him. That said, they're from the good bits of play and maybe he's not like that in the main. A half-decent link at least and with him being out of contract in the summer, could be decent value for money and at a good age.
  2. Wezbid

    Wesley Moraes

    I think people forget he's 22 at times and just where his career started. He's not where we want him to be but there is absolutely potential to develop there. Not sure why it's up for debate. There's been occasions where PL defenders can't stop him. Few and far between but he can do it. It just takes time, patience and good coaching to get that sort of Wes more consistently. If he was 27/28, I'd say what an awful signing he's been but to me, there is raw ability there. The problem is he's come in as number 1 striker with not an awful lot to back him up or ease any pressure. He's been frustrating and such but I absolutely don't get the view that we've straight up bought a dud. Fast forward 2 and a half years, do people still really think they'd be seeing the same Wes as now? I don't.
  3. I'd eat a table spoon of Coleman's mustard if Callejon signed. A tea spoon for Llorente.
  4. Better of taking a risk on someone like Mcauley Bonne. He was absolutely devastating in the Conference and doesn't seem to have lost any confidence in the championship this season. Benteke isn't even fit to come in and play for Villa now, he's injured yet again and he'll just continue to keep picking up injury after injury as he's not got the match fitness and to get it we'll have to throw him in at the deep end which is just going to be too much too soon and have him picking up niggles again.
  5. I've just realised all this time, I've been thinking Piatek is Milik. I wondered why people weren't over the moon we were linked. Mid 30's is hitting me hard.
  6. Benteke hasn't shown anything over the past few years to justify being given the responsibility of keeping us in the league. It's blind faith and hanging on to memories of better times.
  7. Mateta looks good, great age, good size, bit of pace, good feet, great movement off the ball, can finish. Would love to see him kicking our corner flags.
  8. Let's sign Kelly Brook, she looks like she'd be a right handful for defenders.
  9. Let's sign the UK men's 4 x 100m relay team, stick 1 on each wing and 2 up front. Their pace would be a refreshing change.
  10. In the main, I really like the guy but he really needs to work on his 1st touch. At times it gets him into some really sketchy situations.
  11. Wezbid

    Dean Smith

    He said it wasn't the top priority, completely different and 100% correct. Maybe he should have risked Jack and Mings then if they got injured, you'd be slagging Smith off for having them in the squad.
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