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  1. You'd like to think Lansbury would be able to speak it now. Putting all that free time to good use.
  2. Are you even a real account? Go look in the mirror and see what is reflected back.
  3. Does anybody know if Marseille are actively searching to replace Morgan Sanson?
  4. What sort of response is that? I suspect most players would think Rodri couldn't try and challenge Mings for the ball as he's coming from an offside position. The quoted law from the FA's Rule of Governance website confirms it to be true.
  5. He didn't give the ball away. Rodri stole it from him when he had no right to go for the ball. It's there in the FA rules that The_Steve posted.
  6. There we have it. Mings was quality tonight but people will use this to throw shade at him. Pretty much every other game, Rodri is penalised for tackling Mings from an offside position when he's the only player remotely close to Mings. He can get casual with possession and passes but he was not in the wrong here ffs. If he headed it back out to a City player to pick up and charge on goal and score, the same people would be asking why he didn't just bring it down since nobody was around him, apart from Rodri, who couldn't get involved, because he was offside.
  7. "A player in an offside position receiving the ball from an opponent who deliberately plays the ball, including by deliberate handball, is not considered to have gained an advantage, unless it was a deliberate save by any opponent. "As the Law deems that Rodri has not gained an advantage, he has not committed an offside offence and play should be allowed to continue. Rodri legitimately took possession of the ball from Mings, starting the attack which resulted in the goal." Rodri gained an advantage from the situation taking the ball from Mings from behind. How can the initial part of t
  8. Are you taking the piss right now?
  9. Wezbid

    Dean Smith

    He's an absolute credit to the club and show's what sticking with your manager through the tough times can provide. We've lost the game this evening but we went toe to toe tonight with one of the most potent attacking line-ups in European football and pushed them all the way. Dean, you're a credit to this club and thank you to the owners for sticking with you when many of us (myself included) thought we'd lost our way and were doomed. This guy has demonstrated how over time he can organise and set up a team to function effectively against others with arguably more talent. More trans
  10. Beautiful instinctive, calm finish. There was a moment first half, WBA tried a cross-field ball and from above head-height, effortlessly leaped in the air and brought the ball down with his foot. He's not your Aaron Lennon explosive pace sort of winger but by god can he make things look easy at times.
  11. Yeah, but it really doesn't negate Tom's points does it? His goal has been ruled out by yet another bullshit decision and he should have an assist to his name but Trez couldn't finish his dinner. The result is down to shite defending, not getting end product out of Watkins, because his goal should stand and Trez is a flake.
  12. Maybe we should stop calling McGrath, God if this is where we're at.
  13. Not exactly. The image is not anti-Cathlolic, it is pro Villa. It is simply joking that some Villa players are on the next level to us mere mortals. Damn.
  14. Anybody getting upset over that needs a long hard look at themselves.
  15. He must have been told he wasn't going to be in the 25 and not playing or on the bench. It doesn't sit well with me that he's not said fine and gone on loan.
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