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  1. Criminal Minds. Only just starting season 3 but it's class.
  2. The £4.5k was from around 12 years ago when that was roughly the annual tax free allowance. 435L tax code or whatever it was. I remember because I used to work in the tax office for 2 years doing nothing but in-putting Self-Assessment tax returns and then moving up to calculating the tax due from or repayment due to the individual or company. I saw hundreds and hundreds of these doing it day in, day out. I've got no reason to make it up, I'm not bitter. I'm certainly not some Daily Heil reader. I'm a lefty socialist, voted Corbyn, not anti-immigration and all the other shite they stand for. If you want to pigeon hole me like that, fair enough but it's just as cheap as me telling you what I witnessed in my time at the tax office. It was rife with self-assessment returns just teetering on the edge of the personal allowance one way or the other. You can call bullshit on it if you want but it is what it is and I know what I had to input and then tax. There were plenty who didn't but there were plenty who did and I pointed out taxi drivers because that was the vast majority of where it was happening. I didn't even know it was a thing that they were an easy target for being called out because I've never had this conversation until today. Of course there'll be drivers who are in between jobs but there are plenty for who it is their full time job. My time doing their SA returns was before the days of uber and all that jazz. It's fine if you don't believe me but I'm not some bullshitter trying to get people to turn on the small guy. I don't recall ever processing a return where they could realistically live on what they were declaring. It will affect those who are honest and those taking the piss and if you want to label me a DM reader for saying there are plenty of the latter, then have it.
  3. Back when I worked in the tax office, every taxi driver was on £4350 or thereabouts. Tens/hundreds of thousands of that every year for countless years adds up. Add in all the other SE doing similar. Of course it's tons worse at the top of the tree but it's still a huge amount lower down too whilst PAYE properly contribute. Those who have taken the piss should have an excess to fall back upon.
  4. It'd be a bit weird for us as we're key workers but the Mrs was sent home from working in the Wrexham Maelor Hospital yesterday for 7 days with a brutal cough, hot and cold flushes. I went into work this morning (delivery driver for Tesco) and let them know about her situation and they instantly sent me home for 14 days. We both feel like shit for not being able to do our part and help out now. The last few weeks, whilst hard has been insanely rewarding. I've delivered to many OAP's who are stuck in their homes now and it was great being able to bring them some relief, supplies and human interaction. The temptation to not mention the other half's situation was there but if she does have it and I was carrying it around and inadvertently passed it on to the most vulnerable, I don't know how I'd live with it. Hopefully 2 weeks time I can get back out there and do my part again and her cough is hopefully just a bad cold and she can get back to it too.
  5. Wezbid

    The Film Thread

    Very true, she was fantastic, heart-breaking, tender. It didn't feel like I was watching actors, just someone's life.
  6. Wezbid

    The Film Thread

    Just watched Journeyman. Absolutely brilliant work from all involved, especially the underrated Paddy Considine. It was that good my Mrs turned the volume off on her switch and stopped playing that Animal Crossing game to watch it. Not sure if my hay-fever is really bad but my eyes were dripping a lot.
  7. Gonna have to start being extra careful when I'm delivering to customers now. The last few weeks have shown the selfishness of many and I wouldn't put it passed people to try and nab people's supermarket shopping from the van when I'm at a customer's door. Signs have had to go up in store, informing customers that verbal or physical abuse of staff members won't be tolerated. As if they should even need reminding! A woman/chef at a care home was in uniform buying for the care home and was subject to abuse and mob mentality and had to be protected by security. Pick your battles you absolute cretins/cowards! Care homes stock buy every week. They are not trying to take the piss.
  8. Glad to hear it went well. Our EOS event is now screwed. Could be £600 down as a result but the guy who booked it lives in the US so if he's banned from flying to the UK at the time he may be covered.
  9. That's good to know. Thank you. Yeah, they aren't really doing very much considering the variety of people and places we go. I'm delivering to an OAP care home this morning. I have a packet of multi purpose that "kills 99% of germs dead" and sod all else. They'll probably just let me stroll in through to their kitchen without batting and eyelid.
  10. He may want to look at their disgusting wet markets.
  11. I deliver for Tesco, it's chaos at the moment. Delivered to a 90 year old lady who kept clear of me and another who was spraying my hands, only for me to get back in the van and carry on gripping the shared steering wheel. Travelling all over North Wales and into Shropshire, I fear I could have it, not show symptoms and be infecting those who are staying home. No chance of working at home (at least not mine) for me. The other half is a pharmacy technician in Wrexham Maelor hospital too which adds a bit more risk. She's coughing and sneezing but work will make her carry on.
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