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  1. Birkir Bjarnason

    One thing that BB does over Whelan and Jedinak is pass it off to a player then sprint full pelt into space to get the ball back. Happened time and again on Saturday but Elmo just ignored him half the time and launched it. BB's fitness and movement off the ball is hugely impressive, if we use it more rather than just launching it then some of these strong wins could turn into thrashings.
  2. Ross McCormack

    Anyone around my age (32) knows that Kevin Muscat is an absolute disgrace to the game and I don't mean disgrace how people shout it willy nilly after a player goes down easily. The guy went in to seriously injure fellow players. He's a grade A c-bomb. I think I recall him destroying Stan Lazaridis who was his international team mate. He nearly cost Matty Holmes a leg after one 'tackle', but 'just' the 4 operations on his leg instead. He's the sort of player who made me stopped playing after U-16's as these people are out to seriously injure anyone with an ounce more talent than they have. I love a good, tough, hard tackle and player but Muscat was an animal and should have been banned from the game. He's the sort of person I hope gets bitten by one of your nasty little bugs over there. Keep it up Ross.
  3. Steve Bruce

    And so it was. A settled side makes a ton of difference, especially when it's got the quality of ours.
  4. Robert Snodgrass

    I wouldn't, I'd wait for Snodgrass to get fully fit and reap the rewards.
  5. Steve Bruce

    It would be valid if he didn't constantly chop and change seemingly every week. If he started playing a consistent team we might actually start getting consistent results. The keeper and JC, JT, NT and finally Hourihane are there and reward in a tight defence in the main but the rest of the team is in and out more than a porn star's willy.
  6. Match Thread: Barnsley v Villa

    Great cross from Elmo for the goal. Might get some people off his back for 5 minutes.
  7. Match Thread: Barnsley v Villa

    Giving them more respect than they deserve, they've played some nice enough stuff since we've not got in their faces. I wouldn't describe them as awful at all but we could put a few more past them if we actually press them and don't camp out in our own half.
  8. Steve Bruce

    They're not great but absolute dogshit is over the top. They're hardly whipping boys.
  9. Match Thread: Barnsley v Villa

    I said the team is balanced. 2 up top, 2 proper wingers, 2 central midfielders, 2 full backs, 2 centre backs. We're giving them too much respect but the players and formation is a better balance than previously.
  10. Match Thread: Barnsley v Villa

    Liking the line-up, nice and balanced. Snodgrass roaming centrally whilst also providing width. Stick with this line-up consistently and we should pick up points.
  11. Steve Bruce

    He's put out a balanced side with most of our best players. Stick with this and he'll probably get results and keep his job, it's not rocket science.
  12. Next Aston Villa Manager

    If he had, I'm sure he'd have let everyone know about it.
  13. Ross McCormack

    He might have his issues but I don't see him as the spawn of Satan, either. We're desperate for goals and we can't even stick him in the bench. A guy banging in 25 plus a season with his 'issues and baggage'.
  14. Ross McCormack

    Love a double post.