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  1. Maybe we should stop calling McGrath, God if this is where we're at.
  2. Not exactly. The image is not anti-Cathlolic, it is pro Villa. It is simply joking that some Villa players are on the next level to us mere mortals. Damn.
  3. Anybody getting upset over that needs a long hard look at themselves.
  4. He must have been told he wasn't going to be in the 25 and not playing or on the bench. It doesn't sit well with me that he's not said fine and gone on loan.
  5. It's no wonder people go down the dodgy viewing avenues. A fiver a game and people would more than likely stump it up. 100,000 x 5, half a million quid a game and people doing it legally. 15 quid a game is ridiculous. That said, I'm paying £10 a game to watch Wrexham home streams. They absolutely need the money though until overlords Reynolds and McElhenney take over (hopefully).
  6. Come on lads, 100 pages by the end of Wednesday. We've got this.
  7. Your name is Pissflaps, not Pissonourchips. Now outta here with that faeces.
  8. I'll see you on the other side someday, sweet prince.
  9. We must be getting Draxler then.
  10. I don't know how I'm going to do my deliveries tonight. I'll be pulling over every 2 mins to see what's happening. Only on Jimmy McCann's twitter though. First with all the scoops.
  11. Suspect Bremen will be leaking bits and bobs all over the place trying to drum up interest. Our stealthy approach does nothing for the UK journalists or Bremen.
  12. Curiosity got the better of me and I stuck Sky Sports News on for the deadline day party. It's been a few years since I have and it'll be a good few years until I consider it again. What an absolute steaming pile of dung. It seems these days they now incorporate people in their bedrooms on grainy cameras to indulge in the equivalent of pub chat. It used to be a bit of a laugh but damn, what a drain. Small bits of paper talk sandwiched between countless adverts and some child like polls. Back to the safety of fish puns and gifs I come!
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