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  1. Its been an exciting window , everyone saying its brilliant but we cant say brilliant until we see performances or what come may. I will say no matter what happens we gave it a hell of a good crack rebuilding a squad that was left to bare bones. From reading it feels like many of our fans dont have the high expectations for our club as weve been overly satisfied linked to average championship players and saying they will be over the moon . WE ARE ASTON VILLA do you know how huge our club is , we should be aiming as high as wolves in their first season, no actually higher as they are nowhere near our grand stature as a club and also grabbing the ballers they are linked with Diagne is a player that im glad we are not linked with it seems like he wouldn’t make the grade here.. Jean Kevin Augustin on the other hand looks impressive and would fair well here also he has the potential to grow further. Between him and wesley at least one of them should prove worthy. Our main striker must hit 11/12 goals to be considered enough to cope with the premier league . 14+ goals means you are actually a good striker as this league proves even the best of players do not score for fun. Im also glad we didnt sign maupay hes a decent player dont get me wrong but as i stated we are AVFC and we are back with the big boys lets shoot for the stars and aim higher
  2. I for one didn’t fully approve of trezeguet as i see him as a player who may show A lot of inconsistency but compared to jota i rate him higher. Its baffling as no team as come for jota and all of a sudden we believe hes going to be fantastic for us.. he may very well be but for many seasons he hasnt done otherwise hed be in the Premier League or somewhere on that level by now. Yes i feel jota will start against Spurs too but i didnt include him in the starting XI as i feel we have better options. Why did he not become fans favourite at blues if he was so good and look how poor they are ?
  3. I’ve been keeping track of his recent displays and he has played well certainly trying to seal his place in our starting XI however compared to trezeguet or benrahma (who i think we will sign) he isnt as good but i would like him to prove me wrong if he is. Also the opposition in these friendlies are not exactly world beaters.
  4. Yes i agree here, I described the player as someone who can play right wing and centre forward if wesley gets injured or such , or simply a centre forward if we have the funds but they will need to be happy with being on the bench most of the season
  5. I couldn’t agree more with this, thats why we must hope that our wingers can bring goals in along with wesley , if he gets 11 or more im sure we can say he has had a comfortable season . Maupay is not the player we desire I doubt he will make the grade in the Premier League . A player that can play right wing or centre forward ideally more proven is essential as im unsure about trezeguet and i feel benrahma was the player to snatch he has that final third quality in abundance. A bit concerned about too many brentford players linked i mean they didnt finish in the top ten so we must be careful. A centre midfielder who can play defensive and attacking as a back up to luiz and mcginn is necessary, are we happy to settle with hourihane as that option im unsure who btw is fantastic when he gets himself going. Kodjia and hogan must go and bikir is nowhere near good enough. Jota also has been playing in championship for more than a few seasons and he has attracted no team from the top divisions, he also was not getting rave reviews at SHA so i doubt he is all of a sudden going to be a top player here regardless, however i could be wrong. Anyway this is the team that must select for now ( if we sign Saed anyway and either keeper) We need to steal some of the talent jorge mendez has as clients as they are some top quality players, suso seems to have the lesser end of talent to choose from. Signing players that have done well in the belgian league doesn’t really give me much confidence. ( Benteke excluded) Steer/Etheridge/Butland Guilbert Engles Mings Targett Luiz Mcginn Grealish Trez/Benrahma El Ghazi Wesley
  6. Lifetime Villian UTV holte enders in the sky
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