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  1. This is why I haven't sprung for a Luke home shirt. Must have blue sleeves for me.
  2. Home: Claret and blue shirt, white shorts, black socks Away: White shirt, white shorts, claret socks Change: Black shirt, black shorts, claret socks Club should mandate black boots. Imagine a rampaging Villa all in black boots...
  3. maqroll

    U.S. Politics

    Hillary Clinton considering another prez run apparently..
  4. maqroll

    U.S. Politics

    Well said. It's smart politicking. But she speaks that language. She's from Oklahoma and was a registered Republican until age 46. As senator she's voted for really obscene military appropriations.
  5. I recently tried "Beyond Meat" bratwurst. Plant based, no soy or dairy. It's very impressive, easily the best faux meat product I've tried. The texture and mouthfeel is spot on. It also looks like meat on the inside and when it cooks in a pan it sizzles. The only thing they didn't nail is the seasonings, but they can easily improve that. Very encouraging for the future.
  6. This is what I love about being a sports fan. It's everything leading up to the big game itself. It's a total rush, like a drug. That was a great game btw, some very well taken goals. Derby will be up for this, lets hope Dean has the team properly prepared. If we win this game we should insist on getting PREPARED sewn back on the badge. UTV
  7. $2K minimum for Portland Maine to London r/t ridiculous
  8. Skin of the teeth. I might have to go out for a vodka after that. Must be much better for the final.
  9. Ref bad Green poor Johanson little turd Brunt cnut
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