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  1. Of course I just flossed off half a tooth. The fracture runs up to the gum line. It doesn't hurt, but if I don't get it looked at while in isolation, I run the risk of infection or further loss of the tooth and nerve exposure. Being from the Land of the Free, I will be paying for the fix out of pocket. Money that I don't really have.
  2. Stories coming out about people who self isolated with symptoms and died before calling paramedics. There doesn't seem to be any guidance about when exactly someone should make the call when they're sick.
  3. Boris was openly sort of bragging about shaking hands with dozens of people a couple of weeks ago. What is it about the GOP and Tories that compelled them to both downplay the danger?
  4. Boris in intensive care and unless 10 Downing has a Russian agent as spokesperson, it's true.
  5. Sounds like Boris is struggling
  6. Thanks, I was wondering what you were on about.
  7. One of my uncles was a cop in the 70's and 80's in Massachusetts. He was fired for excessive force.
  8. Mortgage holders here seem to be getting relief but not so much renters, big shocker.
  9. A paradigm shift is needed now. No more wars, no more fossil fuels. We need to leave all that behind and cooperate. The alternative is perpetual hell.
  10. And all the GOP voters who are clamoring for relief checks. Cognitive dissonance at it's finest.
  11. There will be people who drown in their own fluid in a tent in Central Park because our "leaders" are complete **** idiots
  12. Maine goes into full lockdown at midnight tonight until April 27. Grocery stores will be mobbed all day, and nobody will be enforcing 6ft distancing. Another month of sitting around my apartment, urghhhhhh
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