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  1. Transgenderism

    Isn't it?
  2. Transgenderism

    It is a valid concern, IMO despite the obvious ridiculous meme
  3. Transgenderism

    I get it, but surely there are/have been other cases where the transitioning/transitioned athlete is content to stay in the girls competition? Spitballing here..
  4. Transgenderism

    Another scenario would be the showers. Should a male transitioning to a female or vice versa be allowed to shower and dress with girls and women, and should the feelings of the born females be considered when defining the rules, and the law?
  5. Transgenderism

    You're right! (It's all sort of confusing) Nonetheless, you've got a female undergoing hormone treatment and annihilating the competition. If it was the Olympics, she/he would be disqualified.
  6. The History Thread

    Written during the Bosnian War by a Washington Post reporter
  7. Transgenderism

    Obviously a hot button issue these days...today I read an article about a high school wrestler who is a male that identifies as a female, and he's destroying the competition, sparking some debate about if he/she should be allowed to compete against girls. IMO, it's an honest question, and with merit, but nowadays you'll get crucified for even questioning it. I support transgender rights, but where do you draw the line? In a case like this, in sport, it's so obviously unfair to the girls. What about their right to compete on a level playing field so to speak?
  8. The History Thread

    I've been obsessing about the collapse of Yugoslavia and the wars there. It is chilling. There are tons of good videos on YT about it all. I'm reading a great book as well, it explains everything in very clear terms, and you're able to make some sense out of a very confusing situation. Those Serbs were total psychopaths. Anyone have some good book recommendations on this subject?
  9. General Chat

    I think I need to travel to Serbia
  10. Rogues Gallery

    I hear Swedish guys can be really competitive with each other.
  11. The Film Thread

    I couldn't make it past the first ten minutes of Hacksaw Ridge. Hamfisted Hollywood shite.
  12. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    My mother was a librarian at a school for the blind. (Mostly brail of course).. I remember her taking me with her for the day when I was a little kid. I remember seeing three blind guys walking through the main hallway with locked arms singing Three Blind Mice. Probably my earliest really vivid memory.
  13. U.S. Politics

    Police/ATF preparing to raid the camp..