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  1. maqroll

    U.S. Politics

    Nice. Should I assume that that's Scuba Steve with the goblet offering?
  2. maqroll

    Dean Smith

    Hi guys I really hope the best for Aston Villa Football Club.
  3. maqroll

    Douglas Luiz

    lol last week he wasn't even a prem quality player on here
  4. Guess who this song is for- Bumpa-dumpa, bumpadaaa Bumpa-dumpa, bumpada-da-daa Bumpa-dumpa, bumpa-daaa Bumpa-da, bumpa-da bumpa-da-da-da
  5. maqroll

    U.S. Politics

    There's a big gun rights rally in Virginia this weekend and the FBI just arrested three militia types who had more than just guns on them. One of the guys is an explosives expert former military. Fun times ahead in the USA
  6. maqroll

    U.S. Politics

    You Brits were some real dandies Look at those outfits!
  7. Good luck to Ashley Young, I really hope he doesn't get abused by any racist words removed over there.
  8. The latest Vic Berger video is really funny as usual
  9. Firmly behind the Tanzanian if we're signing him. Scrutiny should be applied however to the current scouting department and overall recruitment strategy in place at the club if he struggles out of the gate. All of our attacking problems are a direct result of our baffling decision to put all our hopes on a 22 year old South American who never played in the Premier League. It's sort of amateurish, to be honest. Now we are left sniffing around the Belgian league again. Forgive my lack of knowledge on FFP, but how much money can Villa spend this window?
  10. Giroud would've been the instant starting striker for Villa and he chooses the Inter bench. Idiot.
  11. Apparently Palace, Norwich and Brighton were all interested in Samatta as well, which should allay some fears
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