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  1. Manchester Arena Explosion

    Unless of course the leak wasn't from within the US or the UK. I think at this point we should just operationally assume there are spies at the highest levels of government, working various ends. But if it is someone at the CIA who has been waiting to **** with Trump, they've really messed up. But it's almost too obvious a move. (within the context of the investigation against Trump). It actually could be from the White House, it's a pure propaganda move either way. Trump was only effective politically because he's been spending against his TV persona. In international politics, he's drowning in the deep end, but he's got people at home, sourrounding him, who would think of this angle, as a way to discredit our own IC. Anything seems possible right now
  2. U.S. Politics

    Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, that reporter probably has dirt on him.
  3. What you eatin' there then?

    Last night I cooked up a mountain of veggies and put them on spaghetti with some Asiago cheese. Really fresh, crunchy, salad-like pasta dish. Great last night, but the leftovers were pretty sad today, and needed some help. Enter my local deli, who get their pork from a local farm, and twist up decent Italian sausage. I fried two links up as my cats went completely insane, and tossed them in a pan of plain tomato sauce (the sausage not the cats). I dumped it all over the warmed up leftovers, added a bit of salt and pepper with a little more cheese, and washed it down with a glass or more of cheap Argentinian Malbec.
  4. U.S. Politics

    A little second page good news- Worth watching at the very least for the replay of Trump's body language surrender to Netanyahooo
  5. U.S. Politics

    I thought it was Baron
  6. Manchester Arena Explosion

    @Awol, honest question- how do you know the NY Times source is US intel? Edit- NVM, I'm up to date. Really embarrassing for the United States. If it's someone trying to undermine Trump, they've only managed to undermine good relations with our top ally, unless the leaks are coming from within the White House, which is unlikely. Just sad and pathetic. And if I were you I'd be pretty offended too. Hell, I am offended by it. So unnecessary, so lazy.
  7. Manchester Arena Explosion

    So you want to kill them?
  8. Manchester Arena Explosion

    Imagine if it turned out the guy was just a run-of-the-mill nut case, and only wanted to indiscriminately kill for non-religious reasons?
  9. Manchester Arena Explosion

    That woman is a real horror.
  10. The Film Thread

    "Christine" on Netflix, about the TV journalist who killed herself on the air. Brilliant, in particular the actress, who looks familiar, but not so much her name- Rebecca Hall. A star turn, methinks.
  11. Manchester Arena Explosion

    And that's how easy it is to manipulate entire populations.
  12. Manchester Arena Explosion

    Slightly OT, but as someone who thinks religion is generally a net negative for humanity, I believe that all religions should come under heavy scrutiny, and even ridicule, when merited. Sadly, I think Islam gets a pass by many in the West, especially on the left, who in their haste to defend Muslims whose rights may be infringed upon, or whose reputation may be tarnished, turn their heads from some of the aspects of the religion that are so patently arcane and regressive. Islam can go get stuffed.
  13. Manchester Arena Explosion

    I was asking myself that as I read it, was it just a fabricated post by an EDL type. It's almost too perfect.
  14. Manchester Arena Explosion

    Yeah, I'm not sure what deporting the parents achieves, assuming there is a country they could be deported to.
  15. Manchester Arena Explosion

    Let's hope there's not another de Menezes situation where police get trigger happy.