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  1. I just spotted my "on a budget" dream house. Going to likely make an offer soon. The housing market in Maine is bananas right now so I'm sure I'll have heavy competition.
  2. Why is that? Because it's VEVO? Or something else, I wonder? Can you watch the previous video I posted?
  3. Ray wrote this tune for his sister. She had given him a guitar for his 13th birthday and then died that night of a heart attack at the local dancehall. You can feel the underlying emotions in the music. Another great song from a massively underrated band.
  4. He looks a player. Shame about that music though. ; )
  5. Grealish to Man City is a fait accompli, is it not?
  6. Loudermilk is pretty funny. Good writing and I like Ron Livingston.
  7. I like me a bit o Collins in wee doses. I was belting along with In the Air Tonight a few nights ago. It's a really unusual and totally original kind of hit song because it is moody and dark and slow from the start all the way until the drums kick in. DeeJays and stations managers must've been flummoxed.
  8. A side question for the older guys on here- Who sang the best part on "We are the World"? For me, it's Steve Perry and he's standing there with some real heavy hitters in the studio.
  9. I love Sam Cooke's voice, as well as his brother from another mother Steve Perry, although I can take or leave anything by Journey, or Perry solo. I just think he has (had?) an amazing voice that built on Cooke. James Brown Etta James Marvin Gaye Aretha Franklin Johnnie Hartman Robert Cray even though he's better known for his guitar playing. Amy Winehouse Stevie Wonder Dennis Brown Brad Delp
  10. Magical chord changes. Love the raw energy here.
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