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    In my experience cocaine is fairly benign. I was never so enthusiastic about it that I wanted to keep buying it. I guess it's dangerous for people with heart issues. But I've smoked weed strong enough to push me toward a psychotic state. Weed can also trigger schizophrenia in people under 25. So it's not as safe as people say it is. That said, the older you are, the safer it is. MDMA was so much fun, but I overdid it one night and could physically feel my brain do weird things. Not good. I imagine I've probably got scarring on my brain from it. And it may have cause some anxiety issues that I started experiencing a few years after I stopped doing it. Drugs can augment your life in a beautiful and fun way, but the risks are potentially severe. Moderation is crucial.
  2. maqroll

    U.S. Politics

    My uncle (by marriage) died last night in hospital. He was a retired US History professor. A real old school Democrat who truly believed in the American system. He said he wanted to hang on for the Mueller Report. He did. RIP Uncle John, a good guy.
  3. maqroll

    U.S. Politics

    Mueller's remit was the Russia angle, and to a lesser degree, Obstruction of Justice. That he couldn't find enough evidence to prosecute on Conspiracy isn't necessarily a shocker, but the Obstruction case seemed air **** tight and I do not know why he's not recommended prosecution. There must be something else in play. Then there's all the SDNY stuff which is what will take Trump down. Congress needs to issue subpoenas for everyone involved, from Kushner, Don Jr., Stone, Manafort, and Mueller himself. The report has to be released to the public w/o redaction. Trump has won the day, and maybe people who thought the hammer was going to drop on him were naive. Teflon Don lives to see another day. But he'll get his comeuppance, by hook or crook.
  4. maqroll

    U.S. Politics

    `My prediction: The report is crippling for Trump. He'll resign the office with full immunity. New York state will be the vehicle that brings justice to him and his inner circle. President Pence for the next 2 years and a Dem blowout in 2020. Trump will go to prison, it's just a matter of when and for how long.
  5. maqroll

    U.S. Politics

    *Mueller Report finished* Now for the fight to release it in it's entirety to the public.
  6. It's a fraught time we're living in. Your son will want to be involved. It's human nature. Prepare him to keep himself safe and to hopefully thrive.
  7. Everywhere is racist. My mother housed a young Argentinian woman for 2 years. Nice person, very smart. Didn't speak a lick of English but studied it, and went to architecture school and is now fluent in English and she's a architect. I remember a time when she com plained to me about the "n****rs" she encountered on her commute to school. She said it in English. I think for some people, racist comments are very casual and not meant to indicate an extreme position. Nonetheless it's pretty abhorrent to hear it. I actually think there are shades of racism, because she wouldn't deny anyone their humanity, and that's what makes a true racist in my opinion.
  8. Handy little player. Smith's best accomplishment so far has been signing McGinn. If we fail to go up, will a Prem side come in for him?
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