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  1. What is your experience of mental health?

    Sounds like you are on top of things despite those incredible challenges. Counseling seems to be universally accepted as really helpful. I've been tempted to try it. I think men tend to be extremely unforgiving of themselves. People don't have to lift the entire lid on their existence when they seek help from a shrink. Talk about the few things that you grapple with. Anyone would be reeling a bit after those events. Good luck with the counseling, I think you are on the right path.
  2. Republic of Ireland

    Sounds like some real bad blood between these two teams. Chris Coleman called it "a typical British football match", not sure the Irish will be too pleased to hear that..
  3. International Football General Chat

    Emphatic return to the national team for Bruce Arena, and a big response from the players-
  4. What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Great tune, inspired album. My uncle had this in his car cassette player, I remember it being the first album I heard outside the records my old man would play.
  5. Baseball 2017

    This is a big season for Matt Harvey, who is edging closer and closer to irrelevance.
  6. Jonathan Kodjia

    Really nice goal that will be shown across the world tonight.
  7. U.S. Politics

    It's unclear to me why it's acceptable that Nunes has communicated with Trump about the investigation that Nunes himself is leading!
  8. U.S. Politics

    Paul Ryan is grotesque, isn't he? What an absolute scumbag.
  9. Cats...

    The new guy Fancy fella Tug-of-war
  10. U.S. Politics

    Sec of State Tillerson skipping the NATO summit and going to Moscow instead, for his first European state visit. Kind of says it all. Putin must have so much dirt on these people that they've become his willing pawns. Distressing.
  11. U.S. Politics

    Brave New World
  12. U.S. Politics

    My hunch tonight is I think they've got the goods on Trump, and backroom arrangements are being agreed to right now. Trump is a **** goner, quote me on it.