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  1. Suffice to say, this is a huge game. They are direct competitors and only a point behind us. Aaaand they try to wear claret and blue like it's their own thing. Imposters and thieves.
  2. I shut it off after about 20 seconds in having watched monkeys in trees trying to escape the burning forest. It's too sad to fully consider for very long. I know we are goners, and we are bringing all the poor animals down with us. It's unbelievable. Devastating. It's a lonely feeling.
  3. maqroll


    How do you know he spells his name like that?
  4. Your cynicism is stealing my heart, but I can't agree. His brain goes out the window from time to time, but he makes up for it with power and pace and a rocket of a shot. He clicks well with Grealish, who personally wanted him at Villa, so that's good enough for me.
  5. Still without a draw this season, bucking a traditional Villa trend.
  6. As deflating as Saturday's loss was, we still have a game in hand on every team above us, and we're only 5 points off first place.
  7. Wolves level. I'll be happy if this finishes 1-1.
  8. Major rebuild needs to happen in Foxboro. I don't think Newton is the answer at QB. N'Keal Harry is a bust as a 1st rounder. We need all new skill players on offense.
  9. Prem owners should convene an emergency meeting to start the process of fixing VAR, or scrapping it entirely. I'll say it again, if they are going to use video replay, they should do it the NFL way. One manager's challenge per half.
  10. Are you alluding to muggings, etc.?
  11. How do they decide who gets a seat? A lottery?
  12. Do we really want to revisit the dark days of the recent past? I'd rather daydream about away games at the Nou Camp
  13. I've created a Yahoo NBA Fantasy league and sent email invites to everyone in the NFL league. If you didn't receive an email invite and want to join, PM me your email. This will be a head-to-head league with at least 8 teams if it is to run. If you have a little interest in the NBA but not enough to watch the games, this is a fun way to keep up on the action.
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