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  1. maqroll

    U.S. Politics

    That was a doozy of a political Friday. Looks like Sondland could be the guy to take down Trump next week. Fingers crossed.
  2. Well well, Browns are a dirty little team aren't they.
  3. Guy at the bar asked me to change the channel from the Spanish soccer to American football. I said sure. Switched the channel to the college football which of course was showing commercials. I snickered to myself, "Enjoy the commercials, dickhead" LOL
  4. 49ers were the weakest 8-0 team I've ever seen.
  5. Evo Morales ousted in an old fashioned military coup. Big blow to Indigenous rights movements in the hemisphere. #Bolivia
  6. Hourihane should be in the starting XI more often IMO. Team seems to win more when he's playing.
  7. Extended highlights inform me that Wesley is just a hammerhead type forward. We need to get a much better all around striker than Wesley. McGinn looked a bit off too. We need to buy about 3 players in January, and hopefully at least one grizzled Prem veteran like Snodgrass. Work to do, but there's a 15 day stretch where everyone can reset. Keep the faith.
  8. We need to go there and punch them right on the nose.
  9. Hopefully they all learn from this, including Smith. Plenty of time to secure our status.
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