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  1. They're one point off 5th place, and 5th gets you into the Champions League with Man City being banned. It would be the first time a newly promoted club would qualify for the CL, wouldn't it?
  2. If we stay up we should get a blue chip sponsor Jaguar or Aston Martin
  3. maqroll

    U.S. Politics

    He looked completely lost and was totally ineffectual.
  4. maqroll

    U.S. Politics

    I'm assuming Trump hasn't mentioned the white terrorist rampage in Germany?
  5. Some nice goals here. Are they at the San Siro for their CL games only? Valencia's away unis are lovely.
  6. Pan seared chicken breast Salt, pepper, EVOO rub Seared and finished in oven Sliced and crisped up back in the pan Pan deglazed with white wine Garnished with parsley Dipping sauce of: Habanero peppers x2 Serrano pepper Onion, garlic Avocado Orange juice HOTTTTTTTT! Tasty late night snack and really spicy.
  7. maqroll

    U.S. Politics

    Bloomberg getting reamed in public tonight
  8. I only know of Atalanta as sort of a yo-yo club between Serie A and B. What explains their impressive ascendancy?
  9. Guardiola does this really obnoxious thing where he bares his teeth in a kind of "power move" when he doesn't like a reporter's question. He's pretty far up his own arse, IMO.
  10. Thousands of empty seats at the Yawnihad
  11. I wonder if they took his Rolex and chain too
  12. I wasn't asking what it was, but rather, if it is a concern in the Rugby world.
  13. maqroll

    U.S. Politics

    Meanwhile, Sanders trouncing the field in latest polling ahead of tonight's debate. Bloomberg might consider wearing a helmet.
  14. maqroll

    U.S. Politics

    Yes, he collects a paycheck from NBC News, I get it. But he also offers free civics lessons to anyone watching, which is a good thing in this country. Most Americans aren't taught much of it in public school.
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