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  1. I feel for Bruce, actually. He's a good guy but he's not a Premier League quality manager and his hometown club's supporters despise him. It's a dead end situation, but he'll keep collecting his wages if given the chance. Just like Allardyce, who probably couldn't believe his luck when Baggies rang.
  2. Made You Look is worth a watch on Netflix, even if it's full of horrible people. It's about the art forgery scandal in NYC a while back.
  3. Almiron could shine with better players around him. Maybe Villa players? If Toon go down...
  4. So, casting an American to play Winston Churchill (even though he was half American) was a bold decision by the Crown producers. I thought Lithgow did a solid job. What are some of your opinions on it?
  5. Honestly, I'm ok with that. We ain't qualifying for Europe or getting relegated. We consolidate our status, so job done. Let him heal fully.
  6. What silly people, thinking that an angry, violent mob would attack them at the Capitol building, lol.
  7. It might be worth pointing out that if Markle's father wasn't white, she gets nowhere near Harry's life. Her whiteness got her access, her blackness got her exiled.
  8. Yeah, Ramsey and Marv are somewhat limited in their physicality.
  9. Sadly that was a somewhat predictable result this season. Big away win at Leeds and an opportunity to win again against the bottom team in the division, an opportunity chucked away even with a man advantage. We played ok in spells, which should have been enough to beat these barbarians. But on the whole, far too casual and far too sloppy. Targett's worst game of the season. Something looked really off with him.
  10. Watkins was bowled over on the edge of the box early on and nothing given. Incredible.
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