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  1. Northern Italy works, too. I could track down my ancestral village.
  2. Whenever I daydream of winning the lottery, I usually think first about who I'd surprise with a new car or house. I think I'd have a lot of fun giving some if it away, to loved ones and then good causes and organizations. Id start my own foundation, too. But for myself, I'd buy: A coastal Maine summer cottage A sailboat and learn how to sail A small chalet in Switzerland with a wine cellar A small beach house in the Caribbean An antique sports car A Tesla A few bespoke suits An entire new wardrobe, actually. I'm a ragamuffin. Get my teeth fixed Buy a percentage of AVFC Travel the world
  3. Yep. If he's fit to play, he needs to start logging minutes to gain sharpness.
  4. Binging Succession. 3 episodes left in S2. It's silly but a fun watch. Some snappy dialogue. The Tom character is ultra cringe.
  5. The militancy of the "white right" is a reaction to demographic trends and shifts exacerbated by globalization, liberal immigration policies and a plummeting white birthrate. Their movement has momentum, and charismatic figureheads. They have a media and propaganda apparatus, and in some cases, blue chip corporate support. In the USA, Brazil and Germany, they have broad support in police and military services. White supremacy is under threat like never before and these people are willing to commit atrocities to maintain the global hierarchy. I fear we are just scratching the surface of what is to come.
  6. They don't want their children to learn about slavery, Jim Crow and Native genocide, but apparently DO want them to gain an appreciation for the Nazis.
  7. Maybe that can happen by the end of the calendar year?
  8. Ruled out again? Concerning.
  9. The best move they could've made.
  10. One of the most overrated bsnd members has to be Brian Jones. Didn't write a single Stones song. Doesn't have any memorable vocal. Didn't contribute to the last album before he died. His best contribution was the marimba on Under My Thumb. On the whole, just really overrated.
  11. I'm assuming Cov and SHA aren't on good terms either? Must be fun for WMP when they play each other.
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