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  1. U.S. Politics

    Ashley Parker, BTW...
  2. U.S. Politics

  3. "ad free" and donation issues

    I noticed this before the recent upgrade, but wanted to wait a few days to see if anything changed, but it hasn't- I recently donated, but cannot access the donors forum, or w/e it's called..
  4. Your Fantasy 5 Piece

    I see what you've done there..
  5. U.S. Politics

    Trump aides scrambling to smear Mueller and his team. This is going to get even uglier I think.
  6. Villatalk deadpool 2017

    Sad news. Can't stand their music, but I respected him for shredding his vocal chords the way he did, year after year.
  7. Your Fantasy 5 Piece

    Lead Vocals- Jeff Buckley Rhythm Guitar- Nile Rodgers Lead Guitar- Jeff Beck Bass- Don Was Drums- Stewart Copeland
  8. Your Fantasy 5 Piece

    Damn you, Mooney!
  9. Your Fantasy 5 Piece

    I like the nice brush drumming.
  10. Your Fantasy 5 Piece

    I have no idea who my five are, I might need to sleep on this.
  11. Your Fantasy 5 Piece

    I like this pick, he's really underrated. 20 times the singer someone like Axel Rose is. He's also quite versatile.
  12. Tommy Elphick

    I expect he will, he seems like a reasonable fella.
  13. Cats...

    I was outside earlier with the little guys. You can tell how much they really like each other when I let them out. The basically follow each other and/or false charge/ambush each other. Great little cats, very loyal too, they don't stray far at all.
  14. Your Fantasy 5 Piece

    If you pretty boys want organs and flutes and whatnot you can start your own thread.