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  1. Is Trez back for this then?
  2. No interest in buying one, but it's not terrible, IMO. As a one-off, i'm fine with it. I'd love next years to be black with one big claret cross stripe across it, like the Peru shirt.
  3. Mayfield's throwing motion shows way too much of the ball and he telegraphs his passes. For a shorter QB that's not good. The Browns are going to live and die by Mayfield's choices and while it may be entertaining, it's going to cost them games.
  4. Probably not the best time to play them seeing as they will be mad and really up for it. That said, they are pathetic in a way only Arsenal could be, so if we can get a goal or two we can win this. We have a decent record at the Emirates as well don't we? If we beat them, Emery will get the sack. I think even a draw will see him fired. So be it. 1-1, Luiz with the goal.
  5. maqroll


    Where are the goals going to come from? Would playing a 4-4-2 with Davis and Wesley up top be something Smith considers? Also, if Matt Targett likes to bound forward from the back, I say get him in the side and bench Taylor. We need more attacking impetus. Hourihane needs to play and Luiz is more of a goal theat than Nakamba. Maybe the side for the Arsenal game could look like this: Heaton Guilbert Engels Mings Targett McGinn Hourihane Luiz El Ghazi Davis Wesley
  6. I'm looking forward to watching the doc series Country Music by Ken Burns on PBS. Better than the first series. Turning into a top notch show and I can't wait for the next one.
  7. Relegation form. Too slow, too stupid, not enough desire. I'd like to see Hourihane , Targett, and Davis start next week. Might be time for Jack to sit too.
  8. If Wesley had simply buried that early header, this game is won.
  9. Minimal movement off the ball, no impetus at all

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