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  1. I can’t wait for Ratchet and Clank, it was pretty much the game that sold me on the PS5, love platform/actions games so this one looks incredible. Also set the download off for FF VII Intergrade, which was my favourite game of last couple of years.
  2. The point is more about giving them first team football and having the "backup" time on someone like Josh King
  3. I disagree with this as the like of Louie and Chuck could do with a season or so smashing it in the championship so they are ready for prem league football, rather than getting the odd minute here or there. Im no fan of the Josh King signing but seems for a year he fills a gap, especially as Wes could also do with a half season loan to get match fitness.
  4. The last two games when he was in with Nakamba, I thought he was excellent.
  5. I am going to join the waiting list as never had one before (I live 100+ miles away). If I get the opportunity I may go either family or 1 adult/1 child. How does it work with who comes, can I use the same child ticket and essentially share it with both kids (alternate) and also with the family ticket my wife will probably be able to only come to half the games so can I take anyone else?
  6. Yep me last Thursday, felt rubbish Friday and Saturday and even on Sunday I was fine to walk around but bailed on an attempt to run after half a mile.
  7. andyjsg


    Careful on the track, start small as can give you calf problems quite quickly. Strides are the one, not so much about all out speed as just getting yourself striding out.
  8. andyjsg


    General rule is to run faster to get faster, so to improve 5k you would do 4or800 reps with a couple of mins recovery so you can run as fast as you can. 8 months out and I’m back running again and nearly 2 years since I was in decent shape. Going to take time to build up again but nice to be able to run a bit. Decided to check my weight and I’m 50lbs heavier (weird as I don’t look it).
  9. The headache seems manageable with ibuprofen but my head is swimming a bit and the ibuprofen has made me nauseous. I have my one year old daughter until lunchtime then hopefully the wife will come and take over so I can have a snooze (and maybe do some work).
  10. I had my AZ shot yesterday, was absolutely fine until about 10pm last night and since then my head has been banging and I ended up watching tv from 2am.
  11. People develop differently, just because one player can smash it at 16, others take longer to develop. I was lightweight and 5' 8" at 17 and 6' 2" and 13 1/2 stone at 22. These academy staff we have will know when players are ready and Im sure Dean does too, we will see them when they are ready to play.
  12. I was just thinking this, take Ings out of Saints and they dont have a replacement for example. Its only really Man City who can live without say a Foden or KDB, I mean Man Utd are very reliant on Fernandes. We also have lost Trez who was finally hitting some form and Sanson who also gave us another option.
  13. That’s on cash, we were starting to take some control for what is one of the dumbest things I’ve seen a footballer do. Man City very much on it today and when they are they are the best team in the world. Smith made the right subs I think but this was taken away from him by stupid play.
  14. Waaaay too long (I did it in 3 sittings, partly due to having to do other stuff) but I quite enjoyed the Snyder Cut. Nowhere near the levels of Marvel but was interesting and some of the battles were good fun.
  15. Thought I would jump into this one as I'm very much into games but never have time to play them (apart from the 80 hours I dropped into FFVII Remake last year). Anyway wife has been working evenings so I have had the kids so we have been banging through a few games including SackBoy, Crash 4 (which took me 500+ attempts to complete the last crash point on the 2nd to last level) and as of two nights ago Miles Morales (I've had it since xmas but not got round to playing) which is incredible on the PS5 - what a game. Need to crack on through COD as its taking up 1/4 of my storage and will ne
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