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  1. Running

    Shh you are not allowed to talk about triathlon, they get upset :-) No idea on the Lidl one, but I hear good things about the DHB one on wiggle and its pretty reasonable - I would recommend 2XU in the sale though if you can pick it up,
  2. Running

    Run very fast. Probably want to do some sprint training - warm up lots first.
  3. Running

    Interesting idea, I will grab one of the test lot and try them out
  4. Running

    Nah that dude was cooked, he had colapsed on the floor once already and couldnt hold himself up, he would of been dragged off the course by St Johns if he hadnt been dragged over the line. I could see this all going on as I came round the corner and wasnt feeling great as had about 100 people pass me running up past St James Park and then basically thought "at least Im not that dude", but looking at the video, he is the only one slower than me going down the final straight :-)
  5. Running

    Hehe, very pleased Ive kept my 100% record of 3 (road) marathons (Ironman doesnt count) and all under 3 hours and hope to do the same again in NYC in November although may use this to test a new strategy of basically taking a gel at the start and one after 6 miles then just water for the rest of the race. A few days rest then some light running and some cycling as I have a week cycling in Mallorca mid-May and havent been on my bike since Xmas, then Im going to spend the summer trying to get my 5K/Parkrun/10K time down some more.
  6. Running

    I also managed a cameo in that viral video of the guy being helped over the line, I turn up whilst he is being helped by the two guys in the finishing straight and I get a nice few seconds of me dry-heaving my way down the right hand side past the royals.
  7. Running

    Great run villakram, I was a minute slower than you at London today, totally fell apart at mile 18 as the gels spiked my heart rate and made me sick but hey a 5 min PB.
  8. Running

    Im thinking a lunchtime trip to GBK Monday. I tend to try and go for Japanese food when in London but then again I may go for something rotten instead. Last year I didn't eat anything for 5 hours after VLM then grabbed a family bucket of KFC on the way home.
  9. Running

    Either that if just get older and try and run the same speed, sadly I'm only a year off the next GFA time :-) As for VLM well I think I've got the arse with the long runs, so taper came at a good time. My speed sessions say I'm in the best condition I've ever been in, so hopefully my body is ready, I've run like 1200 miles since mid-December so it had better be. I guess even if it does go belly up at least I have new PBs at half marathon and 5K in this training cycle.
  10. Running

    Awesome runs guys!!
  11. Running

    Some great running from the guys, within a couple of mins of each other at half way and on for some great times.
  12. Running

    God I hate the day after a long run, I found today's 4 miles harder than yesterday's 22. good luck guys for sunday, I'm sure you will smash it.
  13. Running

    Going to do my last over 20 tomorrow morning up a canal toe path again to try and save the destruction to my poor glutes and back. Racing and lots of speed work has made things uncomfortable and niggly, so unlikely I will do more racing before VLM.
  14. Running

    A week out from Manchester, how are we all doing? I have a week left before my final 22m run and then taper, feeling strong at the moment so really starting to look forward to VLM.
  15. Running

    Well done Steve, great time - looking strong for Manchester. 5 weeks?