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  1. Agree, unlike Lansbury who we will find difficult to move on, other clubs would snap our hands off for Conor, solid prem quality player, needs to be squad player long term but think he is fine in the first team. Also he is a master of the tactical foul....
  2. Well that was incredible!!!
  3. Ha, I know the guy Richard who posted the “world record” on that article. He smashed me at a Parkrun on New Year’s Day a couple of years back and we had a brief chat. As for Barkley’s 5k, I could beat that (using his style) and I’m in my 40s
  4. Wow rapid, I mean could be a good player to change a game, in that it offers a different problem to the opposition - think we would get frustrated by the amount of times he gives the ball away though....
  5. I guess we will find out how injured Rog really is, looked strong yesterday
  6. I wouldnt say under the radar... https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/football/12312545/aston-villa-beat-liverpool-and-chelsea-to-transfer-of-exeter-wonderkid-ben-chrisene-16/
  7. andyjsg


    A lot of the time knee pain can actually be something else, the two key ones where the pain comes from the knee is hamstrings or ITB as both being tight can pull on the knees. I don't think anyone would believe how many pairs of trainers I have tried over the years and what makes it worse is sometime companies totally change the shoe, so for example I wore Mizuno Wave Rider for about 3 years and then they changed the shoe and I couldn't wear them anymore. Most of my running is in Adidas Solarboost currently as due to my injuries I'm just doing short easy runs but they are great for long easy runs too. I used a pair of Inov-8 X-Talon 200 for my XC half marathon at the weekend but because I haven't done much of this sort of running for a while they have left my legs in tatters as they are an aggressive XC shoe used for short XC races in the winter (very grippy for all kinds of terrain when you cant wear spikes). Previously I did all my faster workouts in (a number of) pairs of New Balance 1400s, even ran a few marathons in them (including my PB) and they are fast and aggressive but the sort of shoe you bring in slowly as batter the calves. More recently (when I can actually run semi okay) I have been using a pair of nike Fly knits (and have a pair of zoom fly 3 that I got in the sale too) which truly are comfortable fast shoes for harder workouts. I do have a pair of vaporfly as well which I got last year and are basically cheating, I ran a 35:45 10K while injured and a bit unfit in them which is like my 3rd or 4th fastest 10K time.
  8. andyjsg


    Tommy Hughes - 59 and a 2:27 marathon last year - shows whats possible
  9. andyjsg


    I ran a virtual (very hilly) half marathon yesterday on the same course as the race that it replaced. Last time I ran the Course I won the race, yesterday I was an hour longer which kind of says where I am at the moment. I can run a bit now (Had a bad injury since last July) and cycling pretty well but the extra 15-20lbs is limiting me a little.
  10. andyjsg


    Just be careful with them trying to “fix” your gait, a lot of people are prescribed these shoes and up with bad calf and Achilles injuries 3-6 months later. Can’t go far wrong with a quality neutral shoe like Nike Pegasus (which I don’t use as they are a bit narrow for me but a decent pair of shoes), Brooks Ghost, Adidas Solarboost etc I think it’s convenience of a watch to be able to stop start easily when racing. Usually a bit more accurate for me than an app on my iPhone.
  11. I guess fans need something to do when they aren’t supporting West Ham
  12. It also works the other way though, I watch in disgust at some of the videos from the last week of the police battering the peaceful protesters, but then look at this (less peaceful for sure) and have the exact opposite feelings
  13. The park is stunning, I had a jog round it before I realised what the location was as was staying nearby when I did Challenge Roth a few years back
  14. Would be nigh on impossible to police unless you are weighing people in some way. I can put down power but even when I’m in my best shape I’m 78kgs (more like 90 at the moment), just mark it as 60 and I’m suddenly semi-pro...
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