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  1. Running

    All our local races have been cancelled, its a shame training-wise as I find a half a few weeks before a marathon like a key pre-marathon session instead it was 20 miles in the snow. I do have the option of racing a 16 mile XC race that I'm running next weekend but 3 weeks out is pretty close...
  2. Running

    Smashing the mileage @SteveMac nothing but respect for the before 5 am starts, I've been trying to keep my mileage under control (waaayy down on last year) so I could basically race every weekend in January to sort of race myself into form. Doing SEAA XC Champs at Stanmer Park in Brighton tomorrow, wont be worrying anyone near the front but 15K in spikes is gonna be a killer for my poor calves. Anyone else in Spring Marathon training other than Myself, Steve and Paul?
  3. Running

    Easier to swim in a wet suit open water than swimming in a pool imho, I think pool swimming will help make you stronger before doing so open water swimming in early summer. I've had a year off triathlon but might have another go at Weymouth next year.
  4. Running

    7 1/2 weeks until my NYC marathon, unfortunately I fell off my bike and damaged my ribs the weekend before last so currently the longest ive gone without any training for probably 6 years. Hoping to get on the turbo trainer in the next few days and then basically gonna have to blag the marathon on little training.
  5. Game of Thrones (Spoilers)

    Its all there I believe.....
  6. Cycling: General Chat

    Griepel is my bet
  7. Cycling: General Chat

    Great day of racing thus far, made it all very interesting for sure
  8. Cycling: General Chat

    Yeah I think sometimes Aru suffers from a case of the Ritchie's, I.e. Look awesome for 2 1/2 weeks then just goes bang. It's happened to Froome before too but not quite so bad. I think Froome though wouldn't be too sad about losing the yellow for a while as it takes the pressure off and as long as he is relatively close he will put serious time into all the other GC guys in Marseille. i find the form thing interesting too looking at the difference between Quintana and Landa. It's crazy how sometimes the legs just don't work. To be honest it's been the same for me recently where I cycled instead of ran for a few weeks due to injury and I can't even run a 10k at my marathon pace at the moment. I still haven't quite figured out why this happens.
  9. Cycling: General Chat

    I wanted Cummings to win the stage but no time for either Aru or Bardet, both have form on bad sportsmanship and personally feel Froome has always conducted himself professionally and I think he is a great sportsman who isn't held in high regard because he isn't Bradley Wiggins but as far as tour riding goes a much better GC rider. I like the cyclists and don't give a shit who owns them, at least it gets money into a sport that needs it and deserves it rather than football where 2nd rate players are paid millions.
  10. Cycling: General Chat

    Hmm so dump on sky for an unproved allegation but use Aru as your shining light, I mean Astana have had bans this year.... It seems Sky are another example of a successful British team who get torn down like everything else in this country, the French for example would never do that to their own teams but hey it's a normal thing for this country - we don't like anybody to do well!!
  11. Cycling: General Chat

    Im not sure I get the "Cav did this so nothing should happen to Sagan thing". To start I dont think Sagan should of been kicked out of the tour, but alot of blame has been put on to Cav and as far as I can see it was his DS who threw his toys out of the pram, Cav didnt really say alot on the matter. Aru is a scum bag who doesnt understand the spirit of cycle racing and if he never won another race it wouldnt be too long, I really hope he blows soon and loses his podium.
  12. Running

    Trail shoes, save your ankles
  13. Running

    I would advise Running Shoes as much as it will help stop injury and for hills its more about body position (lean forward a tiny bit) and drive the arms.
  14. Running

    I have 3 different makes for 3 different types, a Boardman cyclocross, a Cervelo R3 road bike and a specialised shiv TT, but if I was buying a road bike again I would look at Canyon for sure, but they are sent from Germany so you would need to find out what size you are (by trying other makes and comparing dimensions).
  15. London Bridge Incident

    And my argument is that what she has said in the part of the statement you highlighted is very clear and I still don't get why you used it to criticise her, you were suggesting that her poor wording was inciting hatred from the racists. Surely if you understand it then what she has said there is okay and neither confirms or denies a racist's bias. So to answer your first part, of course there will be negativity towards the community and it's awful, but has nothing to do with May's statement.