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  1. I enjoyed both episodes of Mandalorian and can’t wait for next week.
  2. andyjsg

    The Film Thread

    Only movie that’s made me cry with laughter this year.
  3. Yeah I’m impressed with the catalogue of films. I went the VPN route
  4. I enjoyed it, looking forward to next one on Friday
  5. Not the case, it was released nightly last week. I quite enjoyed it.
  6. You are right I may have assumed your bias against him because you are so wrong on this point.
  7. Again watch it back the ball was sent short he had to stretch for it. I think some people watch a different game, just caught up in their hatred of players. I’m no fan of Taylor, but he was one of the reasons he came back into the game today.
  8. Nope, short ball from McGinn and then Luiz can take most of the fault for the remaining. Luiz and McGinn were easily our worse players today.
  9. andyjsg


    Both. Do easy long and intervals and you will see an improvement. i managed a 2 for 2 on world records. I was at Berlin when Eliud smashed it last year and in Chicago this year. Shame I didn’t turn up To perform at either but it is what it is. Been a bad year for injuries for me, got another marathon in a few weeks but my injuries seem to be getting worse not better.
  10. I took my boys to the Villa v Wolves the season before last, one was 4 the other 6 and the 4 year old loved it and the 6 year old was bored and even now the younger one is more likely to sit and watch it with me on tv. I may drag them along with me in the next few weeks. My Dad kept dragging me along when I was their age and I liked Liverpool like my friends at the time (I come from Basingstoke so neither is local) but he soon showed me that not watching a successful team is far more fun
  11. I agree on the sizing, the main kit medium is maybe a little smaller than normal, but I’m in good nick at the moment from lots of running and the medium training top is pretty tight.
  12. Difficult one this as is it direct athleticism, so people like Indurain or Kipchoge or how successful in their sport like Brady?
  13. andyjsg

    The Film Thread

    Haters gonna hate (especially if they are old and white) I liked the Mulan trailer.
  14. andyjsg

    The Film Thread

    Its the original stories that they have a limited license on I think. Either way all quite cynical. Saying that I enjoyed Aladdin and I'm all up for the Lion King tech demo.
  15. andyjsg

    The Film Thread

    As far as I understand this is also something to do with licensing (or at least Dumbo, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast is) and having to make the movies to renew it.
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