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  1. I’ve been watching Hi-Score girl on Netflix, it’s okay but the 90s arcade fighting nostalgia made it more than watchable for me.
  2. It’s actually quite a challenge to get these contracts, you have to be on an approved list which tends to come from already being a supplier and being able to prove a number of things, such as security, support etc. I would love to know how they get these massive contracts as we fight for getting funding on our stuff. I guess we are part of privatising the NHS as we are external but I very much doubt they could do it cheaper for the quality. The IT contracts are a weird one as you would expect say a Cap Gemini would do this successfully as they have done in other large corporations but I think they must come unstuck by the sheer size of it all. Also there is lots of dated hardware/software which in my case makes things difficult as you are trying to write up to date web applications whilst supporting IE10 at the same time. There are only so many times a polyfill can save multiple hacks of JavaScript code.
  3. Yeah I will ask next time I’m on a call, not sure I would challenge it though as whilst it’s interesting for me I’m not sure I need to shine a light on myself or my company for no reason.
  4. I will need to check again with my boss, but I don’t think the 2nd part of this is true. I was told about the NHS App about a month ago and the company who were doing it we a company who we have bid against on projects at least a year or two ago which wouldn’t fit with the timelines here as they were already on other projects.
  5. My client for development work is the NHS or at least my client provides some web based applications to certain specialist sections anyway. Fortunately it was my app originally so I got to choose how and what was developed. We have also done another app for the cabinet office and the application we replaced was awful and they had paid hundreds of thousands for it and we replaced it for about 30k and is now used widely. But as others have mentioned employing decent developers is very very hard, I’ve employed 6 and so far kept 1.
  6. This isn’t just politicians, this is everyone ive ever met in any business ever, apart from the “I can’t do that and everything is an effort” brigade.
  7. So with JL they are putting staff on furlough and making up the difference but waitrose staff sometimes from the same building are continuing to work - that must be tough to swallow. i have two kids young school age kids and now a week old Baby and I’m hitting online stores up daily on anything from new clothes to a frog bike as thought it was a good opportunity to get my 5 year old cycling a bit.
  8. I have kids but same situation, Im still out running and to be honest I live on the outskirts of Basingstoke so even if they lockdown Im not sure they are going to be chasing me across farmland with their drones.
  9. This times 100. Flu has a mortality rate of 0.2%, this is more like 4%. If it gets into an old peoples home you are talking what 80-90%? I do think the current strategy from the government is probably the right one, you cant lock people up for 6 months, what you can do is slow it down and treat the most vulnerable so as not to overwhelm the hospitals.
  10. andyjsg

    Dean Smith

    Agree with this, not sure he has the team he wants and a combination of cleaning house and FFP have tied his and Suso’s hands. He has done well with what he has in the short time he has been here and even if we go down he probably deserves to be given a chance to come back up.
  11. I found him frustrating at times as you can see the calmness he brings but is just not fit and killed a number of attacks from just not being sharp enough to pick up the ball or continue the attack. I think if we can get him fit and potentially get a long term deal on the cheap it could be worth the time investment.
  12. I was just reading an article where the ex-Wednesday manager Carvalhal (now the Rio) coach was saying he is too good for the (Portugese) league. Looks strong from the couple of videos I just had a look at.
  13. Exactly this, he is very very effective and is constantly a bane to the opposition midfield. Our problems yesterday were caused when they bypassed Nakamba and ran at the defence, them backing off caused problems on a number of occasions.
  14. It’s difficult as I think there is a player there, he is very calm on the ball and wants to get involved but is nowhere near fit enough. It’s wether you stick with it and hope he gets fit in the process. I can see why Smith played against city (to give him game time in a game he knew he was going to get beat) but today wasn’t really the time. I wouldn’t start him against Watford but maybe after 60 mins if we are doing okay.
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