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  1. I follow Yashar Ali from the Huffpost and he debunked it.
  2. Sorry to ruin it, this is an anti-masker getting kicked off a plane from November I think
  3. Was all just another episode of the Trump show.
  4. It will be picked up tomorrow or in another 5 years I’m sure.
  5. To be honest I had no idea what he was talking about at the end, all very cryptic, was like watching a David Lynch movie and just as boring.
  6. I’ve been on this site for 20 years and read it everyday but posted a few hundred times. I would say evidence is quite strong that I ignore most stuff. You just decided to pick a fight from 15 years ago. See, a relic!! im sure others are bored of our games as their is another topic going on. So err peace out.
  7. This is more of a case if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck!!
  8. Too busy with work and family to spend time throwing my toys out every time someone doesn’t agree with me and arguing with relics on the internet.
  9. Glad you finally agree!! Anyway I was trying to talk about how ridiculous this whole thing is until I was rudely interrupted.
  10. Also most of the lawyers didn’t want to present evidence as it would get them disbarred as it was a joke. “I saw some food trucks, but they didn’t look like they had food in them” etc etc
  11. Is it not better to see him as a pathetic weak man mopeing in and out of court like Weinstein?
  12. My reference was to the pointlessness of protesting since the 50s. Stand down big boy we are mostly on the same side on this one
  13. Yup they should all go to jail as their legal costs will give the patriot pot (currently used for Ritterhouse) a good pounding
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