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  1. Running

    A week out from Manchester, how are we all doing? I have a week left before my final 22m run and then taper, feeling strong at the moment so really starting to look forward to VLM.
  2. Running

    Well done Steve, great time - looking strong for Manchester. 5 weeks?
  3. Running

    Yup, pretty horrid yesterday morning - the rain hurt!!
  4. Running

    Dont we all use metrics now? :-) Strava has converted me.
  5. Running

    39km up a canal path.
  6. Running

    I had quite a bad strain this time last year after of all things pushing a full trolley at Costco. Once it got to a manageable point where it felt more tight than painful I was able to do easy runs fine but no speed work. i hate swimming but going to go at lunchtime for some active recovery after my longest ever training run yesterday.
  7. Running

    I actually have levels for this depending on my condition. Legs mullered from racing/training - see cheaper sports masseuse Legs, Back, everything a bit of a mess but not injured - see experienced masseuse Broken - see the physio.
  8. Running

    I like to do static stretching after a couple of mile warm-up as otherwise I tend to have issues and basically all my current injury woes have basically come from not doing enough stretching generally. I suffer mostly with either hip or back issues. Finally got my years race plans in place as got accepted to the New York Marathon in November (actually got in on my half marathon time from last year) so a nice Marathon Major Double for the season.
  9. Running

    Dont have time, too much running :-) Ive actually dropped it down a peg as was falling apart last week, but lots of stretching and Ive stopped actively trying to cut calories (because thinking about its ridiculous to do so when you are running 70 miles a week) and I feel like Ive got game again. We have a 20 mile race down this way at the weekend and most with spring marathons use it as prep, Im doing 14 at marathon pace with 3 warm up and 3 warm down. How is everyone else getting on, good sign on the half Paul, I actually saw a bit of that race on facebook as Sussex Photography were live streaming in places.
  10. Running

    My stomach issues really do depend on the type of food and how hydrated I am and Ive found recently when doing XC racing that an early morning 5k to get err cleared out before racing at 11 seems to help. So this week Ive definately been cracking under the mileage, ended up with 86.5 miles but I wont be going ths high again, I decided to try and keep the long run distances from the plan, but knock 8 miles a week off the junk stuff so I can have an easy day at least once a week.
  11. Running

    Hows everyone getting on this week? Some serious mileage from @SteveMac, are you on the P&F training as well? Ive been bouncing my mileage around a bit to suit racing and also doing longer runs just to be socialble, certainly been feeling the mileage....
  12. Running

    I watched a tv show on that on Eurosport or Bike and thought it looked like a fantastic race (it had Mario Mola racing it). Ive done the half Ironman (the one where they shut down Alcudia main street for the transition) in Mallorca and thought it was fantastic. Im actually over there at the same time as the half Ironman this year on a cycling holiday, I would of signed up for the giggles if there had been normal spaces available. Im having that joyous feeling today where the 5 miles Ive just done felt like a huge effort and Im running 20 tomorrow morning....
  13. Running

    I do one specifc Strength Session a week with an instructor (mainly for form and to stop me from hurting myself) and additional strength and stretching and also a sports massage usually once every two weeks, although one a week the last couple of weeks as the racing has caused a few issues. Wether I do lots of mileage or little, its usually the fast stuff that causes the most issues.
  14. Running

    Mine are chained to the floor in my garage for this reason!! Gonna be 70 miles running for the week by the time Im done tomorrow - thats the longest Ive done I think (certainly for a training week, rather than 7 days) and its still got plenty more to go up over next couple of months. At least I seem to be "on it" at the moment and finally did a post-xmas weigh in and turns out Ive lost 5 pounds since my last weigh in at beginning of december, another 9 pounds to go for "racing weight" (170lb = approx 11-12% Body Fat). As for wetsuits, yes please get a proper racing wet suit otherwise you will struggle quite badly and get some serious chafing for good measure. Plenty going cheap recently too, look at 2XU, Orca, Huub, BlueSeventy etc. I know sportpursuit had Huub on offer recently so could be an option or maybe Wiggle or Chainreaction.
  15. Running

    Ta for the heads up on the Salomon stuff, I got one of the ultra vests to assist with marathon training.