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  1. I found him frustrating at times as you can see the calmness he brings but is just not fit and killed a number of attacks from just not being sharp enough to pick up the ball or continue the attack. I think if we can get him fit and potentially get a long term deal on the cheap it could be worth the time investment.
  2. I was just reading an article where the ex-Wednesday manager Carvalhal (now the Rio) coach was saying he is too good for the (Portugese) league. Looks strong from the couple of videos I just had a look at.
  3. Exactly this, he is very very effective and is constantly a bane to the opposition midfield. Our problems yesterday were caused when they bypassed Nakamba and ran at the defence, them backing off caused problems on a number of occasions.
  4. It’s difficult as I think there is a player there, he is very calm on the ball and wants to get involved but is nowhere near fit enough. It’s wether you stick with it and hope he gets fit in the process. I can see why Smith played against city (to give him game time in a game he knew he was going to get beat) but today wasn’t really the time. I wouldn’t start him against Watford but maybe after 60 mins if we are doing okay.
  5. Maybe not, but one of our best players so far
  6. Checkout SmartDNS and then a US Itunes account along with Apple gift cards from amazon us site....
  7. Only went on general sale at 5pm and will be the first time I’ve managed to get tickets to take me and the family this season.
  8. I imagine they had a plan in place but that has to change due to the recent injuries?
  9. andyjsg

    The Film Thread

    Took the kids to Spies In Disguise and it was quite fun. Also watched the Hellboy Reboot on Netflix - turgid shite!
  10. It only went in because he smashed it so hard against the keeper
  11. andyjsg

    Douglas Luiz

    I have a feeling if the team play well and he has the players around him, Doug will be excellent but while we are doing what we are currently doing he will do his best impersonation of a headless chicken
  12. I agree it’s excellent, really enjoyed it. Although I enjoyed TROS too but it’s certainly the weakest of the new trilogy.
  13. Disagree, certainly something showing up in my Social media feeds all the time. Next you are going to tell me this place isn’t one of the echo chambers
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