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  1. Gordon Strachan spoke well there......the immorality of football. About right really, we're all as bad.........if he played for us we'd be gutted. If he doesn't we all wanna throw the key away. Yeah, lets not punish anybody for anything in case it messes with their day job. My cousin should have tried that argument when he got nicked for speeding and lost his licence. Why should the company he works for have to suffer because he acted like a dickhead? ....not a close family then...lol
  2. Fantastic viewing on their website......I thought we were ****, but this clown Peace never let's you down......good work fella.
  3. ....go on admit it, you just made that up.
  4. My head has gone....after the disappointment of Senderos and potentially Bendtner, for some reason I would be chuffed with Joe Cole....yet I don't know why !!!....
  5. I know we were pretty shite last season, but 'one of our best players' ? Nay, nay and thrice nay....a few cameos towards the end of the season where he started brightly then faded (as usual) does not a good season make. Don't begrudge him getting a few quid, but never ever saw him as the type of player who can take us where we want to go.
  6. I do too.....but I'm not worth the money either.
  7. ....and they sat stats don't lie ? Jesus Wept !! It's Marc Albrighton we're talking about here, not Arjen Robben. He started brightly, fell away, got injured, went on loan and then came back and stood out for 50% of the time he played in the worst Villa side since 1987. If he feels Leicester are a better bet for his career than us then good luck to him. I wish him no ill will but it's not like it's gonna cripple us, is it ?
  8. He is worth keeping regardless; he has proven he is a brilliant player, and with our team I would start him every game. Always a threat, always puts in a shift. One of my favourite players in Claret and Blue.[/quote You're easily pleased perhaps ?
  9. No problem me old pal, I agree with you. We could finish 1st next season.....or even 20th. Who knows.
  10. Did he run around tonight with cupped hands to his ears and pointing at his chest ? I must have missed it because he's bound to have played well....?
  11. Yes mate, so both of you keep saying.
  12. Yes indeed you have stated 'facts'....the facts that suit you. For us to get 11th would have required us to beat Man City and Spurs away whilst hoping that Crystal Palace, one of the current form teams of the division got nothing. Thanks for that, I hope we win the league next season - hopefully nobody else plays until June.
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